Episode 434 – Canada’s Freedom Convoy Commission

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 57 comments

In January of 2022, in the darkest days of the scamdemic, a miracle occurred: a trucker convoy traversed the length of Canada and descended on Ottawa to protest Canada’s vaccine mandates. The convoy galvanized freedom lovers across Canada and around the world. But on February 14, the Canadian government invoked the Emergencies Act, brutally clearing protesters from the nation’s capital and freezing bank accounts of targeted individuals. This is the story of the Public Order Emergency Commission that was just convened to investigate those events.

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Freedom Convoy Prepares to Roll Over Mandates – #NewWorldNextWeek
Time Reference: 02:41


Trucking For Freedom Chapter Two: Winter Wildfire
Time Reference: 03:27


Protest convoy arrives in Ottawa for major demonstration
Time Reference: 03:58


Trudeau discusses anti-vaccine mandate convoy rally planned for Parliament Hill
Time Reference: 07:16


Gravitas: Trudeau flees as protesting truckers besiege Ottawa
Time Reference: 07:49


CBC suggests Russia is behind the convoy
Time Reference: 10:14


Banks have started to freeze accounts linked to the protests, Freeland says
Time Reference: 11:18


Give Send Gone
Time Reference: 11:42


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act
Time Reference: 12:49


Investigation begins after woman gets trampled by police horse | APTN News
Time Reference: 14:47


Ottawa police use anti-riot weapons on convoy protesters, arrest 170 total
Time Reference: 15:47


Dan Dicks in Ottawa Down But Not Out!!!
Time Reference: 16:20


Freeland says some protesters’ bank accounts frozen
Time Reference: 18:51


Episode 411 – States of Emergency
Time Reference: 20:02


Emergencies Act
Time Reference: 21:54


Emergencies Act General Explainer
Time Reference: 23:31


Government of Canada declaration and revocation of a public order emergency under the Emergencies Act to end disruptions, blockades and the occupation of the city of Ottawa
Time Reference: 28:54


Trudeau on the Stand – #NewWorldNextWeek
Time Reference: 35:12


Time Reference: 38:15


Christopher Diana opening remarks Day 1
Time Reference: 39:33


Day 21 – November 10 (Degrand testimony)
Time Reference: 39:57


Day 21 – November 10 (Tommaso testimony)
Time Reference: 40:59


OPP Supt. Pat Morris testifies on Day 5
Time Reference: 42:56


Day 22 of Public Hearings (Robert Stewart testimony)
Time Reference: 44:01


CSIS head urged Trudeau to invoke Emergencies Act during convoy, inquiry hears
Time Reference: 45:10


Day 27 – November 21 (Vigneault testimony)
Time Reference: 45:45


The head of CSIS testified — and the Emergencies Act inquiry got even more complicated
Time Reference: 46:57


Watch Marco Mendicino’s full testimony at the Emergencies Act inquiry
Time Reference: 49:25


‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer Chris Barber full testimony | Emergencies Act inquiry
Time Reference: 52:38


Tom Marazzo testifies at Emergencies Act inquiry
Time Reference: 53:31


Tamara Lich: Full testimony at Emergencies Act inquiry
Time Reference: 55:50


Day 30 – Miller cross-examines Freeland
Time Reference: 59:28


‘False start’: Justin Trudeau arrives at Emergencies Act inquiry
Time Reference: 1:03:25


Day 31 – Chipiuk cross-examines Trudeau
Time Reference: 01:04:49


Lawyer collapses while questioning witness at latest Public Order Emergency Act Commission
Time Reference: 01:08:22


Interview 1771 – The Freedom Convoy Commission with the JCCF
Time Reference: 01:09:21


Trucker Commission Day 26 Breakdown
Time Reference: 01:19:42



  1. The video stopped playing 6-7 minutes before the end, although the timer/clock kept ticking on….so I missed the end… hope this gets fixed.

  2. I still get so emotional watching people come together in defense of Freedom. Ten months ago as I watched the Canadian protest begin, I was I filled with hope and inspiration. I tear up with pride for those brave people defending their individual sovereignty and their right to choose. This movement was indeed a beacon of light in an otherwise dark time. In hindsight, I believe that the Trucker Convoy was the beginning of the end of the world-wide mandates. (Not to say that they’re entirely over) but it was a big wake-up call to the globalist oligarchs, that we will not bend the knee to government dictates and prostrate ourselves to illegitimate authority. We will stand in solidarity to preserve our rights and liberties.

