FLASHBACK: Meet Smedley Butler (2010)

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FROM 2010: He was a tenacious soldier, the most decorated officer in the history of the U.S. Marine Corps . . . and he detested war. Find out about the tyrannical government moves and secretive fascist plots that turned this famous general into a campaigner against war on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.


Documentation – Episode 123 – Meet Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 00:28
Description: 2010 podcast episode that you are watching the visualization of (includes mp3 audio download).
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – YesXorNo Substack spruiks Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 02:17
Description: Corbett Report member continues to promote this episode.
Link To: YesXorNo Substack
Documentation – Corbett Report 2010 Data Archive (USB Flash Drive)
Time Reference: 04:20
Description: Containing over 17 GB of data, this 2010 Data Archive has the audio, video and text files of every Corbett Report production from 2010.
Link To: New World Next Week store
Documentation – Hans Schmidt on Butler and the Bonus March
Time Reference: 09:15
Description: From a 2008 episode of the radio program History Counts.
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation – Smedley Butler speaks at the Bonus March 1932
Time Reference: 11:17
Description: Actual recording of one of Butler’s speeches.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The White House Coup
Time Reference: 17:19
Description: BBC whitewash on Butler and the Business Plot.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation – The American Liberty League and its Financiers
Time Reference: 26:19
Description: Information on the American Liberty League and its corporate backers.
Link To: The Constantine Report
Documentation – McCormack-Dixtein Committee Final Report to Congress
Time Reference: 27:03
Description: Quotations from 74th Congress House of Representatives Report, pursuant to House Resolution No. 198, 73d Congress, February 15, 1935.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation – War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 30:32
Description: Empassioned reading of Smedley Butler’s famous speech by Graham Frye.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Ron Paul’s What if? speech
Time Reference: 36:11
Description: Watch this YouTube video and spread it around. It is an excellent production.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
Time Reference: 40:27
Description: The NY Times exposes what we all already know: that the warmongers are paid Pentagon shills.
Link To: NYTimes
Documentation – Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece
Time Reference: 41:35
Description: A must-see look behind the scenes as Alex Jones gets interviewed by CNN…and he tears them a new one.
Link To: Daily Motion
Documentation – War is a Racket (book)
Time Reference: 42:21
Description: Read the entire book online.
Link To: Archive.org


  1. My son did 1 tour of duty in Korea, then 2 in Afghanistan and 3 tours in Ramadi Iraq where he had his hearing completely gone in one ear and compromised in the other. The reason I tell you this is because after serving 16 years and 9 months in the US Army and with his hearing loss they told him he could still finish his 20 year career by teaching the last 2 years at fort Benning, GA.
    Well that was a lie, he was forced to take a early retirement once stationed back at Benning, and for them doing this to him made him bitterly angry and confused. He told me he didn’t know what he did wrong, why did they lie to me, he didn’t care about the money he was a career soldier and now he was at a cross roads that left him with nowhere to go. He has PTSD but of course wouldn’t listen to his mother and me and get help, on July 4th 2015 he took his pistol and killed himself after going out partying with some brothers in arms. FUCK THE US ARMY AND … OHHH, I

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. Your son (and your family) deserves so much more.

    • I am saddened to hear this. Thanks for sharing A57.

  2. Channel restricted, contains incitement for hatred. Haha, well well well.

  3. Seeing the re-promotion of this fantastic “Episode 123” (there’s a hidden meaning in there somewhere, I’m sure ;)) warms my heart.

    I forget how many times I have used/promoted this episode in my writing.

    The thing I love about the episode is that JC actually dug up some original audio, so that we can actually hear the man. Gruff, honest, forceful; one can understand why soldiers fought beside and for him.

    His journey is one of inspiration. I have said many times that his portrait should hang in the Oval Office as a warning and guiding light.

    Thank you, James, for reviving this all too important episode.

  4. I thought the article about Palantir was excellent, just for the record.

    • Comments don’t reflect impact. Truth seldom applause. War is a Racket, probably not a New York Times bestseller (speculation on my part), but relevance nearly a century later can’t be understated.

  5. Dear James
    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on the recent elections in Brazil and the victory of Lula(“left”)? Supported by the most corrupted and mercenary TV station Rede Globo? And by all those fu**ing rich, white, celebrities “pro-vaccine pro-black pro-women pro-poor pro-lgbt pro-trans pro-climate change pro-war/jugment/blood/violence of anyone who disagrees and pro-bullying of any pro-choice free-thinker alive?
    Are elections even a true thing? Or it’s all staged?
    Thank you!

  6. Meet Smedley Butler (2010) really strikes an emotional chord for a mature audience.

    I think that Butler’s energetic passion, his unswerving dedication to the humanity of man resonates with all of us at Corbett Report.
    In my eyes, this is what it means to be human.

  7. Its no wonder this was and is a popular video.
    With the innocuous title of ‘Meet Smedley Butler’ you might assume its going to be a dreary episode about another cog in the New World Order machine. Instead, it lays bare the whole stinking Globalist / New World Order plot for all to see.

  8. Dear James and Brock,

    Firstly, I was unaware that there was a new video for this. I thought it was just the original. I can see that Brock has done an excellent job of adding new visuals to the original episode.

    Secondly, thank you for the acknowledgment.

    You state that as a creator one cannot be sure as to whether a piece of work will connect with an audience. Some beautiful creations do not receive the air beneath their wings, while other maybe/maybe-not creations soar. Fair call.

    However, this had to succeed. You have the most decorated US Marine in history turning into a peacenik and recognizing that he has been serving as the muscle for US corporations, and to cap it off he exposes a fascist plot in the 1930s in the US. How can this NOT fly?

    It is because of these elements that make the story so important, and thus easy to “spruik”. Or to put that another way, it is easy to sell a good product.

    Thank you, Brock, for adding graphics to elevate this classic episode. It flies again!


      • Wooops. Thanks for the korrection.

        Broc it is. Apologies to the masterful video editor and his parents.

  9. Thanks James, triggered me into buying the Audiobook of Gen Butler’s book. Particularly poignant as NATO fights its proxy war with Russia until the last Ukrainian has died.

  10. Alex Jones/CNN video at the DailyMotion link doesn’t work ?. I couldn’t find any other that would either… anyone have a working link, I’d like to see that.

  11. James, to reinforce your point of never knowing what will resonate with people, my most read article remains “to this day” one on the Dutch farmer protests. It’s a little “off topic” for me. It took only a day to research. But there it stands.

    So, yep. Ya just dont know. 🙂


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