Episode 400 – Visions of the Future

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Podcasts | 107 comments

So what do the elitists have in store for humanity? You don’t need a crystal ball, you just need to read their own writings and watch their propaganda videos. Join James on this edition of The Corbett Report podcast as he takes a tour through the future to see the world that the globalists are seeking to create.

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Episode 070 – How to Predict the Future
Time Reference: 1:30


How to Predict the Future – #PropagandaWatch
Time Reference: 1:32


SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators
Time Reference: 3:16


“The SPARS Pandemic Of 2025: Echo Chambers And Vaccine Opposition” by Derrick Broze
Time Reference: 3:32


The “SPARS Pandemic Of 2025” Simulation & The Dangerous Bipartisan Vaccine Agenda
Time Reference: 5:31


After the Virus (Cognizant)
Time Reference: 11:49


After the Virus: The World of 2025 – #PropagandaWatch
Time Reference: 11:56


After the Virus: A Discussion Looking Back on the Next 5 Years (video)
Time Reference: 12:37


The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Time Reference: 15:36


17 Sustainable Development Goals
Time Reference: 17:05


UN Rolls Out Agenda 2030 “Global(ist) Goals” – #NewWorldNextWeek
Time Reference: 17:38


Time Editorial on Destination 2030
Time Reference: 25:58


Doughnut Cities
Time Reference: 27:21


The Vegan Dynasty
Time Reference: 27:31


“The Green Premium” by Bill Gates
Time Reference: 28:13


Building A Better Internet
Time Reference: 28:52


Episode 344 – Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition
Time Reference: 30:35


8 predictions for the world in 2030
Time Reference: 31:43


Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better
Time Reference: 32:17


Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030
Time Reference: 32:24


A Future Without Waste | Ida Auken
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Flashmobs For Freedom – #SolutionsWatch
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Report: The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036
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Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future
Time Reference: 35:23


Global Trends 2040
Time Reference: 40:21


Paul Kingsnorth and… the CIA?
Time Reference: 40:55


Megacities on the Move
Time Reference: 43:53


Forum For The Future – friends and partners
Time Reference: 44:02


Four Visions of City Life in 2040 – Planned-opolis
Time Reference: 44:43


2045: A New Era for Humanity
Time Reference: 47:50


BBC: Human species ‘may split in two’
Time Reference: 54:15



    • Nice graphics they have there … for windows 95 😉
      I did not see the religion part but Didn’t Murice Strong walk the Ark of the Earth Covenant or something like that to ground zero after 9/11?

      I think Mr Corbett had a report including it

      There is a very strong religious element to the extinction rebellion and also to the George Floyd and Greta Imagery…. when society gets stressed people often head into a religious awakening and the powers are trying to direct that into something useful to them


      • Hi Duck

        If you can stomach it, you’ll find the “Earthism” in the 2060-90 section.

        I’ll copy the text here:
        2090 The Earthist Sanctuary
        Earthism, a transnational movement which took off in the early 2040s as the climate crisis was at its peak, is now one of the world’s most practiced religions. Followers of Earthism aim to attain enlightenment through connecting with and protecting all forms of nature. They believe the most important role for human beings is to support the ecology of the planet.

        In the run-up to major Earthist celebrations, such as UN Earth Day and the summer and winter solstices, Piccadilly Circus is a site of Earthist pilgrimage, where followers can hear prominent speakers, enjoy special seasonal dishes, and take part in a mass prayer honouring the natural world.

        The Earthist Sanctuary in Piccadilly Circus is a hub for Earthists to congregate and coordinate local rewilding projects and biodiversity monitoring.

        To me, this seems like an extension of the control grid – not the “religion” practised by various peoples, ancient cultures and our ancestors.

        Thanks for the links, I’ll take a look.

        • Religion has always been an extension of the control grid.

          • You have a point, but without it there is no restraint on people and those with power go wild, unopposed

    • Hi there Ladies and Gentlemen,

      This is my first post to this wonderful website.
      I am a fan of Mr. Corbett for 6-7 months now.

      Not a native English speaker, but Mr. Corbett witty talk makes my day.
      I wish good health and long life to him, he presents reason during this crazy times.

      I have two quick questions for you:

      1) When do you think our ‘Bosses’ will declare Covid-19 pandemic end (2022?)? New lockdowns are possible after summer time?
      2) Covid-19 is probably not ‘an normal’ virus, maybe Mr. Corbett can make a podcast about that?

      • Hello Ivan.

        I would say this iteration of insanity will last for another year, till spring next year. Then it would let up for a while, until a new “pandemic” possibly takes us underground. It’s high time for us to turn into Morlocks.

        There’s a plenty of material on the nature of this “virus” elsewhere.

        • Thanks mkey, I appreciate it!

    • Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I am just curious about following.

      After inventing Covid passports starting 01 June 2021 in Europe, do you think they will allow travels and mega concerts worldwide?

      If they allow above mentioned, then they are almost at square 1, since C02 emissions continue. They have much higher control, but C02 emits.

      What do you think, how its gonna play out after invention of new ‘safer’ passports ?

      Have a nice day.

      • ivan
        Remember the doublethink that goes with the climate religion. The people running it mostly dont really care about CO2 or the environment EXCEPT in so as as it allows them to get control over land, resources and peoples behavior.

        If they open up travel again but get people to accept that the Gov has pretty much free rein to say where you can go thats a win for them and I kinda think thats what will happen though its quite possible something worse will happen

        • Thanks Duck for interesting thoughts.

          But how to explain they trashed hundreds of BRAND NEW jumbo jets worth trillions of dollars?
          Also hundreds of NEW cruiser ships stripped in Turkey, etc.

          They did not even try to pause trashing process…

          • ivan
            “..They did not even try to pause trashing process..”

            Lol, dude, you thinking like a millionaire poor person 😉

            The people that make these things happen have BILLIONS…

            a)Trashing a jumbo to them is like you snapping a pencil or dropping a starbucks coffee

            b)They make sure that the people who DO loose money on trashing ‘things’ are OTHER PEOPLE… they end up rich.

            Not joking about millionaire poor people… you can no more ascribe normal human thinking to some billionaires then you can to an alien or demon. They already think they are some other species or something like that

            I think it was an NPR podcast that went into who was behind Bernie madolph… he wrecked all those lives and he was the small potato underling who had to kiss the backsides of his masters

            • Got it Duck!

              You know, AIRBUS and BOEING are best military partners, they are building poles of known WESTERN civilization.

              I cannot understand what individual(s) can undermine that, without any consequences.

              Do you think that those people who rule things, are known to public (to us)… or they never ever depicted on TV/media?

