FLASHBACK: You Are Being Programmed to Accept Global ID

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FROM 2015: Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification. Now there are federally standardized and globally synchronized ID cards, government-sponsored online ID projects, DNA databases, and even secret databases of your newborn baby’s genetic information and nobody bats an eyelid. How did we get here, and how can we break this conditioning?


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  1. Thank you for posting this flashback episode. I had drawn my line in the sand with the jab, but am still on the fence about the ID because of my age (near the end of my 6th decade). My heart says “live free or die,” but I am wondering how I will die.

    Wondering how I long I can survive without a digital ID, if it comes to pass before I pass away, and wondering the least painful way to exit this world. Are there any other seniors who are wondering what to do when they no longer have access to means of survival? If one cannot pay property taxes (or rent), the county will take the property, so there is no “homesteading” option without being in this system. I don’t know what kind of community one can maintain once the social credit system is in effect – who will want to have their “points” or funds slashed for helping a non-conformist, especially an old one.

    Just wondering what the likely consequences will be if one refuses to partake in the digital ID system and CBDC. Any solutions? (Not going to Canada for help – MAiD.)

    • jo-ann,
      I think that you raise some very valid concerns with context.
      Situations for Boomers can be much different than younger age groups.

    • The digital ID will not work if enough people and businesses say NO. We all need to reject it together.
      Do Not Comply.

    • jo-ann
      I have one of those old cards and it is exactly like James describes. Got it when I was 16, 67 years ago.
      I know what you are trying to deal with. I too wonder some of those same things. But I have to revert back to what I’m told by God’s words, that I should not fear he who can kill the body, but only He who can destroy both soul and body in hell. I know that I will surly die sometime. Probably not far ahead now. But then who knows what God has in store for those who love Him.
      Satan has been loosed for his little season and has gone out to deceive the world as much as the Lord will allow him to do. Most do not have any idea about what this means. Yes, some believe there is a devil. They use the word evil, that’s Devil without the D, all the time to refer to what’s going on. They say they believe in God but they do not know Him. He has told what to look for and what will happen just before He returns. When He confronted the children of the devil He clearly explained in a very few words what they would do. They will do the lusts of their father, and those lusts are to lie and to murder. He did not go into a big long and confusing speil about it. It is up to those with faith and common sense to read and understand what He is saying. First He is saying it so that His people will know and understand what will happen and who will be involved in it.
      So how many ways are there to lie? How many ways can one be murdered? I don’t think either one of us could list them all. I won’t even begin to try.
      There is so much information in God’s Word about these times. Discriptions. Actions. It’s all through the Scriptures. The very first lie? “Ye shal not surly die”. The Dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan speaking to Eve.
      One major thing that is foretold is how the Antichrist will “cast down truth to the ground”. Just look what is being done to “Truth” today. It’s almost more than one can get their head around. Again I won’t even try to list what all of this entails. Men can become women? Women can become men? Or each can become neither if they choose? My pastor once told me that to the extent that one is out of tune with God,
      to that extent one is insane.
      When I read from people who seem to believe that there is hope for a “return to normal”, and that “we” can get things fixed peacefully, etc, etc, I keep thinking about how I deal with the fleas and ticks that are all around where I live. I always treat them all the same.

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    • While I do not think hoping someone (or something) external that is supposedly going to zap our problems away and punish the bad guys etc (like some kind of biblical interpretation that tells the story of how one just has to take on the role of a spectator watching sports and cheer for the right team and then ‘judgement day’ or something is going to happen and everything will get fixed for us) is a very constructive or wise course of action, I do see immense value in combining the choice to have faith and love in one’s heart (while also combining that inner state with outward life affirming courageous actions).

      While the possibility of an all out globalized totalitarian regime with armies of murderous, thieving goons, thought police and digital prison wardens attempting to enforce the edicts of oligarchs exists (where they may shut off one’s bank account if we do not submit and obey) this does not mean that within that nightmarish worst case scenario they would succeed in getting everyone nor does it mean they could sustain that unnatural, unstable and top heavy system of oppression for very long.

