Episode 413 – Give Send Gone

by | Feb 25, 2022 | Podcasts | 133 comments

The Canadian government’s recent actions reveal the true agenda like nothing we’ve seen before. The future envisioned by the tyrants is one in which they can turn off your ability to buy and sell with the flick of a switch. So how will we react? Will we build a parallel economy from the ashes of freedom’s funeral pyre, or will we roll over and let the tyrants win? Today James explores the future of money and the real meaning of Give . . . Send . . . Gone.

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Episode 394 – Solutions: Survival Currency

Choke Point: How the Government Will Control the Cashless Economy

LIVE: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks

Trudeau’s justice minister says that being “pro-Trump” is a factor that will decide if your bank account is seized

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Indiana AG seeks victims of Freedom Convoy donations hack

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CBC News, Washington Post Harassing Donors of GiveSendGo’s Illegally Hacked Freedom Convoy Database

Banks have started to freeze accounts linked to the protests, Freeland says

Ontario government staffer out of a job after $100 donation to Ottawa blockade, others under scrutiny

Free Press UNDER ATTACK In Ottawa As DRUTHERS Has BANK ACCOUNT FROZEN Under Emergencies Act!!!

Dan Dicks in Ottawa Down But Not Out!!!

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  1. Hello,

    The download mp4-link isn’t working for me.
    I’ll solve it for me by grabbing it from Odysee but just so you know.

  2. Thank you so much for this podcast James, it has helped a lot and I will be doing more to take actions that create a better world. Time to study, try, apply. Justin

  3. I have a friend in Canada that cannot access her bank acct. She is not very wealthy so I’m sure she didn’t donate very much money. Turdeau will soon find out what happens when you throw shit in a fan.

    Justin Castro

  4. Hi!

    I hope the canadiens, will get their eyes up for desentralised cryptos, and PM’s.

    This seems to be the easyest way, to opt out of the system right now.

    And please opt out of microsoft. There is a world out there, not dealing with this shit OS. It is called LINUX. Give it a try. You can also get it on your smart phone : https://puri.sm/products/librem-5/pureos-mobile/

    It is small thorns to the system, but a 1000 paper cuts, do the trick.


  5. Broc West,
    I caught that “glass ping” when Corbett knocked “Wakey wakey” at the 52 minute mark.
    You got a painter’s fine-point brush.
    I guess it comes from all those years of learning those complicated cultural Cricket rules.

    • Hey HRS, could you please explain to me why Broc needed to use a “painter’s fine-point brush” (metaphorically) for JC’s monitor to make a “ping” sound when he knocked on it while saying “Wakey wakey”?

      If James’ voice carries through his computer mic and sounds like him, why wouldn’t his rapping on the monitor’s glass face also sound the way it’s supposed to without any special effects from his videographer?

      Can’t wait to hear your high-tech (or low-tech?) answer!

    • Actually, HRS, I just realized that it couldn’t have been his monitor–unless it’s transparent! Silly me. Yes, good on you, Broc!

      • I think James hogged out and got one of those ACME ultra wide ultra transparent lenses for his camera.


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    PURPOSE: Dollar-sized ArtWorks used as advertising and gifted into the local economy. To be used by businesses and citizenry … to trade.

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    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • Cheers alexb !

        I have written here before about this stuff.
        I can write a book about this kind of solutions.
        I don’t want to start this conversation, with too much complicated stuff, so that most fall off to begin with.
        So the simple start is, to get an analog modem, connect it to your computer, and try to communicate with an other analog modem .P to P
        You wil need some software for this, and you will soon find it on internet, if you search for it, for all operating systems.
        Next thing is to conect to a BBS, or make your own BBS.
        This BBS can be conected to a LAN or WAN, or trough a MESH net work, so that many people can connected trough your BBS line / lines.
        Then you are on the start to make your own internett. All of this is cheep.
        A BBS, contains a database, with treads, so you can connect via a “burst” to just get what you want to catch , like messages for you. This is often called an offline reader.
        All of the data connection between, the 2 or more modems is “slow” , so it is not meant for downloading / upploading big data files.


  7. This episode really hit me hard. Don’t know about you guys but I FEEL what he is saying and I am not ready. I am halfway, but I have got work to do…! Playtime is over.

    • Cody !

      Nobody is ready !

      One step, is the first you have to take.

      I have been in this game for a lot of years, and I am not ready.

      If you are half the way, then you are a long distanse in front of the rest.

      What is most important, is that you have a skill, that you can use when the shit happens.

      We are all dependent on others.

      You can newer save your way, to the future. You will have to work your way together with others.


    • Hi Cody, any time I get exposed to new and highly relevant information like this, my immediate reaction is one of panic, that the train is leaving the station and I’m not running fast enough to catch it….the glass is half empty!
      Turn it around and be grateful for the enlightenment…now you can take steps…most of the rest of the world is still sleep walking, you are now ahead of them.

  8. Hi !

    For what it is worth!
    Liberland : https://liberland.org/en/

    You can save ” money” in merits – crypto there.

    The problem with liberland, is it’s banking – they do not have any trusted bank connections. They are working on it, but the work goes slow.
    I have been in contact with them several times, to get an account, that works. Still not any good solutions.

    But take a look at it.

    Answer from liberland :
    “As to the banks, we need to remember that Liberland is a young country
    and not universally recognized. We are doing what we can to get her
    recognition. Still, in the meantime, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee
    you a comparable level of service having a company registered in
    Liberland as you would get with a company elsewhere.

    I would suggest that you continue doing business out of your company in
    Norway and, if you want, to add on top of it a company in Liberland. The
    company in Norway can deal with traditional financial systems, and the
    company in Liberland should do business primarily using cryptocurrencies
    or other alternative payment systems until such a time as we get more

    Does this answer your question? ”



  9. The real challenge is gonna be access to energy sources. We can trade locally with survival currencies, but chances are diesel, coal or natural gas are not produced locally. Without those we’ll be going back to the stone age. It’s possible, but a rough road since we lost most of skills required.

    • Mwitt

      “….Without those we’ll be going back to the stone age..”

      Not that far… people will just have to work way harder. The prob is that people do not have the same skills their ancestors had

      The Amish are not only surviving with pre-fossil fuel tech , they are breeding like bunnies and, I read, making pretty good money.

      • That’s not fair, the Amish are ignoring big harma, that alone provides a gross advantage.

  10. Great show you are so thorough. Yes, you have gotten through my denial about this whole thing. It’s happening now.
    I have done cash friday pretty much everyday on small purchases, the cashier sometimes is surprised at seeing cash. Always use cash at gas stations always.

    • If the ATM is out of order, go to the bank for your cash and tell them the ATM is out of order…the more employees they need to have doling out cash, the more they’ll keep on top of keeping the ATMs going. Keep cash alive at all costs!

  11. Cash, cash, cash , cash, cash! Withdraw it, use it exclusively. ​
    Yes its being devalued, but at least it isn’t going to disappear into the ether overnight when the false flag psyber attack is foisted upon us.
    Invest in some means to support yourself, buy, from local businesses, or second hand, a bicycle, a woodstove, a chicken coop, a water butt to collect rainwater, a generator, vegetable seeds, a greenhouse, get prepping and gain independence from the system that maybe will see fit to deprive you and your family of your freedom.

  12. So… I’m wondering about how the truckers’ protest segued so neatly into the Canadian government implementing measures which they wanted to do anyway, but just needed a (supposed) reason. Were they just handed a golden opportunity, or was there some fomenting going on in the background which gave the movement momentum? Or was the government hoping that people would eventually be pushed over the edge because of all the Covid restrictions and they would simply have to wait and seize the moment when it arrived? Would be interested to hear what people think.

    • WEF “Owns” the Canadian Parliament, including Trudeau.

