Interview 1678 – The Great Conspiracy Debate on Grand Theft World

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Interviews | 122 comments

James joins Richard Grove and Tony Myers of the Grand Theft World podcast to dissect a heated discussion between Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski about the importance (or unimportance) of conspiracy research. The conversation soon zeroes in on the nature of mediated reality and the problem of technologically determined narratives.

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  1. the nicest thing about tim pool is the off button. once again. i’m so out of the loop. in this case, thankfully.

      • And me too. Pool is another ignorant hustler that mixes alt right with pro-capitalism and freedom.

        When one is sick, as is the social system, they often have times when they vomit, run high fevers, become delusional and gravitate towards ideas that are absurd within mendacity.

        As to conspiracies, this video by Michael Parenti says it all:

        A Michael Parenti talk from 1993 in Berkeley, California, recorded on cassette from a radio broadcast.

        Micheal is still alive and in his eighties.

        Michael Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities, in the U.S. and abroad. He is the author of many books, including Democracy for the Few, The Face of Imperialism, God and His Demons, The Assassination of Julius Caesar, and Superpatriotism.

    • Amen! he just keeps blathering and never addresses the points
      Rudkowski raises…and I don’t know who Pool keeps referring to who are obsessed with Gates but most of the people I know realize that Gates is one among many in a thoroughly degraded and corrupt system

      technocracy is upstream from culture and politics!!!!

      have Alison Mcdowell on as a guest…..she’s knows her stuff…doesn’t blather

    • Tim Pool…the tool. Thanks James but I’m out.

      If I want to listen to a loud-mouthed schnook, I’ll invite over a particular “friend”.

      Why this tard can’t understand what’s so bad about Gates contributing 100s of millions to MSM…I. Don’t. Know.

      • “..Why this tard can’t understand what’s so bad about Gates contributing 100s of millions to MSM…I…”

        Man makes his money on YT… Man who’s lunch depends on his NOT understanding something is going to NOT understand

      • Mixing Tim Poole, a twitter phenomenon and hustler, with James Corbett is like mixing vinegar with raw milk.

    • Tim pools of this world are a symptom of deranged society. It makes me sad when I see how much following these blockheads have. Shit like this happen when transfer of knowledge and wisdom from elderly to young is discontinued.

  2. …I am the Master Liar
    My pants,
    forever on fire

    And trust me when I say,
    you can trust no one,
    especially not me today

    I mock you now with my lies…

    …Confess to me now, that which I ask for:
    are the unworthy vessel of life
    that secret-you,
    and I,
    both abhor!

    Unfit, unclean, subhuman, who!
    I now tattoo!
    Only I provide, the cure,
    for the disease of you

    • heeheehee…nice….”original sin” …whose original “sin”? Missing the mark….

  3. Amazing display of critical thinkers talking together. Everything that Tony Myers said about James Corbett I second, and your works are the pinnacle of objective research. Wow I felt so “at home” listening to this video that this makes all of us friends by proxy. Thank you one and all

    • You need to define critical thinking.

      Critical thinking is figuring out what you do not know and then getting different points of view on the issue and look at the reasoning of each point of view and come to your own conclusion.

      Critical thinking is reasoning.

      Critical thinking is evidentiary thinking.

      Critical thinking is thinking about thinking, while your thinking, to make thinking better. Metacognition is a big aspect.

      What you saw was nothing more than a badly run discourse.

      Why? No assumptions were named and questions,no evidence was given or asked for, no concepts were defined; the goals of each speaker were never clear, the question at issue changed significantly and was never put forth as a question of issue. No one talked about the consequences of their conclusions.

      Without critical questioning there is no critical dialogue or learning conversation.

      I never heard one question regarding the points I made above.

      There are three, really, types of thinkers:

      1. the uncritical. Those that do not perform mental gymnastics as I refer to above.

      2. The sophistic critical thinker,the hustler, the con man.

      3. The fairminded critical thinker who wants to give a platform to multiple points of view and then learn the art of ‘judgment’, which we all make.

      This was uncritical thinking and really, was unfair to James. James is a critical thinker. Putting James in a mix with sophists and the ignorant was not fair.

  4. I feel that what we are seeing is the expression of exasperation. We know the targets, and you have to take them out and expose them, but how do you take down Bill Gates when he is paying the media to run cover?

    It is hinting towards what has to happen.

    Side note: Last time I saw parents and sibling was 8 months ago, just days after they got jabbed. I was violently ill for 2 days after they left. Then, fine. They came by yesterday again, and today I have a nagging tugging in my chest. Maybe nothing, but are these shots meant to make these people toxic and then die themselves?

    • YEs, it’s best to stay away, sadly. Also, minimum microwave when present.
      Listen to the five doctors, do the protocols to deal with this.

      • It makes sense: mRna therapy causes otherwise healthy tissue cells to produce spiky balls of protein which get breathed and sweated out and shared around, just as useful antibodies from naturally occurring immunity may get shared around (thats what I thought “herd immunity” was?).

        We have direct experience with a just-jabbed wally, in all morning close contact (3hr meeting in tiny room), which then resulted in the 2 non-jabbed coming down the next day with days of unexpected irratic bleeding and the other copped a chest infection that lasted a month.. circumstantial, but still the event has us wanting more info on the subject..

        “minimum microwave when present.” can you flesh out that statement?

        Do you have a link to the “5 doctor protocols”?

        • Bleeding.. I did not want to get graphic, but I thought I was dying after their first visit. All I will say is my toilet was red with a lot of blood. It happened only once, and not again since, but a recovery of about a week after their first visit, which was within 3 days of all of them getting jabbed at the same time. Today, “sharp” dried mucous.

          One thing always left out is GARGLE! I do believe it helps more than almost anything else. Gargle with warm salt water and such a lemon!

          I may not be getting sick, but I do definitely feel like my body is reacting to something. it’s only been 2 days….

          • “Neti nasal washing”: (do a search, there are varrying opinions on this) salt water straight through the pharynx , we find, is a strong helpful gesture for flushing out the excess goo

            “sharp dried mucous” conjurs images of “lungs filled with glass shard looking..”?

            • Yes, it is strange. it dries and is clear and like hard plastic. I know, weird. It’s sharp when I clear out my nose in the morning. But overall, that’s the only thing happening so far. Actually feeling better today. I was sick as a kid and wonder if I have some kind of natural immunity. Just not sure I want parents to come around.

              I am a HUGE fan of gargling. I flew a lot and had bronchitis for YEARS, 2-3 times at least a year. Finally a Kaiser doctor closed his door and said in hushed tones “They will never tell you this but all you have to do is gargle in the morning and 30 minutes before bed. If you want to be diligent then gargle after eating, also. Eat spicy foods, make your nose run. Thin the secretions and get them out of you. We can’t tell patients this anymore, which is why I closed the door. There’s no money in it for Kaiser.”

              I think I’ve had bronchitis once since then. 20 years later.

              I think there is value in re-learning things that always worked before there were “medicines” for “that”>

              • What do you use for gargling?

                I’m more and more of the mindset that anything that comes out of our bodies is directly related to what goes in it. Since I have started putting more thought and effort in my diet some things have started clearing up.

                Occasional brain fog would be one of them. Restlessness and feeling of impending doom and gloom another.

                Probably the most physical manifestation I can attest to is clearing up of sinus passages. That’s something I have been dragging along for decades and during the past year it’s been a lot better. Still not at 100% but closer to it than since I can remember.

          • Great protocols WAYNED.

            I’m convinced that vaccinated people shed toxins.

            Dr Peter McCullough cited some studies that implied the spike protein was still being produced up to a year after the last jab.

      • By the 7 minute mark I endured about 5 sales pitches. That’s when I stopped listening.

  5. Lots of statements made by Tim Poole can be taken apart. His red herring of an argument that people get “confused” when the focus is on the individual.

    This entire broadcast from Poole/Rudkowski et al fails, as nearly all do, to address the media and target the media.

    People may be confused when you point out what Bill Gates has been doing, but if it is not explained to them, or made available to them via the media they consume, then of course they will be confused.

    But that’s not a definite. People respond to information in their own way and transformations are not overnight, absent some catastrophic, catalyzing event.

    THEY have been busy showing us their hands and the challenge is to overcome the fundamental way they communicate and rally the masses to do their bidding. The media is their mouth and they must be shut up.

    • Tim Poole= fallaciousness.

      But this is what rises within a society and economy that people have not thoroughly understood and of course is inevitable if people do not think critically.

  6. Old discussions from 2014: Both perspectives complement each other – the far-reaching backwards and the contemporary. Both have their justification as cause and effect yin and yang. The present emphasizes the events of the present and the effect that it has on more and more people who, after reaching the limit of their cognitive dissonance, are finally starting to wake up. The far-reaching backstory emphasizes the deep, underlying, historical contexts that create the events that people wake up to. Both perspectives are useful for becoming wiser about the world, provide varying degrees of understanding (what the contemporary perspective lacks, one gets from the historical perspective) and options for action (the contemporary perspective wins here because people have an easier time understanding that ISIS [ or Corona] is bullshit than that the whole historical narrative of the twentieth century is BS).