              • “…Do you think that those people who rule things, are known to public (to us)… or they never ever depicted on TV/media?…”

                You do not know their names… not unless you spend your life being a one person Intel analyst.. Mr Corbett does that and I bet EVEN HE does not have a handle what everyone is doing because they make it very boring even while they tell you.
                For example Bank of International settlements has a youtube channel… and no one (me included mostly) is gonna sit and watch what they talk about all the time let alone read all their PUBLISHED papers

                Look at Mae Brussell who would spend ages and ages reading newspapers and articles and boring reports…

                She was a real life autistic super hero, like Houdini

                I read ‘Transgender Industrial Complex’ by Scott Howard and had to do Obsidian notes to keep track of everything… billions of dollars moving thru hundreds of people and organizations…. if he did it all alone he must have sat for hours every day just reading and taking notes and how many people will even sit and read his work???

    • Guys,

      What would you do in relate to all the ‘CHANGES’ that are probably coming in next 10-20 years:

      1) Buy a property LITTLE OUTSIDE town
      2) Buy a property far far away from town, and ‘isolate’
      3) Buy a property in town itself (apartment or similar)

      I would appreciate your opinion (and why).

      Many thanks!
      Wish you a great day.


      • If you are looking for a modicum of resiliance and independance, you will need a plot of land and access to natural resources, such as water, sun and fresh air.

        One could have all of these things in a urban setting, if they had access to a roof, bit still I’d say a plot of land is key.

        As for the location and how far one want to go, that’s difficult to say. Probably stay as close as you can to a smallest city that has the services you may require from time to time.

          • One last question concerning above 🙂

            How much should I pay attention to mileage to first bigger city … since they plan to clear out gas transport in the near future 🙂
            Mr. Bill Gates said in recent statement: ‘people should share electric cars in the future, since they use it only 4% of the time. All to decrease CO2 emissions’.

            Waiting you reply.
            Many thanks.


  1. There’s more gold in a pile of electronics than in a goldmine? Is that really true?

    • “..more gold in a pile of electronics than in a goldmine?..”

      Depends how you look at it… I think its one tone of rock processed to get 1 gram of gold or something ridiculous like that.
      The electronics probably do have a higher concentration of gold then the rock in a mine… but I would bet more gold comes out the ground… gold is said to be created in a super nova of an exploding star, so ours is said to be a 2nd generation star system

    • I’ll have to go back and check the blinks!

    • dots4eyes says:
      There’s more GOLD in a pile of electronics than in a goldmine?
      Is that really true?

      Yes. It’s true.
      A ton of ground E-waste is probably the size of a very large gaylord pallet.
      (My personal speculation is that a few of these could reap perhaps $10,000 in precious metals if gold/silver/tin prices were a bit higher.)

      I watch a lot of videos interviewing gold and silver mining companies.
      By the way, Bill Powers of MiningStockEducation.com does some impressive interviews, often without “softball questions”.

      Currently in this new age, on a lower tier, there are gold mines with only 5 to 15 grams of gold per metric ton.
      This webpage gives a breakdown. (NOTE: “cyanide”)
      ~~WWW mine-engineer.com/commentary/2009/one-gram-per-ton.htm

      I own a little stock in a list of various gold and silver mining companies. Often, I have traded in and out depending upon market conditions and value.

      Because they were restarting operations following the COVID-19 related shut down, in recent months I have bought back into this stock…
      EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. – EVLLF
      ~~WWW enviroleach.com/e-waste-printed-circuit-board

      Recycled printed circuit board assemblies contain the majority of the value in E-Waste. These boards typically contain over $3,500 USD worth of metals per tonne.
      This is significantly higher than the typical $100 – $500 USD per tonne of conventional mining ores.

      EnviroLeach is an industrial clean-tech company focused on precious metals extraction formulas and technologies.

      Our unique patented and proven technology offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly and domestic alternative to the use of cyanide and smelters for the recovery of gold from E-Waste and conventional gold ores and concentrates.

      In short, they offer a viable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly approach to E-waste and precious metal mining.
      VIDEO – The Global E-Waste Crisis – EnviroLeach may have the solution…
      (5 1/2 minutes)

      EVLLF Stock
      I want to mention that this stock is thinly traded and can be volatile.

    • “… The Deep Mind has inexorably driven this technological transformation from the very beginning. ..”

      That sounds like the CCRU weirdness about the uni-mind or whatever reaching back in time to create itself.

      “…Now, whoever is reading this and I are both atomized slaves, stripped of all autonomy and power..”

      Not really. You always have some power and some choice, even if its not a nice one 🙂

  2. Very insightful video. Its absolutely amazing these people have made such videos to wargame their what-if future scenarios.

    The Future I envision:

    A culture shift to be manifested, with an absolute ZERO tolerance for Tyranny. Spread and practiced and lived by every man and woman. Mob executions of any Tyrant or Predatory type of person. Possibly an expedited summary execution type of system will need to be implemented, to prevent the predatory types from changing the story, burying the evidence, or silencing the victims. Due process is kind of out the window in this future, as the Time that Due Process gives the wicked, is what allows for changing the story, burying the evidence, and silencing the victims. Summary Executions of Pedophiles is a priority in this future.
    With the Anti-Tyrant Mindset infused into every single person, the reduction of the size of Government to no more than small local government, with extremely limited powers (virtually none), will be possible. The non-violent form of Anarchy becomes possible, if anytime a Tyrant type person tries to rise up or form a gang, then entire very well armed and weapons proficient community comes out and crushes the rising of a tyrant on the spot, then large evil governments that oppress their people can’t form.
    Small Family Farms and Small Business abound. With the only government regulation being the Limitations on powers of Government, and how large a business can grow, as to prevent the formation of headless Corporate Entities…and Headless Governments that have no way to be held accountable, or cut off (with the Head) of any official who seeks to expand their power.

  3. Changing the Culture of the a Society is the only way out of where the Social Engineers are taking the World. ..And they are doing that through the Re-Engineering of the Culture, by means of Entertainment Media, and the Propaganda Machines that were once call “News”.

    How to beat the Social Engineers at their own game, is the problem we have here.

    Stories, Movies, Books, Memes, Articles, Reports. All are means to conveys an idea. All are methods to Engineer the Culture. What becomes Popular or is most identified with, is what takes root in the hearts and minds of the consumers of such media. Popularity is a problem in itself. Because so many bad things get really really popular, because the traits of it or the person (who espouses an ideas) are more appealing to the natural senses and inclinations of the viewers/followers. How to make Good Popular is the change you have to figure out. How to better and widely spread the influence of the Good Ideas through media, more effectively than the super rich or morally degenerate spread their ideas? That is a question to ponder on.

