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So what was the biggest fake news stinker of 2018? Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave your nominations for worst fake news story of last year in the comments section below.


  1. Hello James! As far as fake news goes I think the SuperMicro story by the Intercept is a good qualifier as it was helping to foment the anti-Chinese tech distrust narrative. Also, the Sergei Skripnal case which definately overshadows most other fake news due to the sheer infeasability, proximity to Porton Down, Novichock chemical identifiers, stripper loving agent bafoonery(also doctored time signature footage) and the unfortunate exposure of local drug addicts to their demise. All highly unlikely events with Julia Skripnal sending a very guarded message to her Russian relatives. And don’t forget the precious Christopher Steele dossier, the lie that keeps on giving. There are plenty more… Crickets…haha
    Thank you so much for your work with Gerry Docherty, WWI Conspiracy and #PropogandaWatch and 9/11 War Games
    Thank you again, Clint

  2. The pentagon creating a FAKE budget to hide the loss of #21 trillion

    Latest Interview: Dr. Mark Skidmore – Deep State Cover-Up of Missing $21 Trillion Deeply Disturbing
    (would rename “Deep state” to “Pentagon and press” ) Greg Hunter

    Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore is being refused access to data that could explain $21 trillion in “missing money” from HUD and DOD. Now, the entire federal budget has been turned into a national security issue. There is literally no more public access to what the government spends your tax money on. Skidmore says, “Now, as of October 4th, we have effectively two sets of books. We have a set of books that can be manipulated and changed by a group of people that determine it’s a national security issue. They can alter the numbers and move things around within . . . or shift funding all the way to hide it. What we are going to do is produce a financial statement that is fake, and we will have no idea how much money was moved around, and we are all going to pretend we are going to have a real report. We will also have an actual report that will remain hidden. . . . It seems self-explanatory that if the government can’t track $21 trillion, there is something deeply wrong.”

    Additionally: The Washington post prints a FAKE story that tells that
    every dollar cancels each other out. Referring to Skidmore, who actually tells the opposite.

    By hiding the budget behind “national security” and making up FAKE numbers
    the Pentagon tries to explain away the disappearance of 21 Trillion dollars.

    I can’t think of a bigger fraud and faker story.
    This involves first the Pentagon, who make up FAKE numbers.
    And secondly the mainstream media, who make up FAKE stories.

    Here is Corbett’s interview with Skidmore:

    Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University joins us to discuss his research with Catherine Austin Fitts into the $21 trillion in unaccounted transactions on the books of the US Department of Defence and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. We discuss what we know and don’t know about the subject, the Pentagon’s nonsensical and inadequate excuses for the debacle, the new accounting guideline that legally allows every department of the federal government to create fake and altered books for public consumption, the recent failed Pentagon audit, the government’s refusal to provide any information about the problem, the failure of congress to pursue the issue, and the failure of the press to report on it.

    This is a criminal organization that somehow stole trillions of money from the US budget. And now you are asking them to come up with excuses of where all this money went.
    “I can tell you: It went to the moon.”

  3. The Russian meddling meme.


    I vote for the story Government Bans Phrase Fake News linked above. This illustrates the line of reasoning, ‘If voting could change anything, they would make it illegal’.

    So when the House of Commons sugar coats the logic behind banning the phrase ‘Fake News’ by stating, ‘The phrase – a favourite of US President Donald Trump – will no longer appear in policy documents or official papers because it is “a poorly-defined and misleading term that conflates a variety of false information, from genuine error through to foreign interference in democratic processes’, you know that the chief propagandist are getting tripped up by their own propaganda.

  5. A test they took in 1960 could predict Alzheimer’s now
    by Tara Bahrampour
    The Washington Post

    Came out around the same time as Harvard Neuroscientist author
    Lisa Genova was on tour pushing fake science on Alzheimers disease.
    The test was called Project Talent test. Funded by the U.S. government.
    No mention of fluoride, aluminum or heavy metal exposure or any environmental exposure, just if they scored low on the test they were prone to get Alzhemer’s and related dementia in their 60s and 70s.
    Bunkem fake news fake science.