    People’s awakening did not occur from one day to the next, but people became aware of the deeper historical contexts after several years of study. Most woke up due to anomalies that one could not close one’s eyes to (ie waking up, if I may say so, in the contemporary perspective), and that the realizations of the deeper contexts only came much later.
    The problem arises only if one can only accept one perspective and not the other.

    Whether 9/11 was a 100% Zionist operation or not, it is not necessary to know the blueprint at the architect level to realize that the official story of 9/11 is a lie – we only need to see that official stories at the Working Level (19 kidnappers, etc.) are not connected, and then work us backwards. In fact, it’s the way most people wake up. The best teacher is not always the most advanced, but the one who can facilitate awakening in the next short step of recognizing the person’s stage at the right time. If the gap is too large, then he does not take the next step on the way out of ‘The Matrix’.

    If, for example. talking about elites’ depopulation plans, most people become alienated and cognitively dissonant, and many lose instantly, whereas claims about media lies will not cause cognitive dissonance to the same degree (of course depending on where the person is mentally, ie to what extent he is ‘outside the box’ in advance).

    The same issue about levels and The Blind Men and the Elephant
    Whether the truth about the architectural level is this or that, will this help people wake up most effectively, whether it is one or the other?

    We do not need to initially acknowledge the architectural top cause level first, to realize THAT the working level is terribly wrong: THAT Fractional Reserve banking is going on, THAT 5G is insane, THAT false flags are going on, THAT media is lying, etc. – which brings us to the next point:

    Buddhist Parable on The Poisoned Arrow – An Analogy, i.e. architectural level about who is the kingpin in the conspiracy sphere, where the same principle applies: First, you do not need to know everything about the poison, let alone quite a lot to act on the immediate:

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  7. I’ve not ever been able to listen to this Tim guy, he’s one of too many young angry arrogants I’ve met.
    I did, however, listen in to the Jones, Tim, and Cernovich round. And holy moly!! Chernovich did an awesome job of drawing Jones and Tim into revealing the abject fear of self which undermines and pervades their orientation.

    So, yeah, bottom line. There’s a whole lot of simply terrified folks out there yelling the loudest. When the wolf doesn’t quite show up as expected, they continue to demand the attention.
    I think some folks have attention deficits in their lives. Can’t get enough.
    I’ll maybe try to listen, tho. But he’s such a little..ick.

    • That was on a few days ago.
      Don’t bother reading the comments. It’s always hate hour there.
      Makes you wonder…

      Cernovich is interesting tho.

    • They traffic in discordia and confusion. They are little authoritarians who have no idea of how the world works.

      Yes,because they are arrogant, they have nothing to learn. they already know.

      Because they hypocrites, they have no intellectual integrity.

      Because the Tim Pooles occupy so much of our social space, they become cranky little authoritarians wit nothing, absolutely nothing, to give.

  8. My son (my first eye-opener) says right on and thank you!!

  9. Well,this sure was fun, Mr. Corbett, once I got past Pool’s endless interruptions and intrapolations.
    Some times I just recall Bob Dylan. “I heard ten thousand talking, and nobody listening.”
    Tyler is spot on. Ideology, ideas gone mad…and you can add all the other ologies…are created by individuals and groups, and either adopted or imposed upon “culture”. Culture does not exist in and of itself, and a simple reading of Margaret Mead’s studies in Papua New Guinea elucidates this. And there is endless variety in how individuals and communities negotiate with smaller and larger cultures in their midst.
    HOwever, one cannot understand the truth and impact of ideologies unless one focuses on the practices. Practice is primary to ideology. Most “ideologies” are actually cover operations for practices.
    One thing Tim may be in denial of …and yet he seems to relate to on a certain level…is the reality of the “universal soldier”. “Systems” are nothing more than mass participation in ideologies. When the US youth decided to no longer participate in neither the ideology nor the practices of war, the military was forced to abandon conscription. However, these practices emanate from everyday practices sanctioned by “the culture”. So it does come down to people’s lived lives. However, if they support the same practices at that level, there we are.

    It’s a great big goes-around, comes around world, and anyone as wants to terrifyingly cling to dualities, is gonna get plenty dizzy and disoriented.

  10. I am patient with SINCERE folks who don’t immediately accept the facts I provide them. I recognize that brainwashing to a widely-varying degree is the reality for nearly everyone in our society, and accepting anything outside of the Overton Window is difficult or even painful.

    However, Tim Pool gives me the impression of not being a sincere man. I won’t go as far as calling him controlled “opposition,” but his outright dismissal of self-evident facts really gives me a red flag.

    • He is an intellectual hustler out to make money and a name.

      America was founded by hustlers,so he fits in

  11. BINGO!
    James hit the nail on the head towards the end…
    Only when WE start to create OUR OWN narratives, promote them and gain followers to them will we be able let the Gate’s, the WHO’s and the WEF’s etc. narratives fall by the wayside and die.
    In addition to Solutions Watch (or perhaps as part of it), I would like to see James and others here start to promote our own narratives and see which ones float to the top.

    As far as Tim is concerned…
    I find he’s a charming cesspool of misinformation sugar-coated in a facade of teflon gamesmanship.

    • YEs, we do learn through story telling, and this is crucial. Let’s each of us here do a brief synopsis, if only for ourselves, of our version of the ‘story” we choose to journey through.
      We all have developed multiple shields, and the stories we create follow the progression of how we acquired them and how we rescinded or empowered them.
      I realized years ago that tho I may “know” something that someone else does not, yet they know realities that I will be clueless of for many years.
      Everyone’s witness to their experience can be learned from, even if it’s all lies. Sometimes the only way you can differentiate the lies is that you are presented with nothing else!!
      And when it comes to stories, narratives, it’s not about which “come to the top”, it’s about allowing others to help us see the entire elephant.
      This is why I’ve found a study of astrology so valuable. It describes an uninterrupted circle of wholeness across all manifestation, if one can see that there. If it’s not all current surface pop psychology for one.
      I feel Mr Pool’s basic issue is as John Lennon stated: “But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow. ”
      I know he argues against the villain mentality, without also mentioning the heroic mentality, but he is correct there. STill, it’s kind of coming, I feel, from the same issues within. Or as the wisdom goes “It’s the singer, not the song. “

    • “I find he’s a charming cesspool of misinformation sugar-coated in a facade of teflon gamesmanship.”

      But he is worse than this. He is deflection from critical thinking and a part of the seedy,cut rate culture called America

  12. Colourful analysis will help deconstruct and distill, but the money question is the same today as it has been throughout recorded history: What to do in the face of evil? evil seems to beget more evil. even 007james gets blown up in his latest/last mission. and now the story has escalated to what may well be a species end game or perhaps a spiritual bottle neck (birth canal?).

    Previously I wrote, that the marches should skip the CBD and head straight for the fake boss’s home; then you (westerncivic) asked “whose home will be the first?”. hearing your question wakes me up to the fact that I’ve been on a life-long marathon, that includes all of recorded history. I’m scouring for examples of guidance and all of the usual suspects , the wisoned peace keepers, the law people, the saints past and present,, they’re all so much stuff that got sped by while life roadsters-on. beautiful examples, road kill, cheering fans and jealous enemies, they’re all canceled checks. I suspect that the penultimate before the checkered flag moment will be some kind of face off with the scale of ones own complicity with evil.

    I digress, throngs of mob surrounding a bad guy may work but also could create worse. No, we need beyond clever. when I’m quiet enough, the crickets,,,

  13. Tim loses it with his “shut up shut up shut up” CNN style controlling of conversations. His behaviors remind one of the censorship one sees everywhere.

    • Interesting theory about Pool. I listened to about 20 minutes of one of his shows once about 18 months ago and he mentioned working for mainstream Vice news. So he could very well be a plant. He has a wikipedia page too, which I glanced at that mentioned his involvement with Occupy Wallstreet. He would be the type of mediocre mind that would be a spook. But maybe he’s just making too much money off his youtube channel. He functions as a gatekeeper though. He did make some good points, but shutting down conversation negates that.

    • does yammering work in the stead of hammering?

      • Depends what is your goal. If you’re building a house, you’re shit out of luck lol

  14. The recent internet discussions and reporting on alternative media, including Good News Next Week and Grand Theft World are evidence that society sees the global cabal’s health fears are not supported by evidence. I think the the book What Really Makes you Ill is one of those books each household should have. Or maybe 2 or 3 for each neighborhood to share. A recent interview
    with the book authors touched on the many different topics that have the common denominator. The evolution of humanity. Some topics of the discussion are:
    Challenging the mainstream narrative and Germ Theory
    Mental health
    Opportunity to connect and generate an improved society
    Are we being exploited and tested to comply?
    The great reset agenda

    I’d like to also read their book, The Nature Of Reality, It’s Stranger Than You Can Imagine!

    That reminds me that this might be an opportune time to read Evolution of Civilizations by Carroll Quigley. It’s been unopened sitting on my shelf for about 2 years.

    Everyone is unique. This applies to solutions for health, solutions for economics and even solutions for journalism.

