Episode 414 – The Future of Censorship

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Podcasts | 89 comments

Welcome to The . . . The . . . Corbert Report? Hosted by, uhhhh . . . James? CorBETT? I’m filling in for today. I’d send you to his website but I forget what that is. Oh, I know! Let’s look it up on YouTube! What could go wrong? Censorship?

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Pricking the Filter Bubble

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  1. Gangsta James !

    The next thing is is you and your band, making rapp.

    Love it James !


    • I think a small example of what James is talking about is like spell check. Maybe it is just me but I used to be able to spell words better. Over the years I have noticed that I question how to spell something because I never actually have to think how its spelled anymore. W i think this is what James is talking about; a bunch of these little things and the affects it can have on your humanity. Information delivery being one of those things which is like reverse censorship

      • mjcustom !

        So the spelling ! what is a spell ?

        Here is something norwegian :

        ” Jeg gikk meg en tur på stien”
        Is it right, or is it wrong ?
        You could say :
        ” Jeg gikk en tur på stien ”
        ” eg gikk meg en tur på stigen”

        So all of you that is intrested in ” right ” spelling !
        Start thinking! The spell, is not the message. Or maybe the spell is the message ! Depends on YOU !
        sound clip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U50_8Y9dIX0


        • Heehee.
          Ever read the origins of the english alphabet as per Robert Graves in the first chapters of The White Goddess?

      • I noticed the same thing about myself years ago, especially in a few fields:

        Search Predictions
        Programming “Intellisense” (Code hinting)

        The realization I had was that the above tools were like using GPS to get somewhere vs using a map:

        Nobody remembers how they got somewhere when they use GPS.

        For that reason, I’ve completely disabled any search prediction, typo correction, and code hinting. While I may need to look things up slightly more often while typing them, I actually *remember* how to spell something (and often learn etymology which is cool too), how I found something, or how the code works. It’s also likely to improve your general typing skills, since you spell everything out.

        One of the biggest wins was in the realm of search predictions. If you use the predictive search, you:

        a) Find the same junk everyone else did (that likely wasn’t helpful)
        b) Don’t remember the exact phrase to find it again
        c) Increasingly structure queries like the lowest common denominator

        If you disable it, all of those are flipped.

        As a bonus: You’re not sending literally every keystroke across the internet (and potentially prefetching all sorts of resources inadvertently, depending on browser and browser settings), tagging not only your interim thoughts but also your realtime *potential* searches for advertising companies, ISPs, governments, and everyone in between.

        There are also subtle fingerprints that can be gleaned/inferred about *how you think* (i.e. if you type something, then backspace-backspace-backspace, pause, change it, then retype/commit/abandon a given query).

        In general: Disable all that, exercise your brain a bit more. There’s nothing to lose, you can always turn it back on, and there are a handful of benefits that will help you in many other facets of life.

        I made the switch years ago and highly encourage at least trying it out.

    • I think a small example of what James is talking about is like spell check. Maybe it is just me but I used to be able to spell words better. Over the years I have noticed that I question how to spell something because I never actually have to think how its spelled anymore. W i think this is what James is talking about; a bunch of these little things and the affects it can have on your humanity. Information delivery being one of those things which is like reverse censorship

  2. I am a flat earther !
    So what does this has to do with anythig ?

    Well, It open up a can of worms !

    Can alexa, and Siri get this, and what will it do to you ?

    Be a flat earther, just to see what happens, you will get friction.

    I got a lot of training to be a flat earther, before the scamdemic, so it helped me a lot.
    Same type of argumentation !
    Just belive.
    Try it ( to be a flat earher ), just for fun, and observe !
    It shapens you !

    Belive what you want ! I am not here to get you !


    • It’s just….can’t get anyone to talk about “the edge”. I’ve even been advised to “not ask about the edge.”


      • why not ?

        Try to get anybody to agree with you on the flat earth theory, in any case, or try to say, that we have not been at the moon.

        Try to convise me that we have been at the moon !

        Try to explain the globe !

        Roald Amundsen was at north pole and the south pole first, do I belive him ?

        I live 40 minutes from his museum / home !


  3. I saw the writing on the wall. For the first time ever, I gave my money to James. It’s not enough, much more is deserved. Between this, Media Monarchy, From The Field and Unauthorized, I cannot give enough to these folks for the entertainment and information.

    • PhildWithMalice !

