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UPDATE: Reuters Fact Check posted an article about this interview here, which I addressed at the end of this edition of #SolutionsWatch.

Professor Dolores Cahill joins the deprogram today to discuss a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of COVID. The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance is seeking to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines. Find out more in this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch.

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U.S. to Require Covid-19 Tests for All International Visitors

World Doctors Alliance

World Freedom Alliance


  1. I’d like to bring to James’ and members’ attention, Catherine Austin Fitts presenting the best summary explanation, clearly with greater global context, about the goals of the entire SCAMdemic I’ve seen in ages, on par with the best of Corbett.

    Then for the home run, @28:38+ she pulls out the Fed Rez “Opportunity Zones” matching riot patterns to steal real estate (like California fires along proposed high speed rail routes). Talk about burying a lead.

    I’m tempted to animate/edit visuals for all 48:32 of this.

  2. I am a Canadian living in Canada. I also do not know when, how, or under what circumstances I will ever see my family, who also live in Canada.

    • That trick was used to go around the smoking ban in my general area. To apply the same principle in these dire pandemonic times (that’s a random but rather fitting word, pandemonic, eh!) people would need to be far less socially conditioned.

      Whereas the will when it cam to the smoking ban was to smoke, here the dominant will is to obey and comply.

      Come to think of it, people were supposedly harrased on private weddings, but I always have to wonder how much truth is there to the media spun bullshit.

  3. thx buddy. inspiring. needed some. peace

  4. Solution: Contract
    A contract that I can give to my doctor,
    when vaccines are enforced.
    Something like:
    “If any harm comes from this vaccine, the doctor
    is responsible and will pay out 1 million Dollars.”

    We need this for every country.

    • And when vaccines are made mandatory we need a mass movement of people willing to be sure to get all the names of those responsible and exact collective “payback” en masse.

      I’ll never advocate violence – however, mass defensive “justice” may be the ONLY way we can possibly put a halt to harms or worse, not just to our bodies but to our freedoms and futures.

      Unfortunately, as much as humanity would like to elevate above our darker animal natures, the ruling class is forcing this upon us. A cornered dog getting kicked has no choice but to bite back or die.

      • Vaccines won’t be mandatory unless people comply. What is being offered is not a vaccine, but a research drug. A vaccine has an antigen, the mRNA injection does not. It tricks the body into making proteins that cause a reaction. It’s never been done before on this scale.

        And people are going along with this! This is insane. People have lost their minds. I certainly am not taking this drug.

        I think that people don’t know what they are taking, but if they are capable of reading the information sheet given, have been given informed consent to taking it. So people are consenting to an optional experiment. They are giving the state the power with their agreement.

        There is a traditional intranasal vaccine in development using an attenuated virus that is technically a vaccine:

    • Great.
      Need one for EU countries, for me and my friends.
      Many of the doctors are brainwashed here,
      so it needs some good science references too.
      I think they need to know what they are signing up for.

      They should not be able to claim:
      “I did not know”
      Or the famous: “Ich habe es nicht gewust”
      which was used after the 2nd world war.

      And with the science they have nothing to stand on
      if something goes wrong.
      They need to know that there is a huge risk involved for
      people that receive the experimental treatment.
      And that there is clear science showing this.

      I want to make them clear that they are fully responsible
      if they want to support the injuring of people.
      And that they will lose their big houses and big cars
      if they do injure people.

      But it must be a legally binding contract.
      Not something a judge can throw away easy.
      Nor should there be any “governmental protection”,
      which doctors in the EU often have.

      I did not sign up for any experiment, and so
      shouldn’t they.

  5. The charge I get from this #SolutionsWatch series is palpable. I look forward to this series and to sharing within my own little freedom cell I’m creating. Thanks James!

  6. Delores Cahill mentions other pushback possibilities in addition to Freedom Flights, which is an awesome idea in itself. James, I noticed the somewhat pained expression on your face as she talked about solutions involving government. I understand. I have not been able to find one example in the present or the past in which a government has worked for the interests of the people and not for the oligarchy. Maybe in 1930’s Catalonia (see Homage to Cataonia by Orwell). Anyway, there are examples of good trys but they never last. However, government will be around as long as I live, and I believe that no battleground should be given up entirely to the Evil Ones. Therefore, I am interested in specifics about the PCP tests not testing for COVID but for influenza and how that could evolve into charges of malfeasance. Yes, I know, the courts are a part of government and therefore an arm of the oligarchy. However, no battleground….