  6. Russiagate! All and every fake news report out there that pushes this narrative.

  7. I definitely had to log-in for this. One other member mentioned it actually already!
    It clearly was not the biggest news world-wide but for me it was the biggest highlight without a shadow of a doubt!
    Claas Relotius and his invented fake news stories. End of 2018.
    It was the biggest press scandal in Germany since decades, probably since the “Hitler diaries” (Stern).

    RELOTIUS mainly wrote for DER SPIEGEL but also some articles for other big German newspapers. It went on for years and entails dozens of articles which are invented stories! (And not just some minor stuff put about important topics – more than perfectly aligning with mainstream agenda/sentiment.) And funnily enough the NZZ (big swiss news paper) already canceled stories with him in 2014 (wrote six pieces from 2012-2014 and after one blew, the latest was more than thoroughly proofed and then also regarded as fake and he was rejected onwards).
    He also won multiple awards in Germany and was basically a celebrated “journalist”. Internationally it only broke because CNN was also involved in one situatiion.

    I will write an answer comment to this and search for some of the best. Apart from one correction about a story on medium, English versions may be hard to find (apart from laughable English SPIEGEL excuses which probably exist, as they have a big English online presence as well).

    • excerpts from English Wiki:
      […] articles about Iraqi children kidnapped by the Islamic State, a Guantánamo Bay inmate, and Syrian orphans from Aleppo who ended up as child slaves in Turkey.
      […] CNN revoked his 2014 Journalist of the Year award. The awarded article on an Alzheimer patient in a California prison […]
      Relotius has been accused of embezzling donations intended for Syrian orphans he claimed to have met in Turkey. Relotius appealed to readers for donations to be paid into his personal bank account.

      Ukraine on RT English (headline): Tanks on Maidan, president’s gold bath & more outrageous Ukraine fakes by disgraced Spiegel reporter

      small excerpt from an English article in German Handelsblatt:
      “There was the story about a Syrian boy who believed he triggered the civil war in the country with his graffiti, an article that won the German Reporter Prize just three weeks ago but which was made up.”

      One article (very probably forged as well) which one can still look up at DER SPIEGEL, is called: A Syrian Family’s Quest to Become German

      Also at the start of the “refugee crisis” in 2015, it was accompanied by an invented story of a Syrian refugee who found 1000 Euros and brought this money to the police.

      For people who understand German, I’d recommend nzz or heise articles. Invented stories concerning a Norway prison, an NGO in Albania, about Castro and on and on and on.

      Nearly forgotten, the mentioned medium article is called:
      Der Spiegel journalist messed with the wrong small town by Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn

  8. Hi James,

    I nominate the 2018 IPCC report on global warming for the award !

    Not only is this massive fake news, but it is still brought up by news every week, across the world.

    Interestingly, one can even link the beginning of the yellow vest movement in France with it, as it was basically sparked by the implementation of new carbon taxes as recommended by the report conclusions…

    Hell, the young students in Switzerland went on a strike last Friday, to protest against the government not doing what’s needed to save the climate…. because political action in Switzerland will definitely save the planet you know…

    Every single mainstream media mention this report as a core scientific document. Yet not a single mention of audit result is ever made…

    Best regards from Switzerland, Cheers !

    • Deserves at least “honorable mention!”

  9. this is what I finally realized last year: It is a war for our minds.
    a re-research into some 9/11 related topics, especially the ae911 aspect, around 9/11, made me realize.
    ‘collapse due to gravity’

    flat earth is similar frightening or even “russiagate” for that matter. what can be achieved by simply enough propaganda over and over again. these are some concerning real-society experiments with frightening results.

    concerning 9/11, as so few people have watched it.
    end of August 2018 on the David Chandler channel of ae911 a playlist was released on the Pentagon evidence. absolutely worthwhile to those which are interested.

  10. Since it’s topical, I will suggest the MAGA hat-wearing kid(s) and the Native American confrontational ‘smirkgate’, which is clearly being pushed by leftist mainstream media with an anti-white, anti-Trump, anti-conservative agenda.

    Also, the willful misrepresentation of Ruth B. Ginsburg’s health status by the (same) media. I’m sure there is much fake news being reported in msm regarding the Yellow Vest protests in France and elsewhere, too. Look forward to reviewing the other comments so far, and to getting the highlights on this next Friday for the winners reveal.