      For James it is enough !
      Why ?
      He does not need a lot of dollars from you, he need a lot of 1 dollar subskripsjon, from all of us.
      That is why I gladly give him my one dollar, so he can do what he is good at.
      So pleace give james, your 1 dollar, and do it for a long time.
      That helps James to do do his work.

      Just my opinion !


      • Roy,
        IMO, your opinion is wrong.

        I think that you are overlooking a lot of factors, and making assumptions without adequate data. 12 dollars a year ain’t shit.

        • So, is it !

          James need a stabile income, so he can pay his stabile payments !

          He is dependent on that like all of us is.
          So, a long comitment, to pay 1 dollar is better than a cristmas gift. Then he has a budget.

          And one 1 dollar, does not hurt your economy !


        • If only $12 a year is a person’s value of supporting the Corbett Report, I feel sorry for you.

  4. I am not shure about what you are talking about !
    A sign, or a box to press on, will be enough !
    The enter button, is like a “power on” button, does it has to be like that ?
    In the old days, yes, now, not !


  5. It’s serious isn’t it. This predicament we humans find ourselves in. I can feel it it in your voice and demeaner James. I feel it spiritually.

    I have felt it too, for many years now. This place in time, technology is so beautiful and could be so helpful but is held in nefarious hands. Technology could answer so many issues and concerns of the human race globally, but no. It’s in the hand’s of a few that believe a couple billion more fiat bucks is their right.
    I have hope. I have faith. I believe we, the people, will overcome.

    I am not religious, I am very spiritual. I have studied with indigenous elders in northern Canada, Ojibwe people. Spiritual people. I have learnt to feel my place and my vibration with the earth. I have placed my feet on the earth and given tobacco offerings to the sprits.

    We are in conflict as a race. But I have seen the change and spiritual awakening in others around me. They question, they observe and they want a better life.

    We are not alone, if truly understood, we are an army of millions. Seeking truth love and understanding. But we live in a time that the millions are on the cusp of understanding, just haven’t got that final push.

    I applaud your efforts and determination, let’s collectively and spiritually push the critical mass over the edge.

    In Lak’ech

    • Perhaps the “final push” is as simple as pulling the plug on ALL the machines,….. they destroy sacred space.

  6. I’m a retired teacher. I still frequent the classroom as a substitute. One of my heroes in education was John Taylor Gatto, who wrote Dumbing Us Down. He also turned me on to Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope ( which I see on James’s bookshelf). Couple James’s report with the changes over time in the education system at least here in the US: a typical 5th grader can’t read an analog clock, can’t write a grammatically flawless sentence, doesn’t know how to write in cursive and doesn’t know basic multiplication facts. Oh, right, that’s why we have calculators and Google. The other day I asked such a student if he had ever used a real paper dictionary to look up a word. His reply was, “no, I just use Siri.” 98% of the schools in my city don’t have a library with a librarian. I am fully aware of how absolutely terrifying the future is, particularly since most of the “educated” people I know–some of them are professors– are still listening to NPR and MSNBC. This is one of the few places I frequent where I don’t feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. Thanks, James.

    • annak,
      Thanks for these real life examples. They highlight the trend and future which Corbett is talking about in “The Future of Censorship”.

      …a typical 5th grader can’t read an analog clock… …and doesn’t know basic multiplication facts…

      …The other day I asked such a student if he had ever used a real paper dictionary to look up a word. His reply was, “no, I just use Siri.”

      • They cannot read a map. Even those who used to be able to.

        • I’ve heard some silly stories as a result of people not being able to read a street map…
          …like the 21 year old (I know him) who would drive all the way home from work so he could get his bearings and then proceed to a relative’s house, rather then taking a much more direct and faster route from his workplace.

          I run across a lot of younger generation people who cannot read a map. They tend to rely on some type of GPS phone app. They are lost if they are not told what to do by the “narrator”.

          I keep old paper fold-out maps in the car. Some are 10 to 20 years old. I have a bucket of old maps in a file cabinet drawer.
          If I am taking a trip (long trip or around town to an unknown area), I will print street maps from home and keep them for reference in a file.

        • I have read many articles about how using interactive GPS directionning does affect the brain development. And I tend to agree, in my own experience, as keep using GPS maps as I would use a paper map… most of the time.

