Fact checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Videos | 680 comments

James fact checks Newsbud’s recent “Syria Under Siege” video and comes to some unfortunate conclusions.

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  1. How could you stand to do this video? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you did, but I don’t know how you did it. I did learn a lot though. For one, I’m glad I’m not on Twitter! I was on it for about a week, then they starting banning people and I quit it. I really don’t know what to say about this. Except that I had forgotten to include Vanessa Beeley on my Patreon payout. Luckily, “They Live” and have no bubble gum in Syria. This whole thing was so insane that I have a hard time trying to figure out why Sibel would do such an incredibly stupid, and self-destructive, whatever. I have no words for what she did. Thanks again, though I had to listen to that at 1.5 speed. JimBob from fluorida sez WTF?!

    Oops. Apparently Vanessa is not on Patreon.

  2. I’m sure many of us have been hoping for your response to this little drama, knowing how good you are at piercing through the fog and getting at what’s relevant and clear, and obviously given your prior personal/professional association, so just let me add my own big THANK YOU. Can’t have been easy. I’m kind of speechless myself over the whole thing so I’ll leave it at that for now!

    • You are right John! This was a stellar example of Corbett’s “piercing through the fog” .
      I can only imagine the hours this took, because James was extremely thorough and detailed. And he would have to be, because who in their right mind wants to revisit the nutty ugliness of this topic on another episode.

  3. Thanks James, No need to apologise, it has been a good lesson for me.

    I guess I had some nagging doubts way back during the round-table meeting when Sibel was trying to promote the idea that “Independent” media was somehow better than “Alternative” media.

    The nagging doubt I had was that it is not possible for me to verify if any particular media organisation is independent or not. Sure they may claim that they are solely subscriber funded, but unless I have access to the same surveillance powers as the NSA, how do I know that the CIA etc is not matching every subscriber dollar they receive ten thousand to one?

    On the other hand, I can easily verify if media is Alternative. Do they report news that is important and is not mentioned anywhere else? If the answer is yes, then they are Alternative.

    Do they provide sources for their claims? Do those sources check out? If yes, they are probably good Alternative media to boot, If not – take the information with a dose of salts.

    All something I can verify myself without magic NSA powers!

    The lesson for me is not to ignore those nagging little doubts even if they seem insignificant at the time.

    I see now that once the concept of Independent media is accepted at can be used as new kind of McCarthyism. Just accuse your victim of receiving funding and there is no way they or anyone else can prove that they are not.

    I wont miss you on Twitter, I’m not on it either.

  4. Thanks for this in depth fact check. Even as I was watching the video on Newsbud, I noticed errors right away (for one – claiming Eva had not corrected errors she made, when indeed she had clarified them many times over) and the attempt at tugging at the hearts over doctors … how could the doctors ever do anything wrong (note – I have a high respect for doctors, but certainly know that some are less than credible). The doctor segment in their video just turned my stomach and seemed like pure propaganda. I had to skim through the rest of their video.

    Armed with that knowledge, I assumed much of the video was pure hit piece. Thank you for doing the research to help us see this to be true. Now I am a little torn b/c there are contributers on Newsbud I like … but I can never trust Sibel again. Very sad – her Gladio B work was great, and now if anyone comes across it they will see it as pure conspiracy theory. Such is the damage you can do to your past good work when you put out such a smear job now. Not to compare her to Alex Jones … but again, he did some good work in the past too – but now if you point to any of it, his turn to the wacky side has weakend the impact of his past work.

    Keep up the great work. And keep up the message – try not to get too invested in the people, its the content they deliver that matters.

  5. I’s hard to get invested in people, we watch reports because we can’t investigate everything, and when people abuse this trust it becomes very disappointing, it does seem that Sibel is doing what she’s doing out of stupidity driven by emotional cause rather than clever undercutting of truth movement, I hope she wakes up.
    I don’t agree with everything you say, but you’ve been very professional and smart, I’d say the best independent journalist out there, and it’s sad this came from one of the bodies you’ve been very closely associated with.
    Keep up the good work, and here’s for happier stories.

  6. Amen to dropping the twitter… this indeed is a silver lining that lays bare the downside of “ADD” models of “communication”.

  7. Thank you James. I am saying goodbye to Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud. It confirms my gut feeling on this issue.

  8. Weird… the last time I watched her she seemed kinda “off” while talking about the CIA, sounding all “alex jonesy” hyperbolic in describing how if they closed down the CIA all the conmen and murderers getting fired would bump up the crime rate. Sad that this report had to be made from a site that I’ve never heard of saying anything bad about just about anyone i can think about (apart from calling Jon Ronson smarmy one time…lol)

  9. I gotta say: Corbett has a big pair!

    Who would want to waste their time digging through someone else’s wet, slimy garbage can… …slogging through menopausal drama goo all the while sorting out trash talk?

    I’ve never seen James do ‘drama’.
    I hate drama.
    If I wanted drama, I would read the celebrity tabloids.
    Even my ex-wife (and close friend) makes the joke: “I know you’ll never have two wives. You would get twice the drama.”

    For the record – Corbett Report Members mentioning Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud
    I read most comments on this website.
    For close to a year, on occasion, different Corbett members have mentioned a variety of things about Sibel and Newsbud which were not very positive. No drama — just their opinion, question or an anecdote. (Thank goodness civil discourse is uncensored here.)
    Most recently, just prior to this video, some Corbett members who were talking about Newsbud migrated to the thread at Interview 1316 – Eva Bartlett Exposes the Lies on Syria.

    We all know…
    Sibel has rapidly accelerated the decline of Newsbud with her hormonal drama vitriol. We all know that we can expect to see “others are blamed for this Newsbud decline”.
    Let it be clear: Sibel did this – not anyone else.

    • I have to admit, this video was the only one I hated watching. It was just so incredibly stupid. Not James’ fault, the subject matter. It was worse than a youboob comment section, because there you expect stupid. But at a supposedly professional journalist site? Strange, as this makes no sense whatsoever. I’m glad he did this, and I can tell that so many others are as well; but I hope it’s never needed again. JimBob from fluorida who had all the drama he needed from his first (and only) ex-wife.

    • Are you my twin? I hate drama … and this gut feeling. Who I missed the most as a non-subscriber: Filip Kovacevic

      • Filip Rocks! How can anyone ever get mad at him?

  10. Trashcan – I plan on keeping the trashcan on this thread, not polluting other CorbettReport episodes with Newsbud drama.

    This is a pretty good read…
    Written November 2017 by Katie Aguilera with comments from familiar folks.
    Tag: Newsbud –
    When You Don’t Make the Cult
    Why I No Longer Support Newsbud


    • Thanks HRS. Strange how it all seems to be coming out all at once now that we have taken just a minor look at it. Though the “we” doesn’t really include me; I’m more of an observer. She seems to have fooled enough of the people enough of the time to get where she is today. While it is normal to feel foolish now that the facts are coming to light, that may be an unjust self-condemnation. If we don’t maintain a certain degree of faith in each other, then we truly are lost. For this foolish feeling, which I’m sure most of us feel to an extent, I blame her. Manipulative people like her anger me more than most of the aberrant personalities I’ve run into in my admittedly sketchy life. I may be guilty of many things (okay, I AM guilty of many things), but I’ve never been guilty of wearing sheeps clothing. JimBob from fluorida who is glad his card got hacked after only one month of subscribing to her cult site.

      • I have actively (as in “activism”) promoted Sibel Edmonds many, many, many, many times in the past and for more than a decade. And I was on the “rah! rah!” bandwagon when she was first starting Newsbud.

        I guess we all have had interpersonal relationships similar to this. Everything seems copacetic for awhile, then….

        • Once again, I go rogue! Lone Wolf JimBob finally went into the settings on bitchute and noticed they want to know if you want to mine for their coins. However, I didn’t find any info on how to participate. Anyone here beyond my abacus-level computer skill set have a clue on this? JimBob from fluorida thinking there may be gold in them hills, but there ain’t no real hills in fluorida.

          • Hey you long haired, bearded redneck with a davinci style peanut butter sandwich. I saw your comment. Nice.

            • Thanks. Of course with my mouth, you had to know I’d say something. Not easy for me to be nice though. 🙂

        • What did I feel when I came across this story? I think I am possessed most of all by the storyteller’s ruthlessness, wanting a great, captivating narrative and indifferent to all else.


          So many of her faithful seem to exhibit cult like behavior. They put all their faith in her, but this is what she (from the blog you just linked to) felt when she first met SE. Doesn’t mean she’s a cult leader, but I can see how she might feed off them. This isn’t something we don’t see a lot of. JimBob from fluorida where we do crazy like no one else

  11. Good video James. Never really followed Newsbud it seemed like kind of a cheesy site. All their advertising videos made me kind of throw up in my mouth a bit. As a teller of the truth this is just one more thing for us to check on and be aware of.. Keep up the great work .. oh We are not on twitter either but it is used a lot in MediaMonarchy which we enjoy .. have a good one

    • The Newsbud team have produced some insanely good work and interesting reports. As many others who have been following Sibels career I’m absolutely cluless and shocked over this and wondering what the hell happened?

  12. I find it sad that the Classified Woman has metamorphosed into the Unhinged Woman.
    Thank you James for shining the Light of Reason on this unfortunate situation. It cannot have been a pleasant task but it was a necessary one.

  13. I am thankful you took the time to do this, and completely understand why it was no fun. But for your viewers, I bet it was helpful.
    It’s funny that Sibel was shown essentially siding with AJ from Infowars, because my recollection of his first major network public appearance on gun control with pearshape morgan or whoever, was that he was undermining whatever message he hoped to get out with his outlandish behavior.

    One of the things that happens is that “they” must invade the people concerned with truth with a bit of lying. One day when the lies are exposed, all followers are undermined by inference, because that’s the way the msm works. So why is sibel self-immolating?

    Well… I think it’s a lot of undermining going on, deliberate. You are aghast in the end, but in fact, is this not a false flag? or something like it?

    For myself, I watched and watched the gladio series, trying to make heads or tails of it, and all I got was this impression of sibel as someone unable to complete a coherent sentence or thought. Indeed, at times I felt you were also at a loss. But this helps me to understand she was about setting an impression, gaining followers.

    For myself, I wish I could send back the tshirt and feel if she were honest, she and newsbud would return my donations, due to false advertising to gain my support.

    To be honest, I rarely found anything worthwhile to view that was not better explained elsewhere. So I did not use their site much.

    I really am probably the top agent in travel in the country, maybe the world. Top agents worldwide I can only find 3.5 million in sales as the most. I did 4.73 million. I do not have time to verify every detail, as nearly every person does not. I appreciate that you show me your sources,and I do check them out from time to time. But we are all in need of your kind of real journalism, because we do not have the time to be our own.

    Sibel and Alex Jones sort of make me think of Amy Goodman, the broken clock of news where maybe twice a day for a moment she may be telling a complete truth… I was first drawn to her after 9/11, because I was looking to be awakened. I waited and waited and waited…. and then abandoned her because I started to see truth and the complete picture were not in the cards.

    You pass every litmus test, as this video, painful though it may be, generously demonstrates. You are the up-frontest man in news. I appreciate that. No, I RELY on it.

    And thank you for it. I just want to add one small note. Once I intended to give you more money, and you RETURNED IT TO ME THINKING I HAD DUPLICATED by accident.

    I also would love to donate to a fund to bring you here or preferably take JEP to you! I mentioned it before, remain serious about this. Glad to book it for you, no fee.

    Anyway, final note… This is a relief to me. I was always at a loss to understand the complete support of sibel, as someone I viewed with suspicion due to her refusal to be clear, undermining her own information as she was giving it.

    It would be kind of you to spend time going through the important (i suppose!) Gladio series to help make sense of it. Speaking around Sibel as best you can.

    Thanks for all. Superb reporter Mr Corbett. My go-to.

  14. As others have said here James, thank you for the video. You did a fantastic job as usual. It has further solidified my confidence in you as a person with integrity. But still, I’ve got my eye on you young fella 🙂

    I bumped into this situation via Steemit a few days back, and in my opinion, after just scratching the surface with only a tiny bit of research via the Steemit article and a little looking on Twitter, I completely lost confidence in Sibel, and therefore in NewsBud as well. Your video has firmly solidified that sentiment.

    I just can’t help but think that Sibel has somehow kind of lost her mind. What she’s saying and doing is just completely incredible. It is inconceivable that a woman with her background and obvious intelligence can keep on in this way. I have to wonder if something bad has happened to her somehow, because what she has been doing, and continues to do, is complete and unsupportable nonsense. What a waste.

    She owes a fuck ton of people a shitload of apologies, and I don’t expect to see that happen any time soon. (I’m a highly revered journalist with a bad case of potty mouth.)

    • (Comment response)
      Camille says:
      March 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm
      James is great as always. I was super disappointed by this report of NB’s. He was dragged into this and did a great job in his response.

      • The “comment section” has become very quiet. Silent, for hours.

      • Shortly after my above statement of “The “comment section” has become very quiet. Silent, for hours.” comments started to appear.

        This QUOTE is below “Camille”.
        Venita Ramirez says:
        March 29, 2018 at 5:40 pm
        James Corbett sure makes a strong argument against Newsbud. I am disappointed and have lost a fair degree of trust in your reporting.

      • For clarity’s sake, this Camille is not that Camille. 🙂

        This is the first I’m hearing of the situation. I guess I’m not very social. I can appreciate why James had to make this video.

        I haven’t really watched Newsbud since they switched to clips on youtube. To me, with only this exposure, this whole thing reeks of some deep, dark DARPA mind manipulating tech.

        I did have a total conspiracy theorist moment watching this video. At around 24 minutes in, when Spiro is speaking, when I watched it on my phone I thought he was throwing that 666 sign you hear so much about. I see on my computer he’s holding a device, so maybe that’s nothing. I should shut up.

        Before I go I will make a shameless plug for my ‘not a real journalist’ little blog I have going on Steemit. Here is my latest. I even use the “H” word in it… Halliburton. All of my sources are linked in the post.

  15. It’s the kind of cover that most intel agencies use. Probably not all of them, and they may not be nefarious, but merely patriotic. Intent on the doctor’s side does matter. JimBob from fluorida who is nefarious, but not patriotic!

  16. Seems like Sibel is having some kind of breakdown.

  17. If you don’t mind a completely unqualified opinion, it seems there have been glimpses of this for a very long time. I don’t think this is a stress-induced meltdown. I think this is her real self. I like Dr. Reallyhardname as well. He is the nicest evil Russian I’ve ever met. I’ve actually met quite a few Russians and have found them all to be wonderful, outward people who merely suffer from some strange mental illness that makes them want to live in sub-human temperature conditions. JimBob International RedNeck of not right.

  18. To clarify, based upon the sites which HRS and another (who was first but I can’t remember where the posts were now) we had access to a broad range of perspectives in terms of time-span. All of the “sour grapes” had the exact same criticism. While I haven’t paid much attention to her site in a while, I didn’t see it until I went to them. I still didn’t want to believe it, but then James had to go and post this video.

    I really don’t know why this one troubles me as much as it does. The implications are wide-ranging and serious and also far beyond my understanding. But what isn’t anymore? But this one is unsettling. We have change coming a little sooner than I wanted. But, I personally believe it will not be a bloody one and that it will be a good thing. One can dream..

  19. Well, yes – the rational exasperated response. But to what? All of it is “documented” online, but has anyone spoken to Sibel in real life? How anyone checked on her to see why she has gone off the rails? Who is around her? It may not be as obvious as finding her drugged and tied up, but obviously she had to be trusting someone who knew her well enough to appeal to her suspicions with jist the right info to set her off. And after all she has already personally gone thru, could she have been pushed off the edge by targeting her most important asset – her rationality?

    • Very unfortunate and self destructive turn of events. I agree with Airean, someone should have a conversation with Sibel, to see how she is doing.

    • From my comments here, and these articles and podcasts I referenced, the one constant that sets her off is anything which questions her point of view. There are a lot of other things going on in the world right now which are also concerning to me. Forbidden Knowledge (I usually just get her blurbs for her video recommendations)is reporting a eerily similar type of craziness on another website. This site isn’t my cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge audience. Also, the speech and thought police insanity in the UK is the most lunatic thing I’ve heard of in a long time. All of this happening at the exact same time is probably just a coincidence. And by the way, I am completely sincere when I say I am optimistic about all of this. Stupid people can only beat smart people when we try to out-smart them. You can’t out-smart stupid. Never forget it. But, stupid generally does as it’s told. By whoever is confident. So, I truly am optimistic that this change we’ll be seeing soon (and that I’ve never been accurate with predicting with any degree of accuracy.) will be good and it will be quite peaceful. Relatively speaking. Oh yeah, and almost forget the latest craziness on scary weapons here in the US. As if that wouldn’t be fun to see what would happen. We rednecks know how to go crazy; which is what you would see. So many things going on at the same time. That concerns me much more than SE’s feelings. Though I do admit to being a tad hard-hearted.

    • Sorry. Meant to delete that post. Couldn’t word it very well. Stoned. And glad about it. JimBob from fluorida who don’t need no stinking law to let him get high.

      • Ah, your personal application of free will! She’s always shown bias against the Soviets and Russia to a lesser extent due to her family’s situation at that time, having to move etc. But this whole scene seems to have really pushed her over the edge… the menopause angle was funny and perhaps a factor, but unless the chemical imbalance is excessive, it shouldn’t affect this much for this long… so the Monarch issue does come up as a default. There are other ways to have a similar affect of course, but the signs are usually there unless you are ‘asleep’, which she never seemed to be. I don’t do social media, so had no idea any of this was going on, and I do wonder if this report is perhaps more valuable to most people ‘waking up’ than other historical reports, as it shows what can happen to nearly anyone if they don’t keep their ‘channels’ clean from so much bias and emotional reactions. Whether she seemed ‘triggered’ or not would be in question if this was ‘new’ and not an ongoing issue for her.. I’m not a regular on her site, social media etc, so I don’t know. But this is a good lesson for everyone paying attention and that is out on the front lines in the media circus. It does remind me of the ranting that son of the CIA does on his site/channel … can’t think of his name.. the one with both parents ‘ex’ CIA… but ranting has always seemed to be his style… just the way he is… the site Sibel is shown as appearing on early in this report… Most think he’s just basic cointel… but he and most such sites are steppingstones to most of us as we ‘wake up’… and move on to better info sites. Most people get stuck along the way for some reason… in Sibel’s case it seems self inflicted, which is interesting as well… seems a nicely designed trap she’s fallen into, either way, and most of the best traps are self inflicted… emotionally triggered in our relationships usually… the ‘mirrors’ we learn best from.

        • Yep. And boy did I apply it! Keyboard looks like a bad idea, but it wouldn’t be my first one. Really, I’m thinking it’s a personality trait that was fed a little too well and long. I can’t claim I’m better, but what can I do anyway? I’m in Florida. JimBob from fluorida who is now going to bravely make a peanut butter sandwich to stave off his starvation!

        • Anyone could trace the online off-the rails- timeline trajectory, but speculations about the cause or her current state have zero validity or insight unless someone knows her real life situation. Although these alternative media researchers seem to be long-distance colleagues from time to time on one topic or another, no one seems to have actually seen her or spoken to her in person for a long time, if ever. Obviously, there is more going on here than “true colors” surfacing, or the “hormonal” musings of absolute morons .

          • I didn’t say I was the end all, be all of it. But this is my opinion based off of a pretty reasonable trail of logic. But, you have as much chance of being right as anyone else. And just because I traced it, doesn’t make it invalid. I just tell my truth as best I can. What someone else makes of it is their business. JimBob who always wants people to know where he stands on everything.

            On the brighter side; this post has generated the most activity of any I’ve seen in a long time. That’s a good sign. A lot of people interested in what’s going on. Not just here either.

    • I wondered the same Airean, but she is (apparently) with the NewsBud team whatever that means.

      • And another thing, Mr. Corbett – you said it took days to make this video. But it doesnt sound like you ever picked up the phone to call her and asked her to explain herself or if she couldn’t, at least get some personal insight on her state. You have had plenty of facetime type contact in the past. Or you might have checked with someone who does know her personally. I trust and admire you, but you reverted to absolute type sifting thru events, laying them out and inserting rational comment and conclusions, but where is action in the real world? Quitting twitter? When all we can do sometimes with our human scale tool kit is act with conscience, it isn’t enough to be blameless and step around the mud. Where is action? Obviously her scenario was set off by information from someone she trusted and she was encouraged in her direction. She seems to have many strong-willed opinionated alpha tendencies and seems quite fierce actually, all of which makes her vulnerable to criticisms, but it isn’t logical not to realize this is extremely odd self-destructive behavior.

        • this a molly coddle Airean. There are some basic rules any child can follow, she’s broken them all, though quite an adult. James’ approach is perfectly appropriate.

          • Mollycoddle? To personally speak to a former colleague when things are so obviously uncharacteristic and puzzling prior to a public handwashing? Is there a new twist on this archaic spinsterish term perhaps?

            • as said, some basic rules. That’s the issue. Dancing around it does you no credit. “Obviously her scenario was set off by . . .” blah blah blah. Zero intent to fact check, full intent to misrepresent and defame.

              • She is acting uncharacteristically. Her recent fact checking notions – or lack of -are the least of it This started with her claim that she was told something personally about these two women by someone she named and apparently trusted, who then denied at least one of her claims – whether people had left a board involuntarily. That isnt the only thing Sibel has claimed this person told her. No one seems to have personally spoken with her. Something is wrong. She has either had a breakdown or she has been had. Does anyone interact in the real world with each other? Why did she make several untrue claims about information a named person had shared with her when it could easily have been denied? That is uncharacteristic and what is the reason? Are people washing their hands because she is off the rails or is it because she was outright lying? There is a mystery here and no one is addressing what it is exactly she claims she was told and has the person denied all of it and where does that leave her claims. Rewind all this fallout and go back to those initial weird claims.

              • Airean,
                You can follow your own advice. Don’t blame James or others. You call her.

            • Airean. Your comments are truly the brightest of the lot! Your points are an examination of all that has gone wrong in American society since the war. Real people have professional and secular personas . The two can’t be feasibly intertwined. You can have empathy and still be a professionally cold bastard and as you say “wash your hands of the whole affair”.
              Sybel is a fallible human being, capable of all that defines us. She is not the first to professionally fail publicly and I feel for her. What do you think her husband must be dealing with ? Or her child? All the actions being taken by others seem to be of self interest protections and distancing professionally from the scene of the crime, or self- immulation? Its a shame no one called and are so callus as to say
              ” you call her” what’s up with that Homey. Not a very Christian attitude , to not care for a colleague any less than a stranger. A bit Cold hearted. Loathe to care, is more like it, however inconvenient she is an authentic highly emotional person in personal and professional crisis now. You could have called James or even a tweet might have helped. In many ways It is also good that you didn’t. It was your call and you played it safe.
              Something is going on for sure and empathy is not part of the conversation . What a misguided waste of time for the careingless professionals and laymen. However, That woman has been through a lot in her lifetime. Real or a construction, extortion, vanity, ego, wrath or targeting, the wheels are coming off fast and I for one do feel sorry for her and her family for what’s to come.

              • generalbottlewasher,
                Hi guy!
                Read my comment to Airean further down this thread.

                No one knows about previous personal conversations which Edmonds and Corbett have had. It is none of our business.

                But I will wager this (and win the bet)…
                Sometimes (when she is on an emotionally charged, fixated bent) dealing with Sibel in a rational, logical, civil conversation is like pounding one’s head against a brick wall.
                You ain’t gonna win the conversation with logic.

                This is not a “sudden shift” into irrational behavior. It has been creeping up, slowly revealing itself out in the open.

                Remember, I have been reading the comment board and hearing stories from members talking about Sibel for many months. There are many folks who have anecdotes.

  20. Like many others here I have followed Sibel for many years. Maybe not the best interviewer and her slow rants can be rough to listen to. But always sincere and interesting and put together a very interesting and professional crew on Newsbud.

    So what the hell happened to this woman? Seems like an ego thing from an alphawoman.. but I’m not sure.
    I canceled my Newsbud subscription after her ‘hit piece’.

  21. Thank you James for this, somewhat heroic, overview of the Sibel Edmonds/Newsbud spat. I really do appreciate your having taken all that time to laying out the facts that you did.

    There are many blessings to be had from this dark cloud, not least of which is shedding light on how this endemic hatred we are living with in these times works, in a very concrete context.

    I do believe there are actors working to divide people and that she fell victim to such a situation. But, furthermore, that we all have to be on our guard to avoid the mistakes made by others, and boy has she fallen down. Rather like Greenwald, her news organization has been diverted and started to issue propaganda for the other side. I am referring to James Rosen apologising for the Russiagate nonsense and Micah Lee attacking Wikileaks. They may still do good work, but there are people weakening the focus.

    Speculating, just that, as to why she went off the rails, the thought comes that she has some roots in Turkey, and then that either she has fallen in with the Erdogan government line that wants regime change in Syria, or that she still has family there, and someone got to her.

  22. what this does is document sybel’s change in behavior. to me, having observed her for a number of years, this is not normal. for anyone that understands these things, it would appear the fall out of a psychotic break formerly known as a nervous break down. chronic stress is one of the most common factors for the mind to reject reality. sybel will suffer from this event which is unfortunate as she and her team have done great work. this kind of behavior change can also be instigated by various devices at distance. remember the guy who shot up the navy armory a few years ago? when i see this kind of change in a person that has shown the integrity that sybel has over the years i look for the forces of divide and conquer to have a roll. who better to attack w/ this tech. impossible to prove, of course, but needs to be considered. wouldn’t the kakistocracy just love for the truth tellers to tear themselves apart.

    • Yeah, so I am not the only one who thinks this. That is disturbing.

  23. I think MSF has also complained about this…infiltration… when they complain, it seems their facilities get targeted for ‘terrorist’ bombing. Otherwise, most NGOs are intel fronts or infilitrated, from the earliest days of the State Dept’s.. before the CIA et al… add in all the foundations and the trap is well set… as this video well demonstrated, everyone out front gets targeted sooner or later…keeping ‘clean’ gets hard to do when ‘they’ know how best to push your buttons…

  24. Well done James. Its always difficult and humiliating to back-track publicly. As a long time recovering psychopath and would be author, I see Sybil showing her true colours. Psychopaths can be very charming and convincing at first. Your article is an excellent guide for your followers. We can all grow and learn from it. Thank you.

    Our society creates psychopaths by encouraging mothers to abandon their babies in creches, or with nannies, and preventing individual development in schools. Anthony Sutton in “How the Order Controls Education” points out that fascists and new world order people have long promoted group behaviour which they can control (as taught by schools) and discourage individual development – on which the US constitution is based. As he says education is not child centered but state centered. Humane attributes like empathy, understanding, negotiation, compassion – all need to be practised through conversation and play – which are prevented in schools.

  25. James, I have to let you know that I’m on the short list of Iranian people from California who “clandestinely” follow your work. A belated “Happy Nowruz” to you. Also, it causes me great heartache to know that your supply of bubblegum has been depleted.
    On a serious note, I can only guess as to the reasons for Sibel Edmond’s “meltdown” and spiteful rhetoric, which brings me to this point.
    We live in a time as never before. For those of us that follow world and human events we are daily/repeatedly confronted with mass suffering and cataclysmic events that have either happened, are occurring or will come to fruition. Also, we are aware that every facet of our lives is either controlled or manipulated by the psychopaths that we loathe and seek/wish to depose.
    9/11 was my wakeup call.
    I am a US Army veteran and retired police officer from the San Francisco Police Department. Many, many of my friends from either military or law enforcement also believe 9/11 was a manufactured false flag event in order to justify related subsequent events.
    But how can moral individuals maintain psychological health in these times knowing what we now know ? Then there is the feeling of helplessness or inability to affect meaningful change short of REAL revolution.
    Maybe the ceaseless battering and weight of these daunting issues finally caused a “breakdown” for Sibel. I can only hope that she recovers with accountability, grace, and finally some type of redemption through humility.


    Iraj R. Mahvi

  26. So, I finally had to log in to write a comment. Thank you James, for making that video. I’m not on twitter and I needed this video. Otherwise I would not have not bought this baloney. I remained a bit sceptical but to good-hearted believing.
    Basically the only real valid criticism on Bartlett comes via this comment from Barbara McKenzie which you linked – thanks again.

    What puzzles me most is not Sibel running Amok. Granted. But apparently her entire (?) associates are accompanying her on that. Not only Spiro, which I would have granted too but others as well. That’s really strange and sadly cult-like.
    This could become the demise of newsbud, and with it a negative impact on the reputations of Peter Lee, William Engdahl and many others.

    Sad. Very sad. The most impactful alternative beef I’ve seen so far. I’m also very weary of James Berwick after the John’s Galt thing and Molyneux has been accused of cultism by several ex-FDR-members too. Can’t it work without going over your head?

    • What I want to add. Couple of people have already said that for them it was difficult to listen to Sibels rambling. I’m one of them.
      Maybe that kept me a little bit reserved. But what I remember now, what I on some time thought. She is more or less the only source for Gladio B? (I am listening to the Ochelli link somebody posted, Pierce Redmond was saying something along those lines there too.)
      And newsbud are now the guys pushing the narrative of Gladio C (with Filip Kovacevic at the forefront).
      This aside, here hate for the Gulen movement was always a bit peculiar.

      Man, wished this would have come to light earlier (in a broader fashion) and we could have a clearer picture of all of this. That said, good that it’s coming out now and of course sad that the situation is like it is.

  27. I’d say, you have to expect that such big organisations have nefarious people in them and would take it for granted. “Infiltrators” are everywhere and especially at the top. The usual doctor (or embassy staff or foundation worker or whatever) will be a decent/normal guy but then you will have the black sheep too (and not one but a considerably amount of them).
    Also I try to see this from the criminal site. Where would you make sure to infiltrate first if you ran a child molesting gang for example? Places where children will run too of course. Orphanages, help organisations, police etc.
    You’ll always have to be cautious. Sadly…

  28. Thanks for doing this James, it’s helped me to decide what to do with my newsbud subscription, I was waiting to see what evidence she came up with and I watched the video once and I was going to watch it again to see if I missed something but it seems I didn’t and that last tweet was fairly despicable, I was shocked when I saw it. I’ve just been checking twitter as a guest to see the latest ramblings. I got off it a while ago and haven’t missed it.

    I personally think that she made a reckless accusation and rather than apologise and move on she started digging herself a hole which now looks like it will take out the whole organisation.

  29. Dam it.
    I have read Sibel’s book “Classified Woman” and from that it is clear that she is a very strong willed determined woman who will pursue her goal no mater what gets in her way. We would not have Classified Woman without that and I am grateful and all the wiser for that. Her goal at that time was to get the truth out and that work still stands today.

    I admit that I have not seen newsbud’s “Syria Under Seige” but did view your fact check report and was taken aback by the vitriol in her attack on Beeley/Bartlett, particularly when the evidence surfaced that her accusations didn’t seem to have any firm ground to stand on. At about 1:16:00 in your report you uncovered a Syria Under Seige post by Sibel where she really went out with “daggers drawn”.


    As I mentioned Sibel is clearly a very strong willed determined woman, and, as you say, what was going through her head?

    Did a CIA Targeted Individual Psych Op get to her or something?

    I dunno, but her work in the past still stands as being worthwhile for Truth Junkies.

    Hmmmm, I still haven’t grown up yet so when someone, Google, You Tube, etc. tries to hide something from me so of course I’m interested and that now includes your Vanessa Beeley Interview 1342 even though I think I have a fairly good idea about what the White Helmets are really up to.

    Odd too that I often considered joining newsbud whenever I visited their site but it never felt right so I didn’t do that. The snippets that you presented clearly demonstrate the deception in their professional production. End result is that I’ve come to prefer books or talking heads. Honest mistakes are ok but I’ve had enough of the carefully orchestrated deception that has kept me ignorant of the most important things going on on this planet for most of my life.

    Thanks James for staying up till 1:30 am to get this out, Truth Junkies need to be aware of this stuff. But don’t feel bad about promoting her work in the past, that still stands. But we’ve got to view her work/newsbud through this lens now.

    • Yeah, seriously. This has to be some sort of brainwashing. It is just not the way she normally acts and works. There is something really wrong here.

      • From what is emerging, it is the norm apparently. But you can only restrain your true self for so long before it becomes obvious. I followed her career even less that you, but once this broke out a couple of links to older sources seem to indicate that this is just a grander version of similar behaviors. Not everything is a conspiracy. We humans can screw ourselves up far better than any government entity could ever hope. Who can’t look at their life and find out they are they’re worst enemy? Mine’ sneaky.

    • I totally agree. I hadn’t caught up with Sibelgate until today when I watched this video, and I am open-mouthed, at times wondering if it’s an elaborate April 1 hoax.

      More seriously, I’ve also been wondering about some kind of CIA Targeted Individual Psych Op situation, maybe threatening her family. After all, she did work for the spooks, and they probably have a lot of info on her.

      Or am I just trying to rationalise her behaviour in my mind?

      It’s sad.

      I don’t think Sibel has been some kind of shill all along. I don’t think we need to revise every single thing she’s ever said in the light of this.

      David Shayler is another secret services whistleblower who now says some very strange things – as well as some very intelligent things. I haven’t seen him going on the attack in this way, but my point is that having a background like that can mess with your head, and I think these organisations have a very long arm.

      I’m glad that James has made this excellent analysis, and I hope we can all move on from here.

    • Rough way to go out.

    • It’s just a flesh wound!

  30. == Off Topic ==

    Sorry this is off topic. I’m behind and catching up on the Corbett Report. In doing so, going through my emailed TCR Updates I found a bad link:


    Was this a story, article, interview, video?

    If it has been removed or been moved it might deserve a note or redirect. If I’m a rare exception don’t bother. Either way I’d like to know if I can or can’t find this piece.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, for anyone who may or may not have noticed my absence I’ve started development on my own independent animation series, “Trutherism 101”. When I get this open source project into a presentable form I’ll go on an announcement campaign, including a post here on TCR. I expect little feedback at that point. Then I’ll start animating the series and after I’ve got a handful I’ll publish them. After that I expect I might actually get fans, support, and hopefully a community to help with stuff. Stay ‘tooned.

    Now if only I could ween myself off this YouTube addiction. (I’m trying to download everything before they censor it all.)

    Peace out,
    ~ Jason

  31. Is the CIA putting chemicals in Sibel’s water supply? It seems she has lost the plot. Very sad

  32. I have not followed Sibel as long as many of you, but I have never seen her like this before. Have any of you seen her be this irrational before? The only things in the past that have called her into question for me was 1) the way she ignored the issue of Erdogan’s plane not being shot down by f16’s even though it should have been. I think the coup was just an play to consolidate power under Erdogan 2) the Flynn thing. That whole Mueller vs Flynn thing just looked like a bullshit smoke and mirror distraction show to me 3) the comment section on her site. For a while after newsbud started, not BFP, but newsbud… the comment section was full of comments like “what another great video from newsbud or sibel or blah blah blah”… it always seemed like someone was being paid to write those comments.

    I have never seen her do this sort of bullshit before though. I seriously think she’s been brainwashed to self destruct and discredit all her work. That’s the only way I can make any sense of her behavior because it is so out of character for her from what I have seen. What do all of you think?

    Corbett, will you please comment on this brainwashing idea? WTF is going on? I am not asking for you to get into a war with her, but, have you ever noticed anything odd?

    It makes absolutely no sense for her to do this. I mean, she isn’t convincing anyone and she just shit her past decade and a half of effort down the drain. I know it may sound silly, but… the only way any of this makes sense is if she was somehow brainwashed into self destructing. Even if she was just an attention whore there is no way she would discredit herself with this poorly made attack on someone. She would have at least done a good job. This… this just makes no sense outside of some sort of brainwashing context. If something is being done to her I very much hope it is soon revealed.

    Are Bas Spliet and Voice of Arabi on here? If either of you read this please answer these questions.

    Bas, what was your experience with newsbud and Sibel?

    Voice of Arabi, why did you never post again on newsbud?

    • Nevermind Bas, I saw your post now. More elaboration may be interesting though.

  33. And James, for god’s sake, please cover the Parkland shooting.

    You can actually find footage of Hogg saying that he heard about shooting and decided to ride his bike to school while the shooting was happening. I mean, really? I am supposed to believe that? He’d only do that if he knew he wasn’t going to be shot.

    None of the people I respect have covered this event, and the narrative does seem to be falling apart. Please, please please cover it.

    • It’s a hit piece on Vanessa’s write up on the doctors working with the terrorists. Which seems to have been interpreted as criticizing them for treating them. Maybe that’s just me.

    • Thanks for the update.

  34. i used to donate to msf, not now. Mainly because while they are money raising machine for conflict zones and fairly eloquent about troubles and trauma on the ground, they are silent about causes, including when the conflict is transparently manufactured by outside interference. I mean not one word. Seems characteristic of a bankster 5th column. Secondly because donations to them are tax deductible (in Australia). Another characteristic here.

  35. EXCELLENT, James!

    Bye – Bye: FB, Twitter, Sebel…..

    Please keep up the great work you are doing, James.

  36. James, I have 2 ideas as what Sibel is up to with this: either she is being threatened by the Secret Elite or she is terminally Russophobic and has Putin Derangement Syndrome. You went along with her line but then at some point you changed a bit and I haven’t seen anything significantly Russophobic or evidence of Putin Derangement Syndrome lately. It could be both explanations but what I will say is that the Secret Elite is in a state of sheer panic because they have lost their ability to have their Unipolar World Order/World Government. They have this False Flag flop in Salsbury so now any act of diplomacy is now a Criminal Act. I can tell you what what I learned about Vladimir Putin during on my trip to Russia in June 2016. I met a Gyn Doc who grew up in the same set of flats as Putin. He operated on a close friend of Putin’s after which Putin called him to check on his friend’s condition. He told me what Putin’s reputation was when they were kids on the playground. He was known as the one who protected kids who were being bullied by the playground bullies and that his MO is to “strike first and strike hard”. Things are getting to the point where if things continue to go downhill that could happen. The Pentagon’s “missile defense” DOES NOT WORK. Just ask Theodore Postol of MIT. Russia’s S-400 DOES WORK and the S-500 coming online works even better. They have more than 3 times the area as the Empire to put defenses, ICBMs and their new HYPERSONIC missiles (the Empire doesn’t have any of those). We are one NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG away from WWIII and the end of life on this Planet.

  37. THANKYOU SIR! …I was planning on going thru this crazy report and all it’s unclear accusations again because it was so fishy…..I was almost astounded at this Newsbud piece asI could not believe Sibel & Spiro had resorted to “Playing the man & not the ball” …& which obviously only reflects on them…..I like others “queried” things & was sort of told due to “my attitude” “this site is obviously not for you … so take your financial support elsewhere”…I suspect some were just struck off their supporters list against their wishes… THEN NB introduced “Moderation” which is to me v BAD & akin to Censorship….I have supported Sibel & NB a long time ..is she just having some kind of crisis herself?…it just doesn’t add up…something is awry there …we need to see ..however there are some fabulous people writing GREAT stuff there for “the cause” & I will likely still follow them… THANKS AGAIN JAMES…a massive amount of work… & FABULOUS WORK WELL DONE! Bravo!

  38. the downward spiral of menopause demands compassion, not more condemnation


    Level 6: Highly critical both of self and others: picky, judgmental, perfectionistic. Very opinionated about everything: correcting people and badgering them to “do the right thing”—as they see it. Impatient, never satisfied with anything unless it is done according to their prescriptions. Moralizing, scolding, abrasive, and indignantly angry.

    Unhealthy Levels

    Level 7: Can be highly dogmatic, self-righteous, intolerant, and inflexible. Begin dealing in absolutes: they alone know “The Truth.” Everyone else is wrong: very severe in judgments, while rationalizing own actions.

    Level 8: Become obsessive about imperfection and the wrongdoing of others, although they may fall into contradictory actions, hypocritically doing the opposite of what they preach.

    Level 9: Become condemnatory toward others, punitive and cruel to rid themselves of wrongdoers. Severe depressions, nervous breakdowns, and suicide attempts are likely. Generally corresponds to the Obsessive-Compulsive and Depressive personality disorders.

  39. I’m confused, I’m deeply saddened, I’m distraught, I sorely want to believe that there’s some kind of rational explanation for all of this… there has to be one – right?

    Sibel, why?

    • If these people aren’t even connected sufficiently in the real world to speak to each other or know the least bit about the lives of those whom we have been many times encouraged to view as some sort of their like-minded colleague, it just makes it more ridiculous that we think we know anything about them or their behaviors, much less spend time listening to them rather than conversing with our actual neighbors and colleagues in real life. To catalog a colleague’s sudden irrational appalling uncharacteristic behavior without contacting that person at least for research questions, if nothing actually humanly compassionate, and the action then taken is only twitter/not twitter, is nearly as curious as any of the rest

      • Airean,
        You don’t know whether or not contact was made previously.
        You are unaware of any previous conversations unless you are hacking into emails or phone calls.

        But you can follow your own advice, like I mentioned above on this thread. You call her.

        (Personally, my bet is that there had been plenty of previous conversations, especially around September 2017. But, it is none of my business what people discuss between themselves in personal conversations. Personal conversations between two people are just that…no one’s business.)

        • I’m not the one who recommended her research repeatedly and did discussions and interviews etc etc. If I had known her well enough to do all that, I would have contacted her personally and spoken with her. And whatever my conclusion, it would have included acknowledgement of more of a relationship than just the cataloging and dismissal of recent inexplicable twittering anomalies would suggest. Unmentioned personal contact or not, someone late to the scene here may not realize how collegial a relationship was previously conveyed.

          • Okay. Got what you are saying. Yet, no one has the authority to dictate rules of ethical conduct, moral codes, ‘acceptable behaviors’, etc. on another person.

            I will wager that Corbett and Edmonds have had many behind-the-scenes discussions months prior to this Bartlett and Beeley incident.

            And I will probably easily win a wager that, previous to the Bartlett and Beeley scenario, Sibel has had some behavioral drama-type stubborn bents which were difficult to deal with in a rational, civil conversation.

            Akin to a roaring menopausal, irrational, emotionally disturbing commotion and odd line of ‘thought’…sometimes there is no talking sense to someone.