    I don’t know any other platform in which I can find so much interesting and useful information in one place. Thanks again.

    • Sorry, not PCP, PCR. Wish I could say it was a typo. Typo of the brain, maybe.

    • Indeed, “1500 PCR tests were sequenced in October 2020 and all of them were influenza A and B. Not one were Sars Cov 2.”

      This floored me!

      Are these results in print anywhere?

    • Control Savvy,
      I echo what you said.

      I enjoyed this interview. Delores Cahill is a dynamic activist and scholar.
      To me, there sure seems to be “too many irons in the fire”, especially some which deal with the government. Solutions involving government…That’s a tough course to chart, kind of like “voting harder”.

      However, I do like the idea of throwing intimidation back at the individuals who support this tyrannical system. I want these minions of tyranny to have uneasy, restless sleep haunted with worry and anxiety.
      This is wartime. When someone advocates tyrannical authoritarianism, I want to attack them mentally where they become very uncomfortable…where they introvert and start to cave-in…where they worry that karma or voodoo dolls will find them.

      It does work…I remember once when I sat handcuffed in the back of a squad car, I watched the officer up front start to turn mentally black as I delivered a series of aplomb stated mental evaluations of his character and personality.

      This topic of influenza really grabbed me, like you pointed out “I am interested in specifics about the PCR tests not testing for COVID but for influenza and how that could evolve into charges of malfeasance.”

    • This was a very encouraging discussion, but what does it mean to sequence a PCR test? Furthermore, I guess that requires giving legitimacy to the sequence identified as SARS-Cov-2 even though it has never been isolated thus we have no gold standard for COVID-19.

      And yes, I also noticed the pained expression on James’ face. I was feeling the pain as well. Can’t help felling like we’re in a catch-22, needing the system to change the system.

  7. That was a tremendously encouraging interview to see such efforts,
    It really has become more and more obvious we need to go back to COMMON LAW and throw out this mercantile /Admiralty/Maritime System of lawlessness Laws for Greed merchants that we all live under, it only protects the ‘Corporation’s’ profits….nothing to do with human god given rights.

  8. Please let me know if you find a link regarding the study where PCR tests were sequenced. I couldn’t find the study on my searches. One thing I do know is that I hope Mrs Cahill isn’t stating information that isn’t verifiable. It’s sad when the truth is so hard to find. I also noticed in Wikipedia that the irish freedom party is already labeled right wing.

    • Cahill gets a lot of stick from the… how do you say?
      Anti-conspiracy extremists, y’know the sort.
      A few friends pointed out to me after I shared a Dolores video, that sure ‘she’s a racist’. I’ve never known slander be so affective. Her predecessor in public bashing -Gemma O Doherty, was another Irish Freedom Party candidate who received a coordinated bullying.
      Who do the bullies work for ?

      So what is one supposed to believe?

      As a woman and a conspiracy theorist, I am supposed to be fearful that I don’t get judged as being one of those dreadful women. A subtle and powerful way of muting wayward women. I have noticed a lot videos we get to see are like that, like the ones where some disobeyed guidelines, pregnant women being bashed by the police and dragged out of their houses, arrested for planning to go to a protest. I would like to discuss this more.
      Derrick Brose ran for mayor, so is being involved with a political party necessary in the meantime ?

      • The farmers of Kilkenny would rally around to defend other farmers from having their land taken by the banks. They would turn up to the house and defend it with tractors argus ruidí mar seo
        ( and things like that ) barricading the area until they left them alone.
        And they did.
        That why it’s important to know your neighbours. Even more if you have things in common.
        So if governments will always be the bad guys, could it be said that there will always be people fighting it?
        Are we getting stuck in a make believe good guy/bad guy struggle?
        It’s totally ok to feel ok about things. Think I’m forgetting this recently, remembering to not caught up in the fear, I am allowed to feel comfortable, excited, confident, unthreatened.
        I’m sure there will be time to plan for worst case outcomes, the main thing is to get it started.