      While I do believe that each of us have a pre-determined time when we have agreed to leave this Earth (and no amount of prayer or will power will extend that time frame) the time we do have here can be drastically improved and our efforts supported in meaningful ways through genuine, open-hearted prayer/meditation (especially when combined with choices based in integrity, compassion and courage). The Creator of all things does not interrupt or override our free will, but when invited to be part of our lives on Earth, all things become possible.

      Thus even in the worst of the storm that seems to be looming on the horizon there is the possibility that one could be guided to make it through with not only their health but also their integrity intact if they have faith and choose to live with courage and integrity.

      I have faith that if one chooses actions that are in the interest of embodying truth, living with integrity, protecting those that cannot protect themselves, giving a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves, offering pathways to healing, empowerment, hope and unification of our family of humanity (and our more than human family) there are beings that work closely with the Creator of all things that are willing and able to provide protection and guidance.


      • Are you talking to me?


        • @joebear

          Hey there, nope my comments were addressed to jo-ann (though I am open to discussing the content of my comments with you if you feel moved to do so).

          Thank you for checking. I will try to make it more clear who I am addressing in the future.

          • Gavinm
            No problem. I’m new here and don’t know the ropes yet.


            • @joebear

              I am also relatively new here (compared to many of the long term Corbeteers that frequent these comment threads).

              I would like to offer you a warm welcome. I hope you find much of the material in the Solutions Watch episodes available on the website to offer empowering and practical info for solving the challenges you face.

              Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 2023 that offers you many opportunities be of service to your community and the Creator of all things in a way that offers you lasting fulfillment.

              • @Gavinm

                Thank you.
                I understand your wish. I would like to believe that it is possible too but reality won’t allow me to delude myself.
                I recently read an article from one who is often featured on
                Lew Rockwell’s site. He was offering his feelings about what
                going on and what are the possible solutions. I offered him some info based upon things written in the Bible but he said that he doesn’t really put any faith in something, (God), that cannot be proved to exist in the first place.
                As you can imagine, I didn’t get very far with that subject so
                I left him with a few thoughts;

                ” Otherwise there is no reasonable purpose for us to be here in the first place. We obviously are not able to come together as a species and insure our collective survival and well-being are we? And in view of what’s been happening very recently, Scamdemic poisons, Ukraine, monetary meltdown etc. etc. etc. only a fool would believe that it’s gonna get any better or go back to something better than it is now. I don’t disagree with all that you point out and suggest, and I actually do a lot of the things you believe everyone should and could do. But in your heart of hearts, and mine too, we both know that it just ain’t gonna happen is it?
                I’m not looking for some super dude to all of a sudden come sweeping onto the scene and bring the world to some great “reset” where we all have the kind of situation that you write about coming to pass and humanity is forever saved. And I think you are in the same frame of mind where that’s concerned. Everything else that’s right and good in the kind of world you write about will never be possible until the free-fall of morality is completely reversed and taken back to where it needs to be. Without that, nothing else worthwhile can happen. And the big question then becomes; “How does one legislate morality?” Dare we try to force that onto anyone with some kind of law or regulation?
                Especially in the “western world”, society is now so morally corrupt and ugly that it’s beyond description. It makes me wonder if Sodom and Gemorrah were this bad. And look what happened to them. That’s if one believes what is recorded in the scriptures, and I know that you do not and that’s ok. Your choice. I guess nukes and other types of armaments from the sky might appear to some as fire and brimstone. But the end result will be the same either way won’t it?”

                His response was less than positive.
                So that’s why I don’t feel very positive about tomorrow or the day after…
                As far as James Corbett goes, I don’t believe there is anyone out there who has more common sense and honesty regarding what is going on. He doesn’t seem to offer much when it comes to any Spiritual Guidance but I guess that’s just not his thing.

                There are some subjects that seem to be taboo no matter what site or blog or platform one gets on.
                One of the most frustrating things is when someone is challenged and refuses to have an open and honest debate about the subject at hand. Tells you a lot.

                Best to you

              • @joebear

                Thank you for the in depth reply.

                I am sorry to hear about your unfruitful interaction with the person on the Lew Rockwell website.

                For me personally, while I value faith, my path to spiritual knowing is based on doing the work and directly experiencing/interacting with what is, to know what is. God is. My knowing of that (based on my personal exploration inward to go past the limitations of my ego/brain to directly perceive what is) may not be something that would be accepted as empirical evidence that proves anything in a court of law or a laboratory, but in my eyes and heart, I have proven the existence of Creator, and so I live each moment from a deep knowing of that truth.


