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by | Apr 22, 2021 | Solutions Watch | 123 comments

We all know that vaccine passports are the end of human liberty, but what do we do about it? As usual, the black market is stepping into provide AN answer, but is it THE answer? Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he examines whether fake certificates and sink-squirting doctors are the real, structural solution to this emerging problem.

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  1. The ONLY solution looks like DAVOS when full to capacity where these creatures , who think they are gods and own the world,meet needs to suffer a cataclysmic earthquake… or suddenly implode, a sad loss to dystopian futures planned, but i would think it would only take a minute or two to get over the loss for conscious humanity and the safety of Nature and the Planet as a whole.

    • hoff
      While I would not be sad if that happened that is not even a real solution… the same thing would be happening in a decade or two because at its heart the problem is people- the elite have almost always been scum but the normie class has degenerated into an amoral mass of pleasure driven zombies.
      If people cant even cancel netflix or stop carrying their I-slave phones its hard to imagine that they can maintain their freedom

      • I actually love hoff’s solution. However, I do agree that there apparently exists what I call the “psychotic megalomaniac” gene, so the root of the evil won’t be gone forever until that’s removed from our gene pool.

        Until that happens, just like THEY are targeting us, we should be finding clever, creative ways to target them. And since they are the minority, it really shouldn’t be that difficult to hypothetically “accidentally” plan a major “catastrophe” for the “elite” few chosen ones.

  2. If airlines push for covid passports it will be the end of air travel for the masses.

    • Not really… the masses will let the TSA feel their junk (or even their kids junk) in order to fly.

  3. Forged passes can get you out of a tight situation, but it is the slave’s solution. Slaves have to be sneaky or they get whipped or killed. As long as the consequences are not so dire, it’s better to defy the varments openly—in my opinion. They will not stop because of our sneakiness.

    Here is a cautionary tale. A friend of mine went to CA for his job. The airline told him that he would have to show proof of testing or vaccination in order to get back into NY. So he complied. After he got home, he received this message from the Sheriff of NY on his phone.

    “THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE NEW YORK CITY SHERIFF para ver este mensaje en espaol presione Z. It is State law that travelers to New York, like yourself, quarantine for 10 days from arrival to prevent the spread of COVID. If you have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 3 months, you do not need to quarantine. If you qualify to test out’ you can shorten your quarantine after receiving a 2nd negative test. By quarantine, we mean you must stay away from other people for 10 days. You cannot leave where you are staying except for emergencies, to get medical care, or to leave the State. If you break this law, you may have to pay a large fine. You must answer our call (the number will start with 929-296) or answer the door if someone from the Travel Unit visits. If you need a safe place to quarantine call 212-COVID19 and press 4 for a hotel. Learn more at Together we can stop COVID-19. Thank you for keeping NYC safe and healthy. Please text the letter C to confirm you are following state law today. Msg & Data Rates May Apply.”

    He ignored it. He did not “text the letter C”. So they started to harass him with ever-increasing snarly texts and finally voice messages. So he pressed C. But he got really mad. So, in revenge, he made the following video in which he put sound and images to the sheriff’s message. I’ve already shared this on the comment section of a another Corbett report video.

    I love the video, but it is not going to stop them. The only thing that will, is defiance and noncompliance. It’s better to do it now, because if we don’t, they will not stop. They will “stone ya when you’re trying to be so good.”

    • Hmmm – “stone ya when you’re trying to be so good.” – where have I heard that line before…hmmm

      Ah, I know – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 !

      One of my very favorites! Thank you for mentioning it!

      Yeah, they’ll stone ya just like they said they would! 🙂

  4. Solution is to learn to be poor and do without some things when you cant access the system… thing is that the majority of people are more scared of loosing their comfort then they are of dying at some point in the future from things they can pretend not to see Dont eat the turkish delight 😉

    Dont get into debt, dont buy stuff you cant afford , learn to enjoy being uncomfortable.

    • Yes, agreed. Too many people are incredibly greedy, it’s not that they absolutely have to have something, but they have to have it NOWAH! If we can’t force ourselves to get out of the comfort zone, at least get to the border before they build a wall so you can cross over more easily, if that would be warranted.

      Lets remember that we get into this world without owning anyhing and we will leave it with empty pockets.

      • Although I do want to teach my kids that they don’t need so many materialistic things like toys, fancy dresses, etc., I personally don’t like the idea of getting accustomed to living with less. In other words, although I know it’s said with the best of intentions, to me, that’s essentially giving up desire to achieve and giving up on the fight against THEM. For all those who are okay with that, more power to you, but I’m going to keep on earning as much as I can so hopefully I can pass whatever assets I’ve got left to my kids.

        • Just realized I should take the argument to the extreme to further my point:

          Should people get used to living with less and therefore give up the comforts of a home and just live in teepees like the Indians did? Should we give up air conditioning because it didn’t exist just a mere couple hundred years ago? Should we give up driving cars and instead walk to the grocery store to pick up and haul our food back? Should we give up showering because our cave men ancestors presumably didn’t, or perhaps only bathed very infrequently in a cold lake?

          Again, good for all you out there who don’t care about these “comforts”, but I for one, will stick with my comforts and say “F U” to all who try to take them away from me.

          • gauntlet33
            “..but I for one, will stick with my comforts and say “F U” to all who try to take them away from me…”

            Loss Aversion is a wonderful weapon for con men to control their marks.
            I recall a story (no idea if its true, probably not) of a jewish woman refused to leave Nazi Germany when they had the chance because she would have had to leave her nice, new, expensive piano… the Nazi who got her apartment loved to play music on it when she went off to Auschwitz with her husband and kids…

            By all measures people were HAPPIER and healthier 50 years ago when they had a lower standard of living and could afford only a lower calorific intake… the joke is that people enslave themselves to buy things that make them less and less happy.

            I dont know you, so dont take this as me saying anything about you personally but its going to come down to choices, people who value comfort will stay in the Beast system and take the shots and carry the passport and no one will care how much they complain about it as long as they comply

  5. Since you are looking for solutions, we can simply help destroy the narrative.

    Here are examples to destroy the fear and become a lab-rat narrative:


    1. The fear and deathcount is now extremely low for Covid.
    It is like the flu or even less.
    2. There is clearly a cure against Covid via HCQ and Ivermectin.
    Even vitD and other cures help a lot.
    See: for many of them.
    Sadly these cures are heavily censored.
    3. There are many horrific side effects of the vaccines.
    Currently I have seen more shared videos on about people
    shaking or people’s skin falling off.
    4. States like Florida are partying, with no problems at all.


    5. There is no asymptomatic spreading (and kids do not spread)
    6. Many people are already immune to covid
    7. There is a lot wrong with the testing and classifying of cases and deaths.
    8. The testing is so bad, that it might be gone and we do not even know it.

    Don’t push them into people’s face.
    Imagine that you believe the narrative and think what
    might help you to get out of the brainwashing.
    It is usually being nice, jokes and make fun with each other.

    You can not change someone’s mind, they can only change their own minds.

    You can protest or even remove propaganda from the street and
    explain to people why it is important to remove it.
    Propaganda is dangerous.. people may get a lack of vitD,
    lack of love, have constant fear over a very weak disease.
    And they may inject themselves with dangerous experimental
    stuff from “final solution” Bills.

    Talk to kids and give them hugs.
    How many kids can you save by countering propaganda?
    Would you inject a kid with an experimental mRNA treatment for
    a virus that is harmless to a kid?

    We are up against professional propaganda psychopaths.
    They know how to convince people via fear and fake science.
    But they do not know what love is, or even what life is.

    • That last link you offer is a valuable source. Not very soundbity, though. Those 18 points should be condensed to fit into 140 characters.

    • How do we fight the psychopaths?
      By not playing their game.

      The Psychopaths and Technocrats are stuck in one way of thinking.
      They usually steal ideas from others (like Gates),
      and even their crime-methods are stolen and repeated.

