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We’ve all heard of flash mobs, but can they be used for more than just organizing pillow fights in Times Square? Join James for this week’s edition of  #SolutionsWatch as he explores how freedom fighters are using flash mobs to carve out a space for normal human interaction in these increasingly insane times.

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“DANSER ENCORE” – Flashmob – Gare du Nord – 4 Mars 2021

Freedom Flash Mob – Natural Grocers

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Pathocrats’ Conspiracy Agenda (Alan Watt Blurb) + Transcript


We all want to continue to dance again
Experience our thoughts interconnect with our bodies

Spend our lives attached to a grid of agreements/rules

We all want to continue to dance again
Experience our thoughts interconnect with our bodies

(Not) spend our lives attached to a grid of agreements/rules

We are all birds of a passage
Never docile and never obedient
We do not pledge allegiance
At dawn, no matter the circumstance
We come to break the silence
And when in the evenings on TV
Monsieur the “good king” has spoken
To announce our sentence
We do not show irreverence/disrespect
We always maintain dignity



Car, metro, work, consumption
Self-written certificates and instructions
These imposed absurdities
And woe to him who thinks
And woe to she who dances
Each and every authoritarian measure
Each and every new security measure
Sends our confidence flying
They display so much insistence
To confine our conscience


Let’s not let ourselves be influenced
By all these unreasonable people
Selling fear mongering to the extreme
Causing distress to the point of indecency
Let’s ensure we keep our distance from them
For our good mental health,
And social and environmental well-being
Our smiles, our intelligence
Let’s maintain our resistance
Against the instrument of their insanity!



  1. James, This piece is very timely. My central Oregon group is organizing a series of rallies/protests of sorts. However, I am reluctant, I want to understand who benefits? The silent shoppers in Colorado are my preference, they are actively resisting and benefiting by getting their shopping accomplished. Are the flash mobs going to really change anyone’s mind? Would I change my mind if I witnessed a flash mob? Could I be spending my tightly budgeted time fulfilling a realistic solution to stabilize my and other’s futures? Since the UK military predicted this,are we falling prey to exactly what they anticipated?

    • No, you won’t “convince” anyone of anything, and the Branch Covidians will only find their prejudices against us to be “justified” by our “behavior.”

      HOWEVER, such flash mob actions are important for multiple reasons:

      1) our morale – it defeats, even temporarily, the feeling of helplessness in the face of dystopia;

      2) it forces compliant businesses to face repercussions for their compliance;

      3) non-violent “propaganda of the deed.” It illustrates how many are not “compliant” with the total government decrees.

      With grocery stores, take a large group in, initially with masks, load up baskets with stuff you actually want, including as many perishables as possible, then all head to the checkouts at once, and take your masks off. Management can deal with a big problem of getting a large amount of costly product back to the coolers, or simply take your money.

      With restaurants that require masks at drive-throughs, take several dozen friends, in their own vehicles, and line up to order large, customized orders of food. Get to the window, and let them try to enforce their “no mask – no service,” and have a big pile of wasted product, or, simply take your money.

      • You wrote what I was thinking. If people don’t at least attempt to do something then nothing will be done at all. Especially in England, it’s not like they haven’t shown us the future. Boris says one week that lockdown might cease or ease up by May and the next week he’s banging on about extending it to September.

        Let’s take stock of what we know for fact. There is a relatively small group of wealthy people who want to remove our freedoms and control us completely. At this point of my accumulation of information, it is not inappropriate to assume that there is without question, a depopulation plan with the vaccine possibly being one of the tools to achieve this. If you knew you were to be put into a camp and likely exterminated next week, would you stand up for your freedom today?

        Some would say that it is unreasonable to draw conclusions but the one thing we can’t deny is history. This has happened before and it will happen again.

        • My Grandmother and her family survived the Holodomor. This is sure looking like it could shape up to be Holodomor 2.0. With a hundred times as many casualties.

  2. Regarding Corbett’s 3/23/21 Flashmobs for Freedom – #SolutionsWatch

    I believe that in any activism or dissemination activity, some factors of marketing/communications need to be considered…
    such as the “Message”, the “Target Audience(s)”, the “size of the audience” in ratio to “effort/cost”, the “Purpose/Intent”, and the ability to “Repeat the Message”.

    On March 10th, the Texas Governor lifted the statewide mask mandate. However, any business (as private property) has the right to enforce requirements to access their property, such as the age-old “No Shoes, No Service” or masks. Thus, most all businesses still have their “Masks must be worn” signs.

    Since a year ago, I have not worn a mask in the retail businesses. Until the recent March 10th Governor decree, I was the ONLY shopper not wearing a mask. (Early on last summer, I did run into a few other “no maskers”, but that trend soon faded.) For me, this was a huge disappointment. I find it sad that people who disagreed with the masks could not muster the guts to act alone as an individual.