                You said:

                “I don’t disagree with all that you point out and suggest, and I actually do a lot of the things you believe everyone should and could do. But in your heart of hearts, and mine too, we both know that it just ain’t gonna happen is it?”

                I do not know that in my heart of hearts brother, on the contrary, I see that despite overwhelming odds and numbers (on the surface) those who align themselves with integrity, compassion, courage, hope, love and nurturing life are aligning themselves with the power of truth and the will of God. When we invite God into our lives and work to bring the Creator’s will into manifestation through our actions on this Earth All Things Become Possible. This is true despite all the nefarious oligarchs and their nasty weapons and despite all their brainwashed goons.

                That is where the having faith comes in. I learned that from gardening and observing nature. The trees let go of their leaves each fall, trusting that spring will come to allow them to regenerate and grow again. When I plant a seed in the soil it is an act of faith that the seed will awaken when the time is right and countless other variables will align so that the seed will receive nourishment and energy to provide food and medicine for myself and my loved ones. It requires taking that leap of faith, with love to align with cycles of nature that offer abundance and resilience.

                The pathway to healing and regenerating our moral compass begins with looking inward and then progresses to healing our relationship to the living world around us.


              • (continued from above..)

                Some would contend that belief systems that use threats of “cosmic eternal punishments” to coerce adherents to said belief systems into behaving in an amicable way are the only thing keeping people from turning on each other like rabid animals. I would contend this idea shares parallels to people’s fallacious ideas about the necessity of involuntary governance structures.

                The adherents of the religion of Statism say that punitive measures being applied by top town governmental systems (via armed military and law enforcement personnel that are given a monopoly on violence) are required to keep us safe from “bad guys”. History teaches us otherwise.

                As we can see in present day or throughout the past, governments often engage in mass murder operations targeting their own citizens. Also, regardless of what ideological wrappings they have, and regardless of the “benevolent” intent that may or may not be behind such measures, punitive measures being applied by top town governmental systems are not effective long term solutions as threatening someone to behave how you want them to only remains effective as long as the threat and ability to act on the threat does, and even then industrious and inventive people will wind a way to circumvent said punitive measures if they really want to.

                Similarly, being threatened with “eternal hell fire” by priests if you choose an action that is self interested, disingenuous or malicious is not an effective long term solution for encouraging people to be “good”… for even if the one being threatened believes the threat is legitimate, they can always just repent after choosing one of the above forbidden choices. Additionally, said systems of belief that claim to be able to threaten people into being “good” are systems that nurture fear and guilt, rather than love, courage and integrity.


              • (continued from above..)

                Rather than looking to myths of eternal damnation or institutions to threaten us into being “good” I instead look to nature (which is an intrinsic part of Creation and thus infused with God’s design/truth) for inspiration in these matters. When one is planting a garden and seeks to avoid unwanted plants (aka “weeds”) from taking over that space, one can go about it in one of two ways. Firstly, the conventional approach that sees weeds as “the bad guy” and takes on an adversarial approach that fears the “weeds” (seeking to threaten them with physical and chemical ‘punitive measures’ if these sinful ‘weeds’ dare appear). This approach results in an endless and futile internal conflict in the garden, where “weeds” find ways to become resistant to the chemical and physical attacks and they persist despite the relentless efforts of the gardener engaging in the ‘crusade against their evil weed foes’. The other approach seeks to plant the seeds for that which is desired and beautiful to flourish in that garden (until the point in which that which is “good” outcompetes the so called evil “weeds”). This approach to gardening plants can also be applied to the gardens of our hearts and minds.

                In the end I feel that the most permanent and systemic change cannot and will not be brought about via any top down policies, but rather, must originate from within. The societal changes that set down roots and persist through the millennia begin with seeds planted by individuals that are living and embodying the change they want to see in the world, embracing radical authenticity and starting fractal chain reactions in our collective that spread outwardly in all directions (the life of Jesus of Nazareth being one such example that illustrates this innate truth).