    Of course, this also highlights the extreme measures the “rulers” are willing to take, ie suspend bank accounts and make gathering illegal and use state-sponsored violence in the name of public safety. James warned early on that CBDCs will make this type of protest literally impossible in the future. We must deny the use of programmable money and digital IDs and green passes. These are tools of the digital dictatorship, and are earnestly being slotted into place. Let us keep the spirit of the Truckers alive, with peaceful resistance and non-compliance.

  3. i have to admit to having some very uneasy feelings when thinking back on this. it started while trying to watch the commission itself. watching castreau and the banker’s twitchy little tweeker disturbs me. the sound of his voice affects me far more than it should. it’s not healthy for me. unfortunately seeking any medical assistance in canada is dangerous now. literally. not that i likely would have anyway. exercise, hobbies, and the weird little circle of remaining friends and family i can lean on from time to time sustains me. i’m glad you’re examining this. it’s the god damn remembering how close it got. preparing for a knock on the door. recalling the palpable feel of that time still freaks me the fuck out. i suppose, in some ways, that means they succeeded. though i feel that deep adrenalin as i type this. there was not, and never will be a flight or freeze response. i don’t think this is over yet.


    • I think that maintaining a higher cultural standard than the dregs of society is important. If we want something better for ourselves, our society, and the world,, we will need to act better, live better, talk better. I challenge those who think they have something better to offer than the powers-that-shouldn’t-be and their lemmings to not join the race to the bottom in word choices. I respectfully request that filthy language be left to those not aware enough to have better, more descriptive, and more accurate words to describe their thoughts. (Also, I quit reading/watching/listening immediately when I run across foul language and it would be nice to be able to freely read comments here, of all places, without having to skip.)

      • I felt the very same way as a freshman in 1968 when a kind person invited me to an SDS meeting. I said so on the microphone.
        Unfortunately, one year and many changes later, I found myself reading Jerry Rubin’s book “Fuck It!”, and as a young impressionable soul, I found plenty to echo that sentiment about in the next twenty years.
        Then I learned that some of us have certain second house influences which give us abrupt, rough, disturbing modes of expression. “Black Humor”, even.
        In the meanwhile, back in the jungle of “the powers that should not be”…(we’re only allowed two “shoulds” a day, by the way)
        you’ll find, upon growing up and perhaps cleaning the toilet too many times, that the “better” folks who “talk and behave better” have the nicest ways of saying the most horrible and evil and destructive things.
        Growing up is hard to do. Then again, Disneyland is always available, where everything is just hunky dory and no one ever swears.
        Oh, speaking of swearing, may I quote our US Poet Laureate?
        “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.”
        Can you hear money swearing?

      • the lilac dragonfly
        I like seeing you repeatedly express your concerns regarding “filthy language”.

        Words most often have a variety of definitions. Context plays a big role. Words help to relay concepts.

        For me personally, I do not have a problem with sailor slang, especially when it is in an appropriate context.
        Sailor slang can communicate appropriately and is the proper tool when I am with low-income friends who enjoy certain types of rap and who do the drug life-style. Goody-goody Sunday School words do not fit the environment nor express the concepts.

        I am not a grammar nazi.
        I am most interested in the concepts which the person communicating is trying to relay. Sometimes, a sailor’s word can be very effective in relaying a concept.

        I chuckled when I saw that handle the other day.
        “Scott Kelly: astronaut, defender of pronouns”

        I’m sorry…but I just won’t use “They/Them” to refer to someone like that dog-people lover Sam Brinton. If he wants to be non-binary gender fluid, I don’t give a rat’s tail. And he can have all the people-dogs he wants, but without the stolen luggage. However, I will use the pronouns which best communicate for me.
        I won’t refer to Elon Muk with his pronouns either, although I enjoyed hearing them: “Prosecute/Fauci”.
        Briton and Keely might be sensitive to pronoun words, but that’s with them. If they want to be sensitive, then that is their right. But I won’t change my behavior because of their sensitivity.

