Episode 412 – I Read The Great Narrative (So You Don’t Have To!)

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Podcasts | 67 comments

Remember when the World Economic Forum held a conference on “The Great Narrative”? And remember when Klaus Schwab threatened to release a book on the topic? Well, guess what? It’s heeeere. That’s right, I read The Great Narrative and now I’m spilling the beans on the globalists plans for the technocratic future . . . and revealing the truth that we have the power to write our own narrative.

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Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch

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  1. James,
    Thanks for reading and summarizing “The Great Narrative”, so that I don’t have too. Indeed, I already know that evil exists, and have no desire to meet the Devil face to face. These Actors may have plans for us real People, however the real power is with real People with real heart felt convictions.
    Trudeau should be arrested immediately before he does even more harm.

    Anna Von Reitz has written a few posts on what to do.

    She has made over 3500 Posts on her webpage which map out a means by which the People can gain control over their Corporate Governments and/or fire them. It is definitely worth looking into as a viable solution.

  2. “You know, who tells the stories of a culture really governs human behavior. It used to be the parent, the school, the church, the community. Now it’s a handful of global conglomerates that have nothing to tell, but a great deal to sell” – George Gerbner

    • Don’t forget this is the future THEY want. Nobody asked us what future we want, the Common Man’s future, the future of the Untermensch supposedly. They want the future they have already created, the British model of permanent castes of the privileged, the only one they can imagine, the “opinion makers.” Where’s Our Narrative, the “Lesser Narrative,” of humankind. Where we “proles” wipe out forever all these useless leaders, the selfish bloodsuckers, the so-called supposedly “Ubermensch” and design a human future? Let’s start to write this today. We’d better hurry before we are wiped out ourselves. One of the cardinal rules of parasitism is to never get virulent enough to kill your host. Then you die. They should remember that.

      • Hello! Exactly what I think and say to people all the time! Just because they took the chance to define our lives doesn’t mean we ourselves can’t get active in terms of designing our own future…

  3. This is a bit of a side note, but in watching this 3-part doc [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfDoml-Db64&list=PLAB-wWbHL7Vsfl4PoQpNsGp61xaDDiZmh] on how Jan Hendrik Schön almost lied and manipulated his way into receiving a Nobel Prize. In his research the author compiles various data sets on Nobel Prize winners. One of them was to determine what words were most often used by them, and ain and again ‘eugenics’ comes up as the most often used word.

    I am not sure if the data was culled was from their published papers exclusively, or included other sources, so I will have to give it another viewing, but it is an interesting video anyway.

  4. Only sociopaths would think that “teaching empathy” was a novel idea.

    • Psychopaths are, according to some studies (still more need to be done before accepting it as an official truth), literally incapable of feeling empathy. It’s no surprise, then, that they don’t understand how it works. Although they’re right about how teaching it could help, this looks more like the idea of creating a problem and then offering the solution for it, thus making yourself out as the savior.

      • “Although they’re right about how teaching it could help,”

        Is it even possible to teach an emotion? How does that work?

        • It’s more about explaining actions like sharing and putting yourself in one’s shoes. Our psychological makeup is part nature, part nurture, so being a good role model, teaching kids to share, and encouraging good behaviour helps. I recommend you learn more about the main difference between psychopaths and sociopaths, which is this: psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made.

        • Steve Smith,

          “Is it even possible to teach an emotion?”

          Of course no. Empathy is part of our non-cognitive psyche, so teaching (cognitive process) is impossible, at least that wouldn’t be a genuine empathy, that would be a surrogate empathy.
          We are wired for empathy, hard-core science of neurology even pinned it down to some extent to ‘mirror neurons’.

          Mental ejaculate of “teaching empathy” is one of many instances of incoherence in their narrative. Namely, why on earth would they try to empower people’s empathy, that is not in their best interest. Empathy is the precursor of solidarity. We are capable of empathizing with every single human being on this planet, there is only a question of magnitude(quantity), not quality. They don’t want genuine solidarity, because they are gone once when widespread solidarity will occur. Surrogate solidarity in form of “we are all in this together” is here to fulfil people’s innate desires.

