Episode 451 – I Read Yuval Noah Harari’s Book (So You Don’t Have To!)

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 78 comments

You may think you know what transhumanist propaganda WEF minion Yuval Noah Harari is spreading, but if you haven’t read his book you don’t know the half of it! And so, in the increasingly illustrious tradition of previous editions of the “I Read” series, today on The Corbett Report podcast I present to you a summary and synopsis of Yuval Noah Harari’s 2016 tome, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Strap in, folks. This one takes some weird twists and turns.

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  1. Yes, exactly correct, James. I’m always relieved when others clearly understand what’s happening; that it’s not just one action or event with one expected outcome, but multiple agendas, particularly psychologically-driving peoples to “think and react” a certain way to their plans they are no longer keeping so secret. Actually, in a very satanic-protocol way of “revealing plans in plain sight” so to blame the peoples for “knowing all along and accepting responsibility for accepting it,” and all without much struggle or fight against it. And of course, look how so many are to preoccupied and always saying, “well, it’s always been this way, and so what to do?” Bloody hell, man, I don’t know, I suppose just “dunk & cover,” as usual?

    These individual’s purpose is to “instill in people’s heads “inevitability” and “normalcy” of ideas or policies that are far from normal or good,” just as I believe you explained at the end.

    The mass media, going back prior to WWI has done the same on a grand scale, just like they do today, like reporting on CBDC’s & Powell as if he’s legitimate—not an evil money-junky villain—and so we sheep then accept the Fed as normal. Same with using terms like “deadly virus,” or “evil terrorists,” but never mentioning both are laboratory-created, militarized tools.

    Time and time again “they” have tested and utilized various forms of psychological-driving methods, from bio-chemical, electrical-energy, subliminal-messaging, explosive events & fear…like the War of the Words radio program where the broadcaster-creator then came out after-the-fact acting very convincingly like it was all an accident; that he didn’t realize it would create panic and even get some to commit suicide, which it did. All of these events, from 9/11 to releasing militarized viruses, then offering a war against terror and a vaxx protocol has several lab-rat-human elements to it; “cause and effect” experiments for their own benefit, not humanity’s well being.—jeffreyplubina.substack.com

  2. I wonder if Noah believes the available data about the global flood.

    He and his narrative have one huge gapping hole, a whole hole if you will, and that’s the absence of acknowledging the existence of, in some, not all, people with common sense. Something Noah obviously is lacking.

    • “…l, people with common sense….”

      There is a historical pattern to such things.

      Dr EM Jones has pointed out that when jewish people get into power they often have a very poor sense of when to slow down or back off. He also quotes IIRC Moses Hesse saying that the Jewish people were to become their own messiah, and many have noted the jewish tendency to group around messianic ideas and figures and going full out until reality restores itself.

      As Dr Jones says, rejection of the Logos results in becoming a revolutionary, so I guess revolting against reality and nature is the logical endpoint for that.

  3. Thank you for your usual insightful and useful report.

    The idea of implanting a narrative is an illuminating and useful concept. I read elsewhere (citation forgotten) that all this publicly open and alarming announcement of the oligarchs’ intention to eliminate personal freedom, implement CBDC, enforce 100% global data tracking, substitute insects for food etc etc is their way of “casting a spell” on the general populace, similar to voodoo — an interesting alternate expression for the same idea that also suggests the antiquity of this control method. (Another theory that appears here and there is that the WEFers et al. follow a “Babylonian” religion and believe in karma, so they feel they must give their victims a chance to escape by revealing–however opaquely–their dastardly intentions ahead of time–don’t know of any evidence of karma belief by the Babylonians, or even in the Babylonian Talmud, so this may be a red herring.)

    • Well said, the concept of “karma”, is a Rosetta stone into the minds of these “people” and their agendas. 9/11 was one of those moments where they “showed us” again and again their plans, in movies, books, lectures, warning us because of ‘our shortcomings”, in this case, not taking ‘global terrorism seriously’, we would pay a heavy price…You hit the nail right on the head with your analysis, they show us what they plan on doing and if we don’t see it, it is our fault, insane reasoning, but they are surely the definition of insane.

      We see in ALL aspects of our world, their imprinting THEIR mindset onto us. I cringe every time I see them bend and twist reality to their evil ends. I was watching some Jurassic Park movie, one actor was talking about how “man always will turn everything to a weapon of war”, and I bristled at that statement. The reality, THEY had to trick Americans into each of THEIR wars. Humans are naturally collaborative, yet from early on they implant competitiveness to start the training to being their sheep. They are masters of doing GREAT evil, then rewriting history to show some other group was responsible. Slavery was a great evil, and it is rather illuminating to know the slave markets were not closed on Sundays, but Saturdays.

      I close out by saying, everything derived from them is a lie, covid, global warming, Christianity, whiteness, fossil fuels…et al. All a lie to bring us to their ultimate goal the destruction of the human race. I hope I am wrong, but that seems to be where they are taking us. Their control of Hollywood has been the perfect tool to implement the karma theory, showing us their plans, which does not bode well considering the predominance of dystopian futures they show us again and again, vs hopeful peaceful futures. Blind faith is their best weapon, and the vast majority of people embrace it rather than the real horrors facing is.