    Follow up: Will Brock get a best editor award?

  11. 1. I think the anti-Assad propaganda still takes the cake. I’ll go with the Douma ‘attack’ specifically.

    2. The poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. I almost had to make this my first choice since it’s such a perfect example of highly-coordinated fake news.

    3. I know many Corbett Report viewers don’t like to talk about fake news stories which make Trump look like anything besides another deliberately inserted complicit puppet president, but the extremely widespread, ever-present MSM campaign to connect Trump to Russia and demonize both simultaneously has to be, at the very least, in the running.

    4. Exaggerating/fabricating measles ‘outbreaks’. They were busted in one case. The ‘outbreaks’ were used to prop up Marcon’s largely unpopular mandatory vaccines.

    5. Another ramping up of the climate change scare. Specifically the natural disaster shaming in which every hurricane, flood and firestorm is our fault because we didn’t beg loud enough for more agenda 21/2030 regulations.

    6. The mail ‘bombs’ event makes the list because it was a complete non-story (the ‘bombs’ were laughably non-functional) that was given enormous MSM coverage for political effect.

    I’m sure there’s something significant I’m forgetting to list. Wish I had James’ incredible memory.

    • I don’t think the idea of Trump being a 100% complicit controlled puppet president whilst simultaneously being the victim of untrue propaganda is mutually exclusive.

      If the goal of the elite criminals is to divide and conquer, making both true at the same time works well for them.

  12. how about the kill pieces that tha washington post, the new york times and the nation did on dr. skidmores reporting of the $21 trillion missing from h.u.d & d.o.d. nothing to look at here

    • axen.m, good point! I suppose Skidmore is glade the message got killed instead of the possibility of him joining the 49 Naval forensics accountants at the Pentegon when they were only looking for 2.3 trillion$.

  13. This deserves consideration precisely because this fake news was generated by alternative media source

    • Alex Jones is fake. Some say he’s alt. There was news about it.

      Fake Alt-News.

      Infiltration from the highest order.

  14. Wow a year gone by already…My nomination for this year’s award goes to the NYTimes for their coverage of the, and I quote “so called yellow vest movement” The Times as usual gets it all wrong, focusing on the violence surrounding the protests but not of them while ignoring the ten dead and thousands wounded, some grievously with eyes put out or hands blown off by the state’s order takers against a non violent movement that has as their prime demand called for citizen’s initiative referendum. Marcon as the globalist rep has sicced his order taking dogs on the Yellow Vests who with courage and intelligence are in it for the long haul and are currently the only group on the planet that are taking to the streets against the globalist machinations…to wit

  15. I think that fake science news could have a separate section:
    1. Every problem is related to Climate change
    2. Vaccines are always safe
    3. We see things in the sky, and let our imagination run wild (with maths of course)
    4. No problems with EM-radiation
    5. Psychiatry and psychology is OK (And gender studies)
    6. GMO / Pesticides are surely safe
    7. Tech: AI is almost perfect now
    8. Steel towers can just demolition themselves
    9. What can not be proven directly (or is secret) does not exist
    10. History of WW1 and more
    11. Scientists are skeptical and interested in the truth

    Note: These are all fake.

    You can trust us…
    must trust us…
    must obey us…

  16. So many excellent suggestions! Each and every comment, I’m nodding my head.

    Definitely the Skripal case. A particularly salacious event that I suspect was manufactured hate to further divide we the people was the Kavanaugh/Ford spectacle.

  17. Nomination for Dino award in the Generalissimo-Francisco-Franco-is-still-dead category: the Russian hacking/collusion fake news story that won’t die.

    However, for fake news from the alt-world, the ongoing Q-Anon hope-hoax has to be at the top of the list.

  18. My Nomination for Dino Award is Of all the Anti-Russian PR, Skripal Poisonings kept the headlines despite lack of evidence. “Repeat a lie often enough and it will believed” continues to be propagated onto a gullible and dumbed down audience. TV has been installed near the elevators of business complexes, shopping-malls and food courts, among other venues, as people subconsciously imbibe their daily nourishment of Fake News, 24/7, while they compete with others to confidently spew their ‘ice-breaker memes’. A constructive-discussion is near-impossible with these ‘programmed-robots’. Take note of their ‘glassy, hypnotized look’, particularly noticeable among news-anchors, university-graduates and corporate-recruits etc. The movie ‘The Circle’ says it all while few manage to outsmart the system.

