Flashback: Climategate (2009)

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FROM 2009: Just as the oligarchs are moving to consolidate their power in a new global governmental scheme based on the manmade climate change scare, their fraud has been exposed. The source code doesn’t lie, unlike the scientists who have perverted the good name of science in the pursuit of their political goals.


Documentation – Corbett Report 2009 Data Archive (USB Flash Drive)
Time Reference: 00:20
Description: Get your copy today from the New World Next Week store!
Link To: New World Next Week
Documentation – FLASHBACK: The Bankster Bailouts (2009)
Time Reference: 00:45
Description: In this flashback to the Economics 101 series, Michel Chossudovsky of globalresearch.ca explains the circular mechanism by which the banks become creditors of the very government that is bailing them out and thus leverage financial power over the political system itself.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – Timothy Francis Ball Obituary
Time Reference: 01:51
Description: RIP Dr. Tim Ball (1938-2022)
Link To: Generalist Journal
Documentation – Intervention of H.E. Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, New President of EU Council
Time Reference: 03:05
Description: “The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”
Link To: EU@UN
Documentation – How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World
Time Reference: 05:10
Description: The overview and history of how the oiligarchy is transitioning us into a global system of technocratic governance.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – Interview 1676 – Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet
Time Reference: 07:00
Description: Meet GFANZ and the latest plan to take over the planet in the name of appeasing the weather gods.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – Corbett Report Podcast Episode 110a – Climategate
Time Reference: 07:54
Description: Original podcast of this episode (mp3 and show notes)
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – WTO Director General: Global Governance Based on the EU Model
Time Reference: 09:02
Description: Daniel Taylor connects the dots on the global governance agenda.
Link To: OldThinkerNews.com
Documentation – UK and France propose climate fund for poor
Time Reference: 09:38
Description: What? You don’t think it’s actually going to end up going to the poor?
Link To: BBC News
Documentation – Global Warning: Leaked “Climate Fraud” emails under probe
Time Reference: 11:11
Description: A (mostly) fair piece on the Climategate scandal from Russia Today.
Link To: RT.com
Documentation – CLIMATE BOMBSHELL: Hacker leaks thousands of emails showing conspiracy to “hide” the real data on manmade climate change
Time Reference: 15:47
Description: My first article on the subject as the story was breaking.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – The warming conspiracy’s most damning emails
Time Reference: 18:57
Description: Highlights some of the more interesting parts of the leaked CRU correspondence.
Link To: Herald Sun
Documentation – climategate: hacked emails expose climate control schemes
Time Reference: 19:08
Description: Data dump on the Climategate affair.
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation – ClimateGate for Dummies
Time Reference: 19:35
Description: Master article with links to dozens of other articles and videos on the subject.
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation – CRU Emails may be open to interpretation, but commented code by the programmer tells the real story
Time Reference: 20:16
Description: The code spills the beans.
Link To: WattsUpWithThat
Documentation – Climategate: The Backstory
Time Reference: 21:32
Description: Prescient video on the CRU released by The Corbett Report just weeks before the Climategate story broke.
Link To: Odysee
Documentation – Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails
Time Reference: 24:12
Description: Interview with historical climatologist about the climategate scandal.
Link To: Odysee
Documentation – Ed Begley, Jr. Loses Control Over ClimateGate
Time Reference: 31:25
Description: Begley blows a gasket and becomes a broken record: peer-review, peer-review, peer-review.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The Wegman Report
Time Reference: 34:43
Description: Ad Hoc Committee Report on the ‘Hockey Stick’ Global Climate Reconstruction
Link To: UTDalls.edu
Documentation – Climategate: how the MSM reported the greatest scandal in modern science
Time Reference: 35:09
Description: That headline should read: “FAILED to report.”
Link To: James Delingpole
Documentation – BBC Climate Correspondent Was Forwarded CRU Emails Five Weeks Before They Were Made Public
Time Reference: 39:41
Description: A BBC Weather presenter who was discussed by scientists in the “climategate” emails says he was forwarded the material more than five weeks before it was made public on the internet.
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation – NY Times reporter whitewashes Climategate story he is part of
Time Reference: 41:01
Description: What will the ombudsman say?
Link To: GreenHellBlog
Documentation – Pretending the climate email leak isn’t a crisis won’t make it go away
Time Reference: 43:21
Description: I actually agree with Monbiot on that headline’s injunction.
Link To: Guardian




  1. Monumental. This is the work that made me an unconditional Corbett groupie. Very important coverage of this colossal scam, live as it was breaking. We mustn’t lose sight of this as the scam reaches new dizzying depths in deception, diversion and technocratic dictatorship.
    and damn! I hadn’t heard about Tim Ball’s death! Hat’s off to him for his considerable role in bringing the scam to light and all the bravery and tenacity that that required (even if we didn’t agree on the subject of chemtrails).