      • I do think it is quite telling how Harari talks about Christianity and Muslims but does not touch Judaism. Of course, the Christian and Muslim religions are in for a rude awakening, the creators of those cults are going to start dismantling them, as they are no longer needed, they have done what they were designed to do, principally destroy Paganism, cement the idea of a “one god” mentality, and introduce Judaism to the world. Not to mention create “end times” myths to facilitate and build support for our own destruction.

        Before Christianity, Rome was diverse in respect to religion, dominated by polytheism, yet concurrently at that time, the Jewish faith hated the Pagans, they were antithetical to everything the Jewish faith believed. After Jewish Christianity had taken over Rome, Paganism was outlawed and the start of the fall of the Roman empire began.

        I don’t think it is a coincidence that Christian Zionism, that which has insured Zionist control over America for 100 years has lead the way to America’s destruction as well. But now with the implementation of the Noahide Laws, there is no longer a need for the gateway religions of Christianity and Muslims, so, like Jeffery Epstein and Pedo Island, they will be as carefully dismantled and only the one religion, Judaism will be allowed to be practiced.

        • It is all so apparent, they create a religion to give your life meaning, they destroy the idea of family, community, nationality, all things that actually have meaning. The only thing left is the cults THEY created, and at the right moment, they will show that too is a lie, leaving the masses to be open to their ultimate desire, pure obedience and acceptance of THEIR “true religion”.

          Thankfully, my local of control has ALWAYS been internal, I never look to the powers that should NEVER be to find meaning, I have always understood, meaningful life is about experiencing, exploring and appreciating our brief time here. Of course Christianity was carefully crafted to downplay THIS REAL existence and instead offers an imaginary “after-life”, which is where they need to be focused. It is truly laughable if not for their ignorance bringing the rest of us down with them.

          • I think you make a sound argument and I can understand this perspective. I also think an argument can be made that all centrally organized religion serves a purpose to control and divide. The “religion” can be anything that effectively keeps people in line and allows the “parasite class” to continue their existence.

            I also think that the use of Judaism is similar (if this line of reasoning is true) to keep adherents obedient and adherents are also disposable when all is said an done (whatever the end goal is).

            I think the “religion” though will be some type of AI worship or something along those lines. I do think that the idea of some centralized deity whether or not that exists is not the vision they have though. It won’t be something unseen but something material IMO, like a machine god, a “quantum intelligence” of some sort.

            I suspect that the elitists want immortality and maximum material pleasure in addition to the enjoyment they get from power over others. I think Orwell said “Power is not a means it is an end”

            But what I think they have not considered is that what they think they can make happen is unlikely and doomed. I do believe that there are forces in nature that man cannot predict or understand with intellect and reason alone.

            I also think that human beings of all kinds have the capacity to collaborate to stop the dystopian future that is being foisted upon us. I think collaboration is necessary to minimize suffering. But even in the absence of collaboration, their plans will fail.

  4. I’ll listen with interest to this. I just completed (I always regret it when I use that word) a series on Harari, where I analyze interviews he’s had with Russell Brand and talks he’s given. I find some of his premises useful, like nations are spells cast by legal shaman and money is the most successful story ever told. I also find that his ‘useless people’ trope is meant as a warning.
    I’m not certain if he’s promoting the Great Reset (although your presentation may change my mind) but certainly the WEF is promoting him. Why? I wonder if they’re exaggerating the inevitability of AI replacing us and want us to demand UBI from our gov’ts–thereby forcing CBDC as the only way to do this. In any case, I can tell I’ll be continuing. Here’s the episode (with Rumble embedded, my YT on Hollywood & PedoSadist Cults got me kicked off for a week): https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/yuval-and-russell.

    • Lol… listening to Brand talking to him made it sound like they were going to make out or something.

    • I’ve now finished listening (as two of my readers had before they referred me here.) I think we’re answering two different questions. Yours is “Do we agree with what YNH says?” With the exceptions noted above, which I think are useful for promoting small-scale sovereignty, the answer is clearly no. An implicit question in yours is “As the public-facing voice of the WEF, should we ignore him?” I think the answer is ‘at our peril.’ Harari is a treasure trove–or dung hill–of clues about the propaganda campaign of the WEF. I think he’s exposing their weaknesses (how robust AI really is) along with their intentions. And that has nothing to do with the useless eaters, although depopulation is absolutely their agenda.
      Here are two more episodes I’ve done on Harari. And on Russell, I agree with his method: love the people, challenge the ideas. Don’t give someone a pass on sloppy thinking because you like them or they’re ‘on your side.’ And don’t reject the person and give up your ability to argue their ideas.

      • “And on Russell, I agree with his method: love the people, challenge the ideas.”

        This is so new-age….my fangs got extended…

        What love for harari, are you fucking serious!!!!
        I wouldn’t touch this despicable creature he is with six foot pole in hazmat suit. The guy crossed the line badly, no recourse for him, only disgust, despise, excommunication. He is the enemy of humanity, isn’t this obvious.
        There is a time for love and a time for hate.
        Why be unnatural?