        So, whether it is grammar’s pronouns or other words, or arranged sentence structure, I am most concerned on the concepts that are being communicated.

        • It appears this world is in a race to the bottom. Whether it’s language, morals, common decency, or pretty much anything, humanity is getting worse and worse, dredging the bottom of the scum pond. I feel compelled to speak up after many years of being too intimidated to say anything and also being afraid of embarrassing people. By keeping quiet, I have allowed it to get worse.

          When the adults talk like far too many do, is it any wonder the kids are following suit? Some people are convinced the sexualization of children is a terrible thing, yet they use crude sexual language in ways that often don’t even make sense … and the children are not supposed to be influenced or affected by the filth?

          Then there are the crude sewer words that degrade the person speaking and insult the people listening. Yet we are to think this is normal and healthy? When this is what children, and even adults, are surrounded by and inundated with, it’s no wonder the culture is degrading so quickly.

          Maybe I am in the wrong place. If so, I will bow out, as I have from other places. Whatever anyone says, I still think people deserve to be spoken to respectfully and politely, even when disagreeing or when angry or upset about something. I also think that if a person is angry at someone else, they should tell THEM, not use foul language to tell ME (or others) about it. I don’t deserve the verbal punishment/assault.

          Almost exactly a year ago, I brought up this subject with a lawyer friend of mine. He replied, “I could not agree more with what you wrote, here.  It is my dilemma as well.  Nothing betrays someone’s inner nature more than their speech, both the contents and words used.  I am working on a little piece about profanity.  I’ll send it along when I polish it up.”

          Unfortunately, he passed away a few weeks later.

          He wrote a book about his year in Vietnam called Walsh’s War (by Michael Walsh), which I recommend.

          Just today I was talking with a friend about this topic and he said it used to be just (some) men that used profanity and obscenities. Now it’s women too. I told him I think this is one of the results of women’s lib. Now the women can be as crude as the lowest of men. I also wonder if this is really what men now find attractive in a woman. Do they really like women to compete with them in crudeness? What happened to femininity? (What happened to gentlemen too?)

          I take some flack for standing up for what used to be considered common decency, but I have decided that if people can use foul language (claiming freedom of speech), then I can use my freedom of speech to say what I think about it and that I find it unnecessary, rude, and inappropriate. The various responses are interesting.

          [SNIP – Please keep commments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • Continued from previous comment:

          The other day I found this on a website comment section: “Please keep comments civil! Disagreement is healthy and even encouraged, but foul language and such is not!” I agree.
          It would just be so nice to be able to read things without fear of being continually verbally assaulted. Is that too much to ask?

        • Decency

          Wow! Butterfly!
          Your write-up, despite the SNIP, makes some incredibly important points.
          I am so glad that you wrote that.
          Regaining the culture’s humanity is paramount.

          As a ‘universal issue’ quote, these words of yours should echo with all of us who love liberty in this Hour of the Time…
          “I feel compelled to speak up after many years of being too intimidated to say anything and also being afraid of embarrassing people. By keeping quiet, I have allowed it to get worse.”

          the lilac dragonfly,
          I hope that you continue to advocate for those things which you feel are important in helping mankind regain its footing.

          I might need to print up a very big stack of “Get out of jail free” cards.
          I’m pretty crusty around the edges with “definance of standards” baked in.
          With my wild-hair codger character, I hope that others in my vicinity are seasoned “eye-bouncers”.
          ‘Cuz I know in the future that I most definitely will end up offending some other people with what I express.
          My language, words or ideas might not meet another’s standards. And that’s the rub.

          • Being an ex trucker and a sailor, I have long struggled to control my language.
            Once a long time ago, after striking out while playing on the church softball team, (I know. Pretty lame striking out in softball ?), with the pastor within earshot on first base. I emitted a loud exclamation of my displeasure at myself by using a word that would have been much more acceptable, or at least expected from one of the fellows on the opposing team.
            My mouth reacted way before my brain kicked in.
            I still have problems in that regard. Like yesterday when I dropped one of my wife’s crystal bowls. Or the day before when I dropped her crystal butter dish. (We’re going with plastic from here on out).