          • Though I’m not religious, the bible has a lot of good advice in it. Ye shall know them by their deeds comes to mind. How about explaining why, instead of stopping her insane attack, having her explain why she felt the need to double down on stupid by releasing another video where she obviously purposefully improperly defined a situation. Ask here why she felt that was a good idea when you give her a call. After all, you ARE in the area. YOU are the one so concerned about her. She’s a big girl and can speak for herself. But you go ahead and excuse her actions. JimBob from fluorida who thinks integrity never needs to make an excuse. Just saying.

        • Homey that does make a little more since. Im thinking
          ‘ Stepford Wifes’ scenario Airean. Sybel lives in the weirdest place in the country. I did hear her frustrated rant about the Wifes and neighbors of that area of Oregon. I know of Pagosa Springs Colorado and the ‘Stepford Wifes ‘there and I found it impossible to relate on any level . Lets move on, this trainwreak is done. Next ; have you read Elana Freelands newest books? Eastlund, Bernard J. Patent# 4,686,605. Find out what it is and can do and this whole twadle affair will become meaningless. Not to say that one life is the most important thing on earth but it is . This apparatus is the way to end 2-3 billion lives in a New York minute and not destroy the infrastructure in doing so. James can probably attest to the people who could and will if given the opportunity. So move on people we’re burning daylight.

          • I live in Florida. Wiping out New Yorkers sort of appeals to me at times. They really are annoying to us. Everything is going on at this time. Besides, what do you expect us to do against such a thing? I’ve got an attitude, but that might not be enough. JimBob from fluorida solves this problem by staying the hell away from New York.

            • Wingsuitfreak. You have been on a roll, and in answer to your question which is the million dollar question.
              “Besides, what do you expect us to do against such a thing?”
              1. Inquirer, yes, as our site host does so brilliantly. ask some basic questions. Who,What,Where,When, and why.
              2.Whats the agenda and who is paying for this WMD. Who will be at the controls?
              3. Will the operators stand down when they are told to aim it at the homeland?
              4.Will 100 tons of nano size aluminum make the harvest collapse this year or next? Will we have a harvest at
              78% sunlight due to solar radiation managment that acts as a force multiplier in the ionisphere?
              Good question Wingsuit . I think when JimBob wakes up to what’s really about to happen something will get
              done . How do you wake up 200 million JimBobs is the real question .To start the ball rolling we first have to clear up some more important business . Sibell and the mayhem that she has brought must be dealt with.
              “I went down to the sailing pond to gather up some sun. Must have been a hundred schoolgirls sobbing into handkerchiefs as one. I don’t believe they knew I was a schoolboy!”

              • Fear is a pretty powerful tool. Media is always telling me to be afraid of something that’s happening halfway around the world. But since I’m not afraid of the very real things in my immediate world, why should I break out in a sweat about it? Though the thought of 200 million JimBobs waking up prompted this scary voice in my head:

                Ain’t no one ring can handle that much redneck!

                It’s a horrifying, yet hauntingly beautiful, thought. JimBob who knows just how crazy rednecks can be.

  40. Congrats on your Twitter-Anonymous confession!
    And the deletion of your Twitter account!

    I must confess I have no desire to leave Twitter James.
    That’s because I never had a Twitter account. 🙂

    BTW, as good as your report was, it would have been
    even better had you done an abbreviated “Syria Under Siege – A Conspiracy Theory” version, oh say… 5 minutes long? 🙂

    • An exhaustive handwashing to be sure, but many things left out including a balancing acknowledgement of a body of valid work, or at least apparently valid enough to have been strongly and repeatedly recommended – all of which is now vulnerable to criticism not only because of Sibel’s sudden bizarre and apalling mispelled twittering but also because of the unfortunate misapplication of the cataloging thoroughness for which Mr. Corbett is known and admired – and the real world aloofness which is also apparent, perhaps necessarily. While saying “I research, I do videos and I chew bubblegum” is extremely modest coming from a man with such valuable output, it also seems disengaged when confronted with the bizarre behavior mystery of a seemingly close and recommended colleague. That relationship and Sibel’s body of recommended work was missing in the lengthy breakdown timeline and the “action” taken of twitter/not twitter .

      • He said he was going to review all of his past work with her. That pretty much negates your premise.

  41. Thank you for clarifying things, James.

    Always the consummate professional, getting to the core of each issue. Strange, I was on NB’s website just 3 days ago, and you were listed as a “Contributing Partner”. I see today that has been deleted.

    • but there’s a new and very significant contributor whose probably the main driver if SE has been “had” ; Col. Tim Ferner. Sibel really salivates over this military guy ; he’s a “hero” on her keyboard. Plus he’s leading the charge on her site against Beeley and Bartlett (re the Ron Paul site). At a guess he’s a carefully chosen infiltrator (lots of service experience in the Middle East) who pushed all her worst bias buttons.

      • Whoooaa this is interesting! Could be it thanks..however, Spiro also?…Doesn’t ad up.

      • Yes Mark it seems you might be right on the case here—Ferner is here on newsbud aiming for Ron Paul of all people …..NB Article Headline “Renowned Whistleblower Lt. Colonel Tim Ferner (Ret) Issues a Call to Bring Back ‘Human Decency’ & ‘Ethical Journalism’ to Ron Paul Institute”…THIS to me is laughable, ….despite it actually being serious! One person in this game that does have credibility in my eyes is Ron Paul. So we need go figure?..

  42. James, I am a supporter of your work. I have watched this whole video and my head hurts. I am left asking, WHY did you feel a need to get involved in their spat? I know you had previous dealings with Sibel & Newsbud. But getting into this mudslinging (even the high quality version that you provide) is a waste of your talent and will only mire you further in this mindless drivell. Bad people will slip through your forcefield of thorough research and you have to be able to just shake it off and move forward. Let Eva & her colleagues fight their own battles. They are just as capable. Your talents are needed elsewhere. Glad you have quit Twitter…it’s for twits. Keep up the excellent work. We need you…we need you to stay focused. Thanks James.

    • No it’s very good James has done it….would not have nearly been so well investigated & communicated otherwise. Cheers James!

  43. I think it’s very important to keep in mind that this is coming from Sibel AND Spiro (plus possibly others?), not just Sibel. Surely this should bring in to question the assumed ‘break-down’ scenario?

  44. Thumbs up for a wise allocation of precious time. This could not be ignored. Sibel exposed, James cleared!

  45. You have to clean the mud out of your eyes before you can see those changes. One of those changes that I would like to see are more spines that don’t take none, as in don’t start none, won’t be none attitude of my native (and beloved) redneck culture. JimBob from fluorida who notes that the redneck was the only culture Malcolm X respected outside of Islam. Yea baby!

  46. James,

    Maybe Sibel is the victim of a “Deep State” mind control attack. Maybe you are in their crosshairs, too. Quick, James, PLEASE put on your tin foil hat. We can’t have you going batsh*t crazy too.

    Apology accepted.

    Maybe, it’s all a build up to an April Fools prank?

    Congratulations on deleting your Twitter account. I don’t do it. I don’t even have a smart phone, only an old flip phone.

    • Cush, before any race gets started, the players all have to jockey for position. Discord being sowed in our ranks across so many sectors of our society at once is just that; jockeying for position. James just shined a pretty big flashlight into the fog of conflict. All conflicts are purposely confusing, this one is no different. We keep saying that truth has power, but that’s only because we fear it so much. But there are many players on this field. Sibel is but one big thing happening right now. Do you really believe in coincidence at this level? James has chosen the side of reason and ethics. A good dose of compassion as well. I wouldn’t have been so reserved had I gotten involved. I won’t say I stand firmly in that camp, but I do like to stay in the general vicinity. It’s a pretty good neighborhood. Always exciting and not nearly as much blood as people make out. Change doesn’t have to be violent. It’s a choice. In fact, the less violence there is in any choice, the greater the change for good. I think the true nature of this choice isn’t alt-right/crazy left, or any of the thousands of factions we have going on at the same time. It’s a choice between rational thought and irrational thought. Rational thought hands out some pretty big flashlights when they go out into the fog. JimBob from fluorida who started out with a wake and bake cuz he dang well fell like it.

  47. more groovin arab music. now! got my crazy easter dance on!!!!!

  48. James, please don’t entertain one iota of guilt for your previous association with this person. As evidenced by the comments here, your subscribers understand and sympathise. In the search for truth, and with the best will and intentions in the world, at some stage we’ve all been taken in by someone else’s opinions only to be let down by them later. It’s an occupational hazard. This just shows your humanity and how vigilant we all need to be. Not that it needed it, but this video once again demonstrates your integrity and true journalistic credentials in cutting through all such BS. You are one of the very few voices of reason out there in this fucked up world. Please stay focussed on what you do so well (and don’t forget to pick up that guitar once in a while!).

  49. No need to apologize James – it was Newbud that forces you to make this video for our benefit. And I see no need to apologize for introducing us to Sibel – she has done good work in the past (such as Gladio work) – and now you have helped us to see that she has jumped the shark.

    Let us know if you need a special bubble gum donation. Thanks for all you do and doing a great job clearing up this mess. Looking forward to your future work.

  50. WOW! Lots of comments on this one James, perhaps a record?

    If it is then what does that say about your audience if anything? Interesting for sure and a brief skimming of the comments shows a lot of divisive us-against-them sort of mindset which is an unfortunate side effect of being a human being brought up in our culture today and indeed most cultures.

    The tendency toward tribalism run deep through our species and it is constantly being used to stir up and manipulate the masses as you have so aptly pointed out in some of your work on Edward Bernays and other manner of control.

    Those who try to stifle alternative views must be in heaven to see another riff among some influential names in the alt news community.
    For me this goes to a point that you make time and time again which I really appreciate, THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    I have NEVER met another human being with whom I agreed 100% on everything, that includes my parents, spouse, children, you name it, BUT that does not mean that they cannot say and do things that I completely agree with.
    After all, even a blind Squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

    I have financially supported NewsBud in the past during their funding drives when they were trying to start up, I had a subscription for a while but let it lapse even though I have enjoyed their work.
    I bought and read “Classified Woman”, still think it is a great book and I recommend it to anyone.
    When you read it you will understand that this is ONE STUBBORN AND DETERMINED WOMAN, that much is obvious and when some people with certain character traits get “pissed off” watch out!
    I happen to suffer from the same idiocy myself from time to time.

    You handled this beautifully Mr. Corbett and every subscriber agrees. I know that you and Sibel go back a ways so it was probably difficult for you to make this.
    Regarding the hilarious remarks about the credibility of the Corbett Report, I always felt that it was YOUR association with THEM that gave THEM credibility, NOT the other way around.
    In fact I have always noted it was almost palpable during the round tables and other work you did with Boiling Frog and Sibell. It always seemed to me that you were regarded as having the highest journalistic integrity out there and kind of held out as indicating the legitimacy of their work.

    Well, the struggle for genuine news continues as always and this may help us all to understand that we can not turn over our critical thinking to someone we have decided represents our views, there is enough of that “fair and balanced” bullshit already.
    SIBEL: Can’t we all just get along?
    James Corbett, Alex Jones, Sibel Edmonds, Ry Dawson, Greg Hunter, David Ike, The Truth Factory, Lionel Nation, Bright Insight, We Are Change, Max Igan AND Ken O’Keefe. ALL worth listening to along with many others.

    Listen to people who you think have views opposed to your own and consider the source always.

    Again, Great Work James, thank you.

    • Regarding the credibility thing, what you mentioned about those talks was very evident. I think people at newsbud had some plans for consolidation with other journalists, but that didn’t work out that well.

  51. Wingsuitfreak/homeremedywhomever. Nowhere have I excused Sibel’s behavior. If you are able to think beyond your obviously computer-activity ingrained mindset of wagering and winning and gambling this or that notion, you might notice the only people excusing her behavior are the utter morons chalking it up to menopause and hormones.

    • Actually you have. You are scolding James (and everyone else who agrees) for not considering her past work. Her past work is suspect now. I am not saying she is in any of those menopause, hormones, mole, MKUltra camps. I think this is her personal belief system (her own political beliefs) combined with a personality that needs to be idolized. That last bit was a bit over-the-top, but not that much. Her association with James required a response on his part. She might be going through a lot of stuff right now, but she’s the one that made the choices which led her to it. He merely told the truth as he saw it. Why does that bother you? Especially since she has continued her campaign with yet another hit piece on Vanessa just yesterday. I personally think she’s doubling down on stupid, but I don’t make any claims of saying I’m right. I do state that whenever a crazy ax swinging psychopath comes at me, I’m inclined to shoot first and offer therapy later. But that’s just me. What else can you expect out of a redneck? JimBob the redneck philosopher. Prez of his own damn self and no one else.

      • There ain’t nothing wrong with “shoot fist, everything else later” approach, pardner. As long as you have your fancy hat on and a toothpick or some straw neatly stuck in your teeth.

        Straight shooters, hip shooters… all good folk in my book. All of this makes me want to wear a fancy hat so that I may tip it to people all day long.

        • You be William Munney? 🙂

            • Me too. I’m more like Festus from Gunsmoke though.

  52. Great work, people usually (incorrectly) associate satire and especially sarcasm with lack of wit, but in this case, with such a dry subject, without it you’d have people heaving before the 30 minutes mark. And yes, I did watch/listen all of it, if you lost sleep over this sordid affair, it only stands to reason I did so too last night, further spreading thin those 5-6 hours of sleep I manage to squeeze into my schedule.

    The reading of internet speak was particularly well done. This type of thing usually wakes up the little drama queen lurking in all of us, but with some objective examination she can bite the dust.

    James did not want to venture into guessing what may have gone wrong with Sibel, but I will. Based on my experience as an observer and from a non professional perspective, I think Sibel may have started developing a mental illness or is going through a quickly spreading personality transmutation, probably induced by stressful events or (natural) degradation of brain cells. Depending on how their business at newsbud is progressing, she may have derailed due to some outstanding debts or obligations she finds difficult or impossible to meet. I’ve seen people in such conditions going through a severe personality change.

    Either way, I hope she finds solace and makes amends for her transgressions.

    What I find the worst to come out of this, is the fact (?) many people will completely disregard Sibel’s previous work, as if it were done by a madman. It is true that everything should be put under (further) scrutiny, but it’s usually much easier to just completely junk (yes, I’ve gone there) everything and opt for a closing statement on the lines of “oh, she’s a completely insane conspiracy kook.”

    The second worst thing is probable splintering in the “truther” community which will most probably arise from this affair.

    I have never been more sorry about being right about something in my entire life. Had I not been right, I would have opened a twatter account back then and now I could have joyfully deleted it. But alas. I do hope there is big red delete button, with a confirmation or even double confirmation. Oh yes, that hits the spot.

    Would you James, please, once and for all, in no uncertain terms, clarify are you or are you not on facebook???

    • I’ll double down on my assessment, Sibel is definitively off the rails.


      Orenda, I have sent him an inquiry e-mail. I have received nearly 100 e-mails from our team members and community members asking the same thing. Some of them have written to him as well. So far we have hear nothing. He is usually very good in checking out his sources’ background. I have no idea what happened in this case. Also, he has always been anti-social media attacks/bickering, yet, a few weeks ago he openly started rewetting/liking some of B-B’s vicious and ugly attacks against Newsbud. So very uncharacteristic for Corbett. I am fairly sure he didn’t have a clue on this duo’s background/history, and their nefarious online operations (As I said Corbett is not one of those 24 X 7 social media junkies). HOpe he’ll watch the report, conduct his additional research and then issue public warning, retraction/disclaimer … I don’t want to see his reputation destroyed.

      • Well, hey there benny! j/k

        • I ain’t no benny, pardner.

          • That was why I had the j/k there. However, I do have mad respect for him since he didn’t hesitate once he saw what was going on there. It was a nice surprise for me.

            • Well, tribalism and blind belief in false prophets will do that to people. Way too many people will just look to follow someone.

              • True that. I can’t claim to be any better in that regard. In case anyone has missed it, I try to reassure everyone here that I can only be trusted because I don’t really care what anyone thinks of what I do/say/think. JimBob from fluorida who has learned (or just does it anydamnway) to just not tell anybody he’s all that good at the beginning so they can’t hit him with a stick later on.

  53. Given his usual careful aloofness from muddy topics, the fact Mr. Corbett waded into this mess at all, let alone – for all the length of the exhaustive cataloguing – the central question was unaddressed, is perhaps the second most nagging inexplicability of this entire debacle.

    • Something you too should be considering. And looking at the mess he chose to look into, and didn’t he state that Sibel had contacted him earlier? But, you only attack his reasons. Looking at her deeds sort of answers your question in my book. Also, no one is saying to throw out all of her previous work. Everyone else seems to recognize the need to suspect it though. Whenever we encounter data which conflicts with our previous belief, we should use that data to see what happens. Standard standards in redneck academics. JimBob from fluorida who has the big print books so he can make sure he don’t miss nothing.

  54. James,

    As always, thank you for your in depth and careful analysis. As someone who’s supported Newsbud and before that BFP, I find this particularly disappointing. I also find it disappointing that I didn’t catch on to the problems with the report and even expressed a degree of support for taking Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley to task to a certain degree for what, based on the way the information was being presented, I viewed accounted for reckless practices on each woman’s part in engaging in potentially consequentially endangering rhetoric. Albeit, not without having expressed a degree of caution in passing judgement on the work previously done by Bartlett and particularly Beeley which I’d found largely praiseworthy up until that point.

    I hadn’t followed any of what was going on directly on Twitter, so it wasn’t until you took the painstaking effort of revealing the full context of the “conversations” that I realized I’d allowed myself to be manipulated by not having seen each statement in its proper context (to the extent that’s possible on Twitter).

    Even though I haven’t spent much time on Twitter at all to begin with, watching you having to wade through the muck and machete through thorny overgrowth and general nastiness that Twitter in particular, but social media as a whole, seems to provide such fertile ground for, really brought home the conclusion for me how important it is to take care and to some extent simply avoid the kind of entanglement these mediums are designed to foster. That’s not to say there’s no place for making constructive use of these environments, but never losing sight of the fact that the people who oversee much of the maintenance of these digital domains quite clearly have encouraged and cultivated the overgrowth and hazardous terrain with the overall end goal of exhausting people and making it as difficult to get in and out unscathed as possible on purpose.

    Perhaps Sibel unwittingly fell victim to the bitterness and distraction that seems to have lead her off course, but that last nasty remark on Twitter directed at Vanessa Beeley that you closed with is proof enough that she’s too far gone to warrant the personal harm which I’ll likely incur in whatever attempts I might make at this point in the comments section at Newsbud to warrant sticking around. I hope the best for them and I do believe that their motivations and desire to create positive change are sincere, but unfortunately at this point I think the best decision I can make is to withdraw my support and distance myself.

    I admittedly feel a bit foolish that I didn’t see it for myself before this, but I recognize that humbling yourself in the face of revelation of your own mistakes is often one of the most valuable opportunities for personal growth. Ultimately it comes down to the information and sorting through it diligently in order to make intelligent decisions. I’ve learned that here, perhaps more than anywhere else. So for that, once again, James, you have my thanks, appreciation, and continued support (at least until the unlikely event of a misleading presentation and subsequent nasty remarks on Twitter anyway 😉 )

    As always, much respect.


    • BennyB, like you, I did not take the time to go through the Twitter history for proper context, even though we both should have. I suppose we should consider this a stark reminder to always vet all of the information that we take in.

      “Perhaps Sibel unwittingly fell victim to the bitterness and distraction that seems to have lead her off course”

      Given what we have seen and heard directl from Sibel’s mouth/fingers, I’m not sure that anyone can excuse her for her conduct, no matter how out of character it might seem.

      Deep down, I still want to believe there is some way to rationalize her behavior; Sibel was an important figure in my life.

      • @ekawAediW,
        My comment wasn’t intended to be interpreted as making any excuse for Sibel. Indeed, she’s responsible for her own behavior and I feel that this episode represents a type of conduct that I don’t want to support or associate myself with. Unfortunately, on that note the final message I attempted to post where I explained my rationale for cancelling my membership hasn’t been posted, while the message preceding it, where I more or less attested a measure of good faith in Sibel’s reputation based on my past experience of calling into question the conduct of other figures in the alt-media/whistle blower community having proved to have had merit (as I believe was the case in her harsh assessment of Glen Greenwald, the Intercept, and Snowden documents, as an example) still is.

        Like you, I’d say Sibel has played an important role informing my geopolitical world view and I’m not going to try to take that away from her, but the level of toxicity and bitterness displayed in her comments on Twitter which James helped to aluminate for me in this presentation is something I can’t overlook, even as I second guess whether or not a sense of loyalty may have blinded me to the extent that some of her rhetoric in the Twitter exchange leaves me perplexed as it does disappointed. There may prove to be more merit to accusations. In fact, I’m wouldn’t go as far as to say that there weren’t any good points raised. Even though it’s hard to discern how I feel overall at the moment I think there were. Still, maintaining a degree of professionalism is a critical component of maintaining credibility and whatever professionalism (even if it might have been lacking to begin with) that existed in the initial presentation at Newsbud seemed to have fallen by the wayside as a casualty of the “Twiiter war”.

        On that note, to paraphrase James, perhaps the silver lining in this situation is having made the observation that the nature of Twitter, even if it may be used constructively, lends itself all too easily to amplifying hostility and reinforcing tribalism. The way this functions certainly seems to be by design, but I’ll keep that can of worms on the shelf and save my voice as I don’t see much point in trying to finish my point with a refrain to preach to the choir.

        Lastly, I did have the foresight to save what I intended to be my final post at Newsbud as a text file. If the last comment doesn’t eventually disappear I may have to ask upon one of the Corbett Report community members to post an extract from the afore mentioned text. We’ll see though.

        • Why not post the response here? It’s as good a place for it as any.

          Nobody likes to be fooled. Even though human nature is often to lash out at the perpetrator, I hold firm to the fact that Sibel has done good work in the past. I believe there is a lot of truth that she was responsible of diseminating. Heck, even the majority of Noam Chomsky’s work is well done and factual, but as James pointed out, good reporting can be used as a sort of currency that can be spent on deception on important matters. My burning question is was Sibel playing us from the start, or did some kind of monumental shift happen to her? I’d be all the more disappointed if it turns out to be the former.

          • She wasn’t playing us right from the start.
            She has delivered very important geo-political info.
            She never did her 9/11 homework though.
            And so from the very beginning until (probably) today, she still believes the 19 hijacker/Bin Laden fairy tale.

        • Personally, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can look at a situation, as you did, re-assess and move on instantly. I’m with ek2=485967 (if that is his real name) on posting it here. JimBob

          • Personally, I’m not under the impression that she’s been disingenuous about her intentions. It just seems more that her steadfastness when it comes to what accounts for standing by principal and holding people accountable for their actions seems to have a way of lending itself to a sort of bitterness that can in turn lead to a vindictive aggressiveness, where she seems to be willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater too easily. At times I addressed this in my comments first at BFP then Newsbud and I do feel that this was something she appreciated over the years. Here’s her response to my initial comment on the video in question:

            Sibel Edmonds wrote:
            Dear Benny B. This comment is the most balanced, fair, and well-reasoned response I have read so far. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write and share this comment. You have been with us for so long (since the first days of BFP), thus, have seen our record over almost 10 years. Thank you, sir.

            In reality, as mentioned, I’m aware that her prior responses to certain figures who she crossed swords with in the past was at times disproportionate (but in some cases seemingly well deserved) and I think out of respect for her commitment and bravery in being a truth teller, perhaps I was too willing to overlook the negative aspects her lack of restraint in chastising and ultimately burning bridges with many along the way. However, the latest attack on Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley and, more so, the way she seems to have upped the anti in her call that other journalists need to distance themselves in order to maintain credibility has felt disproportionate and in some ways just wrongheaded, particularly when it seems that her allegations appeared to be flawed. Ironically here calls for people to abandon the duo to save their own credibility, which in some cases felt all too much like threats, seems to have had the effect of causing some of her own supporters and colleagues to feel the need to distance themselves from her to maintain their credibility. Like I said though, some of the rhetoric on Twitter was really the last straw for me.

            Anyways, as requested, here’s what I’d intended to leave as my final comment at Newsbud:

            I watched James’ video regarding this post and when I viewed the information in its full context I have to admit I feel like I really got mislead by the way things were presented here. What disappointed me the most were Sibel’s comments on Twitter. I regret having vouched previously that in time Sibel would be vindicated. Things seem to have devolved to a point in terms of toxicity that I think will be hard to walk back from, short of some sort of effort to make amends with some of the people she’s gone after, in my opinion at this point, unfairly and more so, distastefully.

            Sadly, I’ve opted to end my membership, but as it seems to have yet to be put in effect, I feel that I have a responsibility to walk back from my previous comment while it’s still up. My intent at this point is not to persuade others to follow suit. However, I would recommend checking out James’ video if anybody wants some insight into why I feel I can no longer support Newsbud.

            • I find it hilarious that I didn’t think much of you when I read the before JC video comment. Shot myself in the rear again. JimBob from Flourida who has lived in the same town what Doc Holiday came from and can be just as bad a shot as he was. But that didn’t slow him down much.

              • Not sure I follow. Are you saying you read my initial response at Newsbud and “didn’t think much of [me]”, then changed your mind once I commented here? Also not following the JimBob stuff. Would you care to clarify?

              • No. I didn’t think too much of you because I didn’t think you were questioning enough. I was wrong, you detected controversy, insisted on viewing the opposing argument, and made your decision based upon facts, not sentiment. That’s rare. And as for JimBob; I’m just a redneck from fluorida. There’s really no explaining that one.

    • Hey Benny! I’m pleasantly surprised to see you here. Your comment was a letter which I did not share in terms of sentiment. I am glad that you took the time to investigate your concerns; and then instantly clear the air on the matter. Big brain AND big cajones. Obviously committed to truth as well. That’s a lot to know about a person. I’m not that respectable myself, but I do like it when I see it in others. JimBob from fluorida. Irritating person, but you know he ain’t right so you just let him be.

    • Benny, it appears your comment is receiving attention from other sites. I just got this quote:

      Edmonds’ explanation?
      “Angie, they expressed their wish to ‘unsubscribe’ and we fulfill our subscribers’ requests diligently and promptly. When you unsubscribe your latest comment(s) gets deleted automatically. Now, please let us know if you wish to unsubscribe, and I will immediately cancel your account and refund you. Thanks:-)”

      Which doesn’t seem to always be the case, based on comments left on Corbett’s video response to Newsbud.

      based on similar complaints. The link to that site was first given by HRS. Here it is again though:


      • Thanks William. This is a real drag, I don’t want to play a part in expanding any sort of beef and choosing sides. I can’t escape the feeling that in some ways I put myself in this position by making a strong statement to begin with, then cancelled my account without seeing to it that I’d clarified publicly why I felt differently after having watched the video James put out (when I probably should’ve been more reserved to begin with) in the same place I’d made the previous comment. But, yeah, the text posted here was what had seen before I cancelled my subscription that had left me under the impression that what I’d previously wrote was going to disappear anyway.

        I think the situation leaves me with cause for self-reflection, but I still feel distracted like it’s a thorn in my side as it stands.

        • Understand. The hardest part about learning is that we have to admit we were wrong before. The bigger lessons are the most bitter. If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t do any good to worry about things out of your control. Though I think there is a good bit of influence going on. When things get really bad with me, I just relax and try to enjoy the ride. That probably doesn’t help though. JimBob

  55. bas, the link you provided returns a 404 error. Has your work been scrubbed already?

  56. James, if I recall correctly, you had previously identified your work on Gladio B as some of the most important you have done. I myself have made mp3 recordings of all five parts and have been trying to absorb the information while going about other things. In light of what we’ve unfortunately witnessed, how do you feel about the veracity of the Gladio B information as proported by Sibel Edmonds? Much of her claims are difficult to independently verify as we were relying on her personal experience during her time with the FBI and the integrity of her word.

    I hate that I have to call into question her previous work like this, but it seems as if I have little choice at this point.

  57. I wanted to post some of the comments from the comments section on Newsbud on this piece. Some of you are wondering if Sibel is being manipulated, and when I see stuff like the below I really have to wonder myself.

    “Thank you Sibel and Spiro,

    I appreciate the time taken here and attention paid to documenting statements made directly by Bartlett and Beeley (particularly those on Twitter) as well as statements from former colleagues of the pair who’d been caught off guard by instances in which both Bartlett and Beeley had strayed, in many ways quite recklessly, from standard journalistic practices.

    I must say these revelations come as a disappointment. Like many who’ve chimed in to the discussion here, I too have appreciated some of the work both Eva Bartlett and particularly Vanessa Beeley have done in combatting much the Western/Atlanticist agenda driven propaganda that’s been so prevalent, pervasive, and perverse in driving this horrific and tragic manufactured conflict.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the work done by Bartlett or Beeley has been entirely without merit and I’m not under the impression that this is what’s meant to be implied either. Like many here have stated, I’ve particularly appreciated their efforts to expose the White Helmets for what they really are. Still, as has been carefully documented and exposed in this piece, in the process of doing this important work, each woman has taken egregious missteps which violate fundamental journalistic principals, not to mention basic personal standards of integrity and decency.

    In contrast with some of the views expressed here in the comments section which call into question the harshness of the rebuke of Bartlett and Beeley’s practices, I’d have to agree with Sibel and Spiro that the way these women have gone about providing coverage of the Syrian conflict, even if their work has been motivated by respectable intensions, has passed the threshold of what could be considered worthy of constructive criticism or debate to practices which warrant raising alarm on the grounds that both Bartlett and Beeley have crossed boundaries of professionalism and objectivity to a level of recklessness which is literally putting people’s lives at risk.

    I don’t doubt either woman’s passion or sincerity about their desire speak on behalf those who’ve suffered unspeakably over the course of this sick, shameful, and endless wart, but it seems pretty clear at this point that their passion and conviction in their own self-righteousness has pushed them in a direction where they’ve lost any of the necessary objectivity or sense of the need to adhere to basic journalistic practices (if that’s the role they seem to see themselves playing) to an extent where they’ve adopted a style of protecting their own self-image that they’re willing to undermine their own integrity in the sorts of ruthless attacks against anyone they perceive as threatening their status or questioning the “truth” as they see it, seemingly oblivious that in a conflict with so many layers of complexities, competing, and converging interests that, perhaps unwittingly, they’ve failed to recognize the extent that they’re perpetuating and fueling another side of the type of propaganda they’re attempting to combat.

    The main thing again though, is that they’ve gone well past the boundaries of what’s acceptable or safe practice for the roles they’re placing themselves in, presenting themselves as journalists, that a warning of this nature is a necessary public service which ought to be taken into consideration and acted on. Even if it’s not rejecting their work in its entirety, it’s probably those in particular who may hold some sway, such as Patrick Hensington at 21st Century Wire, who I generally feel does good work and follows responsible and ethical journalistic principals, to step in and point out that the nature of the criticism, like what’s expressed here, isn’t just competitive defamation but a call for alarm which merits serious consideration.

    I know that sparking controversy of this nature through this kind of exposure isn’t the type of situation Sibel relishes, but I know she’s a person who always puts integrity and principle before self interest more consistently and with a greater level of commitment than anybody else I’ve witnessed firsthand. I have less time to observe Spiro in this capacity, but he certainly seems to hold league with similar commitment in what I’ve witnessed thus far. Putting out this video and sparking this debate was a bold, but I believe necessary move, which I support even as I digest the situation and I observe how the information is received and digested by others in turn.

    Thanks again,

  58. I wanted to post some of the comments from the comments section on Newsbud on this piece. Some of you are wondering if Sibel is being manipulated, and when I see stuff like the below I really have to wonder myself.

    This is from “Robert Diggins”. I especially like this part

    “The big deal is that, when exposes, such as this one, cause some cognitive dissonance and confusion, we take our responsibilities, as members of this community, seriously.

    Again, it might be the first time some of you have seen some of the depth of Sibel’s seriousness, integrity, and courage.”

    Below is the entire post by him

    For some of you, this might be the first time you have seen how serious Sibel Edmonds is, concerning her continuing efforts to expose corruption.

    Her journey began under very serious circumstances and she has continually received praise for exactly the direct, unambiguous, and most notably courageous stances she has taken, even while theses stances made her more vulnerable.

    People from across the spectrum of society, internationally, from hundreds of national security whistleblowers, to common people who have a wide variety of perspectives, skills, and interests, have used one word the most, to describe her actions to expose corruption and those who cover it up. Courage.

    I was lucky enough to start learning about Sibel and her story while she was still battling the FBI in court and donated a very modest amount to her legal defense fund. I say this because her courage captivated me. I have personal and family experience with efforts to fight corruption and “City Hall”, and I grew up learning that it was a very uncommon trait. So, I kept up with her efforts and public forums, where I learned quickly what the key to her courage was, at least in part.

    It has always been the decision to only speak about what she knows and what she can back up. To limit speculation and stick to the truth that is the real foundation of her desire to take a stance in the first place.

    Most of us play fast and loose with speculation, compared to Sibel.

    That said, I have confidence that the vast majority of this diverse community are individuals who value this rare vein of integrity that has produced multiple motherlodes of exposed corruption. I’m talking about historical significance. Think of the State Secrets Gallery, Gladio Plan B, COINTELPRO2 and the disgusting deeds of not only the former Speaker of the House and many other criminal government officials, but also the Hoover-on-steroids criminal government that benefits from recruiting, corrupting, and entrapping government officials who can be compromised and controlled.

    Many YouTubers are discussing “brownstone ops” and the like now, but think back to 15 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 5 or 3 years ago. It has been a terribly long wait for any kind of media to get the bigger picture that is not resolved to incompetence and blowback. Even after Sibel handed it to them on a silver platter, through extensive interviews of herself (with Corbett on Gladio Plan B for instance – how many of you have watched that entire series and seen just how blown away even Corbett was? It was quite the education for him as for all of us.) and of other national security whistleblowers, triple-checked front page magazine stories and appearances on shows like 60 Minutes and Democracy Now (until a democrat was elected), and through tesimony under oath and penalty of perjury (see the Krikorian Case Sibel Edmonds testimony on YT).

    Very few took the time to absorb the massive amount of detailed, backed up narrative. Even other producers at BFP during those times were slow on the uptake. And now? Many alt media figures are coming out with “bombshells”, which are not as accurate or complete as what Sibel disclosed so many years ago. And some are using her material without crediting her. But that’s not the big deal here.

    The big deal is that, when exposes, such as this one, cause some cognitive dissonance and confusion, we take our responsibilities, as members of this community, seriously.

    Again, it might be the first time some of you have seen some of the depth of Sibel’s seriousness, integrity, and courage. I hope you will allow yourselves to learn from it, and let it serve as one role model, in particular, for validating your emerging convictions and contemplating what is and isn’t speculation coming from a person such as Sibel. It might be helpful to take another look at her history in this respect.

    Please pay special attention to the clear notion that, during times like these, Sibel has never been concerned with being liked or popular. And she has paid a serious price for this conviction, while the rest of us have benefited.

    Thank you for considering this long expression of my perspective. I wasn’t able to take the time to make it more concise. My apologies for that.


    P.S. I would like to offer another seed for thought. We’re the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and all the other anti-war and/or human rights activist groups infiltrated by COINTELPRO because they were stupid? Or is it possible that any of us can be fooled? We all know the irony of “It can’t happen here.”, but do we also consider “It can’t happen to me.”?”

  59. Also, when you consider my two posts above about the possible manipulation of Sibel, consider that she just go done defending General Flynn a while back. From what I recall he was the head of the pentagon intelligence agency. That in combination with the above two posts does raise some alarms.

    It’s almost like she’s being fed disinfo and somehow her cognitive capacity has been reduced to the point where she cannot filter out the bullshit.

    Look at this post from Sibel

    “Thank you, Gerald. Since we didn’t want to go for a too long a video we did not include several cases (documented). Hope we will soon. For example: We obtained their travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon): They spent 75% of their time in Beirut and Damascus, staying in the most expansive 5 star hotels (we have the hotel bills;-) and very expansive dining; and we have them on record telling people they pay for these trips out of their own pocket, and sleep on the floors in airports and very cheap motels (all documented interviews). It may sound petty but it tells you a lot. Also, SSM raised $1.5 million in the past few years and funded this two big time (that out of picket nonsense is pure lie), additionally, a former NATO pilot from Croatia (Morina), a staunch Israel supporter, gave them money (This man lives in Syria, with a house in Lebanon as well; he made millions of dollars in 3 years from ‘Unknown’ pilot activities). Anyhow, much more out there- and we have limited resources. I thank you gain for your supportive response. Corbett usually is very good and thorough with checking backgrounds for his guests and fact-checking. This was very uncharacteristic for him. We sent him a long e-mail, and hope he does the right thing: issue disclaimer and or retraction. For the sake of his site’s credibility. We value him as a partner.”

    Who is feeding Sibel these “travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon)”?

    Think about this.

    I mean this seriously looks like Newsbud has been infiltrated. I found it hard to believe earlier even though I promoted the concept.

    Now I am really starting to worry.

    • If I remember rightly, General Flynn was brought down exactly because he was being paid to promote a certain oil pipeline through Turkey, the very weak point of Sibel Edmonds and why I suspect she is doing all this, Turkey’s involvement in trying to bring about regime change in Syria.

  60. I don’t think this is just a case of narcissism. Her narcissism is likely being played on though. Please read the below comments I made and tell me what you think.

    Has Newsbud been infiltrated?

  61. Heh. 🙂 I just read Benny’s post above the posts I just made… I was probably wrong about Benny being a handler. Is this video really so effective that it can fool someone like Benny? I mean, I haven’t watched the original, just the Corbett tear down of it.

    I just found it almost unbelievable that someone could be fooled by it after watching the Corbett vid and thought the only way someone could comment on it positively is if they were somehow an agent backing it’s production.

    If this is narcissism, there surely must be something more than that. I mean, even someone as daft as I am had some reservations on what Sibel was claiming on twitter. I specifically remember see the cussing in quotations and thinking that it was being taken out of context. I haven’t followed the whole mud fight so to speak, but that really stood out to me and the Corbett vid confirmed it. So, how is it that Sibel is making such a demented and bullshitty analyses? I mean, I usually think of her as much more intelligent than I am, but this is the dumbest assed thing I have ever seen. I mean, I still haven’t ruled out the infiltrator possibility entirely. I mean, who is handing her this “evidence” of “their travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon)” for example? I still cannot rule out infiltrators… but why has her cognitive capacity declined so much that she cannot she what bullshit she is spewing?

    At the very least, this is more than narcissism. Are we witnessing the beginning stages of cognitive decline in her? Seriously. That would make a lot of sense. Don’t Alzheimer’s patients have issues like this in the early stages? Combine that with some narcissism and someone feeding her bullshit, and this result could easily be produced.

    But who is feeding her the bullshit? Can any of you identify anyone like that that has contact with her?

    • When smart people get stupid, it is usually one of the best hold my beer moments you can find. If we can’t control our minds all the time, what makes you think the government can? JimBob: Expert in stupid

  62. Perhaps we should also question her victim status, as well? What if Spiro is not an innocent either? It’s always a tough choice between some government conspiracy or our own inexplicably insanely stupid self-destructive character defect Armageddons, but I’ve found the latter works almost every time in my life. And with most others, as well. Open mind, but still a questioning one. Also, the why’s of a problem (at least to my simple mind) are often irrelevant when you are actually facing down a zombie horde and your girlfriend just threw the handcuff keys out the door. There is a time for reflection, but timing is a concern as well.

  63. I don’t really look at this situation as petty/childish Twitter wars. If Sibel/Newsbud are manipulating stories like this then why should anyone trust her/their credibility? In addition, Sibel’s personal attacks don’t comport with “seeking truth” (which is what I was hoping Newsbud would be about) nor with the statement “where media integrity matters” (which is Newsbud’s tagline).

  64. And would someone please get Sibel to watch Corbett’s video. He has even gotten me to reflect on my own methods of communication. Hopefully he could do the same with Sibel.

  65. Also interesting was how (at the 1h 22m 13s mark of the video) James said “we’ve barely corresponded in the last year or two”.

    I’m guessing that means he had already seen signs of this coming prior to Sibel’s criticism of Beeley/Bartlett.

  66. “Does Sibel’s meltdown and consequent badly damaged credibility put into question all that she said about Gladio B from your perspective?”

    Excellent question! However, from 1:27:59 until 1:30:37, James talks about how it’s all about the verifiable information, NOT about the people.

    This is a very important lesson for all of us.

  67. you might like to remove the reference at the end of your About page

  68. Could someone get Sibel to draw a picture of a clock?

    • I’m so glad that I’ve never had the ability to project any of my meltdowns on such a public forum. But, since it’s not my meltdown, I find it a lot more amusing. JimBob from fluorida. What? Did you expect me to lie about it?

  69. In a very recent correspondence with Newsbud (an Anonymous Newsbud Admin I must add), I was told the following after I had raised my concern about the nature the organisation’s behavior having previously backed their Kickstarter campaign:

    “Certainly watch Corbett’s piece – for a prime example of “disingenuous” – a masterpiece of mis-direction – when you don’t like the message attack the messenger.”


    “Perhaps you might want to re-visit Sibel’s series on Glenn Greenwalt a few years back. At the time she received the same backlash as now, attacks that were almost verbatim to these today. How could she disparage such a fine man, a real reporter, etc, etc, etc. What was she thinking? Attack after attack, subscriptions cancelled… years later, what she reported is now accepted, widely quoted – because she was right about Greenwalt at the time, just as she’s right about Beeley & Bartlett now.”

    Note the spelling of “GreenwalT”.

    Mind boggled. I had not mentioned anything at all to do with Corbett or Greenwald. This does seem to me at least to be orchestrated and scripted based upon the wording of the replies I received in the email chain. Very odd.

  70. My respect for your piece James! Remember: Not enough sleep makes dementia come earlier.

    Just in case: What do you want us to do in case one day you yourself end up producing videos like Newsbud just did? We won’t be able to judge what happened to you – menopause/mkultra/stupid/psychopath/agent/somebody-got-to-you/financial-stress/..

    The only choice we’d have is to stop funding you, which is not exactly the most compassionate action to take.

    Any suggestions?

