Episode 439 – I Read Richard Haass’ New Book (So You Don’t Have To!)

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 91 comments

Have you ever thought that the Bill of Rights was a bit lacking? Did you ever wish there was a list of obligations detailing those things we owe to the government for the privilege of being born into a certain political jurisdiction? Then, boy, do I have the perfect book for you! Join James for today’s dissection of The Bill of Obligations, the latest turgid tome of trash from Richard Haass, the outgoing president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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  1. Your watch on archive link on Odysee takes one to Food False Flag…

  2. Yet another talk where the virus discussion rears its ugly head and James will not touch it. Forced vaccination is the tip of the spear for the issue of bodily autonomy, again something that James seems quite fond of (the bodily autonomy bit of course) but the underlying premise… that there are invisible boogiemen threatening you that require your autonomy to be taken away (a narrative in other contexts that James has covered extensively) is a subject that will not even be acknowledged. The community has discussed it, I at least have emailed him, and posted #QFC on the topic. You read the comments, James. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me understand why this is the topic whose name shall not be spoken!!! If it’s bunk, or immaterial to the themes you talk about rather than as I would contend, absolutely cornerstone, then please justify. The silence is staggering. Ernie Hancock just had Dr. Kauffman on. Maybe you could talk to him about it.
    Im sorry, not my lane does not seem credible given the subjects you cover. You have a position, whatever it is, but will not declare it.

    • Totally agree. The virology fraud must be addressed. Bring this out and the deck of cards fall.

      • arkk

        “… Bring this out and the deck of cards fall….”

        No they wont.

        People were able to bring in Plague Laws when they thought smelling bad stuff was the cause.

        The idea that normal people would suddenly reject the agenda if somone proved that viruses were not real is silly. Proving such a thing would demand

        a) That you were right

        b)That you could PROVE you were right in a way that made sense to ordinary people

        c)That Ordinary people knew or cared enough about the issue enough to receive this information.

        • “The idea that normal people would suddenly reject the agenda if somone proved that viruses were not real is silly.”

          What? Of course they would Duck!
          Just the same way that nobody believes any longer that 19 Arab hijackers brought down the WTC buildings.
          And like how its now impossible to find a single person who doesn’t accept the reality of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection for geo engineering.
          Or how virtually 100 percent of the population of the world is convinced that CBDCs were designed and are being implemented in order to facilitate the government’s control over the citizens.
          James has proven these things beyond any reasonable doubt. (At least to reasonable people)

          All that needs to happen is for James Corbett to finally admit that viruses do not exist and the control grid will vaporize overnight. Problem solved!
          Why can’t you just admit it???

          (Sorry, I think I woke up on the snarky side of the bed this morning.) ?

    • So you come here and rag on James for not fulfilling YOUR needs and desires? Just how much do you want him to do for YOU?? What are you doing to make this a better world?

      From the Healthy Home Economist:
      -In 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child
      entered school.

      -In 1983, there were 10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6 years old (24 doses, 7 injections, 4 oral doses for polio).

      -In 2010, the CDC vax schedule totaled 68 doses with more than half given by the time a child was only a year and a half old.

      -In 2016, the schedule has increased to 74 doses by age 17 with 53
      injections and 3 oral doses of rotavirus.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


      • Oh hey everyone, look over here!!

        What on earth has that got to do with anything? Im asking someone with a reputation for truth and diligent research and logic why he has ignored an issue smack bang in the middle of his lane for 3 years. He also asks for questions from his audience. My efforts are a totally separate issue. If there is a legit reason why he has ignored something so central, just say that and Ill be quiet. If he wants to tell me why I’m an idiot for thinking this is a vital issue, all power to him. Im not sure how that could possibly go but sure. Try sticking to the point, he doesn’t need a guard dog.
        As for your list of vaccine info.. yes, thank you for helping make my point. If the virus issue is addressed on any widescale level…. bye-bye vaccines.

        • I agree Nick. I understand Del Bigtree doesn’t touch the subject in case it undermines his credibility in his argument against vaccines, and I think possibly RFK Jr has the same stance too. I’m not suggesting this is JC’s position and he can obviously cover whatever he wants (I’m only here because I have huge respect for his work) but yes, I’d like him to explore this issue further (maybe he has?) I have personally spent an incredible amount of time over the last 3 years researching the whole virus/vaccine issue and although I initially believed ‘the science’ in early 2020 I have completely changed my mind. I grew up as a scientist (analytical chemistry) and I still love and respect real science but I am now confident that we have been lied to; I do not believe that what the establishment call ‘viruses’ are ever to blame for disease. This does then beg the question, what are vaccines for? Even Mike Yeadon is now willing to question the virus theory. It’s a BIG topic and will only become bigger. Instead of re-enforcing my belief in science, Covid has exposed so much more corruption in science than I could possibly have believed.

        • >>What on earth has that got to do with anything?>>
          Incomplete idea. To what are you referring??

          >>Im asking someone with a reputation for truth and diligent research and logic why he has ignored an issue smack bang in the middle of his lane for 3 years.>>

          No, you are not. You are constructing a stroke and poke sentence to make you seem more correct, that narcissistic manipulation at work.

          >>Yet another talk where the virus discussion rears its ugly head and James will not touch it.>>

          You are criticizing a man who has reached out to millions world wide with a wide variety of ideas and information well over a decade now because he isn’t filling your agenda of what should be said and approached.

          >>If there is a legit reason why he has ignored something so central, just say that and Ill be quiet.>>

          I doubt you would be quiet, your need to be right is too great.

          Of course you ignore the elephant in the room…just what are YOU doing to make this a better and more enlightened world other then keyboard commando nonsense??