                In essence, it is the seed that rises from within that is born from living the way one wants the world to be, which readily self sows and sets down roots far and wide. Individuals embodying the intrinsic abundance, purpose and joy that results from living with integrity, compassion, courage and generosity provides an incentive more enticing than any promise of a religious bribe for others to follow suit. They show other people a way of living that heals the broken parts within us, heals the land around us, begins to bind our shattered communities together again and offers nourishment for the soul.

                I have faith those walking such a path will receive meaningful support in their efforts and thus, each small act of kindness, each seed planted in hearts, minds or the soil sends our meaningful ripple effects.

              • “The societal changes that set down roots and persist through the millennia begin with seeds planted by individuals that are living and embodying the change they want to see in the world, embracing radical authenticity and starting fractal chain reactions in our collective that spread outwardly in all directions (the life of Jesus of Nazareth being one such example that illustrates this innate truth).”

                Hi Gavin. I hope that you will forgive me for pointing out that Jesus talked about hell more than anyone in the scriptures.


              • @Steve

                Hello my friend,

                There is nothing to forgive, I respect you have different views about the life of Jesus (and some of what he said) than I do but since we both acknowledge “the golden rule” I feel we have that common ground to walk on towards a better future.

                I personally believe and sense that the modern day ideas, interpretations (and perhaps some fabrications) of what Jesus (and others said) regarding “hell” have their origin in the minds of human beings that lived centuries after Jesus died (and were seeking to control other humans through fear).

                Since we both strive to treat others as we would want to be treated, to embody mercy, compassion and kindness in our thoughts, choices and actions.. does it really make a difference whether or not I see Jesus as being a deity or whether or not I acknowledge the existence of “hell”?

                I do not claim that I am advanced in striving to walk the path to embody the same kind of courage, generosity, selflessness, kindness, integrity and humility of wise teachers like Jesus did. On the contrary, I have a lot of room for improvement in many areas of my life, but my conviction to stand back up when I stumble and keep walking that path with an increasing degree of confidence and fortitude is unshakable. I pray to God each day to thank the Creator for all the blessings in my life, to thank the Creator for being present in my life and making me aware of my soul and my purpose.

                I believe that God sees into the heart and knows the truth of who we are and why we made the choices we have. If one truly accepts the existence of God, and lives from this understanding then I personally do not think fear of a place of eternal suffering is necessary nor helpful.

                Does it matter whether or not I see Jesus and God as one in the same or whether or not I accept a vision of a place that tortures people in perpetuity for their “sins”? If I strive to walk in the footsteps of wise teachers like Jesus in how I live, do those things really matter?

                I strive to embody and engage with solutions that stack many functions in my life, my pathways to spiritual growth and enrichment are no exception in this approach. I seek to perceive and embody ‘spiritual solutions’ that are applicable and effective regardless of one’s religious beliefs or lack thereof. This is one of the sacred tasks I feel I was called to this Earth to work on. I engage with you now in the interest of honing those solutions so that they may benefit all with the courage to step outside their comfort zone, be honest with themselves, look inward and intentionally cultivate a relationship with God and their soul.

              • “does it really make a difference whether or not I see Jesus as being a deity”

                “Does it matter whether or not I see Jesus and God as one in the same”

                Yes Gavin, it really does matter. It makes all the difference.

                “Was Jesus simply a man, or was he God incarnate in human nature, the God-man? If any study deserves your best effort, it is this one. For if Jesus was merely a man, then he cannot offer us any more than any other special person. And to follow him, hoping that he will be able to deliver what only God can deliver, would be a delusion. But if Jesus Christ is God, and all his claims are truth (John 14:6), then to follow him is to choose the wisest path—the one leading to life now and forever (John 8:12, 31�32). And not to follow him is to oppose our Creator, Preserver, and Judge (Col. 1:16�17; John 5:22; 2 Cor. 5:10)—a rather risky and foolish position to take.”


              • I wondered about chiming in on this, but Steve Smith did it well already.

                However, since the idea of anarchism or voluntarism is often the subject, let me point out that in Genesis 1, a place not too hard to find, we see in verse 28 where God commands man to be the overlord of the earth, plants and animals, but NEVER over another man. This is echoed in places like Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, and 1 Peter 5:3. You want an anarchist’s handbook, it is the Bible.