    • Call me cruel, but I say if James does start producing crap like that, I’ll stop my funding. I don’t see that happening, but I ain’t funding it. JimBob from fluorida thinks that where he spends his money is a pretty powerful statement.

  71. I feel like this might be like a Christopher Hitchens situation. Juss wundrin’ what her ‘9/11’ was…

  72. Hot off the press: Sibel Speaks Her Mind on Corbett

    From the comment section of Newsbud video “Stop the Assault on Medical Neutrality, War-Time Humanitarian Relief & Freedom of The Press!”

    Carlos Alfaro says:
    March 30, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    Has Corbett lost his mind? Wierd .

    Sibel Edmonds says:
    March 30, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Hi Carlos, I think he has. This started last September (2017) during and after our 9/11 Roundtable (at Newsbud). He declared that it was waste of time for people to research/push/talk about 9/11 after 16 years- and that it was time to move on to ‘current’ topics. While in some ways it made sense (to a certain degree), in other ways it did not: 9/11 set the stage and tone for all these wars of aggression we have been witnessing since. This is one of many reasons I loath seeing people calling so many sides ‘Terrorists.’ This trend (pretext) was started with 9/11, and has continued: to dehumanize targets by calling them terrorists.

    Anyhow, after that 9/11 incident we were pretty much out of touch with each other. Then of course, this case came along. And he was/is very upset because some of these false info was presented during his interviews with these women, and he took that as an assault on the integrity of his work (which is very silly- all he had to do: put some disclaimer). In contrast, some radio host named Richi Allen came out publicly, went on record on this duo (despite past promos and interviews he’d done on them), and elegantly moved on.

    Not only it is weird, but it is also sad. There will be several other reports by other outlets on this duo (both alternative & MSM) in the next 2-to-3 weeks. With each expose, each report, he’s going to find it that much harder to clean up. And that ultimately (in the long run) will hurt his credibility- and I am truly saddened by that. He used to be very thorough, serious, and cautious. Sigh.

    • So he didn’t want to do what she wanted and that makes his credibility suspect? I suspect she wouldn’t like me very much. JimBob who don’t need no drama queens stirring up his world.

      • I actually “attended” that above mentioned 9/11 16th anniversary event. If memory serves, James said something to the effect of (*heavily* paraphrased)

        “Shortly after the events of 9/11 and the ones that followed, the ‘truther’ community thought they had their silver bullet – the super weapon that can be used to wake up the masses – but 16 years later, all we’ve done is managed to rehash the same issues over, and over, and over… After all this time, the best we’ve got is still just ‘But what about building 7?’; we should have been able to make much more progess given the amount of time, effort and resources we’ve devoted to this issue. But most importantly, the effect of this information has had on the collective consciousness of humanity has seemed to have reached a sort of saturation point, wherein those who choose not to allow themselves to be affected probably won’t be in the future either. Perhaps we’ve milked this cow dry and our efforts might be better served elsewhere?”

        * Please note that nearly none of the above was verbatim as I took no written notes and have not seen any video or heard any audio recordings of the event. All I have is my memory and for some reason, that’s how I remember it. If someone else was there, feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made – I’m only 80% confident about my re-enactment.

        All this is to say that Sibel, once again, is being disingenuous in her assertion “He declared it was a waste of time” (I’m reminded of Michael from the Office declaring bankruptcy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuGIgf-ICHM).

        Normally, I don’t consider myself to be gullible or stupid, but this woman had me for a long time. I now kick myself for not acting on the many little warning signs I’ve gotten from her over the years.

        • I actually didn’t like that show because it was too close to the truth. Loved that scene though. JimBob

      • That “Titans of Truth” 9/11 Event sure stirred the scuttlebutt in the Corbett community and other communities.

        The Corbett comment threads around and following 9/11/17 had a lot of folks coughing about the event.
        For example, one comment: Newsbud lost my support with their attitude and I don’t want to be a member of such club.

        A lot of dough. Why did Sibel set such a high price? or any price?

        Of course, I don’t know…but I think that Corbett participated because he promised he would…and then when he found out more on the details, such as the cost to the non-Newsbud members, he was already committed. In a way, he kind of got dragged into Sibel’s thing, trying to do her a favor, not aware of all the details such as fees charged to the public, until it was too late to gracefully back out.
        But I don’t know. I am just speculating.

        I think from that point (Titans of Truth) on, Corbett kind of distanced himself from Sibel. I would.
        But, again, this is just my speculation.
        I lose a lot of wagers. I won’t wage a bet on this one.

    • Hmnn…yet her own attitude seems to be very much like “You Are Either With Us, Or With the Terrorists”

    • Sibel Edmonds says:
      March 30, 2018 at 4:10 pm

      Hi Carlos, I think he has. This started last September (2017) during and after our 9/11 Roundtable (at Newsbud). He declared that it was waste of time for people to research/push/talk about 9/11 after 16 years- and that it was time to move on to ‘current’ topics. While in some ways it made sense (to a certain degree), in other ways it did not: 9/11 set the stage and tone for all these wars of aggression we have been witnessing since.

      Thanks WideAwake for this tidbit of info.

      I’m not going to get involved with this silly war that is being waged, however this quote really caught my attention!

      I did not see that 9/11 roundtable discussion and so did not know of James’ current sentiments re: 9/11.

      I would most definitely like to hear from James himself to see if this statement by Sibel is accurate?

      James has done some very powerful and important work re: 9/11 investigations. If this is indeed how he feels about the relevance of 9/11 today I would be totally shocked and monumentally disappointed!

      • Since everybody knows about 9/11, and yet they do nothing (this sentiment is obvious), I would say this is a practical approach. If nobody is going to get ticked off at it by now, they never will. Meanwhile, while fixating on a lost cause, the Russians are interfering with elections in Antartica. JimBob from fluorida who recognizes that some people choose their battles carefully even though he himself prefers the full-retard bezerker mode hisself.

    • First Annual 9/11 Activist Summit
      Titans of Truth: 9/11 Activist Summit (Sunday Sept 10, 2017)
      (Original Event Page)

      My think:
      As pointed out, I think that this event became significant.
      The event itself illustrates how Sibel is going off the rails, because she designed the event.

      What a joke!
      There was no real attempt to perform activist outreach to the uninformed.
      Not with: Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)
      Give me a break. And why would Newsbud extort a total revenue of thousands of dollars into their coffers from folks interested in the topic if the mission was “activism”?
      To me, the event’s purpose was not about activism, but rather the purpose was to fill the coffers by putting on a fee-based “Newsbud Parade”, masked as activism and truth.

      And who were these folks?…
      Surprise Star Guests: 2 Distinguished Guests from the 9/11 whistleblowers and scholars community

      Not to be hypercritical, but this delusional hyperbole of a title “TITANS of Truth” reeks of arrogance and over-the-top marketing.

    • (Continued from above)

      Octium says:
      March 30, 2018 at 8:31 pm

      Are there any links or videos to the 9/11 Rountable discussion?

      I would like to know what was said.

      Julian Swan says:
      March 31, 2018 at 9:18 am

      Isn’t it a little hypocritical to be up in arms about doctors being called terrorists and then in the same report to falsely accuse Tim Anderson of being a terrorist. .?

      Hatsumi Shimohira says:
      March 31, 2018 at 2:02 pm

      Dear Sibel, Spiro, thank you for the insight and the courage.
      I don’t know who is behind those people and what is the purpose, but I have to say, whoever planned this knows well the mass psychology. People love so much having heroes and they could become completely blind for their holly heros, as you see many still believe in Assange and Snowden, and many more.
      As you say in the previous video, it’s obvious that they look for something different from MSM to control people and they’ve been quite successful with it, unfortunately.
      Eva Bartlett admitted that she and her colleague received government fund. It means they are not independent activists or bloggers (I’m afraid to say they were never really journalists, weren’t they?) Why did they lie?
      She didn’t say which government and how much they received but their fans don’t seem to care now. Nobody asks them. Their followers are blind, they don’t want to hear anything bad about their heros, I see this sad phenomenon very often on the internet.
      I look forward very much to your further research. It is yes, so important to learn how not to be deceived by so-called alternative media, although, it’s really a tough work.

      Hatsumi Shimohira says:
      March 31, 2018 at 3:23 pm

      I’ve seen a Fact Checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video of James Corbett.
      I wonder why he kept talking about twitter for 99minites. And why he only attacked Sibel? As there are many commentators in this video. I’m afraid to say that James took an effort to change the impression of the video, sort of hypnotism or mind control. After watching his video, people forget about other contents of news bud’ video and remember only about twitter exchanges! If James’ fan could see there are many more important things to check than talking about twitters;
      1. People don’t talk to the camera in Syria, you need to write down, why Eva and Vanessa could make interview film?
      2. You can’t walk alone without protection by security forces in Syria, how Eva and Vanessa managed?
      3. Why Vanessa forced Dr. Makengie to remove all the references of Hezbollah in her report?
      4. Why do many Sylien activists complain about Eva and Vanessa?
      5. What is the secret that Vanessa talked about the Sylien government; “ I don’t have a liberty to tell you..”
      6. Many write letters to stop 2 bloggers to ruin Syrian reputation, why?
      7. Eva said that she and Vanessa received government fund, which government and how much they received? Why don’t they tell that to people? Since when do they receive fund or since when do they work for the government? People believe that they went to Syria many times with their money, what is the reality?
      8. James talked for a long time about f*** and only showed “f***” version, but there are many more f*** versions too. And I don’t think Sibel was talking about only this word, what she says violent, profanities, terrorizing is about whole the conversation on Twitter.

      Sibel Edmonds says:
      March 31, 2018 at 4:47 pm

      Dear Hatsumi:
      That is a pretty objective assessment. James Corbett, intentionally, glossed over the three most important issues presented in our video report: 1- As you can see in our recent short video report this duo has been calling any journalists with differing stand/opinion ‘Terrorist.’ Not once, not twice, but dozens of times over the last year or so. Not only that, they actually provide a link to UK security agency, and demand that people report these journalists to the government there, and demand that they be jailed as ‘terrorists.’ Now, James Corbett, who openly (and proudly) presents himself as anti gov and anarchist, now says that- This is no big deal, and that he condones and supports this duo’s action on this. This is not the Corbett I used to know. 2- Calling majority of the volunteer doctors (not only WH, but every single international aid and medical orgs)’terrorists.’ Again, Corbett used to tear apart the MSM and Gov statements that contained constant accusation of ‘Terrorists/terrorism.’ I invite every one to listen to this duo’s interviews, their social media posts, and they’ll see that every single writing/statement includes the word ‘terrorist’ multiple times, and it is directed to the 6+ million refugees, doctors, analysts, journalists, researchers, Syrian expat communities … and the list goes on. Well, that same Corbett who rightfully criticized and condemn this ‘terrorist’ characterization, is now condoning/supporting it. 3- Plagiarism Cases- There are so many documented cases of plagiarism by tis duo, including some of the materials they presented during his show. All this reeks with hypocrisy (that’s putting it mildly) and a very sharp 180 degree turn. Why?
      As for your questions:
      1-Because they are always accompanied by 2 to 3 Syrian government military/intel forces (That is mandatory in gov held areas) and those are the ones who select who gets to be interviewed, and who is not. What is allowed to be said, and what is not.
      2-They never did. Over 76% of their time (we have their hotel bills, and travel log obtained from people who used to be with them on the ground) in Beirut (Lebanon) and Damascus. They stay in the most expansive 5-Star hotels with a very few short day trips to safe zones, and always accompanied by Syrian gov reps.
      3-I am not sure. She is the right person to answer that question. The general reason: Beeley-Bartlett believed that including that fact would negatively affect Syrian gov position in the eyes of international audience.
      4- Because as Syrians in Syria, or expats with family/friends in Syria, they have seen many false reports and lies, and they believe this is an operation, and paired up with B-B attacking all other independent voices from this community (many of them Pres. Assad supporters).

      5- This was from an actual e-mail communication (we showed that) betweebn Beeley and Scott Gaulke. She alleged that: Assad secretly confided in me and told me that he and his gov did engage in torture. He gave me details, but I cannot violate the secrecy. Pretty preposterous. Just ludicrous.

      6- Because they are Syrians who care about Syria. They believe their gov has been dupped into giving this two access, and that the duo actually is damaging truthful reports on Syria … among other reasons.

      7- We don’t know the amount of money/funding they receive from the Syrian gov. We sent requests and have not received any response (so far). However, it is my understanding that the majority of their funding (in high 5 figures) come through some twisted channels connected to the large NGO umbrella directing the US chapter of Syria Solidarity Movement. All I have been told by them (SSM): it is in large 5 figures and it comes from an NGO in California with several sub smaller NGOs.

      8- We did not want to spend hours showing 100s of facebook/Twitter posts by this duo threatening the Syrian antiwar activist community members. I believe there are several facebook pages where they have documented (screen shots) these exchanges as well.

      Thank you for your critical thinking and observations, and also for posing the ‘pertinent’ questions rather than trivial spins/twists some people seem to be lost in. While under pressure financially (years ago) we supported Corbett (when he was new with not many viewers) with monthly payments in the range of $1500 per month so that he could quit his day time job (Teaching English) and persue journalism/reporting. I personally rounnded up donors and supporters for him when he had none. I am not listing this to gloat, but to express my utter shock and disdain on what started taking place with him about a year ago, escalating to these very vile public attacks. And sadly, I know he will be losing credibility in the long run (Several other outlets have been investigating Beeley-Bartlett operations- one report will be out in about 10 days)- every expose/report coming out on this two will be also about James Corbett now that he has publicly put himself in this position. Truly sad.

      • John Beverly Greene says:
        March 31, 2018 at 7:57 pm

        maybe he needs to get out more. i lived in japan a couple of years & you can feel very isolated over there. it”s a whole world to itself. i’ve usually enjoyed his take on things. too bad. sad.

        Sibel Edmonds says:
        March 31, 2018 at 8:15 pm

        Dear John: Thank you- possible. Maybe it is a combination of several factors. I just looked at his website where he posted this very uncharacteristically vile video, and if you look at the comments section: there are 220+ comments posted only by 5 group think people, and if you read the comments you’ll see who/what he is surrounded with. I too agree: he was/is a brilliant man with many talents- and it is so sad to see someone I partnered with and supported for 8 years to get to this point. I hope he’ll get back on the right track and produce the work he used to up until a year ago: sound, solid, in-depth exposes and analyses that are so rare to find elsewhere.

          • I hope I am one of the 5.
            If not, maybe I can send a request to make me Number 6 or Number 19 or Number 34 or (I lost count).

            • Since I have about half of those comments and she acts like those people are of low moral character, I guess I be william munney today. 🙂

              • And don’t you be cuttin’ no….. Just thought I’d make it officialish. JimBib

  73. I could be wrong on this but I feel like you’re focusing on the “insult tweets” Sibel made rather than on her intentional deception.

  74. While I admit I am mainlining this carnage, I think it is actually creating a stronger alternative media. Or is it alternative? I’m not so sure. Many of the NB writers have demonstrated a far more professional attitude about it than I am capable of doing. There is a great deal of reaching out, standing by others (not behind), and sides are being drawn on grounds of ethics for the most part. And that’s important. Ethics will get you through just about anything. JimBob from fluorida who knows well the consequences of not paying them any attention.

      • thanks HRS, a revealing interview. Really disturbing to learn of SE’s politically motivated attacks on Peter B Collins, and that NONE of the BFP crew made the transition to Newsbud.
        James Corbett had connections (at least plenty of podcast discussions) with many of those folk besides Sibel, so I get the feeling that this break with Newsbud has been brewing for some time. Which chimes with James’ reference to little contact for a year or so.
        Redmond’s comment that he now considers most of the Gladio-B info a steaming pile of BS is interesting to say the least ; wouldn’t want to say food for thought !

        • I appreciated hearing Pierce’s take on his falling out with Sibel at Newsbud, but I think he goes off the rails when he starts saying that the Gladio B stuff is bullshit and that it’s just some sort of cultish creation of hers. I definitely think he gets a bit carried away but I suppose he’s entitled to his opinion and I can understand why his experience working with Sibel left him (and I suspect others who were dropped or left the original roster) feeling bitter. I guess there’s a lot of disappointment to go around. I had my scuffles with Pierce from time to time in the comments section on points of contention, but never without maintaining a level of civility and mutual respect. I think it’s really the lack of civility and loose or slanderous accusations which tend to get to me the most as the nasty comments on Twitter were part of what pushed things over the top for me.

          • to be fair Benny, he (Pearse) doesnt call Gladio-B a cultish creation. He says during most of his time at BFP he treated Sibel with a veneration which inclined him to take her Gladio-B story on trust. When he lost the veneration — partly because of what he felt was an excessive focus on fund raising and even cynical milking of funds from demographic target groups — he started to examine her Gladio-B claims more seriously and found little in the way of verification.
            Sure his personal and unpublished investigation alone doesnt prove that her Gladio-B narrative cant be verified ; but its unobjectionable that it needs to be revisited with those normal objective standards in mind

            • Thanks Mark, I think you’re right to make the distinction. That was poorly phrased on my part and I like the way you put it that “when he lost the veneration” for Sibel, he realized, reasonably so I’d say, how much of the information, given its classified nature, required a level of trust that perhaps many (if not most of us) were granting without a prudent measure of objectivity and skepticism.

              I guess a lot of people right now, certainly myself included, are struggling with this sense of dissolution with the contradiction between Sibel’s recent behavior and, to use your term, the sort of veneration many of us had for her. Some of the skepticism Pearse seemed to be expressing on the podcast show just didn’t quite feel right to me personally, but I don’t fault him as being unreasonable given some of what he described as having been his experience with Sibel and Newsbud, or as having been unreasonable in the past for that matter even when we disagreed at times. I think there was always a mutual respect.

              Hopefully that made a little bit more sense. (although I’m not quite sure 😉 )

    • Uh-uh, I think James just opened up a can of canadian-ninja whup-ass. I’m thinking that people might start learning about consequences. You know, sometimes when people see just how merciless consequences can be; they start to check themselves. JimBob from fluorida who has had many a can of whupass opened up on him and only deserved most of them.

  75. Ryan Dawson jumps into the fray and (unless somehow I’m misinterpreting), he’s on Sibel’s side. His comment (“All I can say is ‘I told you so'”) makes it seem as if he holds a grudge against James. I get the feeling he doesn’t understand what CorbettReport is really about (that is, beholden to seeking truth).


    James – thank you for (to steal someone else’s line) “piercing through the fog” and not getting distracted.

    And to the viewers/listeners, please consider a donation to James if you have the means. Let’s not take his work for granted.

    • Yeah, he’s on her side. He’s a bit of a jerk. I’ve been throwing him a dollar a month, but if this is what he got out of all this; I’d rather give it to that spoiled logan biotch that filmed the guy who committed suicide in the Suicide Forest. Oh well, guess with that dollar saved I can finally afford that coke habit I always wanted. JimBob from fluorida trying to be like water in all this crap ain’t that easy.

    • This is turning all quite pathetic. Could the video James put up be any more obvious?

      • Some Twitter people are saying that James “owes Sibel loyalty” because his channel was (essentially) built by having her as a guest. I have no idea if there’s any truth to that but I will say that I used to think she was one of the top guests. But all respect to James for having the integrity to cut ties with Sibel because it was certainly warranted.

        It’s amazing to me that people would criticize James for caring about integrity over “being loyal” to someone who was obviously deceptive as well as mean-spirited/unprofessional.

        • Many of her followers are cardboard cut-outs straight out of Foutainhead. If you don’t believe me, here is a comment from one cultist:

          On second thought, James, you need to look at the Sibel situation not objectively, but as a therapist. Disinterestedness and a desire to find a positive outcome is much more important than objectivity here. And the deep-seated cultural conditioning and values and how they affect our perceptions are largely unconscious, of course. I may not be able to articulate them adequately, but there are some very important lessons and insights to be gained in resolving this “dispute” you have with Sibel. Which I sincerely hope you do.

          Of course, this same person claims that irrationality is superior to rational thought. I don’t claim a firm hold on rational, but I’m thinking they’re crazy.

        • By his own account, James’ site was motivated by his initial veneration of Alex Jones. But it was built by and rests solidly on his sober style, humorous good nature, the sheer range of guests with impressive specialist knowledge, and his obsession with verification and citing sources. Personal favourites of mine are James Perloff and the Tragedy and Hope crew, seeing i have a history bent. Whatever your bent though, James has had a podcast with an expert or two and a raft of material to follow up.
          Sibel looms large as one of the most stellar and sensational guests, owing to the detail and nature of her claims, and stress on media integrity. She and James owe absolute loyalty to media integrity ; she’s betrayed it completely now, he’s obliged to defend it against her

        • He doesn’t owe anything to anyone. Well, I don’t know if he has any outstanding debts with a bank or a bookie, but other than that, he’s worked a lot for establishing this site and every guest contributed in part to it, all the while broadening their user base.

          Not to mention, James kept quiet for quite a long while and only spoke up when he felt threatened. In fact, he should have spoken sooner, a pox on him.

  76. Okay, I also went to play her latest video; but I only made it through 2.5 minutes of it. No questions asked yet, she was fawning over this 10th amendment guy the whole time and hadn’t finished when I’d had enough. Sorry, I never signed up for that. I feel used, but not in a good way. And to think Ry took her side today when she put that up yesterday. Yes, I’ll get fooled again (cool guiltar sounds)! JimBob from fluorida so what else did you expect out of me? It’s not like I didn’t tell you I was from fluorida.

  77. “Revealing the Lies” on 9/11 Perpetuates the “Big Lie”
    by Michel Chossudovsky.

    The author is cautioning all of us in his very title, to be careful about what it is you are revealing/exposing. Some of the “lies” you are revealing only serve to perpetuate the “big lie”.

    One of the lies that the author talks about AS ONLY PERPETUATING THE “BIG 911 LIE” is the “forewarnings”. Edmonds, the FBI translator is big on forewarnings, forewarnings of terrorist planning that they deliberately failed to translate, forewarnings that they erroneously
    translated, etc.

    “…We also should have NO interest in questioning the Report with respect to the EXTENT of intelligence failures, because by definition it means we are repeating the mantra to the public, repeating the mantra that it was intelligence failures – the only question is how bad, how
    incompetently. They have heard this lie enough already. It is not for the 911 truth movement to make them hear it more often, to push so that it will be heard louder. And that is what the promoting of this Edmond’s story is doing. (Not to mention it also gives people reason to think the solution is in cleaning up all these incompetent organizations.) It is only for the 911 truth movement to expose the truth – that is that 911 was a successful intelligence operation…

    This is so true!
    I was always struck by Sibel’s repetition of the “forewarnings” angle and it always rubbed me the wrong way.
    It was as if she agreed about the Muslim terrorists, who they were and what they did. It was simply a failure to read the tea leaves in advance!

    • Benign interpretation: She restricted her remarks on 911 to information that she was the witness of.

      • This goes beyond remarking specifically on information she witnessed.
        She had many years (more than a decade) to reflect on the information she was a witness of.
        After all that time she still had/has no problem referring to Muslim terrorists who committed 9/11.

  78. bas, I admire your forthrightness. Best of luck as you carve a new path.

    Heck…I am so bad at getting duped or strung along or not quite following the road I should, I swear that number ‘1’ in front of my I.Q. point shouldn’t be there.

    Although my name isn’t Mark, I have a T-shirt with the name “Mark” written on it. It has a descriptive ‘Easy’ above the name. I always wear it to the Texas State Fair. That way, the Carnies can shout: “Hey! There’s an easy mark!”

  79. Is there anybody here who still has an active account at Newsbud who’d be willing to link to the comment which was intended to be my last one ? For those who missed my comment early here, at the Corbett Report, I basically intended to explain why I changed my decision about voicing support for Newsbud’s report in response to some of the points James made here in this video, particularly Sibel’s comments on Twiiter, which I hadn’t seen, which ultimately convinced me that I wasn’t comfortable supporting Newsbud anymore and opted to cancel my membership. For those of you who haven’t viewed my comments above, I’ll ask you to scroll up the page and review them for a more detailed explanation. I see some of the other comments which were critical have been yanked (probably when they cancelled their subscriptions) but mine is still up there. Perhaps I should’ve been wiser not to have shown the degree of support I did initially, but hey, I’m willing to accept responsibility for having been wrong or mislead (however you want to look at it). Still, to post my comment expressing support then prevent me from presenting my rationale for my change of views and withdrawing of support for Newsbud feels really wrong! If anybody can help me with this, here (again) is what I’d intended to be my last comment while I was under the impression that my comments would be “automatically” deleted from the page when I cancelled my subscription.

    I watched James’ video regarding this post and when I viewed the information in its full context I have to admit I feel like I really got mislead by the way things were presented here. What disappointed me the most were Sibel’s comments on Twitter. I regret having vouched previously that in time Sibel would be vindicated. Things seem to have devolved to a point in terms of toxicity that I think will be hard to walk back from, short of some sort of effort to make amends with some of the people she’s gone after, in my opinion at this point, unfairly and more so, distastefully.

    Sadly, I’ve opted to end my membership, but as it seems to have yet to be put in effect, I feel that I have a responsibility to walk back from my previous comment while it’s still up. My intent at this point is not to persuade others to follow suit. However, I would recommend checking out James’ video if anybody wants some insight into why I feel I can no longer support Newsbud.

    • BennyB, I don’t see your final post anywhere on the “Syria Under Seige” comment section, did you post it under another thread?

      • There’s no way she will allow that to directly contradict the one she likes. But, there is a link below that which references this comment section where he did post it. IF they ain’t smart enough to click that link, then why should he care what they think. It’s not like anyone going there wouldn’t realize they were in a blizzard of a sh*tstorm. JimBob from fluorida sez the right to be stupid is a fundamental right.

      • No, it had been pending review by moderators and just never showed up…
        It’s such a disappointment to say the least! I’d actually agreed with the point Newsbud had made that Bartlett and Beeley’s requests to try to remove comments which contradicted previous statements was a poor practice which demonstrated a lack of integrity, but here they are blocking my attempt to explain my change of opinion and I have no control over the matter. This is extremely hypocritical. It’s particularly painful since I feel like I vouched my credibility based on past experience as a friend.

        Over the years as a member of the Boiling Frogs Post community there were plenty of times I had passionate but respectful exchanges with Sibel over points we disagreed on and there were plenty more instances where some pretty harsh criticisms were made by other community members in response to certain videos and articles which Sibel responded to or in some cases just ignored but she never tried to sensor or delete these comments. The only time she deleted comments in the past was when they were overly toxic and/or riddled with profanity. If you read the comment I intended to post I think it’s pretty clear that it’s about as civil and fair as you can get.

        In retrospect I feel like Newsbud might have been the beginning of the end for Sibel. She’d always seemed principled in the past, even when she spoke harshly. This was something I really respected about her. It would be interesting to examine the way in which the toxicity that exists on Twitter (and I imagine Facebook as well) seems to foster self destructive tendencies. I think there are certainly people who wanted to see Newsbud fail and It’s possible that there were certain COINTELPRO style elements going on behind the scenes, but from what I can see this seems to be an unprovoked attack where she’s really shot herself in the foot even if she may have yet to realize that she’s bleeding. As has already been discussed here it just seems that sites like Twitter and Facebook are just so prone to fostering a sort of self destructive behavior that it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for it to happen on its own. It would be interesting to examine this angle, even on a macro level.

        One of the things I respect so much about James which I think has contributed to his success and longevity doing the kind of work surely a lot of people out there would be happy to see fail is the fact that he’s been so mindful about avoiding engaging in disputes or making disparaging comments about other figures in the alt-media. He was really forced into putting out this video and did it reluctantly but was extremely judicious about limiting the scope of his critique to the specifics this situation and went through the painstaking task of referencing the documents directly on the screen and taking the time necessary be clear about his views and citing the additional resources where it was helpful.

        • If your comment includes more than one url, it automatically goes in the moderation queue. Don’t know if that was the case, otherwise you might try with just one url.

          • Olivier,
            No, there weren’t any links in it and I can see that many of the initial comments that were critical of the piece aren’t there anymore. It’s really sad. I don’t know what happened over there, but like I said in one of my previous comments and based on what I’ve gathered from statements made by Pierce and Katy about their falling out with Sibel in relation to Newsbud, it seems like Newsbud was the beginning of the end for Sibel and in light of what’s happened, I suppose having my initial response and voiced support on Sibel’s behalf permanently engraved in the comment section with no chance to reflect my change in opinion on the matter at large is a frustrating lesson to have had to learn considering the fact that aim to take care and be thoughtful in the way that I express my opinion in the digital domain. But as they say; live and learn and indeed there’s much to be learned in this situation. I have a hunch the unpleasantries surrounding this incident are still far from over, but hopefully I’ll be able to take into account some of what’s already transpired and respond more wisely moving forward.

    • Attention Newsbud moderators!
      Attention Newsbud moderators!
      Attention Newsbud moderators!

      Newsbud selectively “keeps” or “deletes” comments from past members who ‘resigned’. This illustrates a deliberate false impression resulting from the actions of Newsbud moderators.

      BennyB says: “…to post my comment expressing support then prevent me from presenting my rationale for my change of views and withdrawing of support for Newsbud feels really wrong!….

  80. Thank you, James. A sad but necessary task. It’s hard to know what happened with Sibel. Too many people whom I have followed have ended up wandering off into what appears to be some sort of insanity. I’m not talking about the shills here, just the people who have lost the plot. Anyway, thanks again.

  81. I loved this video. Really well researched. Good job! I must be out of it, but have never heard of Newsbud and or that wacky and mentally unstable Sibel. There is one thing that was not clear…the part where you spoke of how Sibel placed the comment way down on the post, stating that 21st Century Wire is a credible news organization, etc. So, if Sibel spent all of that time trashing them along with Ms Beeley & Bartlett, then why would she bother making that comment? I did not see the logic…even for someone as illogical as M. Weirdo Thing.

    • A gatekeeper may be also someone who doesn’t understand the “truth” and has collected a base of followers putting out information that fits their point of view, which, for all intents and purposes, may be crippled (by various forms of bias, for instance.) So, there must not be something sinister going on behind the curtain.

      Vietnam war (along other wars) was firstly a battle for the mind. As long as you can deploy several hundreds of thousands of people thousands of miles away to destroy, maim and torture you have achieved a resounding victory. The war machine is there to enable the grueling process, but you firstly need the consent of entire nations of people. Minus a goddamn hippie here and there.

      I’d refrain from objectively comparing Chomsky and Edmonds, this thing she’s pulling now is more fitting to a third grade Mexican telenovela. Most of her supporters will continue supporting because they don’t want their god tarnished, same story all over again. As James stated it time and time again, it’s about verifiable information, not about the talking head.

      • “Most of her supporters will continue supporting because they don’t want their god tarnished, same story all over again.”

        I think this is what irks me most. It’s incredibly infuriating to me to see people, particularly the very people who’ve navigated the rabbit holes, wide awake to the kakistocracy, who should absolutely know better than to tolerate tyranny from the very ones supposedly exposing the belly of the beast. It’s fundamental in my opinion. I have a hard time seeing a way forward when so many of us are blinded by loyalty, who look the other way, making excuses for the despot like he/she’s “only human”. Repeated early symptoms must be confronted and the offender held accountable. If the offender’s reaction is to silence dissension, time to cut the chord and move on, simple as that. Anything else is a slow death by compromise, and a betrayal of principle.

        I’ve been monitoring the “About Newsbud” page, and the names which remain are complicit by their silence. Each one could make it on their own, yet they remain.

        • Very informative and insightful discussion all over the place here in regards to this video and the fallout. I appreciate reading everyone’s take on this whole thing.

          As I was reading manbearpig talking about gatekeepers, I was thinking about Chomsky, and how shocked I was to see him essentially shit on someone for asking him about 9-11. So I was going to mention Chomsky, but you already did. This Sibel situation has a very different feel to me than with Chomsky – though she still may very well be a gatekeeper. I have the same question regarding Julian Assange since I believe I saw him more or less do the same thing to someone asking about 9-11. Sorry for a bit of change of subject here, but I feel like I have to ask, do people here see Assange as a gatekeeper as well? Thanks in advance.

          • Good call manbearpig; thanks for responding – and with such pop. 🙂

          • Assange is definitely a gatekeeper ; as anyone with a high profile on MSM. And they all attack 911 truthers publically, which Assange has done

        • at least William Engdahl seems to have departed ; i’m pretty sure he was on that page a week ago

  82. I am proud to be your friend.

  83. It will be interesting to see what the reactions are of the rest of the Newsbud team.

    • That is also a very nice article your link referenced. Sort of dispels that iron-clad rule and superior strategy image one gets of China. He keeps things in perception so well that one can almost imagine that the world is still just spinning round and round like it always has.

      Wall: Those things you say happening might have been the cracks in her public mask. We all have them. I’m really that blind kid that rode with William Munney. Still, I shot hell out of that guy in the outhouse. Can’t help but remember that some old geezer once said something about those tangled webs once we gets to lying. Always embarrassing when they find you handcuffed like that. JimBob from fluorida who sees this kind of crazy some 6-7 times a day round here.

  84. The Corbett / Edmonds fallout is one of those events you wouldn’t ever think you’d see, or hear. But, I happen to feel for James in that if he’s appearing to seem hysterical – in Sibel’s eyes – it’s not that he is, really….any more so than anyone else getting a whoppingly blindsided brain fuck, courtesy of the ferment whirling over at Newsbud.

    So, Sibel, we thank you for your past services, or at least I do. I’m not going to question your sincerity and integrity as a whistleblower. Although, the jury isn’t exactly out on that score, yet, unfortunately.

    You know, it is hard to know what’s going on. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with where Sibel is, personally, in respect to her life, career and her relevance, if I may be blunt. Most significant is that Newsbud hasn’t blossomed. Has it? Actually, I don’t know because I’m never on it. There’s something about it that bores me to tears. Well, quite frankly, that “something” is Spiro. Yeah, he’s a nice guy, sweet and affable and the like; but, Lordy, he’s not a newscaster! He may be talented as hell in a hundred different respects, but not with what his function is over at Newsbud. And, so, being that Sibel hasn’t been able to attract the right kind of talent for the right kinds of positions over at Newsbud, it leads me to believe she’s been spinning her wheels and getting, in the meanwhile, awfully frustrated. I mean, awfully, awfully frustrated! To the point that she’s got nothing better to do than go after a much younger and vibrant “Sibel Edmonds” in the form of say, an Eva Bartlet, for instance. Dare I intone the concept of….jealousy?

    Anyway, who knows what the hell is going on, really? You all remember David Shayler, right? The MI5 whistleblower who went off the deep end, so it would seem? Look him up. He had some very interesting things to say about the inner workings of the security services apparatus. But, he’s only human, and, alas, there’s no telling how much stress taking on the roll of whistleblower may have on any individual, including an aging Sibel, heaven bless her.

  85. Voice of Arabi, did Newsbud ban you? I always wondered why you stopped commenting.

    • wall,
      There are a lot of comments, and now we are page 2 of the comments’ section.
      So, it is easy to miss things. Here is a previous comment of mine.

      For the record – Corbett Report Members mentioning Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud.
      I read most comments on this website.
      For close to a year, on occasion, different Corbett members have mentioned a variety of things about Sibel and Newsbud which were not very positive. No drama — just their opinion, question or an anecdote. (Thank goodness civil discourse is uncensored here.)
      Most recently, just prior to this video, some Corbett members who were talking about Newsbud migrated to the thread at “Interview 1316 – Eva Bartlett Exposes the Lies on Syria.”

      I have often heard stories from folks that Newsbud will censor people or kick them out if their viewpoint differs from Sibel’s.

      Specifically, to answer your original question, see these two links…

      The Newsbud 9/11 EVENT
      On the previous comment page are quite a few comments about that event.
      It is significant in that it provides a backdrop of behavior. Three or four months later we had the Edmonds attack Bartlett/Beeley.

      On the previous comment page are some links.
      A lot of folks gained insight from The Ochelli Effect interview.

  86. Has anyone else noticed the tweets supporting Sibel on twitter? Who is making them? Dumb supporters? I used to think it was cointelpro until I saw that BennyB really was fooled. But still, I really have to wonder if there is some sort of cointelpro op egging her on to destroy herself.

    I mean… This does not seem normal for her at all. Seems like everything changed after BFP became Newsbud.

    Did anyone else notice the sort of hamfisted promo type comments in the comments section on Newsbud after it changed from BFP to Newsbud? The ones were they would say something like “Just another great video by Newsbud”…

    I mean… something weird is going on there. I wish I could think of all the things that irk me about this, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

    Has anyone else noticed anything odd?

  87. And does anyone know what happened to Xicha? I haven’t seen her post in years.

    • No, wall. This is a good question. I remember Xicha from years back at BFP and had many a good discussion. But the exodus seemed to precede Newsbud by a certain length of time and I can’t recall an incident which would’ve prompted the leave.

      • I am surprised she doesn’t post here. I always wondered what happened to her.

        • It’s because she is a he; which is why she looks so hideous in those insurance commercials. JimBob who never passes up an opportunity to be low class.

    • Xicha

      FYI, for all of you BFP OG’s: I am Xicha. I briefly left BFP, after a misunderstanding and a heated discussion, some years ago. That didn’t last too long. Sibel is also a personal friend and we hashed things out in private and she asked me to come back to BFP. When I did, I chose to use my real name. It’s Robert Diggins. I know some of you thought I was a chick, LOL!!! But I’m not. ….

      • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, not only did they double down on stupid, they just hit the nitro boost! But, I did like the little language lesson that was totally irrelevant to anything at all. JimBob who knows all there is to know about being irrelevant.

        • Yeah, that was cool. Poor guy.

      • I like the smell of butthurt in the afternoon.

      • It’s strange that this “Xicha” is now accusing Corbett of getting bought off. I mean… really. Will this be as “soundly” backed as the stuff Sibel claimed about cussing?

        Look at this post by Tim Ferner. Especially read the part starting with “war-mongers”.

        I mean… This is a psyop. I just can’t figure out what the purpose is.

        Tim Ferner says:
        April 5, 2018 at 4:39 pm

        Why yes, I am serious about the United States getting pulled deeper into the conflict in Syria. I don’t want to see any more American lives lost over there! The rank and file military member have no interest in being deployed to the Middle East now or anytime in the future. Most military members have been deployed there at least once in the past 18 months for a 90-180 day rotation. It gets old being deployed away from their family and loved ones. Having lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 ½ years and spent almost another 6 years deployed throughout the region I know exactly what its like!
        “War-mongers” ??? You obviously don’t know much about the military. Going to war is not fun! 99% of the military members I know don’t want to go into an environment where they might be killed or maimed. The proposition of taking another humans life is not something military members take lightly. Pulling a trigger or dropping in a war zone is not something most rationale humans want to do…it’s a hell of a lot more difficult and more thought goes into it then what you see in the movies or on TV. “Muddy water” in a place like Syria is exactly what pulls a county like the US into the fray. BTW…there is no “US/NATO/Zionist-war machine”. Having been with NATO for 8 years I can attest to it being a dysfunctional organization incapable of making a decision letalone an informed decision. It has plenty of military assets but lacks the capability to deploy them. Member nations wont go to a war zone and place the burden on the US to go…they will deploy to certain areas depending on the per diem rate. Zionist war machine??? Really???
        It’s difficult to take someone seriously when they use the terms “US/NATO/Zionist-war machine”, “war-mongers”and “Psyop” . Very odd verbiage indeed. Its awesome people have opinions…even better when they are informed.
        Log in to Reply “

        • It’s quite possible that he is simply telling the truth from his perspective. Few people know less about a conflict than the soldiers involved. The phrase “Soldiers are like mushrooms, feed them bullsh#t and keep them in the dark” didn’t just pop up without a reason. 99.9% of all soldiers change their mind about war being cool when they get orders to go to a war zone. He is also on the money about the competence aspect. The military is infested with the step-by-step approach to everything. And like all bureaucracies, it chases out talent while promoting incompetence. From his perspective, he is probably telling the truth. It is the very top levels, of this incompetent and useless band of pinheads, that you find even more incompetent people who ARE this crazy alliance. See? All that time in the military finally paid off! JimBob who uses the Copperhead Road approach with his military memories.

  88. I want to propose this idea. This is an elaborate conspiracy to breed divide within the truth community and to discredit and destroy it.


    What do you think?

    I got to wondering after I saw this story about Corey Feldman.


    He’s going around telling everyone about the evil pedo’s in Hollywood… and then we see these story where he likely falsely claims he was stabbed.

    I mean, are we seeing heroes being purposefully created only to be destroyed later so that whatever they were supporting will lose credibility? I really have to wonder. Because this sort of crap would have just that effect.

    • This same scenario is unfolding across several sites right now. I mentioned it earlier during my blizzard of comments. But, like anything else done by people who would wear a pussy hat in public; it hasn’t gone well for them. I don’t know why people are always scared to have truth and open=ness on their side; it always seems to work out better for them when they call on it. JimBob: Just saying

    • Wall,
      if the people trying to keep some stuff out of the public mind were NOT setting up hero’s and making them fall off the pedestal then they would hardly be doing their job. Look at the 9/11 folks and the Pizzagate folks after them and how they ended up being thought of as crazy nuts because of the constant arguing and noise generation over things that are either a)unlikely b)unprovable either way or c)crazy…even though they both had PLENTY OF FACTS to show general weirdness in the official story.
      The “powers that shouldnt be” dont need to keep secrets from the public they just have to make the public’s minds unwilling to accept any truth that they are told to reject. Thats why I like Corbett Report since i dont even NEED to trust what he says because he’s aggregating data from freely accessable sources. Just like Skinner said his Walden 2 most people dont want to bother learning or thinking or doing much outside their own day to day lives.

      • Duck says:
        …Thats why I like Corbett Report since I don’t even NEED to trust what he says because he’s aggregating data from freely access able sources.

      • Yeah, I should have trusted my gut and thought a bit more.

        What is going on with Pizzagate and the Parkland shooting anyway?

        1) I wonder about pizzagate. I recall at one point people were linking to this ron paul forums thread where they were posting heavily censored images of some of the crap from hollywood and playboy and the like that really made me wonder if someone was trying to frame those looking into pizzagate. And some of the pizzagate stuff. I mean, is it really about satanism or is that just a red herring to make people look nuts? To me it looks like pedophilia is more of a sort of entrance test into that level of society. Kinda like how cryps have to murder someone to join the cryps gang.