    • I didn’t find a respective study going through the usual databases (i.e. pubmed or google scholar etc.), however it may either not be officially published yet, has not gone through peer-review (and not published as a pre-print), or I didn’t find the respective study by choosing the wrong key words. Maybe it has not been “written up” yet – she said that 1500 samples (which were tested with PCR) were then sequenced and turned out to be sequences resembling Influenza A or B, right? That doesn’t mean, that a full study is out by now.
      However she also said, that she wanted to do further test now in January, right?
      She will not sequence the tests themselves (by the way), but basically a sample from the people with a positive PCR test, which has been processed in the same way, as described in the original sequencing publication from China: (this is how I understood it or I would do it…).
      Actually it is hard for me (but not impossible) to believe that ALL of the cases are only influenza, but I am of the opinion, that a substantial part of the “COVID” cases could be influenza (or of course death by COVID is actually linked to a different disease with a coincident, but not causative/deadly co-infection with SARS-CoV-2)

      • I expect about 90% of these samples to amount to nothing.

        Btw, no need to “sequence” previously “tested” samples, it ahould be sufficient to perform some double blind studies on the “test” itself, with a predefined cycle count. Take samples from anything and everything and “test” them at 40 cycles. Boom.

  9. I am not religious, but god bless this woman!

  10. What great ideas and great work Professor Cahill is doing! Watching this podcast, it’s the first time I’ve smiled in months! Gail Hughes

    • I was picturing something like those collars from the movie Wedlock. Bit of a let down.

      • Great idea for a video.

        Everyone who does not social distance explodes.
        Both of them.
        While the inventor claims that it saves lives..
        people explode around him by accident.

        Other invention video:
        The Mask that stops anything from going through,
        like air.
        Proud inventor claims that this will save the planet
        while the man behind him becomes purple.

        • 3D orbital laminator? With an inbuilt tranquiliser device? You could probably mount some solar panels on it, green technologies are very trendy.

    • Well now, that’s some chipper news. 😉

      2012 seems so long ago now. Thanks for bring up that article.

      …(Electronic Privacy Information Center) EPIC’s Rotenberg was among about two dozen health and privacy advocates who signed an August position paper blasting the use of RFID chips in schools.

      The paper, which included signatures from the American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and, among others, Big Brother Watch, said the RFID systems may have “potential” (.pdf) health risks, too.

      “RFID systems emit electromagnetic radiation, and there are lingering questions about whether human health might be affected in environments where the reading devices are pervasive,” the paper said.
      “This concern and the dehumanizing effects of ubiquitous surveillance may place additional stress on students, parents, and teachers.”

      Gonzalez said John Jay High has 200 surveillance cameras and Anson Jones Middle School, about 90.

      “The kids,” he said, “are used to being monitored.”

    • That’s disgusting and ridiculous because germs, viruses and bacteria can travel well over 30 metres and can remain in an area for as much as two hours.

      This is well worth watching.

      Mask Facts

  11. Great interview. Dr. Cahill is a breath of fresh air. She speaks well and clearly. I do not understand what “Sequencing the PCR tests” means, but I’m not a microbiologist. It wouldn’t surprise me if the disease is Influenza.
    As for suing doctors, bureaucrats, Big Pharma, government leaders; you’d need to find an honest judge and what’s to stop governments from giving all the fraudsters, including themselves, immunity? The governments have already given vaccine manufacturers immunity.
    The free market solution will work. Free markets and liberty are powerful forces in the human soul.

    • According to the HSE, the Irish government health organisation, we currently have no cases of influenza here in Ireland this season. So thousands of cases of flu every year as far back as you can go but as soon as covid19 appears (or rather doesn’t) zilch, nada, niente, zero, nothing. Amazing. Pneumonia also seems to barely exist anymore.

  12. Wonderful, I love Dolores! So inspiring

  13. I’d like to know in more detail what do they plan to sequence. Even though, threats of legal action could put the fear into some of these people.

  14. Dolores Cahill’s URL is singular:

  15. What an excellent start of the SolutionsWatch (Thanks to you, James)! It´s absolutely thrilling to hear of this initiative and I´am grateful for all the efforts that have been taken by Dolores and her Team already.