          But I see 5-6 years old kids with smartphones, hypnotized… and I wonder how much creativity they will develop. Just like with TV nannies. Dumbdown humans with atrophied thinking capacities.


    • Wow. You just made me feel not so alone. I was horrified by what my children were subjected to in just a couple of months participation in 1979 and 1981.

      My youngest, only twenty five now, was a natural math lover who would count everything when young, we called him “The Count” never had a tv…, climb every rock in sight, and could divide and multiply in his head by five or six
      Two months in school convinced him he can’t do math,. even home school program stuff he’d done perfectly. NUTS!!!

      Don’t forget Gatto’s brilliant history of forced schooling in the US, “Weapons of Mass Instruction. ”


    • One thing that hit me hard when I started animating English classes at the university was that

      many, if not most, of these university students don’t know how to structure an idea, structure an argument, organize their thought processes. They cannot reason, nevermind communicate reasoning in writing.

      Many, many French students come to their English classes, plop down, take a pen, start twirling it in their fingers (this nervous tic has been raised to an art form in France) as they look at you with the default bored expression, and wait for you to spoonfeed them the occult secrets of English language communication.

      Products of the public school system.

      A very hasty and ungenerous post that does not reflect the pleasure I nevertheless had diving into their universes and hearing their opinions and feelings about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

      Lack of structure, destructuring… I must cogitate on this between hamsterwheel spins…

  7. I have an “unofficial” Corbett Report ThemTube channel where I reupload the content. I try to make the unofficial part very clear though and mention it in the video and channel description, where I also link to thecorbettreport.com. I save every Corbett video anyways, so why not upload it there to reach the people stuck on that pathetic platform.

    • That’s great! James mentioned exactly that on Solutions Watch. Keep up the pirate streams. I think the point James was making, was don’t pretend to be the Corbett Report, which you obviously are not. Thank you for getting the message out there.

    • Thanks for doing that Berg.

      Sometimes I will use one of these YouTube ‘Corbett’ videos for certain online dissemination purposes, and for transcripts.
      That said, sometimes ThemTube will deliberately alter the transcript or put everything in all caps or put the transcript only in Vietnamese. I kid you not.

      If it ‘works’, I would love to see this uploaded on that platform
      Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch

      • Well, nothing surprises me anymore.

        I will definitely upload that one, just have to wait out my first strike.

  8. Recently I have tried to find articles showing which hospital Margaret Trudeau was admitted to in 1974. I know that I easily found many last year. It was the same hospital that the CIA MK Ultra experiments were taking place, thanks to the funding of the Canadian Federal Government, who’s Prime Minister was Margaret’s husband. But alas, after using 5 different search engines, quotations, and many parameters all I was able to find was an article from the NY Times stating “a Montreal hospital”. Crazy how the memory hole of the Internet is in full swing, even on the non-google searches.

    • Leonard Cohen would go up to the same hospital to get his drugs and have a chat with his Doctor friends from the same group mentioned above.
      It’s a very small group…. and we ain’t in it….

      • Had not heard that, but makes perfect sense

  9. Wait I thought I was on Youtube?!?! Baaa! Baaa!!

  10. Hi James,
    Great episode, but even myself, who’s been watching you for over 10 years, had to go to Media Monarchy and asked James where you were …
    Its very confusing that you call yourself ‘THE Corbett Report’ when you talk about yourself and your website, but your website is only ‘CorbettReport’ …

    I’m glad I found you again some months ago of course …

    PS I have bought your DVDs 🙂 They’re very good ..

  11. What is this ‘Youtube’ of which Corbett speaks? I’ve heard about it somewhere before. Is it some double-bad, proppsych of the old globocap rulers?

  12. I know people today who already seem incapable of questioning the official narrative due to misguided trust and sheer laziness. They literally sneer if you present alternative information to them that doesn’t match the official storyline and unwilling to follow a link they do not recognize. But nonetheless, these are the good ole days where there is still a flame of truth in the ash pile of news media. I wear my corbettreport shirt everywhere so for even strangers will recognize corbettreport.com in their busy minds.

  13. I noticed how obvious the censors are not really working for people’s safety. Threats of violence against politicians and other mainstream followers as well as wildly wrong reports are still allowed on social media and youtube. What gets censored is objective, easily digestible, and well-sourced content. Seems like the only purpose of this censorship is to control the narrative by only allowing content that ruins the reputation of the independent media.

