Interview 1843 – Daniele Ganser Exposes The Ruthless Empire

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Joining me today to discuss war, peace and the future of humanity is Daniele Ganser, an historian, author, energy and peace researcher and head of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER). He is the author of the groundbreaking book on Operation Gladio, NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe, and he joins us to today to discuss his latest book, USA: The Ruthless Empire.

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NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe

USA: The Ruthless Empire

NWNW covers the Gladio trial of Marco Toffaloni


  1. America is just a tool, it was built up to be the world police, but now that our masters no longer need us to fight their wars for them, they are dismantling US with the same ease they built us. The have stolen mercilessly from our treasury, using that money to build up our so called adversaries, predominately CCCP first and China now. Not only building us those nations, but driving us into debt simultaneously. These Zionist globalists have controlled much of the world leadership for some time, just manipulating the chess pieces, moving us towards their ultimate goal of world domination and human total subjugation, if not annihilation.

    They have done this by careful and endless manipulation of the masses through near total control of religions, finance, education, news and entertainment, not to mention governments/”elections”.

    Covid educated me on the level of control they have over the masses, so locked into their “mass formation psychosis” (an apt term that the masters of manipulation have worked hard to dissuade us actually exists), like schools of fish, moved us as they willed. No doubt Covid was the key to understanding how f’d we are. I knew from the get go it was a scam, just because how it was being covered (only voices that supported the Chinese killer bug narrative) and how it was being used (if you did not go along you were anti-social and “killing people”), all said, psyop. I always said, when I see people dropping around me, like what I am seeing on TV, then I will start wearing an idiot mask. Though a vax was never even an option.

    Point is, it is unlikely any change will come from within, America took draconian government mandate as their civic duty, so cowed we truly are. Christianity has taught us well, blind faith, obedience to authority and our locus of control is from above, not within…We are more than happy to die for our masters, but never ourselves.

    • Great show, I wish everyone would watch this slice of reality, but sadly, many are too well trained to throw up barriers to contradictory information to the “consensus” thinking, regardless the topic. America has always had to be tricked into wars, yet our Zionist masters (I always say Zionist because it appears Israel will be the center of the NWO) would have you believe Americans are warlike. In education and all forms of news and entertainment you see this false narrative of American’s disputatious nature, nothing could be further from the truth. Americans are compliant to a fault, thus we defend the rest of the world’s borders wile ours are rather porous.

      • Divide and conquer, humans are naturally cooperative, yet we are trained to be competitive. Our ZioCom masters do not want us working together, that is their strength, they don’t want all of humanity to thrive, just them.

        In all their tools of control (media, entertainment, education (in most universities sports programs are often the most important aspect of the school, pathetic), they push the idea of competing, NEVER cooperation. That is why it is important to get away from their influence and focus community and connecting to your neighbors, as James often stresses.

    • All points well taken. We are now beginning to see why some founding fathers were against having a standing army. Whether it is a secret army or an overt one, bad people will put it to bad use, and if they have to invent reasons to use it, they will.

      • Including Patrick Henry. One of the major contributors to the Anti Federalist Papers. Much more interesting read than The Federalist Papers in my opinion.

    • Good stuff Rexleo. IMO, the most difficult task at hand to figure out just how to pull moth people away from the flame. I offer some good suggestions in one of my essays:
      SOLUTIONS (essay)
      https* * * ://* * * http://www.bitchute.* * * com/video/TsqcMC9tPGg2/

      But alas far too many folks have fragile egos and slip into judgement calls that someone on the web without any credentials of a blog, sheepskin status, etc. would be able to tell them anything.

      I spent two years researching the COVID scam and have a free pdf download and/or just watch a video on most all the elements of the scam. The old school journalism of who, what, why, etc. Same site. Called Line in the sand.

  2. Thank you for this fine interview.
    Daniele Ganser is an important and very present and continuous voice for the peace movement in the German speaking countries and his presentations are very enjoyable and informative!
    Unfortunately he puts a lot of trust in some global governing bodies like the UN and is a proponent of the peak oil theory and pretty much in favor of renewable energies over the use of “fossil” (*ahem*) fuels… however I think this is due to the nature of studying the 2nd half of the 20th century and first two decades of the 21st centuries geopolitically and historically (especially with respect to the American empire), where mainly oil as a ressource has been a major factor of contention and war profiteering… Let’s hope he (as so many, including myself not too long ago) can also appreciate the scam and the switch of gears of the globalists using the “renewables” tag and the whole green agenda as their new racket for totalitarism sooner than later and also actively speak out against this ruse.
    Greetings from a fellow peace movement sympathizer and a member of the human family.

  3. When D.Ganser makes a speech somewhere in Germany the venue is always stuffed to the brim with reasonable human beings who have been woken up to the geopolitical theatre playing around us.

    He is a great guy!

  4. Wow! You got Daniele Ganser on your show! Respect! I’ll listen to this soon, i just really hope you thought about asking him if he’s ever heard of Gladio B! Cheers!!!!

  5. Noooooooooooo….when I heard you mention Susurluk, i was sure it’d come up! If you didn’t leave it out on purpose, maybe you can send him an e-mail to ask about Gladio B? It would really be interesting to know if this whole story can be independently confirmed, verified or at least linked to other stories, so we don’t need to rely solely on the word of Sibel Edmonds for this…I’m sure i’m not the only one curious about this.