  15. They’re both right! Let me clarify…

    Luke is right because you should in fact address the objective reality of any given situation. The reality is billionaires like Gates and Soros use their wealth and influence to bend society to their will. This is an objective truth that must be addressed. Truth matters.

    On the other hand, I get what Tim is saying. It matters how you articulate these issues to your audience, it could make or break your argument. You will not convert your “Average Joe” by spewing a wall of information and telling them they’re wrong and here’s why! They suffer sensory overload and their eyes glaze over, like I said they check out. And it goes without saying, pointing out all the super villains behind the NWO and how they fund everything falls into this category. Too many “conspiracy theorists” fall into this trap, they discover all of this information and dump it on anyone who’ll listen. Been there. It backfires more often than not.

    I also believe Tim has another motive behind his point. Think he’s now a mainstream figure and shitting all over Gates is not exactly good for business. I won’t use the word shill here, but if the shoe fits. Call me skeptical.

    Side note, little off subject. There is a professional hunter named Steve Rinella, from my hometown of Muskegon (been on Rogan a number of times over the years), he’s very good at articulating his point of view. Probably because he started out as a writer early in his career. But Rinella has a way of explaining things in a way that intrigues/fascinates the listener but also doesn’t make them feel like theyre being sold or having an opposing viewpoint forced down their throat. I think a lot of people in the “conspiracy”/alternative media realm could learn a lot from his style of oratory. Looking at you Whitney Webb! ? Kidding.

    As always, have an amazing day!

    • JW

      Excellent points and I agree. People will explore what interests them most. I love WW but the details are a bit overwhelming and I don’t think I could keep all of those facts and connections in my mind.

      I also have learned a lot from Alison McDowell but some of these details bore me. They go in one ear and out the other. What I do believe is her conclusions. The minutia of technocracy bores me to death. I know that its evil and that’s enough.

      I am more interested in psychology, science and biology and deep dives into these areas interest me. I think most fields have been corrupted so once one proves that by exploring areas of interest can look for connections in other areas of societal manipulation.

      At any rate an interesting and concise presentation will be more compelling. A speaker must know their audience and this is where psychology comes into play.

  16. FFS! Everyone knows who Bill Gates is!

  17. At 37:00 James says he struggles to find a way to articulate this, but I disagree, the previous 2 minutes or so before that, he articulated his message so well and so succinctly. There are forces in this world who are trying to obfuscate that same message, and if you ask me sincerely, the host Tim was attempting to do just that, it seemed to me like he was redirecting the attention of the listener to the likes of Bill Gates, and George Soros so he can preempt that understanding by terminating it right then and there.

    I hope you got my point, I know what I wanted to say, but not sure if I made it clear.

    • In short he acted as a, possibly unwitting, gatekeeper.

  18. I’ve done the job Tim talked about here. He was a fundraiser for Greenpeace. He says he was good at it. Well, when you’re trying to approach the normies about anything related to environmental issues (I think Greenpeace has a mix of legitimate and useless, crowd-pleasing campaigns – they go against MonSatan, yet believe in anthropomorphic climate change…), you cannot start using, as both Tim and Corbett said, details that are too advanced. That was my mistake during my training – I had swallowed the red pill long before and thought, mistakenly, that I could encourage others to listen to a summary of “The World According to Monsanto”. Oops.

    At the same time, my colleagues were just trying to make people feel good. You know, the same feeling they get by recycling, turning down the thermostat one degree, and changing their light bulbs? (Tesla cars weren’t even a seed in Musk’s mind yet. David Suzuki was the big thing then). They were smart enough to say that this was their monthly environmental do-good contribution. In other words, ‘let Greenpeace do all the work for you. Just a small donation helps!’. Is this any better? No. People seriously thought they didn’t have to change much else than regular paper for recycled paper and voila! They’re good little citizens! Oh, yeah, and throw on an extra sweater.

    If that was Tim’s method, he wasn’t going to change the world.

  19. So, speaking of bringing out your inner asshole, the first time I saw my future ex playing Grand Theft Auto over a decade ago, I confess I was somewhat startled. It was with a sort of morbid fascination and disbelief that I watched him violently yank an old woman out of her car, throw her to the ground and hyperactively speed away, crushing countless NPCs, driving off bridges, soliciting prostitutes and basically causing generalized mayhem in a frantic effort to get to his drug-dealing assignment on time. With lifted eyebrows I suggested it might be best not to play this particular video game in the presence of our impressionable young son, promptly eliciting a derisive snort as he informed me that the boy was no stranger to the wild west ethos of Grand Theft Auto.

    I’d never before considered juxtaposing Humans whose knowledge and perceptions of reality are primarily based on real life experience and human contact

    with those whose sense of reality is primarily based on information and human relations mediated through a screen…

    the idea that moguls are modelling and morphing us, their media determining not only the message but the morals within…

    and when we must constantly fit our specific needs and vocabulary into the strictly standardized spaces of an answering machine or chat box, do we eventually become more machine like?

    and with the Selfish Ledger’s incessant and imperceptible algorithmic nudges in the form of suggestions and filtered content that orient our choices and opinions, are we being molded into post-moral post-Humans?

    What exactly is the golden rule between remote contacts or avatars who can relentlessly die and get back up again?

    Are we becoming mere shiny reflections of ourselves, cut off from reality and our conscience, so dependent on the media to interpret reality for us that we are stripped of our capacity to even sense and identify very real danger?

    Is it this disconnect that normalizes amongst the populations, the planetary mass injection of new and decidedly dangerous, ineffective and DNA-altering tech into the bodies of our wives and husbands, fathers and mothers and even the tender little arms of our own healthy trusting children?

    And I’m wondering what exactly the Gutenberg printing press Conspiracy is?

    • What a well put and thought provoking comment. I think games like grand theft auto do have an effect on people who play the game over extended periods of time. There may even be studies on this topic so I’m not sure what research findings show or not.

      I always thought the game was weird so never played it but have had friends who enjoyed it. I think its dehumanizing. Drone warfare is too where someone at a distance remotely kills people. They never have to look in the eyes of the victims. But some soldiers did report PTSD from being drone operators if I remember correctly. I think I watched a documentary about it.

      I think social media and vicarious interactions are not healthy and bring out the worst in people. But these bad traits were probably there already.

      The weird psychological conditioning of the recent past made this Covid 1984 operation possible in my opinion.

      • The weird psychological conditioning of the recent past made this Covid 1984 operation possible in my opinion.

        Hey, yea! and I’ve often had the impression that 9/11 and so-called man-made climate change were at least 2 of the test runs to see just how much BS they could put over on “the people” before they’d sit up and say “Hey! Wait! That doesn’t make any sense!” Guess they’ve calculated it down to percentages and knew the majority would just keep their heads down in a constant “yes” movement even when the needle came for their kids.

        Everyman has become Blanche Dubois in a Skinner box, hooked up to the pleasure center pedal like that pitifully exhausted rat who finally frantically pleasured himself to death. Press the green button for indignation, the red button for hate, the pink button for titillation, the blue button for patriotism, the yellow button for suspicion, the white button for elation, the black button for abject terror…

        “I’ll tell you what I want. Magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misinterpret things to them. I don’t tell the truth. I tell what ought to be truth. And if that is sinful, then let me be damned for it! – Don’t turn the light on!”

        “…they’ve been approved so of course they’re safe! How dare you!?” goes the new logic…

      • Dehumanization is the game

        • and robbing people of the notion that they are more than the sum of their material parts by banning displays of spirituality in public places is one way to achieve this dehumanization.

    • There will be no Christmas nativity scene set up in the town square.

      Evocations of the once spiritual aspect of Christmas have been banned in the name of the prevailing and mostly uncontested monotheistic religion called Secularism.

      I’ve often wondered if, in addition to their total social security and strict social mores, it wasn’t this tyranny of reason and smugly jaded St Thomas materialism that extinguished the smiles of the French, transforming them into voracious consumers of antidepressants, furiously churning the “metro, boulot, dodo” hamsterwheel in a desperate attempt to flee from themselves. I’ve seen the hierarchies of company organigrams crush what was left of the human spirit that had survived the rigid framework of the quietly sado-masochistic public education system.

      The dehumanizing media barrage, the tyranny of tittitainment, is certainly the accumulation and toxic combination of ubiquitous violently divisive rhetoric, seductive images of 2-dimensional good guys and bad guys mass murdering each other to get the prize and the teary-eyed reports of helpless victims, the repeated dopamine hit of burning indignation and we start thinking this is humanity.

      Decorously side-stepping any potential explosions of the politically incorrect, our water-cooler conversations revolve around whether Khaleesi will win the battle and how horrifying the prolonged death of Nairobi was.

      We begin to believe in the 2-dimensional portrayal of ourselves flashed in photos on Insta and snapchat, kittens and horses and what your favorite number reveals about your True personality, doped by likes and gushingly superficial fatuities submitted in two seconds of sincerity, our sentiments strapped into the scope of a one-second emoticon.