                But let’s not stop there. For years I have set before anyone to engage me in rational public dialog on the thesis: “The Bible is true and the institutional church is a fraud.” See http://kozlowski.org/2021-04-25+1. The door remains open.

              • @Steve

                As I have said in many previous posts, I do not advocate blindly following any other human (or group of humans) but I do see much wisdom that is worth ‘walking in the footsteps of’ which other human beings embodied, lived and shared (such as the wisdom that Jesus did).

                Jesus was an awesome guy, and surely was offered/gifted (and accepted and then strove to nurture and cultivate) a deep connection with the Creator of all things, allowing for truth to be spoken through his words, healing to flow through his hands and love of an incomparable quality to emanate from his being, but he was not perfect, and he was not God. I know you see things differently, and that’s cool, I won’t try to change your beliefs and I accept you as you are.

                I am not in the market for buying into nor investing myself in dogmatic belief systems in any way, shape, or form and I do not intend on marketing them to others, but I respect and accept each individual’s free will to chose what works best for them in this life (as long as their choices align with the non-aggression principle).

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs about Jesus and God Steve.

              • While addressed to Steve, I will offer my perspective. Jesus was not simply an “awesome guy” with “a deep connection with the Creator”, but He is the Creator who stepped into His creation. If not, then He is not an awesome guy, but a liar, keeping with the sentiment in John 8:55.

                Perhaps what is important is your statement “(as long as their choices align with the non-aggression principle).” Do you see it seems you are imposing your requirement on others, but you really don’t have a foundation for your requirement. However, the Bible make is clear that the follower of Christ is to proclaim Christ, but not impose Christ. It results in the non-aggression principle, but it is based on a foundation of Christ. Granted many use the Bible to impose, but it requires reading in their addenda or using the traditions of men.

                In the end, it doesn’t matter if I accept you as you are or if you accept me. If the Bible is true, it matters what God’s terms are. He does spell them out.

              • “but he (Jesus) was not perfect, and he was not God”

                I fervently pray that you will come to reevaluate that.

                “I won’t try to change your beliefs and I accept you as you are.”

                I’m skeptical of the first part of that sentence. I believe that you have tried to already. But perhaps you’ve given up. 🙂

                “Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs about Jesus and God”

                Gavin, my dear friend, If they were merely my thoughts and beliefs, I would have stopped sharing them with you after the first couple of times that you rebuffed my attempts.
                But they are not. They are scriptural concepts. They are the Gospel. They are the words of God which have redeemed multitudes.
                I do accept you as you are. You are a wonderful person and I love you. Just as the savior loves you. And in the same way that “He is not willing that any should perish”, I’m not either.

                It doesn’t matter how good you are. It doesn’t matter how many good and loving things you do. It doesn’t even matter how much you pray.
                You, just like every person that has ever existed falls short of the mark. God demands perfection. (We may not like or understand this standard but like Job, who are we to question God?)
                There is only one way to attain perfection.
                To accept the redemption that God freely offers to all. To accept that Christ Jesus died for you and made you perfect in the eyes of God.
                What are you afraid of?

              • @Distinctivist

                I disagree that it would make him a liar, as I have said, I have the perspective that the words you and others have shared here (that are supposed to prove Jesus and God are one in the same) are either fabrications or are the result of mis-translation, misinterpretation or the ‘chinese whisper effect’.

                Constantine the 1st played a central role in altering the translation (and adding complete fabrications) into the texts related to this discussion. This was about manipulating the story of the life of Jesus to be more easy to swallow for humans as it is flattering to the ego to imagine God as a human being just like us (this was done for other reasons as well). I will not discuss this topic further with you as I have made my views clear and intend on spending my time here focusing on solutions that apply to any situation and/or perspective on a given topic.

                What solutions do you feel are applicable (which each person can engage with on a day to day basis) that will serve to improve/enrich our lives, our society, our species, the ecosystems we are an intrinsic part of and the Earth herself?


                I said

                “I ??????? ??? ?????? each individual’s free will to chose what works best for them in this life (as long as their choices align with the non-aggression principle).”

                So no, I am not “imposing (my) requirement on others” I am saying that if one is violating another being or me, than I do not accept and respect their actions (as in, I do not condone and will not stand idly by if innocents are being harmed).