  5. Boy, have I got a narrative for you!

    How about George Orwell’s 1984? That’s imagining the future for ‘ya. How about Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale”? Wouldn’t that be lovely!? How about the movie “I am Legend” with Will Smith which starts with a vaccine for cancer that ends up turning everyone into a zombie and wiping out humans? Wow, let’s go with that one! Oh, maybe we did! How many more of these are there? Dozens.

    The problem with dystopian narratives like Schwab’s is that, once imagined, it’s hard to unimagine them, and everyone starts to expect them, creating self-fulfilled expectations. We’ve already imagined them so this looks familiar when it happens. Why does the world look every day more and more like that of Winston Smith in his Ministry of Truth? Is this another handbook being adopted to design a caste-ridden future? Or is it already here?

    • Oryx and Crake depicts this video’s theme better. Have you read that one? If not, I recommend the Maddadam trilogy by Atwood. I find The Heart Goes Last somewhat prophetic about what could also happen, but only metaphorically for certain aspects. (I don’t want to give the punch line).

  6. **Desire and fear: feelings is what make fiction real**

    At about the same time that “the Great Narrative”[1] was entering the alternative media, was released the fourth opus of the Matrix series: “The Matrix Resurrections”[2] And interestingly, embedded in a Sci-Fi story is a lecture on how to control people with fiction:

    “People don’t give a shit about facts, it’s all about fiction.
    The only world that matters is the one in the mind.
    And people believe the craziest shit!
    What validates and makes fictions real?
    Here’s the thing about feelings.
    They’re so much easier to control than facts.
    And, the best part, zero resistance.
    People stay in their pods,
    happier than pigs in shit.
    People are quietly yearning for what they don’t have,
    While dreading losing what they do.
    For 99.9% of the human race,
    that is the definition of reality.
    Desire and fear.

    Those sentences sound familiar?

    – Don’t you want to go back to normal? Don’t you want to travel again? Don’t you want to hug your grand-parents again? Are you yearning for freedom?
    – Do you want to lose your job? Do you want to get fined? Do you want to be ostracized?

    **The Great Narrative is about controlling people’s feelings through fiction using desire and fear to lead them, obediently, to a desired outcome.**

    And as a good story teller knows, the keep the audience captivated, the next chapter needs to meet higher expectations: more fear, more deaths. Like Bill Gates said: “the next pandemic will get attention this time.”[3]

    “The Great Narrative.” World Economic Forum, https://www.weforum.org/events/the-great-narrative-2021/about/. Accessed 19 Feb. 2022.↩︎
    “The Matrix Resurrections (2021) – IMDb.” IMDb, 23 Dec. 2021, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10838180/.↩︎
    “A Special Edition of Path Forward with Bill and Melinda Gates.” YouTube, 23 June 2020, https://youtu.be/fWQ2DsHWrQE?t=405.↩︎

    • Could the next one be the hemorrhagic fever outbreak in China that was mentioned on Info wars? Or maybe that’s just more fear and blame thrown at the Chinese?

      I think overcoming fear with narrative can counteract it. Promoting love and creativity and exitement for living fully in the real world.

  7. We just need to put the old Coca-Cola “Id like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” commercial on reloop and imagine our way to utopia. The most dangerous ideologies have no transcendent truth because they have no God.

    • Their narrative is no longer about The Real Thing.

  8. Thank you. Thank you! For being so funny in the face of…well, everything. I turned my computer on after a *very painful* week to see what’s been up at the Corbett Report, intending to listen while I cooked some homemade, from scratch, food to nurture myself. You had me laughing over and over this morning while at the same time delivering high-quality, necessary information, as I chopped and pondered away.

