Conspiracy Theory (1997) – FLNWO #43

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In this special surprise edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order, James joins the Big Puff Podcast to discuss Conspiracy Theory, the 1997 action drama starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart. As silly as the movie may be, it actually makes for a very interesting discussion. Enjoy!

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  1. Film, literature and the NWO, what a rich topic for discussion. Hollywood, or entertainment in general, is a place that often gets less scrutiny than some of the other fields of battle, the powers wage against us. From Paris Hilton, 90210 and Brittany Speirs, Oprah Winfrey and Howard Stern, 20/20 and 60 Minutes, Golden Girls and Seinfeld, this is the matrix established to cage our minds, to build the architecture that supports the world view these Zionist Malthusian monstrosities have constructed. People often think they see the aspects of manipulation within this sphere of influence entertainment contains, but to be sure most aspects of the mental assault goes far beyond our rather rudimentary understanding of such things.

    People often just see how an African American is placed in a role that should be white, like putting black people in Norse “mythology” (“race swapping”, a great sin when whites were swapped for “minorities”, but celebrated as “progressive” when whites are swapped out. Ah, the use of the term “minority” itself is a weapon, in America, even if there is only one white person in the town, he/she is still the “majority”.), but the manipulation and its purpose go far beyond there. It is truly laughable to see Hollywood educate America on morality, while they are the most immoral of all.

    Entertainment is not just influenced by these forces but controlled with an iron fist, you do not work in this industry unless you follow their rules, no exceptions. Hollywood is filled with crazy “suicide” stories and endless “unsolved” deaths, actors or writers perhaps that did not follow the script as it were. The beyond belief rapacious nature of the entertainment industry upon the most innocent and vulnerable and child sexual exploitation. Michael Jackson started pushing back a bit against the predators and HE’S marked as the pedophile…and Americans go right along, not a shred of critical thinking ever crosses their diluted medicated minds. Now the people he was fighting with own all his work, truly pathetic.

    A great book on his subject is ‘Theater of the Oppressed’ by Augusto Boal, looking at the basis for much of our theater established by Aristotle’s tragic plot structure and the use of CATHARSIS as a tool of control.

    • The signals are all around us, names of characters, places, themes, our familiar world in laced over their world. Like with Game of Thrones, it was well made, but it had a highly disturbing undercurrent, I could not abide. I think often watching their productions makes you a part of their rituals.

      As a purely curious example, look at the most recent Eddy Murphy “holiday movie”. I only watched the trailer, but it looks off, wrong (I don’t watch anything new, too aware that the endless insults to American culture, distortions of reality and the under current of cultism). The add for the movie has Eddy Murphy and his family, Eddy is wearing a Christmas sweater, with of course a black Santa, but black Santa is riding a unicorn? Above black Santa is the planet Saturn? Since when Saturn and unicorns signify any aspect of Christmas, but they are part of the occult. I’m almost temped to watch it to glean some insights into their plans, but not worth the risk.

  2. I would say on a side note there is something also about film/media that is used seemingly as a means to alleviate guilt/responsibility, aka: Karma. If these criminals tell us in a movie about something they will do, say crashing two planes into a building, it alleviates their karma/responsibility: ‘They showed us they were going to crash two planes into a building, it is on us for not doing anything about it’. There may also be aspects of predictive programming and very likely esoteric Kabbalah mysticism aspects as well.

    It seems they are imploding Hollywood on purpose, making Marxist movies that are all losing money (go woke go broke, a slick tool to make Americans turn on their own industries). Hollywood no longer serves the ruler’s needs, and like Jeffery Epstein and Pedo Island, when a tool of their control is no longer needed they dismantle it. It also seems they want to clear out all the European inhabitants from California, so destroying the film industry seems to help fulfill that agenda.

  3. Guilt buy association, just like they created “flat Earth”, just as many conspiracies about Pedo Island and covid were on the rise. The powers that be push nonsense conspiracies to undermine real conspiracies.

    ‘Covid is being pushed to destroy small businesses and personal freedoms’, retort ‘ok Mr. ‘flat Earther, nice tin foil hat you are wearing’.

  4. I have always loved this film, and the genre; Enemy of the State, X-Files, etc. A few years ago I stumbled on a series, Granite Flats, which was on Netflix for a short while. The series originated on BYU-TV, which is available on Roku, Apple TV, as a free app/channel. It is a series for young adults, and the whole series centers around the early 60s, and MK ULTRA.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this talk, one of my favorite episodes. I now have to go back and watch the film again!

  5. Nothing “silly” about insight into the evil controlling us. You talk like you are embarrassed. Not surprised you have never seen an episode of the X Files.

    It was more common decades ago for films to offer people something to actually “think” about rather then super heroes and adult cartoons.

    Paddy Chayefsky’s The Hospital, Network, or Three Days of the Condor and other films were very powerful at revealing truths about our world.

    You two are NOT film critics but rather a couple of activists unable to commit to the fact that films are VERY powerful propaganda as if you will be judged so you put down the film. Sad.