      Indeed, this draconian WEF/Parliament approved “Emergency Order” to take control of all Canadian Bank Accounts should be and “Oh-Shit” moment. It is interesting that the implanted WEF Trustee Member made the Statement for the “Emergency Order”,so the Trudeau could retract it, if need be. (nice trick, eh!). They would have made it Permanent if they could have. (oops, to early)

      It is also alarming that the Canadian Parliament actually approved the blatantly Liberty Rapping Order. I think this shows that the Canadian Parliament clearly does not represent the People, and thus should be abolished or made to represent the People.
      Perhaps, Individual Provinces can formally claim Independence from the WEF infiltrated central government in Ottawa and thus render it impudent. These Traitors pretending to Represent the People need to be tossed out on their ass.
      Trudeau will use foreign troops against the Canadian People and take control of the Banks. If he is not taken from power and/order made ill relevant very soon things will get much worse, much worse.
      I think that this has to be a call for action. The fact that WEF had to have Trudeau back off on the Emergency Order is not enough. The push back has to include a new Government in Ottawa that works for the People.
      We know that The World Banksters planned the take over of the American currency in 1910 and showed their cards when they presented The Aldrich Bill. There plan was out there for everyone to see, but they knew it was not going to fly so they pulled that Bill, and rewrote it as The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
      I think this move is even bigger than the 1913 Private take over of the American Currency, and that we can not allow this draconian “Emergency Order” to be covered up. (which is what they are trying to do with Ukraine). We can not allow ourselves to be distracted from what is going on close to home.

  13. Well, I watched and will rewatch the ‘Survival Currencies’ episode. And I will be figuring out a different subscription method. Onward!

  14. Our money in banks is just an IOU from the bank to pay us. We are the creditor and the bank has the obligation to repay to us our deposits.

    Well, that’s the contract, but obviously, governments can declare an emergency and void the contract, as was just done in Canada, and the banks can freeze our bank accounts. I saw this happen in Brazil in 1990. The depositors were only allowed to withdraw so much money per week to live on. There were huge lines in Belem in front of the banks. This is what the Brazilian government did when the Cruzado currency collapsed and the central bank came out with a new currency, the Cruzeiro. Brazil has had lots of currencies, each one worth less than the one before. You can search “History of Brazilian Currency” and find the image. One currency only lasted 11 months.

    What Trudeau and Freeland did to the bank accounts of people who may or may not have donated to the Freedom Convoy truckers is a terrifying prospect. It’s a true act of terrorism by the government of Canada.

    I do remember the episode that Corbett talks about at the beginning. Dr. Ron Paul and others have always said that a currency or money should be decided by the free market, not governments.


  15. I am concerned about those of us who have very little funds to begin with. I’ve taken Catherine Austin Fitts’ advice about transferring to a local bank in my community. I already grow some of my own food, and am learning more about gardening each year. I contacted my immediate neighbors and they are not interested in working together on such things as a community garden to feed everyone so it appears I’m on my own. That is something I don’t like at all.

    • Keep learning and growing. Soon you will be a much sought after resource. You are ahead of the curve and will do fine. I find it comforting to invest in trade-able goods.

      Garden advice: Manure


    • sherry, A community garden is communism. They don’t work. All the communes failed here in Sonoma County, CA back in the early 1970’s. Human nature is what it is. Take care of yourself. Find a few family allies or good friends. Neighbors are usually a nightmare.

    • Oh how I wish you and others Corbett readers were closer! I live in Alabama knowing only one sorta like minded person. I thought I could pull it off alone in the country but am now thinking of pulling up stakes and moving to a less desirable situation near my children so as not to be so isolated.

  16. James, really?? Currency, survival or not, it’s not relevant. We are born with birth right to live on the land, eat the abundance of food around us. What we need is security in community, like minded people that support each other.

    As for the roll back of the emergency act in Canada? Revealing article:


    The red line has been drawn, this I understand. I am also furious, just furious about this situation we live in.

    Human ability in curiosity, there is no “cum by ahh” Just the need to get to the next day via the “powers that shouldn’t be”

    We, as humans, have the power that will enable our survival, growth, and personal empowerment that breeds spiritual power.

    Community is the answer, the narrative needs to change to help yourself, become self reliant.

    Tired from this shit, be well.

    In Lak’ech

    • Howler Monkey; Well, at least you are aptly named. “We are born with a birth right to live on the land.” Now that IS a howler.

  17. I think it’s great to be awake and keep taking in information which I can already see but your exclamatory means of expressing it leads me to the edge but then nothing. What exactly are we supposed to do about all of it? Do you believe there is something that we can actually do about the last two years? Yeah, they’re killing people and yes it is part of the Great Reset. They have the military and police so what exactly do you have in mind? There isn’t a damn thing we can do except shoot back when they come to haul us off.

  18. jc “this is it, I don’t know what else your waiting for?!!” “,,,people still fall for it”

    I find an imbalance of aware and unaware, idiots and decencts. the idiots are just hard fucking work, but the conscienscious (by degree) appear to be the majority.

    your question “what to wait for?!” might be tried in the mirror. and I’m not saying that talking, i.e. intellect orbiting a subject, isn’t useful; but our opportunity to do that may be nearing the “used-by date”. (spoiler: we only pretend to be “in orbit”). while were mixing rare earth and foldable-spendable and digital formats of measure so can we mix the talk, with the walk.

    (I do enjoy, nay prefer, the odd recording you’ve done while getting about,, shots that include a wider horizon, and plants and water and the unpredictable… viva frei talking to people on the ground in ottawa is also good example)

    cf “remove the parasite”

    When watching the interaction between crowds and riot mercenaries, I’m often overwhelmed with disbelief that those humans could downgrade their behaviour to such an absurd dance. as catherine said “this is done one person at a time”. notice how the goons choose one person and then gang up, it takes 3 of them armed and armoured to control one, oh and a fourth to kick his guts in, while another 20 form a double perimeter to fend off anyone trying to support the victim.. so too will banks seize accounts, one by one. The weakness of the wall they’re conning people with was demonstrated in Melbourne when a wall of cops was blown through by some healthy strong tip of the spear types pushed from behind by thousands.

    point is, most or at least enough of us, have been wearing the ruby slippers all along, so what keeps us from deciding to click the heels? distraction? lack of another idea?

    write down the most pertinent pressing poigant question you can muster, Then go ask it in front of a mirror (yes I’ll be doing this too). the goal is to decide.

    another idea: especially for musicians and choir leaders to initiate,, I imagine thousands of people surrounding the tape worm with singing voices. (the 60’s shot of the woman putting a flower in the gun barrel comes to mind). getting the emf just right might crash the mindkontrol mirage operating system that the goons are running.?

    • ” I imagine thousands of people surrounding the tape worm with singing voices.” Reminds me of

      Joshua 6:20 So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.

      And The Singing Revolution which “lasted over four years, with various protests and acts of defiance. In 1991, as Soviet tanks attempted to stop the progress towards independence, the Supreme Soviet of Estonia together with the Congress of Estonia proclaimed the restoration of the independent state of Estonia and repudiated Soviet legislation. People acted as human shields to protect radio and TV stations from the Soviet tanks. Through these actions Estonia regained its independence without any bloodshed.[11] “hundreds of thousands of Estonians gathered publicly between 1986 and 1991, in an effort to end decades of Soviet occupation. The revolutionary songs they created anchored Estonia’s non-violent struggle for freedom.[2]”wikipedia

  19. I live in a small town in BC Canada and a lot of people I know went to get their money out of the bank. And these are people who are not millionaire. I can just imagine those who have a lot of money how they must have reacted. I think that a lot of money came out of the banks and I think this might be why he rescinded the order so quickly. It may also be because he was going to lose it at the Senate level. I watched their proceeding and some Senators really gave it to Trudeau and showed how incompetent he was. I will keep as little as possible in the bank from now on and I think everyone should do the same. Everybody should use cash as much as possible. If we don’t use it we will lose it. In any case this freezing of the bank accounts is backfiring on Trudeau as the population now doesn’t trust the banks and the government. And I think it will make it harder for them to implement the digital ID scam. On another topic, there is this podcast of the accountant who helped the truckers’ convoy and he gives you the inside story of the money. It is quite interesting. Here is the link:

    • gabyville
      Your anecdote was really interesting! Thanks.
      I also can see how International Businesses might withdraw excess funds from Canadian Banks.
      Or perhaps some Canadian businesses will establish a bank in the U.S. and then transfer funds from Canada on occasions to keep their holdings safe.