    Perhaps a mastermind story writer could incorporate everything that needs to be questioned or thought about, into an amazingly well made story that can appeal to all audiences. That might be a way to make a dent in the Culture, and start changes. But many people are too invested in their Life of bad choices, and their ego stands in the way of them considering making any life changes. So, there almost is no way to reach those people with logic and conversation. But a Grand Story may accomplish a change of heart. All of Entertainment Media is built around that method. PC Culture in the movies and shows is undermining the social engineering efforts, because that only works on the very very simple minded.

    I don’t mean to rag on elections, but Popularity has too much of an effect on who runs western governments (aside from the obvious election rigging by the corrupt). If your election isn’t rigged for you, you can only win if you a Popular…and usually for all the wrong reasons.

    Popular Elections are not helping fix the Governments of the world.
    Technocracy sounds nice, but arrogant psychopathic tyrants would be the people running that system.

  4. Meme Wars sound like the best ideas.
    The number of shares a Meme gets is also based on its Popularity…and Social Media Networks not filtering or scrubbing it.

    Subtle Memes, using Satire have a significant effect, and aren’t censored as much.

    Make MEMEs People.
    And Share them everywhere!
    MEMEs are our only hope…
    (Sad sobbing laughter heard faintly in the background, as you dwell upon this thought.)

    • “..Fortunately for us, they suck at making memes because they’re humorless, creativity-devoid sociopaths…”

      Not true… Hollywood and Netflix are doing just fine at memeing a new world into existence. They just have big money while we have the truth making it a pretty even fight

      • I know that… but the word itself means an Information Virus. The first time I heard it was actually on STrek Voyager or maybe the Book “Snow Crash” but I think it was Dawkins who popularized the word.

        I dont care how good or funny your picture is there is no way its going to infect someones mind better then the TV screen flashing….the only reason such a low power method has any effect is when it tells the truth rather then the lies the TV has

        If you think that the left cant meme you should ask why they control the minds of over half the population and 80% of the people under 20

  5. The Norman word for cow was boef, that which they find on their plate. The Anglo-Saxon word for cow was cuh. No beef for the peasants.

  6. They are masters of mind and behavior control. I can’t even call it propaganda anymore—that is a word for the 20th century.

    Question of this Century: How do we get people—especially young people—to think for themselves, to recognize attempts at mind/behavior control, to shield themselves from it, and to act freely and creatively according to their own best interests, and those of the majority of human beings.

    Vision for the future: recognize, shield, and create.

    • “…Question of this Century: How do we get people—especially young people—to think for themselves, to recognize attempts at mind/behavior control, to shield themselves from it, and to act freely and creatively according to their own best interests, and those of the majority of human beings….”

      Very easy..just most parents wont do it for their kids

      Turn off TV and internet
      Read books
      Go to church
      Only hang out with decent people

      • Fact Checker

        “..Church is just an old-fashioned form of television…”

        Possibly a grain of truth in that… except that at church you met and made a community and the priest cant easily start trying to change the programming on a dime the way media can

        “..The human attraction to ritualized submission is a key part of why we’re in this mess…”

        Submitting to a book of unchangeable rules that tells you you can NOT do anything you like and have duties to a higher power and in some sense other people, and that even the king can not do anything he likes… vs the idea that I can do whatever I like however I like and no one is going to punish me if I rob and rape my way thru life.

        Hmn… I wonder which one got us here?

        • “…Plus, as a practical matter, I don’t think church really works in the way you describe ….festooned with rainbow flags and crudely coded banners about being “affirmational” or “inclusive faith communities,” which of course simply means sodomy-promoting…”

          True, the vast majority of churches have been destroyed and taken over… I actually saw the process in action one time. The amount of money spent on doing this is phenomenal, I think as much or more then on the Trans Agenda. Likr THAT agenda the church take over was funded by a pretty small group of people

          “…The book they claim to use has remained the same, but the social mores churches have come to encourage are radically different, and have become so within my adult lifetime….”

          Again… there are still real churches.
          A church that openly lies about what the bible says is pretty obviously not a real church, just the animated corpse of one which is why THOSE liars will all be TOTALLY out of business in less then 40 years anyway, 10 or 20 for actual relevance … real churches and ( NWO facsimiles like Jehovahs Witnesses) are doing pretty well, especially right now.

          When you say you have seen them turn on a dime you are actually wrong- it was 2 or 3 generations work to do that. If you have kids listening to openly gay ministers then you can expect that their parents are fine and dandy with that.

          “..behavior is all according to the new, Satanic program…”
          If you believe in satan as an entity then it is rather weird not to believe in God as one… it would be weird to then not worship God. This however is getting outside of practical issues like social cohesion

          • I know this is meant for Fact Checker, but if God exists as an “entity” why does God let these things happen?

            There is so much suffering in the world. I have had a mysterious “healing”/recovery from an illness that was unexpected and I remember praying. But I know that some people pray and they still have terrible things happen to them.

            I just don’t understand why an entity that is supposed to love us would allow all of this to happen.

            I’m sorry to divert the discussion. I suppose this is why I’m an agnostic rather than a believer.

        • Have to agree with Duck on this one. It’s societies shift toward turning its back on religion and in turn morality, that has gotten us where we are today. Honestly Nietzche wrote about this extensively. He saw it coming in the 19th century, once society turned its back on morality, the shit would hit the fan… that is what we’re dealing with today!

          • Agreed. The Christians will save us.

            Many will have scrolled to the next comment with the mention of that, but I will explain. I was brought up to think that religion was scary and dangerous, as a youngster I used to go and sit in church, much to my parents dismay. All I knew was that it felt nice and peaceful.
            Apart from a brief spell in the local church choir I had brushed Christianity aside until recently. My good friend who is one of the best industrial electrician in his field, is an avid Christian. His group believe that the vaccine roll out is the mark of the beast. I said before that Christians will save us, of course they are not the only ones, it seems that anyone who has a deep connection to something weather that be the land, religion, people, science, engineering, are the ones not going along. The ones going along are those who only care for their own ends, the ones who feel entitled to the pleasures of the earth without giving back are just what is needed for the tyrants to take over.
            When a society is healthy with a strong sense of morality, that’s when the magic can happen.
            A group of Buddhists monks were helping our in a refugee camp, one of the younger monks asked why his teacher did not teach the Dharma to the group. He said, these people will not understand the teachings yet as they are deeply troubled, but I can teach them compassion and morality.
            Some people must steal, lie, cheat, use drugs or kill, to survive. At the very bottom you see this and also at the very top it seems.
            If nobody had to do those things we would be grand.
            I would recommend this podcast with Reverend Jamie


            • You articulated what I was trying to get at there nicely.
              Well, it’s funny you should mention a song.
              I have been asking people for a line or a verse for this song called Elephant, so far this is 10 or so responses, I’d love to get a line from the Corbett Report family

              It’s going to be crazy.
              I’m in a dizzy pile of rubbish .
              Everything is hazy .