          • Oh please tell me the rice krispie packet you got your psych 101 accreditation from. Incomplete idea? I was referring to you talking about my efforts as being relevant in any way to Corbett covering what I was asking about. Im sure you have seen from other comments it is not just me wondering the same thing.
            “No you are not blah blah psych 101″… yes I am. I asked a question. This is kinda indisputable. Any stroke and poke aspect that may be present is a) not mutually exclusive from the straight-up fact you have denied here and b) isn’t to make me seem smarter, it’s to get James to stop ignoring the question.
            He is ignoring the topic. Mindfully. It’s obvious to anyone and should be least of all to rice krispie educated psychologists.
            I respect James’ work and efforts. That’s why Iv been a member for many years. This also doesn’t make him Jesus. He’s just James.
            You doubt I would be quiet. I post very infrequently here and you know nothing about me. Your krispie packet has led you astray and your irony detection mechanism too, as you pop psychoanalyze me based on 2 responses while telling me I need to be right and I am the keyboard warrior. Look at your responses for Pete’s sake. You came in batting for who? James the snowflake? Did he ask? Or did you just feel a bit frisky that day? Keyboard warriors look for conflict online for the sake of it. I asked a question of someone who says ask me questions when you give me money. He literally says that. What did you do?
            You dragged the elephant in the room. It’s your elephant. I addressed it front and center by saying wtf is that elephant even doing in here? This room is not made for elephants and whoever brought that in here is obviously wanting to ignore everything else in the room.

            What do you think of the intellectual integrity of the millions of people around the world that critique people bringing up issues by saying ‘yeah, but what are you doing? Well, obviously it’s a cheap, nasty, intellectually poverty-stricken tactic usually used to divert. Luckily you sound moral and very activist up there on the mount so don’t think too hard about it.

            When do I earn the right to critique, oh wondrous non-keyboard warrior but also disperser of psych knowledge and they who shall mete out decrees on when someone has gained the moral status of ‘question asker of James’
            Can I ask a question when I’m the Dalai lama? Mother Theresa perhaps?
            I mean, it is a question after all. A question!! Who on earth do I think I am!!

            You are hilarious.

        • Have you considered that perhaps only SOME viruses are actually non-existent? And if some are REAL, then it follows that James might never declare that viruses don’t actually exist. One little tripping point is NOT the end all point or hill to die on. Be thankful for all the great research James does, so we don’t have to. I have been studying the “conspiracy” for the last 50 years, and no matter how much I think I know about it, there is ALWAYS something new to learn about how the elite control every aspect of our lives, while most of us happily believe we are free, and that
          we were told the truth during all those years of programming we went through.

          • He reaches normies which is very important, probably critically important. He gets people who have basic common sense to look more closely and learn how to research and open their mind. What ever he is doing is helping and if he has an intuition not to cover certain topics, I think he should follow his own intuition.

    • Nick, what are YOU doing to spread the message?

      Try to understand that “the top” has an agenda that spans decades and the forced jabs are merely 1 episode in that agenda:

      The forced jabs are the justification for the Digital Health Passport
      The Digital Health Passports are justification for Digital ID system
      Digital ID systems are justification for CBDCs and tokenized currencies
      and all of it creates a digital concentration camp for its users.

      That’s why James doesn’t hyper-focus on it. It’s up to the people themselves to stand up.

      • Hi b887, like most people I suppose I’m doing more than nothing and far less than I should. Personally, I think encouraging discourse with people with massive platforms who are very much in the space this should be discussed is as good a thing to do as any. I agree with and am well aware of everything you have laid out. But the lynchpin in the episode at the top of your flow diagram there is contagious viruses.
        Would the agenda be pushed another way if that didn’t exist? No doubt. But that’s like saying don’t point out holes in the 911 story cause they can push terrorism another way, or don’t point out holes in the climate change story cause they can push that another way. Of course, that sounds preposterous and it would be to James. I don’t expect the site to become ‘the Corbett report – exclusively on virus existence’. You say he is not hyper-focused on it. Respectfully, that is wildly inaccurate. He is deadly silent on it. Not hyper focussed I would say is about the appropriate time to spend on it. I know it’s just one issue. But he is willfully silent on it. For whatever reason. I’m not trying to ascribe motive, but he is ignoring it on purpose.

    • The matter of bodily autonomy is the underlying issue and the matter of virus existence is completely immaterial for maintaining said autonomy.

      Regardless of virus existence as pontificated by the experts, nobody has the right to tell anyone what they should put in their body. 70 million grannies could by at stake, being threatened by someone’s exhaust breath, but that would not change a goddamn thing.

      The germ theory issue is nothing but fruit of a poisonous tree.

      • Yes that’s it exactly. They have no right to violate bodily autonomy or confine people to their homes and mandate what must be done. The virus issue has no bearing on the issue.

    • Unbelievable. Why can’t virus theory AND germ theory BOTH exist? What about some middle ground where both are relative? This strict dichotomy where it can only be this OR that is absurd. Everything is shades of gray. Either coke OR Pepsi is a false choice. Stop trying to force James to pick a side. It’s nuanced.

      • They are here to push their beliefs on others.

        It is ok to have certain beliefs, but not to push them.
        It is exactly what happened the last years.

        Pushing opposite beliefs is not any better.

        • Are you referring to the religious promoters of the germ theory?

      • Pardon my ignorance, what would be the “virus theory”? What would be its relation to coke and pepsi?

        Nobody is claiming that the germ theory does not exist. The theory itself obviously exists and based on acceptance of this theory the westernized people have normalized an incredible ammount of pain and suffering these past three years.

        The thing that is in question is the foundation of the germ theory in reality. The way the germ theory is being upheld by the experts is similar to the way religious people would uphold religion. We can see it the same on this very comment section.