      Humans have transhumanized themselves, permeated by these false images, absorbing the glossy conformity of the pre-digested politically correct dogma, gamed into replacing their personality with their Linkedin avatar persona, trapped into formatted office etiquette seemingly unable to go back and reclaim their Essence at the incalculable risk of exuding the unsavory stench of the Conspiracy Theorist Extremist Anti-social Anti-Vaxxer universally reviled Enemy.

      We’ll be anxiously yet obliviously leaping into the artificial sun of the El Dorado metaverse like all those doomed characters in Westworld, before we’ll have even begun to understand the ineffable Essence of our Humanity…

      Did you guys notice that prophetically, following the Wag the Dog photo of the Lewinsky firefly girl in a beret, the well-groomed presidential pageant producer cries out “Trump that Senator Neal!” before suggesting they line their president up for the Nobel Peace Prize? I wonder if Barry Sotoro has seen Wag the Dog and if so, if he thought about that scene in the hot spotlight of receiving the decidedly dubious honour?

      “Ceci n’est pas une pipe!” suggests the radiant Corbett Report t-shirt lady protesting in the crowd.

      • “Evocations of the once spiritual aspect of Christmas have been banned in the name of the prevailing and mostly uncontested monotheistic religion called Secularism.”

        It is called separation from Church and State and you might not like it so probably are happy that the Supreme Court is full of the same thinking you have.

        Christmas is based on Christ.

        It does not belong in the public square.

        There are five thousand gods claimed in the world.

        Why not put them in the pubic square?

        Because the Constitution wisely attempted to divde church and state.

        If you want Church and state together, go back to feudalism

        • I want neither church nor state, together nor apart. I’m discouraged that the evocation of what I’d understood as being the spiritual side of Christmas was banned in the name of the prevailing and imperious state religion of Secularism.

          Whether one buys the narrative of the nativity scene literally or not, it represented to me a warm and non-material aspect of “the holidays”.

          I prefer a joyful evocation on the town square of at least one of those 5 thousand gods you evoked for the fleeting period of the Christmas holidays, than none at all. Having it in the town square offers a community feeling of spirit, with people you know and don’t know. I prefer having this festive reference than being forced to pretend that spirit, whatever you understand that to be, doesn’t exist at all.

          I would be disappointed if I went to Thailand and saw no Buddha statues in public spaces, banned in the authoritarian name of Secularism.

    • nosoapradio says:
      “And I’m wondering what exactly the Gutenberg printing press Conspiracy is?”

      That’s a good segue-plug for James Corbett’s 3 part course on Mass Media: A History.
      The very top of the “November Open Thread” gives details about the course which any person can sign up for at any time.

      I’m very tight with my limited financial resources and will squeeze a nickel ’til the buffalo shits. I had to mentally wrestle about taking this course.
      I finally sold myself with the salesman close of “this will help support James Corbett and his work”. I’m also guessing that Corbett might receive a different flavor of currency via this venue, but heck — I don’t know.

      During my mental-wrestle, I also looked at Corbett’s overhead.
      He does have ‘business’ overhead costs which includes servers, Broc West and other professionals, books and information, printing/DVD blanks, technology upgrades, inflation, contract negotiations with the wife, and more.
      With his business model, there are also unseen nuances that I will never fully grasp the reality of.
      For example: To a great extent, Corbett has to continuously create to produce a product. It is not a “passive income”. He is actively and personally engaged. Hours in the day are limited.
      In most business models, there is always an attrition to the customer base which needs to be regenerated with new customers. “Bodies in the shop” times “Average Customer Ticket” = “Gross Revenue”. Increase one or both of those factors to increase “Gross Revenue”.

      Regarding the “Mass Media: A History”.
      I’ve only watched Part One. Originally, I had planned to be online live that first day, but I refuse to do Zoom.
      I thoroughly enjoyed Part One. Really enjoyed it.
      While the information was fascinating, what stood out for me was the relaxed easy-to-grasp manner in which Corbett relayed the concepts.
      I can’t describe it well, but Corbett’s relaxed demeanor cast an aura which made the presentation even more fulfilling for the learning appetite…but of course, he was speaking to a different category of audience than the CorbettReport broad public audience.

      The realization hit me that the words “University” and “Course” had ugly baggage attached to them that I was carrying.

      I plan to watch the other two parts of “Mass Media: A History” around Christmas – New Years.

  20. I think JC makes a good point about two dimensional “learning” (whether or not it has reached 95% of so called “learning”).
    Indeed, those that control Television Programs, and censor the Internet do control the narrative to a great degree, but is this really learning?

    From my perspective, “real learning” is done in at least three dimensions.
    Even before there was TV, if a person of learning read about the results of an experiment in a book, he/she would replicate the experiment before they should say that they have learned it. This is why most good science classes have Labs.

    Fake Realities are created in movies and on two dimensional screens all the time. I would never look at a video of an experiment and say that I “learned it” without actually preforming the experiment, yet many do call this “Learning”.
    One thing Youtube is good for, is fix-it videos. Often times I will watch some guy f**k something up, and yet I can sill learn something from it, yet I would not say that I learned how to fix the problem until I did the repair in the real world.
    Perhaps limiting one’s time in the virtual world is a must.

    • Great comment. I also wince at the way the words “Researcher” and “Journalist” are bandied about. Not that the CIA-controlled dinosaur media was any better.
      As for your last recommendation, I live a stone’s throw from a beautiful mostly warm sunny beach and yet I have trouble prying myself from the blood-sucking screen. I’m infusing and transfusing my vital spirits with the digiverse and even when I’m far from my laptop and smart phone I feel their insistant tethers tugging at my heart and mind as if my DNA had already been digitally spliced.

      • You only need some 20 days to develop a new habit and as you do you will find ways to integrate the habit with your other daily activities. Once these connections are developed, the habbit becomes hard to drop.

        To give an example, about two years ago I have made a conscious decision to spend more time outdoors. This resolve got strengthened during the past year with all the lockdown garbage. I endeavored to cover at least 50 kilometers on foot weekly and this year I probably got close to 3000 kilometers traveled.

        While I don’t have much more room, nor designs, for further expansion, the habit has become a part of my daily ongoings.

        • Wow! Very inspiring. Appreciate it! I have more or less lame excuses for not integrating a minimum of physical exertion into my constantly changing schedule but the situation has become indisputably dire as I’ve seen my physical condition dramatically deteriorate in the last 18 months. Should maybe block lunch times… gotta locate my bootstraps and kick myself in the butt…

          • I’m glad you’re going to start exercising, particularly exercise out in nature. I think it’s important especially now to build strength physically, mentally and spiritually. Also, for me personally, I want to avoid the western medical health care system.

            My physical activity has declined over the past several months and I have felt awful. Many of the old aches and pains and stomach aches are back. I had been more active and healthy, especially when the Covid scam first started, but then got lazy again.

            So, I am going to start again. Anyway, just wanted to say that I think it’s important for people, particular those active in the resistance movement to stay healthy and strong.

        • mkey,
          That example contains a simple and profound “solution-type” approach towards bettering conditions.

          • Mental Therapy – Going for a Walk

            I want to point out that a walk can be extroverting. A person’s attention goes out into the environment, and at different distances (if a person looks and listens).
            This, in itself, is therapeutic.

            A “trick” which I learned long ago for a crying child throwing a fit:
            Point at objects or something interesting.
            “Wow! Look at this!”
            Get their attention out of their head and onto the environment. Very often, it works. I’ve seen kids stop crying immediately, like a light switch. (Don’t make the mistake of “putting them back in their head” by bringing up something about the upset.)
            Put the focus on the environment.

            Decades ago when I was making marathon drives from city to far distant city in my truck for business deadlines, I would apply the following trick when I started to get drowsy late at night.
            And I can GUARANTEE that you will see results.
            Take your finger and “shoot” different objects and spots which you are passing on the road.
            Don’t miss.
            Be accurate with your laser beam or bullet to hit the target dead on center.
            It does work to “revive” attention outwards onto the environment, and in a more interested way. A person soon becomes much more alert.

            I guess one could discuss the anatomy of “worry”, but that’s too introverting for now.

        • Working from home opened up some possibilities for my daily schedul. Around half past noon I get out there and take a half an hour walk. I also take this opportunity to relieve some stress and aggression this line typically helps me accrue.

          After work, I don’t spend longer than 10 minutes indoors and take another hour to hour and a half walk. The winter daylight savings time is killing me a bit since I can get less than one hour of daylight, while we still haven’t reached the minimum. However long walks cover on any given week day, I double on weekend days and the same goes for vacation days, holidays etc. Recently my knee was throwing a tantrum so I had to take a few days off but I understood that signal not as a sign of a problem but as confirmation that I’m doing well and pushing limits.

          During the past year I have really upped the intake of fresh food, mostly vegetables and fruit. I also rely of local producers for fresh eggs. Even if my calorie intake hasn’t subsided considerably, I did drop some weight. For years I was on the upper end and a bit over it for my height, but now I’m somewhere on optimal 75 kg / 184 cm. Basically, I dropped some 7 kilos without even realizing it. I would say this is probably my natural weight, without pigging out and regular cardio workout. I do still have my indulgences, of course.