        This new-age bs might be even more dangerous than wef and harari combined.

        Ones I had discussion with new-ager and she claimed there is no good or bad. And I replied: murder. I got back a smoothie of hundreds of words, painfully inconsistent and incoherent. She later proposed that it would be great to talk only about positive things. Yeah, newspeak and crimestop remixed.

        • I think you are right. As you say, there is a time for love and a time for hate.

          But hating people for their actions I think is a more grounded approach. These WEF mouth pieces and their creepy ideas do not warrant the energy of my hate. And how should I use my hate in a constructive way I ask myself.

          I hate people who actually harm others and profit off of it. I hate the CEOs of pharma who know the jab is killing and maiming people. I hate these parasitic tyrants who are heads of state who actually use their power to harm citizens.

          People who are given a platform to voice their toxic propaganda annoy me and I dislike them, but I don’t hate them. The people who are pulling the strings to provide the platform, the psychopathic social engineers who make it possible have sparked hatred in the hearts of many people. And they deserve punishment.

          Having said that, I have zero love for any of these slimy technocracy promoters. My gut reaction to “love your enemies” is “NO!”.

          • When I said hate it was meant as antithesis, opposite, not literally. I don’t hate that sob, I despise him, I’m disgusted by him, no recourse for him.

            “I hate people who actually harm others and profit off of it. ”

            That scumbag actually harms others, he fucks-up peoples minds. It’s worse, if someone breaks a leg that is harm for him, but people with fucked-up minds will infect other people, this harm is contagious.

            Recently I visited an old acquaintance. I saw a book and asked what are you reading. Fucking harari and she thinks it’s a good book. She didn’t agree scumbag is transhumanist, she said scumbag is warning about that. I hope I’ve planted some seeds of doubt, otherwise she is a transmitter of a disease.
            Scumbag profits a lot, check the bastion of truthiness.

            • Good you speak your mind and challenge toxic ideas. I think you have planted seeds.

  5. Thank you for taking one for the team, James. I cannot bring myself to read his bilge and claptrap.

  6. I agree and disagree with the conclusion. I agree that his job here is to seed a narrative, and the implicit meaning of a narrative being there is some or total falsehood in it. I do think his viewpoint of dataism is true for the physical world, but the narrative is designed to shut off the possibility of the any larger world out there that we cannot see and feel, and might only experience in death. By shutting off that possibility, we will lose hope when they control every single detail of our life, and so give in and mentally accept the reality they wish us to perceive.

    But I disagree with the conclusion that the aim is to present the greater crazy in order to accept the lesser crazy. I think the aim is preprogramming. To roll out the first instance of this dataism concept out into public consciousness.

    I believe when Klaus said we would all have brain chip in 2026, he meant it. There is no reason and no pressure for him to lie at all. It also coincide with their pandemic simulation dates. I think this dataism religion only sounded crazy to us now because we have not yet been influenced by the brain chip. The New Scientist journalist’s recount of the strong mind influencing experience with just an external head band should speak volumes on why they are planning so many crazy things such as eating bugs and mass migration into smart cities based on the assumptions that we would be crazy enough to follow through. And maybe they would be right, if their plan succeeds.

    But the point is no matter is it climate change narrative or dataism religion, they are not the useless politicians that we are used to. They always have real concrete plans behind how to achieve it, no matter how impossible it may seem.

    • canbeen
      “…I believe when Klaus said we would all have brain chip in 2026, he meant it…”

      He probably does believe it, but its also probably BS.

      They are running out of time to switch to the next iteration of them being ontop and are becoming rather desperate IMO to push something thru before the stupid system they built falls down.

      • I agree with you about this and also that a lot of this is hype. They may believe their own bs, but it’s still bs that will fail to come to fruition.

        I’m talking about the brain chip, their brain chip idea, an internet in your head or whatever nonsense they are spouting.

        There are actual brain implants for epilepsy and Parkinson’s and they don’t work very well. I’ve seen a lot of failures in clinical practice.

        They don’t know how our brains work genetically or biochemically at this time and probably not for centuries to come if they can ever really understand, predict and design a real “brain chip” that does what they want it to do.

        I’m not saying it’s impossible at some point in the future, but in two years. Nope, not gonna happen.

        Remember the Theranos debacle? A lot of this tech is like that, science fiction hype. The people who have real power are going to start figuring out they’ve been had. But, I do think that robotics and drone technology is concerning that it can be formidable as a weapon. But even that technology requires programming and human beings.

        There will be no singularity.

      • canbeen
        “…I believe when Klaus said we would all have brain chip in 2026, he meant it…”

        He probably does believe it, but its also probably BS.

        You need to start thinking outside the box. Klaus didn’t say we would all consent to having brain chips!

        Klaus: “Vee have vays” (hehehe)

  7. MR CORBETT!!!!

    The link on the front page takes me to the Israel atomic smuggling video.