  6. Great interview James.

    Whenever I see Ganser I can’t help but think of Roger Federer.
    They are both Swiss, look very much alike and talk similarly as well.
    Although now that Ganser has much more grey hair on his head, it’s becoming
    easier to tell them apart. 🙂

    Fascinating to hear of Ganser’s ties with Chomsky. And that Chomsky was one of two men responsible for Ganser’s choice of his PhD thesis topic.

    I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that many of the Gladio bases around the world are in countries that the U.S. invaded/was at war with? Hmmm….

    Speaking about peace…
    If the scamdemic had any silver lining or saving grace it was that no one dared to start a war or commit a terrorist act for almost two years.

    Speaking about solutions…
    A tie-on to what Daniele was saying about we should not kill each other, even if we have differences. We are all human family etc.

    It goes without saying that one of the main oppositions to this position would be the MIC’s around the world. They would go out of business.
    So as far a solution goes, we need to put our minds together and come up with ideas as to how the MIC’s can make the same amount of money as they do now (or more) but not be in the weapons business.

    As I was typing this I thought of a short-term solution, as silly as it sounds.
    Have the governments give the MIC’s the same amount of money they are now getting, but forbid them to manufacture weapons!
    Force them to diversify, start other types of businesses (not war-related) with the money.

    That would be a win-win for the MIC and world peace.

    However it wouldn’t solve the craving of dominance by the world super-powers.
    How to solve this problem?

    As far as 9/11 is concerned, we didn’t get to hear Ganser’s current position on it, but I am assuming he’s done more research on the subject than he had done up until Sept. 11, 2011.

    That was the date he delivered this 9/11 lecture to students at the University of Basel, a lecture that was later shared with Americans after it was videotaped.
    At that time, as you can see in this video (cued up to the spot) he still did not know if 9/11 was an inside job or not!

  7. Aren’t all Empires Ruthless?
    I like to think that the United States was just fine before it became an Empire. Perhaps before the 1913 Federal Reserve Act the United States Government actually represented the People to some degree and was not an Empire.
    So, what or who, made it an Empire? I tend to think that it was mainly the Rothschild Banking Cartel who had already gained control of the British Empire and were likely pushing King George to retake America for Britain.
    They instigated the War between the States and hoped to invade yet again after they deceived Americans into killing each other. It was likely Russian fleets on both the East and West Coast of America that prevented the British Empire from taking over at that time.
    The Rothschild’s caused for the Demonetization of Silver byway of bribes and deception in 1873 which caused a Greater Depression than the one in 1929, but that was not the final blow.
    I think when the Rothschild’s teemed up with other Oligarchs to form The Federal Reserve it was ready to form a new World Empire and did so after putting in place their Puppet Wilson.
    I believe it was Nathan Rothschild that said “Give me the power over the Money Supply of a Nation and I care not what kind of government it has”.
    Indeed, the Rothschilds have known for centuries once they control the Money Supply they can control the government and are above it’s laws.
    Honest Money could fix everything

    • It is certainly very interesting how many people still believe the “Civil War” was about slavery and who are convinced it was necessary for over 500,000 people to be killed to “free the slaves.” Lincoln didn’t think the war was about slavery. It was to “save the union.”

      Slavery was on its way out. It couldn’t have lasted much longer. And really… even if it were about slavery… there was no other way to free some people other than violently killing others…?

  8. I have attended a lecture of Ganser about 12 years ago at the university. It was mainly about peak oil back then. I must say he has quite positively developed since that time. I guess that is what sometimes happens when the Illuminati forcibly pushes inconvenient people out of their chairs lol.

  9. I like Ganser. But some of the positions are a bit… unrealistic.

    –Whether slavery has ever been abolished is very debatable.

    –Not all soldiers are fooled. Some are. But very many just get the kick out of it they were seeking in the first place. Never underestimate the general level of psychopathy in the population. Its not all just media manipulation. Some of the family are positively and genuinely toxic and psychotic.

    –If Empires come and go and are like waves, what is the point in fighting waves? If this is the answer to the question ‘what can we do?’, then what is Ganser doing anyway? He might say that ‘he is not fighting but bringing peace’. Is he?

    Sorry for being such a pessimistic party pooper. Well, I guess the problem is that my believe in the peace movement is not strong enough. To my defense I must say that my believe got a bit disillusioned in 2020, when I saw that 80% of may fellow human beings still specularly fail a Milgram-Test (see first post in thread).

    My conclusion is that whatever the solution is, there will never be a _social solution_ to this problem. If the human being will eventually evolve into something more peace- and mindful, that would be just great. Nothing we can _socially_ do about it though. So, in the meantime, I will concentrate on being the change that I want to see _individually_ and turn my back to anything social, as all it ever brings about is trouble. And that is a historical fact too. Meditation did not help it in the last 2000 years again _socially_, why should it help now? If the time is ripe, it is. If it is not, it is not.

    • Good comment about slavery and if it’s ever been abolished. Maybe it’s just frowned upon now and kept out of the spotlight and/or the wage/tax scheme isn’t sufficiently compared to traditional slavery.

      Psychopathy should not be underestimated in the general population. People who don’t think that regular people can be evil and are always innocent victims probably haven’t engaged a lot with the general population and/or they have been fortunate not to cross paths with low level psychopaths.

      But, I don’t Gasner was suggesting there aren’t evil people in the population of empires or the populations who were colonized. Everyone has a perspective and vantage point and I enjoyed hearing his. I also like hearing other points of view for balance.