    Following March 10th, I am seeing more shoppers without masks.
    Yesterday, I was at two large hardware stores. Most people had masks on, but there were a few others without them.

    I was grabbing a bottle of “Orange Oil” in the outside garden section of one hardware store. An upper-middleclass lady next to me, about 30-35 years old, wearing her mask, was eyeing the Organic Shelves. I commented on how great this Orange Oil was. She asked some questions and we discussed combating Fire Ants (which plague North Texas).
    During the discussion on approaches to Fire Ants, I asked “You heard of Ivermectin, right?”
    No. She had never heard of Ivermectin. I briefly told her about the Doctors testifying in December at a Senate Hearing and how Ivermectin can stop a person from getting Covid. Then I went into some backstory on Ivermectin/Abamectin with its use in fighting Fire Ants and other critters.

    But what struck me was how uninformed this lady was…completely in the dark of hearing anything about Ivermectin.
    I have also noticed this “Uninformed, Completely-Clueless” phenomena with other folks who I have had conversations with. For example, bring up “The Great Reset” and they don’t have a clue…they never heard of it.

    This is a very sad scenario…
    …so very many “normal” people who are totally in the dark on what is and has been going on.
    Toss in the weakness of people standing up strong as individuals, this is a very sad scenario.

  3. With Flash Shopping, I recommend going in WITH masks on, fill up your carts with stuff you want to buy, preferably perishables, then all go to the checkout and pull the masks off. The management has the choice of dealing with a huge load of put backs, many refrigerated or frozen, or acquiesce and take your money.

    I DO NOT recommend just slapping money down and taking the stuff you want to buy. It’s bullsh*t, as typical with the “legal” system, but they can and probably will charge you with “shoplifting” even if you provided plenty of money to cover the transaction.

    • I practice this Flash-Shopping at the gas-station regularly.
      Go pay w/o mask, they always chose to get the money ….

      • Awesome, good for you! LOL

        If I didn’t pay at the pump, I’d do it, too!

  4. Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights organization is employing flash mobs in serious situations, such as where someone is held against their will in a “health care” (sic) facility. This happened in Vancouver, WA. The People’s Rights flash mob forced the hospital to back down, and “law enforcement” was unwilling to escalate the situation, despite their numbers.


    • I like some of what the bundys have done it the past but who ever put that website together doesn’t know the meaning of anarchy (even Wikipedia got that mostly right last time I checked)

      Why are they asking people to send off their government tracking IDs in order meet up with neighbours, isn’t that what the back fence is for?

      Looks a little suspicious to me.

    • Those in attendance were brave, and assured that the woman held hostage by the “health care” (sic) system was released. I’ve no doubt without that flash mob, the thugs with badges would have simply manhandled the hostage and her family.

  5. Indeed it is a religion, complete with a Pope, Lord Fauci (masks by upon him), a prophet, Lord Gates, priests and bishops, holy rituals (masks, “social distancing,” “vaccines”), and, of course, devils – that’s us.

  6. anyone who wants to participate in grocery store flash mobs or the like, all the more power to you.

    this is not a real solution, this is just petitioning the system to allow your right to go about your business without a mask, in stores that are beholden to the corporatist/government oligarchy.

    the real solution is to create a counter-economy outside the system, which does not follow the rules of the oligarchs and their systems face-shaming (masks), of feudal tribute (taxation), of being allowed to live your life at the pleasure of the king (licenses, permits, etc).

  7. Blind belief and dogma, yes. People sure like to integrate belief in their personality and then heartily cling to their belief as if their very life depended on it.

    beaconterraone, I’d classify “vaccines” as the savior in this dogma. Also, kudos to you, friend, for correctly quoting the term vaccine. The battle starts with the language and we need to user correct terminology at all times.

  8. Similar to other commenters, I’m a bit torn in regards to how efficacious these methods are. Sure, if numbers were sufficiently high and if you would have 15 flash mobs every day in every store in every city, the whole pandemic bullshit would be done and over with before lunch.

    But the numbers are not high, its diffcult to see another shopper showing his bare face and you probably need a pretty large neighborhood to be able to assemble a group of people for a flash mob.

    My current experience with people in my area is that those with lower level of formal education are more likely to entertain an unpopular thought and speak up about it. Many seem to convert when someone in their immediate surroundings get ill, while it somehow goes without saying that practically every illness is now considered by default to be caused by the “virus”; general malaise, neurological issues, difficulty walking etc.

    When ti comes to these mass protests, I think those are even less effective at turning people around. Seeing many masked participants it makes me understand that there’s a whole panoply of opinions entertained by people, ranging from “zomg, we are all going to die11!!!! HAxorz!!11!” over “virus is man made” over “virus is real, but the reaction is unwarranted” to “virus is not real”.