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Bible, Jesus and God, I wish you a prosperous, peaceful and hopeful 2023.

              • @Steve

                I love you too brother.

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs.

                I wish you all the best on your path to connect with and know God.

              • @Gavinm

                Do you notice a difference between the case you set forward and mine? You offered your perspective without reference. I set forth evidence, such as Jesus’ own use of the term “liar”. You then move the goalpost and mention things like the ‘Chinese whisper effect’ which is easily refuted by work like the Institute for New Testament Textual Research that will demonstrate the accuracy of Scripture which predates Constantine. You are making a case like a Roman Catholic. Then you simply state you will take your ball and go home.

                Your close is ironic when you ask what I feel… I look at what the Lord commands, which is the primary two, to love Him and your neighbor. From an atheist position there is no basis for loving others. Pragmatics can lead to eugenics just as easily as apparent kindness. However, the command to love your neighbor is found in Leviticus 19:18 and the phrase ends with “I am the Lord.” That phrase gives the authority for the command. As a follower of Christ, I love others in obedience to Christ.

              • @Distinctivist

                I am not presenting a case in the court of law or trying to convince you of anything, just sharing what is in my heart and mind regarding the topic being discussed above, so while you may have wanted a fight or a debate, all I intend on doing with regards to this specific subject is offering my perspective without a “reference” or “evidence”. Do with that what you will.

                Since you have begin throwing around labels to try and put me into some box I will share a link to an article I wrote so you can have the opportunity to understand where I am coming from with a greater degree of clarity (if you have any interest in doing so) https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/spiritual-autodidacticism

                I am not into any form of dogmatic religious belief system.

                Thank you for explaining how the “golden rule” is of central importance in your life. I agree atheism often leads to apathy, a lack of compassion and even sometimes malice/selfishness in human beings.

                I personally strive to live by the golden rule not out of fear of eternal damnation, or because any other being commanded me to, but rather because it makes me feel good in my heart to use my free will on this Earth to nurture, heal and help others to achieve their highest potential. It is like when I plant a rose seed in my garden and tend it gently, I do not do it out of fear or guilt, nor obligation, I do it as an expression of my love and gratitude for all that Creator has given us, because it makes my heart feel whole and gives my life meaning and purpose.

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs on Religion, God, Jesus and Atheism.

                I wish for you many opportunities to directly connect with, commune with and know God intimately in this life.

              • It seems you are rather dogmatic about “I am not into any form of dogmatic religious belief system.”

                The command to love the Lord and your neighbor is not the “Golden Rule”. I’d give a reference, but that seems offensive.

                Jesus, the Creator, does not give us His feelings, but His commands backed up with the often repeated “it is written”. We have a reference that the Lord gives us of Himself. If we only “feel good” about Him, we have removed Him from His throne and put ourselves on it. That is not a good idea.

    • (..continued from above)

      Perhaps there would come a time when government goons would be sent out to attack homesteaders, but my choice to take steps to feed myself and help others do the same would still be the answer, as when I ask myself the question “What do I want to do with my time left on Earth” the answer is nurture, heal, create and share (not fight, capitulate, hide or flee).

      I know that does not offer much of a reductionist strategy but those are my thoughts on the potential situation(s) you described and asked about.

      ps – I don’t know if it would offer the same confidence and peace of mind for you as it does for me, but am willing to send you some heirloom seeds anytime if you like the idea of taking steps to grow a little bit more of your own food (even if it is just a few superfoods in pots).

    • In closing I will share an excerpt from an essay I feel offers some pertinent insight into the current situation (and the hypotheticals/concerns described above).

      “..We are very nearly at a tipping point. The scale is evenly balanced—so finely, perhaps, that the weight of one person may tip it. Could that person be you? Whatever reasons you have to comply, to stay silent, to keep your head down—and they may be very good reasons indeed—please do not accept the insidious false hope that someone else will take the risk if you do not.

      What can one person do? Will it matter if I resist, if too many others do not? Five percent of the population can be locked up, locked in, or locked out of society. Forty percent cannot. Will you resist and risk being one of the five percent? Safer to wait and see, isn’t it. Safer to wait until after critical mass has been reached, and join the winning side.