      I’ll be checking out your link.

    • gabyville,

      Thanks for recommending Kid Carson’s interview with the Saskatchewan chartered accountant. On a scale of 1 to 5, his story deserves 10 stars!

      • CQ,
        Thanks for highlighting this interview!
        I did not listen to it.
        I’m listening now!

        And thanks to Gabyville!

    • BUMP
      Kid Carson interview with Chad Eros – Accountant for Trucker donations

      Wait for it…the tail end is inspiring!
      [See the gabyville AUDIO LINK.]

      – What happened to the 1 million dollars that was released by GoFundMe?
      – What was happening on the ground the day before the Emergencies Act was invoked?
      …and many more insights of “behind the scenes” on Canada’s Freedom Convoy 2022

      This is a STORY!

  20. Just give up already Fact Checker! Your “black-pill” comments don’t help anyone except your ego, feel good about it? If it is all not worth it why even bother commenting? Are you just trying to drag everyone down to your misery so you don’t feel so lonely? Geez, hanging out with you must be such a nightmare. Eeyore eeyore eeyore you’re a rock and roll outlaw!

    • It’s a justification for laziness to say “we can’t win, might as well give up or join em.”

      This is like the type of person who doesn’t do anything for a person who is being attacked, nothing at all, just walks away. “I couldn’t do anything anyway”

      People who are like that deserve what they get.

  21. one of the ol’chestnuts is that one hasn’t a shred of a chance to even meeting the dragon (ones daemons) without knowing its real name. you may be close, and if you succeed in getting an audience, as rubber hits road, vadoum hopes that you will remember love. Ones you have loved, that unique way that you know beauty,, thats meant to be the only force this beast can’t usurp.

  22. Neil really tries to sell the Digital ID. He mentions The World Economic Forum.

    Neil Parmenter, CEO of Canadian Bankers Association: Digital ID
    (2 1/2 minutes)
    The video might be from 2018 per this YouTube title…

    “Clyde Do Something” showed the Canadian Bankers Association clip today when he was talking about the QR codes and mandates.
    Clyde has a very interesting clip of Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney talking about “The Great Reset” and the “World Economic Forum”. The full link to Kenney’s video is in the shownotes below…

    The Great Reset No Longer Taboo – World Economic Forum Influence
    (11 minutes)

  23. MagicBullet

    “..If the internet goes down..” is kinda a wide question depending on what the ‘event’ actually is.

    It could be that you will loose access to servers, and thus sites, in certain areas of the world if the undersea fiber cables get cut.

    If the ISP’s that link your house to the www go down then you have Nothing…. if a number of important Targeted parts go down you will alsp probably have nothing. You should just recon on having zero internet and any that you DO get will be a bonus 😉
    I actually doubt they would TOTALLY crash the internet deliberately because that really would be the death of lots of people as mobs spaz out from not being able to buy anything via card.

    You can create your own local ‘internet’ with a Mesh network, even with just people using their mobile phones, but TBH if you have a community where people will get together and do that you dont NEED internet ‘trustless’ Crypto… your community can use printed sheets of paper or bottle tops or any other way of keeping track and just hang cheats and counterfeiters.

    BBS systems would be easy to set up IF YOU HAVE LOCAL PHONES, but most phones use some kind of internet connection these days so …
    If you have hours to spend these BBS doc’s are pretty cool

    • If the DNS servers go down, you will need the server IP address to access individual sites.

      If a specific site goes down, you will not be able to access it directly. If there’s a copy on IPFS static content might be available.

      If some heavily centralized services go down (like payment processors) many sites would be affected, even if their sites are still accessible.

      If there are major outages, complete swats of the web would not be accessible, but some could still be reachable.

  24. No cash? No problem…just use your assets in Texas politics.

    Stogner has over 15 years of experience as an oil and gas attorney and wants to get elected as a Commissioner which regulates the industry, and thus cut down on corruption and pollution.

    Stogner is trailing incumbent Wayne Christian, who has a $766,000 war chest. It seems Stogner’s chest might beat Wayne’s.
    “I Have Other Assets” says Stogner

    • HRS: You still believe in politics and voting? That’s long gone. Get independent in every way you can.

      • Timmy,
        Your evaluation of my viewpoints is completely wrong.

        And very likely you did not catch the punch line, because you did not go to the LINK to view the photo and 5 second video.
        “Stogner is trailing incumbent Wayne Christian, who has a $766,000 war chest.
        It seems Stogner’s chest might beat Wayne’s.”

        • HRS: Sorry. I didn’t go to the link. Your punch line didn’t work with me. I didn’t realize that Stogner was a “chesty” female. I suggest you make your jokes a bit more easily understood by the audience. e.g.

          “No Cash? No Problem. Just use your ass sets.

          Bunny Stogner has over 15 years experience…. etc.

          Bunny Stogner is trailing the incumbent Wayne wanna be Christian who has a $766,000 war chest. It seems that Bunny’s ample chesty chest might beat Wayne’s moneyed one.
          Image in link below.”

          Let the audience know that Stogner is a well endowed woman. I thought Stogner was a man.

  25. As I mentioned here the Ont. Govt. already started freezing funds a few weeks ago.

    Next came the Feds with their Emergencies Act.

    I went to a couple banks this past week to start my withdrawal process.
    Rude awakening. No surprises.
    Even if you aren’t on any ‘bank account freezing list’ you STILL are limited
    in how much money you can withdraw at any one time.

    I defy anyone here to try and withdraw $10,000 cash at your bank.
    Good luck!

    It has always been that way, but now they are going to be even more stingy!
    I got into an argument with my teller as she started asking me a bunch of questions that were not necessary, like “Are you going on vacation?” etc.

    I asked to speak with the manager. The manager came over and asked me:
    “Are you OK?”

    I kid you not!
    I told her I feel fine thanks. 🙁

    • The problem is that WE have become addicted to living a lifestyle that requires use of the banking system…. many people are gonna fold just thinking about not being able to afford their Netflix or eating out which is why they will loose everything

    • Fawlty Towers,
      Your anecdote is eyebrow raising. “…but now they are going to be even more stingy!”
      Especially with ’20 questions’ attached.

      The trend is certainly across the boards.
      For example: New IRS rules in the U.S.

    • The 10k cash limit is for your security, terrorists deal in cash and we have to nip that in the bud. You are either with us or you are with the terrorists. Terrorists are bad.

      Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists.

      • Yes the bank manager used the “for your security” line when she tried to explain why I was being given the 3rd degree when asking to make a cash withdrawal.

        She claims that at least two or three times a week the bank sees customers come to
        withdraw large cash amounts out of duress. She says someone is pressuring them to
        make cash payments to them (scams, terrorists?, etc.).

        Scams or no scams, banks will always give you a hard time releasing large amounts of your cash.

  26. Chrystia Freeland… what an oxymoron of a name. She isn’t Christian and she sure doesn’t believe in a free land. She also has a huge red ass.

  27. Community currencies….. well, we’d need a community first and we are individuals, not communities. You are arguing in circles, James Corbett.
    Maybe we go back to living in caves and sharing food with friends and relatives.
    I personally did a tour of our town today, Healdsburg, CA. It’s on the Feb. Open Thread. My opinion of the “community” of our town is down there with whale excrement.

    • “..My opinion of the “community” of our town is down there with whale excrement…”

      Do you have a church? Some kind of club or even 3 or 4 buddies?

      EM Jones discussed how local communities were deliberately broken up by driving people out into the suburbs and rebuilding community is hard, but if people dont then they are pretty doomed

      • Duck, Then I’m doomed. All my friends here in town are now Pod People. All masked and jabbed up. Ha! The Catholic Church across the street folded right away. They still mask the kids in their school.

  28. Let’s talk gold for a moment.

    Let’s suppose I buy a bunch of gold.

    Let’s suppose in the future when they have the CBDC well-established they decide
    to sever all ties with gold.
    You are on your own with your gold; can’t convert to CBDC.

    What do you do then?