    Considering the implications one can imagine how much work is still ahead – but the outline of this initiative seems so well thought-out that it must become a success!

    I have to stop now and become a member of Freedom Airway in order to make my contribution..

  16. How do you sequence a PCR “test”? I think there are a lot of crossed wires here.

    Sequencing should be done on a isolated particle that needs to be obtained from a sample from a supposedly infected individual. The particle needs to be identified as having the ability to infect the supposedly non infected. Then the particle needs to be obtained from the newly supposedly infected and confirmed that it matches the initial particle.

    The particle can not be obtained without filtration and separation, i.e. isolation in its common sense meaning of the term.

    To sequence a mixture of whatever and obtain random sequences of RNA, to be later joined on a consensus based principle (depending on the end result one wants to see) is both intelectually diabolical and scientifically meaningless. It’s also part of our cocreated reality.

    We need to understand what we are asking for to be able to understand what we got.

    • “The only explanation I got of why filtration and separation is not done is because that process would destroy the viral particle.”

      This is total baloney. This process is used for bacteriophages, and plant and algae viruses with no prob. Look up the standard isolation procedure for alfalfa mosaic virus, an rna virus, btw. There is no way that filtration and separation would destroy anything. This is simply the virology voodoo nonsense.

      In addition your contention that filling in for rna sequences is not illegitimate is baloney. If there were an isolated virus that had been directly sequenced, maybe you’d be right. However, without a virus to sequence any imputed genome is utter horse pucky. You can’t sequence what you don’t have. Duh.

    Wednesday morning – Central Time USA – 1/20/2021

    James Corbett says:
    I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)
    (6 1/2 minutes)

    To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Corbett Report’s main ThemTube channel has been struck for “medical misinformation” so I’m unable to upload there for the next week. You will be surprised to learn which videos were struck, though. Learn more about that and my many upcoming speaking engagements in today’s Thought For The Day.

    • Finally, I started to worry that James was part of the fifth column 😉

      Probalby came so late for his conent due to never having taken any coin from the conniving bastards.

  18. You obviusly do not know what natural law is, therefore it would behoove you to fact check it before exposing your lack of definition on the subject and coming off as silly to the broader audience on our host’s website.

    But, other than that, I do generally agree with your assessment. On first listening I was quite taken aback with all the things she was saying, but on the second run… erm, that spike of enthusiasm flattened.

    Hopefully, she well get some correct and current information on what sequencing is and and figure out what she wants to do with it.

    There are quite a few things that can be done with that “test” to expose it for what it is, but sequencing isn’t one of them.

    • You mean to say that a law system that has specifically been built by man to create a false paradigm, in which those who created it are the supreme authority, does not recognise the authority of the forces that have created the universe?

      Naaaah, you got to be yanking my chain. I don’t believe you. They would’t do that. The land of toxic legalese was built to uplift humanity, not to enslave it via means of mind control. lol

      You can go another 160 years without anyone citing natural law as “authority”, so what?

      1. Natural law is not an authority, so it makes sense it is not cited as such

      2. It has been brought into existance by the creator of the universe (however you choose to refer to this “creator”, that’s completely up to you)

      3. The entirety of existance is bound by the natural law. Courts don’t recognize it, you say? lol

      4. Natural law is immutable, it is always in effect. It is unescapable and boundless. The universe will always align to make the effect meet the cause. It can not be ignored. It can be broken, but not without consequences.

      This is all valid, regadless of what a pathetic gaggle of lawyers think about it lol

      You have not the feintest idea about what you are talking about. With that mind set, 1600 years of man law will not be sufficent for you to understand. QED

      • I can tell you are a very ignorant man. Good luck with that, tell me how it turns out.

  19. This is one of your best episodes and guests ever James. That’s saying a lot ’cause you’re The Guy. I’m joining this effort. Thank you.

  20. Jerry Day offers “Vaccine Refusal Forms” at

    In this 12 minute video, Jerry goes over some aspects about the vaccine and a possible solution to prevent extortion to take the shot.
    Two free download documents.
    About half way through, he goes over the forms and gives the website.
    Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say “NO!”