      But normal people can work together, cooperate without money. That is how
      we survived for ages.
      We also have a sense of community and mutual support. The idea of competing
      and fighting each other is very much from the psychopaths.
      Instead we make inventions.

      In a country as China the people see the state as a family.
      It is the same word as family, and respected the same
      (at least in culture). That is why their state has so much power.
      In other cultures it is more like our “tribe”, which is expressed
      in the west to something like a sports team.
      But we should go back to the idea of small communities,
      that also work together.

      I have many ideas to improve science and know
      inventions that will help with energy and computing.
      But the technocracy and their pseudo-science is in the way.
      I also think that phsysical and mental health are ease to achieve
      with good food and a supporting community (not very religious).

      But we first need to learn how we can build a cooperative
      community. We have been trained to think like psychopaths
      too much, often to fight them.
      So this is also a psychological development.

    • “One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world.” We can’t compete with “them” on or within their Psychodrome, no, but telling people the truth directly is exceptionally powerful. IF the recipient is not already mind-controlled.

    • Solution 2: Let them go…

      As long they are not concerned about us they will probably
      start fighting each other.

      Technocrats are not smart, and waste huge amounts of money
      on big projects that will never work. But they will also
      be incapable of understanding why..
      1) Generic AI
      2) Quantum computing
      3) Mind-computer interface
      4) Big nuclear fusion
      5) Cure for cancer, addiction,.
      6) Base on Mars

      These are Technocratic pet-projects, which require huge amounts of money.
      But they will also never work for various reasons.

      Support those projects:
      “If you lockdown the economy, we will never get to mars!”
      “mRNA for vaccines may not work that well, but we can use it against cancer!”
      “Government virtual currency can be hacked with Quantum computing!”

      and make the projects political:
      “Why arent we using mRNA to help transpeople (and furries)”
      “Talking about dots on our arms, we should instead mark all immigrants and
      criminals so we do not mix them up!”
      “Space travel is white supremacy”
      (I hope to see more fun examples)

      and build a replacement

      2020 showed that real science and real health is no longer
      connected with the government. All is infiltrated by the
      technocracy and is holding us back.

      We need to setup a separate basis of science, health
      and technology that is not connected to the technocrazies.
      With that we can develop cheap solutions for health, food,
      transport, energy, ecology, etc.
      Health can become so much better with good food and good life-styles already.

      But in alternative communities we are often missing the feedback
      of criticism of their ideas. Sometimes the ideas are very religious.
      There needs to be constructive criticism and no dogmas.

      We can replace the basis with good science, and actually
      collect a lot of intelligent people that are really capable of
      critical thinking.
      I think even the discussions would be far more interesting than
      we see anywhere else.

      This will also attract people that are smart and capable.
      On the long term it may brain-drain the technocracy.

    • Related medicine interview:

      Ivermectin Ban: Did Hancock SAGE NHS Cause 60k UK Deaths? Dr Tess Lawrie Evidence Based Consultanc
      The problem is explained from the inside.

      Additional note:
      If Ivermectin or HCQ+Z or Budesonide is used, vaccines become unnecessary.
      The push for vax is based on the lie that there is no cure for covid.
      So anyone pushing for vax is pushing fake science.

  6. Solutions:

    -Opt out. Depending on how many people do this, it could put enough economic pressure on certain businesses or industries, forcing them to reconsider. If not for anything else, you would be honoring yourself by not giving in, and doing what you feel is right.

    -Build community with others who are also opposed to vaccine passports and this agenda. This could allow for a somewhat parallel economy that could function without the restrictions that will be imposed on mainstream society. I think this is in the same vein as the Ithaca Hours, which allowed the community of Ithaca, NY to keep their economy moving during an economic depression.

      • I feel like we need to fully understand that they are rolling out their agenda and deal with the consequences of living life our way on our own terms. The old normal is gone, permanently. We need to accept this and stop trying to weasel around in their system. It’s not going to be easy, but our true humanity will be preserved, and that is worth more than any inconvenience.

        • You have a good point. In my opinion, not THE but A solution is looking at this new paradygm, and learn what is needed to be succesful in it. And also, uplifting the entire population can be a good thing, looking at the 20th century we might need an upgrade so it’s not all bad: However, putting the power in the elite ‘chosen’ few to rule the rest is not good, of effective and will lead to an implosion/civil war, etc. Again; look at history. Aligning the world population to stop war and famine is good, tagging and bagging everybody to enslave them and charge admission fee to social gatherings is not good.

          So a solution could be to learn to live with less, maintain flexible to manoever in the main society (tagged) and the sub set of society which is created by the implementation of this COVID ID,. Like Blade Runner, be a bounty hunter, walk both sides of the isle without loss of critical independent thought. But also, don’t exclude yourself and force yourself to live in isolation and/or an ‘island’ so to speak. Keep moving.
          Use the internet, but also use Tor network, use multiple apps, codes, etc. Be tech savvy but also know how to grow your own food. etc.etc. It is not hard and this new paradygm is coming, which can be good and bad: How to be succesful in this new paradygm is the key to survival and happiness.
          Turning back the clock is not the answer and a child’s solution to a problem: We can’t live like the 18th century anymore and interact with society as well: tackle this, be succesful, and be realistic and also, don’t believe anything they tell you, especially not the governement.
          Death and taxes gents, and a lot of Bob Dylan because It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.

          • I like your approach generally. And it sounds like you have a positive attitude about it which is important.

            • Hi scpat,
              Thanks, and I read a lot of great comments from great people, so we’re in the right spot. Yeah kinda positive, but also challenging and a bit scared of what is coming. Mostly because most people around me in the work and personal sphere’s have no idea what is happening, and are sometime declaring me insane if I tell them about 1% of what is about to happen. Then they think I am the crazy cook tin foil hat one. I bet you there is some old Roman / Greek (Aesop fable) about this situation being the ‘1 eyed man is king’. It’s more the 1 eyed man is F-ed but that’s another discussion…

    • Boycotts won’t work – the Enemy has virtually unlimited money. “They” are paying “influencers” to take the needle on camera. I’ve no doubt “they” would fund any corporation that suffered loss due to resistance. And, sadly, most of the resistance is very soft. When things get harder, most will buckle. Here in America, we can expect only a few million will hold out to the end. Those numbers will be less elsewhere, in the absence of common, credible means to make “no” mean NO.

    • That’s great. I wish you two the best of luck in your journey.

    • You make a very astute observation here that “Normies” love the whole Covid1984 situation. I think this is completely accurate. I think that many people were bored and this gave their lives excitement and meaning. It became something to talk about.

      People in the US are also getting paid to stay at home and play video games and smoke weed. I guess this is more fun than their regular job.

  7. With forging you are already sort of complying.
    For me that is no solution even short term.

    The solution is to use other modes of transportation.
    Leaving money with companies who are supporting tyranny is no option.
    Problem is that we should have starved out the Airline industry already 20 years back when they started the extended security checks.

    • “…With forging you are already sort of complying….”

      TRUE… allowing forgery to happen is a pressure safety valve that diffuses the sudden explosion of people who flat out wont comply and lets them be dealt with in drips and drabs.

      Your solutions are pretty much the only way … but too many people are addicted to the easy life. They will instinctively hate anyone who is not either or a fellow slave.

    • Forging documents is the biggest F U to the System you can do.

      What I don’t approve is fake “vaccines” – as in, “vaccines” that are even more fake than the official ones (counterfeit). THAT is playing their game.

      Please stop consuming Hopium. This will be Biblical when it’s all over. You won’t buy or sell ANYTHING without the Mark. No gasoline/petrol, no food, no housing, no medicine – NOTHING. You might be able to rely on a tiny number of Good Samaritans risking their lives to give you food, directed by God to help you, if you are aligned with Him.