    • Fawlty Towers

      If you know a criminal they will probably be happy to turn your gold into whatever currency is in use. Someone somewhere will want your gold, but finding that someone might be hard

      Problem is that most people don’t think like criminals which is USUALLY a good thing

    • You only purchase NON monetized gold and other COMMODITIES that you can barter with. Gold is not investment, and is not money. I have been buying supplies, as I am good at fixing things. If I can fix something, I can barter. I buy seed, build organic garden soil, etc.. Purchase what helps you barter. If I have a garden filled with vegetables, why would I trade for metal I can not eat?

      CBDC is not what is wrong. Who controls the “money” and how it is defined is what matters. Digital is just one medium of exchange; one I would trust less than physical mediums, such as paper or cheap metals, simply because digital relies on machines and artificial satellites, which WILL fail.

      We can fix all of this shit that humanity produces by understanding and creating real money. Sovereign Organic money.

      No debt, no fractional reserve lending, no interest rates, no inflation, NO PRIVATE CONTROLLERS….no depressions, recessions, crashes, resets.

      A sovereign organic money, will purchase the same amount in a hundred years, as its’ value would be more stable than gold. Just needs a few simple aspects/rules/laws regulating and defining it.

      Hemp paper would be my first choice. Cheap metal coins are handy. Larger denominations would be a good idea. “They” have been removing large bills.

      It is a mistake, always has been, to monetize mediums of exchange with their own high intrinsic value; such as gold or silver. This is just another manipulation. Gold can always be bartered, like any commodity.

      Most people have been programmed to not understand the true nature and true history of money. Most documentaries, economic schools of thought(theories), truthers, etc.. almost all misunderstand and misuse terms/concepts about the nature of money.

      For 20+ years I have heard people use: “central banks, fiat, printed from thin air, gold standard”, etc.. misunderstood; especially by the experts. Most people misunderstand the very nature of money; all by design.

      We need a global reset of the monetary systems, but NOT BY THEM.

  29. Well done James, I could tell you had something serious to say, from the start 😉

    Immediately I questioned why GoFuc*Me let the donations climb by the millions, instead of immediately, using it as intended. Then it happened again, the amount went up by the millions. Didn’t the trucks need fuel? Why not hand out the money? Crazy, suspicious! I sent you some money instead; does that mean I’m in even more “trouble” lol

  30. James,
    I watched your podcast on alternative currencies. Hold physical Gold and Silver outside the system. It has been money for thousands of years. To me this is the best form of money we have at this point. Cryptos are a new payment system that has not stood the test of time yet. Become self reliant. Your skills can be bartered. Grow your own food! Get your money our of the banks. Keep only enough to pay your bills.

    • Gold has never been “money”. It has been bartered for thousands of years, 10’s or 100’s of thousands I imagine.

      Gold can be monetized though, but this is not a good idea, never has been.

      Mother nature makes gold; a commodity that existed long before humans.

      People create money, an abstract legal creation of the mind.

      If you want to hold gold, silver, or any COMMODITY, as a hedge against inflation, or to barter with, I strongly recommend it is NOT monetized.

  31. I always considered myself an optimist, but after 2 years of this nonsense my optimism has been destroyed. I am unable to think about surviving in a world where some people are hell-bent on controlling us or killing us. I have trouble believing we will ever be free again.

    I’m hoping your optimism will rub off on me!

    • Hi Kate !

      All of us, are a bit depressed of the times now.
      But it has to get to the darkest, before the light starts to shine again.
      Hang on!
      This time, all the bad, has to come up, for us to see it.
      We must get a clear picture of the situation.
      We can not give up now, we are at the time, that we are pressed to new solutions, the best ideas are formed out of the need to come up with the new solutions.
      Before, we could sit in front of our tv, and say, the fuck, with, the rest of them. does not bather me. I live my good life, and i dont care.
      To know good, is to experiense the bad.
      So sheer up, you are doing good, in the experiense of the bad.


      • Thanks for the pep talk Roy 🙂

        I’m the end of the baby boomer generation and we haven’t experienced much in the way of hardship, which perhaps leaves us a bit short on resilience in the face of adversity. But you’re right, experiencing bad things is what makes us strong.

        They say every cloud has a silver lining, so I’m going to try to find one in this one.

    • Kate, when were we free? During my 40 years I haven’t been free for one day. We are so enslaved that many of the facets of our bondage is taken for granted and seen as something that is completely the opposite.

      I do not say this to rain on anyone’s parade, but to highlight what is the work that needs to be done. The road to freedom is curvy pass over treacherous ground with many detours. And we have to hit the summit.

      • No doubt each and every one of us must do something (be a slave?) to have a roof over our head and food on the table, but the options to accomplish this were broad, allowing us to make choices that appealed to us. Not like during WWI & II when all fit men were drafted to fight, kill, and as a result many were injured or killed.

        I have felt free as Roy says to “live my good life, and I don’t care”. I’m a working-class peasant, so it’s never been easy, but I have not done anything I didn’t want to do. I changed jobs when the situation didn’t appeal to me. I even walked away from a government pension, which in hindsight saved me from the pressure to get the jab. Perhaps slavery is somewhat just a frame of mind.

        When I think of the propaganda for the jab, it is like being called to war against an imaginary enemy, a flu virus. Those who don’t comply will lose their jobs and their pension, are considered traitors to their family, friends, neighbours and country. In Canada, anyone who demonstrates for the freedom to decide is labelled a ‘terrorist’ and loses access to their money. Those who get the jab can be injured or killed by it. Some are calling this WWIII because the conditions are similar.

        • As long as you have to pay taxes or face imprisonment, you are a slave.

          As long as a cop can accost you and demand papers under threat of violence you are a slave.

          As long as you have to beg for a license just so you are able to take part in various activities that are otherwise deemed illegal and represent a finable offece, you are a slave.

          Modern slavery is enslavement of the mind. This particular form of prison is built for yout mind. To attest to this fact it is sufficient to observe the billions of people who are completely oblivious to their enslavement. They will gladly go to their graves defending their freedom to continue living as slaves.

          • Civilization has its rewards, but it comes at a cost. There are roads but you have to get a license to drive a vehicle, pay taxes and follow the laws. Then you need law enforcement to stop people from speeding, drunk driving, etc. I appreciate the perks of civilization, organized by an honest government who work for the people, and don’t consider paying taxes or following the laws to be slavery.

            What has happened over the last two years across the world is not honest governments working for the people, but quite the opposite. We have experienced government propaganda and over-reach where all right to free speech and bodily autonomy are lost. Many have been brainwashed into thinking it was for their own good, to protect them from a flu virus. Clearly there has been a global coup d’etat and our governments are now led by liars and tyrants.

            Do you see a difference before and after, or do you think it’s all the same?

            • Costs, you say. How about paying 100% tax, would you consider that to be slavery? 75? 50? Where would you place the bracket for slavery? What happens if you don’t pay your 1-100%? Armed thugs show up at your doorstep to take your share. When you pay your dues, do you get a say in regards to how it’s spent?

              I would gladly give up ALL the roads if that was indeed the price of freedom. Give up the roads, and immediately the drunk drivers and speeders are not an issue so no need for law enforcement either. If roads are indeed the source of government than we need to dispose of this root of all evil.

              You seem to posit that 2 years ago we had an “honest government” a notion I hope I got completely wrong because it sounds completely insane. I seem to remember deaths of millions of people in the middle east; depleted uranium shells being spread over the Balkans and, again, middle east; climate fraud; health fraud; financial fraud; credit fraud; building demolition fraud… and that’s just this millennium.

              No, now and two years ago is not the same. Now it’s even worse, just as two years ago it was worse than four years ago.

              Can you name one example of an “honest government”? One that does not lie, cheat, steal, murder and rob people of their basic freedoms. Maybe your definition of honest differs from mine, if so please elaborate.

  32. Remote Control Vehicles – Kill Switch…and “The U.S.A. Trucker Convoy to D.C.”
    James Corbett has often talked about this topic of electronically controlled vehicles.

    (Wichita Falls is a small northwestern Texas city, and Burkburnett is a small town near it.)