            I am usually pretty embarrassed for my lack of control but I give myself a little slack for verbal missteps because hey, I’m only human.
            But when I’m writing something, I don’t think that I have much of an excuse for not taking the time to think of more appropriate words to use rather than being lazy and using foul language. Sure, sometimes a coarse word is an expressive way of communicating and personally it doesn’t bother me as much as it perhaps should to hear such language. But there are always other words that could be substituted that won’t likely offend anyone.

            And for that reason I try to not use unnecessarily offensive language when writing. I don’t want to be a stumbling block or cause someone to think less of me than they might already do because of my ideas.

            I think that watching my mouth because a lady asks me to is a good enough reason in itself. But I also think that its a good discipline to practice anyway.

            I admire The Lilac Dragonfly for speaking up about this and will certainly do my best to respect the wishes she expressed.

      • i choose words that i felt suited the emotions i experienced during that trying period. offense wasn’t my intent.
        without doubt, the goons kicking in your door will share your desire for goodspeak. stay vigilant. i’ll stick with the dregs.


        • I’m with ya on how and why you expressed what you did on that top comment.
          And it communicated extremely well to me!
          Personally, I consider it appropriate for the concept being relayed.
          In those type of situations, my sailor words would be shooting out rapid fire.

          • tanks brother. i tried to get arby out for a coffee eh? stubborn b—— wouldn’t reply. you know, its the macro and the micro. my wife’s dad had to starve himself to death (actually second place choice for senior care homes)frozen, in a confused state, wondering why the ninjas were visiting….i take this poop personally. i fear unless a whole, um, bunch of folks toughen the heck up this is a done deal. baked in the cake as young james would say.


            • padraig says:
              “I tried to get Arby out for a coffee eh? stubborn b—— wouldn’t reply.”

              I vaguely remember seeing that ‘out for a coffee’ type comment come up with Arby.
              I had forgotten all about it until you said something.
              Damn! That was you!
              Dog gone!…I tip my hat to your humanity!

          • Arby and padraig –
            – REFERENCE –

            December 7, 2021
            padraig asks Arby,
            “If its not too weird and if you’d like to chat or have a coffee ask james for my email address.”

            Arby death – SUB-THREAD – 1/29/2022

            James Corbett mentioned Arby on
            Interview 1774 – New World Next Year 2023

      • Whatever anyone says, I still think people deserve to be spoken to respectfully and politely


        I have no trouble with people expressing their sensibilities and specific needs but I personally and very subjectively feel that they should do so with as much respect for the person they’re addressing as can be mustered in a given emotionally charged situation.

        So though bad language may be an issue and may hold the key to some deep psychological reason for humanity’s demise

        I deplore both the moment chosen and the tone taken in expressing your personal requirements in terms of language.

        With any number of offending comments filled with bad language and smutty humour (that I, for one, have often enjoyed) on these boards you chose one where someone was expressing rather difficult sentiments.

        Eye-bouncing “bad” language is your prerogative (though it may deprive you of some valuable insights), but lecturing people peremptorily when they’re down places “bad language” above the person himself and demonstrates a concerning lack of empathy and polite respect.

        To his credit, Padraig took it in the teeth with grace and respect.

        • For some reason I didn’t get notifications about the other replies above, but I just got one about your comment. I’m glad because I hadn’t seen the others and it was heartening to read them.

          The tone is something you read into it. Thankfully HomeRemedySupply and Steve Smith seem to have understood my tone differently, and appear to “get” what I’m saying. That’s the thing with the printed word. Each person reads it with the “tone” they assume is there – maybe depending on where their own heart is at the time or according to how close to home it hits or how open they are to hearing someone else’s thoughts or opinion on a matter.

          I’m sorry to know you consider my thoughts offensive and rude (and apparently not worthy of expressing), while bad language receives your approval and commendation.

          • I’m sorry to know you consider my thoughts offensive and rude (and apparently not worthy of expressing)

            You are now putting words in my mouth.

            I said that your thoughts may hold the key to humanity’s demise but your choice of comment to expose your language gripe, despite a wide range of such offending comments to choose from, was clearly lacking in empathy and thus seemed to put the issue of word choice above respecting humans and their feelings,

            hypocritically in the name of being polite and respectful.