    There are times that I am *enormously* grateful for your hard work. Grateful for how you think, for how you joke…

    Not to start making anyone have to grab a wastebasket to barf at intolerable treacle, but James, I am so grateful for what you do in the world and how you do it because you really do make a palpable, positive, nurturing difference in my life. Thank you.

  9. WORLD’S BEST MEME. I haven’t even gotten into it yet, but if a “coverpage” can paint a picture, the gloves pointer and face sum it up.

    Now, I dive in and can’t wait! Hilarious. Accurate. Meme

  10. The tyrant, indeed, has nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?
    La Boétie concludes his exhortation by assuring the masses that to overthrow the tyrant they need not act, nor shed their blood. They can do so “merely by willing to be free.” In short, Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces. ~ ÉTIENNE DE LA BOÉTIE

  11. “True evil exists”

    Easily the most succinct review of globalism of all time.

  12. Wait, are they really saying that they want to create chemtrails that eat CO2, or did you make that up on the spot as a possible future creation to look out for? If they seriously want to eliminate carbon dioxide, what are plants going to eat? It’s such a large portion of their nutrient intake…

    • Right! AND the very thing we need to combat deforestation, if that is the extreme issue (probably is in certain areas of the world) they claim it to be. Couldn’t global warming, as the thing they think they have described so fully and accurately as to put it to bed forever, be largely resolved by ensuring more plants?

      An image: A friend of a friend who got into a global warming debate with me thought she had won when she summed it all up with “you are a climate denier”. I love that. I’m the one who says climate changes and we might as well get used to it. They are the ones who think humans can control what they think we got too far out of control to correct.

      So, the image: In triumph, this friend of a friend went out on the deck to gloat over her debate victory with a friend who clearly shared her views and reminded this friend of a friend that not only was there a global warming crisis that morphs into climate crisis as needed, but also a major water shortage.

      So they moved on to this major new issue of the day a few years ago. I could not help noticing this passionate plea for everyone to figure out ways to stop people wasting water was taking place with the entire Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.

      Not that we can drink the ocean, but the water we do drink comes from there. It just proved, utterly, passion is not a substitute for understanding. They have nothing but the former, as they lack almost entirely the latter.

      • I’ve had similar discussions about various topics. Some people just don’t want to consider a different opinion. What can we do? Just let them live in their bubble and move on to someone who at least listens.

  13. James Corbett’s STORY about Our Great Narrative
    Aka “Episode 412 – I Read The Great Narrative (So You Don’t Have To!)”

    For those who have short attention spans, start watching at the 36:32 minute mark…
    James Corbett says:
    ”You can see how the Narrative can be set in a certain way, just by reporting on this or not reporting on that. And that’s how it is done. Narrative Control.”

    James Corbett talks about how the public’s trust in the Corporate Controlled Media and Government continues to decline year after year.
    Corbett says:
    ”And that is important, because it speaks to a Great Narrative that is happening that the “would be great narrative writers” like Schwab and his cronies do not want to see right now and they are actively working against.”
    Corbett points out that the mainstream media will never televise the fact that people are losing trust in the MSM.

    After James points out that the broad public is waking up to the fake media, he says:
    ”And here’s the next stage of that “understanding”, that consciousness raising that’s going on right now…and that is: We are not some idle spectators in some sort of sporting event…
    …No, that is not the answer to this.
    The real Great Narrative that we are writing is to understand that we are Active Narrators here…We are participating. We can change it.
    AND, we can relay that narrative to other people!
    …Wake up people! We are the media.
    This is an incredibly important point. And this is really the narrative that They don’t want you to know about…”

    Then Broc West shows an EXCERPT from “Interview 1698 – James Corbett Lays Out the Biosecurity Agenda” where Corbett makes a variety of extremely profound points.
    Talking about the Freedom Convoy narrative of liberty, James says:
    ”It is up to US to put that message out there!…We can actually direct this narrative. It is, in some ways, the most exciting time in human history…and We can tell that STORY for ourselves!…we have a part to play in this.”

