The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

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FROM 2022: James answers an intriguing question about Gulf War embedded reporting that goes in a very unexpected direction.


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  1. While we study the details we miss the whole picture. The whole picture is quite simple and deeply upsetting:

    A coup was completed in 1963, and the model that would prove itself useful to the same forces that now force their products on us while eliminating any effective competition to replace or improve their products (products from toilet paper to wars) became cemented, a permanent fixture. THE control.

    Americans have been distanced from the effects of the foreign policy provided us and told to us as done for us. we don’t imagine the bombs destroying our homes, our lives.

    While sleeping, Americans allowed billionairs, allowed stolen elections by failing to question or participate in any of the nomination processes.

    But were we sleeping? No, that’s the lie. We were struggling to not lose our jobs, to adjust to the constant demands on our money and time by the powers that are that we avoid recognizing. In short, they kept us otherwise occupied.

    Perhaps the most difficult issue is that through our bogus education system we created valedictorians whose learning became limited to Pavlovian responses to questions designed to enshrine lies, eliminate choice.

    We have the greatest document in the history of man, and it has been consistently undermined, made into something useless, a distraction, a point of argument.

    Now everything you buy from any competing company is ultimately owned by the same entities. They get our money coming and going.

    We have allowed our government to be a front for organized crime.

    We need to go BIG PICTURE and relate it all.

    Voluntaryism is a great idea, but utterly useless in addressing our current situation. It is a natural, human way of being, but we are wrapped up in distractions.

    We must recognize that the Constitution of the United States offers a chance. We must get back to it.

    From a point of equilibrium, we can better plot our futures, but now we must all go to our town hall meetings and overwhelm them.

    How? Find out what your locals did to advance the covid lie and call them out for it. Have friends with you who will PREVENT your being silenced or arrested or removed.

    MASS attack on all local city councils and (emphasis intended) HAVE ALL OF THEM ARRESTED FOR PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE.

    • @WAYNED

      Excellent comment.

      Was a time when I thought we had them on the ropes but that was a Kabuki Theater illusion put up by their pathological brilliance.

      Just like so many of the myths that have been installed in the meme of being “Free Americans” “God Fearing” and on and on, it is all psychological programing to affect the sought after behavior by the controllers… separation/division, competition not cooperation.

      The on-going control of human evolution to digest cliche’ nonsense from the propaganda arm of the controllers…”news” and “entertainment” instilling false narratives, beliefs and behavior modification is beyond most citizens ability to understand.

      What’s the solution of answer?? I don’t know for sure, what I do know is it just may be too late to wake up enough to take back our humanity.

      Might try this for a start:
      SOLUTIONS (essay)

      • The on-going control of human evolution to digest cliche’ nonsense from the propaganda arm of the controllers…”news” and “entertainment” instilling false narratives, beliefs and behavior modification is beyond most citizens ability to understand.

        That is a very true comment, and the media must be overtaken.

        What we must do is the one thing everyone is loathe to do and that’s name the aggressors and the proxies used to achieve so much: Many Jewish people taking over medicine (Nepotism in medicine could result in the need to not have to learn so much “medicine” and just learn to prescribe) they take over housing (in LA I could not find a place to live not owned by a Jewish person) and then use their contacts within city government and councils and media and especially law enforcement to be allowed to ignore safety and concern for tenants. If they control the legal profession, and they do, then how does a goy get anything fair when they say a jew may steal from a gentile, but a gentile who steals from a jew may be killed. That is a part of what they are taught. The men go into a separate room in synagogue where they get together to contrive means to their ends.

        This is not racist, Jews are not a race. This is anti-monopolization.

        This must be addressed, and we have everything telling us not to tell. I am sick of not telling.

        As we speak, they are taking over all travel in the US and they are behind the “real ID” and all of the tracking.

        In 2000 there were 1000 different travel agencies in LA, now there are lots of agents, but all now under a handful of companies. Guess who owns them.

        They hide in plain sight where no one cares to look, or where they can do what they wish relatively unobserved, unmolested. Airline industry is a closed system with everyone signing things saying they won’t tell.

        Airlines were used as weapons on 9/11. And it was an inside job.

        Enough lying, let’s start telling the truth.

        • From my research over the years:

          * Hebrews (Race)
          * Jews (Religion, not a blood line, Sammy Davis Jr. was a “Jew”)
          * Zionists (Political movement with anyone who wants to be as members)

          “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist,” Joe Biden said in April 2007, soon before he was chosen to be Barack Obama’s running mate in the 2008 elections.

          *And finally, there’s the Sabatian Frankists (a true major evil of the world since before the founding of our nation.)