      The degree of criminal psychopathy in elitists however probably has a far greater negative impact than a local psychopath IMO. It is orders of magnitude more harmful.

      There are some things outside of our control and it’s unsettling. There are narratives of a global catastrophe that caused the last ice age. This could happen again, or maybe it happens cyclically and there were more instances of intelligent life on planet earth that we don’t know about. But there are some things within our control and sometimes a single person can make a huge impact either positive or negative.

      The forces of destruction and creation are perplexing and I suppose that people have a choice to do one or the other or try to mitigate some of the harm.

      Public perception is something these creepy globalist/elitists rulers of empires care about (I think). That is the sphere of influence historian/authors like Gasner can influence. Narratives can influence events.

      • Even if 80% of the population went along, and I don’t think it was this high across the board, I’d guess that the actual numbers of people who didn’t want to comply were higher.

        The Milgrim experiment is quite shocking but I’ve never heard any of the subjects interviewed if they actually believed they were delivering a fatal shock. Now if they actually believed the shock was deadly or really harmful to the subject, that would be jaw dropping.

        If these were college students must have known that it is against the law to commit assault and battery and should be able to conclude that taking part in that could result in legal penalties, I presume. Even a child knows that. So did these people who delivered the shocks do so knowing that they might face legal consequences? I’ll have to look into it.

        I mention the legal consequences because there are probably some of the students who’s morality is questionable. But even if someone doesn’t care about the moral issues, putting themselves at legal risk to obey an authority figure is mind boggling.

  10. Addendum:
    quote: “[…] when I saw that 80% of may fellow human beings still specularly fail a Milgram-Test […]”

    >> and to add insult to injury: Still fail to see their failure!

    If they do not want to see that specific truth in late 2023, they will not do so in any conceivable future.
    Yeah I know, optimism will safe the world. Mine got radically blunted though. I guess I am a ‘data-person’ too.

  11. sorry, quadruple post.

  12. Sorry, one last post, I promise:

    Please do one easy self-test and ask yourself: How could Empires exist without the _myriads_ of ‘normal’ people who bring them into existence in the first place and then nurture them continually? Now who is responsible for the mess we are in (war, brutality etc.)? The various evil Empires popping up all over recorded history? Are you sure? No, We are. I am. And I will try to stop this.

  13. Did I not tell you to never indiscriminately believe anything people say? or: what concerns me my ramblings of yesterday? However I am in a pensive mood so…

    We are so full of self-conceit in thinking that we can control nature. That we can control, well, at least the flow of war&peace. However, nature is and will always be in total control of us. As the force of nature is in us and goes thru us, evil Empires can be seen as a natural force too. Is this good, is this bad? Perhaps it is beyond good&evil. Is a tidal wave bad, a tornado? The textbook says it is bad. But is it really? Perhaps it too has a natural and thus rightful place in the planetary order of things. Nature has no moral consciousness and perhaps evil Empires and their everlasting wars are just natures way of introducing another type of predator to keep a population of its critters in check. Do we have to like such forces of nature? No. But such a bird’s eye view might perhaps help to accept and even in a certain way and degree respect them. It might even help to somewhat placate those forces in the long run.
    I seem to contradict myself with this. This is because I myself are still very much at odds with this thought, while it seems reasonable anyway (Ach, es schlagen zwei Herzen in meiner Brust… frei nach Goethe. Did they not say that a certain degree of Schizophrenia is a sign of genius?)

    In another language, one could say that evil Empires are a punishment of the gods, which is just saying the same, only in a slightly different language. So, repent sinners!

    (the various soldiers-of-god-people in this local forum will soon happily invade and hjiack the thread anyway… I hope they will forgive me my preemptive-strike)

  14. Thank you James for this fascinating conversation. I did read Ganser’s book on Gladio recommended by you – an eye-opener – and will order his latest.
    I believe Gladio has been the playbook for all the so-called terrorist atrocities over the last decade whereby Communists have been superseded by Islamists.

  15. James, by far one of “thee” best episodes, Mr. Ganser, truly was very insight full, just a thought, possibly co author in the future. Nice work!

  16. Thank you, James and Daniele! I’ve been following his work for a long long time and just love the fact that two of my favorite researchers have come together for a talk. You both are treasures. If enough of us think, speak, and act with integrity and honesty, we can flush out more and more of this cesspool of violence, greed, and Machiavellian power plays. As within so without. Peace!

  17. It is interesting to note that Noam Chomsky and Bill Blum suggested Daniele look into Gladio.

  18. As german im listening to Daniele Ganser sure 15+ years as he is strong in german alternative content, was an amazing surprise James got him for an Interview, thanks!

  19. Wonderful to hear you interviewing Ganser. Thanks for another good episode!

    • And, I am glad you mentioned prayer as an alternative to mindfulness.

  20. Book hard copy unfortunately seems to be out of stock in all the four stores linked on the page 🙁

  21. Daniele Ganser makes good points, especially his emphasis on human brotherhood, peaceful resolution of conflicts and -most importantly-self reflection.

    And/but to start with the latter and most essential mentioned I am a bit puzzled and cannot help but wonder, how far this self-reflection/practicing what one preaches really goes with him?