  6. I only heard about that movie because back in 2002 or 2003, one night having a couple of drinks in a bar, I was talking to a guy about 9/11, presenting him with some solid evidence regarding the fake terror attacks. As I kept providing him with more arguments, he seemed to be listening attentively, his pupils were getting wider and I thought I was really succeeding in convincing him but suddenly, he yelled “Oh yeah, that’s it! You’re like that character in a Mel Gibson movie… How was it called? Conspiracy Theory!”

    • Dalesco,
      That’s funny as hell. So this guy at the bar thought that you were like a real live version of “that Mel Gibson Character” in the movie Conspiracy Theory.
      Perhaps you should have starting talking about Football, and then slipped in something about Building #7 being demolished on that same day, whereby he likely would have been at least a bit inquisitive. I always start with Building #7 and if they don’t know anything about it, I suggest that they look into it because there are things going on that they don’t know.

      • @TruthSeeker,

        Man, he loved it… He was so happy. It’s like he was getting a piece of that movie just for himself!
        To be honest, I have zero idea about football and I guess I must’ve mentioned Building 7 at some stage. But I had a good laugh along with him anyway – although obviously not quite for the same reason.

    • Mel Dalesco,
      You were ahead of your time.
      Thanks for the story.

      • @HomeRemedySupply,

        I’m sure we all have interesting anecdotes about that kind of situation, don’t we?

  7. Thanks, I enjoyed the discussion and analysis.

    Am surprised that nobody mentioned A Clockwork Orange, especially the iconic scene where the guy’s eyes are taped open while he is bound and drugged and forced to watch films.

    Clockwork came out in 1971 and was directed by — ta da! — Kubrick. The book by Burgess came out about ten years earlier.

    • deedee
      “…A Clockwork Orange, especially the iconic scene where the guy’s eyes are taped open while he is bound and drugged and forced to watch films….”

      I recall reading that they actually did that to de-sensitize folks to horrific stuff.

      If I recall right the film started off with an african kid getting circumcised and moved up to people loosing fingers in band saw accidents. I read that technique ,first, in Bowarts “Operation Mind Control” IIRC

      IIRC he also talked about the CIA being the whipping boy for the NSA who got all the money, but its been years since I read it

      • Duck,

        Sounds like you’re talking about a documentary (that starts with an African kid), whereas “A Clockwork Orange” is officially fiction. It’s about a gang who, among other things, breaks into a house, beats up the husband, and rapes the wife.

        The iconic scene shows the gang leader getting treatment that is basically aversion therapy, an attempt to make him less violent. I have seen the movie only once and don’t remember all the details but do remember that particular scene with the flashing lights and loud music and all. I’m sure that the makers of Conspiracy Theory intended their scene to be a homage to Kubrick.

  8. I also have never seen one episode of X-files. At that time I had just about cut myself of from hollyweird.

    • Newname

      Good for you. I cant watch TV these days either.

      The …uhh….always INTERESTING Kurt Saxon did one of his Radio shows back in the day on the effects TV was having on the Psyche of Americans and how the Fantasy of TV allows people to escape from having to deal with real problems of life and shut out real life and become “gutless sheep unable to confront their problems”

      “You Cant Change The Channel” first 10 min or so

  9. I have an older brother who is a great story teller. He will often tell stories about people and places where he has only heard the story second hand himself, yet when I get the real story from the person who was actually the focus of the Story, my brother’s “Hollywood Version” is much more entertaining.
    Yep, Hollywood is Entertainment at it’s finest.
    I don’t how many people are familiar the movie “Wars Games”
    However, back in 1983 when I was teaching High school Math and Science, I showed up for work one day and there was all these guys in black suits carrying off the School’s computers. Definitely very strange, but who am I to mess with these guys in black suits that looked liked Federal Agents (which I found out later were).
    Anyway, I was able to teach my classes in the morning and talked with the Physics Teacher in the Teachers Lounge during Lunch where he gave me the run down. One of his students, whom he said was not the brightest, had broken the code to get into the National Defense and was screwing around with it. Later I found out that the Principal was revealed to find out that the student was using his home computer for the hack and that the Schools computers were going to be returned. Yep, it appeared that back in 1983 a High School Student of average intelligence could start World War III just by screwing around.
    It wasn’t long after that incident that the Hollywood movie “War Games” was released, and to say it was more entertaining than the real story would be an understatement.

    My take on Hollywood is that they will put out anything that they think will sell. They look for News stories or whatever.

    • Thanks so much for this 1983 ANECDOTE.
      I love reading first hand stories from Corbett Members.

  10. It seems to me that the supposed need and acceptance of Secrecy, Lies and Deception by Government centers around War and the fear of being invaded. Yet, most often it is the Government that has been entrusted with protecting the people that becomes their real enemy.
    As of January 2023 there is reported to be 12,500 Nuclear War Heads with Russia having about 6000 of them. So why would the Biden Administration taunt the Russians as they have been doing? Perhaps they want Nuclear War. I have heard multiple reports of underground cities across America with tunnels connecting them. These cities are reported to have ten years or more of stock piled food and supplies. It would appear that the psychopaths making these wars have a place to go and we don’t, so what do they have to lose.
    My contention is that the Nuclear Bomb was never needed. The Manhattan Project was the largest and most secret project the world had ever know (who knows what they are working on now), yet it was created out of a false fear that Germany would create one. None the less, the mere fact that these Nuclear Bombs exist allows the governments that have them to rationalize Secrecy, Lies and Deception, and it would appear that most people buy into it.
    What would an Anarchist propose to do with these Nuclear weapons, and how would that be accomplished?