    Chemtrails or Contrails? Another Alarmist Issue Without Scientific Context

  2. This was a fabulous FLASHBACK. I love these. I remember the era.

  3. Thanks that got me searching.
    Harde’s 2019 paper in which he challenges the anthropogenic CO2 proportion fig 7 appears to show a very similar average shape comparing that to the total CO2 measurements. Could it be coincidence over so many years?
    Or maybe I don’t understand.

  4. Consclusion:

    “…We show that this approach is in agreement with all observations, and under this premise not really human activities are responsible for the observed CO2 increase and the expected temperature rise in the atmosphere, but just opposite the temperature itself dominantly controls the CO2 increase. Therefore, not CO2 but primarily native impacts are re-sponsible for any observed climate changes…

    …Thus, not really anthropo-genic emissions but mainly natural processes, in particular the temperature, have to be considered as the dominating impacts for the observed CO2 increase over the last 270 yr and also over paleoclimate periods…”

    But maybe Mr. Harde doesn’t understand.

    • Normally this comment was a confirmative reply to Bsand’s comment above and without the “s” in “conclusion”. And with a savvy mitigation in the use of bold type.

    • BUMP

      Excellent and very important quote. Bold italics brings it home.

    • Why would the shape of Harde’s human contribution graph be so similar to that of actual CO2 readings?

      Temperature increase does release the greenhouse gas methane from the Arctic region which I guess would feed back into more warming.

      Natural processes as in plant decay release CO2 but take it up again as they grow.

      I would welcome comment on the IPCC chart on page 188 of this

      • This video entitled Basic Science for “Climate Scientists” helped me to understand a concept that a French scientist by the name of François Gervais tried to explain. I believe it’s called ‘saturation’.

        If you start at 10:45 of the video (in minutes:seconds) Tony Heller explains why more CO2 in the atmosphere does not equal more heat trapped in the atmosphere and I’m thinking perhaps the same goes for methane. But you can judge for yourself as the chart includes methane along with other trace gases.


        But actually, the whole video’s interesting.

      • At 3:20 into the video you may have an answer to your first question.

        • As CO2 rises nature will have to go back having foraminifera which can change the pH of sea water so they can develop shells.
          ” one order of foraminifera has evolved a calcification pathway, by which it produces calcite with a very high Mg content, suggesting that these species do not alter the Mg/Ca ratio of vacuolized seawater considerably. The cellular mechanism that makes it possible to precipitate calcite at high Mg concentrations, however, has remained unknown. Here we demonstrate that they are able to elevate the pH at the site of calcification by at least one unit above seawater pH and”

          • I’m a bit pressed to honour an appointment with the hamster wheel but I’ll submit this in the meantime:

            “…The specter of acidification seems irrelevant to carbonate-shelled animals, according to the evidence. What of fish and fish larvae? A study by Munday et al. (7) found CO2 acidification had no detectable effect on embryonic duration, egg survival and size at hatching. As for adult fish, they found that most shallow-water fish tested to date appear to compensate fully their acid-base balance within several days of exposure to elevated CO2 concentrations…

            …Can the oceans ever become actually acidic? There is no evidence that the oceans were ever acidic during the past 500 million years, even when atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was more than 10 times current levels. This implies that besides temperature and partial-pressure, there is a third controlling factor. That factor is the buffering effect of the reaction between basaltic oceanic crustal rocks with carbon dioxide (carbonic acid). This reaction uses up excess carbonic acid thereby keeping the pH of ocean water within strict limits…”


              • Bsand

                There is not cure for co2 other then a mass culling of poor people (and poor includes you unless you happen to have multiple millions of $ )

                After the mass culling the majority of the survivors will need to live in poverty at something like 1st century AD tech while the rich fly around, feasting like gods, in their aircraft.

                THAT is the only way CO2 will come down, that is how they plan to being it down….. I will happily take my chances with co2 over that future as will any sane person who does not want to watch their family die of want.

              • Duck writes: “There is not cure for co2 other then a mass culling of poor people.”
                Or to change the economic system.
                Catherine Austin Fitts says the culling plan is because there would not be sufficient money to pay all the promised age benefits.
                How would you define, “public interest?”
                1. Offering a life where you learn and live.
                2. Offering a life where the dollar is the vote.

                1 could be Amish type, for want of a better word, enhanced by technology. Keep you old clothes for warmth. Huddle together. Watch people go through Erik Erikson’s stages of life, getting to the eighth which enlightens with another aspect on being in control. Cultivate the soil.
                2 grab power and control as your life aim.


              • Bsand

                “….Or to change the economic system….”

                That is what they are doing… their power grab is excused by the CO2 myth.
                Bsand, do YOU REALLY THINK that the economic system is going to change in any way that is good for you or normal people?

