FLASHBACK: The Bankster Bailouts (2009)

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FROM 2009: In this flashback to the Economics 101 series, Michel Chossudovsky of globalresearch.ca explains the circular mechanism by which the banks become creditors of the very government that is bailing them out and thus leverage financial power over the political system itself.

This video is available included in the 2009 Data Archive, a collection of every article, interview, video and podcast from The Corbett Report in 2009, which is available for purchase from NewWorldNextWeek.com.


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Sunday, August 28th @ 8:00 PM Eastern – LINK TO LIVESTREAMS

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Sunday, September 4th @ 8:00 PM Eastern – LINK TO LIVESTREAMS

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  1. James,

    there is no link to your conversation with John Titus in the description, in case you wanna add it.

  2. Destroyed my life. I went from living and working in a floating four-star resort in Clayoquot Sound to sleeping under a dumpster during the winter in downtown Toronto, in less than a year.

  3. Thanks so much James!

    This certainly brings back momoriesvhere as well.

    All the way back in 2001, I worked for then MBNA Bank (now Bank of America) and, we were actually told all this…hence, we were part of what became the Lehman crash and, it was my main reason for quitting working for this bank. I was dealing with end users – all of us – the people who now pay with their money, their businesses and often, with their lives ?

  4. I’ll tell you what…

    I am so impressed with Corbett’s knowlege of Economics on the world stage.
    I had to re-listen to his “Intro” before the Michel Chossudovsky interview.
    For example: Corbett talks about the Repo Market and Blackrock in the Summer/Fall of 2019. I remember. It was a Zero Hedge buzz song.

    This is a timely FLASHBACK with the current QT and also the Jackson Hole Federal Reserve meeting (Thursday-Saturday) August 25-27.
    On Friday after the ‘Fed Speak’, stocks took a fast dive following a few weeks of a “Complacency Rally”.

    IMF Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath commented on Fed Chair Powell’s Jackson Hole speech:
    “Well, I think the point he very firmly and resolutely conveyed was that the priority is to bring inflation down. And that requires staying the course.
    And it will take time, and that he sees rates as being close to 4% through 2023. And it’s important not to prematurely loosen policy.
    So I think he was very clear that this is the number one priority.
    There will likely be pain— some pain for the economy…”

    “…Most of these central bankers share the view that the priority was to get back to price stability. And they needed to take strong action to make sure that happens.
    And we look at the data, and we have about 85 central banks that have been raising rates multiple times over the past year.
    So we are in a global monetary policy tightening cycle….”


    • VIDEO of Powell at Jackson Hole
      (5 minutes) – Kitco
      Powell’s ‘direct’ anti-pivot message: history warns against ‘prematurely’ slowing down

      A pivot from the Federal Reserve is not coming, and interest rates will remain elevated for longer than markets expect, said Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole symposium.

      “Restoring price stability will likely require maintaining a restrictive policy stance for some time,” Powell said Friday. “The historical record cautions strongly against prematurely loosening policy.”

      Powell also did not rule out another 75-basis-point hike at the September meeting, reiterating that a lot will depend on the macro data released in the next three weeks.

      “Another unusually large increase could be appropriate at our next meeting,” Powell said. “Our decision at the September meeting will depend on the totality of the incoming data and the evolving outlook.”

      The Fed plans to act aggressively now, so inflation does not become entrenched, which is a much costlier scenario to fix.

      “The successful Volcker disinflation in the early 1980s followed multiple failed attempts to lower inflation over the previous 15 years. A lengthy period of very restrictive monetary policy was ultimately needed to stem the high inflation and start the process of getting inflation down to the low and stable levels that were the norm until the spring of last year,” Powell noted. “Our aim is to avoid that outcome by acting with resolve now.”

  5. Hello, are we having techie issues for the livestream links? Any update or should I just calm down and be patient?

    • I found it by doing a YT search. No links have been posted at Last American Vagabond as of 2 seconds ago.

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