        Viruses are videly accepted to exist as they have been seen wondering around between cells. I am not saying they do exist, I do not know as I have not seen them. I do not think anyone has ever seen them in live tissue.

        What the “no virus” team is bringing into question is the infectious properties of viruses, properties that have not been proven with hard science, and belief in which is being proselytized instead.

        The reason I am taking interest in this matter is the widespread application of logical fallacies. In this case it’s the expert fallacy, and its application is rife.

        If we manage to spread a solid education in logic, James can basically shut down this site and do something he might enjoy a lot, like write some books.

        Be accurate and specific.

      • First, thanks for your efforts John, your work is great. I think even ejdoyle above would let you ask James a question for all your effort over the last couple of years.
        Second, Torus, Iv never meant to imply I want him to pick a side. I think the no-virus stuff is compelling but I would be just as interested to see a reasonable counter to it. Or whatever his position is. Simply cover the topic. At all. Like it even exists. A little. Remain the Corbett Report, looking at all the great stuff you do, and just spend more than zero seconds on the topic.
        I’m not kidding. It’s literally zero seconds. That’s willful to me. And in lieu of spending more than zero seconds, maybe just say why you willfully won’t. Iv explained how it ticks every box of ‘subject matter you would expect James to be in to’ so I won’t do that again. There is more than a handful of people in his community discussing it in the posts he reads. Why ignore it? If he said its totally divisive and not fruitful to discuss, that would be more than he has done. I think that would be incredulous, so he would not want to do that. It is relevant and fruitful, wherever it leads. Its the reality of our world (again, whatever the truth may be).

        • Maybe it’s because people are getting caught in particulars and words and a divide and rule strategy and we should be able to figure it out?

          We know where JC stands on Climate change and yet he did not discuss this with RFK as far as I know. It seems, and I may be wrong, that he wants people to work together and to make up their own minds.

          To me the topic is a huge one and though the “no virus” issue is compelling and fascinating it involves technicalities that take a lot of time to learn or review. With that said, the argument is sound, that these things have not been proven to cause cell damage based on what I have read and understood as a lay person.

          But I will say that because I have been taught to think in germ theory paradigm and have treated patients who seemed to have a contagious disease am inclined to “believe” contagion by some mechanism can occur. This does not always happen, but it has happened and if it didn’t happen it seemed to happen. Perhaps this is my error in interpretation but it’s a common one that many people share even if it’s wrong.

          I think the issue of freedom is more central to JC’s work, bodily autonomy and the freedom from tyranny from the government. Perhaps the physical reason with respect to germs or lack of germs does not enter into the picture for JC.

          One last thing is that people will usually never agree on all issues.

          • I get your point and it’s well made but I think the virus issue is fundamental to the whole argument about personal freedom when it comes to vaccines. JC is probably not going to hang his hat on either position, he doesn’t have to, but the issue of bodily autonomy has really been brought to the fore with the recent vaccines, and vaccines are designed to combat viruses. If ‘viruses’ are shown to not exist or to not behave as described then the pharmaceutical industry/WHO/governments/ Fauci etc have a major problem. So of course viruses DO exist – of course they do – and they are infectious and cause disease. These are their ‘facts,’ they CANNOT be wrong or falsified even if they are complete lies. It simply won’t happen. The establishment even accept that viruses are neither motile nor can have any possible agenda and yet they then tell us that these fragments of genetic material are able to make our own incredibly evolved and advanced cells make copies of them, cause their own death and then send copies off out to wreak havoc elsewhere. I don’t accept this. It makes no evolutionary sense. Even if it was a flaw in evolution, humans would not have flourished as we have with this simple killer on the loose – and don’t forget we didn’t have vaccines for 99%+ of our history. Wouldn’t a virus be better served to make us feel better? To encourage our cells to make more of them as it made us feel good not cause our bodies to self-destruct? Is it not a co-incidence that ‘viruses’ have just suddenly become so dangerous? Look at the world we are living in. BTW please note that the ‘Spanish flu’ was nothing of the sort. It was not ‘flu’, but has been resurrected in the public consciousness and portrayed as such to make people feel threatened by an infectious respiratory disease. I said in a previous post, this is a BIG issue and I really feel it needs more attention. I would LOVE James to cover it but I’ll leave it there.

            • There was a great book called Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries that is written from a germ theory perspective or from an open minded MD who shows that the evidence doesn’t support vaccination to prevent disease. It doesn’t matter who’s right with the details. She writes about the Polio scam. It’s experimental stuff and it’s theoretical. Getting bogged down in some of it is really not necessary IMO. Even the germ believers, the people who are questioning the harm of vaccines like Dr. Bahkti, say natural immunity is better. The evidence shows it and people can agree on that much.

              Sometimes people have to meet people where they are at even if they believe the other person is wrong.

            • I also wanted to say I understand your point about how shifting perception away from contagion would reduce fear and make the bio security nonsense harder. I have a bad headache so wasn’t able to focus on all of your comment. Anyway, the idea of germ theory is that people get sick but develop immunity which could be why we haven’t all died off. I really haven’t looked into depth of how this would translate in a terrain model with respect to childhood diseases and stuff. I really don’t know enough even from a medical perspective to have a firm opinion one way or the other. I’ll have to do more research.

              I think the main issue with convincing the public that contagion isn’t real with things like “Ebola” that people would fear is to either provide treatment or disprove contagion on a macroscopic level (not in a lab).

              From a germ theory perspective those types of diseases are short lived because people die quickly. I think it would be interesting if maybe one of the Terrain theory MDs could delve more into Ebola and what people may have been exposed to if it’s not a contagious pathogen.

