Episode 450 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!

by | Sep 25, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 33 comments

So we all remember the rhetorical question I asked three years ago, right? Who will fact check the fact checkers? Well, guess what. It isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s a real question with a real answer: I will! That’s right, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work dismantling the dissembling disinfo dissertations of the would-be fact checkers and make fun of the clowns on the front lines of the infowar.

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Episode 381 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers?

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  1. You are not alone Jamiesan! Your fellow musician friend Joe Plumber sent this out today. Who? The ring leaders? Joe takes a look also in answering a bag of questions. He explains the source of ” the Network” as characterized by Carrol Quigley

    These informative observations,even though as a subscriber to both Joe and James, I only need reminding to sharpen the point of the spear It helps in immediately countering those who are part of or just captured in the echo chamber of lies.
    The circus;
    The clowns and peripheral actors that perform the allusions have now crossed out of the performance ring and leached into the stands. Where does the play begin and end. It’s in our lap now. That’s a breech of airspace and personal privacy space. Vigilance against unwarranted clown acts,performance and narratives…
    A thinking human being with two brain cells sould see the clowns who have left the ring and now perform in the seats of the spectators. The clowns want to liberate you from reality
    This is a Fiduciary breech of trust. The spectators who created the show by buying the ticket to passively view the illusion now find themselves caught up in the self creating and replicating production as a non- paid participant of an unwarranted reality. And guess what, the information reality booth is full of the clowns. They have moved from the VW clown car in the ring and now pouring out of the information both set up in the midway telling you that ” you are here” and this is where you are going, follow us! And away we go!
    I’m glad an English major is leading the parade. Thanks

    • The parade ?!? The Shidenfuerdur? parade?
      The obvious solution is ” leave the midway,leave the circus grounds. Set up alternative systems of money,representation of large groups for defence,and remove the lies concerning our health. Financial,political and health circus. Stop buying tickets to these subversive shows.
      Two brain cells is all it takes.

  2. Where I live, we have a problem with fire ants. No matter what you do, they WILL re-infest. So you accept this intractable problem and do you best to minimize it. When it comes to getting to the truth, the prevaricators will always be with us. We have a powerful weapon on our side, namely a genuine thirst for the truth, but like Sisyphus, we can never really rest.

    • G. Jingping,

      I hope you repeat your comment on future comment threads, time and again.
      Those 5 sentences convey some important concepts.

      • Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say that!

  3. What better way to control people then to have them unable to trust events, stories, peer groups, etc. in their lives :-/

    People have this digital platform with anonymity that breeds no accountability. Combined with this generational thing of “getting over” on others and doing jackass pretend things as a joke, it is a nightmare society we are living in.

    Prime recent example:
    Out of 168.31 million registered voters 66.7% voted 158,240,239 in 2020.

    So if Trump got 74 Million, that left only 63.93 Million for Joe, not 81 MILLION.

    Another are the “polls” that are run by the controllers with their agendas of misdirection. You ever been “polled??” They supposedly contact X thousand and predict what a whole generation/country/etc. is thinking.


  4. these are the days of the sprung lie
    whopper liars and fish story enthusiasts
    manipulatrices and back stabbers
    a “crime scientist” claimed most everyone lies 10x/day
    “if you lie nothing happens, unless of course you get caught, and then thats a whole nother story” (G.Carlin)

    what is the antidote?
    a pure heart? probably, but how are we gonna regain that?

    “they’ll never know the pain of living with a name you never owned, or those many years forgeting what you knew so well” (J.Ian “stars”).

    perhaps the tendancy to lie is the achillies heel of consciousness?
    just another formidable cosmic force forming polar balance for truth’s vector?

    pretty sure the old antidote/punishment was banishment

    That bbc girl needs solitary

  5. As a solution I introduce
    Critical Thinking
    How can you tell if something is true or even real?

    1. Check the logical consistency
    for example by checking for Logical Fallacies.

    2. Use the scientific method.
    Is there evidence? Is there counter-evidence?
    What models are used and why?

    3. Is there possible fraud or even a crime?
    Look at evidence for crime and listen to witnesses.
    Follow the money.
    Do NOT fill in your own bias!
    What exactly did people lie about?