            • I seldom read all the comments, and I don’t have time to reply to all of them, even if I did. Sometimes I “eye bounce” along, skipping comments that include profanity/obscenities, but just to keep the topic active, I sometimes mention it in one place or another in hopes of challenging those who say they want to establish a parallel society and who are aware of so many of the destructive things going on to ruin this world, to start now (why wait?) to begin a renaissance of integrity, dignity, and respectability, starting with choices of words. I’m just putting it out there. Obviously, many reject my appeal. Padraig is not the first to tell me they will stay with their status quo.

              I admit that there are probably some words I misunderstand or don’t understand fully, but from my understanding of word meanings, a synonym for “lacking polite respect” is “rude,” polite being the opposite of rude, at least from my understanding of word meanings. I had no intention of putting words in your mouth, and apologize if you think I did. They just mean the same to me. I’ll double check in my Webster’s 1828 to see what he said.

              If you read all my comments above, you will see that I expressly stated that part of my hesitation for YEARS, to say anything about nasty language was due to being reluctant to embarrass people. Within the past few years, I decided that if people aren’t embarrassed or reluctant to USE bad language, why should I be embarrassed or reluctant to tell them I find it degrading and insulting? So I have begun to do so.

            • As is evident from this exchange, it isn’t always well-received, but it is something I feel strongly about and I don’t understand why others can say whatever filth they want, but I am pressured to just hold my peace – in fact, verbally attacked when finally speaking up. It sure is a crazy world.

              Another reason I bring it up is to let people know that although I would like to read their posts, I refuse to continue reading if it can’t be said politely and respectably. Rather than just never reading what they write, I am asking for them to be more aware of how words affect people in hopes they will instead choose words that have deeper, more descriptive and accurate meanings instead of crude, filler, gutter words that many people find very offensive.

              I also admit I have lived off-grid, in the woods, for most of the past 22 years with people and animals that don’t even use euphemisms. Yes, I do occasionally see other people, and there are some mean and crude ones out there, but interactions are pretty spaced out, and those I most like being around have similar vocabularies to mine.

              • start now (why wait?) to begin a renaissance of integrity, dignity, and respectability, starting with choices of words.

                This seems to be where we differ.

                I’d say starting with respecting the person we’re presumably addressing.

                Then worry about any offending syllables (two in the case at hand) that represent a tiny fraction of the person’s message.

                I can assure you that many interesting people do not necessarily have “similar vocabularies” to yours.

              • There is no longer an option to reply to your comment, so hopefully this ends up in the right spot to make sense.

                The thing is… what about them respecting me? Am I not permitted to say that I find their language disrespectful or that it hinders me hearing them because it jars me to my heart and interrupts the communication? (A literal physical response in my heart.)

                After about 20 years of enduring some difficult situations, I have come to believe that “loving your neighbor” does not mean allowing them to abuse, bully, mistreat, or even speak disrespectfully to me. Sometimes “loving your neighbor” means saying things that are hard, sticking up for myself, saying things that are important or need to be said. And I do try to say it carefully, despite the fact that printed words don’t seem to accurately carry my tone. I am pretty new at speaking my mind on this topic (I am not a loud, obnoxious, boisterous, or outgoing person) and I am learning how best to word things. I don’t mean it to come across harshly. Just as a petition, a plea, for something better.

                I agree with you about interesting people, but there are so many people and many are properly respectful.

              • @ lilac dragonfly

                If you want to make a general statement about what you consider to be crude, filler, gutter words and exhort people to modify their natural and spontaneous way of expressing themselves,

                AND you want to make a statement about decency and morals

                then you might’ve opened a comments box and made your request

                rather than seizing upon padraig’s heart-felt comment to gripe about “crude” language;

                that is… if you are genuinely concerned about decency and respect.

                It’s not because you may’ve been bullied that you must become a bully in the name of decencey and respect.

              • You have very strong opinions in defense of Padraig’s bad language and in attacking me for daring to say what I think. I’m not surprised to find people defiantly defending things that are not noble, right, clean, or pure, but I am quite befuddled as to why this particular instance of me saying something has so inflamed you when there have been various other instances where I have similarly brought this up since I became a CR member about a year ago.

                I am also mystified as to how someone who so vehemently defends one person’s right to say whatever they want can be so equally vehement about me NOT saying something in response.

                Ah, well, the contradictions of libertarianism, or whatever you might identify as….

              • Sorry to interject, but this all is an interesting topic.