              I think it would be even more awesome if some of the Terrain theory MDs could try to start a clinic and build up that modality of treatment.

    • Stop spreading bad science.
      Viruses clearly exist.

      The biological world is al lot bigger than you think.

      • Note1: The mRNA and spike-proteins work like a bioweapon.

        The Lipid Nano Particle is used by pfizer to inject it into cells. (And to spread it to essential body parts). Some others use the shell of a virus (called “vector”).

        All this damage from this bioweapon would not even be possible if viruses would not exist.

        As side effect the injection causes exosomes, which are causing auto-immunity.
        Different than a virus.
        And exosomes can spread to other people (shedding). But do not multiply,
        unlike a virus.

        Note2: Look up plant viruses.
        There are lots of videos and studies about them.
        How they invade, spread and multiply.

        Note3: The graphene-oxide story is a total fake.
        There is none. The over-hyped patent is about a blackish fluid.
        Hyped by people that don’t understand much, and misidentify everything.

        Note4: Toxins, radiation, bad food and such are damaging.
        But humans can even live with that.
        Because the body adapts and cleans itself slowly.

        Note5: Most people die due to bad (modern) medical practices

      • Even the “no virus” team clearly states that “viruses” do exist. What’s in question is their ability to spread infectious disease. This ability has never been confirmed with hard science.

        The burden of proof is with those who are making the claim that viruses do spread disease, i.e. the proponents of the germ theory.

        Be accurate and specific.

        • They do say the particles exist because they are physical entities and not imaginary things. The spherical particles have been photographed and measured. Like how bacteria exist. The difference is that some have said that these things are pathogens and other’s have said they are bits of RNA or DNA that has been broken down by reagents or parts of the reagents themselves. They can be seen with an electron microscope like cells can be seen with a light microscope.

          And this is what is in part confusing because when you pin someone down on this basic meaning of exist, some will say well of course that particle in the photograph is a physical entity, the way it interacts has not been proved with the studies published.

          And maybe that is one of the point of contentions is nomenclature or words themselves. What does it mean to exist?

        • Viruses or exosomes. I do not claim exosomes exist, but it is accepted that they have been seen in vitro on still images.

          With all the limitationa that entails I’m willing to accept that in vitro and according to still images there are these lumps of protein that are ejected from cells and possibly merged into other cells.

          I can imagine that cells have tools at disposal to eject stuff out, like toxins or some unwanted byproducts. So I am willing to accept these may exist.

          I am not willing to accepts such lifeless lumps are capable of taking over cells and converting them into copy machines. Cells are far too complex for something like that to be even fathomable.

          Exosomes provide a good cover for the germ theory, just like training exercises provide a cover for mass psyop events.

          • I did not consider the possibility that the very process of observing is destructive in itself. How could they even control against something like that?

    • I cannot speak for James but the WHY of a lot of people is because they’re just not savvy enough in biology/medicine to know what’s the truth.
      And as others pointed out, it’s definitely not black n white. Take Duesberg for example, The first and most notorious Hiv/Aids dissident, and an expert in his field, considered by many as an exceptional researcher, says that the ability of cloning viruses is proof of their existence.
      This statement is challenged by those that say there’s no proof of the existence of viruses, mainly on the grounds that they have a different definition of scientific proof and protocol for isolating a virus.
      Now who am I, mere mortal or Joe Shmoe, to say who’s right?
      What in my humble opinion is not helping is when guys like Kauffmann (who i feel has less expertise than a Duesberg) sell their snakeoil supplements in the middle of their documentary films, it’s a bit too “new age” for my taste to be taken seriously

      • I listened to Duesberg’s audiobook and it was really good. I think there are competing arguments including Dr. Lanka who has a different view of no viruses. I thought his control experiment was good. I suppose science is like that though, people passionate about their hypotheses and theories. They want to change the world for the better and are passionate. I think there should be a debate between scientists who can be trusted, not the “experts” in the scamdemic.

        I think Stefan Lanka and Peter Duesberg have good points and I think a debate (or discussion) between those two would be really interesting.

    • Kauffman is nothing more than a snake oil salesman!

      • He’s not any worse than other psychiatrists who push anti depressant drugs though. And though I do think there is a financial motive, I don’t think only a snake oil salesman. People’s belief in what they are taking for their health can have a profound effect.

        • He was selling fermented cod liver oil that was nothing more than rancid oil that made people sick.

          • That sounds yukky. I’d rather just eat cod liver. I think whole sources of vitamins and minerals are probably better than extracts and supplements. Also minimizing sucrose and fructose and increasing healthy fats will reduce inflammation in the body.

      • Nigga’s an MD. What’re u? Clearly a virus shill!
        I guarantee you Kate has never listened to one minute of Kaufman (you didn’t even spell his name correctly)…

        • The goal of their ‘viruses don’t exist’ propaganda is to distract from the fact that vaccines are full of animal viruses that cause illness and cancer, just as Judy Mikovits has warned.

          Animal viruses do not transfer to humans except by injection. If people start getting sick from bird flu, you want to believe it was in the vaccines.

    • Just wanted to say read this. https://archive.org/details/the-invisible-rainbow-a-history-of-electricity-and-life-arthur-firstenberg-z-lib.org/

      In one chapter it discusses how the US gov tried to infect people with Flu and had 0 success with the most insane studies on healthy young men. The reason they tried to do the studies was because the flu would travel faster than people. They have known that it is not contagious for over a hundred years. Almost 150. THINK ABOUT THAT?

      Dr Kaufman is right on about all the crap they call disease is just the body fighting TOXICITY. Free us from the f-n GMOS, pesticides, herbicides.radio waves, now 5 G MM waves, wifi, processed foods, lazy lifestyle BS, microprocessors. cell phone and Electricity. This is a very TOXIC world we live in.
      Here is some history on the subject.