      Of all the lies of a controlling power, the key lie is the powerlessness of its victim. That lie is a form of sorcery, coming true to the extent it is believed. All modern people live within a pervasive metaphysical version of that lie. In a Newtonian universe of deterministic forces, indeed it matters little what one person does. It is wholly irrational for the discrete and separate self to be brave, to defy the mob, or to stand up to power. Sure, if lots of people do it, things will change, but you aren’t lots of people, you are just one person. So why not let other people do it? Your choice won’t much affect theirs..


    • (..continued from above)

      To refute that logic with logic would require a metaphysical treatise that reclaims self and causality from their Cartesian prison. So I won’t use logic. Instead I’ll appeal to Logos—the fiery logic of the heart. Something in you knows that your private struggles and the choices of just-one-person are significant. Furthermore, something in you knows when the time has come to make the choice, to be brave. You can feel the approach of the breaking point. It may feel like, “I’ve had enough. Enough!” It may be a calm clarity. It may be a leap in the dark. Probably you recognize the moment I’m describing; most of us have gone through some life initiation of this kind, bursting out of a cocoon of fear. In that moment you know something significant has happened. The world looks different. That is because it is different.

      An abuser, whether a person or a system, offers an opportunity to graduate to a new degree of sovereignty.

      ?? ????? ?? ??????? ???? ? ????? ????? ??. ???? ???? ?? ????, ???? ? ????? ?????? ????? ?? ? ??????. ?? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ????????????? ???????? ?? ???? ??????, ??? ??????????? ??? ????? ?????? ??. We may experience this as synchronicity, which seems to happen with uncanny frequency just at those moments where one takes a leap in the dark… Synchronicity so often congeals around bravery. Synchronicity is the snapping of the laws of probability as reality shifts to align with brave choices.”

      – Charles Eisenstein (from his essay titled “A Path Will Rise to Meet Us”)

    • Thank you all for your suggestions and words of wisdom in response to my question. I have been a gardener since my youth, but one can carry only so much food and potable water on their person once their property has been seized for lack of tax payment in CBDC. That time is a ways off (maybe years?); meanwhile, I will enjoy my blessings and learn more about foraging. This past year I have already eaten a few “weeds” from my lawn to see how palatable they are. (Surprisingly good with the right seasonings!)

      • @jo-ann

        You are most welcome and I am so glad to hear that you garden and are interested in learning to forage.

        Have you ever looked into foraging for edible parts of conifer trees (such as pine or spruce)? One such method was included in the 2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch post and I can offer additional info if you wanna learn what parts you can eat and what nutrition they offer.

        Learning some basic mushroom identification can go a long way for emergency foraging too (if you live near a mature forest). Species like Turkey Tail, Oyster and Reishi are pretty easy to identify and do not really have any poisonous look a likes so they are good for beginners. Here is some info on other widely dispersed edible species of mushrooms https://practicalselfreliance.com/edible-wild-mushrooms/

        Your comments about eating “weeds” inspires me to start writing a series of articles on eating and preserving widely available nutrient dense plants (especially those considered to be “weeds” or “invasive).

        What “weeds” have you nibbled on and cooked with so far? 🙂

    • There will be euthanasia centers for the surplus labor or the useless class.

      And Huxley was probably right in the long run:

      “There will be in the next generation or so a method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak.

      Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.

      And this seems to be the final revolution.”

      – Aldous Huxley, From a speech for the Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961

      We see this now.

  2. Excellent flashback episode, very relevant to current events.


    For some additional historical context on the creeping totalitarian tip toe that is slowly (and relentlessly) moving forward to program us to accept Global ID…

    ??? ??????? ????? ?? ??????-???????: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/one-hundred-years-of-cattle-tagging

    From the article: “we already living under a nearly 100-year-old global cattle tag regime—the international passport system—which was initially ‘temporary’ and ‘non-binding’ “

  3. dna harvesting?

    could be aliens looking for certain strains of their “human genetic experiment in process?

    could be a bio-weapon tracer, as demonstrated in the most recent bond film: where the weapon could be programmed to only work on a preprogrammed genetic code?

    could be pharma tracking what dna types resist their weaponry?

    could be engineers wanting reference to identify myriad identities?

    all this obsession with genetic code, reminds me of the dialog between George Bernard Shaw, and a famous glamourette of the day: “We really should make a child together, imagine combining my looks and your brains” ,,”but that is precisely why we shouldn’t because the child could end up with my looks and your brains”.

    a very few, manic yet mighty math minds would like to create another form of intelligence, but they seem to need to do it synthetically. I reckon they’re missing the big point, thats not right on the tip of their noses, it is the tip of their noses; its not hard, just fall in love and make a child. case closed.