        2) What is going on with Parkland?

        I have found out so far that

        a) There are at least 3 witnesses that heard multiple shooters
        b) Hogg, according to his own words, wasn’t at the school and cycled to it after hearing about the shooting. And we are supposed to believe he went to the school during a shooting to hide in a closet and make a vid?
        c) How did Hogg know Cruz was the shooter while he was hiding in the closet?
        d) Why was the school security tape rewound by 20-26 minutes depending on the report you read? I mean, conveniently this event happened on a drill day and the security footage was on a 20-26 minute delay to create as much confusion as possible?
        e) Was march for our lives really planned SEVERAL months in advance? Isn’t it an awful coincidence that the Cruz shooting happened at just the right time to really make march for our lives hit home?
        f) Is Soros really funding this protest movement? Were the protesters paid and bussed in?
        g) And as for that Hogg picture that you can find on arrests.org if you look in south carolina… I mean, the person shown in those images is only VERY slightly different looking from Hogg. But was that a purposefully planted red herring?
        h) Is Jim Fetzer legit?

        And Corbett, please cover that shooting… PLEASE!!!!! Your tore apart oklahoma city. No reason you can’t tear apart Parkland.

        Or are you just waiting till there is more info out?

            • I wonder what the goal is in putting out a vid like that. I don’t trust the guy one bit. He’s building up trust. But what’s he gonna do with it? They just let him go? It sounds bullshitty.

              • I don’t think his emotional reaction was acted nor scripted.

              • It’s obvious he was on the edge there, if that was acted it was worth a gremmy at least. Does he state he was tortured? I didn’t catch that.

        • Wall
          The Pizzagate folks hang out on VOAT now.
          I kinda think Corbett was right about the kakistocracy, bad people tied together by shared crimes. The thing is that normal people dont want to think about things like that… most people cant even kill and cut up a chicken these days and reject the horrible idea as impossible even though they busted a norweigan online pedo ring about the same time the story blew up and it had 150 TERABYTES of filth and included a lawyer , teacher and a couple of politicians or that snuff movie maker Peter Scully who they wanted to bring the death penalty back for.
          Even if there isnt a pizzagate satan ring the fact that rich and powerful people like to collect pedo, necro and canibalistic “art” and hang with a woman who does crowley style wall painting spells with blood and jism is PRETTY WORRYING 🙁
          If the guy next door it would be bad enough let alone the guys who move the levers of power.

  89. I feel I must reinforce the positive outcomes of this whole discussion which I have followed closely in recent days. I listened to the whole of the Ochelli Effect interview with Pearse Redmond which helped clarify my thinking and a re-evaluation of Sibel Edmond’s activity after 9/11, and I have come to the preliminary conclusion that she is a disinformation agent, because all her work has been directed at the 19 Muslim hijackers, and hence away from any US and/or other government involvement.

    All her efforts on Syria from her interventions is also to detract people who differ from the official government (US, UK, Israeli and French) story.

    The fact of disenchanting all the BFP and Newsbud volunteeers, staff, supporters and subscribers or the ethical questions does not seem to bother her in the least, perhaps because there is support from black funds for all this ‘work’. She merely moved from an official FBI job to an off-the-books position.

    • Sibel’s work is vast, yet you claim that all her work has been directed at the 19 Muslim hijackers”.

      How can you say that when the overwhelming majority of her work has nothing even remotely connected to the ’19 Muslim hijackers’?

      In fact, you contradict yourself in your very next paragraph when you make reference to her work on Syria; work which is clearly not directed at the ’19 Muslim hijackers’.

      “All her efforts on Syria from her interventions is also to detract people who differ from the official government (US, UK, Israeli and French) story.”

      You have concluded that Sibel is a disinformation agent with allegiances to the US, UK, Israel and France.

      Can you please give us a few examples where she makes clear these allegiances?

      “perhaps because there is support from black funds for all this ‘work’. She merely moved from an official FBI job to an off-the-books”

      Can you give any proof that she has received black funds?

      • Oh, so sorry. I meant the work for which she became famous – about the 9/11 “plot”.

        All the FBI gag order work, the Gladio B stories, the Syria stories and all the Bartlett & Beeley stories.

        No, one has to read between the lines.

        No, just supposition.

      • Sibel has very effectively proven herself to be an utterly unreliable source.

        Can’t argue about that one.

        Colin786 is trying to understand why she seemed so bent on peddling the “Bin Laden did it” fairy tale which might indicate an allegiance to the official story espoused by the US, UK, Israeli and French governments,

        Here’s my take on her pushing the Bin Laden fairy tale. It’s really quite simple.

        At the time of her employment at the FBI she did in fact come across tapes
        talking about vague plans for an attack (perhaps planted plans by another party).

        Whenever she talked about Bin Laden and the Muslim hijackers it was in this capacity.

        Years passed after 9/11. YouTube came along as did the 9/11 Truth Movement and a whole lot of 9/11-related information became available and disseminated.

        It quickly became crystal clear that Bin Laden and the hijackers had nothing to do with 9/11. Clear to anyone who had done their 9/11 homework.

        Sibel published her first book (Classified Woman) in 2012. Despite having years to research what happened on that fateful day she still had no qualms stating that the U.S. was attacked “supposedly by stateless invisible enemies scattered around the globe.”
        (i.e. Bin Laden and the hijackers).

        You may wish to label her a disinfo agent for maintaining this stance. I choose to say
        she simply has been a very poor 9/11 student.

        and why she seems so utterly unphased by the ethical and economic fallout of her demolition derby.

        This is another matter entirely. I can’t answer the question at this moment.

        Newsbud may well go bankrupt depriving its contributors of a means of revenue. To Colin she seems unconcerned about this: perhaps she has other employers or livlihoods or… funds? I hope the others do.

        I wouldn’t say she seems ‘unconcerned’ about this, nor concerned. Rather, I would say she does not believe this affair will have any impact on Newsbud going forward.

        Why are you agressing Colin786 for saying Sibel held an official FBI job and may still work for them in some capacity?

        Is ‘agressing’ a verb? I don’t see any evidence of such (her currently working for the FBI).

        Please do tell how a a commenter here might go about proving an operative’s source of black funds?

        Yes it’s practically impossible. It would be nice if Colin would triple-fact check though before he made speculations such as this.

        • Just a thought, how does one fact check something that is not checkable and can only be put fort as a speculation?

          • Just a thought, how does one fact check something that is not checkable and can only be put fort as a speculation?

            I was being sarcastic. I do that from time to time. 🙂

            I’ll tell you how I feel about Sibel/Newsbud and how they operate.

            I think Sibel is the real deal. She wears her heart on her sleeve, tells it like it is, puts her foot in her mouth much more often than she’d like, is passionate about everything she does, is very emotional and thin-skinned. All of these characteristics can from time to time lead to pieces such as the one we have just witnessed about Beeley and Bartlett.

            My personality allows me to overlook them or take them with a grain of salt.

            I know how Sibel operates at the Newsbud website; the same way she operated at the BFP website. One criticizes her at one’s own peril.
            There have been many times when I have had to bite my tongue and resist the urge to let her know how I really felt about certain issues. Such is life.
            Some people can’t resist. I can.

            Overall, the current Newsbud team is very solid, delivering quality information.
            My favorites are Kovacevic, Nimmo, Valentine, Ian and Sibel (when she’s on).

            To me, I see more upside to sticking around Newsbud as a member than leaving. Subject to change of course.

            • By the way, regardless of whether Sibel is running an op or not; she is having a meltdown. That last interview she gave of the 10th Amendment guy was painful to watch. It’s like she was emotionally regressing. I could only watch 2.5 minutes of it. That’s how bad it was. It was the video with Achille’s Heel in the title. The last one in which we hear from her. JimBob who says to never forget to add a dash of crazy in the mix whenever you’re trying to figure out what’s what in the world.

      • “Bin Laden did it” fairy tale

        Coincidently, recently at 911blogger, it seems that a number of users are upvoting the “Bin Laden did it” fairy tale, while promoting the Official Story of hijackers next to the Lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, while downvoting anyone who says the ‘hijackers’ didn’t do 9/11.

        It blows my mind.
        What can I say?
        Who can believe that the hijackers did 9/11? (Besides uninformed public)

  90. I can’t see what is in Sibel’s head. Focus below is on summarizing her statements, with a number of questions attached. Unfortunately she is the primary source for quite a number of statements, which is the very case where ad hominem actually does apply:


    It’s a challenge to summarize what it is she has been saying over the years. I think we roughly have three chapters:

    A. Sibel’s description of a criminal network interfacing between the overworld (NATO, Congress) and terrorists, originally headed by politically motivated people “gladio-A”, and later operating through religion, “gladio-B”. The greater aim of the empire with the “B” operation was to push back the Russians from central Asia in a bigger repeat of the Afghanistan operation, where the bearded men were thrown as a wasp’s nest in the Russian back-garden. The tactical modus operandi was to have a criminal network move drugs one way and weapons and training for terrorists the other way, in a way comparable to the Iran-Contra operation. Specifically Turkey had a pivotal role in the “B” project because of its linguistic / religious relationship with Central Asia. Other countries involved: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Israel, UK. The transition from “Gladio-A” to “B” involved a power shift in Turkey leading to disgruntled displaced members of the “A” network fleeing to Moscow, ratting out “B” members managing operations in Chechnya from Turkey, leading to these “B” members subsequently getting killed by Russian services. The Criminal network’s operations in the US are particularly concentrated in Chicago, with “A” member Abdullah Çatli travelling freely around while being on interpols most wanted list, ultimately dying in a mysterious car accident in Susurluk. In Jan 2008 Edmonds publishes her State Secrets Privilege Gallery, a gallery of pictures of overworld members of this network. The gallery does not include Fethullah Gülen, which lateron becomes Sibel’s target of choice. The network intertwines with 9/11 in a number of ways:
    — Members Marc Grossman, Prince Bandar and Al-Zawahiri meet in the late 90’s (2000s?) in the (Turkish or US?) embassy in Baku.
    — Grossman orders 3-4 911 suspects freed & deported so that they will not “spill the beans”

    B. The FBI’s investigation of this network: It was set up as Clinton’s counter attack against the Lewinski scandal, allowing him to circumvent constitutional law in order to dig up dirt on his enemies. The network however dug up dirt on both Democrats and Republicans, and was therefore never used beyond blackmailing direct Clinton opponents, and never led to the actual prosecution of the network. The investigation was infiltraded by the network through her colleague Melek Can Dickerson, wife of Douglas Dickerson, who had served under Marc Grossman (nr 3 in the State Dept and part of the network) in Turkey and who fled Turkey shortly after the Susurluk accident.

    C. Edmonds’ own six-month experience within the investigation (B): Hired as a translator, but effectively operating as an analyst because of her background. She witnesses the above infiltration of the translation unit, reports, escalates, gets fired for whistleblowing, and gets gagged by the State Secrets Privilege letter coming from Ashcroft. Edmonds is interviewed by the 9/11 commission where she mentions Dickerson’s infiltration and Behrooz Sarshar warning “that Bin Laden was planning a suicide mission to hit major cities with airplanes and some of his operatives were already in the United States”. On her podcast, she would later relate a scene where a Bin Laden video aired on TV was recognized by the translation unit as being old video material with new audio, that the unit was locked down and that everybody was forced to remain silent about the tape, and refer to documents that she once saw describing the Baku meetings with Al-Zawahiri.

    I posted some questions on the newsbud site about what exactly the evidence against Gülen was, but would often get no answer, maybe worth looking into as part of the ‘review’ that James plans. Will add links below.

  91. I’d like to point out a few things.

    Firstly, from the getgo I had a gut feeling something was off with newsbud. I have nothing to prove that, it was just that, a gut feeling. If you guys remember, back in the day when newsbud was becoming a thing, there was a general sentiment James was about to join their team and people were held back a bit by a feeling he might have less time for his site. I can’t remember if something to that effect was ever publicly stated, but I think it’s fair to say Edmonds wanted James on the “team,” which only stands to reason.

    Now, if I had a bad feeling about newsbud (mostly owing to financial aspects of it i.e. trying to raise quite a lot of funds; trying to create a monolithic media alternative of sorts where group think has to prevail rather sooner than later, especially with business considerations in mind) imagine what an astute person from a first person perspective could have seen.

    As time went by, it became obvious James wasn’t hopping on that train and, more importantly, an obvious rift was forming since his contact with Edmonds was fading, they went from frequent interviews to no shared work in some 16 months now.

    Well, there was that spell a the “titans” of truth, pay per view thing, expensive at that, something most of us had concerns about, which was left without a comment from James, something I attributed to “loyalty” he probably felt toward Edmonds.

    The other thing, I’ll refer to her demeanor this one more time and never again, I find it very odd how these two people (James and Sibel) manage their time. Sibel apparently has all this extra time (nibbling away from time dedicated to her research) to “wage wars” on twitter and comment quite extensively on the newsbud site. I’d wager quite a substantial amount of time is bound to moderating the site, as well.

    On the other hand, we seldom get James’ input in the comments section here even though it seems to me he reads most of the stuff (if not all) that is posted (owing to the fact he mostly comments on some nuggets of information which are fairly rare.) So, are we to conclude that a) James is an asshole who doesn’t care about his subscribers and their input or b) he simply can’t find the time with ALL THE THOROUGH RESEARCH he does, with major bodies of work emerging quite often?

    I’ll go out on a limb and state:

    James Corbett research – Sibel Edmonds research 5:0*

    * football, or soccer, reference, in other words – quite a substantial lead

  92. Have any of you watched the original video? Is there any point in watching the original after watching what James put up? It doesn’t really look like there is a point.

    • Way back, I watched parts of Sibel’s original video, but it was sooo ugly and smelled like a strained, hypercritical “hitpiece”, that I couldn’t stomach it. I skipped to different parts and then stopped watching. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    • The point of all this mangled conversation is that if you’re interested you should review the information presented yourself.

    • Well this answers one of my questions, wall. I saw you pulling my card again somewhere saying you couldn’t believe how I got fooled. Indeed, once I watched the video James made I felt foolish, but in all fairness to myself, James is quite the master of exposition. When someone else stops certain keyframes and exposes a few obvious shots of poorly composed blue screen backdrop, it’s easy to sit back and laugh at the viewer who started watching the scene without having that reference pointed out in advance and weren’t instantly jarred by what to you appears to be such an amateur and shoddy job.

      Still, to expand on my metaphor; there were some practical effects and props on the set which, even if they might’ve been fabrications, still seem to me like they could be passed off as having been real. In other words, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m not entirely convinced that there aren’t aspects of Newsbud’s account that are entirely lacking in merit. Pointing out what I feel those aspects are in the context of the larger discussion (at least here) is not something I’m interested in posting at the moment since I think there’s a pretty clear consensus that the report, as a whole, was inherently flawed, defamatory, and hypocritical not to escape the level of scrutiny it’s rightly received here.

      In short, to answer your question; no, I don’t think it’s worth watching. But I felt the need to make a bit of a point in my defense since I’ve been caught looking the role of the fool; a criticism I’m not going to attempt to dodge but I’m adding a note that I think that anybody who’s going to get too comfortable pointing out and laughing is likely to miss an opportunity for constructive self reflection under these circumstances.

      More than anything though, I realized that what bothered me most was the tone of the piece and the notion that critiquing other figures in the alt-media in a way which vilifies and degrades them on such a visceral level is something I’m interested in encouraging or supporting. I should’ve been more sensitive to some of the vitriol in the presentation itself. However, it was really the subsequent nastiness on Twitter which pushed me over the edge.

      I’ve stated that I think that Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley have done some commendable work, but I think one of the biggest takeaways I’ve had on a personal level in this situation is never to let yourself become too comfortable when you’re taking in news, analysis, and journalism to the point where you all but abandon critical objectivity on account of respect for that individuals previous work or reputation.

      • wall, I’m gonna walk back and say maybe you should watch the original Newsbud report. I re-watched a fair amount of James’ rebuttal here and I realize that part of what led to me being confused and mislead at various points in the Newsbud presentation have to do with my lack of familiarity with the formatting of Twitter itself. I’ve reviewed some more information there since this whole thing started and I can see that it can be easy to lose track of what the intent is behind re-tweeting something, whether it’s to criticize the conclusion or implication or to agree with it, as was the case with the segment on the allegations of previous support for Assad etc.

        One thing that James did seem to have potentially glossed over or not covered adequately, having taken a second look, are some of the other interviews with former colleagues and other people who have had either questionable or problematic interactions with Bartlett and Beeley. These, as I recall, were probably the more important elements of the report that I’d initially responded to, which I think did leave room for critique.

        I listened to a recent interview with Beeley on the Sunday Wire show, trying to be as objective as possible and I did notice that she probably used the term “terrorists” a bit too liberally and I don’t think it would be overly unreasonable to observe that there’s a certain level of pro-Syrian government and support for some aspects of Russian intervention. That said, I tend pretty strongly agree with the notion that the Syrian government and, specifically the army (and even Russia to a degree) deserve credit for defeating western/Atlanticist terrorist proxies who’ve held many parts of the country essentially as hostages, so it’s hard for me to find that objectionable.

        I think part of what might make Bartlett and Beeley come across as sounding “pro-Assad” or “pro-Russia” is probably the result of the sense of exasperation that I too have felt as well, hearing endless demonizing of Assad/the Syrian Army and that of Russia in the western media when, at least in my opinion, whatever harm they’re inflicting on the Syrian people (something I wouldn’t dispute on factual terms) wouldn’t be happening without the continued backing of “the terrorists”, as Beeley puts it, in the first place. Frankly I have a hard time nitpicking with that terminology, since I view that as an accurate description of these proxies.

        To wrap up for now, I don’t doubt there’s room for critique of aspects of Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley’s work, but I think something closer to constructive criticism (if it pans out) ought to be much closer to the tone than the wholesale takedown that questions their integrity and undermines what I’ve referred to as commendable work. I’m just not feeling that overall and I think that’s one of the major things that people in the alt-media who really care about the issues need to constantly consider and re-assess.

        I’m going to continue to think about this because I think this is a very important case and I’m not going to withhold scrutiny from James’ response should I encounter it, but the bottom line is that I feel that James was really forced into having to make this video and as I’ve noted on numerous occasions, one of the things I appreciate the most about James is that he’s been extremely mindful over the years in avoiding getting caught up in inflammatory rhetoric and feuds and makes a clear effort to keep the attention focused on the information and not the personalities, to the extent that this is possible.

  93. Guillermo Jimenez: http://tracesofreality.com/ looks like he’s not maintaining the site, the first featured post that pops up is a video interview with Sibel Edmonds and Pearse Redmond praising the newbud idea, fun to watch with 20/20 hindsight..

    • Um, Andrew Gavin Marshall was well meaning, but he was actually taking money from Soros. Just keep that in mind.

  94. I’m pretty sure that all that footage is really gnawing away at James. It’s messing up his file system at the moment. JimBob

  95. Thank you, I was hoping you would reply.


    • Ry Dawson was the same way. His was more from the sour grapes entitled perspective though. I deleted all his videos that I had downloaded from him as I lost all respect for the conclusions he reaches. I have noticed this aspect about him, but had just chalked it up to stress. What I forgot is that stress reveals the direction our character is shaping as well. But who can expect an old pothead to remember everything? JimBob

      • Do you have any links to Dawson’s commentary?

        • Not anymore. I just deleted all of the videos I had downloaded. On the bright side, I found my ML King William Pepper video! I don’t trust the web will be here that much longer, so I just download what I want. JimBob sez better to be prepared than scared.

    • I found his assessment to be reasonable. I remember this guy from a newsbud (or was it boiling frogs?) roundtable in which James took part as well.

      Oh, if you haven’t already, check the podcast at 20:30, it’s hilarious.

  96. Dammit.. oops, sorry for resorting to profanity… but I could have been second in replying to this video. One night’s sleep and the comment section exploded. Didn’t want to write without having read all available comments. took me quite a while now!

    Well, by now all I originally wanted to write has been written numerous times, so I will only express my surprise about the many commenters who were almost going to join newsbud who had second thoughts about it. I was there too. Well, I kicked in with the first wave of the fundraising campaign, but after that I too had second thoughts. And I found myself going to the website only 3 or 4 times, although I contributed a considerable amount of money.

    By now my jaw is back in position, but I’m still scratching my head. Sibel was always the emotional one in the interviews/roundtables, it is quite human to loose one’s temper given the subject matters. But all this?

    What irritates me most is the way she talks about James in the comment sections. As if she hadn’t seen his video. Nor anybody else…

  97. I have wondered. It’s funny the way Peter B Collins basically thinks twitter has caused Sibel to become unhinged.

    I also have to wonder if there are people goading her on. I mean, why didn’t anyone stop this vid? It’s not like Sibel can do video editing. And it is odd that Peter B Collins compares Newsbud to Infowars. Especially since she now has Kurt Nimmo as a contributor.

    Also, what was with her support of Flynn? To me the whole Mueller vs Flynn thing looks like smoke and mirrors to get the truth community divided. I haven’t looked into it. But it looks like a bullshit show to me. Also, look at Flynn’s twitter account. I mean, he basically humps Trumps leg like a randy dog. So I find it odd for Sibel to support him. I don’t think Sibel, if legit anyway, could support any politician, especially a guy like Trump who hangs out with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Ever since she started supporting Flynn I have had a hard time trusting her.

    And what is her connection to the Ibrahim banker fellow? I always found that odd.

    And as for her coverage of the supposed Turkish coup. Why didn’t they shoot down Erdogan’s plane if it was really a coup attempt? I mean, they had f-16’s in the sky, and they had his plane on radar… on the internet! People on the net could track him. So, it’s not like they couldn’t just shoot him down. I really think that coup was just an excuse to consolidate power under Erdogan. I think he is a U.S. puppet. What do you think?

    The more I think about it the less I trust her. There is something off with her.

    • I’d say Erdogan is certainly a US puppet. An important country in the region, an important US ally; Turkey can always stir up quite a fuss in Europe/middle east. Of course US will want to have the things under immediate control.

    • I think, in this case of Turkey, the word coup is a misnomer. I would call it a purge, and perhaps with a quite broad reach of potential opponents.

      Flynn received money and only declared it `retroactively` as acting for foreign agents, both for Turkish and other interests, perhaps second-hand for Ratio Oil Exploration, an Israeli company, although this has been denied by them.

      From NY Review of Books:
      “Flynn’s work for the Turkish government is also under investigation. The Flynn Intel Group was paid $530,000 by Inovo BV, a thinly capitalized Dutch company that serves as a front for Inovo Turkije, whose principal, Ekim Alptekin, is a close associate of President Erdoğan. Public records in the Netherlands confirmed that Inovo BV is a shell company. Flynn should have known that Inovo BV was a pass-through and, given Alptekin’s close relationship with Erdoğan, that Inovo BV’s funds originated from the Turkish government. Flynn hid the origins of the money and the fact that his payment was funneled through a third party. When details of the contract surfaced in press reports, Flynn acknowledged his service for the Turkish government by belatedly registering under FARA.

      The contract with Inovo BV required Flynn to lobby on appropriations bills for the departments of State and Defense. Flynn’s duties also included keeping his client informed about “the transition between President Obama and President-Elect Trump.” In effect, Flynn was also hired to conduct a smear campaign of Gülen. In an article published by Flynn in The Hill on election day, November 8, 2016, Flynn referred to Gülen as a “shady Islamic mullah residing in Pennsylvania.” He wrote: “To professionals in the intelligence community, the stamp of terror is all over Mullah Gülen’s statements.…”

      From Mother Jones:
      “Flynn’s retroactive disclosure noted that he had been hired in August 2016 by Inovo BV, a Dutch consulting company run by Ekim Alptekin, the chairman of the Turkey-US Business Council.”

      “Much is hazy about Flynn’s work for Alptekin, including, most notably, the source of the funding for the project. According to Flynn’s disclosure filing, Alptekin’s Inovo made three payments to him from September 9 to November 14 totaling $530,000. None of the money came from Turkey, according to Alptekin’s American attorneys. In an interview with a Dutch newspaper in April, Alptekin said the funds for the Flynn project came from a loan from his wife and payments from Ratio Oil Exploration, an Israeli natural gas company.”

      From the Ratio web site:
      “The Leviathan reservoir is one of the world’s largest deep-water gas discoveries of the last decade, and the largest natural gas reservoir in the Levant basin”.

      “Development of the Leviathan reservoir is expected to be the largest infrastructure project ever performed in Israel.”


  98. God, the Newsbud response to Corbett’s vid only puts more nails in their coffin. I mean… I have never seen them put out something that bad. I mean, they twist everything.

    One of you said this scenario was going on across multiple sites right now. What sites has this been going on with? What issues is it happening over on those other sites? The same issue or different issues?

    Um, it sound like Sibel is trying to blackmail Corbett just before the 12 minute mark… wow.

    • That was me that pointed out this was being reported across several sites. How many are legitimate is a different matter as I’ve not investigated any of them. They were all sites that I never frequented so I didn’t even bother remembering them. One of them was something like AIM (American Independent Media?). An off the wall Alex Jones lite if I remember correctly. People supposedly being exposed as something or another. How much is true is unknown, I just thought it odd that I was hearing so much on this area at one time. JimBob just sees the trends, that’s all.

      • Is it all about Beely and Bartlett on all the other sites you saw?

        • No. It seems they were all different. Smear campaigns of some sort. There was a lot of other stuff going on at the same time, so I didn’t keep up with it very well. One of them was supposedly someone outing someone as a gov op; but the source was sketchy if you ask me. As in really sketchy! I think the others were in the same vein, but it’s hard to remember them now. Like I said, they weren’t channels I frequented. I’d just never heard of this many at once before. I think a lot of stuff can also be chalked up to people have just been about squeezed out. Also, it’s pretty easy to get lost in those rabbit holes. JimBob: If you hook your car exhaust up to that rabbit hole, they’ll come on out to ya! Just saying.

            • Ever since 9/11 the state has been squeezing us for all the fear they could milk out of us. When I watch a movie from before then, it’s hard to believe it is even in the same country. We flipped a switch to crazy town then and we ain’t never got off that track. People crack after a while. JimBob

    • That’s one sorry attempt at journalism. They should do a face off with James, that would be priceless.

      Spiro and Sibel are really pathtic, to sink this low, and over what?

      They absolutely have to assume that newsbud “followers” have never seen the video in question and are complete idiots. Which I very much doubt they are.

    • Hot from the newsbud moderation queue:

      Olivier says:
      April 3, 2018 at 3:56 pm

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Style sliding down to childish, better stick to substance. May I also suggest if in any way possible that you respond not to what Corbett ignored, but to what he did not ignore. This will indeed distract from what you apparently want to say, but style has so overshadowed substance now that this issue needs some attention.


      • What?!

        Spiro deliberately takes things completely out of context in order to smear.
        Spiro’s intent is obvious.

        • On the brighter side, compare their view counts in similar time periods. Her low hundreds to his high teen thousands. Just saying. JimBob

        • While I may be under the impression Sibel is “out of her mind” so I’m cutting her, probably some unjust, slack, Spiro is a disgrace. His body of work alone puts him in no position to throw any stones.

          Not to mention that this hit peace, while laughable and very transparent, reeks of cheap propaganda. Taking things out of context, misrepresenting, labeling, repetition. Hopefully, to use their terminology, staff of substance at newsbud will open their eyes and move on, I’d hate to see their reputation destroyed over anything Spiro had to say.

          • While Spiro is a suck up master, he can’t ruin those other journalists. If you’re a journalist and you can’t see a crapfest like this coming, you really ain’t a very good journalist. JimBob from swamp country who has noticed that mother nature don’t care about no rules.

        • HRS, here’s what I mean: Let’s assume for a moment that Newsbud would have something substantive to say, e.g. that B&B are biased and/because they are protected by the Syrian gov. Let’s assume that the witnesses that NB refers to have something substantive to add to that, and let’s assume that Corbett did not address that. Let’s call that substance ‘A’, assuming it exists.

          Now NB’s first video is A+B, where B is without substance, ad-hominem and debunked by Corbett. I call it ‘style’, in the sense that it doesn’t add to the substance that they apparently want to convey. James’ video focusses on B, and rightly so.

          NB’s response doesn’t tackle B, which they should have. My comment on NB is that they should have originally stuck to whatever substance they have, and they should have responded to Corbett’s analysis of B.

          As moderately as I phrased it, it would seem the comment didn’t pass the moderation test.

        • You know, after thinking about it I can recall some incidences where I did something similar in an argument…


          it was actually because I was winging it because I couldn’t remember the specifics of the argument anymore because such time had passed since it started.

          But in this case it makes no sense. This isn’t just Sibel doing this. She has other people there to correct her if she gets tripped up on something.

          So… yeah. It’s either she being manipulated, she a manipulator, or both.

      • Lots of straw man arguments, visual and audio distortions and effects, and personal attacks on Corbett instead of rebutting the actual points he made. RIP Newsbud.

  99. Yeah, definitely something to worry about.

  100. And what the hell happened to Xicha? Has anyone seen her anywhere on the net?

  101. “Those looking for clean hands and a pure heart in every source, will end up rather ignorant.”

    Really? Dude. Consider the audience. Pains me to say it, but this reminds me of the oft-repeated guilt-inducer, “If you’re looking for the perfect church, don’t join it, you’ll ruin it.” Amazing what authoritarians get away with when congregants fail to ponder and question that seemingly innocuous statement.

    • It’s not the same. When you are aware your sources are merely human, you are able to better sort through their garbage and find something useful. When you are just saying it as an excuse to keep from doing anything, then you’ll get the situation you’re describing. There’s a lot more to a thing than just doing it. JimBob

      • I know I have blonde hair and all, but even I know I’m living in a world of fallible beings. I do have standards, however. If clean hands may be translated to honesty, integrity, respect, sincerity, and making every effort to right a wrong, then, yes, those are the friends I seek and will do my best to keep. That I should expect to find each and every one of these characteristics in a news org filled with all sorts of personalities borders on fantasy. Newsbud has made it delightfully easy by failing to exhibit a foundational one: respect.

    • Also, when we look at those sources, most people think in terms of good or evil. Generally speaking, they’re wrong. Understanding perspectives will also help you to understand what failings they likely have and all that. The more you look at the world, the more confusing it gets. JimBob

    • “How could I write a history of Nazi Germany without reading Hitler as sources? Or a history of US slavery without reading the works of slave dealers and owners and slavery defenders? Or a history of 911 without reading Cheney and Rumsfeld and any number of other bloodthirsty liars?

      “If I only used guiltless pure sources, truth would suffer. That was my only point.”

      Ah! That’s totally different than what I perceived, and makes perfect sense. As the late, great Emily Liteila often said, “Never mind.”

      Clearly, I would benefit from a prolonged submersion (weighted down by a few cinder blocks, perhaps?) in your healing baptismal fount, Pastor John. Don’t give up on me yet!

  102. Interesting.
    Tony, thanks for the brief, because I can’t see the Facebook page. (I’m not on Facebook.)

  103. Sibel Edmonds’s efforts to dictate what others should think or should say

    One behavioral characteristic which stands out with Sibel is how hard she strains to dictate what others should say or think.

    One easy to observe example is her efforts to extort and blackmail the Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity.
    Can a person imagine if Sibel was a leader of a country?
    “You will believe what I tell you to believe, and you will publicly say what I want, or I will waterboard you like Zacarias Moussaoui.”

    Another example:
    We see it with the comments she censors, or the people she kicks out.

    Another example:
    We see it with her attacks on James Corbett. James did not make “Fact Checking Newsbud’s Syrian Under Seige” video in order to attack Sibel. He made it to point out the facts of Sibel’s baseless, radically ugly attacks on two journalists.

    Another example:
    Sibel and Spiro are now straining very hard with over-the-top hypocriticalness trying to find faults with Bartlett & Beeley in order to justify their original attacks on these two women. We see this in the recent 12 minute video of April 3rd. It is so strained, that it has become “desperation drama”. “You must believe our opinion. We were right in attacking and insulting them. We will insult you too if you don’t believe us. We will insult James Corbett in order to try to nullify his valid Fact Checking.

    • I thought about staying out of this debate, then changed my mind and then saw your statement:
      ” James did not make “Fact Checking Newsbud’s Syrian Under Seige” video in order to attack Sibel”

      I’m pretty sure that was not on his mind, but the way video is done it can be perceived as an attack (not that she doesn’t deserve a slap). Particularly I was surprised with mentioning Sibel at Alex Jones’ show and over the top compilation of Sibel’s fuck-shit.

      With the first one he gave them such an easy ball and they used it very efficiently in their reply. Of course, Newsbud is having “problem” with putting things into proper context, but many people won’t notice.

      Anyhow, I understand James’ unusual approach in Fact Checking…
      I think Sibel was part of James’ inner circle, but now she looks like a shill, mole,…
      I think this is personal, too.

      • Um, the part where James shows Sibel on Alex’s show wasn’t meant to attack her. It was meant to illustrate a point about the effects of montage “journalism”. You can make anyone look bad if you don’t take a hard look at what’s really going on with all the “evidence” you have.

    • but I don’t think it is the same Facebook page as you showed.

      • Thanks Tony.
        This news revives my faith in people and their ability to grasp what is happening.

      • This is why you’re supposed to take screen shots and post them.


  104. Well, this 2nd report changes everything. Through the wonders of video and audio manipulation, I now realize James is a hypocritical scoundrel of the worst kind (it couldn’t possibly be that a much younger James started on square one and learned as he went). And that’s just from the first 5 minutes; I was unable to plod beyond that (it couldn’t possibly be because they’re miserably dull). Time to withdraw my support here, and flee back to Newsbud. I pray they’ll have me…

    • Yeah, the editing is so in your face manipulative…ridiculing JC

      funny thing: my MacBook couldn’t stand the rebuttal and freezed at around the 10 minute mark, just when Sibel came on…atta boy!

      • Oops, hypocrisy detector kicked in much too late: to be fair James did a montage of Sibel’s profanity outbursts in his video. sorry!

        • No worries, senge! Didn’t notice a thing. 🙂

    • She tries to blackmail James at around the 12 minute mark. Might wanna watch that part.

      • Indirectly, I suppose, through her intent to take down Beeley and BartLETT given he’s “joined at the hip” to them. Whatever. Granted, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so I have no doubt she’ll spend every waking hour to see it through.

  105. Good too see CR still does not have “Moderation” unlike Newsbud at moment!

    • There is an automatic moderation que (posts with multiple links have to be cleared by hand) and a limit of 3000 characters, which is not enforced without prejudice.

      Sometimes posts will wait for James’ waking hours in Japan as well.

  106. One of the things you see surfacing out in her meltdown is that she wishes she were the same age that she was in 2004. I don’t think she ever had a lot of self-confidence and she really liked having her looks for a crutch. She’d fit right in down here in Florida. JimBob from fluorida who knows crazy when he sees it.

  107. Wisdom and Inner Self and Conflict

    Recently, someone sent me the following link. The MESSAGE is pretty good. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Spiritual or whatever.

    Sibel Edmonds should watch this.
    Actually, anyone should. I took home some important concepts from it.
    I laughed when I heard the fight scene…reminds me of growing up.

    • Was confused for a minute with the whole book of james thing. Though I didn’t check, I’m guessing it’s Romans. still, it’s always nice when those christians at least get close to those four gospels. Since they named the whole religion after him; just seems rude to ignore him. JimBob who don’t cotton to no religion, but knows there is a god.

    • If one substitutes one’s personal concepts about self for some of the religious terms, there are some very good points made during the talk. At least, for me, I walked away with more enlightenment.

      • Oh I wasn’t saying he didn’t have some good points. It’s just nice to not hear anything from their war god for a change. JimBob who thinks he ain’t never going to be in as good a war spot as Kelly’s Heroes.

  108. Spectacular demonstration of James Corbett (thanks!), as I see it, and Newsbud yesterday’s spectacular reaction.

    A) 10 second: James’ clip FAKING to make an “attack against Edmonds for providing interviews to Alex Jones & Info Wars”

    B) 60 seconds: explanation of the previous clip. The point, as I understood it: one can be mislead and manipulated by taking things out of context, by editorial intrusion. This to pave the way for the following hour of video.

    Newsbud move?
    Well, they just took the first clip out of context (hahahahaha) and spent almost 2 minutes to denounce the «twisted attempt to smear Sibel Edmonds» by making an “attack against Edmons for providing interviews to Alex Jones & Info Wars”.

    Hahahaha so hilarious for me.
    Sorry for you, James, you cannot possibly win, they are much too good.

    • You said it well.

    • And actually, you mentioned a profound aspect:
      you cannot possibly win

      With some folks, “you can’t win”. It doesn’t matter the logic nor facts nor heartfelt concern for all, you just ain’t gonna win on the side of reason.

      Once my grandson was arguing with his grandma about a valid point. When grandma walked out of the room, I shook my head and told him: “Richard, you are not going to win on this one. It doesn’t matter what you say.”
      (Sidenote: By the way, I do know about intense, Menopausal hormone induced behavior run amok.)

  109. A most fitting comment for posterity if you ask me. JimBob who never gets asked about nothing twice.

    • How do you even tell what comment number you have? I mean, I see no comment numbers.

      • Top of the page shows total comment count.

  110. Okay, so yes, yes, yes, the Newsbud response to the “Corbett Smear Campaign” of their wonderful hit piece on Beeley and Bartlett:

    First of all, dear me! The expose of James’ hypocrisy, the downright utter hypocrisy! – of his dissing Sibel for appearing on the Alex Jones’ show, when he himself is shown, it seems, to have kissed Alex’s very ass for appearing on that same show, too! Maybe, what, like last week? But, but, where’s the beard?

    Oh, hell, doesn’t Spiro realize that this occurred during James’ pre-bearded days? I mean, seriously Spiro? Look how young, clean cut and respectful, and a bit nervous, too, that James was back then, with his starched white shirt, black pants and black patent leather shoes, and white socks? Yes, Spiro, those were James’ nerdy days many moons ago, when he was perhaps a touch naive. And maybe, just maybe, many years later, he may very well have now a completely different assessment of Jones. I mean, Jones is still the 800 pound gorilla in the room, so I don’t want to comment too much on him. But, haven’t I heard somewhere, something about programming. Programming? Hmm, help me out, Spiro. Oh, that’s right….Predictive programming! Thank you very much for that, Spiro….

    But, let me ask you this, Spi, about those character WITNESSES? You know, those four WITNESSES on your hit piece? I really don’t know anything about these people, nor why these four individuals are deemed to be nothing but entirely credible and beyond reproach? Though, I must say, I am terribly impressed with the Syrian guy Zak, is it? Wow, Evil Eva called him out on his lack of military service, or his Syrian patriotism, or something along those lines, or for whatever reasons she ultimately began to feel he wasn’t a man of good character? So, it was really so very, very good he was able to call out that dastardly Eva, on his military status, at least, and was able to produce his documents for military exemption for the camera, and for all the world to see, and to express his displeasure at Eva’s unfair character assassination – after all, to get that military service exemption, as he blurted out in front of the camera, cost him 3000 thousand dollars! You know, spi, maybe you’re right, this Eva woman is pretty low down to have said anything about this guy, Zak. I mean, after they were palling around together, she lays down some criticisms about this poor guy? Wow. That was certainly admirable that you included that in your hit piece. It certainly represents a major flaw in Eva’s character, how she spews lies and vilifies, especially when it comes to a guy like Zak who seems so lovable, and I can certainly understand why Corbett went out of his way to ignore this tidy bit of dirt you have on her, albeit at the expense of poor Zak’s hurt feelings.

    Moving on, what of the other three WITNESSES? Well, I believe that at least one of those three, Corbett did include in his fact-checking, so you can check that out for yourself, but, from what I recall, this particular WITNESS he did include didn’t exactly come off as very credible, at least not after Corbett got through with his adept manipulations. But, you’ll have to admit, just like your boss, Sibel, admitted, James has gotten pretty entertaining these days, hasn’t he? Oh, I know…yeah, according to one of your other WITNESSES, Barbara McKenzie, he’s “an egregious and dishonest piece of self-promotion on several counts”…. Boy! Man oh, man, it’s amazing this woman accuses Evil Eva with vilifying others. If you were to ask me, I’d say this Barbara woman does a pretty damned exceptional job, herself! Pretty damned easy with the vilifying, all right, just like her friend, Sibel. But, who knows, maybe that’s why James is acting pretty egregiously chill these days, and that he grew his beard is a terrible expression of self-promotion and dishonestly, since maintaining the beard is strictly for his audience and not himself. Plus, for some reason he hasn’t the need to be so stiff upper lipped anymore, and generally, if I had to guess, is feeling awfully comfortable in his thick skin these days, too, and I think it really shows. But, at any rate, it’s interesting that he’s able to smoothly go through a monologue, verbatim, without the video being cut and spliced, like some people I won’t publicly name, right, spi? But, that’s natural, right? I mean, it stands to reason, since they are all his own words and his own ideas. Right, spi? You get what I’m saying, right, Spi? His own words?

    Anyway, for now, just one last question. Unless I missed it, why is it that after 12 minutes of your response to “Corbett’s Smear Campaign” (btw, as an aside, what brilliant master over at Newsbud came up with that title? That in itself is so incredibly laughable! I mean, honestly – and don’t mind my French now – it’s really disgustingly fucking laughable!)…. so, tell me, after 12 fucking minutes of your goddamned bullshit, why did you not respond to a single iota of any of the fact-checking points that our dear friend and comrade actually did put forth in his fact-checking rebuttal to your hit piece – yours and Sibel’s inexplicable and mind bogglingly dirty little hit piece? Mind telling me that?…. Spi, are you still there? Or has that crazy cat got your tongue?

    • U r stupid. (Spiro says, while employing all of his linguistic might)

      • And maybe he’d be right, as Spiro struggles to express himself.

        This whole thing, though, this crusade Newsbud has embarked on is getting under my skin, to tell you the truth. If their response can be believed, we haven’t heard nearly the last of it, as they are promising several future exposés of these two women, with a dark warning from Madam Edmonds to James that he’d better come in from the cold or risk oblivion, or some such absurdity.