    After the Excerpt, James Corbett emphasizes the IMPORTANCE of this MESSAGE which he is relaying.
    We can set the Narrative. That is our power. We have the power, not the would-be global controllers. And when we realize that, we are unstoppable…
    …Once we recognize that we are the ones that actually have the power to set the agenda, its game over for the would-be world controllers.”

    • ”Tell the STORY”
      Let’s not be hollow headed, with a breeze flowing through one ear and out the other.
      We damn well better utilize this simple tool.
      And anyone can do it. Anywhere.
      It is a SOLUTION.

      This is a game for all the marbles. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines as glib, anal-yzing spectators while staying silent.

      Corbett emphasizes:
      ”It is up to us to put that message out there!”
      That is our TEAM.

      The other Team stays quiet. That is exactly what the mainstream media does…they do NOT put the message out there. They are silent.

      ”STORY has been the way to most effectively shape the consciousness of the people.”
      — James Corbett

      At this moment in time, there is a pronounced MOMENTUM of people waking up across the world.
      Let’s roll with that! Hype it, promote it, repeat the message every chance we get.

    • This is an incredibly important point. And this is really the narrative that They don’t want you to know about…”…

      They don’t want us to know that so many of us know about their actions and who they are and getting a very clear picture of their level of control and degree of evil.

      We know. They know we know. Then we went through the “we know they know” stage (censorship) and now we are at We know they know that we know what they are doing. So their actions are about preserving and regrouping right now. I do not sense they have lost any confidence/hubris.

  14. The elected elite and their bureaucrats/LEOs who have been granted a monopoly of force to run everyone else’s life, violate rights in the name of “the common good”, create a socially unsustainable way to live. Government by coercion rejects reason, rights, personal choice, precludes debate, substitutes propaganda/fraud.
    I have rejected this superstitious politics since the 40’s when I was expelled twice, once from 5th, again from 6th grades for not swearing my allegiance to some mystical authority (flag & country). I wanted to know what that meant before I gave my word to support it. I was met with violence twice (two different teachers), dragged roughly by the arm/ear to the principle’s office, even through the SCOTUS had ruled (1945) I could NOT be forced. Even then, low level govt. goons were violating rights.
    It’s not that wrong people get into power; it’s that the power exists, that some people choose to be ruled, and believe they have the right to force their desires on all. Why do they believe this indefensible superstition? Why this faith in force?
    It’s been a dangerous psychological disease since recorded human history. It needs to be cured with a reasoned argument/dialogue, i.e., a therapy session for all who unconsciously hold it.

    • watch out for what you ask for, seems genetic “therapy” is all the rage?
      Always something or someone to “fix”.

    • You definitely ruffled the feathers of the super elite with this one. I can share other episodes of yours on Facebook, but NOT this one. I rubbed elbows with Super Elites during my years living in the HAMPTONS, NY. They stick together for sure, and have a specific goal. They believe it is THEIR duty to fix the world, and are as evil and twisted as they come. Keep up the great reporting, James. Much respect for your insight, and brilliant reporting. When the orchestrators of societal engineering scrub you, you know you’re on the right track. Data in this particular episode caused a lot of flack. I’m thinking it is the revealing of the WEF players, in particular, Yuval Harari, and Schwab, as one cannot share this particular link to SM platforms. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to revealing the agenda(s), and most importantly for your pro active stance in moving forward, looking for solutions. Your presentations pulled me back onto this road, where I’d just about given up trying to better our world. I’m back, and continuing to learn things that would blow people’s socks off, from such a simple, fundamental, health standpoint, based on nutritional information these players have so cunningly supressed. Thanks for giving me the inspiration. Peace and all my best to you and yours.
      Sincerely, Martha

  15. The Great “Word”
    Whatever happens in the world, WEF has a word
    I researched the “Great Word” (so you don’t have too) 🙂