    • Mr Corbett,
      The Odysee link goes to “Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!”.

  8. Man tries to become divine (God) and ends up as Dog (an animal bred and shaped by others to suit purposes of which it knows nothing.)

    Also….because it irks me, people should note that “Clever Hans” did NOT count, but responded to facial expressions from his handler.

    The refutation of every piece of Harari’s rubbish philosophical musings (he is in not even a ‘real scientist’ but their own standards) is given by CS Lewis in “The Abolition of man” which is can be digested in an afternoon.

    Lewis foresaw this kind of thinking as the end result of man trying to elevate himself into controlling ‘nature’, when he himself is part of nature and will be subject to the same techniques. The Unabomber also pointed out that when a tech tool exists it will always be used by people who want to get their job done with that little bit less effort. The philosophy most people use today is pathetically weak, as suits people who no longer read books or and collect answers off of google like the mentioned babboons looking for bananas.

    It is rather ironic that an atheist sodomite who surely has the least stake in the future is plotting out how other peoples children will be spending eternity. The PERSONAL nature of this is important-Dr EM Jones (‘Degenerate Moderns’) goes into detail on the lives of the shapers of modern thinking and how they often had personal issues that the wished to normalize and make acceptable.

    ‘Culture of Critique’ (#Mcdonald) goes into the way that psychology and the social sciences were taken over and shaped by a very dedicated group of people in order to make the popular opinions more congenial to those peoples ethnic and political interests. The fact that these ideas are able to make headway among normal people shows how generations of this programming have coloured peoples minds.

    It should be noted that this form of Trans-humanism, like psychology, weaponized sociology, Neo-Conservatism, Socialism and all the back to Humanism itself and before to Gnosticism and such, are ALWAYS heavily populated by, often led and directed, by Ethnic Jews who (#Culture Of Critique) use them to further their own ethnic interests at the expense of other ethnic groups.

    • Contiuned


      “…use them to further their own ethnic interests at the expense of other ethnic groups…”

      This is not unique to jews- whites created plenty of ‘scientific’ reasons why they should lord it over lesser races. It is just that Ashkenazi jews are the current kings of the technique

      • I think the mastery of finance and propaganda goes back farther than that, perhaps back thousands of years. The belief in divine right and superiority and the paranoia that everyone is out to get you is a type of mental illness. A spell that has been cast on people that they can chose to overcome.

        “Chosen people” and “master race” are the same when they are imposed on people. I don’t care what people believe as long as their beliefs aren’t negatively affecting me. I think it can be shown that the people who profit most from the exploitation by elitists are not the majority of people in the ethnic, racial or religious category said elitist may fit into. They are out for themselves.

        The weird transhumanism thing is not about ethnic identity or benefiting a specific tribe or race as far as I can tell. It seems like they want to wipe out all the people they view as undesirable and create a synthetic man. It will lack gender or race and will be part machine and can even be part animal. Remember the movie “The Fly”?

        These sickos are absolutely insane. They are apart from any race, a freak of nature that has been inflicted on humanity.

      • I’m not refuting the obvious but there is more nuance to this argument.

  9. Thanks for the synopsis James. I do enjoy Science Fiction novels. I just read “EON” by Greg Bear (1985) which posits some similar ideas about future human developments – powers incomprehensible to 20th century people; implants; body morphing; immense knowledge; space travel in alternate timelines; alien races and so on. All very exciting and well written. The novel is not attempting to promote a narrative however. I think I shall just leave this space opera on the shelf, unread.

  10. Bazanted
    ‘…The novel is not attempting to promote a narrative however. ,,,”

    Actually I think those two books by Greg Bear kinda WERE pushing the transhumanist agenda- were not the Jarts said to be ‘misguided’ servants of the Overmind, or Final mind, or whatever they called the Brain at the end of the universe? Sci-Fi and fantasy have been major propaganda arms for the Elites

    Its been years since I read it so just going off memory here…..but now I think of it that Final Union type mind was all over sci-fi and even in science books IIRC it was mentioned in passing in a book about the life of a single electron from big bang to big crunch (or was it cool? Cant recall) at the end. I never read Arthur C Clark but the TV version of “Childhoods End’ had a Galactic Brain serving as god to the Demon aliens….and Chris Knowles (over at Secret Sun) has an article I need to re-read about all the Occult thinking that ended up in Star Trek.

    Sci-fi writers counted a number of weirdos and occultists in their ranks, so its no wonder their work pushes things like transhumanism and world government and such even if they just caught the ideas off each other….James Blish’s Black Easter books blew my mind as a kid.

  11. “Be careful what you do put in your head.” Wise words!

    Philippians 4:8
    “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

    • Yes, but it’s hard to do these days, isn’t it…? When we’re surrounded by such evil, wickedness, filth, profanity, and on and on, it is very difficult to focus on what is uplifting, pure, good, etc.

      On Saturday evening, I went to a “star party” at St. Gaudens. I saw Saturn with its rings, the moon, a ring nebula (fuzzy), Jupiter, and the three stars that look like one and make up one of the points on the handle of the Big Dipper. It is amazing to see God’s handiwork and appreciate the beauty He created.