        Irksome is to put it mildly. But, as silver linings sometimes pan out, as a growing number of others have remarked, this latest episode of Edmonds is starting to churn some rather dark thoughts concerning the true underpinnings of her historic whistle-blowing story, and how, if you follow her story closely and logically, you begin to understand that at certain level, and with only some very controlled and calculated cost of prestige to the FBI, her story actually fully supports and gives cover to the official story line of 9/11, that the event leads back to Osama bin Laden and his 19 hijackers – because this is precisely the story she claims the FBI was inept to prevent, or that the FBI simply looked the other way – I don’t know if she’s ever made that clear, believe it or not; but further, that her gag order under state secrets provisions prevents her from naming names and describing documents – how nice and convenient.

        The funny thing is, as an FBI newbie, teams with a much higher pay grade than hers, could very well have planted these documents and transcripts, etc., etc. for the young and bright-eyed Sibel Edmonds to disseminate. Either way, at relatively little cost, whistle-blower Edmonds was absolutely a win-win for the establishment, and the solidification of the official myth…whether she knows it, or not.

        Hey, Spiro, would you mind asking your boss a few hypothetical questions, please?

        • Well, it saddens me you are irked by this situation. I guess I grew weary of the internet drama to really pay too much attention to this, much less get emotionally involved. Hadn’t James responded, I probably wouldn’t have payed much attention to it, if at all.

          Obviously this is a very critical case, since James invested quite a lot of time for his fact checking (fourth in the row total, supposedly) of presented materials. I guess not much can be expected at this point by the same people who produced these couple of videos, firstly the smear job of the dastardly “duo” (as if they act in unison and collude) and then the anti smear smear job of James. I dare only guess, but we’re bound to get more of this sensationalist bullshit.

          Regarding Sibel’s whistleblowing (she used to be a whistleblower, now that she lost her whistle she just blows, sad) I guess anything really goes and I’m filing it in the “we’ll probably never know one way or the other” cabinet. Of one thing we can be very certain, FBI and other alphabet soup agencies are capable of finding patsies when they need to.

          • Irksome isn’t the right term, really – it’s more like highly disappointed/disgusted. Why? A number of years ago, while it was BFP, around the time she published her 2nd novel, and also before that, I happened to honestly like her. I liked her attitude, believe it or not, as she had a worldly maturity about her, and interesting and relatively unique reference points which seemed to qualify her views on myriad geopolitical subjects. Her whistle-blowing status gave her credentials (I wasn’t connecting the dots – shame on me). So, for me, she was an intelligent truth warrior with an adorable giggle….and all was well.

            But, like numerous others have noted, some sort of oddly unpleasant transformation was taking place with the rollout of Newsbud, wherein it quickly went from a vibe with possibilities, positive and upbeat, to a guilt-filled feeling of being browbeat. You were made to feel that the quality and integrity of the operation was going to require lots of money in order to be successful, and we, the people benefiting from the largesse of this powerhouse group would have only ourselves to blame should the venture fail. It was a queasy-feeling inducing marketing plan with overtones of a we’re-more capable-and-smarter-than-thou sort of shtick. And, it made you wonder, okay, who are all these wunderkind that Newsbud’s going to get on board, who are going to be so much better than a James Corbett, or a Peter B. Collins, or a Guillermo Jimenez? And why is Newsbud’s operation going to adamantly require, per Sibel’s insistance, all this additional cash to operate, far and away, above BFP’s budget?….God, I hate to keep beating this guy over the head… lol but, what really changed? Oh, no! Can’t be! Spiro came on board! Poor, Spiro. Does he not get it?

            But, what’s really bothering me – and it’s not Spiro – he’s just irksome (and besides, we know he’s just a parrot), what’s really troublesome is Sibel’s completely non-compelling, yet highly compulsive agenda. She supposedly lauds fair minded journalism, though even the worst of the critics that she has found to dis Bartlett and Beeley have better things to say about them than does she. That’s bullshit, if I do say so, and it does reek of a palpable, yet still hidden agenda.

            If she doesn’t like these women’s government friendly reporting styles, to the point of accusing them of potentially harming people’s lives, as I believe she has already intimated, then get the hell off your comfy, suburban ass, Sibel, leave your husband to the house chores, and get on a goddamned plane to Damascus,and do all the fair and balanced reporting you’d like. What, with all your trusted sources on the ground(and, you’ll need them), this should be a no-brainer for you. But, until then, please my love, stfu.

            And, for the time being, that’s where it’s at!

            • While your sarcasm is getting kind of annoying I would like to point out something.

              Part of the reason for supporting Newsbud was to support on the ground reporting. Yet we never see ANY of that from them. We only see the same old internet researching type reporting that everyone else does. It’s like the whole budget went into video editing. I mean, really, what happened to all the money? Why didn’t they spend it on on the ground reporting instead of… whatever the hell the spent it on?

              • Yes good points. When you strip away the veneer, there really hasn’t been a lot of change between BFP and NB.
                Sure more writers/contributors, but almost identical style.

                Many promises still haven’t come to fruition.
                You mentioned on-the-ground reporting.
                Apart from a couple of Sibel trips to New York and Texas to cover Turkish-related stories, we just haven’t seen them.

                Then there are all those wonderful daily/weekly video interviews.
                Where are they?

                And how about the promised discussion forums? Where are they? etc.

              • Fawlty Towers and Wall and candlelight,
                I did not know about these promised or inferred aspects of what Newsbud was supposed to be.

        • “….Spiro struggles to express himself”

          Himself? Empty barrel without walls. Spineless creature.

          He irritated me from the first moment I saw him years ago (probably Newsbud round-table) and immediately I had a question: what is he doing here?
          Now I got the answer.

          But maybe he is better as a boy-toy (Pierce Redmond’s description of the creature (in Ochelli effect, link somewhere in the beginning)).

        • The funny thing is, as an FBI newbie, teams with a much higher pay grade than hers, could very well have planted these documents and transcripts, etc., etc. for the young and bright-eyed Sibel Edmonds to disseminate.

          Sibel herself stated in her first book that it was her archenemy, Feghali (her boss) who happened to drop the ‘incriminating’, ‘9/11’ box of audio tapes and paper documents in her lap to ‘review’.

  111. There’s a new video on newsbud (Newsbud Responds to James Corbett’s Smear Campaign). Will James do a debunking the debunking video that was debunking the debunking video? Or does he have a life?

    • I doubt he will, probably enough time was wasted on this as it is. Besides, it’s not like James can do anything to outdo damage they did themselves.

      • mkey
        But its kinda weird that they make a video that looks like THEY created it to make themselves look like they were doing a PARODY of a debunk.
        They never came across as actual stupid people who would make a video that “looks” like its done by a bunch of drunken chekists before a show trial. Its flat out weird and counter productive to their credibility to do a video as flat out silly with the ‘freeze-face-at-crazy-look” and “use-chimpmonk-voice’.. are they just trying like those “nigerian prince” email scammers to collect ONLY people who believe anything no matter how silly? Or are they just trying to make everyone talk about them instead of something else? Or are they actually that bad at doing an attack piece?
        I cant believe that they “couldnt” have come up with a better attack because anyone (even corbett) can be made to look bad under the right circumstances.

        • I understand your reasoning, but when multiple options are available I’ll always put my money on the most probable option. In this case that means they simply doubled down on stupid.

          I’m certain most of us have been in the situation where doing the most stupid thing seemed like the obvious way to go, a decision only later to be met with a warp 10 palm to the forehead.

          Granted, probably a dozen of us would need to rally to commit acts loke these.

          Luckilly, censorship or not, the video hasn’t been met with much praise on their site, two neutral comments at best.

          My final verdict would be that Sibel has some mental health issues going on, while Spiro is being Spiro.

          • In this case that means they simply doubled down on stupid. – mkey

            I’m certain most of us have been in the situation where doing the most stupid thing seemed like the obvious way to go, a decision only later to be met with a warp 10 palm to the forehead.

          • Mkey
            I guess you are right, but she never struck me as a nut before, kinda emotional but not actually nuts.

            • Yes, she could get irrational (she is a woman, after all) at times and while I understood that this aproach could be offputting to some, I found her to be quite perky and determined. Something I found refreshing, she could have talked a bit less or more succintly, but it is what it is. I did appreciate her work quite a lot, but never really got into the deep end, as some have.

          • Um, what exactly do you base your idea of what is most probable on? I apologize, but that part of your comment was logically flawed.

            • It’s based on the fact systems tend to be the simplest they can be, to be in a state of lowest energy.

              • That furthermore makes no sense. What is simple and what is complex are matters of opinion and perspective. And human social systems aren’t governed by physics, they’re governed by emotional reactions.

              • They are also governed by laziness. People will most often opt for the most easy to follow venue.

              • Any of the seven deadly sins will do. Such a disgusting tapestry, but I confess to have dabbled in most of them myself. JimBob who ain’t gonna have no one say he’s puttin on no airs.

  112. James, you are cutting off all ties to Sibel because of one report you disagree with? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

    Sibel, you are cutting off all ties to James Corbett because of his criticism of your report? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

    As a subscriber to both of you, I urge you both to step back, take a deep breath, assess what is truthful and accurate in the relative criticisms of the other, adjust, make the appropriate corrections and apologies, if needed, and move forward TOGETHER. I love the work of both of you. This fray will not change that. I think the honest differences and passion expressed are refreshingly healthy.

    James, thank you for your anticipated more thoughtful retraction of you rejecting all ties with Sibel. Sibel is very passionate and she does have her faults, but she does not deserve being cutoff by you. Not because of this one report. Stop it!

    • I’m pretty sure I’d cut off all ties with her if I were him.

    • I also would cut ties.
      It is actually a very sane action.

      When a spouse is sporadically a major source of trouble, someone who is manically irrational, then no amount of logical communication can resolve things. Distance or divorce is the remedy.

      Logical reason doesn’t work with someone who dramatizes illogical, unreasonable thoughts and actions.

      Divorce or distancing oneself from this type of insanity is the smart thing to do…errh…unless one is a masochist, and wants lots of grief and trouble from then on.

    • One report? I think not.

      We’re talking about at least two different smear campaings, a sanctimonious status, veiled threats, unprofessional and unworthy of a journalist conduct, collusion to denigrate and possibly commit fraud… how did you get to a “one report of disagreement”?

      If that’s all you concluded from this, you’re barking at the wrong tree. Is James a child to be spoken to as if he were one?
      The only thing James did wrong was to apologize for her behaviour, that was bullshit.

    • Actually, she does deserve to be cut off at this point. Everything she has done here is shit and tarnishes all who have relied on her. Plus, as other commenters have documented, she is likely deep state herself.

    • James, you are cutting off all ties to Sibel because of one report you disagree with? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

      Sibel, you are cutting off all ties to James Corbett because of his criticism of your report? Really? After all the VERY GOOD work you two have done together you are cutting ties because of your differences on this one report? Unacceptable!

      What a Difference a Year Makes!
      Corbett Report Places Newsbud Under The Microscope
      Published on May 3, 2017
      A 56 minute promotion piece.

      I wonder if Newsbud will take down this video, seeing as it was god-awful James who did the interviewing?

  113. I’d wager not much thought was payed by Sibel to the attack piece. It looks like she locked on to their targets and started twisting and turning anything and everything that stood in the way toward her objective.

    • Yep. My bet is with yours.
      Where’s that bookie?

      • Nobody would take a bet on a fix.

  114. April 4, 2018
    Comment from Sibel to Damani

    …(James Corbett) announced that he has ceased all relation/communication with Newsbud (and me). That’s why we decided to honor his decision, and accept it as such. In fact, today we sent him a polite e-mail and asked him to remove our material (including 100s of hours of exclusive interviews he did with me) from his website. We have our own path and approach and standards, he has his. No reason to continue this attention-diverting and pointless conflict. He does some great work on many topics/subjects- we wish him the best. And we continue as before. Again, I share your sadness, and wish this had not taken place- We not only stand by our report exposing the dangerous misinfo-disinfo by the duo, but we’ll continue with follow ups and updates (including the coming exposes/reports by other outlets investigating this case).

    • By the way, if I were James I would NOT remove the interviews. Those are Corbett Report interviews on his channel and on his website.

      What if Corbett interviewed Donald Rumsfeld who then confessed to playing a role in 9/11. Then Rumsfeld later says: “Oh, I want you to remove your exclusive interview with me.”

      Sibel has no concept of ownership. She is silly. She is just trying to make things tough, just trying one of her extortion tactics much like the Ron Paul Institute. She loves to dictate what others should do or say.

      Damn! This lady is trouble. Irrational. She dramatizes her irrationality without recognizing it within herself. Look at her own statement above.

      Trouble. I bet her husband has bruises on his ears and has been beat up verbally trying to talk logically to her. He probably distances himself from her or stays “mum” while walking on rice paper.

      • Oh, truer words could not be said, HomeRemedy.

        And the same holds true for friendships.

        Many years ago I had a bosom buddy from my high school days which lasted long into adulthood. But, one day I received a scathing letter from him, which apparently had been set off by a perceived slight on my part, and it was true that for a week or two, I had ignored a few calls to get together for lunch of which we had previously planned; but, dealing with my own issues at the time, I wasn’t in the mood to listen to his problems which I knew I’d be subject to, so I held off answering him. Then, lo and behold, I received from him the most vitriolic communique I could ever imagine, which contained in several instances, the usual I can go fuck myself sentiment, for which I would have dealt handily with, with not too much difficulty and would have endeavored to patch things up, old friends that we were. But, the letter also included something else, a sentiment about me that I had been completely unaware he had harbored, one that due to its subject matter, he would have been harboring for the previous ten years. Granted, it was a sentiment he no doubt expressed in anger, but, at the same time, it was as if he had breached a sacred place in my life, a place where another friendship had existed, where, through the passage of life, such friendships must of necessity end. I knew at that very moment, then and there, reading what he angrily expressed, we could not, he and I, remain as friends, nor did I want to ever have anything further to do with him. I concluded, after so very many years, that he was, in reality, no friend of mine; with this single statement of his, he had crossed an indelible line, for which there could be no retraction, no stepping back, no going back. For the illusion of his friendship had been irreparably destroyed. And life would move on.

        It is, in its own way, the same here, between James and Sibel, what is now playing out. Based upon my personal feelings, whatever other conclusions about this matter I might express would be biased in James’ favor, obviously; but, the bottom line is, there is no going back for these two, whatsoever. They are both professionally minded, they won’t be mortal enemies, they will be cordial if necessary, but they will not be friends, they will not collaborate, they will not share information. This is over. It is history. And life will move on.

        • wall,
          “walking on rice paper” is an important phrase.
          Rice Paper will be explained when James wakes up in the morning (Japan time).

          The post is in auto-moderation.

      • “Trouble. I bet her husband has bruises on his ears and has been beat up verbally trying to talk logically to her. He probably distances himself from her or stays “mum” while walking on rice paper.”

        To the contrary!
        He is all behind Sibel on this one.

        A couple of days ago I started drafting a post to explain why I thought Sibel had done this.
        My explanation was really quite simple.

        No it wasn’t about menopause, personality disorder, being a disinformation agent etc., as the possible reasons for her deciding to lash out at the B.B. girls.

        For me it all came down to just a few key trigger points.

        The geo-politics that she covers is vast, but her area of specialty is eastern Europe and western Asia, in particular Turkey, Greece, Iran, Syria , Armenia and Azerbaijan.

        Themes that are near and dear to her heart are government corruption and integrity of journalists.

        In addition she is very proud of her upbringing, in particular the lasting influence her beloved father an Iranian surgeon has had on her.

        Somehow Sibel got wind that the B.B. girls were being funded, at least partially, by the Syrian government. This was a big no-no in her books re: integrity.

        When she discovered that the B.B. girls had been labeling doctors in Syria as terrorists, that had to be the last straw for her, given her personal stories and experience with her father who was selfless treating the wounded on both sides in the Iranian war.

        She felt it was a kick directly in her stomach.

        And guess what?

        Today Sibel’s husband Matthew confirmed exactly what I had been thinking!

        You can read about it here…

        • Yea, I read that the other day. Nice thing for a husband to do for his wife.
          Maybe my above comment ( I bet her husband has bruises on his ears and has been beat up verbally trying to talk logically to her…walking on rice paper. ) prompted him to write.

          • Doesn’t explain the “triple fact checked” claim back about what was obviously NOT triple fact checked, nor the senseless pro military comments by Tim Ferner and the accusation of Corbett being bought off by Robbert Diggins.

            It’s just too bullshitty for me. And she still hasn’t put up BennyB’s last post.

            She’s gone too Nazi and those around her have gone too far into pushing total bullshit for me to accept it as anything but purposeful disinfo.

            • I think the total meltdown theory holds a lot of water in this case. All of these actions look a lot like she is desperately trying to push reality away from her. I have tried that myself and it didn’t work out too good. Unfortunately, she’s a bit brittle and that doesn’t bode well for her. JimBob

        • Manbear, one person’s pride is another person’s pity or __ fill in the blank.

          No I am not trying to make _any excuse for her insulting Beeley that way!

          I stick to my conclusion. Not disinfo, not menopause, not personality disorder, not drugs, not a bad day etc.
          Simply all the wrong boxes were ticked, the most egregious being a perceived attack on her late father.

    • Absolutely-freaking-not.

      Who the hell does she think she is? This kind of people rewrite history and redraw borders. A pox on her.

      Hopefully, James already added Sibel and her conspirators to the junk mail list.

      Besides, who’s this “we”? Is she newsbud? Or her and Spiro are a thing now?

      • Um, all who disagree with history as presented rewrite history. So um, your comment is illogical in it insinuation that rewriting history is wrong…

    • Well I do hope that James ignores her request and keeps the material up.

      I have backups of much of it anyway, but I think it is a matter of integrity to keep records of what was said in the past.

      Of course people are entitled to change their opinion over time, but hopefully there should be rational reason for change (New information coming to light etc..)

      • Agreed, and the change should not be accompanied by the deletion of his past works. The change should merely be shown by a video expressing change, and a disclaimer on past videos.

      • herrqlys said:
        “I think Edmonds forgot to demand that all Corbett Report subscribers who bought his video collection should destroy any copies that include her interviews with James.”

        lol…. nice one 😉

        I’m with the rest, no way on taking down the videos! That’s some corporate style Mickey Mouse BS. I’m sure on some levels James would actually like to remove the videos to wash his hands clean and sever the ties, but I don’t think he’ll be bullied on this one.

  115. HRS-

    Broc West used to be Newsbud’s Video Editor, and was listed on their “About Us” page.

    Just noticed that Broc West is no longer listed as such.

    Wow. Glad to see he’s keeping his self-respect.

    • Interesting.
      I like that Aussie. Even if he talks funny. 😉

    • They both left? Didn’t Broc give up his own project to work for Newsbud? I hope he gets back on his feet.

    • Yeah, no doubt. I was pretty sure the Hollywood Insider style dramatization music and editing wasn’t quite his style 😉
      Broc West is the man and he’s super talented. I imagine this has been pretty tough for him. He invested a lot of energy into Newsbud. I guess this is a learning experience for a lot of us. Albeit a painful one. I know Bas Spilet spoke early on here, saying that he’d been planning on leaving, but had been holding out until this happened. He’s someone else who’s work I really appreciated while he was at Newsbud. Really top notch analysis which was sophisticated but accessible to someone like me who understands perhaps more than your average about the shady modus operandi of the central banks, but less so about the technical market terminology and so forth. I look to see good things from both him and Broc in the future.

      All in all this is pretty sad. There were a lot of good things going on at Newsbud in my opinion, even if in retrospect it’s easier for me to reflect now on the ways it went off course pretty early on. I thought Peter B. Collins was key player and that the regular news program he was doing was in fitting with part of what Newsbud had been pitched as. I think that show gave them a sense of balance and that having a show like that, which was an alternative news format that covered some “basic” news, but that covered the angles which were being glossed over or distorted was something that would’ve helped expand the subscriber base. But shortly along the way, following a comment at the from a Newsbud subscriber in response to a video which maybe seemed too “liberal” to the commenter, Sibel said something really disparaging, along the lines that she agreed with the person commenting and that they weren’t going to promote those sort of views (or something like that) moving forward.

      Ironically, I disagreed with the angle that Peter was approaching the guest with in that case but I thought the topic; the complexities of legislating for gender identity in spaces like women’s locker rooms and women’s shelters, was something thought provoking and worthy of discussion. I suspect there would likely be a fair amount of disdain for that sort of topic within the Corbett Report community too. However, in the past Sibel had been clear that, while she often disagreed with some of the topics or angles Peter B. presented on his Processing Distortion podcast at BFP, she never interfered and told him he couldn’t put something out.

      In Pearse Redmond’s discussion on the Ochelli podcast, one of the things that he mentioned which was bothering him was the fact that he felt that Sibel was attempting to target a specific demographic; the sort of white male, libertarian, patriot minded audience, and that she was doing it in a way which felt crass and exploitive to him. Pearse also didn’t speak to highly of Spiro and thinking about it now, it’s sort of interesting to observe the fact that the “white male, libertarian, patriot mindset” is pretty closely in line with how you might describe Spiro. I’m not saying that to tarnish these groups nor would I say that this wasn’t already a key demographic among those who’d supported Sibel and subscribed to BFP. I’m just saying, if you look at some of the figures like Pearse, Peter B., and Katy Aguilera who would’ve broadened the audience that Newsbud would’ve appealed to and (IMO) would’ve made the platform stronger, and look how they got pushed out while Spiro moved into a bland leading role, it sort of makes you wonder.

      I don’t think it’s as simple as Spiro coming in as an infiltrator and provocateur, but in some ways, particularly with this disgusting jab at James with this latest video, where Spiro’s doing 90% percent of the attacking (did he do the editing too?), again it just sort of makes me wonder.

      I supported and admired Sibel for many years as a member of BFP before Newsbud and while I think it’s best not to rule anything out and to remain critical of her account of Gladio B etc, I still have a hard time believing the idea that she’s been insincere or pulling some sort of sanctioned gatekeeper or disinformation agent, as many have speculated over the course of this discussion here. I have no reservations however about dropping Spiro like a loose stool and flushing him down the toilet though after watching the hit piece on James. As I stated from the get go, Sibel’s responsible for her own actions and I’m not just trying to shift the blame to relieve myself from the unsettling issues this incident brings about. But, like many, I still find myself scratching my head wondering what the hell happened.

      I think it’s worth taking into consideration where Spiro fits into this equation. One other thing: one of the last major stories that BFP covered was the Hastert case. I think Sibel showed a lot of bravery and determination in going after him and exposing him while he was in the spotlight. Understandably, she was extremely disappointed that, despite a concerted effort by her and other members of us at BFP were unable to generate any significant impact in raising critical awareness. I recall that the idea for Newsbud (before it had a name) surfaced shortly after Hastert managed to slither out of sight, relatively unscathed. Part of the thinking seemed to be that one of the obstacles to getting more traction to publicizing that story had been the limited audience Boiling Frogs Post had access to as a small independent site operating on a shoestring budget.

      While the efforts to expose Hastert were a disappointment I doubt they went unnoticed. In her state of disappointment and sense that it was too hard committing herself to BFP when she still had to make money and care for her family, what better time to propose a project that would set her on a more ambitious path where she could be temporarily diverted from keeping the Hastert story and other more damaging info related to her case that she now seemed willing to risk disclosing boiling at the surface while the issue was still at least somewhat hot. Furthermore, once the next platform was established, some other inside players or outside influences could help encourage her to shift the platform towards a niche demographic appeal, similar to InfoWars. On top of that what would be better than to influence and encourage her to pursue a campaign which would ultimately destroy her reputation and credibility enough to call into question the credibility of presentations concerning Gladio B, something which relates to Hastert, blackmailing, and covert illegal relationships between Turkish business interests and various elected and unelected officials.

      That’s a lot of info and I still haven’t read all the comments, but hopefully there are some thoughts which benefit the discussion here.

  116. James, may I suggest an open source investigation with the aim to independently verify the Gladio-B story? My earlier comment ( https://www.corbettreport.com/fact-checking-newsbuds-syria-under-siege-video/comment-page-2/#comment-49164 ) is somewhat out of context here.

    There is this quote in Labeviere’s book from Fuller that is consistent with the overarching story:

    “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvellously well in Afghanistan against the Red Army. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.”

    It would be good to bring together whatever independent verification is available.

  117. That’s the first thing you’ve said that wasn’t batsh#t crazy – Rocket the Racoon. Not really, but my favorite to date. JimBob who don’t need no good sense since he’s doing just fine without it.

  118. I want to restate:

    Logical reason doesn’t work with someone who dramatizes illogical, unreasonable thoughts and actions.

    Divorce or distancing oneself from this type of insanity is the smart thing to do…errh…unless one is a masochist, and wants lots of grief and trouble from then on.

    I also would cut ties.
    It is actually a very sane action.

  119. James, Sibel posted this yesterday. Is it true?

    “Damani, Thank you for sharing this sentiment here (and doing so sincerely). In the last 7 weeks I have sent several e-mails to Corbett- asking him a few questions, and letting I’m know that we’d be more than happy to provide him with info/witnesses/documents. Same with our other team members- they all tried to contact him repeatedly to no avail. e did not respond to a single e-mail, and went on producing a video without interviewing/talking with anyone (including us), and without responding to many sources who contacted him and provided him with info. Further, a few weeks ago he and his supporters began contacting our team members and asking them to bash Newsbud and join their group. Other than Broc (one of our part-time editors) they were unsuccessful (we have a mature and professional list of partners and team members who have disdain for operations like this). How can we discuss and reason with this type of childish and belligerent behavior? He announced that he has ceased all relation/communication with Newsbud (and me). That’s why we decided to honor his decision, and accept it as such. In fact, today we sent him a polite e-mail and asked him to remove our material (including 100s of hours of exclusive interviews he did with me) from his website. We have our own path and approach and standards, he has his. No reason to continue this attention-diverting and pointless conflict. He does some great work on many topics/subjects- we wish him the best. And we continue as before. Again, I share your sadness, and wish this had not taken place- We not only stand by our report exposing the dangerous misinfo-disinfo by the duo, but we’ll continue with follow ups and updates (including the coming exposes/reports by other outlets investigating this case).”

    • I feel for James C.
      I bet his INBOX is a wreck.
      He has a tough enough time trying to handle routine traffic.

      I make it a point to avoid emailing him, except to confirm money/membership.

    • That is so hilarious! Cuz she was so totally polite and honest in her rebuttal of his rebuttal. And because she never closes off comments and always lists a full and comprehensive list of her sources. Like every time never! Just reading that letter made me laugh, so I think she probably did send him a bunch of crazy emails that made him think he was going to come home and find her in his bathtub wearing nothing but a butcher knife. JimBob who has run into many (wholly undeserved) situations in which they ended up just like that.

      • JimBob, you bring “southern” to the table with your words. I often get a grin from reading your comments.

        • At one time I had actually “refined” it all out of me. But don’t you worry, it was really all just festering under the surface like swamp muck. I COULD speak otherwise, but where’s the fun in that? JimBob who always throws in the barn with the naked woman chained in front of it whenever he gives directions to outlanders.

        • I like the “longhaired redneck straight shooter with toothpick in the mouth” that comes with it.

          He also appears to have several personalities, but they are all redneck. Marvelous.

          • One of the best parts about being a redneck is that we take such pride in nuking the language of that beautiful country that shipped all our ancestors over here without even asking us how we felt about it. The look of confusion (with a dash of disgust) on some fop’s face when I tell him just what for in the blasphemy of English we Rednecks have refined is priceless. It just makes up for being one of the earlier area beautification programs descendants.JimBob

            • JimBob,

              I have enjoyed most of your comments since this whole kerfuffle started, and the use of self-deprecating language and jokes involved, and the one or two I didn’t smile at could just have been because of my mood at the time. Those comments helped lighten a thorny subject and are greatly appreciated.

              However, being from that beautiful country you refer to, I am curious and can’t resist asking you to emlighten us as to these techniques of ‘nuking’ the language. Also, I would say, only the slaves from Africa were not there by choice. Can I conclude you are an African-American redneck, or descendant thereof? 😉

              • Why who hasn’t heard of Oglethorpe’s debtors colony? Or the Irish getting kicked out of Ireland? America was founded mostly by drunks and whores. I actually listened to a lecture on YouBoob (and I agree wholeheartedly) in which the professor made this his central point. JimBob who hails from a redneck part of England where his family was considered just white trash.

              • Oh and on the ethnicity thing, it appears that my family tree invited everybody to the party. It is only occasionally sullied by respectable people though. Got to have some kind of standard. JimBob who can’t be racist cuz he’s pretty much all them races.

      • Now THAT is funny, my friend. …

        [SNIP – We’ve had a very wide-ranging discussion here, but we are now getting further and further from substantive discussion of the issues in the video. -JC]

        • The allusion got the better me, James. But, I do agree with your judgement. You have my apologies.

          After posting it, I was, retrospectively, hoping it wouldn’t be mistaken in any degree that I was advocating firearms possession. I wasn’t. Please understand, I’m very far from such a stance – this was simply for me a comic relief, if you will, at least that’s what it felt like when posting it.

          This matter of Sibel going after these two women may constitute an extremely serious underlying problem, of unknown magnitude, not to mention their disgusting tactics they chose to employ on your behave. That’s almost laughable, in comparison. The far more serious problem is the Beeley- Bartlett issue, which needs to be gotten to the bottom of.


    • herrqlys says:

      …James has every right to produce whatever he likes, and in any manner in which he sees fit.
      His material is subject to review and approbation by his subscriber base and any other site visitors, and his reputation depends upon this.
      He doesn’t need Sibel Edmonds’ permission.

      The deconstruction of Newsbud’s hit piece can be done by anyone doing a thorough background check of the information presented….

    • I’d like to mention a point, or two, regarding this butter-couldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth response to Damani, keeping in mind Newsbud’s video titled “Corbett’s Smear Campaign”:

      First of all, when I read her response to Damani, I could almost hear her voice, so I’m pretty sure she actually wrote it, and not any of her associates, so I believe it’s pure Sibel.

      For fun, let’s consider the following statement she makes, and then slowly shorten it:

      “That’s why we decided to honor his decision, and accept it as such.”

      “…we decided to honor his decision…”

      “…to honor his decision…”

      “…honor his decision…”


      Now, think for a moment about the video Newsbud released, “Corbett’s Smear Campaign”. If you haven’t seen it, please do yourself a favor, and watch it. Think about how they resorted to a visual portrayal of James that is so unimaginably disrespectful, in a manner as disparaging and despicable as any videographer could possibly splice together, carefully composing this visual effect to coincide with a running commentary that together, is solely designed to inflict as much damage to his character as the Newsbud team could dream up. The voice-over was not an innuendo inserted here or there. This was a running commentary throughout the video, designed to destroy a man’s character and reputation – and to assassinate that reputation and character using all the tools of the trade, with an insidiousness and a viciousness that, honestly, I have not seen before, anywhere, ever.

      Keeping the nature of this disgusting video in mind, let’s return for a moment to Sibel’s statement – “That’s why we decided to honor his decision, and accept it as such.” – and ask ourselves what meaning, or understanding, could Sibel Edmonds possibly have of the notion of honor? Does this vindictive and thoroughly disturbing video represent her idea of honoring a person? Is this what she means by honoring a person’s decision, by first wretchedly skewering them in retribution, then, wishing them the best – “…we wish him the best.”? That’s quite an approach and path to take.

      Is this the new model and “standard” for “The most gagged woman in America”?

      Wouldn’t it be most hilarious (the joke being on us) if she was, in actuality, the antithesis of the roll model we’ve been led to believe? Extrapolating from the second to last line of her response to Damani, what if it were really she, herself, who was the disseminator of “dangerous misinfo-disinfo”? That is, of a format of misinformation cleverly camouflaged and directed over time by skilled operatives.

      As for clues to misinfo-disinfo, as she puts it, it’s going to have to take a very keen, sharp instrument, and a powerful microscope, and a very steady gaze, but, it may likely be found, if we were to take a long and hard enough second look at Sibel Edmonds, while asking ourselves, and keeping in mind, who she may really be.

      The crass fraudulence of her insipid response to Damani may be only a dim reflection of which belies a far more insidious and sophisticated fraud working behind a studied facade.

  120. Interesting personal anecdote Teresa.
    I’ve seen that scenario, repeatedly, with my drug addicted 27 year old step-grandson.

    Drugs are a real problem in our society.
    It is way beyond the 60’s era.

    • Yeah, in the 60s you could experiment and not go straight to crazy town with no return ticket. Today these drugs are insane! I find it hard to feel sorry for someone who does most of them. Shooting up meth that is more battery acid than it is meth and they don’t see how those burn holes on their veins might indicate a bad picture wherever that drug flows is not something an intelligent person does. They’re not even entertaining, as stupid needs a certain standard which it has to reach before it can be entertaining. JimBob who finds that at a certain point stupid just needs to keep its’ distance from him.

    • Amazing how I hadn’t heard of the military on the border. Haven spent 10 years in said military, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of them willing to coyote a number on in for a fee. Enjoy Crete and may I be so bold to add that you should allot a period of time to just drink a big old glass of Ouzo and go off wandering with not direction.JimBob who did just that one time.

      • While it is true that you have correctly stated a likely outcome to drinking ouzo, I am pleased to note that you realize it’s ultimate wisdom. However, I would like to add that it only has enough alcohol in it to counter the massive opiod content. Thanks to that alcohol content I was able to note the bouncers in that so-called heavily secured bar I was in seemed to agree with my extremely large friend when he announced they didn’t have enough bouncers to kick us out. I did note that after we left in our own dang time, there were enough of them to control that doorway when we returned. Choke points are a real thing. JimBob who thinks that since things only go bad after he pushes that button marked “Do Not Push” that they’d start hiding that button after a while.

  121. Teresa,

    you mentioned Filip Kovačević. I object regarding him from the beginning of Newsbud, because of his misinterpretations of recent Balkan’s history. I found his analyses about contemporary events on Balkan are also occasionally misleading. Here is an example.


    excerpt from article
    “….including the persecution and ethnic cleansing of the Serbian minority in the Gladio-type Operation “Storm” in 1995…”

    This is simply quite far away from truth, while using Gladio word is completely inappropriate.
    He also missed several points in his analysis of Croatian elections.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that he is a proponent of “truth” from BS documentary The Weight of Chains.

    In the following article one can see what actually happened with Yugoslavia.


    I’m not saying that everything Filip is doing is bad. He is biased regarding (ex)Yugoslavia.

  122. Teresa,
    Thanks for sharing your reflection on your own personal experience with us. Even if you lament the sentiment that James opened a similar window only to close it again and perhaps draw the blinds, the conversation benefits from your perspective =]

  123. – Heads Up –
    I posted a recent Newsbud video in the Corbett Report Comment Section.

    Please do NOT say anything denigrating against Newsbud there (or on any other Corbett thread).
    I would like to confine any criticisms of Newsbud to this thread.

    I’ll say it again.
    I would like to confine any criticisms of Newsbud to this thread.

    We owe it to ourselves and to Corbett to keep the dirty laundry in one place, not all over the house.

    • Great phrasing HRS and I second your suggestion to make appropriate efforts to quarantine soiled linens to avoid unnecessary contamination. However, I think that the extent that this s#!t stinks certainly may require an extended period of ventilation.

      • I hear ya on “I think that the extent that this s#!t stinks certainly may require an extended period of ventilation.”

        There is some therapeutic value for all of us to be able to “air it out”. I’ve done that with laundry at times. It takes the edge off.

        “It takes the edge off”
        DEFINITION – reduce the intensity or effect of (something unpleasant or severe).

        At Newsbud in their comment section, they are doing the same. I am glad to see it.

        Like James said REPEATEDLY, he LOATHED making this video.

        This was a FACT-CHECKING video, not designed as a hit piece.
        However, James pointed out the ugly, disgusting elements which came to the forefront of the fact-check. These points weren’t designed as a personal attack against Sibel or Spiro, but an abhorrence to the ugliness of certain aspects. The purpose of the ONE video Corbett made was not to attack Sibel, but rather to “attack” elements of the ugliness.

        LOATHE – definition
        feel intense dislike or disgust for.
        SYNONYMS: hate, detest, abhor, execrate, have a strong aversion to, feel repugnance toward, not be able to bear/stand, be repelled by

        • With Sibel, facts might feel a little personal. Especially since she’s so tangled up in those webs she can’t hardly walk right! JimBob who notes that most people don’t need no conspiracy to screw up their own lives; their own choices do a far better job than any incompetent bureaucrat!

    • Those are some pretty interesting articles on her blog. I haven’t kept up with either the Bundy case or the Saudi lawsuit, but I feel as if what she is reporting is true. I know, feelings! But it all fits so well with my experiences with law enforcement. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only real rule of law is that whoever writes those laws don’t have to abide by them. JimBob who thinks that any show in which lawyers get shot is a good one.

  124. Thoroughly entertaining and not really that surprising. I was more than a little taken-aback regarding the unnecessary use of profanity to reinforce her angst on several of Sibel Edmonds “Newsbud” reports.

    I’m glad you’ve seen sense James to leave this hack ‘news organization’ to their own devices and self-destruction. As for my ‘two-penneth”, it would seem that Sibel’s previous CIA programming (i.e. MK Ultra) has finally broken down and left her bereft of truthful and polite conduct.

    Your video was very unbiased and replete with substantiated evidence as ever. I’m happy to have been a subscriber for 3+ years now and will continue to do so. Great work!

  125. I like James Corbett even more after seeing him in this video. “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire,” as Bukowski said. For this is a kind of fire and his poise and relatability don’t falter.

  126. In an earlier post, I had written the following: “The funny thing is, as an FBI newbie, teams with a much higher pay grade than hers, could very well have planted these documents and transcripts, etc., etc. for the young and bright-eyed Sibel Edmonds to disseminate.”

    To which Falty Towers responded:

    “Sibel herself stated in her first book that it was her archenemy, Feghali (her boss) who happened to drop the ‘incriminating’, ‘9/11’ box of audio tapes and paper documents in her lap to ‘review’.”

    I thank you, Falty Towers, for sharing that very interesting information, as it seems to corroborate the supposition that Sibel was merely an unwitting dupe…perhaps. I haven’t read this memoir of hers, I’ve only read her second novel which was fictional, although the heroine portrayed in “The Lone Gladio” is, of course, modeled after Sibel.

    If you go on Amazon, the very first review of her memoir is written by none other than David Swanson, whom I’m assuming is the same David Swanson of Alternet fame. He titles his rather in-depth review “Sibel Edmond finally wins”. The following is an excerpt from Mr. Swanson’s review. Try reading it from the point of view that her story isn’t real, but rather her memoir is an obfuscation designed to hide the real inner workings of the FBI which worked hand in hand in conjunction with the intelligence arm of the military, i.e., the CIA, who, in turn, worked directly with their Muslim patsies, and together as a team, these two entities, the FBI and the CIA worked to create the cover story for the big event. Period. The Pentagon, of course, did the heavy lifting – building demolition, planes potentially rigged for remote operation, the organizing of multiple same day air force drills which mimicked and paralleled the actual “hijackings”, etc. With regard to the airliners flying remotely, which seemed a bit questionable at the time, it’s now most likely one more example of advanced military technology becoming common place and humdrum: Witness drone technology – now completely ubiquitous. Though, it’s still speculative that the planes where flown pilotless. However, without getting into the controversy regarding the strike at the Pentagon, ostensibly, the three which met their targets were flown flawlessly, with the fourth plane flying erratically, which I believe strongly favors the idea that remote control of the plane had been lost, and therefore necessitating that it be shot down. Also, within the next 15 to 20 years, I suspect we’ll possibly see, now and then, examples of the advance military grade incendiary used to implode the twin towers in use.

    The Swanson excerpt:

    “Edmonds found at the FBI translation unit almost entirely two types of people. The first group was corrupt sociopaths, foreign spies, cheats and schemers indifferent to or working against U.S. national security. The second group was fearful bureaucrats unwilling to make waves. The ordinary competent person with good intentions who risks their job to “say something if you see something” is the rarest commodity. Hence the elite category that Edmonds found herself almost alone in: whistleblowers.”

    Do you see how this story sounds like a story? So, the FBI not only tolerates, but hires for purposes of analyzing intelligence, multiple sociopaths (well, probably), foreign spies, cheats and schemers who work against the nation’s security. And everybody else working in intelligence are scared to say something when they know something, i.e., when the schemers and foreign spies are found to be working against the interests of the United States. Do I believe the FBI’s competence was at the lowest abject level possible? Which would have meant they had absolutely no system in place, whatsoever, of vetting their intelligence officers. No, I’m sorry, this doesn’t sound plausible. Because the scenario Swanson is describing means the FBI might as well have been flipping coins to determine who worked there, and who didn’t, in order to have all these spies, cheats, and schemers winding up in their intelligence division. It sounds like a cover. It smacks of a story which is obfuscating a different set of circumstances.

    Here’s another excerpt from Swanson’s review:

    “Reams of documents and audio files from before 9-11 had never been translated. Many more had never been competently or honestly translated. One afternoon in October 2001, Edmonds was asked to translate verbatim an audio file from July 2001 that had only been translated in summary form. She discovered that it contained a discussion of skyscraper construction, and in a section from September 12th a celebration of a successful mission. There was also discussion of possible future attacks. Edmonds was eager to inform the agents involved, but her supervisor Mike Feghali immediately put a halt to the project.”

    C’mon now. Let’s get real. One month after the event, she’s dropped an audio tape to translate, dating from July, discussing skyscraper construction, plus the tape also included a celebratory bit recorded on September 12th discussing future attacks, and her supervisor wanted no part of it?

    This tape, which very conveniently and perfectly implicates outside actors with orchestrating the event, reminds me of the widely known occurrence, that of the FBI miraculously finding the passport of one of the alleged hijackers in the dust of 9/11, the day of the event.

    I’m afraid to say, Sibel’s account sounds like one of the more elaborately woven artifices of a pattern, but, part of a pattern, nonetheless.