                A main point I want to bring up has to do with Voluntaryism.

                No one has the right to “force a standard on” nor inhibit another’s communcation or their style of communicating.
                By the same token, no one is forced to receive that communication.

                No one has the right to enforce their personal values upon another.

                Everyone has the right to “advocate”.
                Everyone has the right to “not comply” with an advocated set of standards.

              • You continue, Lilac dragonfly, to misrepresent both my position and my words.

                You are either doing it deliberately via a strawman fallacy or you’re simply being obtuse because you refuse to take into account the actual contents of padraig’ comment about an incident that had really disturbed him.

                Placing your plea for your subjective perception of “correct” language as a reply to padraig’s testimony (that you apparently read but didn’t care a whit about), choosing that particular moment for sharing your penchant for what you personally consider to be acceptable language, pleading for politeness and consideration, you were, with those very words, trampling on someone’s feelings, thus demonstrating a bemusing lack of self awareness, respect and consideration.

                You put form before substance,
                language before people.

                It was rude and hypocritical. Your TIMING. NOT your appeal for “clean” language.

                And with each comment box that you fill in order to insist on your alleged concern for respect and consideration via language in apparent ignorance of padraig’s actual comment thereby reiterating your insult to him, while continuing to misrepresent my position and words

                you dig yourself deeper into your ditch of self-defeating hypocrisy.

  4. Thanks so much for your hard work in putting this together.

    You highlighted a critical series of events in our human history (which will inevitably be distorted, re-written in official text books and/or erased in future years)

    Thus, I have saved this in my vault for posterity.

    You do the people who live in Canada a great service (and indeed the people of the world a great service) through concisely and meticulously recording these events synthesized into this episode.

  5. Excellent review of what happened with the Freedom Convoy.

    Such a moving clip you aired of Tamara Lich. A very brave woman who was jailed for months for no justified reason and still will face a trial starting September 2023.

    I’m going to go way out on a limb now and predict that, at the very most, Mr. Trudeau may get his hands slapped, that’s all.

    But as you summarized, it is not how the media/govt. will treat their master that’s important, but rather how the public will react to this and any future ‘crisis’ that comes their way.

    Hopefully it will motivate them to take matters into their own hands rather than relying on government dictates.

    And yes CBDC’s will likely be a future ‘crisis’.

  6. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. John 3:19 (NIV)

    Convoy (1978) Sam Peckinpah Movie Filming Locations.


    “Documentation is resistance.” -Illinois Holocaust Museum

  7. Thanks James, keep er moving!!

    I always come back to the same thinking that the kings and queens of old have just been replaced by government structures that do no more for the average person’s freedoms or welfare than the royalty class has done.

    I think that anyone wanting not to be a peasant or wanting to be free should follow a different path and walk away from giving any of these authoritative groups any compliance. As that one woman says in the video, if the government is not following the will of the people, it isn’t a government of the people.

  8. Makes you wonder what the lefties are going to do when the food/fuel crises arrives.

    • I’ll be offering that audience instruction classes of “How to herd bugs by waving your arms” in the hopes that they won’t starve.

      Jake, It is good to see your handle again.

  9. Awesome, I have no problem remembering. I’m in New Zealand but if anyone asked me who saved the world in 2022 (or at least brought us the time we have now) I instantly answer it was the Canadian truckers.

  10. Dear James,

    As someone whose life was bulldozed by the Plandemic, for the past six months I stopped looking at all “news” to focus on my day to day life to maintain my sanity. These months have been a hard road. I’ve flirted with homelessness, back-breaking debt, been rejected by many of my family and friends (b/c I only use natural healthcare), and had attempts to rebuild my life in a new state fail.

    Yet, through all those tough times, I occasionally salved my mind with the notion, “It’s okay my life is a dumpster fire right now, because it doesn’t matter to the world whether I’m wandering around homeless, or not. And, no matter what happens in my life, I will continue to persevere with a smile on my face because I *know* that Mother Nature and the universe are working just fine and made of LOVE because James has been able to continue his work in the world, heroically, unremittingly, unceasingly donating all of his talents to humanity’s benefit, practically every moment of every day.”

    Feeling ready to dip a toe back into the “news,” I sat down to watch this erudite product of your hard work, time, life, academic acumen, kind heart, bravery, and talent. (Love you, too, Broc!)