  14. I’ll admit that there have been many times where I have been pretty stupid and incompetent, but…

    …I’m very concerned about the general population.
    Corbett points to the ridiculous YouTube comments.

    I keep seeing things via some of the so-called Independent Media which ain’t too bright. This is coming from people who think they are awake or that they are “patriots”.

    With the USA Trucker Convoy, sometimes I want to vomit. There are many thousands of brainwashed, unaware “Nationalistic” supporters who consider themselves “Patriots”. They consider being a military service member of the America’s Imperialistic army as a badge of honor.

    One example of so-called ‘aware’ people…
    The People’s Convoy – (interview clips) – March 4th
    QUEUED – https://youtu.be/mYo6WOorBBU?t=44

    45 second mark:
    Lady: “They can easily fake a war if they wanted to. All they would have to do is just like film a few things and then put out in the news what they want. “

    Trump supporter: ”Putin is doing the right thing. He’s taken out the Cassiarian Mafia. The man’s not an evil man. Here’s the thing: the media is doing what they’re doing and sharing the, excuse my French, the crap about him because he’s over the target.”
    Interviewer: Do you think there’s even a war going on out there?”
    Trump supporter: ”No, not at all. The deep state has always made Putin to look like the bad guy, but he’s a good guy.”

    • Mark Dice butters his bread by displaying how ignorant people can be.

      Here is a February 23 upload
      Offering Strangers a Free 1 oz Gold Coin or Free $20 Dollar Bill
      (3 minutes or less)

    • Sam Vankin, the professional narrcacist, spoke about the issue of stupid people one time. He said that in the old days all the scummytypes would be confined to the ghettos like Gin Lane where they would abuse each other. With the internet such people can reach out and bother normal folks.

      ON the other hand I will say that the education system really is disgusting these days and instills a weird mix of ignorance , disinterest and obedience. Home education is the only way.

  15. I remember well my youtube journey. And just like James it was the vehicle I rode to my awakening. It started with making splicing and beekeeping videos and looking at oddball stuff like crop circles and ancient aliens.

    Then there was the Boston marathon show. I fell headlong down the rabbit hole and am still wondering if I will ever find the end of it. And it all started with viewing videos that they recommended.

    Watching this video made me entertain the thought that perhaps the youtube experience that so many people can attribute their red pill moments to was purposefully designed and provided as a sort of societal filtering system.
    But I suppose not. Probably just a simple twist of fate.

    • Steve Smith

      Yes, I think it IS a filtering system…. they make conspiritainment for left wing people as well as the right wing these days and for blacks and whites, tailored to the audience. Most people will stop in one place, be that Alex Jones or David Duke or even Tim Poole or the young turks.

      They are totally aiming to create a filter bubble for each of us-a personal “dead internet” ….. always watch out for when you hear internet people telling you what you already have been thinking because either
      A) You are just keyed in and smart
      Or more likely
      B) THEY have been feeding you a series of ideas so you arrive where they want you.

      Either you drop into one of those sorter slots or you become a flat earth type rejector of coherent ideas of how the world works, that’s what the internet is, a tool yes but for most a trap

  16. Dear Corbetteers,

    Well, JC, I now notice the level of restraint you have shown to wait years to ridicule those caught up in the gatekeeper matrix. And, hey, the “youtuber” satire was pretty good, though I wouldn’t be switching career 😉

    As for the threat, yes, well presented Sir. The Appendix was a beautiful and horrifying conclusion. Nonetheless, in keeping with the Solutions approach, you finish with a rousing call to resist, and funnily enough that was my day’s work.

    Following a very brief lecturing of the USA and the EU on their own “principles” via quoting their statutes, I deliver a short f*ck off to censorship which amounts to a) its not a valid argument and b) don’t treat me like a child.

    What follows is a *tested* mechanism for being able to access RT from Europe.


    It requires the use of Tor, which I know people around here don't like. I don't care. I'm trying to help people avoid censorship, not be anonymous. There is a big difference.

    Secondly, accessing RT's content is not accessing truth, and I do not claim so.

    What I claim, is that the method works.

    My little piece to contribute to the resistance, as it were. And, yes, I'm still down here in the 2-D realm, for now.

    In solidarity,

    2-D Chess Dweller


    • PS: If JC will permit, I could provide assistance here for people who have trouble with the install process. But, only with permission, and only on computers, not mobiles.