    There happens to be one extremely crucial concept in all of this that needs to be absolutely spelled out. And that is, you absolutely cannot have non state actors, absolutely none, including Osama bin Laden, either orchestrating the event of 9/11, or authentically celebrating on her tape about a job well done, if those buildings where brought down by controlled demolition. You can have one, or the other, but not both. And, the fact of the matter is, if there is one thing we now know, with absolute certainty, well beyond any shadow of any doubt, at least to any honest individual in the truth movement, and not a government shill, is that those three buildings were imploded on that day. Period. And it’s positively essential to understand that only a highly technologically advanced state would have had the wherewithal to accomplish such a feat. Not bin Laden, and not some idiots on a tape patting themselves on the back and planning future attacks. That is completely and utterly bogus, and, in the truth business, you’d have to be a shill lying through your teeth, if you didn’t think so.

    So, Sibel Edwards simply needs to be asked if she believes if those three building were brought down by controlled demolition, and if not, I’d like to know why not in detail. And if she answers that she believes they were brought down by controlled demolition, I’d like to hear her explain that she must have been duped, and therefore completely manipulated by the FBI. And, in addition, if she states that she believes they were demolished by controlled demolition, I’d like to know why it is that she hasn’t heretofore changed her story…just a tad.

    I was hoping someone in the Newsbud community would be kind enough to ask her these questions, politely, though with the requirement that she answer these questions directly and clearly.

    The thing is, I already know what her answer is going to be. I’d still love for someone to pose these questions to her, but, I still know its outcome.

    She’s going to simply say that the question of controlled demolition and for that matter, building construction, is not her field of expertise, and therefore she herself could not truly have an informed opinion on the matter, yadayadayada.

    And these are the words she will not add: However, the prospect of controlled demolition does raise the possibility that I’ve been duped, and therefore, in my own way, I’ve been an instrument of disinformation for the entire post 9/11 era, save a month, or so…….

    And so it goes.

    • I had not heard of this David Swanson guy before this, but I do like the way he thinks! That is how you are supposed to read such books. It’s hard work to do so, so I only do it occasionally myself, but it’s always an illuminating experience. JimBob who notes that spring is approaching, the shorts are short and the shrooms will soon be fruiting. So there’s that.

      • David Swanson and his website Alternet have been around for quite a long while. Check him out. By the way, I wasn’t critiquing his review; I simply thought it provided a good synopsis of Sibel’s memoir, and referred to two of its passages, as I, myself, had not read the book. Based upon what Swanson provided (and I would have to presume he was being fair and accurate)I offered my own analysis, or deconstruction, of her memoir as he presented it. Granted, its second hand, since I haven’t, as I mentioned, read the book.

        Btw, your sense of humor got me into a little bit trouble with the moderator of this comment board a little while back. Anyway, I can understand why folks may come to you for your insight – between the laughs, you make some excellent points, as long one has their waders on.

        • Well, now my day has been made knowing that someone is in trouble over something I did. Errr, I meant, I’m sorry. But, one should definitely NEVER forget their waders. I was really impressed with that review and it dove-tailed nicely with my perception of her. She seems to need extreme viewpoints all around her, preferably enemies. While we all have a preference for just 2 choices (could this be why there are 2 parties in the US? YES!), there are really an infinite number of choices you can make in any situation. Unless it’s life or death, or just a need to think really really fast, it might pay to consider a few of those infinite other choices. JimBob who ain’t important enough to have to think of too many options.

      • Thanks a bunch for the HEADS UP. Though there’s probably a half dozen or so posters here who may need your reminder, too. Have you made the effort on their behalf, as well, or just me?

        Did you read my post, or did you just skip to the end to remind me to keep it under 500?

        Personally, I’ve been snipped, but not corrected for lengthy posts. I can see where they may be a problem with limited attention spans, though.

        I spent the time to write it because I wanted to express what I truly believe is a very, very basic, though very important point.

        Unfortunately, so far, it doesn’t seem as if people are even so much as catching my drift. Is the dissonance out there this bad, I’m asking myself.

        If you’ve got the time, and are inclined, I’d love for you to read it.


        • I read it. Two different times. Once, shortly after you wrote it.
          I really understand your point.
          It’s a good point.

          Over the past decade or more, this basic aspect has had a lot of back-n-forth at 911blogger.

          If a 9/11 Truther can not “see” the evidence surrounding controlled demolition… something is off.

    • Hi candelight, if I understand correctly you exclude the simultaneous occurrence of 1 and 2:

      1. Controlled demolition
      2. (non-state actor orchestrates) or (non-state actor celebrates)

      I once heard Tom Secker give the following suggestion: “Don’t ask who did 9/11, ask what Al-Qaeda is” (my paraphrasing), by which if I understood him correctly he meant to say that since there is no clear boundary between AlQaeda on the one hand and state institutions like the CIA on the other, it is a fruitless pursuit to try and decide whether 9/11 was an “inside job” or “the work of alQaeda”: The one doesn’t exclude the other, and he went on to illustrate various known circumstances where such intertwining occurred.

      With that in mind, can’t you have a criminal network a-la Gladio-B which on the one hand controls a demolition team, presumably a team with strong convictions, and on the other hand maintains correspondence overseas during which said event could have been celebrated?

      • Olivier, the Gladio B idea you mentioned is standard procedure in our operations. Think of the opium connections in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Also, the cocaine syndicates involving Pablo Escobar (whose son recently said he worked directly for the CIA), Noriega (Bush, Srs. bff), and the list goes on. JFK assassination wasn’t our first foray into this strategy. Of course, Sun Tzu not only would have approved, I’m sure he practiced this strategy as well. While it is fitting in war, it sure does leave some embarrassing stains after the party’s over. JimBob who thinks that organized crime really isn’t that organized.

        • Yes. My question is whether Sibel Edmonds could NOT have been a dupe while still the buildings WOULD have been demolished.

          • My wholly subjective viewpoint of Sibel is that she is an extremely patriotic Turkish woman who needs to be on a crusade in which she is championing justice. And she wants power. The One Ring wants her to have it, but she is too weak to handle it. Only Sam (the redneck of the wondrous world of Tolkien) could handle it since he didn’t want to be in charge of nuttin sides hisself.
            A person like this, who lacks a lot of self-confidence and thus relies on her looks, could easily be a dupe. She would be thrilled to be a knowing dupe. She needs attention. While I would recruit her if I were an intelligence agent, this doesn’t even make what she does right or wrong. Her life, her rules. While I don’t doubt she is an intel asset of one form or another, I think that at the moment she is having a moment. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to get over it either. JimBob whose seen a lot of people just go crazy and stay that way for good.

      • Hello Olivier,

        Yes, you’ve go it exactly right. You understand correctly that item 1. and item 2. on your list are mutually exclusive. Except for one small point that you seem not to actually have understood, which I shall clarify. I’ll use your format:

        1. Controlled demolition

        2. (non-state actor orchestrates) and (non-state actor celebrates who acts and/or is mistakenly interpreted as if he were, along with his cohorts, responsible for the deed themselves, which is impossible, because strictly only a state, as I mentioned in my post, would have had the wherewithal to accomplish such a deed. Though, there is a caveat to this detailed below)

        Though, do you get the distinction now of the second part of item 2., I hope?

        Also, I have a couple points for you.

        1. I don’t really give a damn about what Tom Secker has to say, if he did, indeed, start an argument with the phrase “Don’t ask who did 9/11,…” The rest of what you paraphrase of his, is equally absurd as well as repugnant.

        2. I have no knowledge of a “criminal network a-la Gladio-B” If such a network exists, or existed, and if acting in the capacity as government contractor, where given the tools, materials, and the access, to perform the demolition, then what’s your point, Olivier?

        Sorry, there’s a third point – the caveat mentioned above:

        3. You’re correct, any and all assholes could have celebrated 9/11, be they government contractors, or their friends, wondering when their next job is going to be, or simply some idiots, planted or not, on a tape, pretending to have pulled it off. But, there’s an additional small point/s: If these were government contractors, there would have been no need for Sibel to have interpreted, because 1. they wouldn’t have been on a tape presumably of intercepted communications nor 2. would their identities be mysterious to their paymasters. And 3. therefore, these were, in fact, idiots for Sibel to interpret, who were pretending to have pulled it off.

        Hope all’s clear now.

        • I’m with you on all points here Candlelight.

        • Hi candlelight, no I don’t get it, mea culpa. What’s wrong with this scenario:

          1. Dr Evil manages both a demolition team and a team of handlers directing a bunch of bearded guys that will be or provide patsies.
          2. The bearded people are provisioned by an arms-for-drugs network comparable with the Iran-Contra setup.
          3. Clinton, not necessarily in the know about 9/11, directs the FBI to start an investigation to dig up dirt on his enemies, and this FBI section ends up monitoring this arms-for-drugs network.
          4. The bearded people think they are in charge because they plan to fly planes into buildings, bojinka style.
          5. The jihadis have no knowledge of the demolitioners who press the button that brings the buildings down.
          6. The jihadis celebrate a job well done, being the hijackings and the damage that ensued, which they consider to be their own work.
          7. The arms-for-drugs / jihadi network is being overheard by a section of the FBI that is not necessarily in the know. Edmonds gets to hear the tapes, and hears somebody celebrate.

          Wouldn’t you then have controlled demolition together with Edmonds NOT being set up to be a dupe?

          • Hello Olivier,

            Perhaps you could direct me with some links where I could gain a little insight, or otherwise fill me in with regard to your bullet points.

            I’m not familiar with:

            1. arms-for-drugs/jihadi network

            2.Dr. Evil – I suppose a bin Ladin type?

            3.Which Clinton? Bill as president, or Hillary, when she was at the state dept.? Enemies? What enemies? 🙂

            4.bojinka style?


          • Wow, by your scenario, I can see we are miles apart in our understanding of 9/11.

            1. Dr Evil manages both a demolition team and a team of handlers directing a bunch of bearded guys that will be or provide patsies.

            Unless ‘Dr. Evil’ are the top level western guys who masterminded 9/11 then everything is wrong with that scenario.

            6. The jihadis celebrate a job well done, being the hijackings and the damage that ensued, which they consider to be their own work.

            The planes were window-dressing. The building demolitions
            were the imperative shock and awe of 9/11.

            HOWEVER, ‘Dr. Evil’ could not let a bunch of bumbling jihadi fools
            screw up the entire mission by missing or partially missing their targets. (No planes inside buildings, no building demolitions).

            So the military planes were guided to their targets. NOT the scheduled flights (with or without the jihadis).

          • Hello Olivier,

            I looked up the Bojinka affair, brushed up on Iran-Contra, and also noticed your reference to Clinton as a he, so we’re talking about Bill (right?) lol.

            Well, if you were thinking my answer to your question was going to be yes, you were wrong. It’s an astounding no. And for some very simple basic reasons. Firstly, we’ll need to assume this is, in part, an exercise in logic and is reality based, not the other way around, which I’m sure you’re okay with. Also, my belief is that intelligence agencies endeavor to recruit the best and the brightest, actually, I know that for a fact, and they are methodical and thorough when they want or need to be, as well as sloppy if it suites their needs. Just take a look at the head of the FBI while Sibel was there, Robert Mueller. You can’t convince me that he’s anything other than completely methodical, thorough, and immovable. Remember the old saying, the FBI always gets their man? Damned straight. Apparently, lets em go too, when they want….

            As Fawlty Towers mentioned, we’ll first have to assume that the Dr. Evil character must be the equivalent of a top tier Western power, and I’ll add, just like the Pentagon – the all knowing and all powerful Pentagon, who has at their command the most sophisticated weapons team the world can for now only dream of, with choice weaponry that can down steel framed buildings like they were made of paper.

            The Pentagon also has and/or works with agencies whose job, in part, is to clandestinely handle foreign and domestic patsies. Well, we know domestically, the agency who handles patsies here, in this country, is the FBI, but, in all things foreign, we have the CIA – in this case we’ll call them handlers of bearded guys. In our story, the bearded guys are provisioned by a Jihadist arms-for-drugs network, but, what sort of provisions they’re provided, for what sort of favors in return, is for our purposes, completely immaterial, because our bearded guys in this story are recruited, minded, directed and controlled by what otherwise might be called, as we said, the CIA. And the CIA would be monitoring very closely all their assets’ whereabouts and contacts, even those nasty sounding Jihadists of the arms-for-drugs network, whom, as you had mentioned, Olivier, at the outset of your story line, were also being monitored by the CIA’s domestic cousins, the FBI’s intelligence agents. And because these agents can multi-task, they can at the same time handle any requests made by any sitting presidents, though, whether they should or not is immaterial.

            So, the day comes, and the Pentagon’s plan goes pretty much as smooth as can be expected. Though they would have preferred a 100% success, they’ll just have to settle for 75%. Technicalities – what can you do? The bearded guys fly to their deaths, God knows what they were thinking. They were given coke and promised virgins, sonsofbitches. The Jihadis/ arms-for-drugs network, whom we know had been recorded chatting among themselves for literally months, were tickled pink the next day, and couldn’t help expressing their glee, and hoping to do it again!

            Now, the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI certainly didn’t want their involvement with these bearded guys suspected in any way, manner, shape or form; rather, they wanted the public to believe the bearded guys had acted on behalf the Jihadist network, and only the Jihadist network. So, very soon after the big event, because timing is everything, the FBI hired some fresh blood for their monitoring division who would be completely unaware of past shady associations. So, one day, soon after Sibel was hired, her supervisor, who had overseen his intelligence division, and was far from being unaware of what transpired – unlike his new translators – went and collected his division’s monitoring tapes for her to translate, explaining they’d never gotten around to doing so. And what Sibel had discovered was exactly what they wanted her to discover – elated Jihadists gleeful for the bearded guys great success and hoping for themselves to have more success in the future. And with that, the FBI’s cover story was successfully complete, even though they’d catch some heat for failing to catch the plot before it happened. Stuff happens, what can you do?

            So, there you have it, even with buildings imploding, Olivier, Sibel could easily have been duped without ever having been a party to the crime, and forever believe she was the one to uncover her agency’s bungling ways, and blow the whistle on their negligence.

    • Um. In my mind it was always that the hijackers were just dupes that were used as cover for the controlled demolition. I don’t know about the remote control or not, but I had always thought there really were hijackers. Or attempted hijackers. Maybe once they got on the plane they found out they didn’t have so much control over it?

      But yeah, it was obviously controlled demolition as the towers at the least should have fallen OVER instead of down as that would have been the path of least resistance for a long slender building with asymmetrical damage. Only a very squat building that is much wider and deeper than it is tall could pancake like that.

      But the point is that supporting the hijacker story does not mean you are ruling out the reality of controlled demolition.

      • There is no doubt in my mind some of the recordings made on that day were edited (oddly lit planes with disappearing wings; supposedly there was another “version” of the second crash wihout the fireball; some of the background noise made by those recording was odd to say the least, seemed like several different people have a similar if not identical voices; some recordings didn’t make the final cut because of being quite awful) which is not to say there weren’t planes.

        One of the videos made from the ground, with two people talking just above the camera, shows these people reacting to the explosion, but not reacting to the plane itself, which I’d wager would make quite a lot of noise, flying at that speed, at that low altitude.

        Regarding the plane speed, is it possible for a plane built to fly at some 540mph at 10000 feet to reach 600+mph at several hundred feet altitude?

        Statements made by various pilots lean toward confirming manouvers made on that day practically impossible, even for a professional pilot. Some pilots from a pilot school stated they couldn’t repeat the second crash on a similator without turning a buch of stuff off, like turbulence or side winds.

        Not to mention that one would expect quite a lot of debree consisting in plane parts on impact.

        I don’t know about planes, but the official story, along with all the technical details, is a load of bullshit.

        • 911blogger has recently been having some controversy…debate and downvotes and “censoring”.

          It all started when in reference to the “Hijackers”, one Corbett member said: “I think you mean “patsies” who never boarded the planes.” And another poster said, “Stop calling them hijackers.”

          From that point, moderation, rules and downvotes kicked in.

          I’ve seen this type of arguing before. Some folks push only the “soft stories”, such as how the FBI might have covered-up something, or ways in which the government was incompetent and let 9/11 happen by the hijackers.

          I’m not saying that all the “soft stories” are false or not important. They are important, but with context.
          “Hard stories” example – Controlled demolition and analysis of nanothermitic material in the dust samples, etc. are dynamically important. No hijacker in 2001 is gonna be a nanothermite technician.
          “Hard Stories” rile folks up. “Soft Stories” tend to make folks yawn.

      • I’m afraid you’re completely missing the point, Wall.

        The hijackers are nobody, just tools, controlled CIA patsies. Whether they flew the planes or sat there dumbfounded. They were only one small part of the operation. They didn’t have jack shit to do with the orchestration!! My point is neither did Osama bin Laden! Precisely for the reason that he could not have been able, directly or indirectly, to carry out those demolitions! Only a state, or state sponsored contractor could have done so. People tend to confuse these patsie “terrorists” with being responsible for 9/11. And that their handlers were Osama & Co. who they believe in turn was the brainchild of the 9/11 operation. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the fact of controlled demolition that proves this point beyond a shadow of a doubt that it couldn’t have been him, or somebody like him. And because the demolition proves this, it means that whatever Sibel was given to interpret was an act on somebody’s part, of disinformation perpetrated against her. And trust me, that is giving her a certain amount of credit she may or may not deserve. I’d like her to explain herself, in light of the fact it is now rather obvious the buildings were imploded. This fact changes the entire nature and meaning of her story, and I think she owes the public to explain what she feels about such an impact. I am not asking for much. Hardly.

        • Spot on again Candlelight.

          About Sibel talking about 9/11 details…

          I’d like to get a transcript of the Titan’s of Truth video from Sept 2017.

          Just to see if she voiced any of her own opinions about what actually happened.

          She has been steadfast to keep her mouth shut about 9/11 at BFP and now Newsbud.

          She doesn’t even like it when someone else starts discussing any of the technical details.

          So don’t hold your breath about her coming clean on this.

          • Thanks, Fawtly Towers, I’ll take spot on any day!

            Your “Sibel talking about 9/11 details” is interesting.

            Because, I was wondering about just that aspect. Am I surprised? — Not.

            Regarding your kind admonition, I almost do feel like holding my breath until she does comes clean, or perhaps I’ll decide to go on a hunger strike until then, but, you’re right, I may be waiting an awfully long time!

            I guess we’ll see how all this pans out – perhaps hitting 2000 posts by the time we do, who knows! 🙂

            Take care

          • April 13, 2018
            Sibel and 9/11 science – (Fluoride)
            In her comment under the NEWSBUD Fluoride Video, Sibel says: “…I for one sit in the middle: the water we consume (Oregon) is fluoride-free, on the other hand, we use toothpaste with fluoride.”

            It is very evident to me that Sibel has not researched the science, nor the government/ADA cover-ups regarding the studies about Fluoride. If she had done her homework, she wouldn’t be on the fence.

            I am not really faulting Sibel on this. Many folks don’t thoroughly research Fluoride.
            Everyone has their own bailiwick. Everyone has their own interests. And, a lot of folks are just not generally interested in science, or the mechanics of nature, or health.

            Perhaps, when it comes to 9/11, Sibel has very little interest in the mechanics, in the science of controlled demolition. Perhaps it is not her bailiwick. It certainly is not her field of expertise.

            That said…
            Just watching the 15 minute Ed Asner video, Architects and Engineers: “Solving the Mystery of Building 7 “ enlightens most folks, even the brain dead.

        • As I understand it several of the named hijackers were somebodies, including Mohammed Atta, one was an airline employee, and most of them were still living after 911. While a few had died before 2001. So perhaps not even patsies, just a list of names.
          Most likely this was stated by Rebekah Roth, the last researcher I listened at length on 911 – she’s a specialist on the “art student” idf crew who lived on the 91st floor of one of the twin towers for some four years prior, complete with thousands of demolition fuses identified in their labelled boxes from photographs.
          According to Roth the guy who identified one of the hijacker names as an airline professional was first sacked later killed by a suv hit and run as he stepped off a bus

          • Mark K. P.

            I vaguely recall seeing a video regarding students, possibly Israeli students, I forget, who were using some empty office high up in one of the towers as a studio. And there were some mysterious cartons stacked up around the place. Is this what you’re referring to? I would guess so. Weren’t they taking helicopter rides to the WTC to record themselves looking at each other to and from the helicopter and their studio windows?

            I am not familiar with Rebekah Roth, or her research. Was that one of her videos?

            I never heard about one of the hijackers being identified as an airline professional, however, scary stuff concerning the identifier, if the suv hit is true.

            My point about the hijackers being nobodies is that they could well have been lifelike robotic androids (tongue-in-cheek), for all it mattered, and still would have been fine for use as 9/11 black op props.

            The report about someone getting killed over identifying a hijacker as an airline professional would be interesting to know in much greater detail, starting with a police report of the “accident”.

              • thanks mkey, that’s her homepage she kept referring to in various interviews i saw on youtube several weeks ago.

                candlelight, the story of the airline guy who got whacked after identifying one of the 19 hijackers as a fellow airline pro is pure Roth, no documents. She says the family of the slain man (killed by the suv) contacted her and she’s repeating what they told her. She claims to have been an airline hostie herself for several decades before giving it away circa 2004.

                She seems to have a lot of great documents and research behind her, but is the subject of a LOT of negative scrutiny from within 911 truth. Some claim she’s a disinfo shill based at Langley, Virginia ;

                I dont know enough to be sure either way, but either way her emphasis on Israeli defense personnel involvement is extremely unusual.
                She now has her own radio show touting herself as the leading expert on 911, which doesn’t feel right somehow;

                But the one nugget and BIG news to me from watching vids about her, was repeated references to a terabyte of documents on 911 stolen from David Cole, which she may have had access to. As an associate of Cole ? Or a recipient of the stolen goods? This is something I really want to follow up, time permitting, later in the year. Had no idea such an important ww2 truther was involved in 911 research.

              • – Rebekah Roth –
                My take is that she is not the real deal. Way back, when she first came on the scene, me and the fellows in the local 9/11 truth group compared notes for the longest time.
                I and others came away with the conclusion that Rebekah Roth is not as “real a deal” as she made herself out to be.

              • I faintly remember David Cole telling me about the Rebekah Roth incident…

                This was around the time when Kurt Haskell in a radio show from Costa Rica said his source from the Dallas 9/11 Group ‘saw Rebekah Roth aka Sara Folger’. Well, hell…at that time, I and my buddies knew everyone in our group. I was the Organizer. So, we couldn’t figure out what Kurt talking about.

                Cole contacted me, and we Skyped, trying to sort things out.
                Previously, David Cole provided Rebekah Roth with over a terabyte of data that he received from FOIA with the FAA. He outlined the story of how he got the FOIA. David also told me how he and Rebekah would exchange information on what they discovered while sifting through the FOIA. When Roth started with an idea of using some Israeli art student gelatin photos from somewhere, David balked and eventually they parted ways.

                So, she actually did not “steal” the information from David Cole.

              • – Kurt Haskell –
                I like Kurt. I spoke to him on the phone one time, in early 2010, shortly after the Underwear Bomber incident. We talked & joked. Kurt had made a “cartoon” video (now deleted) which portrayed Michael Chertoff as the asshole he was while talking to Kurt Haskell, and as the guy pushing “body scanners”.

                Remember, prior to Christmas 2009 (the Underwear Bomber), going through U.S. airport security was a breeze. Errh…there really wasn’t much security. You just went inside the airport and waited to board your plane. No scanners. No security lines.

                The Underwear Bomber incident was a game changer.
                Kurt tried very hard to blow the whistle.
                He even wanted to represent the bomber in court.
                (I would be curious if the ‘real bomber’ guy is even still in prison.)

                Here is a long running record of the Kurt Haskell events.

                All that said…
                I think that Kurt’s radio show from Costa Rica about Rebekah Roth had some false information in it. It became sensational, but I don’t think he hit the mark when it came to all the facts.

              • David Cole is a damn good researcher.
                His integrity is stellar.
                He and I sometimes exchange emails, and once skyped (I hate skype).

                David Cole discovered this photo of John Gross (NIST) holding a thermite affected beam.

              • Here is that lying sack of shit, John Gross, saying he doesn’t know anything about molten metal.

                (By the way, if anyone knows who the fellow is in the video that asked the question to John Gross, David Cole would like to contact him.)

              • Sidenote – Kurt Haskell’s cartoon with Chertoff –
                Kurt had used “xtranormal” and it was hilarious, but revealed a lot of truth.
                Here is an example someone made about FACEBOOK

              • I didn’t care much about what Roth had to say. She provided some new angles to the story, but this theater is so full of deception, everything should be taken with a shovel of salt.

                I didn’t realize David Cole researched 9/11, he did excellent and very dangerous work with holocaust. I think he was basically forced to drop it after some time, people weren’t exactly catching on and life is to precious to put in jeopardy like that. Still, his findings are readily available to those who seek.

              • So, she actually did not “steal” the information from David Cole.

                Thanks for your personal story HRS. Interesting.

              • Yes i did misplace like a goof, thanks for reinserting where it belongs HRS. Also for your further info on the Roth and Cole association. Agree that Cole is a great researcher + “stellar integrity”

    • I have been doing some research the past few days on Sibel and her position on 9/11. I was always curious to know where she stood, what her take on 9/11 was.

      As I mentioned before, at both BFP and Newsbud she has kept her cards very close to her chest about it. And certainly, if she ever did reference the event she never talked about the technical details about what happened that day (plane crashes/damage, building ‘collapses’, etc.)

      So I decided to look elsewhere (podcasts, interviews etc.)
      I would like to share some key findings I discovered.

      So, Sibel Edwards simply needs to be asked if she believes if those three building were brought down by controlled demolition, and if not, I’d like to know why not in detail.

      On the RNZ Radio show on Jun 15, 2013 (almost a year after Sibel wrote her first book “Classified Woman”) the interviewer made Sibel cut to the chase after another of her long-winded answers:
      RNZ:” But there’s a difference right…the reason I want to be clear is that I don’t think you’re saying 9/11 was an inside job and dynamite blew up the buildings, are you?”

      Sibel: “Ah, no, I don’t have any information about dynamites blowing up buildings or people asking me about that there were no hijackers, look unless someone has direct position that has direct knowledge of this,
      someone like that maybe come and the evidence claim this, I would definitely listen but I don’t know, and I don’t like to engage in speculation, and I know there have been some architects, maybe hundreds of them, I haven’t had time to research and look at those, I’m not an architect and I’m not a scientist, uh my case did not involve any of the hijackers…”

      So as surprising as it may seem, as late as 2013 Sibel was stating that she knew nothing about explosives being used to take down the towers nor about whether hijackers were involved.

      Take good note about here reasons for not knowing about this, she says:
      1. that she didn’t have time to research this
      2. she’s not an architect or scientist

      She’s going to simply say that the question of controlled demolition and for that matter, building construction, is not her field of expertise, and therefore she herself could not truly have an informed opinion on the matter, yadayadayada.

      BINGO, you got that right candlelight!

      So in 2013 she doesn’t like to engage in speculation and shies away from it because she is not an architect or scientist.
      So what does she do just three years later? She starts speculating about a string of other false flag operations!

      In an interview at nz911truth.org published on Mar 25, 2016, three years later, Sibel is now a false flag expert!
      She discusses the false flag attacks of the Boston Marathon bombing, the Paris attack, and the Belgium attack that occurred just three days prior.

      • Noted.
        Thanks Fawlty Towers.

  127. Here’s the impression I have: Given the type of reporting that B&B do, it is not improbable that they have some kind of strings attached to them, and if that can be exposed, it’s OK for newsbud or anyone else to do so.

    However, what newsbud did was to mix that in with apparently unsubstantiated smear tactics to try and reinforce whatever substance NB actually has.

    It is that unsubstantiated part that Corbett debunked, and I think rightly so, until such time that I might hear why James’s point were incorrect.

    Newsbud’s reply however completely missed that point, and tried to go back to the possibly more substantive criticism of B&B, offering zero explanation and/or apologies for their own apparent misconduct, and furthermore doubling down on ad-hominem & appeal to ridicule.


    We may try to look inside Sibel’s head and understand what triggered her, but strictly speaking we can’t really look into somebody’s head.

    The only thing we can do really, particularly at a distance, is to try and verify what people say. Corbett debunked part of what Edmonds claimed. An other part might very well be correct and we should also try to verify that part, that should also be worth an open source investigation.

    • I think when you look at her history, you might want to look at how many times these people are being vilified after refusing to work for her. Typically, women aren’t as practiced in hearing “no” as we men. As it is the most common word I hear from women, it has almost zero impact on my feelings anymore. I’m thinking this is not the case with her. JimBob who is so glad that he’s not ethical enough for anyone to consult with on anything respectable.

    • Olivier says:
      However, what Newsbud did was to mix that in with apparently unsubstantiated smear tactics to try and reinforce whatever substance NB actually has.

      It is that unsubstantiated part that Corbett debunked, and I think rightly so, until such time that I might hear why James’s point were incorrect.

      Newsbud’s reply however completely missed that point, and tried to go back to the possibly more substantive criticism of B&B, offering zero explanation and/or apologies for their own apparent misconduct, and furthermore doubling down on ad-hominem & appeal to ridicule.

    • Here’s the impression I have: Given the type of reporting that B&B do, it is not improbable that they have some kind of strings attached to them, and if that can be exposed, it’s OK for newsbud or anyone else to do so.

      However, what newsbud did was to mix that in with apparently unsubstantiated smear tactics to try and reinforce whatever substance NB actually has.

      It is that unsubstantiated part that Corbett debunked, and I think rightly so, until such time that I might hear why James’s point were incorrect.

      Newsbud’s reply however completely missed that point, and tried to go back to the possibly more substantive criticism of B&B, offering zero explanation and/or apologies for their own apparent misconduct, and furthermore doubling down on ad-hominem & appeal to ridicule.


      I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

      First the good news.
      I am confident that we have passed the midway point in the future tally of posts for this topic.

      Now the bad news.
      Still a ways to go to get past 1000+ posts.

  128. I meant to comment earlier, manbearpig, about your free-wheeling post, above.

    Well done!

    I can recall typing stuff like this out (but not this good) on the ole Corona many multiple moons ago.

    Feeling of catharsis comes to mind.

    One can definitely use that here, on this thread, to be sure.


  129. A few days ago I posted this on the Newsbud sponspored Facebook post with their response to James’ video…

    “I have donated a lot to Newsbud since they started because I was hopeful for the option of agenda-free news. I am sickened by this latest turn of events. I am relieved to see there is only a tiny minority of comments on this (sponsored) post that are supporting Newsbud in this questionable ‘campaign’. Since Newsbud has proclaimed themselves to be the paragon of journalistic virtue, with triple fact-checking and impeccable credentials I was shocked at the sheer number of outright lies and misrepresentations that Corbett very thoroughly identified in his response to Newsbud’s March 21st video excoriating the Beeley Bartlett ‘duo’.

    My question to those few supporters and more importantly to Newsbud itself is how do you respond to these items that are at minimum misrepresentations and at worst flat out lies? 1) Beeley and Bartlett were NOT kicked out of the Syrian Solidarity movement according to one of the board members. This was tweeted by the board member on 2/19 long before the video was released on 3/21. 2) Paul Larudee’s statements on the ‘duo’ were not included in the video but instead were paraphrased by Newsbud. Paul Larudee’s later comments on this video are virtually the opposite of what Newsbud claims he said. Since there’s nothing to support what Newsbud claims in their show notes why should we believe their hearsay over his actual tweets? 3) Newsbud uses out-of-context tweets to ‘prove’ that Beeley was anti-Assad before she was pro-Assad? Yet Newsbud completely missed the article Beeley published that clearly refutes their allegations. 4) The Syrian Mufti’s statement was clearly misrepresented. 5) 21st Century Wire was denigrated as fake news, name-called ‘junkie’ in Sibel’s tweets and accused of accepting questionable donations THEN later this was retracted deep in the comment section of a Newsbud post! What happened to a journalist’s responsibility to clearly and prominently publish a retraction when you are wrong about something? 6) Tim Anderson was labeled a ‘terrorist’, multiple times, as if it is an unequivocal fact. 7) Beeley’s posts with the ‘F’ word in quotations were CLEARLY taken out of context and misrepresented. 8) Sibel goes on and on tweeting about the 1.5 million dollars when all she had to do was the research to find that it was already explained. She did not retract her questioning even after someone tweeted a response directly to her indicating where she could find the posted answers. 9) Newsbud vehemently claims that tweets were scrubbed by Beeley and that Beeley specifically demanded they be scrubbed, yet they are still on Twitter for all to see. This mis-stated fact is just a minor sub-note to the Newsbud video, They didn’t even bother to link to the tweets or apologize. 10) And finally the most vicious of all is Sibel’s tweet regarding Beeley being 54 and without relationships! First of all that is one of the lowest most catty statements I have seen from any of the news people that I follow and second how can Sibel claim to know the details of Beeley’s personal life in the first place? What hubris! I would not call that a shining example of journalistic integrity.

    Yet instead of answering these very serious allegations Newsbud chooses to double down and attack James Corbett with grade school tactics like showing him over and over again looking goofy and speeding up his speech to sound like a chipmunk. Then to top it all off Sibel threatens to expose some deep dark secret about James. That threat of hers absolutely gave me the creeps. I’m sorry but there is no equivalency between Newsbud and Corbett. They are not equally wrong in this situation. Corbett had a responsibility to attempt to set the record straight considering that he had heavily promoted Newsbud to his listeners for some time. I wondered lately why Corbett no longer even mentioned Newsbud, unfortunately now I know. This is a very sad and sordid affair that only Newsbud can set right.”

    I took a couple days off FB and went back to look at the post today. I found that my post was removed and I have now been blocked from commenting on any Newsbud FB posts. There are other posts that have been removed also. It seems that disagreeing with Newsbud is not allowed. I’m very sorry that I ever supported their site, especially through the kickstarter campaign.

    This is a very sad affair.

    • edenison,
      You sure gave a great summary outline of what transpired.

      • Hey, there, now, HomeRemedy,

        Why didn’t ya give ole edenison a HEADS UP for going over 500??

        Isn’t that poster deserving of a little chastisement, too? 🙂

        • Cool it, brother. Your singling out approach is getting on my nerves. Internet bullies are even less interesting than real life ones. Something aking to armchair generals.

          I don’t know why HRS tried to pass on that bit of information to you, but it was obviously a mistake and a confirmation that Corbett should enforce the 3000 characters limit adamantly. Can we just leave it at that?

          • mkey,

            Wow, brother.

            I was only kidding around, and was meaning absolutely no harm.

            What, are you kidding?

            I am honestly taken aback with your post, man. Whoa. But,

            why don’t you do yourself a favor, either take some Valium,

            or simply ignore me.

            So, yeah, we’ll definitely leave it at that.

            But, I’ll write just how I feel like, man, and if you don’t

            like it, please, feel free to take it up with the man.

            Okay, mkey?

            • Sure. I hope you won’t mind if I don’t take medical advice from a random internet nobody, though.

        • candlelight,
          I caught the joking around. I grinned when I read it.

          A trouble we all have with typed words is that it is no substitute for face-to-face communication.

          On another related point, sometimes I go OCD. Sometimes I really stick my nose where it shouldn’t be. This is Corbett’s website. He’s sharp. If he needs to say something, he will.
          Actually, for me personally, this website is a prime example of a “Benign Anarchist-styled Republic”.

          • HomeRemedy

            I haven’t had the chance until now to thank you, and to let you know that I was quite grateful for your post. Confirming my innocence as you did, was both very nice and very gracious of you. You went out of your way and I am most appreciative!

            And now, I’m going to search the google for “Benign Anarchist Republic”! It sounds pretty cool…! 🙂

            And, I thank you, again!

            • “Benign Republic” (with the Anarchist tint) is a made up term.
              It is just a concept with no strict definition.

              When I stepped down as “Organizer” of our 9/11 Truth Group, no one wanted to take the reins (reigns). And, previously for many years, I never wanted to, but someone needed to. I don’t like to be Boss.
              The group was about to dissolve because no one would step up. I made the point that the new Organizer does not need to run the group with my style. Just let it run like a Benign Republic.

              I use the term Republic to mean something like: ” a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity.”

              Benign – kind, friendly, gentle, gracious, compassionate, caring, well disposed, benevolent, etc.

              Anarchist – (derived from “without leaders”), that is: “One is one’s own Leader.”
              “Lead” infers that an individual is the initiator in an action.

              Tying into the above
              mkey and JimBob make some profound points here…

              …And just so you know, occasionally there are scraps (bar fights) in the Corbett comment section. Mkey and JimBob once had a doozy, bloody noses and all. But like a southern bar, the following week of the fist-fight everyone is drinking together and joking around.

              • HomeRemedy

                Hmm, and they often start out with a sucker punch….

                I grasped, at the time, an over-protective thing going on, so, at least we know chivalry’s not dead…yet.

                But, I will admit, though, to my detractor’s credit, I was a little too cutting and testy with some of my replies. But, I’m going to honestly plea here that it wasn’t a case of my being a bully, at least I hope not, because being a bully isn’t my speed. Rather, I could actually sense when I was being cutting and snarky, and knew, too, that it was a manifestation of a certain level of frustration that I couldn’t help expressing, and for that I apologize to you, and others.

                Sibel Edmonds is quite another story. I think she needs a great degree of bullying!

                And, until she addresses the impact of imploding buildings upon her story, she’ll continue to get bullied. Because, the two don’t go hand in hand.

                Sibel could be as pure and as innocent as a babe.

                Or, Sibel could be an older version of Nayirah, the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter.

                It’s essential to find out.

                Btw, I was being tongue-in-cheek about looking up Benign Anarchist-styled Republic. I new it was something you made up. But, it does have a cool ring to it!

                Who, save for a hardcore Corbett devotee, would have “benign” and “anarchy” supported in the same phrase? 🙂


              • Well, I don’t request any apology, if part of what you stated was aimed at me.

                I usually refrain (try to do so as much as I can) from throwing insults, I just called it as I’ve seen it. A while ago, I figured it’s just best to call it out, as soon as you see it, bring it in the open and see what’s what. If everyone did it, there would be more fist fights for sure but I’m betting there would be less bombs dropped over civilians as well.

                It’s a lot easier to come to terms after a fist fight.


              • Since you stained me with a badge of valor, I’d like to let you know that your comment smacked of southern honor. As in our typical response to anything we do is “So?” So there. JimBob who always schemes for his revenge.

              • Dang nabbit, there ain’t nothing wrong with southerners. Apparently, being closer to equator affects people by the way the communicate. Must have something to do with increased circumferential speed.

                We have something similar to “so?” here, it’s usually used to provoke and piss people off. Nothing better to cut down someone who’s ready to pop a vein.

              • Yes. The “So?” gets right to the heart of redneck anarchism, if you asked me. And even if you don’t, since you don’t seem too speedy about asking, I’ll tell you anyway. Rednecks just think they belong to some political party; the reality is they live anarchy now, as always. It ain’t always pretty, but it works out pretty good compared to the state.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:


              • mkey discovers the cause:

                Apparently, being closer to equator affects people by the way they communicate. Must have something to do with increased circumferential speed.

              • mkey says

                “Well, I don’t request any apology, if part of what you stated was aimed at me.”

                Part of what I overall stated was directly concerning you, obviously. Though not the apology part, that was concerning a couple of others, including HRS. But, I’ll refrain from being specific lest I’m accused of singling people out and getting another face full of fist. lol

                My apologies to you, too, brother, whether requested, or not.


    • A good summary. You made a good choice to have it mirrored here even if it’s gonna be burried.

    • edenison,

      An outstanding post! I had to chide HomeRemedySupplies about a little silliness first, before reading your very well crafted, well balanced, and truly spot on commentary. Above and beyond, that I dare say, with your vindication, James could very well walk away from this affair now, close this thread, and not look back.


      Like HomeRemedy, I, too, thank you.


    • That comment packed a wallop! But, just so you know; the Corbett Report is not on FaceBook. JimBob

      • What?! Did you say The Corbett Report is not on Facebook !?

    • Thank you all for the kind words. I don’t post very often but I posted this comment on Sibel’s Facebook page to document for future readers of the comments exactly what the issues were that Newsbud was either lying or misleading people on. It was irritating to me that people were thinking that James’ clarification on Newsbud’s original smear piece had any sort of equivalency as just another hit piece. In my mind it is completely different and I felt that James was acting out of a responsibility to his readers who, like me, may have found Newsbud through his original promotions. Once I realized that Newsbud had removed the post I asked my husband to repost it for me under his name, which he did. It’s still there as of today along with another post of youtube video that documents some of the comments that Newsbud removed from their website on this issue.

  130. Hi James,

    Just a few diverse points, in order of descending importance.

    First, thank you for exposing this. Myself and I think all Corbett Report readers/listeners/viewers will stand right next to you as long as you persuit the truth wherever it leads. As indeed you do.

    Second, I wonder what this all means with regard to the truthfullness or lack thereof of Sibel’s book “The Lone Gladio”. [I bought 3 copies: 1 for myself and 2 for friends when you recommended it, so I kind of need to know ;-)]

    Third, Sibel’s claim to fame is that Bin Laden WAS behind the 9/11-attacks and this knowledge was known beforehand at the FBI but the FBI just didn’t do anything about it. Was this ever truthful? Does this thing with Sibel now alter your view of the cause of 9/11?

    Fourth, prior to this video, it seemed to me you two were close but I could be mistaken. So why didn’t you two contact each other to just talk it out? I can imagine that if Sibel has bad intentions then that isn’t a good idea. Or maybe all the signs were there that that just wasn’t going to work. But still, it’s kind of all of a sudden it seems.

    Fifth, I respect the integrity you display in handling this subject (as you do all subjects) and refraining from going into speculation why Sibel is doing what she is doing, but I can’t help wonder what IS behind this. Is it just poor judgement on Sibel’s part or is she a gatekeeper? Or is it something else?

    In any case, thanks again! You have my full support and keep up your always excellent work!

    • First, I not James’ personal secretary and am not trying to speak on his behalf. 🙂

      I’m sure if he feels the urge to pipe in on your questions he will.

      I would however like to make a few of my comments of my own on them.

      I wonder what this all means with regard to the truthfullness or lack thereof of Sibel’s book “The Lone Gladio”.

      The Lone Gladio was a work of fiction and as such can’t be scrutinized for ‘truth’ the same way a work of non-fiction can.

      Third, Sibel’s claim to fame is that Bin Laden WAS behind the 9/11-attacks…

      As far as I know this is not Sibel’s claim to fame.
      I don’t even know if she has ever made this claim.