      • Thanks I’ll check this out. I think exposure to some toxins is unavoidable but people can try to minimize the worst toxins. There are some things like electricity that I wouldn’t prefer to forgo.

        There’s also got to be ways to beef up our capacity to heal.

        • What is even more amazing to consider, is somehow all the WAVE toxicity has extended life with many new sicknesses included. We now live longer but we also live with more sickness.
          Most of the purpose of modern medicine is all about selling the newest pill or gadget. It seems that all medical practice is hinged on a humans capacity to heal itself. A person with a weakened system has little chance.

          Even when you break a bone all they can do is patch you up and your body must heal itself. There is nothing they can do to cause healing.

          I have been through many serious accidents and should be in a wheelchair. Maybe there is more to the miracle factor that we realize?

    • Wow this topic of germ theory vs terrain theory seems to be exploding this community into jagged shards.

      Since people are apparently very emotionally invested in both views and some apparently have no interest in looking at evidence and/or changing those views at this time, why not try and find some common ground that people from both perspectives can agree on?

      For instance, why not formulate a plan of action that improves one’s quality of live, resilience, health and ability to avoid disease and sickness which works regardless of what the real source of the illness is ?

      As in, are there some lifestyle choices, dietary choices and/or other stimulus (that is applicable in a decentralized fashion) that we can all agree will prevent or mitigate disease whether or not it is caused by artificial electromagnetic radiation, ‘pathogenic’ organisms, toxins (or anything else discussed in this thread)?

      I can think of a few things that stack those functions, what about you?

      • That’s because THEY are bombarding every alternative media platform with their slogan ‘viruses do not exist’. It’s like they are some kind of AI because how can so many different people be spouting the same line over and over and over …

        There are things other than viruses that affect our health, but this doesn’t mean viruses don’t exist. Like all propaganda, THEY insert some truth with their lies. Many aren’t able to pick apart what they are saying to recognize that the lies are the foundation of their argument.

        I believe the reason THEY are doing this is to muddy the water so we won’t figure out that the bird flu (or what every they base the next Plandemic on) was in the vaccines.

        • @Kate

          Thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts.

          I can think of other reasons why an increasing number of people are talking about Terrain Theory now but that is really irrelevant to what I was trying to get at (which is attempting to find common ground and shared solutions based goals we can align our efforts towards).

          Maybe its a weird AI chat bot psyop attack, maybe its just an increasing amount of people asking hard questions about the foundations of dominant scientific theories given how obvious it has become in the last three years that we are being lied to, manipulated and attacked by institutions we have been raised to trust and respect, maybe its the result of human counter-intelligence assets infiltrating communities like this and weaponizing the most contentious topic being discussed to create division and discord, maybe its something else all together, who knows…

          The point is lets not allow what ever the reason and driving force behind this apparent widening divide to cripple our collective ability to accomplish our common goals.

          So I will repeat my question to you in the context of a specific concern you raised. Are there some lifestyle choices, dietary choices and/or other stimulus/courses of action (that are applicable in a decentralized fashion) that we can all agree will prevent or mitigate disease whether or not it is caused by artificial electromagnetic radiation, ‘pathogenic’ organisms (such as “bird flu”), toxins (or anything else discussed in this thread)?

          • I completely agree that lifestyle choices affect our health. I exercise, avoid processed foods, omega 6 oils, sugar, etc. in my diet. Most importantly I avoid taking things into my body that circumvent my body’s natural defense mechanisms like vaccines.

      • Gavinm:

        I completely agree with you. It seems to be divisive and narrow in scope and some of it very technical which can be off putting. I understand why terrain theory proponents think that if people no longer believe in viruses it may stop the biosecurity paradigm. I don’t know what impact this would have but I do think shifting ones mental framework for how they interpret the would not happen overnight.

        I remember an old Corbett Report podcast that discussed how logic is not enough may have even had that exact title. I will have to go back and find it, but I think it’s true that logic is not always enough to cause a shift in perspective. The human mind is complex and decision making and belief is not entirely based on logic.

        My point is even if the no virus position is true, and they do make a compelling logical argument, this may not have the predicted effect on the public. I don’t know enough about the complexities of the unconscious and subconscious mind and how they influence behavior but I do know many decisions, opinions and beliefs involve the emotions rather than logic.

        • @cu.h.j

          Thanks for the comment I appreciate you sharing those insights and observations.

          Based on what I have learned I do think the entire dominant narrative being pushed about “viruses” is full of misconceptions, half truths ( as well as some flat out fallacies) but since there are things I can do in my life that will demonstrably improve my body’s ability to resist disease whether or not viruses exist I choose to focus on that.

          Shifting the scientific paradigm being taught in mainstream institutions and pushed out into the mass media apparatus is a tall order (given the entrenched financial interests that are involved) so rather than attacking that massive multi-generational empire (and anyone that has bought the lies it is selling) head on, I choose to stop supporting that system, illuminating it’s illegitimacy (and the fallacies it perpetuates) through living by example. If enough people did that and became living examples of health and resilience, that in and of itself would render their systems, fallacious theories about germs and other outdated beliefs obsolete, and they would wither away.

          So yes, rather than attempting to throw logic or data at people with regards to this issue, I advocate for just living the truth.

      • You are wasting your breath/keyboard, Gavin. People like having their squabbles, hence our predicement.

        Of course it all boils down to being responsible with one’s own property and later reaping rewards or suffering the penalties that are the direct consequence of chosen behaviour.

  3. I don’t believe in burning books, generally, but Haass’ book should at least be buried in a dark place. Maybe we should just label it as what it is, misinformation or disinformation, and hold it up as the very best examples of what it sets out to propagandize.