    And all I can say is thank you. Thank you for everything you do for us here at the Corbett Report, for everyone, and for humanity. Thank you, not only the top-rate information you provide, but also for being a Light for us all.

    Love, Unmani

  11. Did you catch that?! ?

    The script, the descriptives, the visuals, the emotional chords across the spectrum, the unfolding thrilling drama… especially within the first 20 minutes….
    Corbett told a dynamic STORY!

    James Corbett narrates:
    I want you to cast your mind back to January of 2022, and although that typically would not be a particularly mentally taxing exercise; it seems to be in this hyper accelerating era of non-stop 24 7 distraction where it is increasingly difficult to remember back to January of this year in the deepest, darkest recesses of the scandemic:
    After two years of utter lunacy being perpetrated on the world in the name of the scandemic,
    and after the spirits and hopes of so many people had been broken.
    After the various pieces of the Orwellian digital Gulag police state biosecurity tyranny had been slotted into place….

    …The way that we proceed forward into the future — We as not just spectators. Not just people munching popcorn watching something on a screen, but people living in the world and enacting that…
    …and that’s up to us. So we have to understand the importance of these incredible events…
    …I hope that people realize the Hour of the Time and how late it is….

    Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch
    Do you know the story of the most powerful weapon in the world?
    It’s used against you every day.
    You use it yourself, even if you don’t do so consciously.
    And it can change the entire world.

    In the shownotes of “Writing A New Narrative”, be sure to read…
    How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
    But someone will appear with a story to tell. A university lecturer or an online blogger or a street activist or a crazed person who emerges from the wilderness in beard and sandals to remind us that we are free human beings and that we have all the power, not the small cadre of deranged psychopaths who seek to rule over us.

  12. The people of Morocco rose up after TWO WEEKS of “mandates” demands, and it ended.
    The money system is the leash.

  13. An important and motivating podcast. You use logic and precision to support your arguments, whilst highlighting the pain, resilience and spirit of humanity. Beautifully structured as always, with heartfelt wisdom at the end that has not fallen on deaf ears. I just love your work.

    Previous Discussions with Links regarding Freedom Convoy 2022


    At the top of the FEBRUARY OPEN THREAD (2022), James has a short video where he introduces his plans for Sunday FLASHBACKS. (Not every Sunday, but many.)

    The February Open Thread contains some of the happenings surrounding The Freedom Convoy.

  15. I was young during the war measures in Québec in 1970, but not young enough not to see that the lineup of politicians who came up on the TV screen to tell us that the people of Québec were threatened by terrorists were all lying through their teeth. There was no threat, 2 guys were kidnapped, 1 was killed – unhappy events – and that was it, the whole thing was over but Pierre-Elliot Trudeau had to step in with his habitual arrogance and decide to crush those pesky Quebecers who were daring to defy his vision of Canada and the world. “Just watch me”, he said. I suppose that Justin, whoever his father was, wanted to have his own “Just watch me” moment. In the rest of Canada, most people forgot about this, that is those who have even known about it. It taught me all I needed to know about politics, the media and so-called democracy. I will never forget.

  16. The Canadian Trucker Convoy forced the New World Order Oligarchs to Show their true colors ahead of schedule. The invoking of the Digital Monetary Controls over Peaceful Protesters showed the world what they have planned for us and why we must not comply. This evidence must not be allowed to be sweep under the rug. We know who they are and we know what they will do if we allow them to stay in power. The Globalists must be removed from positions of power, and the system must change to prevent such abuse of power in the future.

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  18. I think this reportage should be considered (as much of James’ work) a historical document.