      • “..Forging documents is the biggest F U to the System you can do…”

        Not really… not saying it should never be done but (like the majority of crime) it accepts the legitimacy of the system and gives the appearance of a path out so that resistance can be dealt with slowly.

        “..This will be Biblical when it’s all over…”
        All the more reason to say no

        • We’ll have to see how hard the System comes down on forgery of their “holiness” certification, to determine whether my statement is correct.

  8. Hi, Im a new subscriber.

    One solution/ narrative we can do is to create our own “society”. Do not let any elites make the two tiered society for us. We take control of it. If we shape a new “society”, we can make it better than the other one that the normals live in. When the normals see this they will also want to live in our “society”.

    This society can just be groups within various cities. These groups can set up events, parties, charity work, community work, litter picking, etc. We make it known to the normals that our society is better and they are all welcome.

    Although I understand most people would hate the idea of it but maybe over time it could gain traction and take off.
    This is an idea and could maybe fail at the first hurdle but feel free to discuss it with me.


    PS I believe my first comment is reviewed by James. Hi James, keep up the good work. I would love to see a world war 2 documentary. Do you have any plans for new features/ upgrades to the website. Ive been following your work for a year now.

    • I guess you never heard of Waco, or Ruby Ridge! And that was long ago! I’ve thought of “buying” an old abandoned town (there are many in western Canada), and begin some form of agorist, or anarchy community. Greed, wealth not invited. I believe these two ideologies got us where we are today!
      How long do you think this peaceful, self-supporting, community of like-minded people would last before the “authorities” show up in force?
      We always talk about the 1% of the 1%. Reverse that. We are 99.99% of the world. You would think if we just got together and refused to play their game it would be easy. BUT, the narrative is so pervasive, the sheeple actually still believe this is all for our own good and we are the bad guys. Now, how many of us are left?
      Not only are the authorities after us, but 98% of the population support them in their efforts to stifle & suppress any thought or action that may point at “freedom”!

      • gpars
        Ruby Ridge would not have happened had the guy NOT been stupid enough to commit crimes for a federal informant… got to give him props for not turning into a dirty snitch but he was none too smart.
        First rule of a peaceful life should be dont commit crimes… ( orif you do make sure its with people you trust Lol)
        The Amish breed like rabbits and are doing pretty wellNot that things are not things are not going bad but if you give up they have already won

        • @Duck, great video on how pessimism is so very destructive! That’s why I love Corbett’s solutions watch. There are solutions out there. We just have to be willing to “execute” (being the key word) on them.

        • I object to your libel against a good man, Randy Weaver. He was not “stupid,” and did NOT cooperate with the Federal regime snitch as you state.

          Federal regime “charges” are almost always perjury on the part of the FBI or other agency goons and/or their field tools.

          • beaconterraone
            “…I object to your libel against a good man, Randy Weaver. He was not “stupid,”…..”

            Selling illegal items to Government agents is dumb as horse turds.
            It is so remarkably stupid in his case that one could call it evolution in action.

            “…and did NOT cooperate with the Federal regime snitch as you state….”

            READ WHAT I SAID
            “…got to give him props for >>> not <<< turning into a dirty snitch but he was none too smart…"
            If English is not your first language I apologize for not being clearer…. I said that he REFUSED turn snitch was the only good thing you could say about him

            • You make many assumptions. Your first error is in assuming that what the Federal regime alleged Weaver did actually happened.

              Have you ever actually read or listened to RANDY WEAVER, or is all of your information about him, and the murder/attempted murder of his family, from the liesmedia and ultimately, the “justice” system?

              • Are you saying that he did not commit a crime?

                Where are you getting your info?

    • Jack
      You are right, but the issue is finding people who will come join you…and THEN stay onboard and not tear you community apart.
      Freedom minded folks have been talking about doing this for ages but the issue is getting enough people who are like minded…. you can pretty much take over a small town, even a rural county, if you have a medium sized cult and some money.

      “.. We make it known to the normals that our society is better and they are all welcome….”

      You should be realistic and realize that what you build is NOT BETTER to the normals… they do not value freedom, humanity, even (in the long run) their lives more then ease and comfort.
      Freedom can not exist for people who have no self control and have a value system centered on their own pleasure and desires. This will ultimately cost them their happiness,families, health, wealth and lives.

  9. @craciunator

    “The people that are important in your life you’ll still talk to, you can talk to people outside of Facebook, there are MANY alternative messaging apps to replace Facebook messaging, Telegram is a good one. ”

    Pardon the question, but …
    On which basis have you actually assessed that Telegram is a “good one” (good, in terms of what?).

    Given that:
    – Telegram is a walled garden like FB, whatsapp, signal etc etc, I don’t see how this can benefit people aside from moving from one walled garden to another. Would you recommend a ACME telephone company that tells you “you can make phone calls only to our ACME customers”, or an email service that tells you “you can send emails only to our email address”?
    – Telegran is completely unencrypted by default and saves all your chat history unencrypted in their servers exactly like FB does. I don’t see how this can be actually better than FB. You are just giving away your personal data, for free, to another company who, eventally, will make money with your data.

    My recommendation is that, instead of suggsting some random messaging app “just because it does not censor (yet!) like that nasty FB does”, you may want to actually do a serious analysis and backing it up with more sources.

    • Which one do you recommend?

      Personally I think that they are all suspect…maybe if you had your own internet chat relay server setup or something like that it might be a bit more private but who knows?

      • Duck, I’ll keep the answer short as this thread is massively offtopic.

        This security guy provides some comprehensive background info when it comes to assessing which messaging app to use, including a nice scorecard with all the most popular apps.

        Having said that, I would not pick up any of the apps he has considered, simply because they are all walled gardens and I support a decentralised internet (meaning: standard and open communication protocols and companies that build services on top – example: 4G is a standard mobile comms protocol and then vodafone/etc build services on top).

        Based on this, my only 2 options are:

        – DeltaChat ( – it turns your existing email address into a messaging app with a strong encryption.
        – XMPP ( a standard secure protocol with plenty of apps and a massive distributed network.

    • Telegram does support bots which basically allow linking to other, more open systems, like those based on the Matrix universe.

      • mkey,
        Be careful not to conflate 2 totally different ideas. Interoperability vs open protocols. The fact that Telegram provides some public APIs upon which you can build bots and bridge it to other systems is more like a marketing gimmick to appease the wider audience than genuine commitment to openness. In the walled garden metaphor, it’s as if Telegram had build a door on the wall, and let you give a peek through the keyhole. You can see a tiny fraction of what’s inside (and they decide what exactly) while keeping the “dirty secrets” hidden from your sight. An open protocol would be keeping the door slam open to let you inside the garden and check everything out. Interoperability is a non-solution for open internet just like forging passport isn’t for getting back to normal.

  10. Forging documents and bribing officials is not a good long term solution because it still legitimizes their narrative.

    The first solution I am using is non compliance and if pressured litigation.

    Dave Chapel the comedian said something to the effect of “…the second amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out “ and this applies to people in the US.

    Beyond that no one has the right to violate your body. That’s a fundamental God given right.

    People must start exercising their boundaries and speaking up for themselves. And like Duck mentioned “get used to enjoy being uncomfortable “ or something like this. Convenience has made us soft.

    Learn to vocalize your own rights like Peggy Hall is doing and don’t give up.

    • To a large extent that is true however not every judge is corrupt. Some judges might be constitutional conservatives and use their voice to oppose this.

      What is being done in the US is unconstitutional. It’s also a violation of natural law. There is some overlap with the US constitution.

      The injections they are pushing are not only NOT vaccines but they are NOT FDA approved and against the Nuremberg code.

      Look up the deaths on VAERS database. People have died from these injections. I’m not taking them. I am prepared to defend my bodily autonomy.