          It’s important to start somewhere and do it in an appropriate fashion. For example, I see obese people going through the painstaking process of running/jogging, a process that will probably result in an injury (extra weight combined with inadequate technique combined with low energy levels leading into low concentration) paving the way to quitting the activity all together. Which is not good, obviously. People need to find the sweetspot and do whatever leaves them wanting for more. It’s very important to reduce the resistance one is going to encounter when starting out the activity. A sprained ankle is not going to help in that regard.

          It is of paramount importance to do what one can and to start doing it immediately. Living on the sixth floor? Stop using the elevator. Walking 3 kilometers daily is something anyone can work into their daily schedule, be it for shopping or visiting friends and family, going to job/school, getting off the public transit one stop before going all the way etc. Can’t do 3 km every day? Take one day break. Still too much? Go with 2 km for starters. 2 km daily walk and meditation, take the opportunity to recollect your thoughts and find some resemblance of a center. Lousy weather? Dress appropriately and go. Really bad weather? Take today off and catch up on that day you usually take a break.

        • I have seen some people who have really let themselves go physically (and consequently mentally) do 2 kilometer walks, not without difficulty, but still they go through with it. If these guys can do it, practically anyone should. I know some people in the wheelchair who will cover more ground every day than many young people I know. It’s obscene.

          Some need company to do it, because they would find failing when on their own too agreeable. For these purposes various hiking or running or biking groups exists. Sign up for whatever, get some decent equipment (an adequate set of shoes for these type of activities is very much recommended, it can grossly help trim down the recuperation period making one more ready for the next joust, lessening the resistance). Just make sure to be there at the agreed upon time. When we meet our commitments we honor not only the other party, but also ourselves.

          For a brief spell, I did some boxing. I found the boxing training interesting and diversified. Sparing really changes ones way of looking at things. The group was training three times a week and after several months I was absolutely exhausted. The interesting thing was going into the 2 hour training really tired, but somehow you go through the motions and realize that that tiredness is coming from the brain, not the body.

          Even if really tired, I still went because it was my commitment to go. Had I done that on my own, it’s pretty certain I would have quit a lot sooner (in addition to training being boring). In the end, I cracked some ribs and that took its sweet time to heal so I ended up dropping out of that circuit. But still a valuable experience.

          Whatever is your area, I’m sure you have plenty of options.

      • Good point: the new means of social production and societal production, in the hands of a few, are now controlling the human being as they always have when they are concentrated in few hands for selfish purposes

  21. Methinks he doth protested too much. I lose trust for Tim Pool, which has been on the fence anyway. He’s in fear of losing his YouTube status, which is completely futile as anyone who’s watched the platform long enough knows. It’s one thing to defend the viewpoint, but he got angry at the assumption that Gates was a big part of the problem. I think any messenger is the problem, and in fact if they were afraid to deliver such crazy tripe, we’d have a lot better chance of knowing who’s actually behind the puppets. As it is we’re left with all these talking head messengers, and it’s time they fear peddling this insanity like those who fear being on the sides of justice, true justice. Gates is in our food, our skies and now our veins. He deserves more scrutiny than just a complete pass as though he’s not the problem because there are too many others like him. Where’d he get his doctorate in medicine, immunology, nutrition and a hundred other things. When he was once actually confronted by attorneys over charges on monopoly he froze like a little boy and acted out his real true psychopathic personality. So what’s Pool so angry for shutting up his guests? Way too Joy Behar for me.

    • He will wither and go away, get old and go broke.

  22. James Corbett aka James says @31:07 “…and if I’m being cynical…” and goes on to speculate that maybe Tim Pool is shying away from individually calling out and targeting the likes of a Bill Gates – the villainous scoundrel that he is – is because Pool’s too worried about saving his YouTube channel; in addition, JC mentions another topic Pool avoids – adverse reactions to vaccines – that curiously enough wasn’t even mentioned in the clip. At that point I was wondering what clip had JC been watching??

    In any event, if anything, I’d say JC’s cynicism of Pool was highly over-reactive, unjustly speculative and just plain defensive, unconsciously or not…. After all, Pool, in a sense, had sort of taken – or he could have been interpreted as having had taken- a direct jab at an extensive body of JC’s recent work – the Who Is Bill Gates series. So, although I understand JC’s reaction – which sounded about as close to a character assassination as it gets – I have to say that in essence, it amounted to an unnecessary and undeserved low blow.

    I think the points Pool was making were very valid; I just think JC initially took them in a knee-jerkingly wrong way – he took Pool’s criticizing the concentration on any individual culprit, such as Bill Gates, as being diversionary or counter-productive, as a personal affront. Which was certainly not Pool’s intent.

    However, I, too, had never heard of this guy Tim Pool, before now. No clue, whatsoever. But, I see he’s in-like-Flint with Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and other Trump high-flyers.

    In fact, I’ve never seen such a cozy “backstage” gathering of some of the aforementioned as can be seen in the Timcast IRL link below:

    Given Pool’s fellow travelers, I’d be extremely surprised if somewhere along the line the topic of adverse reactions to vaccines wasn’t loudly and quite clearly expressed….


    • Physically in one room with interactive conversation
      Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Tim Pool, Michael Malice, Blaire White, Luke Rudkowski, Ian Crossland, Drew Hernandez and Lydia Smith.

      The energy and vitality of the room was noticable, especially during the first hour when Joe Rogan was there.
      I don’t think that the same sort energy could be duplicated if everyone was having the conversation online.

      Joe Rogan made some salient points.
      I should point out how diverse this gathering was.
      For example: We all know that in the past, Alex Jones has loudly said some very opinionated things about gender identity.
      Blaire White sat next to Alex Jones. Blair was born an anatomical male in 1993.

      • From listening to the conversation, I have a better understanding of JC’s complaint, if you will. Peppered here and there, were these little provisos of not crossing the line of the You Tube Thought Police, such that no terms of service will be violated. Naturally, that kind of towing the line does put a damper on free speech. But, at the same time, it does allow for alternative voices to remain on a very wide platform such that You Tube provides, and there is plenty of value with that approach because you’re going to reach a much wider audience, rather than getting kicked off and winding up on much less popular platforms.

        Ironically, by admitting you can’t cross this or that line, you’re constantly reminding your audience that big tech corporations really are censoring content, which helps to drive home the gravity of the situation.

        So, it wasn’t so much that JC was being cynical, as he was in being completely accurate – Tim Pool and his cronies admittedly play it safe and do not cross the line on You Tube out of concern for getting booted off. And, yes, if you diss the “man”, if you diss Bill Gates & Co., sooner or later you’re going to get booted.

        Though, self-censorship needn’t be seen in a cynical light; but that of a differing strategy. In Pool’s case, it may be a different ideology, as well. But, his hammering away solely on the specific idea that mandates violate constitutional rights, becomes a simple, yet powerful message, a message that reaches everyone’s understanding; and one that big tech hasn’t figured out a way to censor…yet. And, to Pool’s credit, if one can judge from the vast majority of protest signs accompanying thousands of protesters – if not millions – around the globe, that’s precisely the platform these protestors are rallying behind, the freedom to be autonomous – no mandates, civil rights, freedom and liberty! The vast majority do not focus on Bill Gates, per se.

        Also, for the literally hundreds of millions of non-protesters viewing perhaps millions of those who do, the basic idea of demanding liberty is going to resonate much further than the vilification of Bill Gates. So, again, Pool had made a valid point in this regard.

        And, yet…

        Someone has to do the deep dive and do the heavy analytical lifting! And JC’s paid a heavy price for it. But, because of JC’s tireless efforts, The Corbett Report is a fantastic and vast resource for information not readily found anywhere else, or in very few places.

        More power to him!

        • Candlelight

          You raise good points. Perhaps I was too critical of Pool. He minght not be on the CIA payroll and he may be smarter than I give him credit for.

          JC is an idealist after all which is an outstanding characteristic. Not everyone can measure up or has the courage to do so. Maybe that’s where Pool is or like you say believes in effective strategy. Maybe he’s afraid and people should be afraid. This is unprecedented the assault on freedom. I’m afraid too. And I feel that I am not doing enough to help.

          But if I tell my department colleagues that they are making a terrible mistake and this is wrong what would it achieve? Would it make a shread of difference to anyone else besides my own conscience? I don’t have another source of income and don’t want to shoot myself in the foot. I got an exemption for the vaccine so I’m safe for now.

          At any rate I am probably just seeing in Pool what I hate in myself. Maybe he is a pragmatist like myself. Anyway thanks for sharing your insights.

          • Well, thanks, cu.h.j, Likewise, there are any number of insights you share that I appreciate reading, especially your experiential insights you’ve gleaned from working years in medical care. There’s a lot of goofy things said on this board that you’ve been able to handily put to rest, and it’s like a down-to-earth breath of fresh air.

            Bet you didn’t know that. 🙂

            Anyway, yeah, I just read the exchange with Peripatêtikos above, where Peripatêtikos goes to good length siting reasons to consider Tim Pool counter-intelligence, CI, or whatever.

            So, I guess that puts Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, et al, in the same exact league, no? Lol.

            There’s no real saying on this matter, is there.

            Oh, wait! Hey, it just occurred to me!