  19. I am a retired Rcmp detachment clerk and I had time to watch most of the Enquiry testimony. Having worked for the RCMP I can tell you that all of the police officials knew very well how peaceful this protest had been. The citizens of Ottawa who complained of violence have no idea what violence is and how much it does occur every week in large cities, like Vancouver or Toronto, every week end. Domestic violence happens every week of the day in Canada. One only has to compare the hockey riot in Vancouver some years back to compare how peaceful the protests were in Ottawa. The most flagrant thing is that they did not once tried to negotiate with the protesters. Chief Sloly was right, it was not a police matter, it was a political matter. The Trudeau government knew that they would have to remove the mandate at some point. All they would have had to do is to negotiate an end date, and as good Canadians usually do, the protesters would have all gone home. The mandate came off June 20th so four months after or so after the protests. Frieland testified that the mandates were there to encourage people to take the jab. Right now they are throwing millions of doses into the garbage ( a good place for them) but this is costing tax payers a lot of money. This show how incompetent the Trudeau government is. oA lot of things are revealed in this Enquiry. First is that they were overwhelmed by the number of people. Remember this people, there is more of us then there is of them. The money was frozen by the TD bank because they broke a bank rule; they had the wrong kind of account. The money spoke louder than anything else to politicians. The Convoy raised 22 millions dollars in 3 weeks. No politician have ever done this in Canadian history. That on its own show how much support the Convoy had. The other thing that was not discuss is the fact that there was a bank run. Yes lots of people went to get their money out of the bank. They don’t really want to talk about this either. Trudeau lied under oath when he said that he did not call unvaccinated names. He should be charged with perjury. Thank you James for all your work. This was a great summary. I honestly cannot see how the judge could come up with any other decision that this was not warranted. We will see.

  20. You definitely nailed it on the head, with your message that the freedom convoy’s significance was not about the political consequence of the commission, or the physical result of truckers occupying a given geographical space, but that it instead had an impact in the court of public opinion.

    I think that the freedom convoy was the biggest single event of the scamdemic. It was an explosion of public emotion that had not been seen throughout two years of brutal oppression. It was the moment where the bullied stood up to the bully, and started to feel their true power. That, in my opinion, was why the freedom convoy was so significant.

    I also think of the freedom convoy as a significant move in a game of chess that the citizens of the world are engaged in with those who wish to control them. The freedom convoy event caused the government to act. It put them off balance, and they made a move that is now having consequences for them, with documental facts being put on the public record that may have meaningful effects in the days and years to come. Additionally, the resentment that the people of Canada now have for their government for how they were treated during the events of the convoy will have lasting ripple effects in the years to come. This was a major event, no doubt.


  22. https://archive.org/details/newnormaltotalitarianism

    “The essence of totalitarianism — regardless of which costumes and ideology it wears — is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society, every individual behavior and thought. Every totalitarian system, whether an entire nation, a tiny cult, or any other form of social body, evolves toward this unachievable goal … the total ideological transformation and control of every single element of society … This fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent, is what makes totalitarianism totalitarianism…

    …The cult/culture paradigm has been inverted. Instead of the cult existing as an island within the dominant culture, the cult has become the dominant culture, and those of us who have not joined the cult have become the isolated islands within it..
    ..In order to oppose this new form of totalitarianism, we need to understand how it both resembles and differs from earlier totalitarian systems. The similarities are fairly obvious — i.e., the suspension of constitutional rights, governments ruling by decree, official propaganda, public loyalty rituals, the outlawing of political opposition, censorship, social segregation, goon squads terrorizing the public, and so on — but the differences are not as obvious..

    ..Whereas 20th-Century totalitarianism was more or less national and overtly political, New Normal totalitarianism is supranational, and its ideology is much more subtle..

    ..But the most significant difference between 20th-Century totalitarianism and this nascent, global totalitarianism is how New Normal totalitarianism “pathologizes” its political nature, effectively rendering itself invisible, and thus immune to political opposition. Whereas 20th-Century totalitarianism wore its politics on its sleeve (literally in some instances).

    New Normal totalitarianism presents itself as a non-ideological (i.e., supra-political) reaction to a global public health emergency (or a peaceful protest where people who are demanding their human rights are respected are deemed as having “fringe minority” “unacceptable views” and described as racist anti-science insurrectionists in order to justify initiating emergency war-time powers and enforcing martial law and the Communist China social credit style freezing of bank accounts of any who supported those peacefully protesting).

    And, thus, its classic totalitarian features — e.g., the revocation of basic rights and freedoms, centralization of power, rule by decree, oppressive policing of the population, demonization and persecution of a “scapegoat” underclass, censorship, propaganda, etc. — are not hidden, because they are impossible to hide, but are recontextualized in a pathologized official narrative.”

    – CJ Hopkins (from his essay titled “Pathologized Totalitarianism 101”)

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