      • Every lawyer (including judges) is a literal card-carrying member of the Mystery Babylon System. You can’t “practice law” without that quasi license, and if you do something contrary to their strategic goals, you’ll find yourself facing a Bar Association “investigation” very quickly. The same is true for medical doctors, and many HAVE lost their licenses merely for practicing the Hippocratic Oath.

        Without becoming political, we saw how the “justice” system works a few months ago, with Texas v. Pennsylvania and associated cases that summarily dismissed all evidence.

    • What if we make our own court.
      Based on scientific evidence and logic.

      To create it we first need a scientific community with
      real critical thinkers.

      It may not have the means to punish someone, but
      it can allow others to publish what has really happened
      with good scientific backing.

      That is why the report on Tower7 is so important.

      And the many independent reports around covid.

      • See Dr Dutton ( “the jolly Heretic” )on the rise of the “MidWit”
        The smarter middleclass people who push papers and supervise things are not really ALL THAT SMART and thus accept what they hear from “Authority” without being able, or wanting, to read or think about it too much.

        They are a subspecies of NPC, I guess, one that PRIDES itself on believing what its masters tell it, unlike the working class version which prides itself on its ignorance.

        Unless you take over the universities the mid wit will not care how many “fake scientists” you gather in a “fake university”… its NOT an issue of crafting arguments- unless you have the mark of power they will just ignore you.
        If you ever look powerful the NPC’s will 100% behind you

        • The scientists are often alone in their fight with Big Pharma.
          If they find something wrong, they will lose their jobs, careers,
          their scientific research, etc.
          Often the medicine mafia tells them to sign the contract/paper,
          or learn to code.
          This also reflects my own career.

          I think that they need some place to go to.
          The current organizations standing up to the mafia
          feel very small. And some are very specialized.

          By joining together you can get some strength in size.
          (This can be different global networks).
          Just like a network of critical thinking.

          My hope is that the quality of the science
          can also be much better than that of Big Pharma.
          And that people come to the group for questions.

    • “Litigation”?! You’re serious?

      You still believe “the System” works for you/us, for some bizarre reason.

      Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun, said Mao. That is a truism quite apart from his ideology. Your rights are merely words on paper or even less if you cannot FORCE System goons to stop molesting you.

      • I think you have to start somewhere. I will try to litigate if they try to pressure me, by saying I have to take this injection to stay employed.

        So far, it’s optional and I have declined. I understand what you are saying and for the most part you are correct. However, there are attorneys out there who will fight for what is right and even some judges who will do the same.

        I also have a license since I’m a nurse, but this doesn’t mean I’m corrupt. I do think there are some good treatments in Western medicine, but agree that the influence of the technocracy has corrupted it. However, though this is true, does not mean that in every context what is done is bad.

        I have actually helped save peoples lives on many occasions in emergency medicine. It’s also true that the state of health would be better if people took care of themselves before needing emergency treatment. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that emergency medicine also saved their lives.

        I have helped save babies, young children, adults and the elderly and in that moment medicine has saved them and my efforts have helped them live another day.

        • If you have the money, by all means, TRY to use the System against itself. A long shot, and, occasionally, “they” will let us win, at least for show (e.g., the Bundys).

          I don’t question your work in helping people live, and live better. But the System has become so pathological, it’s become next to impossible to ONLY do good within it. Especially when you’re “licensed.” They can simply take that away, either for some minor “offense” or something they generated out of nothing.

      • That should really read that “Power comes from controlling the MINDS that controls the hand that controls the gun”

        People with guns in the USSR got totally owned by Operation Trust

        People in the USA with guns think Q or that magic sword lady is coming to rescue them

        • Not all of them. There are a lot of Q believers still but many gun owners know that’s bs. I hear what you’re saying though…

        • Not all gun owners are befuddled. Usually just the ones that think “back the blue” is going to save them from being victims of that blue cult. These are the ones who will NEVER deploy those weapons, because it would be “illegal.” OMG, they might become a “cop killer” if they shoot a home invader!

          The Founding Fathers tolerated only a mere fraction of what the American people currently tolerate, before the Founders simply took up arms, and USED them.

  11. Oregon OSHA has decided to make the temporary emergency order for lockdowns and masks permanent. The temporary rules are set to end on May 4.

    They do not want to lose their legislative powers and return as an administrative body. To make the rules permanent they need to allow public comment. The following is the testimony provided by Oregonians.

    The youtube video provided is 3½ hours long. Fast forward to 1:30 minutes and you can hear 2 hours of fantastic testimony from Oregonians concerning this fascist putsch.

    My apologies for using a youtube link.

  12. bob387

    “..They are on the verge of a stampede…”
    I dont think so, or if they are its going to be over the cliff ‘Clan of The Cave Bear’ style.

    Guiding principle of life should be that if 90% of people are doing it its probably stupid.

  13. The only real solution I can see to combat the requirement of vaccine passports is “simply” not utilize the services and/or products that companies and institutions that are requiring them are offering. I’m sure that many of them would happily nod at your fake papers and point you to the cashier as you continue to give them your time and money. In many ways this is not the easier road, and it will take the time and numbers to prove out; but, I have a feeling that it will be particularly regenerative for many local economies and businesses if we stick to it. It will be very difficult to not be able to live life like we used to, but I fear that that ship has already sailed. We must invest in better ways out of this and think in terms of the next decade instead of what it happening in the news this week, we all know where this is going. I’ll probably miss travel the most, but who knows what can happen down the road if we do the hard work of divesting from the world/cage that is being built around us now?

    • “Federal and State law enforcement agents raided a self-styled ‘freedom community’ in a pre-dawn raid early this morning. The US Attorney’s office and FBI spokesmen detailed the domestic terrorism the community was perpetrating, and the raid prevented even further acts of violence against law enforcement and public health personnel. Forty-three members at the terrorist compound were killed while resisting law enforcement, and 472 were arrested. Survivors will be held at the quarantine facility nearby, awaiting arraignment on capital charges in US District Court.”

  14. tom
    That is not likely to happen… solution is NOT to be at ground zero where your only choice is get fired, starve, get forcibly vaccinated or be mobbed by media controlled zombies on the street.

    We are in Mouse Utopia and the only solution is NOT to live IN IT…even if the vaccine is sugar water things are going to get worse

  15. Whatcha gonna do?
    Well, what are you doing about masks right now? Are you 1) disengaging from corporate businesses and ANY business that requires ‘facial coverings’? 2) getting your employment and/or other support systems disengaged from the corporate/government structure? 3) using/paying normie friends/allies to access the system for you on occasion? 4) establishing relationships (OFFLINE, please!) and trading with like-minded people? 5) becoming as self-reliant as possible, especially with food and any other essentials?

    What you are DOING right now is a pretty good indication of what you will do, and therefor where you will end up, in the future. Buckle up, Dorothy. The times are about to get a lot more interesting.

  16. The Narrative…

    Less than a month ago, Corbett again emphasized this aspect of “The Narrative”, of “The Story” when discussing Red Pill Moments.
    “…and it’s not even necessarily a new revelation, but just the power of that revelation has really been hammered home that this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.
    And that suggests that the only way out of this is for us to present our own Witch Doctor Ooga Booga ticket to freedom that will somehow in the minds of the general hoi palloi be that: “Oh! Okay, now we have the thing that will save us.” and it’s not going to be rational and it’s not going to make sense, but we need that whatever that is….”

    This James Corbett article from 11/23/2020 lays it out.
    How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)

    Spoiler EXCERPT
    “… What is the most powerful weapon ever invented?
    Have you figured it out yet?
    Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions….”

    • “The Water Fluoridation Fight” and The Narrative

      It dawned on me recently on why our Dallas For Safer Water campaign was such a tremendous struggle.

      Over the course of about 7 years, there have been well over 100 individual presentations to the Dallas City Council about the fallacies of water fluoridation. Mountains of scientific studies were presented. Private meetings with city officials, Townhalls, signs, bumper stickers, flyers, email campaigns, petitions, etc.