              You asking me ? Must be desperate!
              I’ll take specialist advice tomorrow when she wakes up!!
              Messy hair, still in her 12 hole lace ups.

              But I can feel it, there’s a silver lining.
              Stop licking the floor.
              Oh yeah ramp up the face to face.. Higher higher stakes, catch these kids they re gonna fall.

              Hey! Waxing crescent moon
              Tell me I’m gonna meet him soon
              Over by the hawthorn tree
              Where the mighty Nore sleeps

              The evening is blue before it is black
              Oh! We were on it the other day then forgot
              He’s better than me. Obviously. I’ll see wat can arise ..

              I wanna dive in to the stars
              midnight swim in the inky deep
              waves carry my voice so far so far

              “And now the colors fall into wild.
              Red pink blue around the clouds.
              It’s just a second, it’s just now!”

            • Thank you. That is profound. It struck a chord with me as I feel like that Elephant who won’t forget. I’ll give it a day in the brain, but In the meantime if anyone wants to beautify it then all the better and I have already put one line in there myself.
              I love this concept, it’s an anarchist song. It’s everybody’s song, in the way that anybody involved can do as they wish with it, anyone is welcome to add lines or change lines, turn it into whatever they like. It has rules but no ruler.
              A few Ooga Boogas and bit of Omgawa and it will be ready to record the way I hear it.
              Thanks again nosoapradio

            • I can’t believe I missed this comment with a link to this beautiful Corbett subscribers beautiful song!! AAARRRGGGGHHH!

              Congratulations Lizzie! As I scuttle frantically back into my Saturday morning hamsterwheel

              I’m feeling a powerful pinge of jealous poignancy as I listen to your song. (The sound on my computer is currently bad but I’m gonna fix it and listen again after my class)

              I wish I could do what you do.

              A very belated Kudos! and I hope you’re still haunting these boards!

  7. What’s that TIME magazine has about Lynn Good of Duke Energy? This hypocrite  is so BAD, we literally call her the CEO of “Duke Enemy #1.”
    June 13, 2019 I noted:
    “Duke is the Bayer-Monsanto of electricity. People just haven’t figured that out yet because they are extremely (Lynn) Good at compartmentalizing their activities both in regard to public relations & perception AND within their own corporation!  But a little digging behind the scenes in a simple “follow-the-money” & “connect-the-dots” can lead US to the very obvious conclusion that this Monster Monopoly is a Beast.”
    This is a vague reference to Duke’s demands to “upgrade” ALL our homes with their own “Smart” devices (in 2018, Duke bragged it had already invested $25 Billion in “smart grid” technology- homeowners who didn’t like it remained w/o power for 3 months thanks to zombie-like employees and confused cops) https://blisswithoutignorance.org/2020/11/18/we-the-people-v-they-the-corporations-2018-now/  AND their conflicts of interests with our once-upon-a-time GOVERNOR, Pat McCrory who had been an employee of Duke Energy for 28 years (who coincidently announced 3 days ago, that he wants to run for FEDERAL office – but hey, NC will think, “At least he’s not as bad as Senator Burr, profiting on insider knowledge of the stock-market CORONA-virus swindle” smh). Another clear conflict of interests involves members of North Carolina Utility Commission (NCUC)’s, particularly chairman, Ed Finley, who used to be Duke’s own LAWYER and now he’s approving rate hikes when SUPRISE: “we had NO idea that hurricanes hit NC sometime, therefore we MUST hike rates, which impact the already impacted the hardest!” 
    Meanwhile, Lynn Good sits pretty in her SC mansion and brings in, on average $11 million salary+ per year, and even got a 1.1 million dollar BONUS in 2014 when Duke SPILLED coal ash into NC’s Dan River, causing a spike in thyroid cancers around here…. and we haven’t even SEEN the fall-out of their coal ash hurricane spill in the Cape Fear river in 2018, but we know they’ve been dumping in it since BEFORE 2014, when they were formally charged by Environmental Agency for “pumping 61 million gallons of contaminated water” into it. That river, btw, drains straight out into the Atlantic ocean, and in Jan 2020, EWG showed Brunswick Co, NC the highest drinking water contamination of PFOA’s in the entire nation!
    So… REALLY, “Time,” Lynn Good of Duke Enemy is a hero of “sustainability”!?!
    ~ and that’s my piece of peace for the moment ~
    NC Liberty Belle

    • “THE” Bill Garrity? The same Bill Garrity with the courage, fortitude & determination to follow Ed Finley around the state until he couldn’t take it anymore? The same Bill Garrity who (inspired by equally heroic son), gives pumpkin pies to homeless folks in the Fall?
      You’re THE genuine Carolina hero, Bill Garrity!?!
      I cannot believe you saw this mini-rant, in the comment section on a site discussing world-wide events by a Canadian in Japan, back in April 2021 with perspectives from our ‘neck of the woods’ & responded on THIS forum, & I just happened to check my email and saw it – on Christmas Eve!
      I watched all your yt posts almost three years ago – including the FULL unedited one in Wilmington & had commented on at least one of them (although I don’t see those comments there now).
      I had tried to reach out to you in 2018, when I had the physical strength and naivety to think, “If our neighbors knew, what Mr. Garrity is trying to expose here (along with the many other sins Duke & other Big Corps(e) in our state are committing), then ‘We The People’ could DO something, work together & find a way to take our power back.”
      Anyway, I’m honored that you replied & I thank you for standing up for what’s right in NC!

  8. About half way thru the meta movie review goes on a total tangent and talks about Larry “totally real name” Brilliant


    He is actually an interesting person, I’ll be reading a book on something unrelated and there he is like damn waldo or something..

  9. I was tasked with making instructional standing order posters for an ass of a boss and did my best to make them sound like Totalitarian FAscist instruction posters for a joke…. I thought he would tell me to tone it donw but he was totally “Yes! I like the way you do that…”

  10. Bonobos get murdered when real chimps show up….
    The issue is that people have become weak minded and unable to stop the psychopaths over running them

    • The issue I was trying to highlight is that you cant cure psychopathy. It exists in our species for a reason, just like aggression.

      If you magically made everyone empathetic it would cause other issues… and when, not if, the system failed and a psychopath got thru the screening they would be like a bunny in Australia

      Too much empathy is a sickness just like too little is.