                “…Catherine Austin Fitts says the culling plan is because there would not be sufficient money to pay all the promised age benefits….”

                I do not know her well enough to comment on that specific statment but the Culling plan is HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD… you should go over and look at some Jay Dyer “writings of the elite” series or read Dr EM Jones. In the FRENCH revoultion they were talking about killing of 1/3rd of the population as ‘surplus’ (#WorldRevolution, by #Nesta Webster) and Malthus and Darwinism both grow OUT OF the same philosophical roots.

                “…How would you define, “public interest?”
                1. Offering a life where you learn and live.
                2. Offering a life where the dollar is the vote….”

                I do not understand the question… the way you giove TWO options makes it appear that everyone must choose one of them, which is the same BS Enlightenment thinking that Technocracy comes from.

                Lol, 😉 Who died and made YOU the arbiter of people choices?

                Lots of people are ignorant as pig poop AND LIKE IT, lots of people want to waste their life in degeneracy, others have religious goals they put before everything else, most people pretty much want to live quiet NPC lives and consume stuff and enjoy the ride.

                Thus to me “public interest” is leave people alone as much as possible.

                …1 could be Amish type, for want of a better word, enhanced by technology. Keep you old clothes for warmth. Huddle together…..”

                Good for you, do you homestead?
                Have you got much experience with the land and living off it?
                Do you have some freinds to do it with you?

                Even assuming that you DO have those things why would you think EVERYONE wants that??
                You should read the Unabomber, since you are making teh mistake he see’s in the “Leftish” types… he is dead on when he says that the Big Lie of “Equality” is actually people saying “You CAN be as good as me IF you take up MY values and My lifestyle”

                Most people do not WANT to live like Amish, you go ahead and good luck to you. Especially since the Amish are being ATTACKED right now to ‘save us ‘from CO2 and Nitrogen and “unsafe” farm practice.

                “… Watch people go through Erik Erikson’s stages of life, getting to the eighth which enlightens with another aspect on being in control. Cultivate the soil….”

                Go do that and leave the NPC’s alone, while they disgust me I really do not want to see a do-over of Cambodia and Year Zero or the Cultural Revolution in China. I know IRL people who had to go thru the latter and they did NOT like it

              • Duck says:
                10/05/2022 at 2:35 am

                “….Or to change the economic system….”

                That is what they are doing”

                Rather they are killing people to fit their economic system.

                In 2004 in NZ when we still had a “Sport and Recreation Commission,” gardening and walking were the top two preferred physical recreations. Now people are being crammed into small apartments near alcoholic liquor and video gaming outlets to keep the financial system happy.

  5. Does anyone happen to have a mirror of the wikileaks download of the climategate leak ? It does not work for me at this point and I would love to have a look at this for myself !

    • Sorry don’t have what you’re asking for but you reminded me of this:


      “Assange on Climategate
      Steve McIntyre
      “Nov 30, 2010 at 9:48 AM

      Jeff Id links to a YouTube video of WikiLeaks’ Assange making a variety of untrue or inflated claims about Climategate and WikiLeaks’ role.
      Assange falsely claimed that the Climategate emails were broken by WikiLeaks. This is obviously untrue as CA readers know……If Assange has a shred of evidence to support his lunatic theory he should release it. What’s with these secret communications between him and UK intelligence: out with it, Mr Wikileaks! Bloody poser.
      On this issue at least they are nothing but fakes and cretins. Saying that UEA released all the background emails and whatnot to provide the full context is beyond idiocy; and Assange’s discussion of the “trick” is just painful to watch.””…”

    • The above is mostly a Ross McKitrick quote.

      And here are some more November 2010 comments from the Climate Audit site concerning Wikileaks lack of interest in the Climategate story:

      Posted Nov 30, 2010 at 5:54 PM | Permalink
      I imagine that I am not the only one who tried to interest WikiLeaks in the ClimateGate e-mails. I was simply ignored.

      Anyone else have any feedback from WikiLeaks??

      Ed Snack
      Posted Nov 30, 2010 at 6:33 PM | Permalink
      FWIW, back when it first broke I also tried to send links and a copy of at least some of the files that I had downloaded to Wikileaks. No response and nothing ever appeared on their site. They weren’t, at that stage, apparently interested…“…”


    The UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming, recently admitted in a discussion with the World Economic Forum that the globalist institution has partnered with Big Tech platforms like Google in order to control search results on subjects like climate change, making the establishment narrative the predominant narrative while suppressing information and data that runs contrary to the UN’s climate agenda.

    Fleming went on to state that the UN is in control of the science:
    “We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do.”

    47 second Video
    WEF/UN: “We own the science.”

    Monday Oct 3, 2022
    “We Own The Science”: UN Official Admits That They Partner With Google To Control Search Results

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