    The Great Relearning

    The Great Re-evaluation

    The Great Financing (the Great Refinancement)
    The first time I looked into it, just to see what I could find, “the Great Refinancement” popped-up. I found it interesting because, first, it doesn’t look like a proper English word and, second, it made sense since this crisis and the following ones are, in part, about crashing the world economies.
    Unfortunately, I’m not able to find again.
    The Great Financing : https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/12/global-debt-record-226-trillion-public-private/

    The Great Reshuffle

    The Great Resignation

    The Great Acceleration

    The Great Rehiring

    The Great Wealth Tax

    The Great Unbundling

    the Great American Rail-Trail

    the Great Lockdown

    The Great Equalizer

    The Great AI

    The Great Policy Divergence

    Search string (if you want to keep digging)
    Search : https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%22the+Great%22+-wall+-influenza+-Barrier+-Reshuffle+-depression+-policy+-internet+-evolution+-outdoors+-Indo+-cultural+-facilitator+-equalizer+-lakes+-shark+-lockdown+-unbundling+-wealth+-recession+-melt+-levelling+-green+-reset+-narrative+-re*evaluation+-relearning+-resignation+-acceleration+site%3Aweforum.org%2F&t=ffab&ia=web

    IPFS : ipfs://QmZCaAMVn1PeJUyD5hWwyTGXiZ4grvSwEekak4HUwBbohG
    Zeronet :

  16. Been wishing that someone would encase Schwabby in a concrete block so we don’t have to.

  17. Well, wasn’t that fun, James Corbett? thanks so much for the review. It’s surprising how simple and …..juvenile? it is.I mean the writing, the book. And yet….
    I’m intrigued at the film of Schwab you showed. It is as if they are so envious of our creative abilities, and they are so wanting to be able to imitate us, and to be human.
    I know, this sounds maudlin, but….for sure they must be the most manipulated and mind controlled of all?
    Here’s a little exclusive gift for y’all. Thanks again for this one, James. It has set me into some deep considerations.


  18. Thanks for reading and expalining this book. Did you do a similar video for Schawb and Malleret’s, Covid-19 and The Great Reset?

  19. Life can start returning to normal only in the rich world? Oh really? Here in Tanzania everything is perfectly normal as it was in 2019. “Vaccination” rate as per “ourworldindata.org” is only 4.1%…

    • That’s funny! I did get the great reset from the library and will do the same for this one at some point. I enjoyed the reviews on Amazon though. ?
      James thank you always for all of your great research, links and videos but this one was especially good to hear. I agree with a previous comment about your humour being such a nice touch after a long work week…here in Calgary.

  20. It is hard to see these outsiders as anything but overly elite, self-empowered, non-governmental jerks masquerading as some kind of quasi-governmental authority who state their desire to overthrow all national governments in favor of “a one-world government” which, let’s face it, is just “US” when they say it.

    Basically, they think they can get away with this plan by getting people to go along with it by believing lies. They state they are taking over the world and using terms people who get their news from Yahoo can hardly fathom.

    That does not change what it is. I have this different view of the events in Canada as also a means for them to test the limits of their controls, to see the outcome of that experiment, to see if they can actually come out in the open as tyrants and get “liberals” (whatever that is anymore) to go along with it.

    So any person in the US supporting this is quite literally guilty of Treason.

  21. that’s stunning in its open brutality. “We” is HIS word. so THEY is our word.

  22. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!! Sorry, James. Everyone. Had to get that out.

    Last night I was in Tops market bending over the few remaining discounted sushi rolls in the portable ice packed display trying to determine, by color, if the 6 remaining salmon rolls in the plastic container were the farm bred variety or wild caught. I had just decided I was going to take a chance when I heard a voice behind me say: “You know, you should really wear a mask when you’re in the market. You’re making us all look bad.” The voice belonged to a younger guy, about 3 inches taller (I’m 6 feet) and 30 or 40 years younger, who was now walking away, evidently satisfied he had done his civic duty. I said nothing but woke up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night, the mind rehashing the scenario, 8 hours later, composing what could have been my response.