      Please dont ask questions until JC provides permission. I am very much skirting the edge of the purpose of these fora.

    • Thank you, 2-D Chess Dweller.

  17. Ok, duuuuhhhh! So the reason every 2 hours I have still another story about a newly deceased actor, singer, athlete, newscaster or politician is because I clicked on those stories so the Bing MSN feed keeps forcing more and more death stories onto my ever present screen, which ends up giving me the impression people are dropping dead faster and faster… which they may actually may be but…

    “..How is the content I see selected?
    We collect data about how you interact with MSN services, such as usage frequency and articles viewed, to provide you with relevant content…”


    The Selfish Ledger…

    I was completely aware of this digital media dynamic but then completely zapped it.

    I can just imagine the people who aren’t even aware such “customization” is at work, keeping them locked up in the echo chamber, constantly flattering their cognitive biases, divide and conquer…

    This Corbett Report was a much needed reminder.

    • Good zapping.

      Dont forget to withdraw when it all gets a bit much. Friends, family and nature are wonderful balms.

      • Yes, thanks for the kind advice: walking barefoot on the beach and strolling through the local pine tree parks to admire the funny multi-coloured and noisy Spanish chickens and geese, hugging my feline friends are all indeed, quite therapeutic!

    • Actually, I found your posts insightful.
      Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his wife and Dr. Didier Raoult (hydroxychloroquine)
      One Sub-Thread…

      The way this exchange was described in the media made it seem as if Raoult was up-in-arms furious at ailing TV celebrity Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s beauty queen wife for suggesting that the covid injections were perhaps responsible for her husband’s 4 “mini-strokes” and her father’s case of shingles immediately following injection (the father and husband had gone to get their boosters together.)

      • Thanks for your characteristic vote of confidence HRS. As you probably already know, I allow myself to do what my students do, read the BS they read, watch some of the BS they watch so as to experience things from their perspective and be able to discuss things with them from my own conspiracy standpoint under the pretext of “teaching English (not a vocation in my case and with a little grammar thrown in for good measure).

        However, I can be quite flaky and forget the impact this highly sophisticated engineered perception control can have on my own view of reality and analysis of events. So having the Corbett Report and Corbett commenters like yourself around to splash some icily breath-taking, clarifying and invigorating reality checks my way is definitely very helpful.

  18. I guess I have to go to bitchutes or oddysee to share?

      • “And, if you’re using a mobile phone to browse the web, I recommend upgrading to a computer.”

        A desktop you mean? I have heard this before and have asked around to a few senior engineers. All said it didn’t make a difference. All hardware is compromised. From the processor to the keyboard. The OS we are on doesn’t make a difference either. Again, its all in the hardware I am told.

        If the ISP isn’t tracking you the hardware is.

        I am still interested in as to why you see a difference between mobile and desktop? Could you explain a wee bit? Thanks for your time.

        • Just thought, perhaps it is because many wont even bother to look at their settings on mobile?

          But again, hardware.

          Personally I am interested in this area and its a conversation to be had. That and your TOR comment above. But, if interested, we could save it for an open thread. Cheers.

        • Hare

          A mobile phone is inherently compromised… you can’t REALLY turn off things like Bluetooth or wifi scanning or location. You have zero access to the hardware and you have almost zero access to the software.

          A PC (and even a laptop) you can physically remove the wifi and Bluetooth….. you can physically change hard drives, you can run a non Spyware OS like Linux.

          As to hardware tracking…. most of the spying is low hanging fruit done by corporations. Even a little effort at privacy stops most of that.
          If some is using hardware vulrabulity to watch you then you got Government problems and should probably be using one time pads and dead drops 🙂
          “Switched to linux” channel on youtube or bitchute has stuff on simple privacy

  19. Technological gaslighting, an interesting concept.
    Gaslighting is about reshaping reality but not just through lies about the past – or the present. It can be done through very subtle modifications that deeply alter the victims’ perception.

    As for James’s presence on YT, at least some do link the source, even if the video in itself doesn’t gather tens of thousands viewers: https://youtu.be/r_ZjwKUSAEI

  20. This is pretty funny James. I know why, too.
    Uhmm, personal experience with my two youngest in their twenties: They use only their phones, and can’t type so words are cumbersome to them…particularly the meaning of words! But that’s his story-cal.