          Israel was created by Sabatian Frankist’s, who have insinuated themselves world wide into governments, military, banking, religions, etc. with an agenda of world domination.

          They hold no allegiance to any faith, political party, nation, etc. The true “hidden hand” that is talked about. They work on theme of “donma” (to turn) meaning they are chameleon like in their conquests. Pretend to be Jew, Catholic, German, American, etc. and get and hold positions of power and authority to push their agenda.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          Jewish Israelis tend to harbor a “perpetual victimhood” representation of their history…culminating in the Holocaust.

          Can’t say this in Germany and other places these days, BUT no Jewish Holocaust happened as has been mythed…no ovens, no soap, no sex slaves, no lamp shades, no mass graves, no death from the pest fumigant Zyclon B, etc. All attempts by unbiased researchers seeking the truth has been thwarted by the SF/Zionists. Deep ground penetrating radar has shown no burials, bones, etc. around the sites.

          In an 11/22/44 letter to U.S. State Department officials, the Red Cross said: “We had not been able to discover any trace of installations for exterminating civilian prisoners. This corroborates a report which we had already received from other sources …”

          Anyone who comments or has commented on a regular basis understand the power of “Jews” to get people shadow banned, etc. Most call them the “Little Hat” people or other euphanisms.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          As to your comment:

          >>Airlines were used as weapons on 9/11. And it was an inside job.>>

          Indeed it was a long planned for inside job, HOWEVER no airplanes were used. In fact all the planes accused of this were still flying 4 years later and in the registry. Check out the great work by Dr. Jim Fetzer and others on the facts not the fiction of 9/11. Absolutely no EVIDENCE of planes anywhere.

          • Jewish Israelis tend to harbor a “perpetual victimhood” representation of their history…culminating in the Holocaust.

            Yes, it’s all-pervasive. Jewish friends always refer to this, and also use this “victim” status to justify only shopping at and spending money in Jewish businesses.

            This is not about “people” my complaint, it’s about monopolization and GENOCIDE by such means that is repugnant to me and nearly everyone on this planet, Jewish friends included, many.

            Of course it was a fake, because it was a necessary step to get all you noted. How did they all get on the trains? well, they were in the hands of friends and chose to do their part for the hidden agenda.

            I found the very same dynamic with covid and shots. All evidence is ignored, dismissed, and immediate reversion to the scripted narrative. Now they control everything, so any “controls” that are repugnant are helped along by the knowing collusion of the dross that follows their leadership.

            You are wrong about the planes. The physical entities that may have collided with the buildings are immaterial. In order for what you say to be true and ignored REQUIRES the collusion of airlines to maintain the masquerade.

            The INDUSTRY is at fault.

            Are you aware..
            1996 Airlines started restricting and removing commissions to travel agents.

            Airlines did not want to pay reservations staff, and they hate travel agents, because they “steal” booking revenue.

            Agency owners got tired of being successful local businessmen and started buying into the buyouts. This was done with collusion between airlines and agency owners.

            When commissions were initially dramatically reduced, agencies had to start charging fees. (Think of how this is a mutually beneficial relationship: Airlines now make their money on fees and ancillary services that used to be, should be, included in fares.)

            The airlines supported “certain” agencies with continued private commmissions/compensation that was more hidden. Airlines provided “top agencies” with various tools to justify fees. (best seat selections, upgrades, refund waivers, advance purchase waivers…) and this gave the agencies charging fees a leg up.

            Cutting commissions was talked about day one when I started working for one of the major airlines. it was day-one training that “we hate travel agents, but we love them. They provide up to 90 pct of our revenue”.

            • I know it got long, but this is crucial.

              As soon as “top agencies” got the tools, struggling smaller agencies (family owned and run, many of them) could not survive and they got monetized and bought up by the big agencies, who got bigger.

              This trend continued up to 9/11 with the birth of Mega Agencies. National structures became agencies. Now, there were powerful players.

              One month before 9/11 almost to the day, airlines eliminated all commissions. (All at the same time. No collusion here, nothing to see…) That was it. The megas became super-megas, individual agents all-but eliminated, and those who were most successful were supported by these mega agencies.

              But being so big also led to the same issue that was the bane of airlines: how to get rid of all those people on the phones.

              Agency owners and airlines collude through their coordinated and huge computer structures to move all travel to internet, past humans, and part of this is that big businesses who do a lot of travel don’t want to designate a person to sit on the internet all day entering the ever-increasing barrage of “required” documentation.