    4. Bias
    Your own bias.
    The bias of the experts on different sides.
    And witnesses.

    Don’t forget the bias of your limited understanding of a field.
    Don’t fall for science-fiction bias.

    5. Trust
    What people and evidence can we trust?

    6. Unknowns
    What things are unknown?
    What things are limited in knowledge?
    People often use bias to fill in gaps in their knowledge,
    including top experts.

    7. Solutions.
    Work towards a solution, if necessary.

    • This does not immediately tell if something is true.
      It is a process of investigating.
      Most people like to immediately label something as
      true or false.
      But even things that were thought to be true for a long time,
      even among experts can still be false.
      As an example, I wrote on the substack about black holes.
      There is no evidence for it. Instead it looks like
      they are a big mistake.

      • “blackhole” and “big bang” have, for me, always had a double-entendre ring,
        maybe some sexually repressed astrophysicist coined the terms?

        after all, humans banging each other is what’s kept the race ticking along, perhaps orgasm/conception is fractally, the tip of the creation spear.

        and/or was that the point of Kubrick’s moment, (in “2001: a space odyssey”), at the end of the “worm hole”, a fetus floating in the cosmos,,

  6. RE: Episode 450 – Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!

    I was cheering everytime Corbett would mention the names of these lying, deceptive worms.
    I want their names dragged through the sewer pipes where souless nematodes belong.
    I want a historical record which logs these slimeballs by name.

    They are on the wrong side of history, and on the wrong side of man’s humanity.
    Likely, many of these worms cherish the spotlight and ‘glory’ of being deceptive propagandists.
    I want their own grandkids to spit on their names.

    • Mkey,
      the fact checking moves to the internal form of the commenters. You have been commenting for a long time now. Can you give a minute and respond to some inquiries?

      Dr.Shiva with the Duke and George Webb.

      Dr. Shiva has been blasting the same thing at the Booby and Dennis the Menace carnival act. Character matters. Their carnie act isn’t about to go against the Big Greater Iz’ or the Big Zi’s plan. Those damaged people that Jon Rappoport spotlights, might as well be Palestinians to D the M or Booby. I hope you can agree that Americans are quite remarkable in their tunnel vision and self imposed gullibility.
      On any occasion, Have you spent time in an American city/ community? You speak a lot like an American in many of your comments. No offense, just curious. My Diplomat Venezuelan friend told me once to look closely at the colloquial idioms a person uses. Also where in Croatia would you develope that vocabulary. Where would a local meet an American who isn’t in military uniform or a short sleeve white shirt and dark tie. You seem to manifest an implausible personality sometimes. I’d almost say you was a Texican. What gives Mr.M ? If you don’t mind, The heartland needs to narrow, widen, harden or soften it’s view a little. Much appreciated.

      • Well, “almost a Texican”. That might just be the nicest compliment I have ever received. Thanks for that!

        I have never lived outside of Croatia. Spent some time in various now failed European continent states and that’s about it. I was never thar much into travel, I don’t mind staring at the same chemtrailed patch of the sky. Very nice during this time of the year.

        Being engulfed in Westernized culture means I get to use English every day, all day. I probably read and listen 10x more information in English than in my native tongue.

        English is the “alchemical language”, after all. It has many hidden meanings and offers syncromysticisms. Almost as if by design.

        I like to gauge the US peoples’ state of mind as it seems to be the most hopeful indicator of sanity, as sad as that is. You guys have ways to go, but at least you aren’t as tunnel visioned as old continent retards.