      Sure. A couple City Council people looked at the facts and logic and real science. They took a stand with us, but the herd mentality won out.

      Just like James Corbett says:
      “…this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.”

      An aside:
      On the above webpage, this Corbett video is now “blank”
      “No Fluoridation in Japan and Why”
      which was queued around the 5 minute mark from Do You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005

      Also on the webpage is Corbett’s The Case Against Fluoride.
      Currently, this video is still working because it is on his “Extras” Channel.

    • Scary Stories – #SolutionsWatch

      Personally, scary movies have never been my cup of tea. But a lot of folks really like to watch horror movies. They are drawn to them. I’m guessing that “Terror” tends to stick attention.

      Perhaps a video(s) with terrifying visual images of vaccine injuries, or potential injuries, might be a tool with our own Story, our own Narrative.
      Be ruthless about it. Scare the bejeezus out of people. Give them nightmares.
      That’s the point.
      Remember: “…it’s not going to be rational and it’s not going to make sense…”

      Facts, logic and science in themselves are not going to penetrate.
      Fear, anxiety and emotion have the impact. Especially in this Covid-age war.

      I hate to say it, but make people very afraid…terrified to go along with the Mainstream Narrative.
      Give people a horrific string of stories that they can’t shake.
      Exaggerate and hyperbole the stories – it don’t matter. Emotion matters.

      Do you remember shortly after 9/11 and looking up at the sky seeing the first plane that you had seen after weeks of no planes? There was that brief thought that maybe that plane might….

  17. It’s unlikely they will be able to test for expression of the spike protein. Supposedly, the mRNA will degrade after being translated ~1000 times. I don’t think they’ve actually tested how long expression lasts for in a living human, but most likely the best they will be able to do is test for antibodies if they’re not going to use some sort of tattoo tech.

    • You’re correct that the spike protein will remain after the mRNA is degraded, but there’s just no data about how long. As I said in a different post on this thread, it’s baffling to me that not even the basic cell biology studies have been done (or at least not published as far as I can tell) before they started injecting people. It seems like a no brainer to me to test basic properties of spike protein expression in cells such as mRNA and protein turnover rate and affects on cell proliferation, morphology, and viability. In any case, I think you’re right that some transient marker could be implanted with the injection that could be integrated into the introduced genes. For example, a common way to track which cells got your introduced genes in cell culture and animal experiments is to co-transfect with a fluorescent protein. That way you can verify which cells got the genes you want to express. This would actually provide a benefit over quantum dot tattoos because the tattoos are more or less permanent, but transient expression of a fluorescent marker would dissipate over time. This would create a situation where they could physically track when you were due for your next vaxx.

      • I don’t know if mRNA is just a PsyOp, but the herd has certainly failed.

        • “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

          Friedrich Nietzsche

      • What prize do the people who refuse get?

        • I think this is compliance testing…to see what people will do and what they can get away with. I think this is experimental and they want a large sample size to test out their new toys…

          I’ve been offered this “vaccine” at work since I work as a nurse and I said NO! If I am asked again, I will ask them if they know what the long term side effects are. They have no clue. Just say no and have facts to back it up and I think in many instances they will leave you alone.

  18. Unfortunately, I think the only way out of this is if the deaths and side-effects caused by the “vaccine” become visible enough that they can’t be ignored and they’re forced to end the experimental gene therapy program, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

    • I suspect the “vaccine” injuries and deaths are designed to be minimal at first, so as to avoid the cattle rampaging before most have been injected. Dr. Tenpenny and others have asserted the real side-effects are coming, months out from injection. The low-hanging fruit and a large portion of the mid-hanging fruit will be injected by July. We should start to see more and more “anomalies” of health popping up by then. And the most important phenomenon will be when the first babies are born of parents who were “fully-vaccinated” when the babies were conceived. IF they are born alive. That will happen no earlier than September or so.

      The System will offer the usual lies, painting a narrative that the injuries are due to something other than the holy injections. Maybe even a new pathogen, perhaps spread by those who reject the “vaccines”?

      • Possibly… I don’t think anyone knows for sure what will happen with long-term side effects of the vaccine. That’s the point of the ongoing trials. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are a few ways the gene therapies could potentially cause long term side effects, but it’s very difficult to even make guesses at this point because we lack information. It’s completely bizarre to me that the researchers seem to have been allowed to completely skip over doing some very basic experiments. I haven’t seen any pre-clinical animal studies or even basic cell biology studies. As far as I can tell no one has even asked the fundamental question “what happens when we express spike protein in cells?” Does it kill them? Does it affect their rate of proliferation? Cell morphology? Interactions with other cells? Expression of other genes? What’s the half-life of the mRNA or expressed spike protein? Does it affect different cell types differentially? With all the resources being thrown at this it would’ve been easy to do these studies at some point in the past year, but instead they basically just went straight to injecting people. I don’t understand why this hasn’t raised red flags with other researchers or physicians.

        • Thanks! I’ve seen that video, and I agree with a lot of what she said. As someone that’s more or less a materialist (with the caveat that at the end of the day all we have is our ineffable experience, and therefore really anything could be possible), and left-leaning politically, I do find it frustrating that that covid acceptance/skepticism has broken down along political lines, which also tend to correlate with religious beliefs. It’s kind of funny to me that on the one hand the people that accept beliefs on faith are the same people that seem to be most skeptical of covid, and the people that proudly display their support of science have become blind adherents to Scientism and the mainstream covid story. I think it mostly comes down to politics, unfortunately. Covid was largely an orange-man-bad narrative from the beginning, and people on the political left have been trained to “believe the science” by the climate debate. On the other hand, people on the right have a long history of science skepticism BECAUSE of their religious adherence. At the end of the day, the vast majority of people don’t seem to be thinking rationally, but instead are just choosing their stance on covid by convenience to their political position. Personally, it’s left me without much of a home outside of my close friends.

        • There is a small minority of scientists/doctors who ARE asking such questions, but the Babylon System is doing its damnedest to censor them from getting such information out.

          The Gleichschaltung of the greater “academic community” in just accepting the “vaccines,” and worse, pushing them hard, is awesome in the worst possible way. Just wow. Unless there are “scientific” explanations for this, such as electromagnetic weaponry being used on us to suppress high-cognition, I can only envision a supernatural element operating to cause this. Bribery and peer-pressure can’t account for it (though they heavily contribute). It seems fewer are objecting to what’s happening now than those who objected to the original Gleichschaltung under Adolf.

          • The Maxwell/Epstein Mossad Operation is but the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how many other operatives are doing what they did, and possibly on a greater scale?

            I’ve no doubt you’re correct about the role of such blackmail for those who are allowed to float to the top. Some have sworn allegiance, literally, to the Devil, and work for free, but there are others who join up to access “fulfillment” of their perverse and grotesque fetishes, who do need to be “encouraged” to make “correct” decisions.

        • I am a Christian (as my posts often indicate), and I am a firm believer in both real science AND the supernatural (which is simply not yet explained).

          You are definitely aimed in the right direction! People who are not hopeless materialists ARE in the forefront of opposing COVID-19(84). Whether that’s fundamentalist Christians who refuse to close their churches or hardcore Orthodox Jews who refuse to not do as their traditions have required for centuries.

          Of course, I do not discount direct, satanic power influencing the majority. That’s hard for many to accept, if they do not come from or enjoy currently a faith tradition.

  19. A thought on legality: is it really legal to require people to take an experimental drug? I don’t see how that could be mandated at least until the “vaccine” has been given FDA approval.

    • You are under the mistaken impression that “the law” is for your use. No, “the law” has always been intended to be used AGAINST you. When “the law” is to your benefit, it gets dispensed with quickly.

      “They” control the System. Doesn’t matter if a piece of paper says they “can’t” do something.

    • Everything one writes can become “legal”. That is the basis of moral relativism. Whether something is moral is not a function of time, location or number of people. The justification for these evil is collectivism, being employed in the most manner. These people will always hide behind the same tropes, we need to understand the importance of saying no to evil.