      I’ve now signed up for the class to make a mirror (the lens you need to make your own telescope) at Stellafane. They say it takes about 40 hours. Then you have to make the telescope to put it in. 🙂 For me, it is a way to honor the One who made all of what is out there – a way to worship God by looking at some of the incredible things He has made.

      “In the stars His handiwork I see…”

      I also just ordered a bunch of astronomy books and DVDs from Jason Lisle. Focus on something good, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. 🙂

  12. I thought about how computers could generate all kinds of music. They could probably come up with every possible musical composition (kind of like computer-generated “virus” genomes).

    Then I was imagining a concert. The music was composed by a computer. The “musicians” are computers or robots (I was imagining it without actual instruments, but they could even have instruments of some sort). The audience is also a bunch of computers or robots.

    This is taking place in an actual concert hall, with the computers or robots on/in the seats and on stage.

    The music could be beautiful and could be performed with the swells and pauses that would cause strong feelings and emotional responses in humans, but this time, there is no emotion. No one … or should I say no THING, since there are no people there … appreciates the talent of the composer. Any of them could have done the same. No thing admires the ability of the performers or values the years they spent honing their skills to put on such a spectacular concert. No thing has any emotional response at all.

    The whole show is put on only to imitate humans – to pretend to be humans – but the value is missing. There is no purpose in it at all except to prove that computers/robots can do what humans can do.

    But they can’t. It’s an exercise in futility.

  13. I read the Bible (so you don’t have to end titles with a preposition!)

    Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time. And the LORD regretted that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.
    Genesis 6:5-6

    You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, “You did not make me?” Can the pot say to the potter, “You know nothing?”
    Isaiah 29:16

    “O unbelieving and perverse generation!” Jesus replied. “How long must I remain with you and put up with you?”
    Luke 9:41


    Beware of “increasing the number of connections” between supercomputers and the Chinese AI digital hacker devil without an internet kill switch!


    • Yes…. It won’t be a flood next time.

      They think they are so super-smart, but they can only get so far before God will put an end to their schemes.

    • I think Europeans would have done far better without the Jewish Bible and religion, destroying their native cultures and religion. For how many centuries have we been fighting wars for the Jewish religion, from the Crusades to WW2 and Iraq, our history is stained red with the blood of those who have died needlessly for the Jewish religion.

      It only took 200 years to destroy Rome with Christianity, seems it will take about as long to take down America. There is NO greater enemy to mankind and America in particular than Global Zionism, and their would be NO Zionism without CHRISTIAN ZIONISM! Greatest fools in the history of humanity, and WE ALL will pay for the Christian stupidity.

      • The Jew’s “god” is real, but the Greek Gods are myths, fairytails….so typical, there is no more evidence of their Judea Christian Santa Clause, than Zeus of Apalo…so goes the Zionist globalist propaganda machine who has tricked much of humanity to forfeit their religions for the Jewish “one god”, blind faith religion.

  14. By the way…. Thank you, James, for wading through that book so I wouldn’t have to torture myself doing it. 🙂

    I did have a thought/question while listening today. When you say you read such-and-such a book, does that mean actual reading or listening to an audio book? Either way, you took in the information. Some people claim to have read books that they actually only listened to. Maybe the word “read” means something different than it used to – to some people at least. I’m just curious. 🙂

  15. This Yuval Harari character is nuts.
    It is like asking a used car saleman who just had a big bowl of magic mushroom soup to write a philosophical treatise on the future of mankind. Yuval is just talking out of his ___.

    I did not think of about this until Corbett mentioned it a few times…
    I think Corbett is right. Yuval is trying to create a “thang”. He is directing attention, straining to get some legs onto certain ideas.

    Ya know…when I think about it…someone had to come up with concepts like ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).
    And these phrases/concepts had to be placed into the public consciousness via a narrative until they stick.

  16. So long, and thanks for all the fish?

  17. Decades back I had trouble understanding the hubris that underlies the Tower of Babel story. Could humans really be THAT impressed with themselves, THAT narcissistic, THAT ignorant of spiritual realities?
    I thank our boy Harari for giving me the resounding Yes! and helping me grok hubris more deeply than I ever did before.
    “The Tower of Babel casts a long shadow” someone bright once said, referring to the eons-old communication difficulties between unlike languages. But for me, Harari shines some light.

  18. Oh wow, an Israeli thinks we “goy” are useless eaters, what will “occupy our boring useless lives”…At the same time they work so hard to make us believe our lives are useless, they work just as hard making it a fact, destroying EVERYTHING that binds people: family, community, nation (not to mention the creation of China to destroy our livelihoods).

    Oh yes, and just when they have us believing the uselessness of our lives, they will bring in “Tikkun Olam”, to fix WHAT THEY BROKE. How many movies does Hollywood make showing the joyous hopeful future vs a dystopian nightmare, they just LOVE to push on us.