              When I started in the industry in 1990, you could fly as “betty boop” if you wanted to, and people did. They requested a phone contact so if they had a cancelation they could call you, but really all they wanted was your payment for a seat. There was the veneer of actual competition then, and even some airlines seemed to believe it.

              Airlines and Agency Owners are behind Real ID, and has everything to do with automating all travel.

              All the delays and cancelations we are seeing have to do with updates to these systems.

              I have heard that the biggest of these computer systems will have a disaster recovery drill on the 26th of this month. Everyone in the industry should know about it, because this information was distributed by that system to its users.

              9/11 served a lot of interests.

              who owns the airlines? Did Chairman Crandall step down and leave his company to his sons? No, he didn’t. It was never his.

              What components comprise the construction and operation of airlines?

              I’m afraid that regardless of what was used for the actual event, the airlines are absolutely key to this discussion.

              This concept is nearly universally dismissed. So where would you hide?

              • >>You are wrong about the planes.>>

                Not sure what I am “wrong” about???

                Since the truth of the event has long been proven by many excellent researchers who post links to evidence, etc. I will not try and do any education on this matter.

                >>The physical entities that may have collided with the buildings are immaterial.>>

                Not really since doing that eliminates all the important information and realization of how the controllers can pull off something that big and mesmerize with lies. And most of all, just how controlled we are in our beliefs and critical thinking skills.

                >>In order for what you say to be true and ignored REQUIRES the collusion of airlines to maintain the masquerade.>>

                Indeed it does. Just like The Boston Marathon; Sandy Hook; etc.

                “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
                – J. Edgar Hoover

                >>I’m afraid that regardless of what was used for the actual event, the airlines are absolutely key to this discussion.>>

                IMO, you need to really understand the bigger picture of the take down of humanity is not just one group but rather the collusive effort of a web of deceit and control at all levels…medicine, government, media, corporations, education, religions, unions, etc.

                Your obvious position and knowledge of the airline industry is good but only one of the tendrils of evil at work.

                >>This concept is nearly universally dismissed. So where would you hide?>>

                IMO, Really no place in the developed nations on the planet where one could actually avoid what is coming. Decades ago a military officer revealed in a bragging way that their satellite weapons could hit any spot on earth within a square meter. Who knows what they have developed since then.

                If you read my Solutions essay you will see that I believe people have to act locally. Like you mentioned about attending council meetings, etc. The paranoia and distrust of others has been the single most important tool of breaking down humanity.

                The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY. We have been engineered into a perception prison of belief and held in place by shackles of fear.

                Thanks for the interesting chat, rare for me to get this here. 🙂

                A min/half of brilliance from the late John Trudel
                JOHN TRUDEL MAY 1980

              • IMO, you need to really understand the bigger picture of the take down of humanity is not just one group but rather the collusive effort of a web of deceit and control at all levels…medicine, government, media, corporations, education, religions, unions, etc.

                >>This concept is nearly universally dismissed. So where would you hide?>>

                I think that last sentence was misunderstood. I am not saying THE reason was Airlines, I am saying it is one of the many tendrils, but also ignored in the investigations into the events, given a pass. When I say “where would you hide?” I mean, if you were one of those nefarious actors (of the many tendrils, all focused on financial and complete(ly insane) control) where would you hide?

                They have hidden behind an industry that is closed off to nearly all. Of all investigations into 9/11, the Airlines rarely get the scrutiny they deserve.

                If we addressed TSA properly, it would have been a break on the monopolization and control of travel. The goal of many, and a goal among many.

                I am not naive in the least nor will I ascribe to any definitive argument about what is as yet unproven. That “something” happened and what it signified is the important takeaway.

    • So, you would like to go back to a bit less mind control and slavery?

      Our money? No, it’s their money, we’re just the monkeys jumping through hoops to get some of it.

      • That is true. The step that has to happen is we all understand The Wizard of Oz, and start working with one another, going past the useless tools that are our “governments”.

        The step will be the elimination of money. It’s not at all necessary just so very hard to conceive of tomorrow without it.

    • Wayne: I’ve been to city council meetings. I’ve written to city council members. They ignore me. One time we were protesting the mask/injection mandates at city hall and the city council ran out the back door.

      • Yes, that’s normal, but time to KEEP doing it. You had an effect. It will be time to point out that effect and ask why they run and reach out to city attorneys to fix problem. Referendum to recall all council members.

        ADD to your numbers. Don’t go in alone or with a handful, have a lot of people with you to back you up. To demand answers.

        And maybe have a crowd stationed outside the door where they escape.

        They are your servants and must behave as such, they must answer you.