    During this -and other interviews of him I have listened to before- I am astonished by his proclamation of “human brotherhood” while at the very same time constantly evoking and feeding the rather childish bipartisan black white choose sides games of the “right (wing)” versus “left (wing)” dichotomy, whereas the former are usually presented by him as the evil bad guys (in this interview f.ex. the Ordine Nuovo group in Italy as “Stay behind/Gladio” terrorists) and him identifying himself and the overall peace movement with the latter, “good” ones.

    So, the proclaimed self-reflection, universalism and respectful human family fascinatingly in practice seems to go so far that just because other humans (of his own country and others) perhaps do have another political view than his own are stereotyped, called names and freed of the need for objective representation?

    F.ex. purely factually: the attacks by Ordine Nuovo claimed 16 lives in 1969- Piazza Fontana bombing-, 6 in 1970 -Rome/Messina train bombing- and 8 in 1974 -Piazza della Loggia bombing, ergo 30 in total.

    Yet that wasn`t even 10 % of the actual victims of terroristic activities going on in Italy at the time, which were, as Wikipedia informs us actually perpetrated by both left and right around equally:

    “.. the Years of Lead. In the period between 1969 and 1982, the nation suffered 8,800 terrorist attacks, in which a total of 351 people were killed and 768 were injured. The terrorist attacks have been both ascribed both to the far-left and the far-right, yet many of the terrorist attacks remain without a clear culprit; many have claimed that responsibility for the attacks could be ascribed to rogue members of the Italian secret service. Some of the terrorist attacks ascribed to a particular political group may have actually been the work of these rogue agents”

    Why this skewing to one side or better yet why bring those into the discourse?

    • And this classic “right” wing denounciation of course as usual reaching the peak -also in this interview- in bringing up “Nazis” and “Former SS men”, when he denounces that some of those unbelievably “evil” guys were allowed positions in the NATO/ “Stay Behind” efforts post WW2.

      And all this while again at the very same time – and fully rightfully so in my experience at least- lamenting that the mainstream historical narratives presented to us by our western media/governments have revealed themselves to distort everything as they please and cannot be relied upon without thorough personal revision/research….(like f.ex. the thorough one he did regarding Parl Harbour and Roosevelt)….

      Which makes me wonder, while of course anyone of our human family has right to his/her own opinion, Daniele, with all due respect:

      How much have you ever researched personally and objectively those you defame as “Nazis” and “SS- men” and would you say you approach the topic free of bias and with respect (for I presume that your ” EVERYONE part of the human family, even Hamas/Russia….” also includes those you call “Nazis” or is it EVERYONE…except of course “Nazis”?)

      (If not and of interest, I personally found this jewish author`s article very informative as a start to further research:

      • Regarding his proposed solution of ending conflicts by “ending nationalism” I cannot help but again wonder if this is genuine intro-as outrospective aim or the forest for the trees ?

        Genuine introspection in my experience at least always leads back to the human (mind)/oneself in the centre making any idea/idealism either heaven or hell, it is never the proclaimed idea(l), but the way it is pursued/realized.
        In this case ” ending nationalism ” is neither good nor bad at all, just as ” having nationalism “.

        It is the fanatical pursuit of either of those, as many others that leads to (either “soft/subtle” or “hard/ physical”) the intolerance/violence that is the core problem of all conflict.

        The fanatic “anti-nationalist” being paradoxically just as much part of the problem as the fanatic “nationalist”, the fanatical leftist just as the corresponding right and thus ending with the same question:

        If honestly pursuing this ideal of “we are all part of the human family”, why engage in this cheap “Nazi” name calling and stereotyping into the right-left dichotomy?

        But all those are just my personal wonderings….and as said Daniele certainly makes good points.

        • Interesting perspective and thanks for sharing. I have been trying to listen to varying opinions and narratives even those that make me uncomfortable. It is easier said than done but I think it is worthwhile.

          But beyond listening to another’s story (history is a story) cross referencing money flows and funding and verifiable data is necessary for a better picture.

          I am not a history buff myself and have been taught mainstream US History narratives and the WW2 narratives in school and also movies and such.

          To understand the context in which the national socialist movement arose I think is important and also to look at some of the tribalism that was going on and why is also important. I have read a tiny bit about Stalin’s Holocaust and that shocked me.

          There have been other Holocausts (I call them Holocausts) which have not been elevated the way The Nazi Holocaust was. That to me is a fundamental error, a moral error.

          But to demonize and demoralize all German people as Nazis and to shame them is also wrong and unethical.

          The tendency for people to hate collective groups of people even if there is a segment of their population that is objectively evil I believe is unethical. I know this intuitively and emotionally but there are also logical reasons why this is a mistake.

          Just also sharing thoughts, not arguing with you at all. Your words inspired some thoughts.

          • With respect to the condemnation of Nazis I think that it should be examined more carefully as to what a person is condemning or opposing.

            Is it possible to condemn ideology and not a person? Perhaps it is.

            What is a Nazi anyway? Not the mainstream version, but what does that even mean?

            I take it to mean someone who is into eugenics and belief in superiority and hierarchy that must be enforced by the government. Other people must be expelled from the land who are deemed inferior or sterilized by force. Hatred may be so strong that others are attacked and killed and put in work camps, etc. They believe in authoritarianism and when people step out of line there are harsh consequences.

            There may be positive points like community, cultural pride, etc mixed in with this but the part that is unethical is the former paragraph.

            Authoritarianism and eugenics (forced) are really not things that should be part of any “nationalism” unless people buy some land and go there willingly and don’t bother anyone. I mean if people consent to live in that kind of society fine but forcing this doctrine on others is unethical.