  11. I second (third/fourth) Alison McDowell. I don’t even understand how they can make money from “social impact bonds”, but Kudos to Allison for bringing it to our attention. How bad can it be when you can’t even understand why the bad things they do are supposed to work?

    • Would LOVE to see a Corbett interview with Allison. Good description, Fact CHECKER her frenzied “massive data dumps”. I enjoy them but she is difficult to share with others. Well, we need one another and the interviews she has been doing is helping her to become more clear, and I think, to calm down as she sees she is not alone in the view that a horrific enemy is at our doors.

    • 9 minute video – “Panic” covered in beginning
      GOP Lawmaker Grills Greta Thunberg On “Panic” Rhetoric, China And India Emissions

      Thanks for the link, wikiworldorder.

  12. James Corbett says:
    ”…What should the future look like?…
    …What can we do to create a vision of the future that we want to bring into existence?
    What is that vision?…
    …it is something that we all need to start thinking about…
    …That is why I am going to leave that as a bit of a homework assignment for the listeners of this podcast….”

    QUEUED VIDEO – 54:21

  13. Hi James, I don’t know if you read these, but you mentioned how China is planning to go vegan… a part of this is also going to be lab grown meat. You should check out the Good Food Institute. They’re promoting both vegan and lab grown meat as food alternatives that can end factory farming. They’re full of crap when it comes to cultured meats though because there’s no way to culture the vast number of cells needed to produce enough meat to feed the world without using animal serum (the liquid part of blood routinely used in cell culture) and antibiotics. Their website is here: https://gfi.org/

  14. After the great MindQuakes of the 21st Century humanity awoke to the terrible danger a ‘Culture of Narcissism’ had created. ‘The Dumbest Generation’ were totally ‘Distracted’ by the endless dopamine hits created by the internet, sickened by poor food and lack of exercise they were unable to do any ‘Deep Work’ to find a way for “industrial society and its future’

    Its true that the majority had suffered ‘irreversible damage’ from the ‘transgender Industrial Complex’and their mental health led to suicide or early death from ill health… other suffered under the ‘Libido Dominandi’ of their tech overlords who gave people little choice but to conform if one wished to access the riches of the new age… luckily a minority were able to divest themselves from the ‘Degenerate Moderns’ and their “Esoteric Hollywood’ culture. These few were able to avoid “computers and automation” refusing to swallow the ‘silicon snake oil’ of the TransHumanists .

    Their “Notes From The Internet Apocalypse’ are still read today, as they avoided the ‘Chaos’ that ‘The Innovators’ had created. Keeping their children free from schools “Operation Mind Control” was hard, almost impossible unless they gathered in small groups around a common idea- usually a spiritual one.

    The bottle neck was not easy to get thru, especially after ‘The Tipping Point’ had been reached and the die off began in earnest. Being near a big city was a very bad, mainly because people deprived of their psychiatric meds or dopamine hits became insane, aside from the carefully stoked racial violence that excused tighter policing.

    Now it could have been that these few normal humans were ‘Born to Run’ into the wilderness and eke out a living. Luckily a few placed communities were not swamped by the mass insanity, from these grew a society where hand held computer devices were utterly banned and anyone promoting harmful ideas was utterly shunned and cast out. This treatment of dissidents was criticized by many fellow citizens since it limited ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ in its efforts to heal the world but communities that did this managed to retain their integrity.

    While the ‘Illiberal Reformers’ clamped down harder and harder a counter culture grew up outside of their system rejecting “A history of central banking’ they bought and borrowed nothing from the old system that thrashed about as its life blood of purple haired weirdos killed it slowly from septicemia. True those times were fraught with risks and legal battles but the system itself was growing weaker as it raced to replace its minions with machines, racing against its own ‘Collapse’ as average IQ plummeted.

    And now we are thru those times… an imperfect world to be sure, but at least we are human and at least we have our own functioning economy that exists outside of Towers where the tech overlords rule an almost deserted empire.

    They, the bored hipster class, trade tools for our handicrafts but who knows what the ‘coming war with japan’ may bring?

    Read Your Bible

    • My vision of the future posted above…. it may not be the best but it may be the best we can hope fot

    • bob
      True… it is ironic that people who want to live a healthy life free from the ideas and behaviors that have caused a massive increase in mental illness, depression, and bad health need to leave the society that enforces it upon its members… that such people must then reject people who would be happier inside the main, doomed culture, is I guess also ironic.
      I guess oil and water cant exist in emulsion very well

      • Bob

        “..Do you think there a legitimate place for this Biblical idea in a future based on freedom?..”

        I will go farther and say that unless people believe that their rights come from a supernatural source, and unless they believe that a creator has given all humans an innate value then there is zero hope for any freedom in the future.

        If people are just an animal meat sack then WHY would anyone NOT just treat them as a commodity or as machine part if able to do so?

        “..I have always viewed Christianity as supportive of monarchy…”

        Not 100% but you have a point..A limited monarchy would be far better then a democracy that recognized no limits to what it could do to its members if 51% voted it…. and as to ‘freedom’ you need to define what that is.

        If the law stops you using drugs are you a slave to the law? But if the law lets you become addicted to a drug only I can sell you would you be my slave?
        What do you define as freedom? Can you have it without morality and self control?

        You know I’m a little sad that no one appears to have seen the joke I put in my vision of the future either 🙁

        • The joke is its a suggested reading list of books off my shelf… Bible means litrally BOOK so… while you should read it that was kinda a clue. 2 glasses of wine and I think I’m Bacon writing Shakespeare, lol.

          On who wears chains… I would be careful of reading too much into the ideas of a man who writes tenderly about children while dumping the brats he sires on his dumpster wench into an orphanage where their future was probably dire.


          If you dislike the culture of technocratic control you should look at its real founding fathers and the Illuminist “enlightenment’ ideas.

          “…Freedom is a condition of unrestricted thought and action, …”

          That is a fantasy… the fantasy that you can be free of your body is transhumanism, the fantasy that you can be free of responsibility is Rousseau dumping his kids (who might , after all, chain him down 😉 ) The fantasy that you can be free of morality is De Sade

          You can only think as you are able, educated, and sober enough too (No wine today so trust me 🙂 )

          “…bounded only by compassion….”

          Look at the lives of the people who come up with these ideas and tell me how much compassion you see. They use ‘freedom’ as a cover for selfishness and misusing others

          Freedom can only exist in a person who is rational and can act rationally.

          You did not answer my earlier question about the drug addict and in which situation he a free or a slave…. extend that to today where we have people willingly addicted to the dopamine hits big tech gives them- are they free?
          They CHOOSE to subject themselves to that stuff… people will be BEGGING to get into the system

  15. Podcast just gets better and better . James Corbett forever ! Lol
    Good work man

  16. Wonderful presentation, a nice outline of possible future events.

    One that comes to mind is one of the milestones seldom talked about, and that is the year 2050.