    • Just remember they hate the Constitution.

  4. One of my favourite Corbett Report episodes ever! I think James hits the nail bang on the head by highlighting Haass’s utterly childish, out-of-touch views. I was actually shocked that Haass trotted out some of the cliched crap that he does, and with seemingly total confidence that what he was writing was the truth! Utterly bizarre. I can’t help but think he might actually be a bit backward.

    • Chadders

      No, he is just stuck in the Boomer Truth Regime. (see playlist below-the First 10 min vid is well worth watching)

      In his mind there is still a culturally and racially homogenized USA in which the well trained subjects are willing to die to protect. These Subjects are, in his mind, still the excellent attack dogs that defeated Germany in WW2 and killed for the US Empire. They are still the high skilled workers who created the US industrial and technical edge.

      This kind of Old Man who is still living in the past is rather like the Politburo at the end of the Soviet Union- IIRC the CIA was listening to their car phones and it was mostly a bunch of old dudes whining about their prostate and health. The Soviet Union ran its course, and the people that made it (and the US Empires) just moved on to a new host.

      B.T.R. playlist of Accedmic Agent. The First video is short and one of the best IMO

      • Thank you Duck. I watched this last night but was guilty of having a couple of beers prior. Will review again sober. 🙂

  5. Hi James, do you also publish episodes at spotify or is somebody using your name just like in gootube? Was wondering from where to listen your broadcasts. Now I am only using this site directly, but if the spotify is an option that gives you some financial compensation then I might start using that media platform. Thank you and have a nice day!

  6. I wish the DOI has been only a detailed explanation of the most important shift in politics, one that started to develop in the Magna Carta, namely, the concept of a right. This concept is/has been under attack indirectly, intellectually, since its inception. A direct attack would only strengthen it, since it would expose the attackers’ indefensible arguments.

    The DOI was a repudiation of the “one sovereign”, one authority over all concept and replacement of it with “universal sovereignty”, i.e., sovereignty of each individual, i.e., rights, e.g., “all men (persons) are created (politically) equal”, meaning no person or group is politically superior, nor can they justify the initiation of violence, threats. Another way to say this is: Violating rights does not protect rights, in principle or “for the common good”. The common good is achieved by maximizing the good of the individual. Isn’t that logical?

    • The concept of having a Right JUST FOR BEING A HUMAN is derived from Christianity, I will explain why I say this.

      The Greeks and Romans had zero conception of an individual right, to them there was philosophically nothing wrong with keeping a slave or taking other peoples stuff if you were stronger then them. The idea of people as cogs in a greater state machine grows right out of Platos book “The Republic”.

      In those times a “Right” was given ONLY ACCORDING TO YOUR POSITION IN SOCIETY. It was the ACTUAL reality of Patriarchy and how many Rights you had depended on how close you were to the people that mattered- Free Men who were Citizens.

      Only when it became an idea that humans had souls that God wanted back did the people get idea that people had an INHERENT value as human beings, rather then value given by social position and ability.

      The Romans did not even really think of children as fully human, but instead more like plants. They had no issue abandoning or exposing unwanted babies, a mass of unwanted (male) baby skeletons were found in the sewer under a Roman brothel. Only when people got the idea that God wanted those kids souls back in one piece did the idea that they mattered JUST for being human become a thing.

      Now we are past the idea of souls and getting back to Roman times what with MAID and people suggesting Post Birth Abort

  7. This guys book makes me think of the quote

    “… 2 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. …”

    The issue the ruling class is suffering right now is that its openly hateful towards its people and its too incompetent to run things, actually its even too incompetent to even make people BELIEVE its running things.
    People will follow evil leaders, but never stupid ones.

    It really reminds me of the end stage of the Soviet Union.

    I would bet money that most people would LOVE to live in a world where they could trust the news to tell the truth, be patriotic about their shared community in the nation, trust their leaders not to try to excessively kill them and generally go back to sleep without feeling like they were gonna get pillow’d to death if they do.

  8. The J6 protesters were the ritual semen of an as-above-so-below occult ritual intended to ‘impregnate’ the ‘womb’ (dome) of the Capitol building, with the obelisk (Osiris’ phallus, a.k.a. the Washington monument’) acting as the generative force of this transition from a national sovereignty paradigm borne from a Baconian New Atlantis Great Experiment of individual liberty to a New Order of the Ages, one-world Beast/Antichrist system (since the individual liberty experiment of free will for all Mankind will be seen, and arguably has been, a failure [exemplified by libertine extremism and a collapsed social order]). Fucking fight me, n—as!

  9. Thank you for diving into that vat of crap and, as always, making it into fertilizer for growing awareness seedlings. I’d give you a big kiss if either of us could stretch across the Pacific.

  10. Thank you James, I could see the anger in your face by even having to discuss this trash. Hope you shake it off soon!

  11. People like that are grifters. It’s interesting that he says “can” though, not “do” save lives. Vaccines can also kill people and they have. Lot’s of things can have an effect and it’s up to the individual to decide if it’s worth the risk for them.

    JC has a lot more tolerance for irritation than I do.

    • These last couple of years I’ve added ‘grifter’ to by vocabulary. I’d never heard it before (other than as the name of a bike in the 70s) It’s a great word! 😀

  12. “We all live in a ‘context’, in a society. We all have a ‘stake’ in the overall wellbeing of our society, which in turn translate into our having a ‘stake’ in the wellbeing of our fellow citizens.” I guess our society is nothing more than a ‘stakeholder’ society….

  13. It’s so easy to get drawn into his monotone lies, and just accept a soothing attitude that assumes a parental control. Choice is not anyone else’s. Such obvious tripe.