    This video is from April 2020, and I believe that it had been posted on the comment boards before.

  21. James this is the most heartening international news that I have heard since the Scamdemic began. Since we have brains and love our children, we must work to be the solution to this Orwellian nightmare. Thank you for shifting your focus to move forward toward the brilliant light! Bruce

  22. I’m glad you’ve had Dolores Cahill on your show. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s a very good person, highly intelligent and motivated but also very modest.

    There was a new baby born in my family in a different country to where I live (which is Ireland) in March 2020 and I was due to go and see him in April 2020 but as of January 2021 I still have not been able to see him and I have missed all his babyhood. I have family and friends in other countries and it is a great pain to me not to be able to see them especially as I know this is all a complete fraud. I know that there are many, many people in the same position.

    We need more brave people like Professor Cahill. More doctors and scientists are speaking out but it needs a critical mass where they simply cannot be ignored.

  23. Hi, James,

    Thank you so much for introducing this series and bringing our attention to Freedom Airway and the work of Dr. Cahill.

    I have a #solutionswatch request: could do you another interview with Josh del Sol of the InPower Movement and with his colleague, Cal Washington? It looks as though they are organizing people to refuse smart meters, 5G, and mandatory vaccination by exercising their rights according contract law. I personally am in the process of revoking consent for the smart meter that was installed on my house (getting it removed), but in Illinois we are being told it is “mandatory” for all homes and businesses to have them starting in 2022, so I’ll need a new strategy to refuse their coercion next year.

    Thank you for all the work you do.

    Rebecca G
    Skokie, IL

    • I think the article gets it wrong; the cause and effect are reversed. The tethers that are created are a result of the demand for bitcoin. Nothing nefarious going on.

  24. Another very informative video.

    Ms Fitts does like the word ‘inalienable’ & used it very often. I’ve found it to be a very misunderstood word.

    It has no-thing whatsoever to do with the word ‘alien’ (i.e. foreigner) it actually means you cannot put a lien on something.

    On a different note: There was no “New World This Week” this past week. Will that be rectified soon?

    • I have some bad news. There was a New World Next Week this past week. If you didn’t see it, that means you didn’t earn your stripes! I trust you’ll be able to find it somehow, though…

  25. Instead od “vaccine” refer to “experimental medical product”. You will be both acurate and possibly make them curious.

    Maybe we could setup a github repository where anyone involved could take part in developing a set of questions/answers in a colaborative effort.

    Ping me if interested.

    • Yes, that’s it. I think github remains fairly neutral, but usually it’s used for code repositories. It’s fairly easy to use, a text file is created, users can add to it in a straight forward fashion, changes can be tracked, documents can be forked easily etc.

      You can find my email on the left here so when you open an account you can shoot me an email. I’m new to github things myself so I have to figure out how to add people to repositories. And I also have to setup a repository itself 😀

    • Probably worth uploading somewhere else, buddy. Thanks for your efforts.

      • I know, but to upload it somewhere else with subtitles, I need to add the subtitles directly to the video. So I’ll do that later on.
        For now the video can be see in French and in Spanish, the latter probably still in need of a few minor corrections.
        In the meantime I’m forwarding the link to local alternative websites. I’d like to see Prof Cahill’s projects take shape.

    • Thanks Dalesco,
      The lady Corbett Report Member who goes by ManBearPig may be interested in that video.
      She has been living in France for years, and teaches English to those adults wanting to learn the language. While she recently departed France for milder ground to the south, she is sure to have French connections.

      There is a good bet that YouTube will eventually delete all of Corbett Report’s YouTube Channels in the future.
      It may be worth offering those translations on an alternative platform like LBRY or Bitchute.
      You could start your own channel.

      Professor Dolores Cahill is featured several times in this very recent dynamic video…
      ‘The New Normal’ Documentary
      (53:12 minutes)

      A download link is offered in the show notes.

      • Thanks for mentioning that Corbett Report member, I’ll look into that.

        Regarding the other points, I’ve already addressed them in my reply to mkey.
        I’ll deal with this issue in time.


  26. I could’t find anything about that either so I just went to her webpage and asked about it using the contact form.

    I report back as soon as I got an answer.

  27. Do you have any sources to back up your claims?

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