    Friday Feb 25th – Wichita Falls Times Record News
    Texas activist driving to Washington, D.C. for convoy protest left stranded by truck owner
    By Lynn Walker
    A Burkburnett man taking part in a national truck convoy protest found himself without a ride Friday.
    Jeff Sandberg has been vocal in his support of the convoy on social media and was driving a rig bearing a banner covered in slogans.
    “We’re just trying to show what the people who back us believe — and our own beliefs — of what our country needs to go back to,” Sandberg told the New York Times Wednesday.

    By Thursday night, Sandberg was sidelined because the company he rented his truck from, Penske, shut down his truck remotely.

    “Penske does not support the people’s convoy movement,” Sandberg said on a Facebook stream.
    “So, I’m in a situation where I’m not going to be able to continue on.”

    “It was one of them moments where everybody kind of came together. Before you know it there was 12 of us. It kind of brought that camaraderie back in to us, you know, like we used to have,” Sandberg told an interviewer in a streaming video.
    Sandberg admitted he’s taking a risk in being part of the movement.
    “There is going to be probably some downfall in this for participating. I could lose some business on this deal,” he said.
    Aside from COVID-19 mandates, Sandberg said he had a lot of resentment about the truck industry and its restrictions.
    “I think we should focus on the mandates that have been put on all of us and try to get out lives back to normal and get our freedoms to do what we want.”…

    • — Funding & Money —
      “The Freedom Convoy USA 2022” and/or “The People’s Convoy”

      There are several “names” to the American States version of the Trucker Freedom Convoy. Currently, people from all over the United States are joining in a Washington D.C. “Trucker” rally on March 1st.
      This is not just one single convoy, but a decentralized web of motorcades and caravans.

      The 2022 State of the Union Address is scheduled to be given by Joe Biden on March 1, 2022, in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives.

      — FUNDING —
      Kyle Sefcik discusses the funding in an interview with Del Bigtree on “The Highwire”. He wants people to directly help sponsor particpants on a person to person basis.
      LINK to interview – https://www.corbettreport.com/openthreadfeb22/#comment-130432
      — This link is on a SUB-THREAD – American USA Freedom Convoy

      – The People’s Convoy & US Freedom Flyers –
      …A map of the convoy’s expected route will be posted to the group’s website, Maureen Steele, a The People’s Convoy organizer, said…
      …To ensure donations for the truckers won’t be frozen or routed to other causes—a problem the Canadian truckers encountered with the crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe —
      The People’s Convoy is taking donations directly on their website.

      Joshua Yoder of the “US Freedom Flyers”, a recently formed group of American air, rail, and trucking professionals who believe in “the right to travel freely” regardless of one’s vaccination status, also appeared on the show to support the U.S. convoy…

      Leigh Dundas, a civil rights attorney…has been working to unite truckers.
      “I’ve been keeping the communication channels open between groups … acting as a de facto clearing house between different truckers who wanted to get connected.”

      • As I mentioned earlier, there is a web of different convoys headed to Washinton D.C. for the March 1st Freedom Rally which are launching from a variety of locations.

        This particular convoy is “The People’s Convoy” which was just west of Amarillo, Texas on Saturday morning Feb 26th along the I-40.
        QUEUED Video at 1:07 minute mark and lasts for 10 minutes
        Day 4 – The Peoples Convoy – Heading to Elk City OK!

        — A DYNAMIC —
        All kinds of supply chain folks are involved with this endeavor.
        (See Freedom Flyers above)

        Canada has approximately 35,000 to 60,000 Truck owner operators.

        In the USA, there are not only over 350,000 owner operators, BUT!…there are also over 500,000 trucking companies in the United States with 80% of those companies being small, which means they have six trucks or less.

        — Vaccine Mandates in the U.S. —
        There are a lot of big corporations who have vaccine mandates. The “deadline” for job compliance with many companies is fast approaching in mid-March, if not already past.

  33. Maybe it’s just me but I’m only interested in how the breach at Epik, GiveSendGo and sites like it occurred.

    When credit bureaus, government agencies and other sites get hacked I can usually find technical details down to the stale or unpatched plugins that were responsible for the breach. I’ve searched a little and cannot find how the breaches were perpetrated.

    We need this sort of information so that, “free speech” or Christian platforms can get their act together technologically and not fall prey to this again.

  34. Yep, you called it, James. Just got a notice from PP this morning that they have cancelled my monthly subscrption to you. And so it goes… I am determined to continue helping, please let us know your next option (I am in Kanada)

  35. So it is a poor subscriber that can’t site his source, but… I saw Chrystia Freeland laughing at England Tally Sticks, probably somewhere in Bill Still background or related. Girl has no clue, but fits NWO nicely.

    • Tally sticks MUST be demonized by the globalists. Can’t have people understanding simple effective fiat money that lasts for hundreds of years.

  36. BUMP
    Tools to win

    Thanks so much Xoxoxo.
    It will take independent, energetic actions like what you display in order for us to come out the other side.

  37. Sounds pretty crazy!! Name me one living creature on this planet which can survive without buying and selling.

    See? Can’t be done!! It’s the end of us!!

    • Name one? Name them all. Only human creatures buy and sell on this planet; far as I know. If we had real money, we would be buying and selling as BARTER.

  38. Alexb said ” I joined a few freedom cell groups last year and have had limited success in engaging with people in local groups. I keep trying and won’t give up on them but the idea of forming a community with my fellow group members seems light years…”

    I too have a minimal success with engaging with people I live around.

    On a note of what to store up besides food that is easily barter-able, legal, and stores well, is liquor. Last year I brought a few cases of 190 proof Evergreen liquor. You can get little construction jobs done for a case of beer or computer work done for wine. 🙂

    • Alcohol!! Absolutely!!
      John Chapman , aka Johnny Appleseed, planted wild stock apples everywhere for the “pioneers” to make apple jack from, to drink, It’s how the USA was built!! Those sixty acres they got out in the middle of nowhere had no drinking water, so they drank alcohol. A fine tradition!!
      And alcohol is the best way to maintain a violent citizenry, always ready for war and “each man for himself ” (and his drinking buddies).
      That’s how the Kennedy fortunes and fame were established. Prohibition was brought about because the families of the US were destroyed from rampant and incessant alcohol consumption. Too bad.
      What’s more , it is highly addictive, and so the slaves will always slave for alcohol. Very important.
      Alcohol is most necessary.
      “spirits”: alcohol (n.)

      1540s (early 15c. as alcofol), “fine powder produced by sublimation,” from Medieval Latin alcohol “powdered ore of antimony,” from Arabic al-kuhul “kohl,” the fine metallic powder used to darken the eyelids, from kahala “to stain, paint.” The al- is the Arabic definite article, “the.”

      Paracelsus (1493-1541) used the word to refer to a fine powder but also a volatile liquid. By 1670s it was being used in English for “any sublimated substance, the pure spirit of anything,” including liquids.

      The sense of “intoxicating ingredient in strong liquor” is attested by 1753, short for alcohol of wine, which then was extended to “the intoxicating element in fermented liquors.” The formerly preferred terms for the substance were rectified spirits or brandy.

      In organic chemistry, the word was extended by 1808 to the class of compounds of the same type as this (a 1790 translation of Lavoisier’s “Elements of Chemistry” has alkoholic gas for “the combination of alkohol with caloric”).
      from etymology online

      • alcohol modality = domination

    • Hi!
      I have newer joined any freedom groups, at all.
      And i suspect i newer will.
      I have joined a lot of other groups / clubs, and after a short time, asked them to piss off !
      Why ?

      The first you meet in these groups, are the hirarki.
      The next you meet is conformety.
      Follow our group politics – ideas, or you are out.

      The reason for this, is that all these groups are based on the same group thinking, that has brought us up til the point we are now.

      With this, i dont mean, to say that no group is not dooing any good. I mean that the system, is so heavely influating us all, that we have to understand this first.

      Just try to go to a party of friends, after a while, the sections start to condense, soon you are in one group of friends, that is not good friends with the other group of friends.
      And that is within your group of friends.

      I have lost a lot of friends, just because i have been speaking out about the harm of the vax.
      Do i want them back ? No.
      Do i need some of them ? Yes

      So my solution, is to deal with each other, on the need problem, and let them, do what they want as long as it does not hurt me.

      If the wax problem, gets out of the control, does it matter who you deal with ?