      Does this thing with Sibel now alter your view of the cause of 9/11?

      It seems like you are trying to paint everything that Sibel has said/written prior to the B.B. girl hit piece as questionable/false?

      If you have read/viewed all that James has authored re: 9/11
      in the past 7-8 years you will see that he never bought into the Bin Laden fairy tale.

      Fourth, prior to this video, it seemed to me you two were close but I could be mistaken.

      Sibel has indicated that a ‘falling out’ had occurred between the pair in Summer 2017.
      I am curious to know if this occurred before, during or after the ‘Titans of Truth’ video conference.
      If before, it seems strange that they would have hooked up for the conference.

      So why didn’t you two contact each other to just talk it out?

      Most likely because of the ‘falling out’ that had occurred.
      According to Sibel, her team did make an attempt to contact James before he published his fact-checking piece.

      • Thank you very much for your reply and for your answers/insights.
        Here’s my reply to your reply:

        a. Yes, The Lone Gladio is a work of non-fiction and indeed can’t be scrutinized for ‘truth’ the same way a work of non-fiction can. I knew this of course, and what you say is true. But still, I don’t have the same feeling toward the book I first had.

        b. The link you asked for:

        or at the end of Sibel Edmonds wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sibel_Edmonds) it is abbreviated at the end of the “Post-FBI” section with a reference to this.

        c. I’m not trying to paint everything Sibel has said before her B&B hitpiece as false/questionable. I’m not saying everything is false. Only questionable. Especially IF Sibel is a gatekeeper, which I just don’t know. But it could be. Gatekeepers often give good information except on 1 or more crucial points. Sibel claiming Bin Laden was behind 9/11 could be a red flag. What I am saying now is speculation, but if Sibel were a gate-keeper, now would be a perfect time it seems to do a B&B hitpiece with the Powers That Be ramping up everything to go to war: with the false flag Syria chemical attack, the Skripal-farce, John Bolton becoming national security adviser, Mike Pompeo becoming secretary of state. Yes, this is a recipe for a perfect storm, and I can image that at time like this you would like to have your gatekeepers fall in line as well. But…just as I said, I don’t know, this is speculation. But all I can say is that I’m keeping my eyes open.

        James is not speculating on this or anything like that. But even James himself said in the video we should question/scrutinize her information – as we should do all information even his. All information should be corroborated with other independent sources.

        d. I have read quite a bit James has published the last few years, but not so much on 9/11. More on current topics, or other topcis that I specifically am researching. I wasn’t aware of his views regarding the Bin Laden 9/11 connection. Ok, so he never bought into it. That’s good to know. Thanks. That then must have been a point of disagreement between James and Sibel. Of course, not everyone has to see eye to eye on everything, friends or not but knowing that James has strong feelings about 9/11 itself, I can image this could have been a large point of disagreement.

        e. Yes, if a falling out did occur earlier such as in the summer of 2017, then that would explain why they didn’t talk this out.

        Again, thanks again for your reply.

        • Precisely spot on, Oscar, regarding your paragraph c.

          The timing of Sibel going after B&B is uncannily perfectly coinciding with this latest round of hyperbolic political rhetoric, as well as purported military build-up facing off against Assad & Co.

          That’s why getting to the bottom of who Sibel Edmonds is, factually, is of utmost importance. I can very well understand James holding whatever he may know, or now surmising, close to his chest.

          But, if one day he comes out with one of his iconic gatekeeper videos titled: “Welcome to Sibel Edmonds: GATEKEEPER”, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

          • Still, let’s not forget that she typically seems to run these campaigns on people when they don’t want to work with her. She had apparently wooed both of them before she smeared them. Not that both her being a vengeful wraith and a gatekeeper isn’t a possibility as well. JimBob who thinks the more crazy you stick in a reason, the more likely it’s right.

            • Good point, Santa. In fact, can it be that this modus operandi of hers that you describe is but an over-the-top means of self-defense – rather than simply accepting rejection, and letting it go like a normal person, she feels the need to attack, as if she had been attacked herself? That sort of defensiveness on her part is extreme. What does that say about her? What’s going on inside her to trigger that sort of defense mechanism, I wonder? It would on the outside look like she’s motivated by revenge, that she’s vengeful; but, her actions may be more easily explained by an extreme need for defensiveness and self preservation, and there’s no room within her mindset for taking prisoners.

              That last thought of yours, JimBob, stuck, for sure, by the way. Right on.

              • when I look at her now, I didn’t really pay any attention before, I see a drama queen who always needs to be the center of attention and on a quest for something that only she accomplish. She needs for others to adore her. I think she is not comfortable with Father Time either. Her flirtations with the Tenth Amendment guy was distorted due to her emotional state, but you could tell she was stuck on a twenty-low number level of flirting. So she hasn’t matured. I don’t think she has a lot of self-confidence either. That’s why she needs people around her to be a cheerleader for her. Being beautiful, she also had that for a crutch. But, I don’t think she takes no very well. Just my jumbled thoughts with no care as to any format. JimBob who also thinks that regardless of whether she is an agent of some sort, she won’t be one any longer.

              • “…she won’t be any longer” That was a zinger – cracked me up!

                The way I’m looking at her now, every word is suspect. Through such a filter, it’s pretty formidable to listen to her now, with new eyes.

                Before elaborating, I need to listen to her a bit more.

                I don’t expect I’m going to have a single positive thing to say, I’m afraid.

              • Good luck! That 10th Am. video did it for me. I only made it 2.5 minutes. It was pretty sad. Plus, I’m not a big 9/11 guy anyway. Even if we had that break wide-open, the public mind-set would expect the system itself to administer justice. Don’t sound too just to me. JimBob who knows justice takes a firm hand.

              • Santa, would you mind linking the video you’re referring to? You mention “That 10th Am. video did it for me.” What video is that?


              • Thanks for the link.

                You actually lasted 2.5 minutes!

              • I know, it’s actually really sad. While it’s obvious she had enough passion to get her further than I have in our own paths, it is sad that she chose to focus that passion on herself, rather than the ethics she claimed. JimBob always hates seeing the results of bad choices.

        • Third, Sibel’s claim to fame is that Bin Laden WAS behind the 9/11-attacks…

          b. The link you asked for:

          or at the end of Sibel Edmonds wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sibel_Edmonds) it is abbreviated at the end of the “Post-FBI” section with a reference to this.

          Thanks for the links.

          To me, Sibel’s ‘claim to fame’ is that she discovered all kinds of cover-up and corruption inside the FBI field offices.

          The sources that you gave do not have Sibel claiming that Bin Laden WAS behind the 9/11-attacks, but rather have her name OTHER people who said Bin Laden was planning attacks.

          I still have yet to hear her come out herself and say Bin Laden did 9/11.

          Haven’t said that, I am VERY unhappy that she has not done her 9/11 homework.

          She had plenty of time to research 9/11 by the time she published Classified Woman. Although she doesn’t come right out in the book and say Bin Laden planned and carried out the attacks, she certainly gives the reader the impression that she is OK with that narrative.

          That is a shame!

          Does that automatically make her a gatekeeper?
          Not in my books, sorry.
          But it does make her look awfully naive.

  131. Hello everyone. It seems as if the Corbett community has moved on. Congrats to my friend, mkey, for ringing in the 6ooth post 48 hrs ago. Yay, way to go, mkey – and btw, your link was correct, that definitely was to do with the Israeli art students, etc., etc.

    Anyway, after 600 posts, I was wondering if anyone had any conclusions they could draw about the nature, or rather the meaning of Sibel’s propagandist hit piece on B&B, and the meaning, as well, of Sibel and boy-toy Spiro’s insidious counterattack of James’ skillful fact-checking exposé of said hit piece?

    As an aside, it’s amazing James’ resiliency, as can be seen in his subsequent lively chat with his friend Dan Dicks. This past week I’ve lost lots of sleep, literally, and have been totally physically dragged out over this whole Edmond’s thing, trying to piece together its meaning, in particular, of her unveiled threat to seek out and destroy those two women, B&B, for their devious government biases that has inexplicably become her major cause célèbre. S&S are like a double headed cruise missile zeroed in on B&B, just as the orange man has now launched his, zeroed in on Damascus as I type.

    Forgetting (well, seems like it’s already been forgotten) this recent falling out between these two, what their skirmish has brought into focus,specifically about Sibel’s integrity is this: If one, with ever increasing hindsight, were to believe that the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by demolition, which only a state or a state sponsored group could accomplish, then it stands to reason that all the “terrorist actors” in one way or another, were absolutely controlled and manipulated by a state. Therefore, it is in this light, that all of Sibel’s whistle-blowing must be seen. It must be seen, then, as either purposely, or inadvertently, but, nevertheless, as having been used as a convenient and brilliant cover for a state run covert operation.

    If Sibel was innocently duped, which she may very well have been, she can be exonerated, if when these dots are brought together and explained to her, she is able to say after thoughtful consideration, that she has, all along, been a tool of state deception.

    Could somebody, please, somebody who perhaps has her ear, try to explain this rather very simple idea to her? Pretty please?


    On another somewhat related matter – and I express I’m sorry not to break the post up – the matter of building 7:

    Another commented, paraphrasing James, at one of these summits on 9/11, the rather unfortunate fact that after all these years it would seem that all that truthers can hold onto is the likely seeming scenario of building 7 having been demolished by controlled demolition. Of course, what is most glaring about building 7, as we all know, is that it wasn’t hit by an airplane and yet it, too, went down that day.

    I very strongly believe that this rather glaring crack in the veneer of the official fable, is directly due to a rather large and glaring failure occurring the day of 9/11, which had this failure not occurred, building 7 would have behaved precisely like a person would think it would behave if struck dead on by a large jetliner full of fuel. In fact, it would have given a lot of credence to the other two towers falling, had it been felled by a jetliner, as well.

    The very first report I could find regarding flight 93’s alleged target was in an interview by Al Jezeera of two high ranking Al Quida figures back in 2002. They claimed 93 was headed to DC. There were consequent reports alleging pretty much the same. Are we to believe this, necessarily? Hell, no.

    Think about how very much cleaner it would have been if 93’s target was building 7, and it hit its target? How many fewer misgivings?

    Food for thought….

    Anyway, as for Sibel, I’ll make one last appeal. Perhaps to Spiro. Could you please whisper, this time, please, in her ear, instead of little nothings, Spiro, a little something?

    • I’ll give it some time before I come to a more final conclusion about Newsbud.

      If in 6 months time they are continuing without some serious downsizing to the organisation (now that they have cooked their frogs) we will have a good answer to the question on whether they are independently funded or not.

      I wouldn’t agree that Building 7 is the only thing truthers have got to show for all these years. It’s just that Building 7 going down without ever being hit by an aircraft is a good thing to pose to people who have never put any though into what happened since the actual day.

      I do agree that building 7 behaving precisely the way people would expect it to behave if hit by a plane is very suspicious, almost comical if it were not for people dying in real life.

      It kind of reminds me of the boxing fix scene from the movie Sgt Bilko


      A controlled fall indeed!

      • I always wanted to see that movie. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid was amazing! On a possibly interesting to someone besides me side-note, while there are cold-blooded killers in the military, there are also a lot of Sgt. Bilkos. And the entire assortment of people like him in his show and the old McHale’s Navy. Some of them are both as well. I think this is an important note as our “leader” always act as if the military is just some corporate cog which moves as the lever is pulled. Hardly. JimBob who may have been a bit of all of those types and don’t care what anyone thinks of it either.

      • Funny scene from the movie! But, nonetheless, fits the scene on 9/11 for sure – two buildings get hit, and down goes another one.

        Agreed, there are any number of things, a multitude of things, that don’t add up about 9/11 that truthers can point out. But, to the casual observer, or to the observer for whom the case is closed, I think the anomaly that is building 7, because of its shear identical likeness to a classical demolition, together with video tapes of cops clearing the area, telling people the building’s coming down – an absolutely concise indication of the foreknowledge, and, indeed, even the timing of the building coming down, the various news reporting of its demise before the fact, the building’s owner, Larry Silverstein, explaining how they decided to “pull it” and sit back an watch it come down, etc.,etc., etc., – because of all the highly damaging corroborative evidence exposing the likely falsehood of the official story, building 7 carries the most bearing and justification for calling for a new investigation into 9/11. And I can’t applaud loudly enough for the efforts of Richard Gage, along with twenty-nine hundred other architects and engineers signed on, taking this Truth worldwide.

    • On Sibel, I will never listen to another word which comes out of her mouth. There are too many people who don’t engage in her type of behavior and are also knowledgeable for me to waste my time on giving someone a chance after they have proven themselves undeserving of one. JimBob who sez that a whole lot of people wouldn’t have to beg for second chances if they hadn’t proven they were such a jerk with their first one.

    • I sure hope I haven’t stolen anyone’s thunder on that 600th post. It has been a while since I felt “pride” over post count statistics, I ain’t going back to that messed up state of mind. Live and learn.

      Regarding your first question I have to say I haven’t followed Sibel that much, apart the work she did with James. I haven’t followed much of Newsbud either, possibly to my own detriment, but from the beginning I didn’t feel that great about that establishment. Ever since I saw that Spiro’s video where he explains where and how the raised funds will be used, I lost interest. I don’t like bullshitters and at that time it felt OK skipping on chipping in for Newsbud project.

      To that effect, I can’t reach any conclusions that would connect A to Z. My initial impression after all of this broke out was that she started suffering from some psychological problems, because I have seen people change when faced with some issues she may be facing. I have no real foothold to establish a theory there, but if I were to assume Newsbud was not doing that great (financially or simply success wise, depending on the viewpoint) the “big Kahuna” (Sibel) could be that type of person who can’t admit an error and adapt course, and instead opt for doing something really stupid.

      And that’s what I think of the epilogue, this stupid thing she started to divert attention from people whose work people appreciated; people who possibly didn’t want to join the team; she attacked them, tried dragging them through the mud, tried bringing them down a peg while probably expecting (if so, this would be quite a proof of lunacy) her loyal friends would take up the cause. But they didn’t as far as I could gather, nobody apart Spiro and some shadow posters, that is. She firstly did a stupid thing and then she did what was to be expected in this scenario I’m trying to lay out here, she doubled down on stupid, instead of tracking back and taking a moment for the cause.

      I see you, candlelight, hold a penchant for this affair, and that’s OK. I didn’t care much for the whole thing, but I understand some do and would like to know what happened with Sibel. Knowing would certainly cast a light on her previous work as well, stamping a yay or nay whether or not she could be trusted as a source ever again. What I find most interesting here is that this Newsbud case shows too many people play the man instead of playing the ball (ball being the information, of course) which results in defending the indefensible, upholding the points which can’t be upheld. Which is kind of disappointing, but we can only try to do better.

      (mmm, I have another post down below in the queue, that’s my thanks for breaking the post up two parts lol)

      • “What I find most interesting here is that this Newsbud case shows too many people play the man instead of playing the ball (ball being the information, of course) which results in defending the indefensible, upholding the points which can’t be upheld.”

        Nailed it. Well said.

    • Finally, regarding 9/11. It is my general opinion that no large planes were used to hit buildings. I don’t know what part of that footage can be trusted, but I know what I can’t trust. I can’t trust those split second photo op chances took by so many people on that day. I can’t trust that said planes can fly so fast on an altitude so low without breaking up. I can’t trust an aluminum plane can penetrate completely a steel framed building. I can’t trust that people with no apparent flight experience can complete runs trained pilots can’t complete in simulators. All of this simply makes me conclude, no large planes hit buildings on that day and from there a number of other conclusions has to be drawn, which I won’t do now for the sake of brevity.

      I’m not saying smaller planes or missiles weren’t used, I simply don’t know and won’t speculate. The videos were obviously edited to a certain degree, discerning which parts of the story told by liars are lies and which are not is always extremely difficult, so I won’t even bother. How were the buildings brought down exactly? The classical approach? Nukes? Advanced energy weapons seem less probable to me. Who knows, I certainly don’t. We’ll probably never know.

      Regarding building 7, I have to give my testimony of seeing a video on youtube, which appears to be quite unique and which I am not able to find for your perusal because it’s either extremely rare or has been scrubbed. This video shows building 7 from an angle giving a good view of the side of the building which was damaged by one of the falling towers. This recording shows that the big free falling chunk of the falling building ripped a sizable vertical gush in building 7. Ensuing fires caused a smoke screen, making the damage not visible from later videos and other angles. I’m not an architect, but that type of damage would in my opinion cause the building to be beyond repair. To that effect, had someone made a decision to “pull” the building, it would probably make sense. Now, how much time would it take to set the thing up, I don’t know, I don’t have the fainest idea.

      However, following this line of thought, I have to conclude building 7 was the only building which may have had a good reason to be brought down on that day, all the while being the center piece of a magnificent psyop.

      I’ll put my conspiracy theorist cap on for 10 seconds and provide a possible scenario: all three buildings rigged to go. Two buildings hit by small planes or missiles looking like planes. Videos modified to make the thing look close to legit, at least for the time. Plans for the third building may have gone south, but one falling building damages it catastrophically, providing cover for having it brought down too. Ops don’t come through with proof of the damage and allow the truther movement to center on it and form a baseless construct, which allows them to drop the truth bomb at a later date, causing further insecurity and lack of cohesion in public’s eye. Conspiracy theorist hat off.

      • I wouldn’t mind trying that cap on for size, there, mkey.

        My take is this: Both the north and south towers were hit by jetliners, most likely the jetliners we were told, and were not switched out with military planes. These planes may have been flown remotely, much like drones are flown today. I believe all three buildings were set up to be demolished, and to be hit with jetliners (in this case, including flight 93, or a 5th flight that never got off the ground). Due to the completely unique structural design of the twin towers, which were specifically designed to withstand a sizable impact (as one designer described, the buildings’ exterior was designed as a “netting” that would remain as a cohesive structural whole, if, indeed, it had sustained not one, but multiple impacts creating multiple holes in this “netting”). If you notice, the tower’s windows were relatively small and narrow, separated from each other by the steel framework making up this “netting”, which taken as a whole, formed in and of itself, a structural component. This design in itself is highly unusual, and probably wholly unique, requiring a specialized method of demolition, wherein this exterior netting had to be thoroughly blown out floor by floor, from the top, down. Building 7 could be demolished in a more conventional manner. Though, I don’t believe any of the explosive charges placed in any of these buildings needed to be wired together in the traditional sense, as we’ve seen in the past, requiring reams of wire. On the contrary, each explosive devise would have been digitally timed and activated, wirelessly, in a computerized, precise fashion.

        I believe I’ve seen either a short video, or photo stills of building 7 showing more extensive damage and/or fires not seen in most views as you mentioned. Even at that, it simply doesn’t explain uniform catastrophic failure of all columns at the same time, nor the building, admittedly, falling at free fall speed for a number of stories, or for that matter, falling symmetrically. Together with studies indicating thermetic components in the dust, and multiple evidence of foreknowledge, I would not characterize rallying around the truth of building 7 as forming a truth movement around a baseless construct. I personally think that if these politicians were to get up some courage, and pressured enough by an ever more questioning public, they might stop for as moment and collectively say, hey, let’s do re-investigate this matter. There certainly are a whole lot of folks from each and every corner of this event that need to get subpoenaed, along with records and hard drives, from military personnel on duty that day, to air traffic controllers, from Mayor Giuliani, to the young fellow who informed Dick Chaney about the aircraft approaching the Pentagon who asked if the orders still stood, from NIST’s computer models that they won’t let anybody see, to the tapes that the FBI confiscated which may have shown a jetliner hitting the Pentagon.

        There is still a potential for a thorough, detailed, not set-up to fail, investigation that Americans, and the entire world, need and should have, that we not live forever in the legacy of the disgraceful and bullshit cover-up that we got.


        My penchant for the Sibel Edmonds affair: Yes, I do have one.

        To be continued….

        • Nowhere have I implied nor stated building 7 fell due to anything but controlled demolition. I stated it seemed to me the building was damaged to such a degree that a “pull” scenario would make sense. “Pull” scenario being something fire department guys or whoever supposedly do when faced with a severely damaged building which may fall on its own so they opt to bring it down instead, on their own terms and timetable.

          If that were the case, then the question becomes how long would it take for the fire department guys or whoever to setup a controlled demolition. Is something like that doable in several hours for a building of that size? If yes, building 7 may have not been rigged to blow, otherwise it surely was.

          Regarding the planes thing, you should review available information and try to pick from several options which range from “no planes were used” to “planes with a bunch of hostages were used.” On one extreme of this spectrum, you can fire a missile, one looking like a plane why don’t ya, into the building and edit the video recording later. Something which you’ll do anyway and something that has obviously been done, to a certain extent.

          On the other end of the spectrum, you need to fly planes fast, over their speed limit (they need to fly real fast to gain enough momentum to penetrate steel frame buildings, you see) while performing near impossible maneuvers.

          I pretty much don’t care about the exact modus operandi, I just have a hard time believing anyone would choose an over the top, near impossible to execute scenario over some simple video editing, something basically anyone can do, even in near real time.

          Regarding your question on text formatting, you can use some html tags to make text italic (i) or bold (b) and I think you can use a (quote) tag as well.

          • Mkey

            Sorry about that. I reread your passage concerning WTC7. I thought when you referred to the large gaping gash, whatever, you were speculating about it being enough to collapse the building. My error. In wondering about the time it takes to rig the building, listen to Danny Jowenko.


            It’s apparent he’s rather perplexed.

            He’s talking about a team of 30 to 40 experts, with a specific plan in place. When told there were fires still burning inside the building, that weren’t extinguished, he looked completely nonplussed.

            Jetliners, smaller aircraft, missiles – take my choice? I choose jetliners flown by remote control, i.e., like drones.

            Thank you for the lesson in text formatting! At least that’s one thing new I can say I learned today!
            CHEERS, MAN!

            • I’ll check out that Jowenko guy. This is an interesting topic, but fairly immaterial since the exact “how did they do it” is not nearly as important as “why did they do it” and “who did it”.

              And of course people will wonder about how because when eyes get tricked one can’t stop thinking about the trick itself. I bet the official story is full of holes on purpose, just a one gigantic honey pot.

              • mkey says:
                I bet the official story is full of holes on purpose, just a one gigantic honey pot.

                “Gigantic Honey Pots” seems to be part of the The Powers That Should Not Be Standard Playbook now.
                They seduce folks into all types of speculation and compromising positions.
                Anything to make a chaotic mess.

    • I’ll break this response down into two posts to observe the 500 word count limit…

      Hello everyone. It seems as if the Corbett community has moved on. Congrats to my friend, mkey, for ringing in the 6ooth post 48 hrs ago. Yay, way to go, mkey –

      Relax. This is just the lull before the storm. Still a long way to go before we cross the 1000 mark. 🙂

      If one, with ever increasing hindsight, were to believe that the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by demolition, which only a state or a state sponsored group could accomplish,

      I don’t know where you are personally with your 9/11 homework but we are far beyond the ‘belief/theory’ stage with the towers destruction.
      Perhaps on another planet other possibilities may be viable, but on planet Earth
      one and only one possibility exists for their destruction: controlled demolition.

      …then it stands to reason that all the “terrorist actors” in one way or another, were absolutely controlled and manipulated by a state.

      Of course, if you believe that terrorist actors (hijackers) even participated in the attacks.

      Therefore, it is in this light, that all of Sibel’s whistle-blowing must be seen. It must be seen, then, as either purposely, or inadvertently, but, nevertheless, as having been used as a convenient and brilliant cover for a state run covert operation.

      No it must not. How many people in the weeks and months following 9/11 had solved the crime? How far advanced was the truth movement at that time? What percentage of the population was not buying the official Bin Laden/hijacker story? That is the time-frame you need to focus on when considering Sibel’s comments on Bin Laden et al.

      If it took me many years to realize the truth about 9/11 surely Sibel can be cut some slack in this area, just weeks after the attacks?
      Even in the following years after blowing the whistle she was consumed with legal proceedings and the like, years before the birth of YouTube!

      • I have a post waiting moderation where you’ll get a good handle on where I’m at vis-à-vis the notion of demolition.

        First, could anybody explain how to italicize and also how to make bold letters? Thanks.

        Anyway, Fawlty Towers, I do think we’re on the same page for the most part, but, we have differing approaches, and yes, we do have different ideas about certain things, but, that’s okay. We have a long, long way to go, as you intimated.

        On this planet, there still are people who don’t believe the buildings were destroyed by way of demolition. So, argumentatively, I wish to couch such an idea, not as an absolute reality, but as an idea that should be sinking in to the mind’s eye of the casual observer, not necessarily the hard core truther, based on ever greater evidence and ever widening acceptance of the reality of controlled demolition. The ramifications of the level of evil and greed in the bastard game of power it represents, is so utterly stark, that I am still loath to add that last .001% to its certainty.
        Better to build an exact replica of one of the twin towers somewhere out in the desert, down to the last desk and computer monitor, and crash a fully fueled 747 into it, and see what happens. I know very well that that replica will still be there, the fuel will burn out, as will the fires; at most, the structure above the impact zone may topple over a bit, or precariously, or may even break away from the intact structure and fall to the ground. But, the tower, itself, below the impact, will still be there standing. I realize this, but almost need to see this demonstration to confirm the monstrous deed that was perpetrated by the sickest of the sick on that awful day.

        As far as the terrorists, there’s a reason I put the word in quotes, and added the word actor – “terrorist actors”. Because, ultimately, they are simply actors, props, completely manipulated.

        That’s why I say that Sibel’s whistle-blowing either purposely, meaning knowingly, or inadvertently, meaning without her own intention, became a useful tool to further obfuscate the state’s covert operation. In light of demolition which you are fully ardent about, what I am implying here is simple logic, and nothing else.

        To Sibel’s benefit, I do make very plain in the very next quote that she may be very innocent “If Sibel was innocently duped, which she may very well have been,…”

        And I agree with you, that if Sibel was duped along with everybody else, she should be certainly forgiven. And let me be the first one to forgive her! All I want of her is to state plainly, 1. What her take is on the truth of those buildings being demolished by controlled demolition, and 2. How that truth effects her legacy as a whistle-blower.

        That’s not too much to ask, is it?

        If we raise the banner that in absolute terms, those buildings were imploded, then of the following two statements of yours, the first can be completely plausible, but your second statement, in absolute terms, cannot be either plausible or true: “She may have been duped by the FBI with the audio tapes dumped in her lap. Or perhaps (more likely) they were genuine.” Unless we say that the tapes were of genuine “actors”. The reason being, you cannot have demolition and real terrorists in the same story. No way. No how.

        Jeez, only another 300 some odd posts to go!

        • You are talking about three issues here: demolition of towers, terrorists and Sibel.
          I will begin with Sibel as she is the primary focus of this piece.

          And I agree with you, that if Sibel was duped along with everybody else, she should be certainly forgiven. And let me be the first one to forgive her! All I want of her is to state plainly, 1. What her take is on the truth of those buildings being demolished by controlled demolition, and 2. How that truth effects her legacy as a whistle-blower.

          That’s not too much to ask, is it?

          First of all, it is highly unlikely she will give a response to either of your questions.
          Second of all, her whistle-blowing has nothing whatsoever to do with the buildings’ demolitions.

          As I stated in my last post, at the time Sibel came out and blew the whistle on the FBI, virtually no one in the general public knew the truth about what happened on 9/11.

          I also stated it was likely that the perps planted a ‘hijacker meme’ that was being circulated around the world months before 9/11.
          It was a story about hijackers terrorizing the U.S. That’s all, just a story.

          Yes it would be nice if Sibel could give us her take on 9/11, not just the demolition of the buildings but everything that happened that day. She hasn’t to date and we can only speculate as to why she hasn’t. I believe she wasn’t/isn’t interested in those details and regrettably hasn’t even taken the time to research them.

          If we raise the banner that in absolute terms, those buildings were imploded, then of the following two statements of yours, the first can be completely plausible, but your second statement, in absolute terms, cannot be either plausible or true: “She may have been duped by the FBI with the audio tapes dumped in her lap. Or perhaps (more likely) they were genuine.” Unless we say that the tapes were of genuine “actors”. The reason being, you cannot have demolition and real terrorists in the same story. No way. No how.

          I would change that to “you cannot have demolition and real Muslim hijackers in the same story.” That is correct.

          As far as my two statements are concerned: “She may have been duped by the FBI with the audio tapes dumped in her lap. Or perhaps (more likely) they were genuine.”

          They are both plausible. Yes you can have demolitions + hijacker stories circulating around the world pre-9/11. That is exactly what happened.

          • Fawlty Towers says

            First of all, it is highly unlikely she will give a response to either of your questions.
            Second of all, her whistle-blowing has nothing whatsoever to do with the buildings’ demolitions.

            To your “First of all”: Of that I am well aware.

            To your “Second of all”: You are, if you will forgive my saying, completely missing my point, I’m afraid. Which is probably my own fault, so, please let me put it this way:

            This is how the buildings’ demolition and Sibel’s whistle-blowing has something to do with one another, implicitly….

            1. The fact that the buildings were imploded, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was perpetrated by the state.

            2. Given it was perpetrated by the state, the entire terrorist meme, including, but not limited to terrorist leaders, terrorist masterminds, terrorists with US visas, terrorists on airplanes, terrorist cells, terrorist chatterboxes on tape recordings, is all phony. Period.

            3. Therefore: Sibel blew the whistle on crap. Nothing. Phony shit. Stuff the FBI and CIA already knew about because it was there own damn cover story! The only thing Sibel did was to cement it!

            4. The reason your earlier statement is not true, and not at all logical is because you are simply not using the word “genuine” in the true sense of the word and in the context of our discussion. Yes, it was a “genuine” fake tape, and she translated “genuine” fake conversations, of “genuine” fake terrorists, or “genuinely” deluded would-be terrorists, managed, handled and known to the FBI and CIA.

            And whether you, or I, or Sibel, or anybody else knew it at the time, the fact still remains that this changes the entire nature of her whistle-blowing. That’s all I’m trying to say. And, yes, again, I’m well aware she’ll never address this issue. Ever.

            Quite frankly, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. Of course we can have, as you say “demolitions + hijacker stories circulating around the world pre-9/11.” That’s exactly what we did have. And for convenience sake, we even had handy tape recordings corroborating these hijacker stories…. All I’m saying is please, let’s not refer to these tapes as “genuine”! Nor refer to Sibel’s whistle-blowing as being meaningful, except in the light of cementing the fairy tale.

            5. This about as clear as I can make it. I cannot make it any clearer than this.

            • 1. The fact that the buildings were imploded, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was perpetrated by the state.

              Correct, or had direct state involvement.

              2. Given it was perpetrated by the state, the entire terrorist meme, including, but not limited to terrorist leaders, terrorist masterminds, terrorists with US visas, terrorists on airplanes, terrorist cells, terrorist chatterboxes on tape recordings, is all phony. Period.


              3. Therefore: Sibel blew the whistle on crap. Nothing. Phony shit. Stuff the FBI and CIA already knew about because it was there own damn cover story! The only thing Sibel did was to cement it!

              Have to agree with that. Although, I am convinced she did it unwittingly. That is important.

              4. The reason your earlier statement is not true, and not at all logical is because you are simply not using the word “genuine” in the true sense of the word and in the context of our discussion. Yes, it was a “genuine” fake tape, and she translated “genuine” fake conversations, of “genuine” fake terrorists, or “genuinely” deluded would-be terrorists, managed, handled and known to the FBI and CIA.

              Have to agree again.

              And whether you, or I, or Sibel, or anybody else knew it at the time, the fact still remains that this changes the entire nature of her whistle-blowing. That’s all I’m trying to say. And, yes, again, I’m well aware she’ll never address this issue. Ever.


              Quite frankly, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. Of course we can have, as you say “demolitions + hijacker stories circulating around the world pre-9/11.” That’s exactly what we did have. And for convenience sake, we even had handy tape recordings corroborating these hijacker stories…. All I’m saying is please, let’s not refer to these tapes as “genuine”! Nor refer to Sibel’s whistle-blowing as being meaningful, except in the light of cementing the fairy tale.

              I’m OK with that too.

              • I keep noticing a recurring theme in your statements concerning sibel. You say that if she was an unwilling dupe, you would listen to her again. Wouldn’t that make her a crappy journalist if she was a dupe? JimBob who knows that people know that 9/11 was state sponsored, and that they know that most everything else is BS and yet, because they are waiting on the system to fix itself, will never do anything at all. Regardless of the revelation. And thus, the system rolls on.

              • Santa,

                If you don’t stop making so much goddamned sense, man, before long Corbett’s going to be out of a job, and people be clicking on THE JIMBOB REPORT! 🙂

                All I know is that whatever comes out of that ladies mouth is going to have to be viewed through a pair of rose colored glasses. There’s no two ways about that.

              • Oh no need for James to worry. I invariably tend to offend almost everyone at some point! Though I am about to start a steemit blog. JimBob’s blog will not be relevant to much of anything.

        • On this planet, there still are people who don’t believe the buildings were destroyed by way of demolition. So, argumentatively, I wish to couch such an idea, not as an absolute reality, but as an idea that should be sinking in to the mind’s eye of the casual observer, not necessarily the hard core truther…

          Better to build an exact replica of one of the twin towers somewhere out in the desert, down to the last desk and computer monitor, and crash a fully fueled 747 into it, and see what happens…

          Despite making a distinction between the ‘casual observer’ and the ‘hard core truther’ (and I will assume you believe yourself to be a ‘hard core truther’) from everything you wrote above it is clear that you yourself are not completely convinced the towers were demolished!

          I can prove to anyone who is capable of reasoning, in less than five minutes, that all three towers (WTC 1/2/7) were demolished.

          • Fawlty Towers

            I said I was loath to add that last .001% to its certainty. And that’s because it tears my guts apart.
            But I add it, anyway, on a daily basis.

            But, please, go ahead. Let’s hear your take. I’m capable of reasoning and have 5 minutes to spare.


            • But, please, go ahead. Let’s hear your take. I’m capable of reasoning and have 5 minutes to spare.

              I have many ways to prove the towers were demolished, but I’ll use one of the simplest methods. It will take several posts however for I need you to answer a few questions as we go along.

              WTC1 was impacted by a plane between stories 93-99.
              Let’s imagine it was impacted between stories 103-109 instead.
              That would mean one floor was left undamaged (110) and floors 103-109 were all partially damaged.

              I want you to wrap your head around this hypothetical change for a few minutes and give it some thought.

              After a few minutes of thought, let’s continue and allow the fires to burn for approximately 1.75 hours as they did on 9/11.

              And let’s have collapse initiate after 1.75 hours, exactly as it did on 9/11.

              Now forget about what you saw on 9/11.

              Just think about a 110 story steel/concrete high rise building.
              Think about a top floor (110) collapsing on seven partially damaged floors below it.

              Tell me what you would expect to happen to the building please.

              • Not necessarily that much. Though, if that 110th floor were collapsing, it would mean, necessarily, that at minimum, the 109th floor was damaged enough to buckle under the weight of the 110th floor. There would be some twisting, bending, snapping of connections, perhaps. How much further this would go on is hard to say, depends on the severity of the damage to the 109th floor, as well as the 108th floor, and subsequent damaged floors below, the variable being the number of interior columns that may have been taken out. It must be remembered that the building’s facade was designed to be a structural component, and would be a factor of resistance. Given your scenario, I do not see any further downward movement below the 103rd floor, or at most, a floor or two below that. But, certainly nothing more than that, if that.

              • The above does presuppose that the damaged floors are extremely damaged to get so far as to effect intact floors. I could see extremely damaged floors accordion, but meet resistance where the building is intact.

              • Also, this is forgetting what we saw on 9/11. On 9/11, we saw the top of one of the buildings above the impact zone buckle over, so we have to assume a floor or two was damaged enough for that to happen, but we didn’t see damaged floors accordion, per se, at least not before implosion.

              • Aren’t floors built to withstand the weight of floors above?

                Also, if one can bring the entire building in a controlled fashion by simply blowing a few floors, why waste the explosive as demolition guys usually do?

                That is if we assume the plane actually blew out entire floors, which it didn’t.

              • Mkey

                Well, buildings are designed with dynamic and static loads in mind, of so many lbs per square foot. These are floor loads and vary with the use, or purpose of the building, and/or a given space. This is where the “pancake” theory comes in, the same theory that NIST tried to push. These assholes, though, presented floor models showing floor slabs minus the core columns which were, in reality, quite massive. So, the theory being that one floor collapses upon the floor below with loads exceeding the design load, thus collapsing it, and thus starts a cascade of collapsing floors. This simply wasn’t the case here, though they would have loved for us to believe it. Actually, that’s exactly what I had originally had taken for granted, when, at first, the wool was pulled over my eyes.

              • Not necessarily that much. Though, if that 110th floor were collapsing, it would mean, necessarily, that at minimum, the 109th floor was damaged enough to buckle under the weight of the 110th floor. There would be some twisting, bending, snapping of connections, perhaps…

                Given your scenario, I do not see any further downward movement below the 103rd floor, or at most, a floor or two below that. But, certainly nothing more than that, if that.

                Thanks for your reply candlelight. You gave a reasonable answer and so we can proceed.

                I mentioned that this would take less than five minutes, but that was assuming a face-to-face personal encounter. Obviously this will have to take a little bit longer with the necessary delay to await responses.

                I do not skip any floors usually when I use this method, but to spare you and others here the tedium of having to wait days and days I will continue with the next floor and then ask you to continue on your own with the exercise, floor-by-floor until you have reached the 99th floor. You can make notes if it helps.

                So let’s now imagine WTC1 was impacted between stories 102-108 instead of 103-109.
                That would mean the top two floors were left undamaged (109-110) and floors 102-108 were all partially damaged.

                Now wrap your head around this hypothetical change for a few minutes and give it some thought.

                Now let’s continue and allow the fires to burn for approximately 1.75 hours as they did on 9/11.

                And let’s have collapse initiate after 1.75 hours, exactly as it did on 9/11.

                Once again, forget about what you saw on 9/11.

                Just think about a 110 story steel/concrete high rise building. A picture of WTC1 showing the full 110 floors would really help here.

                Think about the top two floors (109-110) collapsing on seven partially damaged floors below them.

                After reflection, tell me what you would expect to happen to the building.
                Please jot down your answer.

                And now to save time, continue this exercise as follows:
                Next imagine WTC1 was impacted between stories 101-107 instead of 102-108.
                That would mean the top three floors were left undamaged (108-110) and floors 101-107 were all partially damaged.

                After reflection, tell me what you would expect to happen to the building after the initiation of collapse 1.75 hours later.

                … and please jot down answers until you have reached the following scenario…

                Forgetting what you saw on 9/11, imagine WTC1 was impacted between stories 93-99 (as actually occurred).

                Finally tell me what you would expect to happen to the building after floors 100-110 collapsed on the seven partially damaged floors below them.

              • Maybe veterans of this site can explain to me why the following just happened?

                In my last post I wanted to quote someone, using the
                usual italics quote tags that I use.
                For some reason it didn’t work this time!

                And then with more than 3 minutes to edit the post I get this message:

                “You can no longer edit this comment”

                And finally, the comment was not posted!


              • Looks like your comment got spam-binned for some reason. I’ve fished it out and posted it.

              • Ahhh.. the dreaded spam-bin.
                Thanks for helping out James. 🙂

                BTW, I usually get the equally dreaded
                “This Connection is Untrusted… yada yada”
                message when connecting to your site via the Chrome

                Just now, for the first time Firefox (my main browser)
                popped up the same message. 🙁

              • Aw Chrome. Yes, the end result of the open-source dream that was Linux. Now the preferred browser to ship you your favorite viruses. By the way James, your security certificate (whatever that is) is expired. I got this message (I checked for an exception because I am such a trusting soul):

                http://www.corbettreport.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate expired on Monday, April 16, 2018, 7:59 PM. The current time is Monday, April 16, 2018, 8:22 PM. Error code: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE

                JimBob who tries to be helpful just to throw people off.

              • Yes, the security certificate expired and I had to renew. Ahhh, the joys of vacation! Thanks for bearing with me.

              • It was difficult to click on that button. Enjoy your vacation on the eve of (yet another) destruction. JimBob who thinks we’ve been on the eve of destruction for an awful long time.

              • I also just found this video by Syria Girl:


                With so much coming out against the US, even within the US, I’m hoping that we can actually just leave Syria. That would break ISIS. JimBob who don’t cotton to cowards who hide behind the skirts of women.

              • Hi Fawlty,

                Okay, getting back to hypothesizing about the destruction of WTC1 on any other day than 9/11:

                Basically, I will start by assuming in each scenario that you’re putting forth i.e., that given successive lowered points of impact, the level of destruction of the impacted floors remain the same, where the only difference is the number of floors of non-impacted building increasing above the damaged floors.

                Essentially, the greater the number of floors above the impact zone, the more such floors would exert additional weight and pressure upon the first damaged floor beneath these floors.

                Though, looking back on my first answer to your original question, where you had only one undamaged floor above the impact zone, the damaged zone would have to really be extremely damaged, with only a bare skeleton’s worth of support remaining that it might be crushed. The compression strength of steel is exponentially higher than bending strength. So, even with ten floors above the impact zone, or more, there would have to be quite a number of columns missing and a good deal of the structural exterior facade missing to crush that first, or first two or three damaged floors. We couldn’t look inside the building on that day, but the exterior was still very much intact.

                So, I would expect to see pretty much what we saw on 9/11 prior to the building’s collapse, i.e., it would remain in the state it was in before it collapsed. That is, before it was imploded. The bottom line is, the tower would have remained standing on any other day, even if it was rammed by a jetliner, accidentally.

              • So, I would expect to see pretty much what we saw on 9/11 prior to the building’s collapse, i.e., it would remain in the state it was in before it collapsed. That is, before it was imploded. The bottom line is, the tower would have remained standing on any other day, even if it was rammed by a jetliner, accidentally.


                Thanks for your reply!

                I hope this exercise erased that .001% doubt that you may have had. 🙂

                This method is clean and simple and as I said, so long as a person can reason, they almost always come up with the logical conclusion; as unpatriotic and treasonous/diabolical as it sounds, controlled demolition had to have been used.

    • If Sibel was innocently duped, which she may very well have been, she can be exonerated, if when these dots are brought together and explained to her, she is able to say after thoughtful consideration, that she has, all along, been a tool of state deception.