            I don’t think “nationalism” is bad in and of itself and this is a postmodern idea that should be examined. Postmodern philosophy has been used as a tool of neomarxist ideology and I think that is corrosive to liberty.

            • I wonder if the antagonism to nationalism is an underhanded way of dissolving nation states to make way for the new global order?

              This is my knee jerk red flag response that comes up when I hear ideas from postmodernism come up.

              I was saturated by this in college when I took classes outside my major and I never really got into it. I recall feeling that it was some kind of brainwashing and a way to shame people.

              The class I took was “Transnational Feminism” and lots of these ideas came up. It was an interesting class, but I remember the feeling I had that it was a type of brainwashing. Thank goodness I was a science major and didn’t have to ingest as much of that stuff.

              Not saying there isn’t merit to learning about postmodernism and reading some of the philosophers and ideas but good to think for oneself and contextualize information and look at application of ideas.

              • “Because of the history of man, many would think that his natural state would be that of evil, and given what has occurred over thousands of years, one might be justified in accepting this conclusion, but I think it is much more complicated than it appears. On the other hand, one comment I hear consistently, at least by Americans, is that most people are basically good. I think this incorrect as well, so where does that leave us? It seems to me that the natural state of man, at least psychologically, is more sympathetic and peaceful than is evident, but the stoking of hate and division by very nefarious forces, and the purposeful instilling of great fear, has been voluntarily accepted by the majority, and this has caused constant turmoil among nation-states, leading to horrendous nationalism. Because of this intentionally structured antagonism among peoples, constant war has been the result, and this has led to a common behavior that would be best described as dual hatred. What is meant by this statement, is that governments and rulers are certainly evil, but due to the intentional instilling of nationalism, the majority supports State evil due to false ‘patriotism,’ apathy, and fear; this greatly enhanced by the collectivist nature of nationalism.

                We live in a ‘modern’ world where the bulk of populations, if given the opportunity to do so, will more than not, choose non-aggression, but they are willing to turn their heads in the face of brutality, war, and carnage instead of facing the truth. Human nature is fickle, and a spectacle of inverted logic. When one is confronted with a death of friend or family, there may be a cry of agony. When a small group of innocents is mercilessly slaughtered by horrendous means, torment may occur. But when thousands or millions are murdered by States and their armies, a heavy fog of indifference takes over the psyche, and a cloak of silence spreads, covering the crowd. One might say that this is just a protective mechanism, but in reality, by remaining silent, it is an acceptance of evil, which is in and of itself, evil. Until this is understood, evil will reside not only in those who perpetrate this terror, but also in those who stay silent and support or condone it.”


            • Is it possible to separate nationalism from statism? What makes a country a nation? What makes a colony a state?

              Some ask if we should push the button to end government overnight.
              I think that I would rather push the button that removed all the government’s guns and weapons overnight while arming all the people.
              I think that action alone would solve almost all the problems we face today.
              After a short adjustment period of course.

              Would there be a war in the Middle East or Ukraine without the government’s monopoly of force?
              Would there be immigration issues? You name the crisis and I will bet that government is at the root.

              There is only one problem. Government!
              There is only one solution. Mass resistance and noncompliance!
              There is only one problem with that. By the time the masses realize their plight it will be too late to fight.

              Change my mind. ☹️

              (How many James Corbett clones does it take to screw in the lightbulb that will illuminate the world?)

              • Good questions about “nationalism” versus “statism”. I don’t know off the top of my head what the answers are if these are separated out easily but I do think they are different.

                I think of some “nationalism” labels that are used to describe group cohesion, like “The Nation of Islam” or “The Navajo Nation” which are less triggering than other labels.

                Are these states? Not in the traditional sense, “nationstate” like the USA.

                They don’t have a standing army and as far as I know aren’t aggressive at this point in time. They may exclude me from joining their nation but that is their right.

                I think a definition of terms is probably useful. What I notice though is that people do form communities, tribes, nations etc and sometimes these organizational structures are organic. People can form community around shared ideas or other attributes they value. People can form community around common values, language, traditions, Religion, genetic similarity, etc.

                I guess a large enough group could be considered a nation. The nation could have an authoritarian structure or a voluntary structure.

              • Mass non compliance would work. The problem is that this is much easier said than done IMO.

                Some type of organization and leadership would be much more effective at demonstrating non compliance.

                And then what? People are so used to being followers their entire lives. They will need to learn how to be responsible for themselves and their communities and to lead themselves. I mean everyone needs guidance once and a while and no one can exist autonomously forever.

                when I talk to patients in the hospital and try to explain things, there is a gap in ability to understand. Stuff like this, conspiracy research and the like is even more complex. People will need to be shown how in small steps.

                No judgement. I don’t know everything. I’d need a lot of help in many areas, to be shown and things made simple. Like if I wanted to learn how to fix the clutch on my car. I have no idea how cars work. I’d have to learn the basics.

              • And I don’t think the evil psychopathic “elite(s)” and their ilk who manage for them will win. I really don’t.

                I do think there will be hard time ahead, perhaps nothing like I’ve ever seen.

                But I have faith in the good part of humanity, the stuff from the heart and spirit that exists in all different kinds of people, rich and poor.

                I believe good will overcome evil and humanity and all the living things on the planet will overcome these dark times.

              • “ And I don’t think the evil psychopathic “elite(s)” and their ilk who manage for them will win. I really don’t.