  19. I nominate the California “wildfires”. Look at any random picture and you see homes razed to the ground, cars with the rims melted onto the pavement surrounded by pine trees with nary a singed needle. Calling the events “wildfires” is as fake as it gets. This attack was more insidious than 9-11 and needs to be investigated.

  20. It’s the enigma wrapped in an enema/er…enigma all over again.

    Faking the faking. Dogging the dog, all over again.

    They lead with the good news:

    “The good news is that psychologists and other social scientists are working hard to understand what prevents people from seeing through propaganda”

    but are quick to follow down the bad news path:

    “we often fail to exercise our critical faculties: that is, we’re mentally lazy.”

    I won’t bother to follow down this folly further, but suffice it to say the reporter is

    “Gordon Pennycook,” “an assistant professor at the Hill & Levene Schools of Business at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan.” and “David Rand,” “an associate professor at the Sloan School of Management and the department of brain and cognitive sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

    • Ruh roh. That’s this year’s news. Damn, disqualified on a technicality!


    From ZH article…I am using the terms “horsesh!t” and “a bunch of horsesh!t” (as opposed to terms like “failures” and “errors”),

    James, you point out the weoponization of social media,it seema, all the time. Well it looks to me that corporate media is is play the same game of hide the salami.

    So I recast my vote for ‘The Corporate Media Weaopnization of Fake News’.

  22. == SAIDIT.NET ==

    First, I’d like to introduce and invite you to – an uncensored Reddit-like site with a lean against corruption (which is a normie way to say it’s full of truthers, conspirophiles, NWO, collusion, US-Israel, true crime, etc etc etc). Speaking for myself, assuming they’ll concur, I welcome everyone to join SAIDIT.NET. There are A LOT of Corbett fans there.

    The founder of SaidIt, “magnora7”, has been on The Higherside Chats and Tin Foil Hat podcasts twice each. He’d be honoured to appear on TCR (by voice only I think). I’d be thrilled.

    If you wish to know more about feel free to browse or join, or read this new (and still very rough) encyclopedic article :

    Infogalactic is another uncensored resource. It was because of the (long outdated) article on that was linked by the “Prop-Or-Not” list that the Washington Post referenced a few years back – and for that Corbett kindly gifted me a membership. That JC article also, in part, got be banned from Wikipedia for a year for being “another polite truther”, forcing me to discover Infogalactic.

    I’d also be thrilled if JC joined SaidIt too. Unless someone beats me to it I intend to start a TCR sub soon for folks to post and discuss all things TCR.

    == To my point ==

    I’ve posted this contest on :

    I will repost all their submission here too.

      • I think it is just a non important component. Chips like this are usually amplifiers or protections against voltage spikes.

        The article is written technically but with no actual real content. It does not really tell anything about the chip. They only make claims and talk about how bad it is. This means that it is written by a CIA/NSA insider as propaganda.

        Now let’s switch on the bullshit detector:

        1. It is much easier to put undetectable backdoors and such in the bios. Your phone and the apps have backdoors already that you don’t know of.

        2. The chip only has 6 ports. To modify memory you need 32 or more. So it should be a low speed USB-stick like thing. Which has well a defined interface. Something which is easy to get all information out. It would be very easy to tell if it was connected as USB. No report showed that.

        3. I have not seen any video explaining the ins and outs of that chip, while I can find it for almost every other component. Even the backdoor-instructions of the Intel chips.

        4. There are tiny processors added to the Intel that we can not detect without a electron microscope. These are likely components for backdoors. There are people scanning such chips as a hobby. Did not see a scan of this chip. If I was sincerely interested in this chip, I would have done a full scan and published it.

        5. All technical companies who have the technical capabilities, denied that this chip did anything bad. It should be easy for them to check it, as they have all the equipment. Much easier than checking the Intel for backdoors.

        6. The US was starting a trade-war against China. This perfectly fits in as propaganda. It also failed, because technical companies did not support it. Now they use the trade with Iran as a way to block China.