  14. First, I really enjoyed this show. James Corbett you are the best, in my opinion.

    Now, I didn’t realize that a bunch of other people besides me knew that “germs” do not cause disease.

    Like everyone else, viruses, microbes, bacteria are “doing their job” or “playing a part” in this whole place where we all exist. So, they may be present and “working” when we experience illness. Etc. etc. I could go on, standing on my soapbox, but there is no need on this commenters spot because you all know about it.

    I didn’t know about the human microbiome until about 3 years ago. I recently obtained two books to read more about it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t question James about what he should be researching, but I’m sure that his fans that are doing that just know that if he does work on it, what will result will be amazing.

  15. Just about finished this read that lays out some pretty interesting (though speculative) evidence that the crosby stills nash and young crew are basically CIA assests. When I saw the part about them leaving Spotify bc of Rogan (somehow I missed that story previously) it definitely seems to align with Daves analysis done here…

  16. Also James, I understand why you ignore the virus debate, it won’t change a thing and doesn’t matter anyways when it comes to bodily autonomy. Same with the flat earth debate. I personally think the flat earth is just another psyop/distraction but at the end of the day who really cares. If the earth is flat or viruses are fake we still have the same problems.. an elite predator class trying to gain complete control over society. I’m sure they love when people are caught up debating the existence of viruses instead of spending their time doing something productive.

    • For the most part I agree, but these elites could only be considered to be such if standing on top of a pile of decomposing excrement.

    • I think it would be great if this push by “no virus” researchers would help shift the thinking in some scientists who are curious. This could inspire more independent research by scientists in the field those who could do fresh studies in the lab.

      I think that virology labs are looking at something but maybe misinterpreting the data. Maybe a fresh set of eyes with a new perspective would be helpful.

      Not just debunking viruses though, but researching what toxins are doing to make people sick and what to take to improve health. So many elderly and even younger people in their 40s are on multiple pharma drugs. How do they get off them safely? How do they heal their bodies?

      It’s a very large topic. JC had the podcast about Rockefeller Medicine which was a good foundation to the corruption.

  17. Thanks James. That was fun.

    After reading your missives for some years, I’d be grateful if you would read one or two of mine.

    This account of exactly WHY it’s wrong to force people to do things for other people’s benefit should be internalized by everyone capable of understanding it. Can YOU explain what’s wrong with the argument “surely many people must be more important than one person.”

    All of a sudden there seem to be a lot people who (if they applied their principles) would think that we were wrong to condemn the Nazi doctors for their experiments on people.


    • Thanks Jonathan. Certainly my experience of the Covid hoax in the UK was that many people would say they took the vaccines ‘for the greater good’ i.e. to ‘not kill granny’. I don’t know the figures but I expect they’re out there somewhere. Most young people couldn’t care less about the illness and just wanted their freedom (and to not kill granny, or anyone else’s granny). Certainly the ‘greater good’ argument and being community minded was heavily pushed by the UK government. But they were effectively pushing experimental and unnecessary medical interventions on people who simply did not need them. I think it was diabolical.

  18. I am only a bit less than 8 minutes into this video and already I have a couple of things to say.

    I thought we had obligations already… you know, don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t slander, etc, etc… or am I delusional? ?

    Second, we do not consent to signing a contract when we are born. Our parents – well, some parents – have the liberty of choosing which contract we are obliged into at birth. Later, as adults, we can choose to move or travel into places with varying contracts… we are stuck with them everywhere except international grounds, if I am not mistaken. Or are there contracts for those places as well?

  19. Dick is a good name, he probably likes it. ?

    Russell Mathews dug up info on the big controversy of the year (ok, the year is just starting, so it might not be the biggest) in Canada, ie Chinese interference in the elections. Chinese-born Canadian citizens were forced to vote for certain candidates in the GTA (I think it was just there that Mathews researched) or they would lose their citizenship or visas. Bad, bad China! Oh, but Trudeau (or trou d’eau?) assured us it didn’t change the results of the last (s)election.

  20. There is both toxic and positive masculinity. Same goes for feminity. A good psychologist will laugh at how they try to make us believe that self-defense is supposed to be bad.

    Should the Bill of Obligations be added to the Constitution? Wait, we’re not supposed to answer that… it’s a rhetorical question, of course.

    • Yeah, I think that “toxic masculinity” narrative is to keep people, men in particular from rebelling against tyranny. They want mentally and physically weak people who obey and don’t think for themselves. And the toxins that are decreasing testosterone levels aren’t just reducing fertility but probably affecting peoples minds as well.

      • Actually, there are studies that demonstrate how some toxins cause brain damage. If I recall, heavy metals like mercury, lead and aluminum have all been linked to various degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

      • @cu.h.j

        Yes I have witnessed that term weaponized against men in that way here in Canada a lot.

        I mean, IMO, it is worth noting that there are some males that are all wrapped up in ego, attempting to exert physical dominance over others for kicks and are sexist, who at one point I would have said would be accurately described as choosing “toxic masculinity”. But like the word “sustainability” (and even “regenerative” to a degree) it is a term that has been weaponized and warped now. Also, perhaps using the term masculinity in there with the word toxic has been inaccurate all along as masculinity, in and of itself, is life affirming, healthy and part of being human.

        My friend Tereza from substack (she writes a newsletter called “Third Paradigm”) discerns the difference between the obnoxious macho chauvinistic male behavior (which some used to refer to as “toxic masculinity”) and healthy, life affirming and beneficial masculinity by using the term “tonic masculinity”. I like how she flipped the script on their weaponized term and put a little herbalism/healer kinda vibe in her term 🙂

        I agree with what you said about about how the “toxins that are decreasing testosterone levels” which are “..probably affecting peoples minds as well”. This is true for uneducated and unmotivated Vegans and Vegetarians especially since they eat tons of processed (but not fermented nor sprouted) soy based foods (which messes with testosterone levels). There are lots of other naturally occurring compounds in foods and toxins in non-vegan processed foods that do that too though.