      She may have been duped by the FBI with the audio tapes dumped in her lap. Or perhaps (more likely) they were genuine. Don’t forget as part of the plan (which was in the works for years) some deliberate leaking of the hijacking meme was likely to have taken place.

      So she can be forgiven for not being up to speed on the Bin Laden/hijacker fairy tale when she blew the whistle and tried to tell as many people about her FBI tape discovery.

      Another commented, paraphrasing James, at one of these summits on 9/11, the rather unfortunate fact that after all these years it would seem that all that truthers can hold onto is the likely seeming scenario of building 7 having been demolished by controlled demolition.

      I believe James simply intended to say that after all these years people seem to be satisfied with debating how WTC7 came down, rather than trying to organize and bring justice to those who planned/carried out the event.

      I very strongly believe that this rather glaring crack in the veneer of the official fable, is directly due to a rather large and glaring failure occurring the day of 9/11, which had this failure not occurred, building 7 would have behaved precisely like a person would think it would behave if struck dead on by a large jetliner full of fuel. In fact, it would have given a lot of credence to the other two towers falling, had it been felled by a jetliner, as well.

      Not sure exactly where you are trying to go with this. But no, a rational-thinking person would not think that ANY steel and concrete building (WTC1, WTC2, WTC7 etc.) would fall directly into its footprint due to a plane crash.

      • Fawlty Towers

        The last two points you brought out in your post:

        I was only making an assumption based on what someone was paraphrasing James as saying at one of the summits on 9/11. I didn’t hear James directly, so what you’re saying could very well be what he wanted to get across. All I know is that it seems that the only aspect of 9/11 Truth that is penetrating, or at least was penetrating for a while, into the main stream is AE 9/11 Truth’s push to raise the public’s consciousness about building 7. A few years back they ran the campaign – Building What?, and also going worldwide lecturing and promoting their full length movie 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out.

        The last comment I made was my awkward attempt to simply say that I think that building 7, in the planning of 9/11, was supposed to be hit by a plane to provide cover for it being demolished, similar to the twin towers. I posit that perhaps flight 93 was slated to hit building 7, but failed. If building 7 was hit by a plane, there would have been far fewer questions raised about it coming down, as there are now.

        • All I know is that it seems that the only aspect of 9/11 Truth that is penetrating, or at least was penetrating for a while, into the main stream is AE 9/11 Truth’s push to raise the public’s consciousness about building 7. A few years back they ran the campaign – Building What?, and also going worldwide lecturing and promoting their full length movie 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out.

          One of the points James was probably trying to get across is that WTC7 is old news.
          But yes it is an attention grabber for most people who haven’t been hip to it.

          The last comment I made was my awkward attempt to simply say that I think that building 7, in the planning of 9/11, was supposed to be hit by a plane to provide cover for it being demolished, similar to the twin towers. I posit that perhaps flight 93 was slated to hit building 7, but failed. If building 7 was hit by a plane, there would have been far fewer questions raised about it coming down, as there are now.

          These are precisely the types of discussions that James, myself and other veterans of the trade roll their eyes over when viewed for the umpteenth time. These are bona fide conspiracy theories.
          I usually run for the hills when I see them. 🙂

          • Running’s good exercise!

            I have two posts that are now pending moderation. Hopefully James wasn’t, or isn’t, rolling his eyes to the point of discomfort. 🙂

            I am no veteran commenter, to be sure. I think it’s been about a week? Nor have I ever paid very much attention to people’s comments at all in the past, virtually none.

            So, if WTC 7 is old news, was there a point he was trying to make?

            By the way, it’s curious you referred to yourself, others and James as “veterans of the trade”.

            Can you perhaps offer an honest representation of what exactly that “trade” might actually be? Please be as honest as you can possibly be. As you consider your answer, there’s a quote by a mathematician which may be of help ~ Think deeply of simple things ~.


            • So, if WTC 7 is old news, was there a point he was trying to make?

              Caveat, I did not see the Titans of Truth video.
              I have only read comments about what James said.

              Again, it seems to me that James was trying to say that he sees endless infighting about the technical details of 9/11
              as pointless and a waste of time, today.

              He simply mentioned WTC7 as it is one of the most popular
              “gottcha” events of 9/11.

              By the way, it’s curious you referred to yourself, others and James as “veterans of the trade”.

              Can you perhaps offer an honest representation of what exactly that “trade” might actually be?

              Nothing complex, mysterious or nefarious going on here.
              The “trade” of thorough and painstaking 9/11 research
              focusing on as many facts as possible.

              • When you have an event, even one as traumatic as 9/11, there comes a time when revelations no longer have a significant impact. Few people today actually believe the official story of 9/11, yet there isn’t enough emotion left for any effective mass outcry. We like to think we are rational creatures, but we are just as emotionally driven as we are rationally driven. The fact that logic was cast out of the public educational system and replaced with feel-good platitudes doesn’t help the truther movement any either.
                Basically, if you want a public outrage you’d better strike while the iron is hot. And you’d best not pull that punch either. JimBob thinks one secret to knocking out giants is to hit hard and often. And also first.

              • When you have an event, even one as traumatic as 9/11, there comes a time when revelations no longer have a significant impact.

                In general I would agree. Of course it depends what the revelations are. And “no longer have a significant impact” on who?

                For example, as seasoned a 9/11 researcher as I am, a new revelation came my way last year which completely blew the entire 9/11 boat out of the water for me.

                The problem is that major 9/11 revelations have no mechanism available to be publicized to the masses. Believe it or not we still have information control firmly in place.

                Few people today actually believe the official story of 9/11, yet there isn’t enough emotion left for any effective mass outcry…
                …Basically, if you want a public outrage you’d better strike while the iron is hot.

                I wouldn’t say there isn’t “enough emotion left for any effective mass outcry”.
                Rather, there isn’t and never was leadership and direction in the movement.

                Too many competing camps. Not enough brainpower to see that only unification of all parties could bring about change. That and a charismatic leader.

              • Grassroots 9/11 Truth Activism
                I can definitely speak about the subject.

                Since 2006, our 9/11 Truth Group has given out more than 70,000 free DVDs, literally thousands of pounds of flyers & brochures & broadsheets, and has participated in hundreds of actions, events, and film presentations.

                But I will say this (and my local buddy Joe will affirm)…
                …it becomes a strain to try to inspire others to get out into the real world and participate in getting the word out. Typically, the energy and set-up of most events and actions fall on the shoulders of just a few folks.

                With emphasis…
                There are a lot of “awake people”, but very few will make a strong effort towards directly waking up others.

                Anyone can step up.
                Anyone can do outreach.

                A factor which helps in activism outreach is when the media (alternative or mainstream) gives the issue some play in the Press.
                One example is the recent North Texas Water issue. I know about this, because I am involved. From a handful of local concerned citizens, within three weeks it grew to more than 12,000 folks involved. Erin Brockovich got the attention of the media and things mushroomed with all the Press. The Press can be like free advertising on an issue.

                Some of the examples of our group’s actions are on this YouTube Channel
                and some 9/11 actions are listed at 911blogger
                However, our group has helped on many other activist endeavors (like vaccines, Fluoride, health, Monsanto, etc.)

              • Fawlty, there is a slight problem with this portion of your comment line of thought (at least with me):

                Too many competing camps. Not enough brainpower to see that only unification of all parties could bring about change. That and a charismatic leader.

                I think they call that situation “government”. For me, I’m not looking for the state to impose justice on itself. To me, the whole idea of “exposing” the wrongs of the cave dwellers isn’t really that important. I think the Agora! Agora! Agora! episode really helped me to determine that I don’t give a rat’s patootie what shadows presently entertain the cave dwellers. Instead, I’m looking more towards creating my own place in the sunshine. Preferably deep in a swamp where there ain’t no caves for them dwellers to come out and get me. JimBob who don’t play well with others anyway and who quit following anybody after leaving the army.

                I’m not discounting anybody else’s efforts, but I don’t really think it will bring about the change people think it will bring about. Of course, it’s just my opinion and don’t make me right.

              • Fawlty, there is a slight problem with this portion of your comment line of thought (at least with me):

                “Too many competing camps. Not enough brainpower to see that only unification of all parties could bring about change. That and a charismatic leader.”

                I think they call that situation “government”. For me, I’m not looking for the state to impose justice on itself.

                Perhaps you missed the point I was trying to make?

                I was simply saying that the endless infighting amongst genuine truthers hasn’t produced and likely will never produce the desired results: justice for those who committed the crime and a 180 degree change in the direction we have been going in since 9/11.

                Instead of infighting I was suggesting unifying all 9/11 truth parties involved (NOT political) under one common voice.

                To me, the whole idea of “exposing” the wrongs of the cave dwellers isn’t really that important. I think the Agora! Agora! Agora! episode really helped me to determine that I don’t give a rat’s patootie what shadows presently entertain the cave dwellers. Instead, I’m looking more towards creating my own place in the sunshine.

                It’s perfectly fine to adopt that attitude. Not everyone needs to strive for justice.

              • Well Fawlty, how do you intend on getting justice? The court system is owned by the people who are behind the crimes. So that system is out. Just how are you going to get the state to convict itself? You can’t. Especially today in this lockdown state that is our modern free society. So where is this justice going to come from? JimBob who thinks there’s more horse thieves than we got rope to hang them with, so he rides a gator instead.

              • Well Fawlty, how do you intend on getting justice? The court system is owned by the people who are behind the crimes. So that system is out. Just how are you going to get the state to convict itself? You can’t. Especially today in this lockdown state that is our modern free society. So where is this justice going to come from?

                As much as I regret having to say this, I carry the exact same beliefs as you on this one.

                In my personal life I try to be as optimistic as possible in day-to-day encounters with other people.

                However when it comes to big geo-political matters that involve the intangible, faceless deep state I confess to being extremely pessimistic.

                I fear we have reached the point of no return, barring some devastating cataclysm to reset the switch.

                It’s not even close to a David vs. Goliath struggle. There was a sliver of hope for David.
                They’ve got us by the balls and I don’t see a way out.

                When you control the narrative (the media) and have all the money and power in the world to control any dissent what could possibly go wrong and how?

                When you can kill anyone in the world you chose at any time, including presidents/heads of state and thousands/millions of civilians, without so much as a blink of the eye, “What me worry?”.

                That’s why as much as I enjoy the discussions here at Corbett report, which cover a full range of bleeding/leading edge topics, I see us Corbetteers as savvy spectators rather than active game-changers, movers/shakers capable of making the deep state shiver in its boots.

              • When in war, which we are, you should never let the enemy control any aspect of the battle. Unfortunately, the state has a system in which they control all aspects. Therefore this system is not a battleground we should do anything more than feint an attack. However, if we choose to not engage, but to just understand where these cave dwellers are attacking, we can not be there. It’s hard to be defeated when you avoid the battle field entirely. That’s why, while I like to keep up with events, it’s not to do battle, just to figure out how to attack where THEY are not. Where are they NOT? Anything community related. JimBob who figured out that if we invite Goliath to a fight but burn his crops down while he’s waiting on me to show up, we won’t have to knock him out. 🙂

              • just as important as building 7 is the footage of the cars getting toasted in the parking lot half a mile from the buildings, and the footage of big chunks of the twin towers disintegrating, some in mid air as they fall, some near the base of the building. That’s in Judy Woods’ Dustification videos. No one else seems too interested in that stuff, probably because the thought control surrounding 911 extends to mainstream astrophysics, which is largely bogus from about the time of the Versailles Treaty

              • Judy Wood
                Corbett mentions Judy Wood just past the 33 minute mark on his first Questions for Corbett.

                I have repeatedly talked about her to other commenters.
                She and Fetzer were extremely destructive in causing all kinds of grief and upset, especially in relation to Dr.Steven Jones.
                Here is one link where I mentions her.

              • Regarding James’ Dr. Woody comment, I can only say: buurrrrn.

              • Burn? Understatement of the year! Of course, I had to cringe a bit when he said that her theories wouldn’t pass high school physics. since I never took physics at any time. I did have to take a physics test once in the Navy (first hitch there) as they decided I had a high enough score that they wanted me working on the nukes. I scored so low the testing officer looked at me as if I were retarded. Understandable as I WAS joining the service. JimBob who don’t know no physics, astro or otherwise.

              • HRS I think you’re wrong about the relative merits of Steven E Jones and Judy Wood.
                So far as I can see Wood focuses on evidence and has an interesting hypothesis about the destruction of the twin towers + building 7 which links directly to the current leading astrophysics paradigm (electric universe).
                The other point about Wood is that she is rigorously and methodically scrubbed from wikipedia (see the following from about 40:00 min mark);

                Steven E Jones on the other hand was directly involved in the suppression of the alternative nuclear energy research of Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. This was done in fairly despicable and certainly unscientific manner, and Jones’ allies included employees of big oil. The Fleishmann/Pons energy research (which was dubbed Cold Fusion by Jones by way of ridicule) offered a viable alternative to oil industry products.

                Eugene Mallove resigned from MIT in protest against Jones’ misbehaviour and wrote a lot in support of Fleischmann and Pons and their research, until he was murdered in 2004. His assistant Michael Zebuhr was also murdered (2006). Jones was not

  132. 4/14/2018
    Important update from James Corbett about Boiling Frogs videos

    When Did Bin Laden Die? – Questions For Corbett #039
    at the video 42:11 mark

    Above on this thread there was discussion about the topic of removing Boiling Frogs videos, because Sibel Edmonds responded to Damani on her Newsbud comment section.

    Corbett Member “Wall” brings it up…

    …and it is also brought up here…

  133. Sebastian Gorka also tries to smear people
    skeptical about the “mission ” of the white helmets.
    Look his pathetic smear on Assad “using chemical weapons on his
    own people” 5:00,

    or his ridiculing of people questioning the white helmets real agenda
    Starting 10:25


    So Sibel Edmond is now in the same smear-campaign.

    Ghee, I think that’s at least a new car, maybe a BMW(the 7 series or just a cabrio ?).

    btw, I always had a strange feeling watching whole videos of her.
    This narcissism was to bold for someone who just wanted to get the message.

    Thanks James for the good work

  134. I’ve a question for Mark, somewhat out of the blue:

    Mark K. P. says:
    04/03/2018 at 6:26 am

    Assange is definitely a gatekeeper ; as anyone with a high profile on MSM. And they all attack 911 truthers publically, which Assange has done

    My question is, can you supply any back-up for your above assertion that Assange has attacked 911 truthers? Are there any other telltale signs that give credence to your definitive statement that Assange is a gate-keeper? Holed up for years on end in an embassy? That’s one amazing helluva sacrifice made to the establishment he’s gate-keeping for, don’t you think? Will the wonders of devotion ever cease!

    I have a comment, also somewhat out of the blue:

    As for Chomsky: He seems married to, and particularly devoted to the rules of scholasticism of which he’s been subject to during his entire scholarly career. But, he is, though, very clever indeed: He dismisses the entirety of AE 9/11 Truth, in large part for failing to live up to his standards of what I would describe as scholastic imperialism, wherein one must run themselves through the gamut of peer review, through the very same established entities residing in the very highest of ivory towers, laying (lying) muted and silent, whom Chomsky fails to mention are funded by the very same government harboring the very entities responsible for 9/11 in the first place. That is quite a stretch, Mr. Chomsky! I see a veritable black hole of conflict here, in a very murky sea of dubious dark interests.

    The fact that Mr. Chomsky doesn’t bother to qualify these “discoveries” of AE 9/11 Truth as being particularly prone to such inevitable conflicts, puts the lie to his argument. But, there is something else he has mentioned about AE 9/11 Truth which is both highly disrespectful and disparaging – he calls out the number of architects and engineers who have signed on as being “minuscule”. This diminution by its very description is, of course, purposely contemptible, designed to round out and further his denigration. But, what Mr. Chomsky either fails to ponder, or wishes to not stop to consider, is that for every architect and engineer willing to risk ridicule, from every direction, from family, friends and work, let alone risking their careers and livelihoods, is the possibility of there being a very great number of professionals who may be in complete agreement with AE 9/11 Truth, but unwilling to face these obvious risks. This very simple and plausible consideration, needless to say, does not bode well with his half-assed, trite, and thoroughly dishonest answer he chose to give from his venerable lectern.

    Shame on you, Chomsky, because I’ve had friends I’ve greatly respected, who’ve, in the past, greatly respected you. It makes me wonder, and it’s truly saddening.

    Anyway, what of Julian Assange? A gate-keeper? I’d love to know why.

    • Shame on you, Chomsky, because I’ve had friends I’ve greatly respected, who’ve, in the past, greatly respected you. It makes me wonder, and it’s truly saddening.

      I’ve lost all respect for the man since he started blabbering lies and disinfo about 9/11.
      He is a case study in “Intellect means nothing when it comes to 9/11 truth”.

    • I picked up the three rules of identifying Gatekeepers from Webster Tarpley. They make sense to me.

      they have high media profiles (plenty of air and tv time to get their message across quickly to large audiences);

      they tell nothing new (often regurge old sensational material in new forms to give the appearance of novelty, but nothing serious about government ops, nothing real about the likes of MI6 or Mossad or any of the big players in the monetary system);

      they are all hostile to honest investigation into 911 and those who question the official BS story.
      In this regard I’ve seen one video of Assange some years ago slamming 911 truthers generically and acidly. No I cant provide the link because I wasnt collecting such things back then. But seeing this convinced me Assange was a gatekeeper and I’ve seen nothing to persuade me otherwise since.

      Assange locked up in a London embassy for years sounds dramatic. But to me its just a MSM story. In my view the only inconvenience he suffers is having to get back to that embassy now and then for a speech, interview or photo op.

      • Thanks for that, Mark.

        Webster Tarpley I like. Through the years he’s offered outstanding analyses on a myriad of subjects. He’s very thought provoking, to be sure. It’s funny, I just now googled him for a split second and see that he was involved in a lawsuit with Melania Trump wherein she sued him for suggesting her modeling days involved a bit more than “modeling”, if you know what I mean. Apparently the suit has been settled. No doubt somebody thought the better about pursuing it.

        I haven’t listened to Tarpley for a while. The last I recall he was very informative about the nature of the Syrian protests which started out more or less in Homs. He claimed at the time that it was paid mercenaries on behalf of the Saudis, who turned non violent protests into violent ones, e.g., with the use of snipers firing at the crowds, etc. I think his words ring true in this, and many other instances.

        As for Assange, it would be interesting to dig up his slamming a 9/11 truther, so I can see it for myself.

        And a thousand bucks to the photographer who snaps Assange with his pants down outside the embassy!… No, make that ten thousand!

        • provided some slapper like Hillary isn’t kneeling in front of him, of course.

          Yes Tarpley is a great researcher and full of good humour and sharp wit. Has an awful left wing blind side that makes me puke (pro FDR monster and even Stalin), but i guess no one is perfect. Some of his exposes are really brilliant.

          You’re right not to take my random word for a random vid you haven’t seen. But I’ve seen it and cant forget it. Ever. Try searching Tarpley’s website for Assange ; I think he’s tackled and exposed him. He’s certainly exposed that troll freak Snowden

          • She’s got an excuse – of late, she’s been caught a bit wobbly on her feet at times.

            I’d like to revisit Tarpley – it’s been a while, and also to see what I’ve missed.

            But, I’ve got to say, oil, water, politics and truth – don’t necessarily mix too well.

            Certainly not as well as salt, lemon and a nice shot of tequila.


  135. James : After weeks of waiting for News dud to retract or modify attack pieces and attempting to comment about implications I finally addressed her husband at ADMIN and you can now send them a thank you note since I am no longer qualified to view their news . I also predicted this intervention about 3 weeks ago because suddenly Sibel Edmonds ran a series of hit pieces about Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett , then demanded Ron Paul Liberty report retract interview with these 21stcenturywire.com reporters for exposing That the White Helmets are at best infiltrated with French American and British intelligence operatives coordinating and staging Terrorist operations and producing propaganda videos at worst just a Saudi controlled operation employing the same people !
    Sybil’s ( on Purpose ) attack is being promoted by her fellow foe whistle blower associate and I assume husbands Army Buddy Lt. Tim Ferner ,.
    My guess is Newsbud.com is now receiving new funding from Ferners Saudi employer, and possibly The Open Society since no opposing comments questioning these hit pieces are allowed and if you address Admin moderator about this ( Si bells husband )you get a email like this .

    We have cancelled your subscription, deleted your comment and refunded the balance of your yearly payment.

    There are many sites out there where you can rant and rave – Newsbud is not one of them. It is obvious from your comment that you do not like Newsbud or its staff, so please go find a site you do like and support, and please do not come back here.

    Newsbud Admin

    Sybille forgot to sign it The News Nazi !

    I supported her from day one at BFP , and with this attack she has insulted many of her followers, contributors including James Corbett, Kurt Nimmo,William Ingdal ,and I assume many who don’t dare speak up for fear of a shriek attack !

    Sorry I digress , Don’t count on NEWSBUT to report on Wikileaks, The Chemical weapons labs report on 12centurywire.com or any other information that might damage Saudi Arabia , or Turkey !
    Other real news organizations wlli take my money when campaigns come up but the news bud princess will have to seek her funding from her Saudi Princes from now on !

    • Good for you, Bbob!

      You’d think that with so many testimonies shining the light on subscribers being not only gagged & rebuked for contrary opinions, but banished outright and comments scrubbed that NewsBud might experience a twinge of embarrassment and be forced to change their ways just to keep afloat, but apparently not, lacking a collective conscience. Why am I amazed? I’ve seen this exact buckling down and circling the wagons many times over in the institutional religious complex. But it still amazes and baffles me. I just can’t get over that people not only put up with it, they throw more money at it!

      I supported her from day one at BFP , and with this attack she has insulted many of her followers, contributors including James Corbett, Kurt Nimmo,William Ingdal ,and I assume many who don’t dare speak up for fear of a shriek attack !

      See, I don’t get that. Kurt Nimmo fears to take a stand? I find that hard to believe.

      The tone of Ferner’s comments make plainly evident they’ve got a new enforcer to keep the enablers in line. And that xicha/diggens character I had compassion and sympathy for earlier last week turned out to be quite mean-spirited (that’s me biting my tongue to the point of drawing blood).

  136. For people into British humor that’s an excellent show.

  137. Just thought I’d share this one with you. I don’t think it’s been posted before, but there are so many…… Anyway, this is their uptake on the results of the syrian strike. While they may be one of those that search for ways in which trumpy looks as if he is fighting this “deep state”, he might be right on the outcome. JimBob who ain’t really even sure what this deep state really is, but he does know that he ain’t important enough for them to mess with him so he’s okay with them.

    It’s the X22 report.


    • There does seem to be a pattern going on here. It almost seems like Trump is doing a lot of posturing for the benefit of the war-hawk crowd, but not necessarily for the war-hawks we know of in congress, but, for the war-hawks behind the curtain who push the Pentagon’s buttons, and it seems that there might be a mixed crowd in there, too, in the Pentagon, itself. Because with all the buttressing of flotillas, bluster and fanfare, the latest missile strike didn’t seem to amount to a hill of beans, relatively speaking. There could very well be rumblings of the pissed-off in the board rooms of the fortune 25 about such a lack of military action. Maybe that’s why Trump is so dodgy. Maybe he’s the most democratically minded man in the country, with the levelest of playing fields — ’cause he makes no bones about who the fuck he bullshits, as long as it gets him to where he wants to go. I just wish I knew where that was.

      • We’re leaving Syria. No war. I believe I called that at the beginning. This is classic Trump. Remember NK? There will be peace there. Where is he going? I think a nationalist surveillance state. JimBob who admires trumpys strategic style but not his end game.

        • Santa,

          You mean to tell me that you don’t think he’s going to take down all the red light cameras? And maybe even dismantle the CIA,NSA and especially the FBI who’s on his tail?
          Well, I guess not. I suppose as good as he thinks that head of hair is, it’s not going to deflect a bullet.

          • Don’t you know those are kevlar hair plugs? They can stop a stinger missile! JimBob

  138. BINGO!

    “…not put this in partisan terms. This is a U.S. mistake that started 7 years ago… …and we know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad, the CIA and Saudi Arabia together….”

    The Permanent State (i.e. elections don’t matter.)

    • I like that phrase Permanent State. Far more accurate than that Deep State phrase. And easier to understand for even the dullest (okay, I’m giving a lot of credit to a belief I don’t have personally) person. I know it’s a petty thing, but I’ve never liked that phrase Deep State. It just sounds crazy. Permanent state though is something that people have realized for a very long time. JimBob who is amazed sometimes how much difference a single word can make even when he knows it’s just window dressing.

    • I thought LiftTheVeil guy took a break. Or youtube simply stopped sending notifications.

      I shall view the video in the morning, I bet it’s interesting.

    • You know, I’m startin’ to think you’re one very good man, there, Charlie Brown…er, I mean JimBob!

      And I do believe old Sibel is going to spiral down like it’s nobody’s business, not years, but in months.


      • I don’t think she’s going to spiral. The flight path will be more akin to that of a boulder hurled out of an airplane at mach 7.

        I may only deduce, but her next move is probably going to be a “silenzio stampa” i.e. she’s try to act as if nothing had happened since the move failed so miserably. And since she already doubled down on empty threats, there’s really no more moves left at her disposal. Either go 100% passive aggressive and immerse yourself in the lala-land or backtrack and ask for forgiveness.

        • Yeah, she is in a tough spot. But she did put herself there and she has damaged a lot of others in the process. Hard for me to feel sorry for her because of the pain she has inflicted on others. My guess is she’ll limp along. Hopefully, she will use this as an opportunity to become a real journalist (like the ones she craps on), but I doubt I’ll ever learn of it as I only check their site now for my own little statistical nonsense gathering. JimBob who is more like Lucy holding the football than Charlie Brown.

          • Santa

            Wasn’t Lucy the one who’d swoop the football away so fast Schultz needed to show lines indicating the velocity of her move – and Charlie Brown would slip on his ass attempting to kick the ball that was no longer there? Anyway, I hear the Peanut’s music in the background….So, you’re more like Lucy, eh? lol

            Real, or truthful journalism isn’t part of her lexicon, it’s nowhere to be found in this woman’s playbook. Its meaning got lost in translation sometime very early along the way.



            The woman’s already in lala land, especially when you listen to her with an entirely new perspective.

            And I do believe she’d dissolve a tab of cyanide in her mouth before apologizing to anybody – for it would necessarily put her in a position of having to explain her motivations…honestly, as if doing so were even possible for this woman.

            It isn’t.

            • That’s the one! And old Charlie never learned. I agree she will never apologize. I hope that she learns, but I’ve always hoped people would do the right thing, despite all of my experiences. JimBob who was asked by someone if he thought the glass was half full or half empty, but they didn’t show him any glass at all! WTF?!

    • That was a solid reply and just goes to show how many nails James got to hit on the head. As Eva stated as well, too bad so much time and energy got invested into this bullshit.

      Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities

      If you haven’t, check out this older video by Dore on how Eva dishes out facts.

  139. Earlier this evening I viewed James’ fact-checking video for a second time. I found it easier the 2nd time around to take in those facts, or rather, the fact that those “facts” of Sibel’s were false, without experiencing the mind-numbing effect James’ exposé originally produced. Although now less sensational and impactful on say an emotional level, the meaning of James’ exposé has become more profound. One thing I realized about the shear length of the video itself, was that there were so many numerous “facts” to check, and it was incumbent on James to be thorough with each one – such is the nature of uncovering obfuscation.

    The profundity here is realizing just how utterly and systemically unscrupulous and thoroughly deceitful Sibel’s hit piece really is, as fact after dishonest fact after calculating, duplicitous, mendacious fact, was painstakingly checked.

    The point I’d like to make here, near the end of his video, James apologizes for even introducing Sibel to his listeners, makes note that he’s going to have to go back and clarify any aspect of past material with regard to Sibel that can’t be independently verified, a daunting task as he intimated, and as anybody could well imagine, and when couching this in terms of the importance of the information being primary, and not the person, that’s all well and good, James can go back and qualify all the material proportionate to its exposure to Sibel’s brand new credibility deficit: But, to simply clean up past material, and let it go at that, may nearly constitute a disservice both to James’ own self, and we, his listeners, and well beyond.

    As James’ himself said, this was a very special edition of The Corbett Report, though one he absolutely loathed to do, though do he must, and he did an outstanding job, par excellence, yet, besides reexamining his past collaborative work, he very clearly states that this is where it ends, he washes his hands and says goodbye to this woman. My point is, he makes no mention of endeavoring to explore the “why” of Sibel’s thorough dishonestly, the depth of which is exemplified by the mere fact that James is compelled to clarify the work he’s done with her. On the contrary, it seems as though by what he has stated, he’s not going to take it any further, meaning he is not going to examine the whys and wherefores of her motivations, what makes her tick, whereby in doing so, he may begin to uncover certain patterns, and may ascertain just how long she’s been “ticking” as she is today. How far back does her deceit go? I would say, logically, James believes he may have been deceived from the the very beginning of his association with her, otherwise why would he have felt the need to apologize for his introducing her? Therefore, wouldn’t it be important from a Truth perspective to uncover and understand everything we can about her from fully historical perspective?

    Sibel, as she stands within the genre of alternative news, and especially within the Truth movement, is a very unique figure. In the post 9/11 era, for the seekers of that Truth, she is literally iconic.

    Therefore, in her case in particular, the person, i.e., the full understanding of the person, knowing who that person really is, and what that person has done in potentially (and probably) manipulating our understanding, is just as important, if not more so, as the “information”. Sibel, the person, is very much worth examining in totality. Hers would be a clarification certainly more than worth the effort, exceedingly so.

    That’s my point.

    • Those are very good points. However, I’m sticking to the simplest of solutions: Never believe anything she says. JimBob who has found his simple mind really DOES like the simple things. Like explanations.

      • KISS? With Sibel?

        There’s an internal conflict going on, that unfortunately doesn’t play well with the likes of a simple mind: Though an explanation may be in itself simple, getting there may be a bit more complex.

        Besides, I’ll agree, JimBob, that you have a simple mind if you’ll agree the moon is made of cheese. 🙂

        Next up, we’ll have to discuss Nancy Pelosi, and what she had to say regarding the outgoing Bush administration at the time, and how it might relate to our discussion.

        • Please let’s not talk about whatever that crazy pelosi has to say. By the way, her son has the contract to clean up the racetrack in Daytona Beach. They hire about fifty workers for about 4 hours. Minimum wage of course. He gets 1 million dollars for each event. I’m sure it’s not a payoff. JimBob who knows the moon is made of cheese, but it’s swiss so he ain’t building a rocket to get there.

    • James wears many hats. And hats off to him for that!
      However I don’t believe he is a psychologist.

      And even if he were one, he has made it perfectly clear that he has no interest in pursuing this matter, nor anything to do with Sibel, any further.

      BTW candlelight did you catch my post where I found an answer to one of your questions?


      • Fawlty,

        You say: However I don’t believe he is a psychologist.

        Not that anything I had to comment about had a lick to do with psychology, per se – any more so than any open source investigation might have – I do believe with or without a psychologist’s hat on, as you mention, James can out psychoanalyze many a psychologist. So, James needn’t be The Corbett, Psy.D Report.

        You went on further to say: And even if he were one, he has made it perfectly clear that he has no interest in pursuing this matter, nor anything to do with Sibel, any further.

        Yes, this is absolutely correct, albeit, completely unnecessary, redundant and unproductive to restate. The fact is, though phrased a little differently, it’s precisely what I have already stated – …besides reexamining his past collaborative work, he very clearly states that this is where it ends, he washes his hands and says goodbye to this woman.

        I don’t quite understand? Was it your point to tell me something I already know? Why bother?

        In any event, this wasn’t the focus of my argument, nor was it my argument. My argument, which I’ll elaborate, is as follows:

        1. Of James’ fact-checking video, Sibel, if I may paraphrase, would like the world to think was a viscous and unwarranted smear attack. Nope! Hardly. It was, on the contrary, a thoroughly warranted, point by point, refutation of a so-called report that he exposed as pervasively fraudulent and misleading.

        2. It was so fraudulent and misleading a report as to indeed warrant that he will go back and vet all his collaborative work that he’s ever done in association with her, which clearly indicates he strongly suspects she may very well have been fraudulent from the first they met.

        3. Which would mean to anyone save the brain dead, or perhaps even to to the brain dead, that Sibel had been fraudulent prior to his association with him. And if that is so, which is highly likely, it is incumbent to at least attempt to find out how long this has been going on.

        4. Because of her iconic stature in the Truth movement, it is an important and critical issue, and one not to be taken lightly, and can potentially change how people view 9/11.

        Therefore, I do call on James, given his skills and his years of association with her to not only vet his prior material, but to endeavor to unravel yet one more mystery – that of Sibel Edmonds, herself.

        If anybody can do that, it would be him, with or without wearing a hat.

        • Two things.

          1. I think James can/will decide on his own, whether he should alter any material on his website.

          2. I think Sibel is the genuine thing. No disinfo agent, shill, psycho, etc. Just way over-reacted to comments she took personally about her father (ie. terrorist doctors in Syria).

        • I have already stated – …besides reexamining his past collaborative work, he very clearly states that this is where it ends, he washes his hands and says goodbye to this woman…

          …Therefore, I do call on James, given his skills and his years of association with her to not only vet his prior material, but to endeavor to unravel yet one more mystery – that of Sibel Edmonds, herself.

          You can’t have it both ways candlelight:
          Acknowledging that he has said goodbye to her AND then calling on him to do research on her.

          • Several things:

            I clearly understand what James has stated.

            I understand it his prerogative to do as he wishes.

            I also understand, as a human being, I have a right, and in this case, an obligation to my conscience, to ask, call, persuade, argue – however you want to put it – for him to reconsider.

            That’s all. It’s really very simple.

            You think she’s legit? You think this is a one-off?


            Do you think James Corbett would apologize to his listeners for introducing her?

            Because of a one-off?

            Do you think he feels compelled to “clarify”, to use his term,
            all his prior work that he’s done with her?

            Because of a one-off?

            Do realize how time consuming a prospect like that is?

            All for a one-off?

          • Fawlty, SE gave James no choice but to check all their previous collaborations. In the academic world, when you find new data which calls into question your previous assumptions, you must re-examine all of the previous data. This is how you find out the truth of a matter. Sibel, being a psycho, has brought all of her “contributions” under suspicion with her vicious smear pieces. JimBob who knows that stress brings out who we really are deep inside.

      • Fawlty,

        No, I wasn’t aware of your earlier post concerning Sibel’s take on building demolitions until you mentioned it in your above post.
        Thanks for that. It is very informative, for sure.

        And, do you want to know what?

        Her answer absolutely reeks of dishonestly. Reeks to high holy hell of it!

        It’s amazing how she, on such a critical, overarching subject, one that directly effects all that she purports to be, can so easily play Micky the Dunce. She’s a slippery gal. I can even sense her overusing her normal lack of syntax to further obfuscate the pretense of her ignorance; she who is so completely astute on any and all other matters, where she steadfastly uncovers and gleans the “truth” where others fail. When she has opined on everything under the sun, and also for that which is hidden under shadows, she offers no opinion, whatsoever, for something as critical as buildings having been imploded on 9/11?

        • You’re welcome candlelight. It was quite the ear-opener for me too (the podcasts).

          I was quite shocked by her answers, and then for her to go on just a few years later to be come a false flag expert! If you haven’t, you should listen to that second interview where she tears apart the 2016 Brussels bombings and references several other false flags.

          Having said that, I have flesh and blood family members who are extremely intelligent, well-read, etc. and they haven’t a clue what happened on 9/11 nor about the JFK assassination etc.!!

          So no, let’s not throw the baby (Sibel) out with the bath water (Syrian hit piece) just yet.
          Keep a close watch on her as she goes forward? Sure.

  140. Fair enough. I was just gonna mention something she said in a blanket statement about a certain judicial inquiry being “off the table”. But, no matter. Interesting about the Daytona thing. Goes to show you what mothers will do for their children.

    Btw, what if I told you that that cheese wasn’t swiss, but american? Would you be interested in perhaps some of Musk’s new rocket designs?

    • Holding out for Chedder! Her son is too dirty for politics, which is hard to believe. I hear she is worried about N.K. Missile sales as well. JimBob who finds it hard to believe that anyone is too dirty for politics.

      • Hmm, sounds good. How about a little Stilton, to go with that nice red wine rocket fuel?

        So, I suppose she’s worried she may not getting her cut?

        …too dirty for politics. Now that pure gem made me laugh the you know what out loud.

        Though, if we go on too much longer with this banter, either you or I (most likely) are going to get the ” snip“!


  141. As a NEWSBUD subscriber I made a comment on their rebuttal. They deleted my comment so I made a comment that they deleted it. They just send me this response below and CANCELED my subscription! This is what I received in my email:
    Your membership has been cancelled with a full refund of your subscription.

    We encourage respectful commentary, but our site is not a blog or social media where anything goes.

    As to Corbett – you actually have things exactly backwards. It was Corbett who launched his vicious unwarranted attack on Sibel & Newsbud.

    Sibel spent several weeks researching & investigating Beeley and Bartlett, all the while being attacked on social media with vile, threatening – purely disgusting tweets – supported and re-tweeted by Corbett. She then produced her video report on Beeley & Bartlett – the report had nothing to do with Corbett. Yet he chose to insert himself into the narrative with his smear attack on Sibel, attempting to discredit her and her report by twisting facts, omitting facts and most of Sibel’s actual report in a supposed “rebuttal”, with cutesy, snide remarks meant solely to denigrate Sibel – nothing at all to do with her report.

    If you wish to choose Corbett’s version and prefer his site, that is of course your right – please go there

    I’m so disappointed in the NEWSBUD organization! Something is dirty in the Milk at NEWSBUD!

    • Frankly I am reluctant to invest too much faith in people who have worked with secret intelligence services. Potentially too slippery – always must remain suspect.

      Sibel Edmond’s recent strange behaviour reminds me of MI5 whistleblower David Shayler who, to my knowledge, never really told us anything we could not have known or worked-out without his ‘help’ (or else was generally unsubstantiated).

      When Shayler went, apparently, then totally nuts the result was that he just discredited everything he was associated with before or since.

      Conversely: when UK WMD inspector Dr David Kelly opened up on Iraq facts he was soon found dead – which qualified to me that the small amount he had already said was indeed very important. What he could have said, to a wider topic, would likely be more important still. I think he ‘ended up dead in the woods’ to first cause other such truly important people, with deep knowledge, to know what the outcome would be in store for them as well.

  142. Actually, you do have to include her age and gender. Biology trumps equality. Unfortunately, feminazis have equated that noting obvious differences between sexes are simply not true. I’m not saying the comments were justified, but a woman’s perspective is nothing like a man’s. I am of the opinion our differences are wonderfully complementary, but that is unfashionable at the moment. Not that it stops me. JimBob who don’t see different as superior/inferior.

  143. You seem to be claiming that we or you are rational, and that irrationality is in others, that women do not feel jealousy and hate towards each other or others. While I applaud your defence of women, who are often misunderstood and misunderstanding, I cannot agree. Humans are not always rational, and to expect that we are is the source of many of our problems.

  144. are themselves irrational, detached from reality

    People form opinions, as well as bias, based on their life experience (which may not be very accurate, if at all) which is usually imbued, among other influences, with natural gender roles. My experience states women tend to be more erratic due to whatever. It’s a relatively small sample though and I didn’t really pay much attention to my control group.

    Pinning all of this to menopause is a stretch, but menopause can be a real bitch.

    • Women are certainly more emotional. They also talk about 5x a day more than men, so that has physical consequences on the brain structure, as well as the emotional centers. Women also notice details, while men don’t see that big pile of beer cans by the back door. While, the comments you made on “menopause”, etc., probably weren’t made with any deep understanding of the situation; they do have an effect. I communicate with females a lot differently than I do with men. The problem is that feminazis have made these differences about power over one another, rather than becoming more powerful together. JimBob who knows he probably should just walk away, but knows he won’t.

  145. Wow! So we’re the Despicables now. I guess that’s a step up from being the Deplorables. lmao I guess that makes her the CNN of the internet news services. Thanks for that update. JimBob who thinks that Sibel isn’t still on the crazy train as she has obviously transferred to the b#tch express.

  146. This was communicated to you privately or publicly?

    Sibel does not appear to be getting any better. She sounds more and more like Alex Jones to me. Well, AJ from those insane moments of his, not the regular AJ.

  147. So I guess she doesn’t mind giving a few people the boot since the subscription fairies just magically top up the accounts for her…how convenient!

    • I assume he’s referring to some oddities in Newsbud financing. Supposedly, there were some large last minute contributions to the fund drive on kickstarter.

    • I was referring to the part “[Newsbud] had a net gain of 71 new subscribers for the month of April.”

      I find that hard to believe given the number of people who have canceled their subscription or have been publicly given the boot.

      A good way to secretly fund an subscription based organsation would be to create a large number of robo subscriptions, each one paying a small amount.

      Of course all this is only speculation, it is imposable to verify if independent media is really independent or not.

  148. I will make comments on various posts from the last month or so…

    manbearpig says: 04/02/2018 at 7:51 pm
    “In short, she was brilliantly ambiguous while apparently toeing the Bush-it official fairytale line.”

    You have no proof at all that she was deliberately ambiguous.
    I have said this more than once now, in 2001-2002 when most of her disclosures were initially revealed almost no one was a 9/11 truther.
    The vast majority of the public was still buying the Bin Laden fairy tale.

    So why try to discredit Sibel on her Bin Laden stories when almost everyone else saw him as the 9/11 mastermind?
    Was she supposed to have ‘cracked the code’ or ‘solved the 9/11 puzzle’ simply by virtue of working at the FBI?

    Would you have labeled James Corbett a gatekeeper in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005? Because during that time even James was blissfully ignorant of what
    happened on 9/11.
    Heck, I guess I was a gatekeeper too! And far longer than James was! I’m too embarrassed to say when I woke up to 9/11 truth.

    peter.fairhurst says: 04/02/2018 at 11:15 pm
    “In the early days AQ meant BL, and BL meant AQ, in most peoples minds anyhow. Probably still does for the majority of people. So, for these people at least then, SE was effectively supporting the official version wasn’t she?”

    And what would be wrong about t