      So my thinking is, let nature sort out, which group i am going to be in.

      I think we are at that point.

      I realise that i am dependent on others.
      Who those others are going to be, i dont know.


      • “I realise that i am dependent on others.
        Who those others are going to be, I don’t know.” Me, too.

  39. The powers that should not be are not only applying the banking-deplatform whip to the backs of Canadians but donors in the US as well. I know this to be true as my personal data was included in the ‘hacked’ givesendgo data (totally not a job by the alphabets or their lackeys..)

    That said:




    Short story long, you are spot on James, the screws are tightening and we’d best get busy getting motivated or get busy getting eliminated.

  40. Thanks Xoxoxo.

    I have to admit up front that I haven’t spent much time looking into crypto payments up until now, that is, the nuts and bolts of them.

    Without getting into too much technical detail could you let us know how your system is different from other crypto payment systems?

    The reason I ask is because the Canadian government recently said they were also stopping Bitcoin donations to the protest.

    1. How could they have done that?
    2. How is your system different that would prevent any government intervention?

    • The exchanges like Coinbase. They have to comply with national regulations of the country in which they operate.
      Even buying physical gold and silver can have “tax regulations” attached to it, depending upon the country.

      A person can hold their crypto in a wallet that is not on an exchange.

    • “The primary differentiation is the fact that we do not re-use btc addresses, the server generates a new address for every invoice, which means there is no way to analyse or track transactions. Basically, the transaction is between you and your customer, no intermediary. “

      I may not have the technical know-how you possess about the inner-workings of your system but I do still possess logical thought.

      Let’s assume what you said above is true, and let’s also assume that your system was used for the Canadian trucker convoy in February.

      The donors as well as the receivers would first need to be notified about your system before they could make use of it.

      Both donors and receivers could learn about it via a website.
      However the two parties still need to find a way of linking up with each other.

      Therein lies the big problem.

      Only the organizers of the trucker convoy would know who the trucker recipients would be.

      Individual donors couldn’t possibly know the truckers names nor their Liberty payment address to donate to.

      So out of necessity at least one third party would need to enter into the picture. In this case it would be the convoy organizers.

      Whether they took all the money initially into their Librty wallet/account and then distributed it to the trucker’s Librty accounts OR e-mailed the donors the Librty account details of individual truckers, there still would be a way to trace each donation (the donor and the recipient).

      And even if the government authorities might not have been able to stop these Librty payments in real time, they still would be able to freeze the bank accounts of all involved parties once they began their investigations and recoup the monies paid out.

      So your payment system would only provide a temporary method of distributing funds. Ultimately the funds could and would still be returned to the donors.

      • OK thanks for more clarification.
        But we’re still not there yet. 🙂

        I see how people can contribute anonymously.
        So their contributions go into a single crowdfund wallet,
        or multiple wallets (one wallet per contributor)?
        It would make more sense to go into a single wallet.

        So now let’s say you’ve got $1 million in contributions.

        “But, you simply ask the recipients to create an account inside your payment server, and send payment requests when needed.”

        Recipients are notified about how to create an account and do so.

        Now the big questions.
        Who decides how much to pay out to each recipient and when?
        You said recipients send payment requests.
        They can send requests every day for $1000!

        Someone, somewhere has to be controlling the payouts.
        Who does it and how?

        And who checks to see if the recipients are legit truckers?
        When that person checks, what information are they privy to exactly?

        • If I understand you correctly, yours is a type of semi-closed payment system.         

          By that I mean the donors and recipients are closed from the general public. But there is still a need for a third party to get the funds from the donors to the ultimate recipients.         
          The third party in the case of the trucker convoy would be the organizers of the protest.         

          They would know who the verified trucker participants were in order to distribute the funds to them.         

          And herein lies the problem for me. Given the response from the Canadian government to the trucker fundraising (the freezing of Go Fund Me and Give Send Go funds) they have already set a precedent.         

          For your payment method to work, the donors would first need to be notified of how and where to make their donations.         
          This would by definition need to be made public.         
          At the same time that the donors would learn where/how to make their donations, the government would also learn about it.         

          That’s really as far as we need to go with this.         
          Given the government’s precedent of freezing donations to “terrorist causes” etc. etc.         
          they would find a way to get in touch with Librty, have them stop the donations and also have them cough up the list of donors (so they could freeze their bank accounts) and recipients so they could recoup the funds received.

  41. We’ll have to change our minds to become more agile & ready to read the developing threats in the environment & adapt quickly. Some people have the temperament for getting out & in the fray.

    Others will weave & bob, trying to stay low-profile, well, & relatively free another day. Have to exit the framework of the state & banking/usury.

    To do this will take resourcefulness. Precious metals may be a good place to store value in a state. But your real value is in what you can supply that people need daily. Survival currency will still need to be supplemented.

    I’m with the those who are thinking about the value of tradable goods for daily living & coping: alcohol, cigarettes, infant formula & diapers, condoms, medicines, bicycles, children’s school curricula, skills for building & repairing & birthing & putting up food & making clothing, &c. And knowledge of how to use them. You could think of a 100 things.

    The Shackleton party is a good study in making meaningful life with few resources. Read Shackleton’s Heroes.

    Plus a library of household repair, field medicine, & classics. And if you are older, the system treats you as a consumer of pharma. Stop that. You are the source of knowledge about how things work & how to do that.

    For bigger communities there is the Global Village Construction Set. https://www.opensourceecology.org/gvcs/

  42. Fair assessment(what’s your pay-grade?).

    “Only then can you rationally decide what you want to do with your waning hours on Earth”

    Hammer meets nail.

    If you feel millions of motivated cannot overcome the objectives of the elite class once their jack boot enforcers realize that they and their loved ones have been poisoned and are subject to expanded poisoning in perpetuity will stay ‘on-side’ then perhaps one might re-evaluate their assessment. Perhaps not, we will find out(enter robotics).

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  43. What kind of monetary SYSTEM to create, is the wrong question. IMO.

    The most important aspect of what we call “money”, is how we define money itself.

    How we define money, determines how it functions in the world, and how it is maintained or governed.

    Mankind needs to understand the true nature, and somewhat hidden history, of what has been called, money.

    We don’t need any complicated SYSTEMS. We don’t need to waste time fixing existing ones…they were doomed when built.

    We need to fix money itself. The very nature of money. Once built correctly, any systems that evolve, will also function correctly, or better. Can’t fix stupid lol

    In my opinion, from my many many years of thinking on this, and from avoiding the confusion of nearly all trained economists; the vast majority of people do not or have not grasped the true nature of what I call sovereign organic money. Real money. Not made of or based on commodities either. That is and always was a mistake, and never needed.

    No, the problem is, humans have “thick skulls”, and are more ignorant than we think. Real “money” is so simple. Now please hear me. Been trying to get through for decades now; IT IS SO SIMPLE, people can not grasp what it is. Seriously.

    Without understanding the true nature of money, and how to build “money” correctly, people can not grasp it. Its’ weird! The more “educated” a person is, the harder it is to explain what sovereign organic money is, and how very much it would fix what is wrong with human society.

    Give me a smart group of 5 to 7 year olds to talk to, and in short order they will think real money is an obvious thing.

    The creation of sovereign organic REAL money, will bring down “the system”. Has to. The current systems do not function on real money.

    It needs to be created everywhere, a revolution in understanding “money” itself, a global peoples freedom movement to create it; but does not need to be a global currency.

    There are really only a few principles that must be met to properly define money so it functions correctly; IMO Though I am certain these principles are critical. You build an engine, you need certain parts.

    I know how to build this very simple engine. I always thought I would have to somehow live long enough, past the globalist NWO, once that failed, before I could get people to help me fix “money”. Ask my friends, even the ones brainwashed by MSM and fully injected; they will tell you I am good at fixing things lol

    Well things have changed a bit. I am sensing either a hundred monkeys approaching, or becoming an endangered species. The freedom protests, the exposing the tyrants as tyrants, has made more people willing to see things differently.

    Maybe this could be fixed now? People of Earth? Maybe I will not need to do this, teach this, as a very old and tired man who hardly cares anymore, after watching everything get F*^ked up?