    • Truthseeker
      “…My contention is that the Nuclear Bomb was never needed….”

      Needed for what? A weapon develops its own logic and possibilities of action by virtue of being in someones possession.

      If I have a bow vs your rock its good for me, rifle vs my bow and arrows is good for you, its when we ALL have rifles and machine guns and atomics that war stops being “fun and profit”.

      While war with Japan COULD have been avoided, its less wasteful of American lives to firebomb civilians and atom bomb them into submission rather then send troops to finish off the Home Islands. If you were one of the guys slated for the invasion you’d say that the US made the best decision.

      Soviet Russia would have surely fought a war to take over Western Europe at some point without the threat of atomic war, just like the US would have done something nasty to Castro’s Cuba without the Soviet threat of general atomic war.

      I do not believe for a second that it was created out of fear of a German bomb- it was made so that the ruling class of the USA could dominate and set the world in the order they wished.

  11. Movie Night – A real treat…and with BBQ

    Dec 5, an hour before sundown it was still a sunny, wind still, 63 degrees F (17.22 C). I was in my small front garden harvesting tomatoes, unusual for December. 60 feet away my neighbors, a wonderful older black couple were outside. Mr. ‘T’ had been working under one of their cars. I went over and we chatted for about 30 minutes.

    After going back inside, I was excited. It was a Corbett Movie Night!
    I had the film “Conspiracy Theory” queued. I would first watch the movie, then watch FLNWO #43.
    I was about to prepare dinner which I would eat during the film, when there was a knock at the door.
    Mr. ‘T’ brought over a foil packet with steaming, homemade BBQ ribs!
    Wow! – I was all set…BBQ…Conspiracy Theory…and Corbett!
    By the way, and I kid you not, those were the best BBQ ribs that I have ever had.

    Films make up a big part of our culture.
    The stories told, the snapshot of the era, and how these narratives shape society – there are so many elements to examine and ponder.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this FLNWO #43 Big Puff / Corbett conversation.
    These guys brought up all kinds of things which I didn’t catch.
    “Things are not what they seem” – oh man!…I totally missed some of those.

    “Fluoride in the water” – (40 minute mark) – I can attest…it is tough to break through the ice…the fluoride propaganda is frozen solid.

    In 1997, “Conspiracy Theory” would have been a fun, date night movie with the sweetheart. Light and entertaining, not too serious but thrilling, peppered with romance and everyone’s favorite actors.

    • Just watched a peace of an interview about a new Obama movie, with Julia Roberts in the lead I think. They mentioned the death of Matthew Perry, and right after it, they talk about the production company being owned by Michael and Barack. It’s like they brag about something.

      Sorry for the gootube link:

  12. This I don’t understand. Eating meat is poisonous to us lately. What is equality poisonous is exposing us to propaganda. Is this why James has never seen X-Files?
    I’m a firm believer in what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The body and spirit can literally make a pigs ear out of a silk purse. Can a little dose a poison build immunity to the poisons? Does propaganda work on the spirit as meat works on the physical body.
    Having lived the American Dream,that being 45 years of rising at sunrise, bringing capitol and labor together for a profit, then retiring well after sunset. At the end of the day,yes sometimes all 7, you reach for the medicine to deal with the pain. Sex,drugs,or entertainment.
    We now have big pharma controlling, providing all 3 default mechanisms. What now ?
    If you had watched the X-Files you would know.
    Homie,it’s really good when you don’t need no teeth to eat this beef.

  13. I liked this interview, but I will say that unlike Mr Corbett I actually LIKED this movie- both when I saw it way back and recently when I came across a copy. I found it rather funny both times, but a much better Drama is Patrick Stewart in “Safe House” about a retired spook loosing his marbles. I have a personal theory about WHEN in the movie the Alzheimer’s started, lol.

    As to why a Taxi driver…?
    A Cab is invisible in a big city and is a free pass to be anywhere. If I had an agent whacking people I’d get him one too.

    I think that Chris Knowles has a far better take on MK Ultra then most- that getting assassins is old tech and its more about mass mind control and Shamanic entity possession. The ‘science’ they did was way more like the drugging/torture they put kids thru to ready them to embody outside forces as Shamanic initiates.

    I personally wonder if the introduction of Conspri-tainment to the masses was so that folks would loose all trust in the old systems and be depressed, anxious, atomized and ready for the new system and the new religion.

    It seems rather Unlikely that they just ‘fell asleep at the wheel’ while building the Internet.

  14. If they tell you what they’re doing, and you don’t say no; that is implied consent.
    I’m thinking rather than unlimited hangout or predictive programming, it is also obtaining implied consent.

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