                I do think there will be hard time ahead, perhaps nothing like I’ve ever seen.

                But I have faith in the good part of humanity, the stuff from the heart and spirit that exists in all different kinds of people, rich and poor.

                I believe good will overcome evil and humanity and all the living things on the planet will overcome these dark times.”

                I admire your optimism even though I currently have a very hard time sharing it.

                “At least 7,703, including 3,500 children, killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza”

              • If the state of New Jersey (about the size of Israel) was attacked and people were slaughtered like they were in southern Israel on the last day of Sukkot, and if there continued to be thousands of rockets being lobbed in for weeks, the people of New Jersey would expect and demand that something be done to protect them.

                If that state knew that the goal of the government of the perpetrators of the violence was, and had been for decades, the total annihilation of that state and all its people, the citizens/residents of that state would expect their government to be on guard and prepared to defend them against attacks and invasions.

                My sources are reporting that Hamas is not allowing residents of Gaza to leave dangerous areas, threatening them that if they are caught trying to flee, Hamas will kill them. The Gazan people are being used as pawns by the hoodlums ruling their territory.

                I read articles quite regularly from various sources about terrorist attacks in Israel. I think Israel has shown enormous amounts of self-restraint over the years. This latest slaughter could not be passed over or ignored.

                The rockets continue to go in and injure Israelis. Should they just sit on their hands and do nothing?

                My heart aches for all the people who have lost people they loved and for those who have been injured, both Israelis and Gazans, by people determined to perpetuate violence. Hamas doesn’t care who dies or how many die.

                There are other deaths that should be mentioned, not only the deaths of Gazans, with no context or reasons. This began after Israeli civilians were slaughtered.

                The man in the following short video started the organization Hope for Israel.

                Stop Singing Louder.

              • “This began after Israeli civilians were slaughtered.”

                Yes, I know that we’re supposed to believe that history began on October 7, 2023?

                “the citizens/residents of that state would expect their government to be on guard and prepared to defend them against attacks and invasions.”

                Funny that one of the most technologically advanced surveillance states failed so utterly to defend against the low tech attacks by Hamas.
                A conspiracy minded person might even suspect that the Israeli government allowed the attacks to happen in order to justify the genocide that they are currently undertaking.

                “My sources are reporting that Hamas is not allowing residents of Gaza to leave dangerous areas, threatening them that if they are caught trying to flee, Hamas will kill them. The Gazan people are being used as pawns by the hoodlums ruling their territory.“

                Your sources? No kidding. Color me shocked.

                And just out of curiosity, how does the murder of over three thousand children serve to defend or protect the citizens of Israel?

                You don’t need to answer. Actually, please don’t. I’m sick of the justifications.
                Just keep justifying it to yourself. Keep telling yourself whatever it takes to help you sleep at night.


              • I agree with you Steve. And on top of that, the amount of hate that this causes towards American civilians and Israelis is unfathomable. People will hold grudges and they will get their revenge on the easy target who did nothing wrong but happened to be the wrong race/ethnicity at the wrong time. This hate is perpetuation and is a cycle of evil for the profit of the elite psychopath. It feeds all that is evil.

                People don’t understand if they have not have most of their family killed in war out of revenge for the actions of elitists of “their kind”. This cycle of hate and revenge must stop because it feeds the “devil” if such a thing exists.

                To support hate and war and the dehumanization of others is evil. People actually view some humans as animals, or as filth and could care less if a baby of that kind died. I cannot imagine what is in the heart of that person, but it is not “godly” but of the “devil”.

                This war can and may lead to WW3 and many people, good human beings, young and old will die for nothing. And death is not always fast, but slow and painful.

              • “the amount of hate that this causes towards American civilians and Israelis is unfathomable. People will hold grudges and they will get their revenge on the easy target who did nothing wrong but happened to be the wrong race/ethnicity at the wrong time. This hate is perpetuation and is a cycle of evil for the profit of the elite psychopath. It feeds all that is evil.”

                You’re right. The blowback is going to be extreme. Perhaps by design. Will all the military aged men who have been flooding into the country be activated to help in the elitist depopulation agenda?

                This is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most polarizing issue I can remember.
                The ramifications will be felt for a long time.

                So many people who have in the past made it clear that they distrust authority and always question the official stories have donned blinders to avoid any information that would conflict with their unqualified support for the state of Israel.

                Here is a source that they won’t allow themselves to consider.

              • “People actually view some humans as animals, or as filth and could care less if a baby of that kind died. I cannot imagine what is in the heart of that person, but it is not “godly” but of the “devil”.”

                It really saddens me to admit that so many, maybe the majority of so-called Christians and Jewish believers are wholeheartedly supporting this ungodly war.
                Evangelicals using King David, who God considered to have been too bloody and warlike to be allowed to build His temple as their example. Rather than trying to emulate the messiah who preached forgiveness and peace.
                So-called religious leaders preaching hate and war. Glorifying death from their pulpits.
                It sickens me.
                Their hypocrisy and misrepresentation of God will go a long way to discourage people from wanting anything to do with Him. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

              • Speaking of godless pieces of human excrement.

                “Israeli PM tried to justify the Killing of Palestinians: Remember what our Bible says”

                “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday invoked the theory of ‘Amalek’, a nation in the Hebrew Bible, to justify the killing of Gazans in a war between Israel and Hamas that has killed more than 1,400 Israelis and 8,000 people in Gaza.