        One way for guys to kill two birds with one stone (detoxing while helping support healthy testosterone levels in a time when it appears masculinity is under attack) is through eating goji berries.

        For thousands of years ancient Chinese medicine promoted Goji berries for improving male sexual health and science is now beginning to back up their claims.

        So highly regarded was this wolfberry benefit in early Chinese medicine that it even found its way into an ancient, Chinese proverb. It warns men who travel away from their lovers: “He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji.”

        Studies have shown that goji berries can increase testosterone levels in men, thereby improving their sexual health.

        Goji berries also help protect against neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

        This may be because of the high levels of antioxidants in the berries, which prevent oxidative stress in the brain.

        For more info:


        • Thanks for the info! I like that “flipping the script” tonic masculinity is great.

          I agree with your assessment of how some men think that masculinity is about exerting ego above everything and bullying others who are weaker and that to me is not masculinity. To me the term is associated with strength (mental and physical), honor, bravery, loyalty, determination. I see masculinity is not being afraid to tell the truth and refusing to comply with tyranny. There was a gym owner who refused to shut down during the lock down and I really respected that. To me that was a good example of masculinity.

          I do think testosterone can influence good character traits so that people express them in the real world.

          Interestingly enough women also have hormone imbalances and some have low testosterone levels too. It’s a very important hormone for bone density and other essential bodily processes. Having just the right balance is essential to remain healthy so I’ll check out pine pollen.

          I haven’t had my hormone levels checked, but have been meaning to do it because I think some of my depression may be related to it.

          • @cu.h.j

            “To me the term is associated with strength (mental and physical), honor, bravery, loyalty, determination. I see masculinity is not being afraid to tell the truth and refusing to comply with tyranny. There was a gym owner who refused to shut down during the lock down and I really respected that. To me that was a good example of masculinity.”

            I agree wholeheartedly (and I think I know of the gym owner you speak of).

            That is interesting regarding women and testosterone, I have not researched that side of the equation before.

            I have come across a few foods in my research that are supposed to help with female reproductive health (for balancing hormones) but the research I read focused more on the supporting estrogen side of the equation so I am not sure how they influence testosterone levels in females.

            Clover tea and two traditional TCM herbs (White Peony Root or Paeonia lactiflora extract and Black Cohosh or Actaea racemosa) are among those that I can remember off the top of my head.

            Here is a link to a post I shared about clover a while back which offers some tips for foraging and enjoying in the kitchen: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/day-three-clover

            White peony root (with traditions rooted in traditional Chinese medicine) is emerging in studies I have read as an effective and more broadly tolerated herb for progesterone cycle support.

            It is said that the taste of the White Peony Root, like many Chinese herbs, ranges from bitter, to sour, to sweet. This health-giving root has been in cultivation since 900 BC, and is widely grown in the Zhejiang, Anhui, and Sichuan provinces of China. It is mostly consumed in the form of herbal teas or encapsulated as a supplement.

            I grow it in our garden for the pollinators and to enjoy the beautiful scent of the flowers, but it is nice to know the roots can provide medicine too!

            Black Cohosh (formerly Cimicifuga racemosa) roots seem to support healthy estrogen levels not by providing estrogen but by improving brain-ovary communication and modulating cell receptors.

            TCM practitioners suggest considering black cohosh in perimenopause and for menopausal complaints like hot flashes and night sweats. It’s also apparently used to ease depression and relax uterine spasms and inflammation.

            Hope this info helps! 🙂

            Thanks for the thoughtful response.

  21. I read book reviews like this but never a minus 1! Well done.

    the idea of society mandatory ‘service’ is a very old concept. Not worthy of our time these days

  22. Every time you do one of these book reviews I feel genuinely grateful for your sacrifice. Anyway, this video immediately brought your recent book reviews to mind, and made me laugh so hard. Hope you enjoy it https://youtu.be/6MqDvdQX5oM

  23. Bill of Obligations?! Is Richard Haas kidding? We already have one! It’s called the US Code and the Federal Register. Tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of pages of obligations to which I am subject, even the ones I have never heard of and know nothing about. I am obligated by laws that Congress passed before I was born, after I was born, in the dead of night when I was asleep. I am obligated by Executive Orders and Presidential directives. I am enveloped in obligations that I couldn’t parse out even if I had a dozen attorneys on retainer.

    One thing that we, as humans alive in the World of today, do not lack for is a “Bill of Obligations”.

  24. James, thanks for putting yourself through all that pain & suffering (reading that boring book). You did seem to have a good time doing this video though.

  25. I’m a bit late to this party. James talks about Haas being out of touch without going into what has changed in America to make his seemingly innocent ideas so dangerous. If you grew up white in the 1950s there was a pervasive sense of both public trust and faith in benevolence from above. And you know despite the CIA, lead and Vietnam there was a lot of truth to that.

    Large corporations and government hardened after the Vietnam defeat and hippie values began to permeate society both because people became less gullible and demanded uncomfortable levels of disclosure. Plus the business model of greed (is good) required malfeasance on a genocidal level. Haas somehow thinks that genie is still in the bottle and the playing field hasn’t shifted.

    While James has his solutions watch the solution I’m waiting for is a flip of consciousness at the top. Thing is that change probably can only be forced from the player with the biggest stick around – the US government. James was a Ron Paul fan way back when that dark horse was running for President. Well this time around we have RFK jr just announcing. Will James get behind that dark horse?

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