        I can not say I followed the selection process much, sufficient for me to have a working understanding of its core methodologies. The rigged primaries, the fake two party system (as if anything would change for the better with party count increase; I believe here we have more than 300 parties and it’s a shitshow) and the famous electoral college.

        Just the other day I was listening someone talk about it, the college, and they were saying it’s a feature of a republic, which kind of made sense. In the sense of democracy, and all of its spinoffs, being a giant scam.

        So while I appreciate the random (tangential) truth teller that takes part in the parade trying to fish some people out of the matrix, at the same time they are feeding the system with their energy, as well as that of all of their supporters.

        Which reminds me of the esoteric concept of the Demiurge, the arhitect of our realm, who keeps feeding on strife and anguish. Can the realm continue without feeding the one who built it? I don’t know, but sure as hell it would be interesting to find out.

        • mkey says:
          Well, “almost a Texican”. That might just be the nicest compliment I have ever received. Thanks for that!

          I heard that! 🙂
          Our Texican Republic blushes with pride.

        • Mkey,

          If that don’t beat all. You have rewritten my thesis on Bacon English. The Demiurge of modern language. The size of King James’s balls in rewriting history for a millennia. He needed a wordsmith with just as big a set to pull that off. Big as any modern demiurges. WW1,2 or 3. 911. The big things world rulers like to pull. King James and Bacon lived some interesting times. The outcome of which still resonates today .
          “Syncromysticism,”(now that’s a living word) and “English is the “alchemical language”, after all. It has many hidden meanings and offers syncromysticisms. Almost as if by design.”
          Well you Demiurged my day!
          Hvala vam tecsaski

          • I would like to believe we are on a friendlier basis than that.

            Hvala ti.

            In Croatian we have this “plural you” (in your expression “vam”) that is being used in informal, less then personal fashion. Something like “thank you, sir”.

            While the “singular you” (or “ti”) we would use between friends and family.

            As an aside, I’ve listened a podcast about “you” in legal settings, it’s an incredible ride.

            And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t get me started with the magnificent 7 conjunctions that make any foreigner speaking our language sound retarded. Whoever coined this language must have been chronically constipated.

            • Mkey,
              Fascinating language, Google does not do it justice.

              Hear a really big King James,Bacon operation that is on our doorstep now. Big things in the works.
              Dr.Ana Mahilcea talks jabs and frequencies and brain control. Mind boggling.

              Hope it works. The vax ….

  7. I have to disagree, this is not a solutions watch. Fact checkers is another ploy to waste time.

    Something happened (covid), they lie, and we find the truth and the reason. End.

    If you go after their fact checker, they will come up with a fact checker for your fact check. Nonsense.

    The only benefit for them putting title bars under videos giving the official narrative..say on 911 or climate change .. is that we know it is a topic that they want to control, that’s it. If they have fact checkers, that means they are just trying to waste your time/energy and not so much to right a wrong.

    As their narrative is crumbling, I am busy making my own. We all should be.

    • This is not a solutions watch installment, it’s an episode, somewhat of a clip show. Or am I missing someting?

  8. How many facts could a fact-checker check if a fact-checker could check facts?

  9. I think that so called “Fact Checkers” who are paid to have a bias will find a way to get paid. Hey, they may even have a family to feed. These people are not necessarily all bad, just bad enough not to waste your time listening to.
    One thing about corporations is that they can always be bought, and thus so can the people working for them.
    A Solution would be to avoid Corporate News (propaganda) and have a list of Independent Information Providers that will no doubt very in their prospective.
    The core of the problem resolves around evil players having unlimited supplies of money to pay those who seek financial gain and are willing to compromise (sell) their soul for it. Which brings me to the Trillions unaccounted for by the Pentagon.
    My Theory is that the Oligarchs who control/own the Federal Reserve can create unlimited amounts of money without Congress even knowing it, but they still need a way to Lauder (hide) the money they create, which is what they are using the Pentagon to do for them. The amount of money that we are talking about here adds up to more than what Congress has awarded to the Pentagon. The Pentagon must therefore have another source for money.
    And, that my friend, as Rummy put it, is Horrifying!