  20. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead. Right Hand or Forehead.

    The easily-forged paper record and the QR codes are merely phases. The real End Goal is the “on-the-body” record, as JC points out (again), with the “quantum dot” tattoo.

    St. John foresaw our situation over nineteen centuries ago. I’m confident he’ll be proven right on Right Hand or Forehead.

    • Why is it people are SO anti-Christian they want to find ANY excuse to dismiss Biblical prophecy as real?

      St. John just pulled all that out of his Freudian model of the mind, eh?

      Uh, no. The system John foretold us was literally unthinkable back then, a system where everyone who wishes to buy or sell must have a universal “Mark.” Such total government was never even technologically possible until very recently. No matter how many legions Nero, et. al., had, someone could always buy or sell without using Roman-dictated procedures.

      And further, John foretold, by name, the Chernobyl disaster. Chernobyl is an Ukrainian word for “wormwood.”

      • beaconterraone and Fact Checker

        Thanks for your fascinating comments on the Mark of the Beast.

        I believe in Revelation despite never having been a practising Christian.

        As a former computing lecturer I calculated that an electronic ID system was inevitable around 20 years ago. The average person will find the convenience irresistible.

        I accept that identity marks existed centuries ago but this will comprehensively remove free will from human beings as the social credit system noose tightens.

        best wishes

      • With all due respect, you do not understand the Mark or the System we will soon be facing, if you think past dictators of any era had the vision, let alone the technology, to create something like them.

        loggin’s subsequent response to both of us is correct: “this will comprehensively remove free will from human beings as the social credit system noose tightens.”

  21. My family forged travel documents in the USSR, so I have a family reputation to honor. LOL

    Seriously, WHO CARES if it’s “illegal.” What is legal is not always right, and what is right is not always legal.

    If keeping your job, your income, your home, and feeding your family comes down to taking the death needle or committing an “illegal” act in the form of forging their anti-constitutional “vaccine passport,” the answer is obvious.

    Our forebears suffered and died in circumstances worse than we are currently experiencing. This is OUR war. Some of us are going to die. Maybe even most. Risk taking will be required. Look to every freedom fighting movement in history for inspiration. Look to the Source of All That is Good – God – as well.

  22. The herd will resist only when it is easy.

    If “vaccine hesitancy” (sic) continues, there will be phased response by the world government. 95%+ of the masses will buckle if a “vaccine passport” is required for their income (especially government benefits) and buying food or fuel.

    Pfizer has directed the FDA to formally approve their “vaccine” as early as next month, and things will change then, as the very weak “protection” of “it’s only EUA” will evaporate.

  23. Your “solution” depends upon the masses accepting scientific fact. We have seen very, very clear that they will not do so. Whatever the Psychodrome of the liesmedia and “entertainment” media portrays is “truth” for them.

    • It’s a great concept, and fits perfectly the synthetic “reality” arena created for all of us. I don’t remember where I first saw it. Might have been from Michael A. Hoffman II.

  24. We keep telling the truth to as many as we can. Until we can no longer. That is all we CAN do. The majority will NOT “wake up.” If they were even capable of waking up, they would have long ago. Say, in October 2001, after the nature of the 9/11 MIHOP became overtly obvious.

  25. Dear God, I hope what you are asserting is not true…that’s not an accusation, just a hope it’s rumor. That said, I am NOT at all dismissive of this possibility…probability?

    Some have alleged the “vaccines” have nanotrackers in them. If what you report is true, then their fears are proven correct. And surprise, the millimeter wave scanners at the cattle facilities called airports use EHF frequencies – 24 to 30 GHz – overlapping the infamous high-band 5G (25 to 39 GHz). Were the “5G will ‘activate’ something in the shots” people correct?

    Like JC said in this video, do we really think “they” didn’t think of people forging “vaccine passports” and paying someone to shoot the syringe on the ground?

  26. I hope people read my comment, please let me know.

    PROBLEM: we teach children to never speak about what they are really experiencing when they are thinking. We mentally encourage them, frighten them, make them believe that humanity is not ready for people to openly speak about their minds. Talking about your telepathic senses is changed into “you have a mental disorder” People deny telepathy being a normal human capability that all people own. Hell, even animals have this capability! We all realized telepathy is a natural sense by which we can communicate and sense much more.
    We must start to speak openly to other people about this. This is the first and biggest lie that teaches young people to never speak out on other truths as well, especially when it is outside of humanities consensus of truths spoken about in public or inside humanities consensus of hidden truths “no-one” should speak about.

    SOLUTION: people will have to learn what, why and how lying is affecting life and living. It starts by which consequences we are teaching young and old people are so important that we, you, and all others may never speak about.

    AGREE or DISAGREE, do not leave a blank but instead leave a comment when thinking about this with others!
    Proza 4 U

    “13th century OVID became 20th century COVID after the black plague and leprosy were converted into algorithms that were compiled in C and resulted in an executable, a program, APP named corona 19”

    • Yes, Rupert Sheldrake, I know him since the early 90’ies. Amazing person.
      Thank you for responding so quickly, I reckon that the accuracy by with this parrot ‘talked’ about what was on the foto’s is amazing. For an animal that mimics spoken language it was taught to mimic to please its companion (the woman), the parrot knows many versions of one subject (like the flower).

      We humans are however different animals and are born with amazing linguistic skills, even when an infant cannot speak, he/she can understand complex meanings of a phrase.
      I recently watched a lecture from NAOM CHOMSKY who is world’s leading linguist it is almost 2 hours, but the time spend will change your point of view on frogs, chickens, and humans.

      This man speaks on many subjects in videos on YouTube and especially this video is a complete overview of humans & linguistic.

      I’ve never been outside the system called earth so I cannot claim to know where such a UFO came from – another planet or another continent beyond the Antarctic.

      There is an old book (1730) about the continent Africa – the narrator uses many certainties that you do not have to believe but the pictures in the book speak volumes.
      There is a 5m by 5m world map from the 15th century 1582 if I’m correct that shows continents around earth – some of these continents are 3 times the size of Africa and we know almost all continents fit into Africa. (ask me for the link)

      This makes me wonder if we will get expensive products (oil, minerals etc.) from Mars or just around the corner – a bit further but within airplane reach.

      As I’ve said, I’ve not been outside the earth, flat or globe but my science says flat – which is a dangerous claim these days with ANTI-SCIENCE being as bad as terrorism or nuclear war –> both lies I do not believe in since terrorism is done by US, Israel where the EU speaks more truths but doesn’t defy the US in the media. and boiling water is not radioactive – a big kettle is still a kettle

      If his-story was full of technology, the powers that mislead us, are a full 50 years ahead on today’s scientific development (haarp and/or Darpa for example makes this statement true.)

      I’ve got knowledge beyond what we see around us with our eyes.

      !!! today I was riding my bike and stopping for a red light. There were a few other people stopping for the traffic light and so they, just like me, saw 2 police officers on bikes vanish in thin air just 10 meters in front of us!!
      TELEPORTATION – a step beyond telepathy.

      I kept checking where they might have gone on their bikes but 1 moment, I see them and 1 second late they and their bikes were nowhere to be seen.

      I was not the only one who saw this, but I was the only one cheering their disappearing act!! Spectacular, wo officers and their bike ….

      greetings dear Corbett-fan, we may not share flat or global views, but we know Mr. Corbett speaks to us both 😉

      • Mr. or Miss Nosoapradio, thank you for this message about Mr. Chomsky.
        I evaded his political quackery because no-one should talk in defense of the current proven ‘criminal governments’ as if he is not aware of the adjective criminal. As you mentioned his voice counts and should not be used to choose sides in any political debate, but his ego elevates this poor man above our heads.

        “Anyone who questions the facts of the holocaust has already renounced his humanity” … which effectively amounts to preaching self-censorship! … in the name of Free Speech!!!