                “You must remember what Amalek did to you, says our Holy Bible,” Netanyahu said.

                The quote Netanyahu refers to is the book of Samuel in chapter 15 verse 3: “Now go and smite Amalek, utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but kill both man and woman, infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey “.


  22. Interesting, important & challenging interview, although I was a bit surprised & baffled by Dr. Ganser’s concluding deliberations. Dr. Ganser’s books are an important historical source for us and for the future generations. (If the mankind survives the impending WW3, nasty depopulation, and the upcoming global slavery.)

    With respect to Gladio, it would be interesting to hear Dr. Ganser’s reaction/criticism of Cynthia Chung’s new book, which put the Gladio into a larger historical context —

    Does he agree with Chung’s context & premise?

    We all agree that the world desperately needs peace, and I am sympathetic with the “peace movement”. But let me try to challange Dr. Ganser – not peace in an absolute sense of “peace for peace’s sake” (or Neville Chamberlain’s “peace for our times”, at any cost), where the mankind will be gradually and “peacefully” enslaved! (BTW, this is how many ignorant people hope & pray for peace!) How does this worldwide peace movement understand peace?

    Also, I am not sure why Dr. Ganser sees nationalism as an evil !? Nationalism can be exploited and has been exploited by lying warmongers and sneaky & greedy bankers, but what is he proposing instead? What social construct is a workable alternative to globalism and cosmopolitanism? (BTW, what are the “anarchists” or voluntarists proposing? Is nationalism a bad thing?)

    Properly understood “nationalism” is the love of one’s “nation” as a culture, and it is a positive thing! I have no issues with the Swiss or the Japanese or any other nation, loving their food, language, customs, clothes, music, entertainment, landscapes, animals, etc. This, in fact, is what makes the world diverse and interesting! Providing their “culture” is NOT turned into imperialism and the hate of other cultures.

    The proof is in the pudding especially in the so called “multi-culultural” countries which actually have no cohesive culture and are disintegrating socially & morally! Also, in the above sense of nationalism vs globalism, (even with respect to BRICS as a competing system), would it not be better to have distributed power & finances over various “nations”, rather than to have one global hegemon controlling/enslaving everything and everybody?

    Dr. Ganser thinks we are all “brothers & sisters”, but in what sense? How do the nasty Darwinian-Malthusian depopulators and financial predators see us ? And how does he understand the concept to of who is my/our “enemy”, even in the Bblical sense?

    Finally, it seems to me Dr. Ganser, and many other good people, don’t really understand the true nature of “evil”, how it acts in the world, in history, and how to deal with it. Even psychologically, will the predators’ hearts melt with love & compassion when we kindly make peaceful appeals to them — please don’t enslave us, don’t kill us and don’t depopulate us ?! Have such appeals ever worked historically?

    • Great comment, particularly regarding culture or having an organic sense of human group continuity. This topic of ethnicity and race in particular has been weaponized, where in reality it is just a natural phenomenon.
      Though I don’t like how elitists of the past have used this against people, for eugenics and/or tyranny and conquest of others, having pride in ones biological and or ethnic heritage is not innately wrong. In fact it is normal. Unless of course ones particular group is perceived as the enemy, then that group becomes the target.

      Plenty of people have cultural fairs and stuff like that and have a history of their “people”. Is it not a human tradition?

      On the other hand respect for others is also important and tribalism and/or elitism I believe is destructive if it causes harm to others or is used for totalitarianism and manipulation.

      With that said, having known people and had friendships with people from other cultures and different races do think that a bond of being human can be shared and also comparing similarities. Most normal human beings have experienced love.

      I do believe that humans of different types can collaborate to shake off the global parasites.

      • cu.h.j. You are correct that all these “very human” things or concepts like race, ethnicity, culture, and nation have been weaponized! By “bad” people who weaponized “science” for their greedy intentions, (since Malthus, Darwins, Galton, German scientists, Nazi scientists, etc.) But the origins of this confusion of minds and concepts goes deeper, like the nasty “science” of Hobbes and his Leviathan, all the way to Lucretius’/Epicurus’ “chaos” of atoms, and Democritus’ materialist “atomism”. All this mess of ideas evolved or somehow resulted in the current super-advanced & mindboggling techno-science “culture”, a new techno-AI-transhumanist worldview,
        all this being a huge complex mixture of problems with AI, technology, advanced militaries, advanced “medicine”, etc.

        I appreciate your and others’ humble attitude (above) and admission that we don’t know how to fix the problems. Sadly, we don’t even know how we got here. Worse yet, most of the “traditional” language, terminology, and philosophy, which used to make sense, is now being twisted and weaponized as well! Perhaps it would help to simplify all this complexity into some meaningful concepts and term, but I am not sure how exactly.

        (I appreciate James’ new article on Russia, with all the links & references, but the deeper I go through the links & read, and try to ponder these mind-boggling things, like Dugin’s philosophy and the Russia geopolitics, that Russia is also pushing cyber-technology, AI, CBDC, vaccines & mandates, the more confusing and complex the whole mess gets, so I don’t even know how to respond and comment.)

        So it is a huge problem! Where to start when talking to other people? You are correct that we should be guided by “love” rather than hate, that means charity & friendly attitude towards those who are open to such discussions. Who are those people? Those who also see the huge problems and try & hope to make some sense out of the gradually worsening world situation.