    And at some point in the future, the Christians and Muslims will have to wake up to the fact that their so called religions were nothing but carefully crafted psyops, all to introduce to them, the Jewish god, and to destroy their native religions and dogma.

  19. So, data is sacred.

    He probably didn’t need to write a whole book to push that sales pitch, but I guess we all have to eat and secure a place in the sun for ourselves in the NWO.

  20. We focus a lot on Huxwell but for some terrifying predictive programming, check out ‘Arcadia’ by Iain Pears (Oxford,BBC, Reuters, married to Oxford professor). This published same time as ‘Homo Deus’, 2015/6 a pivotal moment imo.
    The promo on ‘Arcadia’ reads along the lines of Tolkein, but it’s so much more, well, predictive of the state we’re heading into.

  21. Its U Val not U vol…
    Other than that all I can say is I guess every nation has decent and indecent people. He is truly horrible in my mind, but here in Israel he made himself PR by being very anti Netanyahu (Which many people I know are. I personally mostly avoid politics so although I have many issues with Netanyahu I do not deal much in the movement against him and in any case am aware of the sort of things U val promotes).
    Mostly people here do not know of U vals ”dark side” so to speak or do not comprehend what he is truly part of. Unfortunately even people I know and respect actually support him as a helpful figure in the anti Netanyhu movemenet. Although they are, I would say, pleasent and caring people in their day to day dealings.
    And thanks for the awesmoe info! Surely will not read the book. 🙂

    • “Its U Val not U vol…”

      You should have heard him try to pronounce the name “Fichte” (the german philosopher) in one of his recent interviews….

      Anglos…rolling eyes…

      All the while they -and James in particular- seem to LOVE mocking Klaus Schwab`s accent… what was that saying from some book about the splinter in the other`s eye…? Smiley

      Anyways, interesting to read comments/perspective from someone in Israel.
      Please keep up commenting.

      All the best.

  22. You have to hand it to him, Evil Horrori is on the money regarding one thing: getting the creme de la creme on a spaceship and sending it somewhere safe, all the while resisting the urge to send it right into the Sun. And have them report back on whether the hot decreasingly yellow thing is liquid or solid. Oh hell, maybe it’s a portal and they would be safe on the other side.

    Either way, I think we can crowdfund this project.

    • I’ll throw cabbage towards that crowdfund project.

      In this slang context, cabbage means: money, cash, dough, or dollars

      No, the meaning of cabbage in this context does not mean:
      A derogatory term used by Discordians to refer to people who don’t “get it”.
      This stems from the Discordian belief that 85% of the “human” population is actually cabbages disguised as humans.


      • I believe cabbage was thrown in the square at the people waiting for the drop with a noose around their necks.

  23. I don’t like to be rude, but Harari does seem like a bit of a knob.
    And he obviously hasn’t watched Terminator 2. No fate but what we make.

    • You are not even meeting the entrypoint for being rude. People like this are the scum of the Earth. Nothing wrong in speaking the truth.

      • Thanks. I like your spaceship comment. It made me laugh out loud.

    • no, no, scumbag is an evil genius, brilliant speaker

      He is capable to rephrase, reframe Terminator into lullaby that would put to sleep most people.

  24. From what James says it seems to me that this book is simply recast eugenics with a high-tech gloss. All those worthless people will have to be dealt with and that treatment won’t be entertaining them with video games.

  25. Hmmm. I don’t know about living under a rock, James, but the name U-Haul (give us your hopes and dreams and we promise to deliver shit in return) Harari doesn’t ring a pai’eֲmvֹn. We evidently broadcast on completely different frequencies. However, I do recognize Hebrew sophistry is quite in vogue these days. I think it would be useful, in that context, to recognize the difference between an Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jew. Not the same animal. First, I recommend Clif High’s exposition on the name stealers. This is the Rumble link – https://rumble.com/v20hh0g-clif-high-the-khazarian-mafia-aka-the-name-stealers-fake-jews-.html

    Next: Aaron Russo’s – America: Freedom to Fascism (2006) at – https://www.bitchute.com/video/5ZZGuhe039QJ/

    I suggest skipping ahead to 23:40. At 30:20, Aaron interviews Sheldon Cohen, former IRS commissioner, who helped write the IRS code. Pay attention at 37:57 when Cohen speaks in yiddish. Aaron translates. I think this short response by Cohen and Aaron’s translation exemplifies the difference between a Sephardic (Iberian Peninsula – Russo) and the Ashkenazi (Khazarian – Cohen) Jew.

    I believe the American experience, especially during the past century, is the result of an educational system orchestrated by the same genre of name stealers which hoodwinked the American public with the IRS tax code. If you haven’t watched James’s Rockefeller Medicine – https://www.corbettreport.com/?s=Rockefeller+medicine – now might be a good time. The WEF, AMA, IRS, CIA, NSA, Federal Reserve (https://www.bitchute.com/video/zwdCl18pslkC/) and the rest of the NWO alphabet soup agencies, exist not only to steal our names (creation of the corporate strawman – https://www.bitchute.com/video/EkwraGhAStaS/) – but our bodies, minds, and spirit as well.

