Remembering Fletcher Prouty (2012)

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FROM 2012: Some might know Fletcher Prouty through his involvement with Oliver Stone’s JFK. Others may know his book on The Secret Team. Still others might know of his insights into subjects as diverse as the Gary Powers U2 incident, MKULTRA, and the Origins of Oil. Today we explore the life, the experiences and the secrets spilled by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty.


Prouty archives at BlackOpRadio
Time Reference: 01:40


Corbett Report 2012 USB Archive
Time Reference: 01:56


Corbett Report 5 USB Bundle (2007-2012)
Time Reference: 03:57


Prouty Biography on Wikipedia
Time Reference: 05:23
Time Reference: 05:55


Meeting Mr. X
Time Reference: 08:20


The Collected Works of Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty
Time Reference: 18:46


BlackOp Radio CDs
Time Reference: 20:20


Secret Team – The Formation & Purpose of The NSC – PT 1 of 4
Time Reference: 22:13


Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses the Gary Powers U2 flight (part 1)
Time Reference: 33:41


The Origins of Oil – falsely defined in 1892
Time Reference: 43:27


Interview 505 – Len Osanic on the Legacy of Fletcher Prouty
Time Reference: 53:56


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