            Maybe it’s Peripatêtikos who’s the CI! Right? How would we know?? Maybe Peripatêtikos is up to no good creating divisive discord and false narratives, eh?

            I’m being a bit tongue and cheek, but, really, who knows?

            I’ve come to feel that unless there’s something truly revelatory about an individual that makes it hard to draw conclusions otherwise, I think throwing labels around at folks who – at least on the surface – are actually “doing” something positive in trying to make people aware of our loss of autonomy – and I think the Alex Jones, Joe Rogans and Tim Pools of the world, not to mention James Corbett, are doing just that – this throwing labels is a completely superfluous, non-productive activity which only breeds doubt and inertia.

            A point I’d like to make is that I was actually quite surprised seeing the photos on the recent NWNW showing huge anti-mandate rallies throughout the world. I wasn’t up on that, so, speaking of revelations, that was revelatory! So, I’m thinking, where did all that resistance come from? After all, it sure wasn’t catalyzed via MSM, which dominates radio, TV, movies, advertisements, commercials, billboards, everything we hear and see and read, nor would I suspect such resistance is supported by organized religion, which seems on board to encourage vaccination.

            The resistance, then, really boils down to Internet and social media influencers who share and get the message out, one way or another, regardless of style, and regardless of what portion of the truth they feel comfortable broadcasting or their level of understanding or their interpretation of it.

            Which leads to another point, which is if Tim Pool is CI, as Peripatêtikos had fun speculating about, then CI is shooting themselves in the foot.

            Last point: Don’t hate anything in yourself. You may not be in a position in your everyday life to rock the boat, but just the fact that you’re here, supporting this website, and telling your truth? Hey, cu.h.j, feel good!


          • Andy Ngo and Tim Pool rushed to promote the spurious claim that the man who drove his car into a crowd killing six and injuring 62 people was a supporter of “BLM causes” and “black nationalism.

            But none of this was true. He used the episode and his bastardization of it to promote himself.

            “Pool, a podcaster who has a following of over 1 million on YouTube—built in large part on his predilection for whitewashing far-right extremists—quickly jumped on Ngo’s Twitter thread as the partial basis for a video discussion of the incident, repeating Ngo’s misleading claim that Brooks posted about running people over. Pool was more cautious, noting that police believe it wasn’t an act of terrorism, but then flatly asserted that Brooks has “ties to Black Lives Matter.”

            The claims quickly spread online. Hundreds of accounts promptly began claiming or insinuating that Brooks was a BLM member or inspired by civil rights groups. Some suggested that it was the first shot in a race war, or echoing Pool, contended that Brooks’ crimes were “retribution” for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha only a few days beforehand.”

            He is a fire breathing discordian. Is he CIA? Who knows. He can be anything for few fact check his work or investigate him.

            Why? Lack of critical thinking and the grand search for self justification of ones’ own assumptions.


            • Unless you are using an extremely narrow definition for the word “supporter”, Darrell Brooks obviously supports BLM.
              I am a supporter of The Corbett Report with a very modest financial contribution. I also am a supporter of dozens of other journalists and podcasters who I contribute no money to.

              “Brooks, like millions of other Americans, supports Black Lives Matter. And like millions of other Americans, that support does not necessarily translate into them going to BLM rallies or participating in any of the riots attributed to the group over the last year and a half. But Ngo never claimed that Brooks was an active member of the group who participated in their activities. He rightly reported that Brooks is a supporter of not only BLM but other origins of sentiment that echo hatred towards white people, law enforcement, and government.”


              • I looked at the post.

                No evidence given of his support for Black Lives Matter. The post wants one to infer this.

                Pool, however, says it directly.

                Give me evidence that Brooks is a supporter of Black Lives Matter which is why he drove a car into a crowd. Not a website — evidence.

                One piece of evidence only.

                You can’t. Nor could the authorities. Nor could the post you sent me.

                Believing and knowing are very different things.

                Discordianism is used to sow confusion and anger. This is how Pool makes his living.

              • “ So when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD,” he wrote under his rap name, MathBoi Fly, along with a middle-finger emoji. ”

                “ The ex-con charged over the deaths of six people at a Wisconsin Christmas parade shared social media posts calling for violence against white people — and suggesting “Hitler was right” for killing Jews.”



                (Remove the asterisk from the second link)

  23. The Ballot has spoken and it is official now: Switzerlands famous ‘best of all democracies’ today has been smoked in the pipe of the global plutokrats.

    The fear-mongering was successfull: If the ballot was not rigged, which is always a possibility, 65% of the voting people want to give the state carte blanche for his technocrat dreams of total control. It is a sad day for all of humanity.

    Of course, the extortion was flanked by the sugarsweet promise of helicopter money which the state plans to distribute in all directions, if only the people vote in its favor.

  24. – Dissemination –

    I really appreciate it when Corbett brings up some of these past nuggets.
    We have so much information available, that it is easy to overlook certain gems.

    In this Grove/Myers interview, he mentions:
    Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

    I recently used this “Exploring Biodigital Convergence” document as a dissemination tool, along with a short excerpt from Corbett’s article for a descriptive.
    I needed something succinct for my target audience.
    This fit the bill.

    One “button” that I have found which works well with targeted Christian audiences in my dissemination, is how the New World Order guys want to de-humanize and remove man’s spirituality.

  25. Swiss voters back Covid pass law

    The law provides the legal basis for the so-called Covid certificate to indicate that a person has been vaccinated or has recovered from the disease.

    Opponents claimed the certificate, which has been required since September for access to restaurants and other indoor spaces and activities, is creating an “apartheid” system.

    Final results showed 62 percent supported the law in a contest that saw voters surge to fill in their ballots.

    The 65 percent turnout was the fourth-highest since women were granted the vote in 1971, in a country where the average referendum turnout is 46 percent.

    Some 65 percent of the Swiss population is fully immunised.

    We have our work cut out for us. Now one has to comply, right? It is the will of the majority, after all.

    • In a country where almost the largest sum of Trillions reside, I am not surprised that the result of a vote is pro-vaccinations. I think the vote was stolen and bought up, backed by full-front propaganda at every aspect.

    • I have probably succumbed to propaganda so a correction is probably in order. Any native Swiss commenters are welcome to chime in.

      What’s at stake in Switzerland’s Covid referendum on November 28th?

      In theory, all the requirements relating to and involving the Covid certificate — including access to international travel —would be nullified.

      This would also impact other provisions included in the March amendment of the law, such as financial guarantees for the organisers of major events, and increases in of daily allowances allocated to the unemployed.

      Practically speaking, however, the impact may not be significant. and certainly not immediate.

      Even if the Federal Council doesn’t scrap the certificate requirement on January 24th due to bad epidemiological situation, the amendment of March 19th, 2021 would fall as of March 19, 2022 anyway.

      That’s because Switzerland’s constitution requires that emergency legislation ceases to have effect one year after its adoption.

      Trusty wikipedia states:

      The “Amendment of 19 March 2021 of the Covid-19 Law” (Änderung vom 19. März 2021 des Covid-19-Gesetzes) expands financial aid to people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis; allows for federal contact tracing; allows the federal government to promote and cover the costs of Covid testing; and provides the legal basis for a Covid certificate for recovered, vaccinated, and tested citizens to facilitate travel abroad, and allow certain events to take place.[31] Opponents of the initiative argue that it promotes excessive surveillance, and divides the Swiss populace. The Federal Council supports the initiative, which also enjoys popular support in Switzerland.[28]

    • Right, fascist India and Modi going against fascism?

      Dream on

  26. It was painful to listen to the clip of those two arguing because in fact they both had really good points and to me they should not waste their time arguing but try to come up with several ways to bring the crowd to the awareness of what is going on. The average Joe has a built-in BS detector and they don’t necessarily need to know all a the details but they need some simple solutions to action out to bring about the changes. We need simple slogan that will bring down first the fact that it is a pandemic since it is not, less than 1 % of the population in most country are affected which mean that 99 % of the population is healthy. So a simple slogan could be: “Canada 99 % healthy”. Repeat it everywhere and have poster everywhere. If we start attacking the health emergency measures it could help. We need to have a mixed approach. Nuisance court case is another but harder for the public to do because they don’t understand the system. The biggest revolution could happen if people engaged in total boycott of Walmart, amazon and all the big corporation. If people could be convince to ditch their cell phone it would also make a big difference as it is the phone that will be their tool to control us. That is what we need to be creative about simple solutions that give people a sense that they can actually make changes that will work. Growing your own food is a good solution for those who are in the country but not feasible for those in the cities. The mass are in the cities and we have to find something that will empower them bring about the changes that need. I don’t think we will be able to vote our way out of this so we have to change the whole system one block at the time.

    • “It was painful to listen to the clip of those two arguing because in fact they both had really good points and to me they should not waste their time arguing but try to come up with several ways to bring the crowd to the awareness of what is going on.”

      They have no idea how to conduct a learning conversation. they are mired in their own crap

    • Yep, that is one for the joke books.

      It demonstrates that they have no empathy for the common man. They don’t have a clue.