  4. “Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification.”

    I am seventy and SS cards were used for identification since I was born.

    And accepted as such.

    They can write anything they want on the card but the fact is that if you do not have this number you cannot enter the economy.

    For my entire life you have had to have a drivers license or some similar issued ID or SS card for identification purposes.

    Remember licenses to drive were not to be used as a form of national id.

    But they are and have been for decades.

    Yes, the rulers slip in wording, break the laws and push us closer to autocratic control.

    Remember the separation of Church and State?

    ““In God We Trust” was first added to U.S. coins during the beginning of the Civil War, when religious sentiment was on an upswing and concerned Americans wanted the world to know what their country stood for. Many wrote to Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase on the matter, and he agreed with their arguments. Congress passed his act requesting the addition of “In God We Trust,” adapted from a lesser-known verse of Francis Scott Key’s “Star-Spangled Banner,” and the first two-cent coin with the phrase was minted in 1864.”


    After that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, a morbid thought, had the words “God” put into it too.

    We are always being prepared to accept what is not good for us or what is not legal by a rabid ruling elite.

  5. Around 1969 I got my Social Security Card and it is marked “not for identification”. Around 2008 I took a software contracting job and was asked for a copy of my card. I was told that it could not be used because it was “not for identification”. So I was formally asked to identify myself with a card not use for such and obviously I was in the wrong.

    I did a series of three videos on my birthday, including my 65th on the theme “Obedience to Christ or Social Security”: http://Kozlowski.org/Social_Security. I contend for the follower of Christ that we are required to pay into the system, but not receive benefits from the system since it is theft. I am about to turn 67 and continue to practice what I preach.

  6. Greetings from Canada,
    Just say no.
    Let me explain how that strategy is working for me.
    Now I am unemployed, and unemployable. I had to move.

    No worries. I decided to apply early for CPP (Canada Pension Plan) on-line thru Services Canada. In the past (Spring of 2022) for verification of your Services Canada account you would use your banking information and phone number on file, to text if there was a problem. When I tried this fall, a page came up (before logging into the banking information page) asking me to agree to the digital ID. If you don’t accept you are kicked out. So, I was kicked out. So, I tried again, and in the small print there was a box that said if you didn’t agree that you could apply by mail for a key. I applied by mail; they gave me a code but there were no instructions on how to use this. So, when I went back to the original page, this choice wasn’t there anymore. But, you can click on your banking page (like before) however to proceed, there is a “new agreement” with Interac that you must agree with some fairly loose language to get access….because Interac has now signed an exclusive agreement with the Canadian Government to provide the portal into their 260 services. After searching a bit, I found that Interac is now going to be the entry into Digital ID in Canada.


    I did the CPP application on paper and found that the wait is 4 months versus 2 weeks via on-line, so I back-dated it so that I would not miss any payments. In addition, I don’t have access to my EI (employment …..HAHAHA….insurance) claim that is in 4th appeal after 18 months. So I will need to figure a way around that. Also, I will need to do my taxes on paper, which will be a pain because now companies are just sending electronic copy receipts to Revenue Canada for folks to get themselves. I am wondering if I can give an accountant permission for access without the digital ID.

    I closed SB (your’re richer than you think) accounts because they use a voice print (without your consent) and there is no way to opt out. I went to the only credit union in town….. they are a WEF supporter.

    Since my property taxes are very low (no services), I think I will make an error and pay for them for the next five years.

    The other thing is, corporations do not use a single traceable digital ID, nor have I heard anything regarding this. Should we all start small corporations to pay bills, etc. in the future?

    Just say no. Isn’t a strategy. They won’t ask for permission or more likely will trick you and you will be in the digital prison and for many folks they will not even know it.

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