    In my midnight musing I called out to him as he walked away: “HEY!! Yeah, you!” He stops and I approach. “By “us”, I’m assuming you mean all the other obedient brain dead TV addicted farangs who have their collective heads so far up their ass, breathing their own CO2, inviting a host of diseases in the artificially induced anaerobic corporeal environment, that you’ll not only never see the light of day but most likely be dead in a couple years of either cancer, coronary thrombosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, myocarditis, kidney failure, herpes zoster, lymphopenia, thrombocytopenia, or God knows what else, long before those of us who chose to trust our natural immune system and breathe the wonderful, freely given, life affirming oxygen. Look, you ambulatory fully inoculated poor excuse for a human being!” SLAP!! “If you want to grow up to be one of those drooling hydra hosting Elon brain chipped Gates owned cyborgs, be my guest. Or better yet – Be Dead! Wear your fucking mask until the rest of your brain cells go on strike! But leave me alone while I concentrate on this dead fish. Now fuck off!”

    By then I would most likely have attracted the manager, who has already screamed at me once for not wearing a mask (I’ve always felt the least I could do was set a good example). But he hasn’t bothered me since. Tricky living in Thailand where most everyone wears a mask. Had I acted out my fantasy I might now be in a Thai jail asking the guard: “Am I allowed a computer in here? How ‘bout Wifi? Is there a good signal?” (If you know anything about Thai jails; those wouldn’t have been options)

    Since mid October, when I got hit by a car crossing the street by a kid who was paying more attention to his electronic hand held device than the surface area ahead, these past few months have been… challenging. Hope Clif High is right and we’ll have some relief soon. I swear – there have been times I’ve been tempted to join Arby. Bless you, dude. Wherever you are.

    • Well please don’t join Arby dammit. I can’t take many more of those before I start rethinking the NAP.
      But I like your response. And I hope that you feel a little better for having gotten it off your chest. Albeit belatedly. But perhaps its better that way.
      I admire your restraint and am grateful that I was rarely challenged for my noncompliance during the height of the madness because the few times I was resulted in my having to cut ties with a few businesses in the area.
      I tend to speak too quickly too often.
      But I admit that I kind of enjoy practicing to get better at presenting true information to people who are only listening to propaganda.

      At any rate, don’t let the bastards get you down. Angry maybe. You deserve to be. But don’t let them hang out too long in your head.
      This is too interesting a time to be alive and experience to get so discouraged that you would think about checking out early.

    • Oh, and please don’t place too much confidence in the predictions of people. Not even ones who have had discussions with large super intelligent insects.
      I like Clif. But you’re responsible for your own relief. Are you stuck in Thailand by choice or are you unable to leave? Whats your home port?

  23. The Nazi Flag Story as told by a Witness
    (35 seconds)

    “This what “THEY” didn’t tell you.
    He was going around saying:
    ‘Is this what you want for our country? It’s what Trudeau is going to turn our flag into if we allow this draconian fascism to continue. Is this what you want the Maple Leaf to be replaced by?’
    And he is speaking with a European accent. So I am thinking that he comes from a country that knows about fascism.”

    As far as the Confederate Flag…who knows?…maybe it was just some dimwit low IQ “rebel” who drinks too much beer…or a plant for bad PR.
    How a Confederate Flag makes it to Canada is beyond me.
    But, I gotta tell ya…there are some people on boths sides of this that ain’t too bright.