    We need to be frank and come to terms with the fact that truth discovery methods are completely lost on people, as is coherent thought.

  9. Well, great to hear about this subject because I’d love to organize a flashmob of sort in the street, with Professor Cahill’s method in mind, in order to sue a civil servant.

  10. Speaking of encryption and organizing flashmobs or protests online…I came across a BBC video a few days ago (which I can’t find now) where the female reporter covering the Worldwide Rally for Freedom taking place specifically in London, was going on and on about how the protests were organized over encrypted messaging apps like Telegram. Of course she included all the MSM buzzwords about “far right”and “conspiracy theorists” and “skeptics”, yada yada yada. But what stood out to me was how she mentioned, at least 3 times, about how the protests were organized over encrypted messaging apps, with the the tone of the report strongly implying that this was a big problem that needed to be delt with.

  11. Saddened to hear of the loss of Alan Watt from you in video James, which sent me looking for more info on his death. I found this article from the irishsentinel.com where they said this about a memorial to him, “We can honor Alan Watt’s memory by making a living memorial, by continuing to learn and to teach others. By making the hard changes in our own lives so we can live fully in the truth. In this way, we go far beyond a one-time ceremony. We keep his memory alive within us every time we share what we learned from him with another human being.” and the article ended with this quote from Alan “When you can break through this System with all of the sciences behind it and the Wisdom of the Ages that’s meant to keep you in a mental straitjacket from birth ’til death – When you’ve overcome that, you’ve overcome the world, and you can go on from there.”
    RIP Alan Watt

  12. Please not that maskless shopping didn’t result in a super spreader event! Wooooo! Almost as if there’s no epidemic and therefore no pandemic! woooo

  13. let’s simply examine the number, you know…Epidemiology. No matter what your source is you will see that in 2020 (the alleged worst “pandemic” ever) there was a less than 1% increase in mortality. Conclusion = not even an epidemic. Ok, We The People of Planet Earth are good ?

  14. Dear James, on minute 17 you mention the Gutenberg-Bible story and the context of the Church keeping the people ignorant by speaking Latin.
    This is a FALSE story propagated by the usual suspects.
    The Liturgy was (still is in the Traditional Catholic world) in Latin, but the preaching was (and still is) in vernacular. The preaching starts re-reading in the vernacular the passages that were previously done in front of the altar in Latin.
    Latin, besides being a Sacred Language for Catholics (with Greek and Hebrew) and thus used for Sacred Liturgy in the Occidental Church, was the common language of the people (vulgate) across the roman empire for many centuries.
    This misunderstanding is not your fault, but since is one more myth repeated over and over to the point everybody believes it, I think it is worth clarifying and maybe you can re-do one of your episodes about who writes history.

    • However, the Roman Catholic church DID not allow the lay person to read/study the Bible on their own. Even in my young life in fifties, we were told not to read it on our own. Being the rebellious sort, I did read it. The more I read of it, the less religious I was, until I finally left all religions.

      • Redrose, I’m saddened to hear this. I’m not aware of this treatment of Catholic Doctrine by the Roman Church, quite the contrary. Please check the CPX (Catechism of Pius X) question 28 on Holy Scripture.

        28 Q. Is the reading of the Bible necessary to all Christians?
        A. The reading of the Bible is not necessary to all Christians since they are instructed by the Church; however its reading is very useful and recommended to all.

        This Catechism is from late 1800s early 1900s, by no means is new or innovative.

        Link below


  15. Great subject for Solutions Watch! Thank you. This has made me the most hopeful since the “fauxvid” fiasco began.

    I lived in Paris for a short time years ago, and have always been fascinated by their ability to organize and demand in numbers. I remember when the bread bakers organized, went on strike and refused to bake bread for a full month (if I remember correctly) in protest of people beginning to buy their bread at the supermarket for the sake of convenience. Not a loaf of artisan baked bread in the city, if you can imagine such a horror!!! Needless to say, the citizens of Paris learned their lesson!
    I have been particularly fascinated by how the song in the video ‘Danser Encore’ has taken France by storm. New videos and flashmobs singing it are popping up almost daily now. Fewer and fewer masks. Someone had commented that maybe it could be the new people’s chosen national anthem. Peaceful anarchism. Brought tears to my eyes.

    Hardly any masks seen in this one.

    • I enjoyed that video. It was beautiful.

      I appreciate Corbett having the “DANSER ENCORE” LISTENER TRANSLATION in the show notes.

    • Somehow reminded me of the scene from Shawshank redemption where Tim Robbins plays music to prisoners, bringing them solace and touching their encrusted hearts, much to warden’s chagrin. Why the hell was I reminded of that scene?

  16. I agree that the unruly group was likely a psyop. They were not shopping. Maybe even a diversion for shoplifting…

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