    Thank you, James, for wading through Harari’s fecal mind droppings (https://www.bitchute.com/video/cY4IRkdr36YF/) (George Carlin at the National Press Club) so we wouldn’t have to. It’s why we pay you the big bucks. One hundred yen never better spent.

  26. The Jew’s “god” is real, but the Greek Gods are myths, fairytails….so typical, there is no more evidence of their Judea Christian Santa Clause, than Zeus of Apalo…so goes the Zionist globalist propaganda machine who has tricked much of humanity to forfeit their religions for the Jewish “one god”, blind faith religion.

  27. Someone I know works in the research medical world and has told me, other doctors have confided in him that there is research going on that is way past cloning as we know it, technology that will never be used for the goy masses, but for the chosen alone.

    • I’m sure there are clandestine experiments going on that would be shocking, but I don’t think the stuff they are trying to design will work, merging man and machine. I also don’t think they can create a genetically engineered human in a lab. I know there are artificial wombs (I think) but actually creating a human, like in blade runner, I suspect is not possible in our time. Will it be possible in the future? I have no idea.

      I know enough to know that the stuff like gene editing has been a failure because of negative downstream effects.

      • Having said that some technology like pace makers and prosthetic limbs already exist, so there are some “bionic” people already. But modifying people to have super human strength and stuff like that in a predictable fashion I believe is mostly hype.

  28. Many thanks James you read this piece of utter crap. Few things I’ve seen from this Angel of Chaos (AoC…hahaha) prevent me to ever touch his books.

    Well, I’m puzzled why you didn’t point out that scumbag is just patently wrong, for example introduction to dataism. Data and information are not synonyms. Path from information to knowledge to wisdom is not algorithmic. The introduction is pure nonsense, string of lies. I understand this was a presentation of a scumbag’s work and presenter should be kind of neutral. But most people don’t have enough philosophy under their belt to discern how bad his lies are.

    Even bastion of truthiness contains serious criticism about him (recommended reading!). I learned there he is making adaptation of his book for children.

    Looks I didn’t have enough of AoC so I later watched:

    Slavoj Žižek & Yuval Noah Harari | Should We Trust Nature More than Ourselves?

    Holy crap!!
    No doubt this is much easier than reading AoC’s book, just 40min + Slavoj to scratch in some breaks. Slavoj wholeheartedly help to AoC to sow chaos, you will probably learn nothing….mental gymnastics, danger of mind-fuck for those who believe the presentation is the apex of intellect.

    AoC here contradicts to some thesis from the book. But he is an excellent speaker, trained no doubt. How nicely he knitted in topics he wanted although they don’t really fit in. Most of current mind-fuck topics are in thanks to him (Slavoj just clowned). Many times he showed he is in fact ignoramus, this one was just over the top; AoC (straight face, authoritatively!) : “Ethics ultimately is about suffering” (12:30….1min)

  29. Thanks James for taking the time to read this lunatic’s book. I honestly couldn’t even stand hearing about his ideas from you, second hand. I had to stop the video after only 10 minutes or so. You must have a much stronger stomach than I have.

    One way to help stay sane in this crazy world we live is to immerse yourself
    in some of the old love songs from the early 20th century.

    Gershwin’s ‘Our Love is Here to Stay’ is a gem and shows us that even in the late 1930’s
    the masses felt that they were being played.

    The more I read the papers
    The less I comprehend
    The world and all its capers
    And how it all will end
    Nothing seems to be lasting
    But that isn’t our affair
    We’ve got something permanent
    I mean in the way we care

    It’s very clear
    Our love is here to stay ;
    Not for a year, but ever and a day
    The radio and the telephone
    And the movies that we know
    May just be passing fancies
    And in time may go
    But, oh my dear
    Our love is here to stay
    Together we’re going a long, long way
    In time the Rockies may crumble
    Gibraltar may tumble
    They’re only made of clay
    But our love is here to stay

    • “I honestly couldn’t even stand hearing about his ideas from you, second hand. I had to stop the video after only 10 minutes or so. You must have a much stronger stomach than I have.”

      Had the same reaction have to admit, so isnt`t it fantastic to come full circle in the end:

      James makes a podcast about reading the book so we don`t have to and we then do not have to listen to the podcast!

      Nonetheless great that James does it.

      • “James makes a podcast about reading the book so we don`t have to and we then do not have to listen to the podcast!”

        Yes it’s quite ironic how it all turned out for me.

        I’m sure others will benefit from James’ efforts re: Harari, but the revulsion I feel
        whenever I watch/read anything about him is so great that I must immediately
        stop after a short time.

        I would need a ‘Cole’s notes’ summary, and even then I might not be able to stomach it. 🙂

        I get a similar reaction with material from Schwab, but it’s far more intense with Harari.

  30. Yes the data religion… they all want your data, your info so they can sell you what ever they are selling…. Harari is an educated idiot. He is out of touch with what is real so he thinks that every one is out of touch. He is the one that would be bored if he had no job. Us, the peasants, are never bored. Sadly he is out of touch with his own essence and he assumes that everyone is.