  24. The elected elite and their bureaucrats/LEOs who have been granted a monopoly of force to run everyone else’s life, violate rights in the name of “the common good”, create a socially unsustainable way to live. Government by coercion rejects reason, rights, personal choice, precludes debate, substitutes propaganda/fraud.
    I have rejected this superstitious politics since the 40’s when I was expelled twice, once from 5th, again from 6th grades for not swearing my allegiance to some mystical authority (flag & country). I wanted to know what that meant before I gave my word to support it. I was met with violence twice (two different teachers), dragged roughly by the arm/ear to the principle’s office, even through the SCOTUS had ruled (1945) I could NOT be forced. Even then, low level govt. goons were violating rights.
    It’s not that wrong people get into power; it’s that the power exists, that the people choose to be rule and believe they have the right to force their desires on all. Why do they believe this indefensible superstition? Why this faith in force?
    It’s been a dangerous psychological disease (or political immaturity) since recorded human history. It needs to be cured with a reasoned argument/dialogue, i.e., a therapy session for all who unconsciously hold it.

  25. Many, MANY glowies in the forum right now. You know the sort of thing. “Hey kid ya wanna download this bomb manual”. Was thinking its in the realm of possibility it was some blue pill but sadly probably state action. On the plus side at least not a single person bought the planted guns story the RCMP tried to pull. These cops must be feeling a little lonely right now. Great work James. Its a testament to your work that you’re esteemed by a wide range of people. Darth Schwab needs a honk.

  26. Hello James,

    Great Video. I viewed it through the lens of Social Constructionism i.e. the socially created nature of social life… which emphasize the idea that society is actively and creatively produced by human beings. They portray the world as made or invented — rather than merely given or taken for granted as social worlds are interpretive nets woven by individuals and groups… In psychology, a linked term — constructivism — is often associated with the work of Jean Piaget, and refers to the process by which the cognitive structures that shape our knowledge of the world evolve through the interaction of environment and subject… Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, are based on this philosophy, which also influences most disciplines, including education, religion, art, etc. While reading a book, one can co-create it through active interaction with the author and this is possible in all aspects of life. We have more choices than we have been conditioned to believe. The reins are in our hands to step out of the matrix… we can vote with our feet.

  27. James,

    My first post has to be a heartfelt thank you for this.

    I just couldn’t bring myself to pay good money for a copy of Klaus bottom-feeder Schwab’s literary vomit, and then force myself to read it. My psyche is still reeling from RFK’s The Real Fauci, though Judy Mikovits prepared me for that one.

    Your work continues to keep my husband and I sane, alert and positive in our attitude towards the future. Very much ‘over’ mourning for our quiet retirement, we wear our ‘non-citizen’ ‘domestic terrorist’ ‘Résistant’ labels with pride, and are setting up an autonomous community as a resounding middle finger to Mr Global.

    To you wonderful members of the James Corbett Clan, thank you for your humour, and for your intelligent comments. I love you all.

    Can anyone help me? I am looking for a link to the SHTF thread that the guy in bosnia(?) wrote to an American prepper site. I thought I’d downloaded it, but just can’t find it now. It’s my fault, my hard drive is awash with Telegram memes, and I’ve never been a slave to any sort of housekeeping.

    Many thanks

  28. Thank you James for reading their mental masturbation for us. I’ve read some similar stuff, it’s not easy, fast reading is helpful, but foremost strong determination is needed, otherwise disgust towards mental crap will outweigh and prevail.

    WEF is full of inconsistencies and incoherences, I’ve already said something about teaching empathy in a comment above. For a Narrative that is not of utmost importance (latter about that), however I think it’s helpful to be aware of that aspect.

    They said: “…re-engineer biological systems to meet human demands.”

    This claim is the epitome of their inconsistency and outright insanity.
    They are prophesying biodiversity while at the same time pimping synthetic biology, that is anti-thesis of biodiversity, which in its essence is embracing the natural untouched by humans.
    There is a danger imperfect Crispr technology will make an uncontrollable monster, might be in a form of tiny bacteria. What most people are not aware of, bio-technology is in the essence about monkeying; very similar to giving a pen to thousands of monkeys and probably we will get another Dostoevsky, Goethe, Shakespeare…
    They have sequenced thousands of genomes, but that means very little. Information contained in a genome is somehow sufficient for a development and life of a living being. I said Somehow, because holy scientists don’t know How, there is simply not enough information in a genome to create a living being in a way that is understood by science. They understand something, but way from everything, still they behave like they know what they are doing. Concept of Emergence has been proposed to solve a problem of insufficient information, but is disputed, yaeh, there is something metaphysical in it.
    I’ve learned this stuff from Sapolsky’s lectures on behavioural biology.