        This made me think about an animated series I watched yesterday.
        AUTODALE explained [ ]

        I came into conspiracy land in the second half of 2013 and from the 1st document of agenda 21 and within a year I was so stuffed with theories that I had to shut my autodidactic interest for a full year. I continued in 2016 but the theories were only slightly changed.

        Mr. Fomenko really disappointed me because on his wiki-page there is no mention of him making statements about TARTARIA which I came to learn in the past 2 years was a major empire from the east of Russia to the west of Europe – which you can clearly see on old world maps.

        After having learned of the last global mud flood (yes there were more recorded/mentioned in books in earlier era’s) in 1849, I dislike the labeled “oh so true” reasoning of Socrates “I know I know nothing”, Descartes “I think therefor I am” and Shakespeare “To be or not to be” – because they have no bases of science truth but are accepted as cognitive outstanding pillars of humanity.
        Just like Mr. Obama’s “yes we can”

        I consider these one-liners sophistry ?

        I greet you and am going outside to enjoy the sunny weather!

    • I have always accepted that the supernatural & paranormal exists, and that children are more attuned to it than adults who have been bathed in propaganda for many years about “science.”

      “Science” has replaced traditional religion, Christianity specifically in “the West,” and is just as superstitious and blindly faith-based as the worst cults who dared called themselves “Christian.” Modern “science” is just Lysenkoism adapted to “approved” politico-economic demands in the respective society.

      This has built up over centuries, and cannot be corrected in time to stave off the Apocalypse humanity is now facing. That said, always tell the truth, no matter who doesn’t like it.

      • Dear beaconterraone,

        if you wish to talk further you may email me :bos-alain at outlook dot com

        Blessed Sunday !

      • message #01

        Thank you Mr or Miss beaconterraone,
        I agree that children are more attuned and are far wiser than we know of them. The book the drama of the gifted child by Alice Miller (audiobook ) speaks about how tuned the survival instincts of children are from the day they are born.

        I believe that God is real, and God is good (personal slogan) but I know that in the bible more than half of the real story is not written and a few or more important people and events are misrepresented a.k.a. falsified.
        F.E. the flood, there is proof that there have been multiple floods and there is written statement from a man describing the past centuries years before j492 I think

        [the history of Abrahaam – ]

        [ Liber Chronicarum from Scheddel hartmann – ]
        The second book is written in part Fleming, Dutch, Frisian (once an Island above England, now a province of the Netherlands where I live) and German.
        It holds drawings of how God created Eva from Adams body which apparently happened in a castle, it has drawings of a family tree that stems from Adam and Eva, which indicates a couple of centuries and not 1½ thousand years, it also holds the real birthdate of Jesus and drawings of his life.

        Autodidactic man talks about the books in a video (perhaps easier to watch & listen than scrolling through the book yourself if you cannot read the text which I can do somewhat)

        I tell you this because i noticed your faith in your writing because I first read: “Christianity is like science today” but the second time I read your message I read what you really wrote which gave me the impression of a very faithful believer, you also could have mentioned Christianity to see how I thought about God.

      • message #02

        You could also have pointed me towards Lysenkoism which would have said what I initially read: “Christianity is what science is today” but I do not believe you wrote so many layers just to be polite (I could be wrong of course ? )

        Ah, I just read again and read the second statement which is “cults which dare to call itself Christian” so that was a giveaway too ?

        So yes, I have been a firm believer in God since I was 5 and our Sunday schoolteacher explained that God is everywhere: “even in the chalk near the schoolboard” and that made sense to me then and still does.

        I do however still struggle with the stigma society burdens me & itselves with.
        But my faith in a good lord is paramount at the end of the day.

        And I wish to share something important which is a text about prayer/praying – please indulge me, it is a bit of a long text.

        Lost Gospel of Thomas translated from the Nag Hamari Library
        Verse 106
        When you make the 2 (thought and emotion) one: “you will say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away”

        Verse 48
        If the 2 make peace with each other in one house (one body): “you will say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away”

        The holy bible – King James Version (edited version)
        Secrets of the Lost Prayer, p166-167
        1) Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.
        2) Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: “Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.”

      • message #03 (last one)

        The holy bible – King James Version (edited version)
        Secrets of the Lost Prayer, p166-167
        1) Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.
        2) Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: “Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.”

        The holy bible – King James Version (translated version – Aramaic)
        from Neil Douglas Klotz, Prayers of the cosmos – Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus. P86-87 a.k.a. Secrets of the Lost Prayer, p166-167
        1) All things that you ask straightly, directly … from inside my name, you will be given.
        2) So far you have not done this.
        3) “Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer”
        4) Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness will be full

        1st explanation:
        Let your thoughts and emotions become one.
        Question without judging and be surrounded by your answer.
        Be aware of what your desires are so that your joy will be full.

        2nd explanation (my own words ?
        You have your future dream a present fact to be by assuming that your sense of your desire is fulfilled, so to assume that your sense of your desire is executed.

        I greet you with open heart & complete trust … Alain Bos (humanist for life, not against it)

        SIDE NOTE: Just like the Animist J.C.S. sang – ‘If every tongue were still the noise would still continue, the rocks and stones themselves would start to siii-iing! :
        “Ho-Sanna-Hey, Sanna Sanna Sanna Ho, Sanna Hey Sanna Ho Sannaaa ;-P”

        I carry this text on my computer for years now in a document – it rests upon a video from Gregg Braden who (I my hope) did really research and spoke the truth.

        I will stop talking now and hope you will not follow the money but my links ?

        may peace be with you and your loved ones…

  27. Where did you hear the story?
    It sounds like BS to me TBH and someone may be messing with you..

    mabye a psy op like those “TV detector vans” that could know what you were watching on TV if you did not pay your government TV license and fine you for it… except those vans do not actually exist 🙂

  28. Thanks for keeping that TV off – I can’t watch when on.

  29. Phone number “if you are being coerced or forced to take Covid vaccine”

    Controversial Texas Doctor Steven F. Hotze gives a 30 minute video presentation about the experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.

    Just so folks know… there are religious statements made in the presentation. Doctor Steven F. Hotze has a background of supporting the Republican party. His website advocates vitamin supplements and alternative health protocols.

    For some audiences this video may resonate.
    Personally, this video is not for my taste, but each individual has their own favorite foods.

    A friend whom I have known for over 4 decades sent this out on a recent email blast.

  30. Thank you Mr or Miss beaconterraone,

    I agree that children are more attuned and are far wiser than we know of them. The book the drama of the gifted child by Alice Miller (audiobook ) speaks about how tuned the survival instincts of children are from the day they are born.

    I believe that God is real, and God is good (personal slogan) but I know that in the bible more than half of the real story is not written and a few or more important people and events are misrepresented a.k.a. falsified.

    F.E. the flood, there is proof that there have been multiple floods and there is written statement from a man describing the past centuries years before j492 I think
    [the history of Abrahaam – ]
    [ Liber Chronicarum from Scheddel hartmann – ]
    The second book is written in part Fleming, Dutch, Frisian (once an Island above England, now a province of the Netherlands where I live) and German.
    It holds drawings of how God created Eva from Adams body which apparently happened in a castle, it has drawings of a family tree that stems from Adam and Eva, which indicates a couple of centuries and not 1½ thousand years, it also holds the real birthdate of Jesus and drawings of his life.

    Autodidactic man talks about the books in a video (perhaps easier to watch & listen than scrolling through the book yourself if you cannot read the text which I can do somewhat)

    I tell you this because i noticed your faith in your writing because I first read: “Christianity is like science today” but the second time I read your message I read what you really wrote which gave me the impression of a very faithful believer, you also could have mentioned Christianity to see how I thought about God.