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • the last good idea “snipped” by the algorithm, fits fact checker’s narrative.

  44. unstoppable
    “straight back to the hell they crawled out of.”

    demonic possession
    hungry ghosts

    there seems to be a massive ingression (from “hell” realms)

    as well as the detox we each must manage as the trouble
    we all carry from many scales and flavours of dubious choices

    • is our dominator electra-tech boiling to the surface
      of an otherwise wild self-sustainning biomass

      the same as morgellens?

  45. Advise from Roy !

    This is a scam ! from an idiot!

    Do not by it!


  46. A daunting task lay ahead, but, an absolutley necessary one!

  47. Factchecker, Have you read any David Gemmel books? You remind me of some of the characters in them like Nogusta. who fight on with zero hope in winning..yet they fight because they hate the enemy so much.

  48. This one was a banger James, maybe its info people don’t want to hear but it needs to be be said. The financial implications of the things the Canadian government is doing is truly horrifying. It’s setting a precedent, once its rolled out it’ll never be able to be reeled back in. KAF was great! Also good choice doing a flashback for that Solutions Watch, think people need a refresher.

    Have an awesome day!

  49. There is something to be gained in the struggle, even if one loses, to die knowing that you died on your feet with courage rather than a coward on your knees.

    I think we are up against something very formidable, much of it is psychological, which is always a component. The will to fight and die for ones cause and to die knowing that they actually lived for something can turn the tide.

    Even if you don’t believe in anything FC, you will know when you die, what you stand for and how you live your life. You are your own judge.

    For me, I think that they want us to believe we will fail, like how Mike Tyson defeated his opponents mentally first. He said he would give them the look and know in his opponents eyes that he had already won. A person will have no will, no stamina to persist if they believe the fight is already over.

    Don’t fall for this trap!! Believe in yourself and that even if you fail and die trying, your life was better lived than that of a keyboard warrior who takes their jabs and bends over for the man. That is sad, don’t be like that. Do something. Get out there and use your skills to help.

  50. Northern Louisiana…

    Feb 25th – By Ian Robinson at the Monroe News Star
    Cheaper with cash?
    Some local restaurants are charging customers more to pay with cards


    If you plan on eating out at local restaurant, you might want to stop at the ATM on the way.
    With food prices increasing and restaurants having to deal with higher costs and lower revenues, some local eateries are charging customers more for credit and debit card payments.

    Waterfront Grill announced plans to offset their expenses by implementing a surcharge on credit payments in a Facebook post on Feb. 22.
    “Our menu now reflects cash pricing,”
    the restaurant posted.
    “Due to the rising costs of food, utilities and labor we chose to implement a 4% charge on card payments instead of raising menu prices.
    While we recognize the inconvenience we hope our customers understand the necessity. Thank ya’ll for the continued support.”

    Operating expenses for the restaurant have skyrocketed, Waterfront Grill manager Jane Weems said.
    Weems said even labor costs have increased.
    “You know it takes more to hire people these days than it used to,”
    Weems said.
    “You have to pay people more, and you can only go so far on your menu prices so you have to find a way to cut some costs.
    That is one operating expense restaurants have always absorbed.
    The credit card company, in order to process fees, like last year it was a $53,000 cost out of my bottom line to process credit cards.

    The Dawg House Sports Grill in Ruston instituted a 4% surcharge for all card payments a little over a year ago, manager Alex Green said. Green said the basis for the surcharge was, in part, to help with the rising costs of food, utilities and labor.
    “It’s mainly for the payment for the credit card processing company,” Green said.

    Dawn Hardy, Manager of Burger Grind in West Monroe, said that business has not yet instituted a credit-card upcharge, but is encouraging customers to pay for orders with cash….

  51. Regarding cryptocurrencies, I’m only getting into them now and starting isn’t simple.

    A difficult initial task I found is to get your first chips with your local fiat currency while remaining anonymous, that is by avoiding KYC policies.
    The Binance exchange platform for instance will ask you for private details and go as far as asking you for a selfie.

    I eventually found a platform called Bisq that’s renowned for its privacy and its decentralized network.
    Basically it’s a software you download on your PC (preferably while using at least a VPN access): https://bisq.network/

    Now you need to get yourself your first (fraction of) Bitcoin as it’s the cryptocurrency you’ll need in order to leave a deposit for your fist transaction and start purchasing more Bitcoin.
    In order to get that first small amount, I went to a Bitcoin ATM.

    My aim is to get Monero since it was truly designed to keep your transactions anonymous, while Bitcoin seems to be more about speculating.

    Anyone willing to give any advice is welcome.

  52. Wonderful money talk James!! We all gotta do this now…. and your explanations are so clear, nobody who actually listens to you, can misunderstand. I am re-visiting all money decisions I make and will sure my family does the same. Also I have a theory that our minds are capped, and that is why we never grow to maturity in our human community. We reach the slaves limit, and the brain recycles down and we never get out of this slave culture. I’m serious, and researching this now. Is human DNA controlled so that we don’t use our full human brain capacity? The anecdotal evidence is compelling, so I will dive deeper… best regards Buz

  53. Our lives are short which is why we all think in such temporary ways sometimes. There is no human on earth who could do any of these heinous things for all eternity. If things go full dystopia, it may take centuries, or millennia, but it will change again

  54. Hello James your French Canadian fan here from Laval, Qc

    I do agree people don’t see or don’t want to see what IS already there because they have effectively crossed the line by attacking our rights written in th liberty chart.
    I feel so alone in my family and relatives but I met new people ready to fight in order to bring our rights back. Thank for helping to real new world who will mean de centralized power governance in local economy witch exchange, troc and plenty of new way to pay.

    BTW I read in wikikipedia shit that you are a mental illness person so I hope you did well since that time ???

  55. Monday February 21, 2022 – BusinessWire
    Pro-Freedom Revere Payments Proudly Becomes the Official Payments Processor of CPAC

    LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Revere Payments announced that it is proud to become the official payments processor of CPAC and the American Conservative Union. Revere is a brand wholly owned and operated by commerce and payments platform Metrics Global.

    “At Revere Payments, we believe in the freedom to do business, not cancel culture,”
    said Metrics Global founder and CEO Wendy Kinney.
    “Everyday we partner with clients to eliminate their risk of being deplatformed or restricted by financial institutions taking political stances.
    Law abiding business owners should never have to wonder whether they will be discriminated against and shut down because of their political beliefs,”
    she continued.
    “We provide white glove service to process transactions with state of the art technology to protect sensitive data and prevent fraud—whether you are conservative, liberal, neither, and everything in between.”

    … Revere Payments provides its clients with online payment solutions,
    in-store point-of-sale solutions,
    and event-based solutions.
    They are partnering with clients across the United States to mitigate political risk.
    They process credit, debit, and bank-to-bank transactions securely.
    Revere Payments’ parent company is Metrics Global, a long-established commerce and payments platform.

    For more information about Revere Payments, visit: http://www.ReverePayments.com.

  56. Despite the negative view, I agree with your realism.

    IMO all the efforts to create survival currencies and Crypto, are ill advised and not sustainable, and are selfish. Being selfish is a survival attitude, but often does not ultimately benefit, in the long run. Can work if you separate yourself from society.

    The proper solution is fixing “money” itself, for everyone.

    Understanding the NATURE of “money” is KEY.

    Creating sovereign organic money for all, with simple controls, will/would fix 90% of what is wrong with human society; IMO.

    When you start with a corrupt money system, designed to rob the planet, all use of that “money” runs like a poison throughout society, causing people to fight, steel, cheat, lie, sabotage, destroy, manipulate…..but it’s just business, correct?

    We create sovereign organic money. Real money, and all the world changes for the better; so much so, I bet none of you can imagine by how much.

    • You can’t fix stupid with technology. Technology can not resolve societal issues that are deep rooted in misunderstanding of basic principles and lack/absence of care.

      Hoping that technology would put society at large back on the tracks (whether or not we have ever even been on the tracks is very much debatable) basically boils down to hoping for a benevolent technocracy.