    James, I hope you will dive into this matter, maybe with some interview, because this is scientism’s new frontier as WEF said.
    Dostoevsky wrote:” If God is dead then anything is possible”. This is not a cry for religion, it’s a cry for humbleness. There was some humbleness at Asilomar conference back in a day at the dawn of bio-technology, but it is long gone.

  29. Interesting, Narrative as an open ended story that engages a reader. That means emotional component is necessary.

    Long ago Hume said something like, for a human Action rationality is of secondary importance. If you dive into reasons for Action with questions what,…, how,…., you end up with the final question Why. At that point the final answer is: because that’s what I Want! Sure, one can put forward argumentation for Want (rationality), still Want isn’t fundamentally about rational, Want doesn’t necessitate rational, it can stand alone. Hume says Wants are about passions, we can say emotions. Nice presentation of above Hume’s ideas and how they are reflected in his ethics:

    A Romp Through Ethics for Complete Beginners

    Hume’s views are corroborated by neuroscience finding out emotions are integral part of decision making. People with impaired connections between prefrontal cortex (rational) and old brains (emotional) have problems with decision making.

    I think that is very important for our Narrative. There is another important insight I got during a conversation with a friend, psychologist.
    We talked about a pandemic of divorces and therapies for couples. He said conflicts in couples are primarily about who is wrenching the other’s balls, i.e. Power struggle. Couples are not about rejuvenating interaction of ying/yang any more, it’s just about interaction of two individuals. Power struggle, society reflected in a couple. There is more sex everywhere than in bedrooms.
    Another profound insight I got from him, people are willing to undergo a therapy, they are very willing to change everything, but very unwilling to change fundamentals. Too often that means they are only capable for cosmetics, but not for a real change, something that would inevitably affect fundamentals.

    Therefore, our Narrative should be emotional, it should be far reaching, it has to be about paradigm change, otherwise it won’t succeed.

  30. I’m glad I didn’t hit stop before the end so I could get on with my busy day. Some of the best points are in the last 10 minutes. Hey James, have you met Paul Kingsnorth? I’d love to hear a conversation between the two of you on all this stuff. Keep up the great work!

  31. Oh James thank you so much for this hour’s worth of your insight, eloquence and humour. I am not sure how the author’s name is pronounced in German but to my ears it sounds like a wellington boot impacting a hot cowpat. I did laugh at your reaction to the two word review “Evil exists”. It rang a bell. After hunting through my bookcase I turned out an old copy of The Screwtape Letters” by C.S.Lewis published in 1941. I recommend the whole of chapter 7 but the gist of the first part is that the Devil’s greatest achievement is to persuade people to think that he is a comic character in red tights.
    Thank you again for all your work. Power to your elbow and every good wish to you and yours.

    • I just read the Screwtape Letters again recently and boy was he right about so many things!

  32. Love your comments about all sides of the political spectrum giving a version of the official narrative. Nothing could have made that clearer than the speeches made by Conservative MPs in Canadian parliament, who whilst pretending to support people’s rights to protest, continuously repeated like a mantra that the protest had gone on long enough and people needed to move on. There is only a one party govt in Canada, and probably most other Western nations. Pierre P used the crisis to drop some cheerleading points for his upcoming bid for PM, all the while not addressing the main concerns of the people. It’s disgusting.

    • DB,
      You are spot on about the Canadian MPs, and especially the so-called “Conservatives”.
      I watched that clown show.
      They are dirt.
      I hope people recognize that.
      Like you said, Pierre Poilievre is no exception.

      Hell, I’m in Texas and I can spot bullshit.

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