  2. I recall watching a think on TV (before 2000 IIRC) about how the US mapped and created virtual copies of cities so that people could ‘walk’ in VR thru the streets and get to know their way around before going to teh real place to fight or sneak around…..funny how street view lets you do the same thing now, though I guess its the same tech for civilians.

    I believe that the first arcade game of tank fighting was originally designed for the US army as a simulator, but THIS analog Tank Simulator is actually way cooler as it gives the POV of a tiny toy tank on an actual, physical model, mini world.

    • Glorification of war and its products. Sad.

  3. The aristocrat who sheltered Julian Assange in his stately home was embedded with the British army in Afghanistan. All above board !

  4. “Name the Jews!” Thats top of the list.
    Next of course is “Viruses don’t exist!”
    Adopt these views they fervently insist.
    Only then will humanity find it’s bliss.?

    We should probably destroy all the mirrors too. ?

    • That’s pretty good, Steve.
      I like it.

  5. @simad
    Sometimes folks need to ventilate their thought and any video can be a stimulus hey?

    The biggest thing IMO to understand, using a movie reference, most everything for the past 30 years or so is a WAG THE DOG event.

    – Boston,
    – Sandy Hook,
    – 9/11,
    – Vince Foster,
    – New Jersey Senator Herman “Hal” Lindsey,
    – The DC Madam,
    – Brietbart,
    – Gary Webb, of the San Jose Mercury News, Michael Hastings died in a single vehicle crash after saying he had a big breaking story,
    – Dorthy Killgallen,
    – Michael Ruppert,
    – Lori Klausutis, Rep. Joe Scarborough’s 28-year-old office worker
    – Seth Rich,
    – Sect of Commerce Ron Brown,
    – Seal Team 6,
    – Senator Paul Wellstone,
    – Congressman James A. Traficant,
    – Congressman Sonny Bono,
    – Senator John Heinz III on April 4, 1991, the next day his partner in investigation John G. Tower. JFK Jr.

    …and on and on the madness rains down on us :-/

  6. Mini Nuke against Nordstream?

    Hi I found an english source for the theory that Nordstream pipeline has been blown up with nuke.

    It is a theory made by a physicist from Switzerland and he found more than one “fact” only explainable by “mini nuke” theoriy

    1. seismic data with a significant peak as first sample
    2. an certain aerosol cloud recorded by a satellite
    3. underwater temperature rise of 5 degrees at the bottom of the baltic sea
    4. underwater currents
    5. rise in caesium 137 levels in measurement stations in poland and switzerland

    Maybe James can ask this guy for an interview. His name is Dr. Hans-Benjamin Braun

    Can be seen on
    or heared on

    Peace and love to y’all

    • I think the nuke theory is a red herring.
      Like the 911 no-plane theory.
      And like the graphene oxide vax.

      Mainly to distract us from theories that have a lot of evidence.

  7. The Medium is the Message by Marshall Mcluhan is a book that gave me a fundamental perspective on this subject and should be compulsory reading list for Pol SCI 101 !
    The words medium and message can and have been interchangeable with Media and Massage and meaning is a metaphor for communication in a evolving technocracy !
    Here in modern America the media is now totally scripted by deep state think tanks and NGO’s and broadcast and printed media that come from drama classes instead of Journalism studies
    the integrity of our country is suffering from these lying talking heads that rule the demonic institutions that seek power over society by coordinating and fabricating crisis after crisis to distract and rule the complacent dolts that rule US !
    The most fundamental rule in reading and interpreting media content remains the same the 5 W’s and sometimes How and key to to finding the truth although in this day many journalist fill in blanks with presuppositions based on personal beliefs instead of facts so the rule has to be question everything !
    The first Gulf war was based in fraud and ended a 15 year period of relative peace and gave exiting Nam leadership a victory of sorts even though a majority of casualties were starving children, after public was told by media that they were saving the babies in incubators from the evil Saddam !
    We all have to think like old time newspaper editors or we will continue to be controlled opposition manipulated and enslaved by our own doing !

  8. Government media controls how you see things.
    It is even worse in China.
    China Tofu-Dreg Building Comes Crashing Down!

    In short. In China a lot of stuff is fake ..
    and dangerous.

    China is in “hot water”-Part 1: big blasts, Electric car factories catch major fires/victims unknown

    Electric cars are “safe and effective”.

    It was bad in the US too.
    See History of medicine:
    The Curious Case of the Cure for the Living Dead
    (Radium is safe and effective)

  9. Hey James loved this, I’m old enough to remember this happening and did notice. But still got swept away with the entertainment factor, Its easy to get distracted, nice to be reminded. Ps.. As a guitar player I noticed no Strat? You need a Strat man it would suit you, earthy!

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