Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” – Film, Literature and the New World Order

by | Feb 5, 2011 | Videos | 17 comments

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On this installment of Film, Literature and the New World Order, The Corbett Report delves into Franz Kafka’s nightmare vision of a world where nameless accusations initiate extra-legal proceedings against the accused, ensnaring them in a system of control at once pervasive and invisible…a nightmare vision that is slowly coming true.


  1. I need help or guidance what are the best most informative 911 conspiracy books??

  2. Funny. Just read a passing reference to Kafka in Modern Times. In regards to the German bureaucracy that emphasized obedience above all. A society which elevated Hitler to the status of a Messiah.

    We are there now. Except we are being torn apart by divisiveness. By fear of a minor illness. By the absolute destruction of our economies. By the madness of the left, and the complicet silence of the right. And mostly by the refusal of the majority to think for themselves.

    No matter how you look at it, there is a new normal coming. And I’ll have nothing to do with it.

  3. Had to stop watching at the “how’d you find the lunchroom in highschool”. I disagree with his statement that they’re nice people. They’re order followers. The enemy. They disgust me far more than the ones who give the orders. They are why there will be so much blood spilled. Because obedience to their every whim trumps freedom. Because Americans hate freedom more than anything else.

    • You can’t break the spell. Their entire identity is tied up in it. Since most people seek comfort, and not truth, there’s no hope for most. After all the dust is settled from the coming carnage, we will have a majority of people who will see the necessity of seeking truth and ruling themselves. Necessities for liberty. Which will win.

      By the way, you have to choose to accept the brainwashing. And to reject it. But then you have to think for yourself. Which is the final barrier they won’t cross.

      • It is no accident that all the great spiritual leaders spent time in the “wilderness” before their revelations. My last spirit walk was a year ago. I should have died, only the revelation sustained me. Not comparing myself to anyone, only that it was worth it to me. It was a time of beautiful madness. Even hell can be made heaven.

  4. Alchemist, good point on the irony & parallels.

    about a decade ago remembered that i was forced to scan/read 1984 when i was a child. hmmm…
    this yr numerology 2020=22 & 1984: 1+9=10 8+4=12 ~ 10+12=22 — 1984222020

    im curious about the video, but cant watch b/c fb says i must log in first, im not a member.

    • I’m not a member either but it let me watch. Strange.

      • that is strange, i click on the video & a new page opens requesting log in

        • It had a block requesting I login or create an account if I wanted to share, but it let me watch it. I’m using a dumbphone Android. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

          • the new page is for login or create account, so i close it. of course when i click on video again just get another new page. im using linux desktop & firefox.

            • Maybe fed book doesn’t want me, so they don’t push it. My story and I’m sticking to it!

            • f’kbook despises me… i dont hv a dumb phone# to sign up with & i refused to send ’em a copy of my driver’s license over the internet — ima paranoid tinfoil mad hatter freak… secretly they want to run psychological tests on me.

            • They probably have on all of us! I don’t care. Whatever they learn about me won’t make them happy. Just like when I let the cops run my ID; they come back nervous. I’m not a very good citizen.

            • yea they prolly hv. cool, make ’em unhappy, i do my best.

              fb’s real bone of contention w/ me, they’re pissed off about my digital artwork 1984fb … publicly state its defamation or something, privately a different story, the majority claiming zuckerbot loves the depiction. time & again ive told ’em its not for sale, smh.

              in the spirit of equal opportunity, at polyvore had tried to make a google 1984 set, but didnt finish, dont hv an account w/ ’em but sure use gootube a whole heckuva lot.

  5. Interesting. I bet that if there is credible evidence that James is working on it. Perhaps it is in the works. But regardless, I cannot imagine that there is any topic that he is afraid of tackling.

    Well I just finished the book. Can’t say that I feel better but its not about that I suppose.
    I found myself feeling rage building up in my chest reading this. I was reminded of the Milgram experiments. I was reminded of every person I ever had to deal with that told me about their “policies” when I tried to reason with them using evidence and logic.
    I was reminded of every interaction I have ever had with government bureaucracies.

    Then I watched James’ summary and was reminded that I haven’t flown for over a decade and will probably never do again.

    Yeah, I don’t feel any better but I definitely feel more resolved than ever to go down fighting.

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