  10. When I read that PNAC Paper when the ink was still fresh back then, that was the moment in which I knew that something is wrong with this world. Very wrong. This paper has been published, I mean like, OUT IN THE OPEN, and NOBODY CARED?! It was another serious wtf moment. Almost as shocking an experience as seeing 911 live in TV and knowing they are lying through their teeths. Everybody I was telling of the paper was just not interested, at all. What a clown world the human being has created. It is mind boggling. No wonder most minds refuse to think about it instinctively.

    I must correct: The world is quite ok, its human culture which is corrupt to its bone.

  11. I fear that Corbett consumes some Hopium here. People in fact do believe in propaganda. Sorry to burst this bubble James.

    If any thinking human being with two brain cells does not believe this fc’s, we have a grave problem.

    Because if that is the case, it turns out that a majority of the people are not in the possession of two functioning brain cells to rub together.

    What do we do now with this information?

    I can deliver proof: there was a vote in our country on the effectiveness of the covid laws and responses of the government. A majority of the people gave a thumbs up. Either the vote was rigged, more hopium, or..

  12. I forgot to mention: This vote was in 2023. A clear majority of the people should get the drift by now, one would think. But, nope.

    Besides, this was the day I decided to finally boycott voting by ignoring it entirely in the future.

    It so sad that this culture can only be stomached by ignoring it as best as one can.

  13. The whole topic of ‘fact-checking’ is an exercise in futility.

    It only came to prominence in the last 20 years or so when external post hoc fact-checking organizations started to flourish, mainly in the US.

    What we have are MSM ‘fact-checkers’ policing or ‘fact-checking’ alternative media content essentially.

    Any content that goes counter to the official narrative is immediately deemed
    misinformation, disinformation or pure unadulterated conspiracy theory.

    Look up any false flag event on Wikipedia (the bastion of online truth) and you will find the gospel. The purest of facts, fact-checked umpteen times by the ‘fact-check experts’.

    Try it out with 9/11 for example.

  14. “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    William Casey.
    We can now replace “American public “ with global population and consider this fact checking promotion a way to keep us endlessly chasing the rabbit. Not to say that we shouldn’t. Just saying.

  15. I find it interesting under the “Misinformation in the media” article, the first sentence reads: “Misinformation is a serious problem in scientific debates ranging from climate change to vaccines to nuclear power.”

    If it is trying to uphold “widely-accepted scientific consensus” on these 3 topics, that is climate change, vaccines, and nuclear power, what is it about nuclear power? Is there some psyop that has long been played on the public that it is trying to uphold?

    • Maybe they chose that as it is the authors consider it a “stable” topic so they wanted to include it with these other topics to make the readers infer something from it.

      It could be related to the fact many nuclear power plants are being shut down. I haven’t followed the rationale behind that in detail.

      There is a strong push against nuclear energy by the death cultists, but these insane idiots are pushing against everything.

      Generally, the issue with “nuclear power” is that is equated with light water reactors, which is really not a pinnacle of technology. It wasn’t a pinnacle in the 60es, forget about it being one now.

      Being under the influence of massive death cults does mean many things won’t make much sense. This is unavoidable just as cultivating their death praising ideas is unnatural.

      • I’m thinking more in the direction of the Galen Winsor’s articulated Nuclear Hoax.

        At 1:07:00, he demonstrated that the radioactivity level that we believed to be dangerous is not true.


        Not sure if he is the real deal, but if we were to put it in our current context, it has implications for the alarm caused by release of radioactive water into the sea by Japan. If this is a psyop, the powers that be can attribute cancers to be caused by seafood, and we would be happy that they banned seafood for our health. And maybe seafood might be the only food that is difficult for them to vaccinate in mass, as they do not control the foodchain. Who knows, but that line in the article triggers this thought.

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