  23. Well I’m in Ireland and for me the biggest load of BS among heaps of it last year has to be the event just across the water in Britain concerning the Skripals. There are so many crazy strands to this story it is a classic.

    The PM Theresa May announced the chemical used and who did it (Russia) within 2 hours of it happening even though the British police claimed not to have a clue several weeks later.

    The Skripals themselves and the policeman who was apparently affected by the “novichok” have not been heard of for months.

    Porton Down, the major chemical warfare installation in the world, is just 8 miles down the road from where the “event” happened.

    Britain claimed that no country other than Russia had any knowledge about novichok even though it was the United States who removed Russia’s stockpile.

    A leading British scientist specialising in chemical contamination who had called the science in the Skripal affair nonsense was arrested and detained under an obscure act of 1873 without ever being told why. He believes it was a threat to shut him up.

    According to a member of the House of Lords a “D” notice has been placed on this story so it can’t be investigated or talked about by the MSM.

    Not one scrap of proof of any of it has ever been produced.

    I could go on but space prohibits.

  24. I also nominate the Novichok-incident (Skripal).
    Contamination in Salisbury, very close to Porton Down, the chemical weapons lab of the British Army.
    First responder turns out to be Colonel Alison McCourt, a veteran service member who currently holds the position of chief nursing officer in the British Army.:-)

  25. How about a theme to fake you out: learned helplessness.

    I see this as part of why the Big Deep Brother (hereafter xxBDBxx) pushes the “climate catastrophe” button with such zeal. It’s the kind of thing which people kinda have to say, “The xxBDBxx’s too big, the xxBDBxx’s too strong” and just throw in the towel in the game of resistance.

    But even more insidious, I think, is what’s done in education with “no child left behind” and “race to the top” and standardized testing, now coupled with no basic skills instruction at the community colleges in California…troupled with something they’re calling, “Guided Pathways.” You want to find the quickest path to indentured servitude? Simply follow the lighted aisles to the exit…oops! Sorry, no parachute after all!

    “I had to let him go.” –ARNOLD SHVARTZENEGGER”

      • Also, please make some kind of reference to an armed Chicken Little holding your children’s future hostage if you don’t pay up for Climate Change.

        Also also, Fake News: the untimely demise of James T. Corbett, captain of this fair TCR enterprise.

        Also also also, Fake News: Seth Rich is alive after giving birth to Big Foot’s baby. They’re all doing well. So I’ve heard.

  26. It is all about this year, but had to laugh about these things:

    Snopes Introduces New ‘Factually Inaccurate But Morally Right’ Fact Check Result

    So it is no problem when it is fake, as long it is in line with our morals/ politics.


    More fake news promotion:

    ‘Perfect accuracy’: WikiLeaks hits back at ‘neocon’ app NewsGuard, which labeled it untrustworthy

    funny&offensive: calling it J—Guard
    Wikileaks is getting more responsive toward the mainstream, and they
    are starting some legal procedures.

  27. (The following is not a submission for the 2018 Fake News Award.)

    January 23, 2019 – The Wall Street Journal
    BuzzFeed to Cut 15% of Its Workforce

    (via a non-paywall)

    EXCERPTS (note the amount of funding)
    BuzzFeed is planning to lay off about 15% of its workforce…The cuts could affect around 250 jobs, the people said…

    …Another driver of the cuts is to help the company avoid raising money again, one of the people said. BuzzFeed has raised about $500 million and was valued at about $1.7 billion following its last funding round in 2016…

    …Its investors include Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal—which has invested $400 million—Andreessen Horowitz, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, RRE Ventures and Hearst Ventures…

    There are signs of growing pressure in the industry.
    The online publisher Mic recently agreed to sell itself to women-focused publisher Bustle Digital Group for about $5 million. Refinery29, the lifestyle-focused publisher that targets millennial women, laid off 10% of its workforce last fall…

    …BuzzFeed has been through other painful rounds of layoffs.

    In 2017, the company cut about 100 staffers after missing its revenue target of approximately $350 million by 15% to 20%. The miss led the company to put plans for an initial public offering on hold. In 2016, the company recorded about $250 million in revenue.

    The layoffs in 2017 were mostly on the company’s business side. Since then, BuzzFeed closed its operations in France and pulled the plug on its in-house podcast production team.

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