    I recall being in Boston Logan a few years ago, in a line, with a lovely family behind me, and a young one who asked the same question near thirty times, after being answered. And I smiled, and remembered, and laughed, and wondered at the patience available to us as loving parents.

  21. Elon Musk, tweeted early (March 5th) Saturday morning:
    “Starlink has been told by some governments (not Ukraine) to block Russian news sources. We will not do so unless at gunpoint.
    Sorry to be a free speech absolutist.”

    Zero Hedge
    “Won’t Do Unless At Gunpoint” – Musk’s Starlink Rejects Governments Requests To Ban Russian News
    Moscow-backed news outlets across the European Union were banned this past week.
    Across the pond, RT America pulled the cord, ceased all operations, and laid off most of its staff due to “unforeseen business interruption events.”
    The Orwellian measures that governments impose to silence opposition and control narratives is the same playbook used during the virus pandemic.

    In the ‘fog of war,’ it’s important to hear both sides so one can make an informed decision — even though the other side might be wrong (or lying) — the ability to objectively hear both sides leaves room for debate….

  22. Haha, a discourse on “choice”. Wanna accept this, or have it forced on you? YOur Choice!!
    Them Google Eye
    fools SHOULD know that they are only allowed TWO SHOULDS a day.
    I’m sure they are far overdrawn. Bankrupt.

    Did I tell you?? I was searching timelines on a site called ancient origins and saw two weird posts too brightly displayed regarding “events” in the remote past. One was a “weather ” event, the other a “spaceship” event. Rose the hairs on my neck. I read them both, brief, and looked into “JOhn Black”, the PhD author.

    “HISTORY” huh? WHOSE STORY?????
    Nuff said.

  23. I left a comment on the YouTube “Corbett Report” channel, indicating that it is a sham channel hosted by an imposter, and linking back to this page on James’ website. Later I found that my comment had been deleted. Though I see there are now many more similar comments….

  24. When I went to the YouTube search box, after typing in “cor”, the autosuggest popped up Corbett Report and Corbett Report Solutions as the first two suggestions. To the right of each of them was the word “Remove”, in red letters.

    Those cute little critters in the engineering department at Youtube keep coming up with cunning little tricks!

  25. I have interesting story that ties into The Future of Censorship.

    The other day I was trying to inform my cousin about Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and High Frequency Radio waves. I recalled Jerry Day as having done a lot good videos on the subject so my cousin searched for Jerry Day on his Laptop computer. First he searched Google which came up with a number of other Jerry Day’s and nothing close to what we were looking for. Then he searched Youtube and we found a video Interview Jerry Day did with WAM Radio. During the interview Jerry Day said that his You tube followers had gone from millions of viewers down to 44k followers, and he gave his Youtube channel as “MiniVanJack”.
    My cousin gets the Youtube channel through an Amazon devise, so we turned the TV on in order to watch Jerry Day on a bigger screen. After trying several times and not being able to type minivanjack into the search box, my cousin handed the remote to me (he was convinced that he could not get Jerry Day’s Channel. Indeed it would let me type in “minivan” and then a list of stuff you are allowed to see popped up. Each time I typed in the “J” the AI would leave a space and “Minivan jack” was something altogether different than “Minivanjack”. I had to go back several times, however with a bit of determination (and some cussing) I was able to pull up Jerry Day’s Youtube Channel and at least show my cousin who Jerry is.
    It is no wonder that Jerry Day is losing his audience. It appears that Youtube is able to censor him without him knowing that he is being censored. It is one thing to search for CorbettReport with one “T” or leave out the “b”, but I think most people will get it by the second or third try. But, how do you get “minivanjack” when you are looking for Jerry Day? I had to get it through an interview he did, but I did find it, eh!

  26. This video was very informative as always but it was also quite disconcerting & highly amusing to me here in Australia.

    The video except in the car was obviously filmed in ‘selfie’ mirror mode. You’re driving on the left and your steering wheel was on the right as it is here in Oz. Amusingly the buttons on your polo shirt were on the opposite side to Oz though.

    Anyway, would you please pursue this article and the Russia-Ukraine conflict ramifications for Egypt. I guess the US forces will swoop in and steal the artifacts from Egyptian museums (i.e Iraq) and excavate many sites they are currently forbidden to touch (i.e. the Sphinx).