      They had to call off their January Davos Club meeting of…
      “Working Together, Restoring Trust”

      This excerpt got my funny bone, because I can see the onslaught of future job applications now…
      “We receive dozens of threats every day on social media and by email. But it also happens that employees and attendees of the forum are approached personally.
      Even the application form for jobs at the WEF on its homepage is misused for insults of all kinds.”

      Thanks for posting this here so readers won’t miss it.
      This is “Good News” and well worth the chuckle.
      I posted it on another Thread.

  27. I have to agree, sonic. This was a honking waste of time. Beanie Boi is an obvious plant of some kind and Rudkowski–ugh. I can’t understand why James seems to think this creep is genuine. Oh yeah, what a hero, going right up to Henry the K at an exclusive dinner and harassing him until thrown out. How anyone, esp. James, could fall for that bs I don’t know. That weaselly little creep is also apparently a thief. Rumor has it he took $$$ to produce a series of videos and used the cash to go whoring.

    Anyway, couldn’t make it through this idiotic yelling match. I prefer insightful discussion among intelligent people who truly want to understand each other and what may be going on in the world, rather than juvenile govt plants pissing on each other at a high decibel level.

    And by the way, I may be foolishly applying guilt by association, but I will never trust Rogan, Jones, Malice or any other plant who hangs around on Beanie Boi’s set. Not that I did before…

    • It is not often one gets the chance to read such a large pile of unsubstantiated nonsense in a single comment on these boards.

      • Ok, Mkey, you got me. I lied. The Rudkowski incident is not a rumor, I have direct knowledge of it. And are you telling me that an event with the likes of Heinz wouldn’t have massive security so that his guy could get in? Wow.

        As to the rest, oh, right. You’re opinion is of course superior to mine. I stand corrected. All these well dressed intellectuals are wise and generous with their knowledge and experience. This particular conversation was enlightening and I hope to be so entertained again in the near future.

        Now you’ll excuse me, I have a really bad book to get back to.

  28. Tim is a former con artist teaching us how to con people into being on “our side,” what ever that means. He has some good points as a PR guy. It is so important to say the truth anyway.

    • Not former,current. He is discordia and a hustler with absolutely nothing to say or offer.

      He is to social media what the Kardashians are to Hollywood.

  29. He is a boy-man. He needs to get a job, see how people live and get away from his obsession with Twitter. He offers nothing, you can learn nothing from him and he is as irrelevant as the dinner you ate three nights ago

  30. He shouts for he has nothing to say,

  31. That is due to the hosts. they are uncritical thinkers.

    they should have stated clearly:

    1. The goal of the discussion
    2. The question at issue that is being discussed
    3. They should have defined concepts
    4. They should have solicited information relevant to the goal and question at issue.
    5. They should have defined their assumptions, laid them out and then given evidence for them or in the alternative, asked where the evidence could be found if it exists.
    6. They should has hasked questions about assumptions people were making and identified them as such.
    7. They should have asked how people came to their conclusions on the question at issue and why/.
    8. They should have demanded evidence for assumptions made.
    9. they should have asked questions about consequences of conclusions arrived at.
    10. And they should have asked what points of view do not agree with X or Y and why?

    They did nothing of the kind for they think in answers, not in questions. They are victims of their own self-justifying belief system and have no clue as to how to present a debate of discusssion.

  32. James should do shows with the uncritical and use questioning to allow them and others to see they are bankrupt.

  33. We’re only 200,000 years old and there’s so much unexplained phenomena. I’m weary of those who think they know and appreciative of everyone else who is still looking, like the people on this awesome episode.

    We are over 300,000 years old and dying.

  34. Give examples. Metaphors. No one knows what you are talking about

    • weilunion,

      You say of Tim Pool: “Not former,current. He is discordia and a hustler with absolutely nothing to say or offer.

      He is to social media what the Kardashians are to Hollywood.”

      Well, could you give some examples of what you’re talking about?

      There are a number of Corbett subscribers here who have expressed some really negative opinions of Pool, and I don’t know why.

      I didn’t know the guy existed until I watched this podcast. But, I’ve since listened to him a bit, and I think he’s perfectly legit. He certainly doesn’t embody the imbecilic world, metaphorically, of the Kardashian family. Were you rather thinking he’s to social media as perhaps Matthew McConaughey is to Hollywood?

      As a young man of about 25, he started live streaming the Occupy Movement at Zuccotti Park, and he went on from there. [I would hope that it’s understood that Occupy was a noble cause.] And he got to see an example, first hand, of what a totalitarian police state looks and feels like. I certainly did, after spending only one afternoon there.

      I think his experience must have been burned into his consciousness, and that’s why today he has the energy – righteous energy, I might add – to rail against the likes of the heavy Australian Covid police state who are now literally making use of detainment camps for their own citizens. He’s calling those assholes out, among other assholes imposing a myriad of restrictions worldwide.

      Is there something wrong with that?

      Anyway, I’d like to know why all the vitriol from this board. Why the vilification.

      Is it really just about his beanie, for some folks?

      I’d like to know some details sparking the “Two Minutes of Hate”, which is what the comments here seem like to me.


      • candlelight
        “.. who have expressed some really negative opinions of Pool, and I don’t know why…”

        I would suspect that its
        a) He is rather lightweight compared to Mr Corbett

        b)He is working hard to stay on normal platforms which makes people think that he is more interested in grabbing money then “THE Truth”…. Personally I think he’s a decent gateway to deeper stuff and those that never move past him (or Alex Jones) never would have gotten further anyway.

        He is very normie friendly which gets people who are further along the road to look down on him the way Teenagers look down on the TV show they liked as little kids.

        He IS kinda a panderer to the Boomer Conservative who has not woken up to just how serous things are getting but its NOT like he’s a liar or anything….. put it down to people liking to be in ‘cliques’ and looking down on the less cool clubs.

      • He is a right wing reactionary.

        His hustling spans the globe.

        His main interest is his own exposure and keeping his Youtube channel.

        Anyone who would accept an invitation to be a guest of Trump at the Whitehouse is either a fascist or self promoter.

        Now he is asking for handouts for some cause or other.

        Either way, Pool offers really nothing in terms of fighting the system. In fact, he is part of it.

        In fact, he represents The Third Position which you can look up on the internet.

        But you can read others’ posts for more.

      • Tim Pool and “The Uyghur Genocide”

        In July 2021 at the “Recommended Viewing” of Corbett’s recent subscriber newsletter article, Corbett had a video which talked about the narrative of “The Uyghur Genocide” and how Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski were wrong on their opinion.

        Follow the last link at this post
        Attorney Michael P Senger is author of
        Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World

        • They were not wrong, they are propagandists.

          As noted, when a black man drove his car into a crowd Andy Ngo and Tim Pool rushed to promote the spurious claim that the man was a supporter of “BLM causes” and “black nationalism.


          “Contrary to the propaganda, Waukesha police investigators have explicitly concluded that “there is no evidence this was a terrorist event.” They believe the SUV driver, 39-year-old Darrell Brooks, was fleeing a violent domestic disturbance; the man has a long criminal record.”

          Was he wrong or is he an agent provocateur??

          “This did not deter either Ngo or Pool nor their hordes of online followers, many of whom are explicit white nationalists.

          Ngo in particular has a history of unethically declaring incidents of mass violence the handiwork of “antifa terrorists” with no substantive evidence, including the August 2019 mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, which FBI investigators just concluded had no political motivation.”

          “Pool, a podcaster who has a following of over 1 million on YouTube—built in large part on his predilection for whitewashing far-right extremists—quickly jumped on Ngo’s Twitter thread as the partial basis for a video discussion of the incident, repeating Ngo’s misleading claim that Brooks posted about running people over. Pool was more cautious, noting that police believe it wasn’t an act of terrorism, but then flatly asserted that Brooks has “ties to Black Lives Matter.”

          The claims quickly spread online. Hundreds of accounts promptly began claiming or insinuating that Brooks was a BLM member or inspired by civil rights groups. Some suggested that it was the first shot in a race war, or echoing Pool, contended that Brooks’ crimes were “retribution” for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha only a few days beforehand.”

          Again, Pool is a hustler looking for ‘hits’ to make money and achieve some sense of legitimacy. Is he an agent provocateur? We do not know.

          We do know his history and it doesn’t smell good.

          He is a skirt for fascists

          • weilunion,

            Just watched today a 3 hour video by one, Full Slack – whoever he is?, – which highlighted why Tim Pool sucks. I’ll link the video below.

            I am now totally Tim Pooled out. Were I never to hear or see his face, ever again, I’d be all the happier.

            I totally get it now, why all the vitriol, vilification, and nausea factor expressed on this board.

            Everything you and others accuse him of being is accurate. Though, I still don’t see him as being Intelligence…. He’s too stupid.

            Propagandist, sure. Provocateur, perhaps. Self-promoter, most def.

            Good thing for him it wasn’t me letting the air out of the cop’s tires when he was live streaming, or his punk ass would have been slammed on the pavement like a hard fall off his freakin’ skateboard….

            Zuccotti confrontation starting @ 53.25mins:


            That he’s a dumb shit is the most truthful, self-proclaimed non-propagandized statement out of that fool’s mouth.