    As Rosa Koire has brought out about Agenda 21…2030, 2040, and 2050 are mere milestones for the completion of “the agenda for the 21st century.”

    The America 2050 project basically foretells the cramming of the US population into Mega-regions or Megalopolises while the rest of the country is “re-wilded”.

    A discussion of this can be found here:


  17. I personally would like to live “off the grid” and away from the megaregions that I posted earlier.

    Heck, I might even want to become a “nomad capitalist” – which I would recommend that channel if you haven’t checked it out. He even renounced his U.S. Citizenship and now lives in various countries throughout the world with the philosophy taught by his father: “go where you are treated best”.

    Just like in any free market, we tend to go to restaurants, clubs, businesses where we are treated well and avoid the places where we are not treated well.

    I feel here in America we are increasingly not treated well…and as the Nomad Capitalist has discovered, there are a variety of countries to escape to where you have freer markets, less taxation, and less regulation. See https://www.bitchute.com/video/w6trFp6jvPGR/

    Of course, that all depends on when and if the worldwide control grid is put in place…yet, I see myself living “off grid” in a series of do it yourself homebuilding kits on a piece of land living off solar, wind, or other renewable sources, growing my own basic food and if Starlink is indeed in the atmosphere living and working with the Internet that is not connected to the Internet of Things…that is, the foretold Web 3.0

    May not be realistic…but I can fantasize right??

  18. Hi James, You are wearing a button down shirt. Please button it down. Those of us with OCD are going nuts looking at you without your shirt collar buttoned down. The world will end however it will, but we must continue with style no matter what.
    Thanks always for your reports.

    • Hi Fact Checker, Fine I agree. If you wear a button down shirt, wear a tie. That’s why it’s a button down shirt. It’s made to be worn with a tie.

  19. Envisioning the kind of future you want to see…

    Friend: Is that a genuine Bill Gates neck mount you have there above the fireplace?

    Me: Oh, no, off course not, there was such a rush to catch him in the end that I missed out, had to settle for a replica!

    • Bingo! from DownUnder

  20. Since the “elitist” approach has always been about controlling the minds of the masses, the future must (imho) involve deeper studies into ones own mind. How it works, “what” it actually is, and how the functioning of the mind does create the reality people perceive.

    I am not talking about research into neurobiology, psychological studies or even high tech experiments into “consciousness”. I am talking about “self” exploration through a continuous and cohesive navigation of the mind, its quirks, emotional habits, formations and the consequences of all these patterns.

    Daoists call this “Turning the Light Around”. It is a lifelong practice that has no dogma because it literally is a process of direct-to-self observation. The only “middle man” would be a teacher him/herself well-versed in the practice to serve as a guide.

    What people categorize (often unconsciously) as “identity” is the driver for ones existence. Very few actually claim ownership over deeper levels of the mind that so quickly layers itself with more vestments of identity.

    There are so many, even in the “awake” circles that have traded one societally created “costume” for another. What would the “truth seekers” be doing if there weren’t a global cabal to call out at every turn? Surely, we weren’t born just to combat this parasitic societal program? Isn’t there something more beneficial to bring into the world?

    I wonder often if more and more of humanity would just simply not listen to anything that is offered from the propagandizing “elite”. To simply no longer give them any attention. It is the fear they stimulate in the minds of the masses that siphons off precious energy in the form of constantly watching them for their “next move”.

    Taking it to a personal level, I’d say the conscious mind propagandizes itself more than any totalitarian regime ever could. To me, this is the real uncharted frontier.

  21. Also, a must read is:

    Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center.

    >> https://www.metabunk.org/attachments/future-strategic-issues-and-warfare-pdf.3295/ <>

    Jason Bermas has explored this in a recent podcast:

    >> https://rokfin.com/stream/5033/Transhumanism-And-Population-Control-From-The-Horses-Mouth <<

    https://rokfin.com/stream/5033/Transhumanism-And-Population-Control-From-The-Horses-Mouth <<

    • Note that the release date of the 113 page Future Warfare document was July 2001.

      In the podcast, Jason Bermas shows video clips from a 2011 Dennis Bushnell talk based on the document.

    • Was quite refreshing hearing this person go on about ‘systemic racism’ in this (u.s.) country. This is an argument that is so hard to make to people here, the liars and their agendas are very strongly rooted in the minds and hearts of the folks here. Thanks for sharing this link.

  22. James Corbett says:
    ”…What should the future look like?”…

    I’m sure that every person has their own ideas of what they would like to see.

    A big aspect for me in my vision of the future is a network of free communication, interactions, and exchange of ideas and information, both in person directly or at distances, with the freedoms to travel…
    …tied into the ability to freely exchange products, services and symbols of value without impediment.

    The qualities of pleasurable lifestyle, prosperity and abundance would be important.
    After all, who wants to have a miserable, inhibited, strained and stressful future.

    My grandchildren’s children should inherit this.

    Personally, I like having toilet paper, indoor running water, air conditioning and a varied diet of my choosing (which doesn’t include bugs). I enjoy certain comforts and conveniences.

    Non-voluntary Authoritarian rules and regulations are not part of my future vision.
    As Cool Hand Luke says: “…Inside, outside, all in, rules and regulations and bosses…” it gets “things fixed so ‘one’ can’t never win out.”
    158 minute mark

    • Oh!… that is so cool.
      To be honest, occasionally, I too think of your past stories or posts when I get an associated thought or recollection.
      We sure learn a lot as we travel our journeys and note them on Corbett Report.

  23. How the Covid propaganda works

    First spread endless fear. Make fear a political issue. Blame political opponents. Censor everything because of crisis. Present obedience as a way to get out of the crisis. Was prepared for a long time. They just needed a trigger crisis.
    The censorship is the great revealer of the oppressors. Because you really can not stop a health crisis by censoring doctors and experts. The plan makers are controlling the censors behind the curtains.
    (my post on Telegram)

    It’s about to get worse (for them? we decide) – David Icke
    The Cult does not like surprises, and can only delay us with censoship.

    Protest in London 25 april 2021
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7Jg6koGE-g (still up)

    • Shedding The Kill Shot
      Yolande Norris-Clark explaining covid vaccine deaths
      The way she presents it, and her arguments are very convincing.
      Most people are now listening to the real science anyway.
      She first starts with dramatic stories told very softly,
      and explains why these deaths are expected from science.
      And how we may expect far more side-effects on the long term.