  27. Question. I seem to remember some time back a question mark over whether Archive.org/Wayback machine – had been captured as there was some mention of them going back into the archive correcting “problematic” information. Now at the time I was incredibly wary of the info as surely that goes against everything they stand for. I seem to remember it being mentioned on a NWNW within the last year – but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any idea where I could find anything relating to this as I couldn’t find anything online. It feels like it might be an attempt to slur them – however they are in control of the “library” as it were – if they have been compromised this should be a bigger story. I swear I haven’t dreamed it. Thanks all.

    • I’ll vote for that! 😉

      Jerry Day nails it. Corbett continuously reminds us of this point.

      All these Freedom Convoy demonstrations…if the demonstrators honed in on this aspect, then I might feel more hope for society.
      This point which Jerry Day makes cannot be repeated enough.

  28. I, for one, will join you in thar charnel house.

  29. As censorship accelerates it may not be as easy as remembering a web address. For instance, how many of you have saved the IP address of this site in case it’s censored at the domain level? What happens if his provider is ordered to take him down for spreading “hate speech”?

    I’ve been messing around with IPFS more lately and I think it could really help out with all of these challenges, even for the gootoober that may not have their head in the game, but has good intentions.

    An application could be made that categorizes and associates IPFS content based on something like an unstoppable domain name. This would prevent censorship at many different levels (IP, domain, and application level), and provides deep fake resistance or a way for the creator to verify the authenticity of their content with the domain name. It would also let our gootoober friends easily keep track of someone by their unstoppable domain name, instead of an application specific username.

    Let me know if something like this already exists. If not, let’s make it.

  30. If everybody would have re-read Brave New World (/revisited) and 1984 during the ‘pandemic’ and then watched just this one James Corbett video, many more people would be able to see things other than the MSM and other programming tells them. One day….

    Thanks James!

  31. Censorship hypocrisy from Jen Psaki when asked about Russian media.

    From March 3, 2022 press conference

    “Q And lastly, Russia has been cracking down on independent media and dissent at home. What’s your reaction to that?

    MS. PSAKI: We have seen that and are deeply concerned. Let me give you some specific examples because, as journalists yourself, I think it will — you will hear it as quite jarring.

    One moment. Sorry, I just want to find all the specifics in here. Thank you for your patience. One second. Okay.

    Okay. The Kremlin right now is engaged in a full assault on media freedom and the truth. Let me give you some examples.

    Today independent media sites, such as Ekho Moskvy radio and TV Rain are off the air and threatened to block — or they kicked them off the air and they threatened to block online platforms such as VOA Russia.

    They have — we’ve seen Russia prohibit Russian media from referring to what they are doing in Ukraine as, quote, a “war,” or, quote, an “invasion,” or, quote, an “attack.” They are banning their use of terms even, allowing media to use only government-sourced information to report on the war.

    They’ve called a spesial [sic] — special session of the parliament to consider a bill to make “unofficial” reporting on Russia’s further invasion punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

    They have arrested more than 7,300 protestors — some immediately after they began to protest Putin’s war of choice.

    They have b- — they have blocked and shut down social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    And they have limited the amount of dollars citizens can take out of the country.

    What they are trying to do is block any information about what they are doing to invade a sovereign country, and they’re taking severe steps to do exactly that.”

    And just in July the White House was “flagging problematic posts” for social media companies and targeting mis and dis information, which is apparently acceptable in the US and “jarring” when it happens in Russia.

    • Torus, Thanks for this.

      Oh!…the irony.

    • I want to add this here as well as it relates to government controlled media/propaganda/censorship via one billion dollars in advertising money from the department of Health and Human Services.

      Exclusive: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines

      “ In response to a FOIA request filed by TheBlaze, HHS revealed that it purchased advertising from major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations.”

      I’m sure this money for the media was conditional. Something like, you only get this advertising money if you never say anything negative about the “vaccines”.
      I hate that our own tax money goes towards our own brainwashing!!

  32. I left a comment on that channel’s latest video, pointing people here and to his Odysee channel. I’m thinking of making my own Corbett Report YT channel, just to make people aware he’s no longer on that platform and direct them to his official sites.

    I understand that casual followers of James may not have got the memo about his exile from YT, but frequent watchers knew what to do and that it was imminent in happening.