    You could also have pointed me towards Lysenkoism which would have said what I initially read: “Christianity is what science is today” but I do not believe you wrote so many layers just to be polite (I could be wrong of course 😉 )

    Ah, i just read again and read the second statement which is “cults which dare to call itself Christian” so that was a giveaway too 😉

    So yes, I have been a firm believer in God since I was 5 and our Sunday schoolteacher explained that God is everywhere: “even in the chalk near the schoolboard” and that made sense to me then and still does.

    I do however still struggle with the stigma society burdens me & itselves with.
    But my faith in a good lord is paramount at the end of the day.

    And I wish to share something important which is a text about prayer/praying – please indulge me, it is a bit of a long text.


    Lost Gospel of Thomas translated from the Nag Hamari Library
    Verse 106
    When you make the 2 (thought & emotion) one: “you will say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away”
    Verse 48
    If the 2 make peace with each other in one house (one body): “you will say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away”

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  31. FYI

    Covid in Scotland: Free test kits to be available on demand

    “Rapid” Covid testing kits are to be made available to everyone in Scotland – even if they do not have symptoms.

    It doesn’t matter whether these work if it convinces someone I don’t have the Plague without having a vaccine (which I won’t take unless they starve me).


    Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) seeks to ameliorate health injustice through education and advocacy.
    We aid families and individuals whose health rights have been infringed and support legal challenges to unjust laws that undermine our health and freedoms.

    If your rights have been infringed, we may be able to help.

    (A huge thanks to our generous fiscal sponsor, the Weston A. Price Foundation which teaches the principles of healthy traditional diets as pioneered by Dr. Weston A. Price.)

    Resources at Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF)

    Below you will find resources such as
    Frequently Asked Questions about mandates for masks,
    COVID-19 tests,
    and COVID-19 vaccines
    as well letters to provide an an employer, school, or other entity regarding federal law.
    If the document you are looking for is not yet posted below, please check back as we will be posting more asap.

    [PDFs follow]

    Vaccine FAQ
    Vaccine Employer Notice
    Face Mask FAQ
    Face Mask Employer Notice
    Testing FAQ
    Employer Notice – Tests

    (Hat tip to CorbettMember Joe.s of “North Texans for 9/11 Truth” Meetup Group)

  33. For what it’s worth or for who ever bothers to read this, we should remember that every few generations or so the powers that be arranged some similar fiasco usually involving someway to accelerate the boom and bust cycle obviously this is an order to enrich themselves and gain further control over the population, for Europeans it is been this way since Roman times.

    As bad as everything may seem in reference to this panopticon being created Technology truly is a double-edged sword, the censorship coming down right now will only drive further the adoption open source networking tools such as tour originally developed by DARPA and other cryptographic code or networks. The agora movemen is no joke I do not believe it is an exaggeration to imagine the Agou’s influence on the developing market or even developing Agoura,LOL sorry couldn’t resist but this movement Will shape consumption habits for the part of the population that chooses to thrive throughout this dimming down.

    Another advantage that we in the present have greater then any previous generation is information and although in some ways as James has alluded to in the past the Library of Alexandria is aflame at the same time the magnitude of people who know who Anthony Sutton Fletcher Prouty is and what it means to know about that is probably more destabilizing to the powers that be then we can probably imagine.

    I can certainly understand everyone’s the Wildermuth and gloom over the looming police state being constructed around the populists. I feel it myself quite often on the other hand most of us I’m not completely without means and we will not be idle and at some point it is likely the market or Agora Will itself provide solutions we have not even thought of as the opportunities have no completely arisen.

    • Hi Mathew, in your comment you mention ‘Anthony Sutton Fletcher Prouty’ who I do not know. I did a DDG-query on the name and got the in my results with a length of numerous pages I still must finish reading BUT I get your point. That is what you say in your last comment-phrase: “the social-square” where people tend to meet whether it is on the Agora Hills or inside Agora’s Townhalls, fresh solutions will manifest out of the “mud fight” between ‘believers of truth & anti-science-theorists’.

      Here is the link I found:

      friendly greetings from
      Sanity, Shaman O’Sanity

  34. Yes that happened, The app in China: Well it’s communism so that’s not surprising. The Cold War had snitches all over the place: People had to call in then, but it’s basically the same. Not much has changed, people are being scared into something and then they don’t want to rock the boat and then, there is somebody telling and shouting the truth (which they know) and so you’re sacrificed and all is well. It’s an old tale, but still prevalent apparently

    Here is a Dutch Newspaper, national paper like the Guardian for instance, talking about celebrities promoting the vaccines. Because nobody wants them, which is good.
    Link directs to Archived so no traffic is going to the original site,

  35. Two solutions:

    Revolutionary War or Revolutionary War. Legislation and talk will get us nowhere in this fight for freedom. The only way to fight this is to overthrow the government. We need a strong organizing body and we need to revolt. This is the greatest fight of mankind of our times from a tyrannical government and the time is coming to act. It is nice to think that you will be able to change this by hitting them in the pocketbook or with lawsuits, but the fact if the matter is we will lose.

    “Yonder are the Hessians. They were bought for seven pounds and tenpence a man. Are you worth more? Prove it. Tonight the American flag floats from yonder hill or Molly Stark sleeps a widow!”

    • Love your romantic drama except for 1 thing: “why do you think in such primitive outlines?” – If our world is ruled by women, there would not be such great animosity between you men or humans. Women are more than mere slaves of the minds of men!

      “May our wimen guide you forwards to emotional wisdoms off the true beauty of nature in which you will discover that a mere potion of the right herbs can cure you from your raging anger but also kill all of them basterds dead as swift as Antarctic wind coming from all directions!”

      Have an enjoyable day sir.

      Warm greetings from
      Sanity, Shaman O’Sanity

  36. May 1st, 2021 – “Mish Talk”
    Fake Heath Certificates Complicate the Already Messy “Vax Pass” Idea
    (Links to articles within script)

    The proliferation of fake health certificates is exposing a logistical blind spot for the airlines. Confusion doesn’t stop there.
    Airlines Struggle to Police Fake Certificates

    In Europe, Fake Covid-19 Certificates Hit Airlines, Which Now Have to Police Them
    Airlines are battling a scourge of passengers traveling with falsified Covid-19 health certificates.

    Deutsche Lufthansa AG has been fined up to 25,000 euros, or about $29,800, by Germany for allowing passengers with false or incorrect documents to board, according to people familiar with the penalties. …

    …At London Heathrow Airport, the additional checks by border control have led to lines of more than six hours for arriving passengers. That is with just 541,000 passengers passing through the airport in March, down 91.7% from the comparable period in 2019.

    The EU wants airlines to enforce restrictions that it sets up, but that makes the airlines responsible for detecting easily faked documents.
    The six hour wait time with traffic down 91.7% is a perfect of government sponsored madness that happens more in Europe than the US although we are not totally immune to such nonsense either.

    Negative Tests Required in the US
    On January 24, I noted new CDC Guidelines Require Proof of Negative Test on inbound international flights to the US.
    It’s unclear how well the US is enforcing that requirement…

    …40 States Will Ban Covid-19 Passports
    Who’s in charge? That’s the key question as 40 States Creating Legislation to Ban Vaccine Passport Requirements….

  37. There is a difference between “in group” & “out group” because of diversity – it is a free choice for everybody.
    So, 7.44 billion people that have free choice in their mind with or without brain-chemistry-altering meds/drugs.
    There is no simple solution like LSD because so many people are differently “wired” and how do you cope as one person being consciously connected to the rest who are consciously connected too.
    And how would the psychology of this awareness impact culture, sub-cultures etc.?
    We cannot go naked running outside; we also cannot create equality for everyone after consuming just one LSD-stamp. Even if we do this one stamp simultaneously the result would be greater if our connection remained after 8 hours.
    I foresee nasty people getting different insights than friendly people and such is human nature.

    The LSD is therefor a “carrot-stick-solution” which we both empower greatly because we see things clearer after eating carrots – have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses? 😉

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