    • The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?
      How the mass is being manipulated (Rape of the mind),
      and how to resist.
      The video does not even mention the Covid-19, but is based
      on history and philosophy, with great quotes.
      Solutions mentioned:
      1 Order our own minds and be inspiration from others to follow.
      2 Spread information that counters the propaganda.
      3 Humor and ridicule.
      4 Parallel structures. A community that operates without the psychosis.
      5 With enough parallel structures, a parallel society can form.
      6 Action by as many people as possible.

      • The Youtube algorithm is still working, if you just talk about
        “non political things” like history

        I am thinking of making a channel about computer games
        with “non political” subjects.
        And about mysteries like “magically disappearing money”.

    • What is happening in India?
      These graphs show it:
      Ivermectin reduced the deaths and cases (90%).
      The “vaccine”-project increases the cases and deaths, in
      the same amount as people are being injected.

      We need more research and data, but with these statistics
      it certainly looks like the vaccine is the disease.

    • Virus/mRNA shedding

      Nurse warns: Stay away from Vaxxed people.
      More in comments of that video.

      Some related scientific information that I collected:

      For live-virus vaccines, virus shedding is pretty common.
      This process is not well known, but might be the body getting
      rid of the garbage. The same might happen with the mRNA capsules.

      This likely differs per vaccine and person.

    • Solution: Reply with intelligence

      Someone posted scare propaganda, claiming that thinking
      skeptical about experimental vaccines was dangerous.

      You can learn to think critically by understanding how people have formed their opinion.
      You can approach different ideas from the evidence that has build them. And both sides often claim that they have evidence. There is also a difference in evidence that they trust and do not trust.

      So start with the scientific reports that is widely published on both sides. Both sides also have their scientific experts who have deeply analyzed all this evidence. Then where there is a difference, you can look at how different experts have reached a different conclusion.

      Did they think that Bill Gates was the best expert? Or Fauci who changes his mind every few months? Or maybe the doctors who worked with Covid patients? And what about the many different virus experts that are not working for any company or government?

      What do you think?
      Is this a good way to reply?
      Should I reply at all?
      Or do I need to be friendlier or stronger?

      Or a more open question (for Corbett?)
      What reply would you give to a person who clearly has been brainwashed?

  24. a few quick observations to this video:
    future echo chambers, as with present ones, will allow censorship of particular opinion to be very easily accomplished

    UN SDG: the majority of these goals actually deal with poverty management

    Not only an IoT but a completely connected Borg like IoB(odies) with injectable or other means of administering nano tech.

    A future female named “Vee”…LOL was her mate’s name ‘Dick, Willie or Tom”…I can’t remember

    These future predictions are not ‘coming’ they are currently being implemented and scaled up as we all read here as anyone familiar with Alison McDowel’s deep research, naming names and there connectivity and commentary knows.

    If we are to build a better human experience we have to start with the kids and give them a proper education that produces mature adults able to think on their feet. Start with the kids….the ‘cap’ does.

  25. My IT company has been WFH since 2016. We experienced incredible growth from the scamdemic with all users needing WFH.

    My company doubled and I am heading back to an office environment. It is obvious to me that without face to face interaction staff are not nearly as connected. While I promote a flexible work environment and provide choice to staff, its obvious staff have much better mental health when they are around their peers.

    It clearly helps that all my workers get a long and game/hangout when applicable outside of work.

    From my perspective I will reject and resist the ‘post covid’ way to live for as long as I am able. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my chosen field as big tech is coming from all angles and I think there will be a hostile takeover coming where small scale MSP’s will be wiped out and MS/APPLE/GOOGLE providing service directly. Even the tech sector isn’t safe in a post scamdemic world.

    • Thanks Jay,
      This helps to provide me insight about a sector with which I am unfamiliar.

      • You’re welcome. I appreciate your comment.

  26. I don’t think this is feasible unless you have a lot of money. Large corporations can outlive us and tie things in the court for years. The best we can do is vote with our wallets and energy. Stop supporting these institutions and create alternatives and use those. I do think people need to sue the airlines though. Many people need to travel to see their families and such.

    There could be a class action lawsuit (s) where people pool their resources and attempt to litigate.

  27. James Corbett says:
    ”…What should the future look like?”…

    – My Church goes back to being separate from the ‘State’ and it’s ‘social’ tyranny measures. (by the way I have read a few comments in the thread that are less accommodating of churches. However, I can say that in the case of my family it is helpful to raise children in a Church community whilst supplementing the teaching with your own world view).

    – I would like less ‘tentacles’ around my private information and data. This future I can create to some extent through actively disengaging with the technocratic tools of trade.

    – ‘Flu-anxiety’ to be added to the DSM as a mental disorder that most of the world has acquired (the real epidemic).

    – I would like a backwards orientated ‘GREAT RESET’ the takes us to 1999 (i.e. peak of civilisation).

    – Finally, it would be great if everyone woke up and had the courage to say enough is enough (this point may be a little Utopian).

    • So true about the iPhone bait. I took it hook, line and sinker at the time. Jobs in the minimalist turtle necks. Now we have Gates in the homely sweaters.

    • ‘…but the more subtle catastrophe happened in 2007 when we got our iPhones. ..’


  28. Predicted or Planned?— I understand the need to envision a better Future, but right now I am focused on the Present that was planned for me and every other human on the planet–and trying to catch up. I have been researching PCR tests since I discovered that they are the linchpin without which the whole plandemic construct will come tumbling down (hopefully). I will share some of the links and why I think they are interesting.

    1. “Covid-19 and China: A Chronology of Events (December 2019 – January 2020)” https://crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/r/r46354

    This is an early chronology of the plandemic. I learned that BGI Genomics sequenced SARS-COV-2 in three days and then didn’t tell anybody what they had done.

    2. “Diagnostic detection of 2019-nCoV by real-time RT-PCR” https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/protocol-v2-1.pdf?sfvrsn=a9ef618c_2

    This paper is dated January 17, 2020. It gives instructions on how to correctly use the Droston PCR test to diagnose COVID-19 (not yet named). The date means that the test was ready only 6 days after the Chinese published the sequenced genome.

    3. “Review Report Corman-Droston et.al. Eurosurveillance 2020 : External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results”.

    I have had a hard time understanding most of what is written here. The easiest part to understand is that a cycle threshold of 30 or more is unreliable. Also the test is not based on an analysis of an actual biological specimen, but rather pieced together on top of the genome of SARS-CoV-1. There are links to WHO that come up empty. It would seem that this is the test that WHO recommended and that was used to establish the fact that the virus was spreading quickly world-wide.