    I know JC doesn’t give a toss about YT, but I think he could’ve handled the end differently. A few controversial YouTubers stopped uploading their full videos to YT, in fear of being banned and instead, would either make a brief video clip, or community post and direct them to Odysee, etc. This is actually a great way to keep your presence on YouTube, but get people to follow you on other platforms, if they want to watch your full uploads.

  33. In the interest in keeping information alive – Can anyone support in helping me find video or audio interview with Martin Bryant when we was interrogated by police in 1996 following the Port Arthur Massacre?

    Definitely a Psyop, I’ve already found a transcript of the interrogation however really want the audio/video would be awesome. Channel 7 does a great job at hideously quoting him out of context towards the official narrative in their special that shows various clips of what i’m looking for. He wears a blue jumper.


    • Dude should have taken up competition shooting ic he was really able to kill that many people AND wound 10 more people in 15 seconds…. he was just some dude who shot like a Navy Seal or something, that does sound super suspect. Just skimming thru the channel 7thing makes it unconvincing.

  34. I actually recall a judge dred story where that happened when they created smart home phones that would make calls and even excuses for their home owner (pre cellphone comic book) and the system git clogged up as the phones gossiped all the time with each other

  35. so funny i was searching your site and the first hit on the browser was the pirated site. lol. the dude comment made me laugh histerically…

    although it is not really funny. it happens a lot also on twitter when an account gets suspended and then there are new accounts claiming to be the lost one until someone says: yall this accout is not xxx but a fake.

    thank god we have the website in your case.

  36. We did it to ourselves really. Maybe MKULTRA figured out when presented with the right platform and propaganda, humanity will ALL gravitate to a single platform and forget the thousands of other similar web sites that exist on the internet? Through pushing in lockstep, these big brother platforms drove the masses through Dinosaur media, through the oft repeated dead horse phrase; ‘follow us on facebook!. I do believe there was a conspiracy to deliberately kill MySpace and raise Facebook as the next social media network for all of mankind to use. Facebook was pushed in lockstep by every operation mockingbird network apparatus. No different than Covid, The Terrorist Boogeyman or RussoHysteria, Facebook was pushed just as hard as these propaganda and harder but you didn’t realize it. Out of the 1000’s of social media sites out there why was Facebook chosen? Why was MySpace bought and then essentially deliberately crippled? All part of the censorship plan imo. These platforms have to be absolutely controlled to enact censorship on any satanic whim, while stealing artists music and streaming them for free while and making ad revenue of them (I’m looking at you Youtube and your scandalous early days that you got away with and built your platform on). Everything is “Free!” on these platforms, until it’s speech.

    Side note: I’m sure there was years of MKULTRA psychoanalysis to determine that what I like to coin “competition narcissism” would ultimately drive people to “have a voice” in the vast cesspool of “social media”. “We gotta feel cool, and the ones with the most followers are the COOLEST and MOST RELEVANT”. Perhaps models of competition in free market capitalism we applied to the realm of mass narcissistic psychoanalysis and some interesting parallels were noticed.

    The internet provides a means of any individual to have their own unique website and voice generally without the fear of censorship. Yes I realize certain countries have a ‘great firewall’ where you cannot visit websites deemed ‘wrongthink’ by the state, but in general you can spin up a website and have a totally independent presence on the internet completely deattached from the cabal of social media sites without even once mentioning their names, forgetting them into oblivion. We need to get back to individual websites.

    The more I dwell on it, maybe there *does* need to be an internet ‘driver’s license’. One that does not allow an individual to use the internet until they themselves can create their own TLD website and publish their own free speech on it. Then, if you choose to go use some monolith to voice your opinion, you can be relieved of any censorship repercussions that may happen to you on those monoliths.

  37. Podcasters and researchers in the alternative media like James Corbett are being targeted for censorship and being determined to be obsolete. This drive have been best depicted in the classic TV series THE TWILIGHT ZONE in an episode called ‘The obsolete man’.
    Here is some information on the show:

    The Twilight Zone : Season 2 Episode 29 .
    In a futuristic totalitarian world, meek and mild-mannered librarian Romney Wordsworth finds himself on trial for being obsolete. This future society has decided on everything people need to know.

    There is no God and there are no books. Society doesn’t need librarians. Romney makes an impassioned plea about his rights and free will but the judge in the case, the Chancellor, will have nothing of it.

    The jury finds Romney obsolete and orders him to be executed. As he can choose the method of his death, Romney’s plans include a little surprise for the Chancellor.

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