  57. Article by Mark Jeftovic, founder of the Bombthrower blog and CEO of easyDNS.com.

    March 5, 2022
    No, Canada did NOT seize any crypto wallets connected with the #FreedomConvoy, here’s why
    Short answer: They can’t


    (Unless they’re in a hot wallet on an exchange within Canadian jurisdiction).
    Longer answer:
    I’m seeing references and hearing anecdotally how the Canadian government froze or even seized crypto wallets associated with the #FreedomConvoy fundraising efforts…

    …Further, it orders that any wallet that receives funds from any of these wallets also be frozen. Technically that means if somebody were to move a single satoshi to Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, BitBuy, etc – then the receiving hot wallets of those exchanges are technically “frozen” as well.
    This isn’t really tenable, and this issue has actually come up before…

    …But the reality is that none of these wallets are actually frozen. Not in the same sense of when a bank freezes your account. I would argue that the more accurate way to describe those wallets would be as “restricted”, not frozen.
    In crypto, those wallet holders can still move those Bitcoin to any other BTC address…

    …(One of the key tenets of our Crypto Capitalist Manifesto is that, in general terms, increasing amounts of wealth moving into the cryptoverse is one-way, there is no intention of it ever coming back out into fiat).

    Within this cryptoverse, these nodes can take the form of:
    ~~~ Non-FINTRAC regulated exchanges
    ~~~ Decentralized exchanges (DEX)
    ~~~ Peer-to-peer exchanges
    ~~~ Alternate Layer-1 blockchains, Layer 2 protocols and wrapped assets
    ~~~ Decentralized Finance (DeFi) apps, automated market makers and liquidity pools
    ~~~ Bridges between any and all of these…

    …some sort of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)…
    …One of which is PancakeSwap, which is one of those decentralized DAOs I was just talking about.
    PancakeSwap isn’t an entity that can be readily subjected to a court order,
    it’s a smart contract…

    …In a period of extreme financial turmoil such as a bank run or currency collapse where governments may be imploding while issuing all manner of orders and emergency edicts in desperation, wallet holders can be secure in the knowledge that they will still have the ability to execute capital flight even if the traditional banking sector and payment sectors are suffering extreme dislocations and breaking down.

  58. March 3, 2022 – by SWNS at The Epoch Times via Zero Hedge
    Couple Who Live In Self-Built ‘Clay’ Home Haven’t Had To Pay Any Bills For Over 10 Years

    EXCERPTS – [See PHOTOs at source]
    A family who lives in an impressive off-grid self-built “clay” home have paid no bills for over a decade—saving them about US$55,000 (CA$70,000) a year.

    Misty Murph’Arien, 36, and her husband, Bryce, 46, have become homesteaders—self-sufficiency experts—since moving into a remote Canadian forest 15 years ago.

    The couple, who have daughters, Sage, 7, and Aurora, 5, are almost entirely self-sufficient, cooking their meals on a wood stove, getting their food from a vegetable farm and a range of animals, their electricity from solar panels, and their water from a well.

    The couple met while working as chefs in Hamilton, but quickly realized they weren’t suited to living in the big city.
    Misty, from Dundalk, Ontario, said: “From the moment we met, we instantly knew we wanted to live an alternative lifestyle.”..

    …For the first three years, they spent time learning how to lead the homestead lifestyle, before going out on their own and buying a piece of farmland in the local area in 2009 for CA$37,500 (approx. US$30,000)…

    …The couple spent weeks cleaning up the land, which was covered with trash and abandoned materials. They then took four months to build their “cob” home—a natural material made of clay, sand, and straw—for just CA$10,000 (approx. US$8,000).
    Every summer since the move, the family has expanded and improved their home. Misty homeschools their daughters and teaches them a traditional syllabus with the addition of key primal skills, animal care, and building techniques…

    …In order to make their earnings, Misty and Bryce run a small catering business in the local community. They get around by cycling, walking, or traveling on horseback, as they don’t have a car.
    Bryce claims the reason their family is financially stable despite their lack of consistent income is their low-cost, self-sufficient lifestyle…

    …“I think the difference with our lifestyle is not so much what we do, but why we do it,” Bryce said. “Of course, we do have to acquire money, but the focus of our day is finding the most sustainable and fulfilling way to live.”
    According to Bryce, most people spend the majority of their time working to afford the necessities of life. However, he and his family, he says, spend their time working to acquire these necessities directly.
    “Granted its not a life for everyone, but it works for us, and, as a family, we’ve never been happier,” Bryce said.

    • Thanks for this interview Fawlty Towers.

      This is VERY relevant…
      10 – What happened to the CONVOY MONEY? (interview with the accountant) (h/t gabyville)
      “Recommended Listening” from James Corbett’s 2/28 article
      The Ukraine Crisis: What You Need to Know

      1:18:00 mark
      I was relieved to hear in the Viva Frei interview…
      Jacob of GiveSendGo: “…decision coming sooner than later…We don’t want this to languish…refund it…
      Viva Frei:“Refunding it should put an end to that preposterous lawsuit….”

    • So the importance of this conversation is not overlooked, I want to highlight Fawlty Towers’ link.

      Livestream with GiveSendGo CoFounder, Jacob Wells – Viva Frei Live!

      Jacob Wells of GiveSendGo gives an excellent description of how hard they try to service any group. This includes Satanists despite the fact that GiveSendGo is a Christian based organization.

  59. A couple of problems with the Corbett Report comment section and website.

    There are more of course, but these recently came up and so I thought I’d mention them. 🙂

    When the responses to an initial comment begins, each response is indented to the right.
    Each response is given a ‘Reply’ button until at some point the Comment section ‘gives up’ and just stops offering a ‘Reply’ button.

    At that stage one option (the most logical one perhaps) is to look for the first post above the one you would like to reply to that offers a ‘Reply’ button.

    But the problem with that option is that the person who your message is intended for, may not see your reply if their name wasn’t the one who you replied to. And consequently they will not be notified by e-mail of your reply.

    Another problem is with the site search engine. While it is fairly robust at pulling up Corbett articles etc., it falls short when searching for comments in the comments section.

    I just did several tests now, searching for a variety of search terms from the comment section, and none of them were found with the site search engine.

    • You’ll have better luck searching for “site:corbettreport.com search term” in any given search engine. I don’t think this site search tool searcher anywhere but in the article content. Which makes sense to an extent.

      • “You’ll have better luck searching for “site:corbettreport.com search term” in any given search engine.”

        OK thanks!

        I discovered the trick now. 🙂
        This should help out others.

        Don’t use the Corbett search engine at the top right of the site page!

        Use these two steps:

        1. Use a standard search engine to search for ‘site:corbettreport.com search term’ (per mkey).

        2. When you click the link that’s found (the Corbett page), then use the browser search function Ctrl-s.

        BTW mkey your tampermonkey script is still giving problems.
        For example, when starting a bullet with ‘1.’
        it will dutifully offer ‘2.’ and ‘3.’ etc.
        But when you ‘Save’ the comment (post it) the numbered bullets disappear!

        For my above comment I had to go back and manually enter the numbered bullets.

        • I have made some changes to the script, version 0.3 is out. Do let me know if tampermonkey offers the update automatically. Maybe try restarting the browser prior to doing the manual install.


          I’m aware of the numbering issue, it has to do with how this site handles numbered lists. I’ll give the rich text box a look and see if this can be disabled completely. Or maybe I could do some monkey business and edit the html before sending the comment.

          I try not to use dots, that makes it easier.

          1: line 1
          2: line 2

          • Thanks for the update mkey.
            I will test out the numbering in this post.
            I’m not sure if I updated properly. We’ll see.
            I did follow your instructions, but don’t see a way to
            view which version I am currently using here.

            The e-mail button is a nice touch to have.

            Let’s see how this works.Number twoNumber three…

            Well you either didn’t want to fix the numbering, or if you did, I haven’t updated properly. 🙂

            • I didn’t fix the numbering. I’m just suggesting a workaround. Something like this;

              1- one
              2- two


              1: one
              2: two


              1 one
              2 two

              None of these will automatically number, of course.

              • OK got ya’.

                About the search feature you added… (site search)
                I just tried it a few times.
                The search engine you are using isn’t finding my search terms.
                A major search engine is finding them (sometimes). 🙂

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