    4. “Gary Null May 1996 interview of Kary Mullis: FULL” https://odysee.com/@Johnny_Cirucci:4/Null-Mullis-interview-May-1996-FULL:5

    Kary Mullis invented the PCR technique. I had seen some short snippets, but never the whole interview. It is two hours long, but well worth the time. I highly recommend it. I fell in like with Kary Mullis after watching it. If he had been alive during 2020 he wouldn’t have let them get away with what they did with PCR. He died August 7, 2019.
    I have more, but that’s enough for now.

  29. Former Pfizer V.P. Yeadon Speaks Out (see Link Below)


    Here are some highlights in the above Link:

    Yeadon concludes that there is something flagrantly diabolical about their denial. He thinks they are lying in order to dupe more people into getting injected with a substance that will either render them infertile, cause them great bodily harm or kill them outright. Take your pick. Here’s more:16

    “The eugenicists have got hold of the levers of power and this is a really artful way of getting you to line-up and receive some unspecified thing that will damage you. I have no idea what it will actually be, but it won’t be a vaccine because you don’t need one. And it won’t kill you on the end of the needle because you would spot that.

    It could be something that will produce normal pathology, it will be at various times between vaccination and the event, it will be plausibly deniable because there will be something else going on in the world at that time, in the context of which your demise, or that of your children will look normal.

    That’s what I would do if I wanted to get rid of 90 or 95% of the world’s population. And I think that’s what they’re doing.”

    Andrew Gavin Marshall at Global Research, presciently noted that:19

    “Eugenics is about the social organization and control of humanity … (particularly) population control …

    Francis Galton later coined the term “eugenics” to describe this emerging field. His followers believed that the ‘genetically unfit’ ‘would have to be wiped away,’ using tactics such as ‘segregation, deportation, castration, marriage prohibition, compulsory sterilization, passive euthanasia — and ultimately extermination’ …

    Sir Julian Huxley was also a life trustee of the British Eugenics Society from 1925, and its President from 1959-62 … ‘Huxley believed that eugenics would one day be seen as the way forward for the human race,’ and that, ‘A catastrophic event may be needed for evolution to move at an accelerated pace’ … It is much the same with ideas whose time has not yet come; they must survive periods when they are not generally welcome.

    Huxley saw the emergence of a world in which humanity, still a wild animal, is domesticated; where only the elite remain wild and have freedom to make decisions, while the masses are domesticated like pets.

    Huxley opined that, ‘Men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.’”

  30. Because it’s easier to put it out there. Or because they like rubbing it in our face (the people that actually think with their own mind) and they enjoy that. Or they can’t hide it. Also it could be predictive programming/trial balloons of sort. Good question!!

    It would be interesting to hear JC’s answer “why to they put their evil deeds out in the open?”

  31. They do it to hedge against the golden rule. The way it’s done, nobody can really say that they didn’t know or thar their arm was particularly twisted and yet they went along.

  32. Can it be that you dare not imagine a governmentless world even in a hypothetical scenario?

  33. Alchemist
    “.. Is utopia (as we think of it) possible to maintain,,”

    All human made ideas contain the seed of their own failure… so no.

  34. “… what exactly is happiness and why is the pursuit of happiness an inalienable right?..”

    In the BOOK version of ‘Starship troopers’ by Robert Heinlein that they have exposition in class about this very issue… short answer being that the PURSUIT of happiness is something that you can not stop people doing… even a slave or a prisoner might find happiness while having wealth or power or everything you want wont guarantee you find it.

  35. kvira
    You are right that “…few powerful poeple have most of the money and control of resources..”
    This has always been true, and (in any system that gets beyond abject universal poverty) WILL always be true.

    The difference today is that a couple of thousand years ago while you might get murdered and your sheep stolen you had more control over your life then today when your life depends on thousands of people you dont know operating tech systems you dont understand.
    People feel powerless and disconnected because of that and other social changes

    But this state of inequality DOES NOT always lead to “… and are able to determine the playing field of any future society…” The people who are shaping society NOW mostly started off as small powerless outsiders. The people who WANT the future and have the Will to make it will do so.

    “..Or have the 2030 visionaries already foreseen this?…”
    They forsee lazy, loss adverse masses doing not much…. but I really think that the driving intelligence behind this is a spiritual one

  36. bob387
    I took a look at that book and assuming the blerb “..Ancient humans were peaceful – modern violence is avoidable….” is a true reflection of content can assure you its utter BS in the mold of such stupid ideas as the “noble savage” and later cultural marxist double think.

    “..the suggestion is clear, that the modern problem of global terrorism also springs forth from basic Saharasian-warrior roots….”

    is obviously utter bunk when you consider such characters as the Aztec, african tribes and such folks as the Head hunters of Borneo (Who also often practiced child buggery as a rite of passage BTW) who have no contact with this region… and as for the talk of “sexual repression” it flat out smacks of Margret Mead and her deliberately crafted lies about native sexual liberation (crafted in response to her loose sexual morals conflicting with her society)

    Humans have been killing, robbing and raping each other for a long long time and the reason for that is because its NATURAL behavior that we can only over come with training.
    The Noble peaceful savage is a lie



    When one adopts the point of view of a chess player, conceiving possible futures is only possible in the medium term. The most urgent thing would be to become aware of, understand and prevent the last move that would put Humanity in a state of checkmate.

    The ideal coup de grace would be like the current pandemic, a problem-reaction-solution[^i^], delivered on the twentieth anniversary of September 11[^ii^] in the form of bio terrorist attacks on different points of the globe[^iii^].. a SongBird disaster scenario![^iv^]

    Just as Bill Gates warned in 2015 that “if something [were to] kill more than 10 millions people in the next few decades, it [would] probably be a highly contagious virus rather than a war. »[^v^], he also announced this possibility two years later[^vi^].

    The diabolical beauty of this scenario is that the hundreds of millions of people[^vii^] would not die from the consequences of these bio terrorist attacks but from the cytokines storm caused by the vaccine[^viii^], and not directly. Distraught families would drive their family members to under-equipped hospitals[^ix^] where the doctors themselves are sick, the nurses sick[^x^].. Faced with this dramatic situation, Presidents would have to “do tough things […] because the circumstances [would] require it”.[^xi^] The government would declare the martial law[^xii^], [the army would be called upon in the coming months under false pretenses[^xiii^]] would establish camps to accommodate those who are ill[^xiv^] and allow their aided suicide[^xv^].

    This vision is the chess player’s one, meaning the individual who tries to understand his opponent’s tactics, to give a sense to the events before advancing his pieces. It is not the only one but one of the darkest.

    Links : https://paste.chapril.org/?a351b0467ddc484e#J1Pt7LuMq1NefyMRj7Ynu9u4anGLjz1F2PiZzdcxC1PC

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