        That is what I meant to say in respect to Dr. Ganser’s “our brother’s & sisters” attitude. The proud arrogant greedy predators don’t care about our love and arguments, they deny us “human dignity & equality” and see us as “cattle” which can be bred, vaccinated, fattened and sold for profit, or herds starved or reduced if they deem fit.

        (Just yesterday a group of three polite young people, three different races/ethnicities, engaged me in a discussion about the Last Judgement and invited me to their “church” to discuss & study this, because they also see how bad the things are getting in the world. I suppose there are increasing numbers of such mind-boggled people who seek answers but cannot rationally reconcile all the complexities.)

        And it would also help if we tried to educate ourselves the best we can, on various of these complex topics, so that we can intelligently respond to the questions of others.

    • Very on target. Those are some of the thoughts I had.

      There are people who thrive on violence and hatred. Peace is not a goal or a positive thing to them… unless it is their definition of peace, which would mean people going along with whatever they say, not daring to challenge their power or desires.

      Years ago, I read in a local free newspaper something about some American peacekeepers heading over to some faraway land to “enforce peace.” I wonder if anyone else realized the irony of those very words. What an oxymoron. If there were peace, it would not need to be enFORCED. The fact that peace had to be ENFORCED, proved it was not true peace. If there is PEACE, FORCE is unnecessary.

      • lilac dragonfly, true, well said. Strictly speaking “Peace-keeping” is an oxymoron, or new twisted confusing terminology, (as I have pointed out above), because if you have to keep or enforce some state of order so it does not deteriorate further, it isn’t true peace. (It reminds me of a homophone “piss-keeping”.)

        True peace is a state which does not need any “keeping” and “enforcing,” it just is or exists because all the citizens or community members are polite, friendly, fair, towards each other, etc. In other words such a community exercises “love”, charity and fairness inherently, by their humanity and good attitude. Such as community does not even need police or a sheriff. Is such an ideal society possible? Perhaps not on a larger scale, because it only takes one bad apple to cause havoc, but it is possible in smaller like-mined communities.

        If this spirit of love & peace is not present, the society exists as if in some pathological state of mind. Sadly, this is how most the western societies now exist in “peace.” And, historically, the proof is again in the pudding – 40 years ago I was not worried about locking up my bicycle, now one needs several very expensive locks, and I was told by old-timers that some 50-60 years ago people did not worry about locking up their houses. Compare this to the modern house now being a high-tech “fortress”, and public spaces being controlled by security cameras and AI. Was this done on purpose to sell the hi-tech security and make $$$ ?

        BTW, I don’t like the new trend which now calls police “peace officers” – this sound too statist, these are now not the local “peace of polity” people, like local sheriffs, but rather the officials and the employers of the state, who enforce what the state deems appropriate, even shutting down legitimate protests in the name of “peace.”

        That is why the Bible does not invoke peace-keeping, but it is the “peace-makers”, or the people with the “peace-making attitude”, who are “blessed”. If there is problem a peacemaker will try to restore the peace, as understood by the local community, and than backs-off.

        What is the solution? Again, I don’t know, other than trying to restore the old spirit of true peace and love as cu.h.j alluded to also.

  23. hpete,
    You poke around nationalism with some interesting ideas. I came to some of the same thoughts.
    This came in close contact with blood contamination from the Swiss and Maori Government in NZ. My comment from October open.

    generalbottlewasher says:
    10/25/2023 at 2:56 am
    From the Governmental web site and press release.
    The amazing concepts of nationalism and inclusion of world is very interesting. I can invision a non-governmental national world community. That seems paradoxical but doable. The 7 pillars are worth reading. This must drive the Crown in NZ crazy.
    I like #3and#4.

  24. It was such a pleasure to hear Ganser again.

    It is also a pleasure to re-hear it all. To be reminded, here and there, of details one has forgotten, and mostly to mentally nod and confirm that which one has already learned. In an earlier life I would be annoyed in some ways by this, that it was a ‘waste of time’. Aging helps with this.

    I could pick a minor bone with Ganser on one point. I agree that a world without empire would be nice, but that’s a way off. What we are heading for is a failing empire (US) and a growing alliance (BRICS/SCO) headed by China and a collection of key second tier states (Russia, India, Brazil, Iran and perhaps a few more). I believe Ganser in error to categorize this second China lead thing an ’empire’. Its a counter to US/NATO. They are espousing the just post WWII rhetoric of the UN. We shall see where it goes and whether their policy matches the rhetoric.

    I do not believe we are in for a ‘cold war’ of two opposing ideological blocks. What we are in for is whether the US can adapt into being a member of the second tier or whether it flails and fails. This is the key strategic choice. Anyone who thinks about this can see that this is the option, or choice. The reason that this is the case has been demonstrated by the complete failure of the US/NATO attempt to crush Russia. There is sufficient political and economic strength in the BRICS/SCO group to work around whatever the US/NATO throws at them. The imbalance is even worse now militarily. The ‘hegemony’ and its satrapies are essentially impotent. The sooner they realize this the better for all concerned. A whole series of compromises need to be made. Therein lies the danger, not for the US/NATO block, but for the citizenries of it. You think COVID was bad. Wait until the integration of the US/NATO into the BRICS/SCO happens and then you’ll have the good ol’ one world government as a collective. The compromises which are made to achieve that are the threat, the devil in the detail.

    One thing is likely, or at least I hope so, and that is less military violence. But, there are plenty of other types of violence to go around.

    Peace be with you,


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