            I’ll leave it there.

            • I’m skimming the youtube video and it’s interesting. Sounds like Pool is a grifter and is doing what he does for the money and attention. He might not even care about the issues at all. The video is slanted and a bit “left leaning” but the points about grifting are well made.

              Saying Pool’s a psychopath though is a little harsh, maybe a sociopath. It’s interesting how people will like people who tell them what they want to hear. I think many people succumb to this tendency, my self included.

              If you notice how he talks, he lacks emotional depth, like he’s always the same. He has somewhat of a flat affect, lack of emotional range. That’s usually a sign that someone doesn’t really feel what they are saying.

            • I noticed that, too – Full Slack’s biased slant to the left. I don’t know if you caught it being that you were skimming over the video, but for some reason Slack mentions that back in the day he was a 911 Truther but chalked it up to having been impressionable at a young age. Said he was 11 yrs old at the time, and has since come to see 911 conspiracy theory as just that – conspiracies – meaning a falsehood.

              Oh, well. You can’t win them all, right? But, I myself – after an initial disappointment in Slack – felt, you know, people are entitled to their opinions. What are you going to do? At this point in time, after 20 years, the 911 Truth movement has gone absolutely nowhere, anyway. It hasn’t altered foreign policy one iota. Not one individual has been brought to justice. Not one. I’m I now a bit jaded? Probably.

              The only thing the truth movement has done is make it harder to play the same trick without a whole lot more scrutiny, because in many people’s heart of hearts, they’d know intrinsically that they’re being played with…again. But, for some strange reason, that understanding is somehow buried in people’s psyches; just like the majority of people realize the official narrative of Kennedy’s assassination is a lie, but proceed with their lives completely unaffected regardless of knowing the lie. So it is with 911, only on a lesser scale….

              But, getting back to Pool, you are spot on. He is definitely in it for the money. That’s one thing the video makes very clear, the dude smelled the money opportunity from the very get-go. And what a darling he soon became. And he certainly grasped the potency of sensationalism to pad the pockets. And what you said about his presentation is pretty spot on, too, which I interpret as meaning that it’s an act on his part. Just as much of an act as Alex Jones puts on for his viewers. Jones is obvious as hell. I had to laugh one time when I watched his young protege put on the exact same act as if he studied it in some outline form. Watch Owen Shroyer sometime. You might get a kick out of it – him putting on the Alex act, like he’s Alex the Younger. lol


            • I am an old man. And I have been an activist for fifty years.

              I know the Tim Pool’s, that is why I call them out.

              They do tremendous damage to those of us who are trying to make meaningful change.

              Pool seems to be a tributary to the national security state.

              His obsession with the camera, his doxxing of protesters under the auspice of transparency, his continual screeching and pitching for businesses, his ‘end of the world’ orthodoxy and thus his narccism as the lone ‘stranger’ — I have seen it all before. And when I did they turned out to be informers for the poice.

              Pool is constantly auditioning to become that which he says he hates.

              He offers nothing in the way of solutions or even a cogent analysis.

              He is part of the alt-right. Why do you think they have him on Fox News as some kind of professional?

              Again, as the video you kindly sent me shows, he is certainly a self-indulgent hustler.

              We are in tough times now and it is easy to get sucked in to the Tim Pools of today.

              Bertolt Brecht, who some may know and some not, escaped from Nazi Germany. He was an artist, writer, theater director and more.

              He once wrote:

              In “Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties”, Bertolt Brecht stated:
              “Nowadays, anyone who wishes to combat lies and ignorance and to write the truth must overcome at least five difficulties. He must have the courage to write the truth when truth is everywhere opposed; the keenness to recognize it, although it is everywhere concealed; the skill to manipulate it as a weapon; the judgment to select those in whose hands it will be effective; and the cunning to spread the truth among such persons. These are formidable problems for writers living under Fascism, but they exist also for those writers who have fled or been exiled; they exist even for writers in countries where civil liberty prevails.”


              There were no videos in the late 1930’s. But had there been, Brecht would have included videographers in his message.

              For those fighting for true liberty, true unmasking of the powers that control us, one might consider the words of Paul Robeson, probably one of the best artists of the 20th century who was drugged by the CIA, hounded around the world by National Security, put in mental hospitals against his will and more:

              “Every artist, every scientist, every writer must decide now where he stands. The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery. I have made my choice”

              -Paul Robeson, 1937

              Yes, and Pool made his: profiteering off of crisis for Youtube hits and sensationalism and ego.

              Good for you for doing your own research.

              That is critical thinking.

      • By David Neiwert — December 4, 2021

        “It was predictable that, given their histories of using dubious pretenses to whip up public animus against leftist protesters—particularly against Black Lives Matter and antifascists—right-wing propagandists would seize upon the Nov. 21 tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when a Black man killed six people and injured 62 others by driving an SUV through a Christmas parade, to exploit for their own purposes.

        Sure enough, pseudo-journalists like Andy Ngo and Tim Pool rushed to promote the spurious claim that the man was a supporter of “BLM causes” and “black nationalism.”

        Yep,spurious for there was no evidence to support the claims made and thus this is not journalism it is political hack writing for the fascists.

        People like Pool do far more harm than good. They are not citizen journalists for they make spurious claims about a whole bunch of things.

        Do take a look at the Third Position. This is where Pool’s ideas lie. Same with Tucker Carlson and Citizen Greenwald.

        “The Third Position—which rejects both capitalism and communism—traces its roots to the most “radical” anticapitalist wing of Hitler’s Nazi Party. In the 1970s and 1980s, neonazis in several European countries advocated the Third Position.12 Its leading proponent in the United States was White Aryan Resistance, headed by former California Klan leader Tom Metzger. Metzger, who was a Democratic candidate for Congress in 1980.”

        “The Third Position has a more intellectual aristocratic ally called the European New Right (Nouvelle Droit ) which is different from the U.S. New Right.6 Intellectual leaders of the European New Right, such as Alain de Benoist, are hailed as profound thinkers in U.S. reactionary publications such as the Rockford Institute’s Chronicles.
        The more overtly neo-Nazi segment of the Third Position has intellectual links to the Strasserite wing of German national socialism, and is critical of Hitler’s brand of Nazism for having betrayed the working class. See magazines such as Scorpion or Third Way published in England. Third Position groups believe in a racially-homogeneous decentralized tribal form of nationalism, and claim to have evolved an ideology “beyond communism and capitalism.”

  35. Trevor Noah gets called an Anti-Vaxxer

    What’s interesting is that the biggest funder of so called anti-vaxx information aka anything negative about vaccines is in fact the vaccine manufacturers themselves. These companies also give billions to FOX and other mainstream conservative media to sell and prep their audience for a pharmaceutical solution to vaccine adverse events. If you are such a strong pro-vaxxer, why would you also support these pharmaceutical executives who contribute nearly 100% of the anti-vaxx movement funding?

    • seasons,
      Thanks for posting that The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah link where Paul Joseph Watson shows the video clip of Trevor, and then the Twitter response.

      It is an example of the power of the narrative.

    • What I would really like to understand is: how many of those commebters are actual people, or at least NPCs, instead of being shills, trolls or bots?

      I have to hand it to people who are still clinging on to twatter, sometimes I consider myself to be a glutton for punishment, but then the big boys go out on the field and show me how it’s done.

  36. I’ve been through all comments and like our hosts no one picked up on a guy (I guess he is Ian) who at 6:35 (up to 7:00) said :”…change the system so no one could become a billionaire….”. Particularly telling was Luke’s response.

    How is it possible no one had a need to say anything about this profound utterance???
    Actually I’m not surprised, this is totally in line with zeitgeist. People see no meaning in such utterances, they are totally out of line of prevailing narratives.

    Conspiracies, actual and probable, must be elucidated because searching for truth is simply a categorical imperative for humanity. But this knowledge won’t set as free. This is mostly just about People and Events and rarely about Ideas. But even when eventually there is a discussion about Ideas I to often miss a depth necessary.
    Just for example, James said approximately bio-ethics is eugenics in new dress. First, I think he is overemphasizing eugenics. More important, bio-ethics as part of applied-ethics (yeah that’s the term…oxymoron) is an attempt to use scientific reductionism in ethics, split big problem to smaller chunks, solve them and supposedly a grand solution will emerge. Wrong, never, no way. Philosophy (ethics) is not science. Bio-ethics and similar stupidities are destroying philosophy, instead of wisdom they bring chaos and we know in whose best interest chaos is.

  37. The answer as to who has the best approach to engaging the public, Pool or Rudkowski, is as James suggested, both.

    That said, Tim Pool’s claim, accepted as true and repeated a number of times by the commentators on this video – that people would whip out their credit card 30 seconds into his pitch – is utter bullshit. I’m shocked that any thinking person would repeat that ludicrous claim, treating as if it is to taken seriously.

    No one has that kind of magic bullet. That shameless, transparent kind of self-promotion alone suggests that one would do well to look at him and his schtick with a high degree of skepticism.

  38. knowing that the technocricy is driving the culture is so indicative of Platos saying “those who tell the stories rule society” so this is nothing new.

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