  31. Oh dear, I’m sorry for the profanity but this guy is the epitome of a cunt. He would have been a shining light of the Third Reich. One thing I will say, when I was young drugs and video games were the perfect recreational pursuit, but I grew out of that. Perhaps the author doesn’t give people enough credit?

    • Viv, I would not underestimate the mind boggling amount of work hours wasted on gaming.

      We are talking about people 10-50, predominantly males, pulling full 8 hour shifts playing various video games. Here I am referencing the employed, unemployed certainly manage to put in even more hours.

      Steam, just one of the many gaming platforms, some years back had about 6 milion constantly logged on users. Not that all of them are gaming constantly, but most are involved in gaming related activities during those hours.

      Visiting the comment/review sections on many titles will allow you to find people who spent 2000 or 4000 or more hours on particular titles.

      Experientally it is said that to fully master a skill one needs some 10000 hours.

      • Hi Mkey yeah I totally get that, but that’s only one segment of society, and I meant the author doesn’t seem to understand the potential nuance of the human psyche

    • “He would have been a shining light of the Third Reich”

      May one ask what this image you have/proclaim about the Third Reich is based on, could you please link to some (preferably academic) sources?

      Would interest me to read, for in my experience so far -could be wrong of course- I have found a great discrepancy between the mainstream (pop culture) Third Reich and WW2 narrative and objective academic historiography, as examplified by f.ex. this very detailed academic article by -interestingly jewish- author Ron Unz:


      But, maybe you have other/better sources, in that case would be interesting to read, thanks.

      • I could just picture him up on stage at a Nazi rally. He has that weasely look about him that lends itself so well to the uniform

  32. Many years ago I had an epiphany, if there is a god its probably a machine. If you extrapolate out the current trajectory of our evolution, we will eventually load our consciousness into a machine. Then eons after that we might get so much knowledge and power we can create whole universes. Then I heard “The Last Question” by Asimov (spoiler alert) and I realised he’d figured this out in the 1950s!! Even before the brilliant Douglas Adams RIP ?

    • Speaking about minds boggling:
      If you had ever gotten so low to study some philosophy, you would have discovered that the Greeks figured such stuff out in mid-late 2nd century AD. And before them there were others…

      • I am aware of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, but I wasn’t aware the Ancient Greeks figured out we were going to upload our consciousness to a machine.

        • They had a pretty far out imagination that does in no way fall behind that of our best contemporaries. What they of course lacked is words such as ‘computer’ or ‘airplane’. However, they already had many kinds of wild ideas about consciousness. Just as we have to this day. Not one iota further have come in this specific subject.

          You sorely underestimate them if you think that because of having had a different vocabulary and thus a different conception of the world, they were kind of stupider back then. That would be stupidity talking on your side. Aristotle or Descartes did not know about the internet. I would not call them stupid though.

        • Where do you think Adams got his ideas from in the first place? There is no original thinking as there is absolutely no new thinking that is not based on the existing.

          Besides: be careful with those epiphanies. They are not universal truth but personal truth. Many a bad thing has come about because some freak has understood it as universal truth. It might say more about you than anything else…

  33. The Inevitability Brigade targets people who feel chronically powerless and teaches them to reframe their weakness as a kind of fatalistic bravado powered by cutting-edge foresight. It’s a mechanism to convert a sense of powerlessness, which is naturally passive, into something active and infectious. Techie fatalism propagates itself by giving people with an inferiority complex a reason to feel superior to, or at least on equal grounds with, all the other “useless eaters”. Knowing all this, I usually don’t bother to egage them or their arguments, but it’s hard to deny that there’s a sliver of half-truth in what they’re saying: on a statistical scale, human behavior is governed by human nature, cultural values, economic/societal incentives etc. The relationship there isn’t necessarily straightforward, uniform or foreseeable, but it does become segmentable, predictable and self-perpetuating once a society stabilizes. Whatever you believe about individual free will, it doesn’t come into play on societal scales (except maybe in the form of Black Swan events triggered by unusual and uniquely-positioned individuals at times of instability). None of this is controversial; in fact, it borders on the tautological: concepts like “human nature” and “culture” wouldn’t make sense to us otherwise.

    Harari isn’t entirely wrong. If we continue on the course we’ve been going for the last couple of centuries, we will reach some form of “transhumanism” — that much is true. This course can’t be altered by protests, warnings, condemnations, ethics committees, philosophical treatises, bans on technology or other forms of conservative resistance. After all, conservatism isn’t known as a great course-changer. What’s needed is a radical change in society’s basic outlook core values, and that means Humanism needs to go. In theory, Humanism panders to the sacred essence of the Individual (as some idealized, ideological abstraction). In practice it just panders to the basal whims and appetites of the rudderless, and guess what? What Normie needs the most, is to feed the hungry void where a soul should be, but the only means he knows and acknowledges are artificial. Normie fears anything that could bring man-the animal- genuine fulfillment, because those things tend to entail real struggle and real danger — two of Humanism’s sworn enemies. Worse yet, as few would trade comfort for struggle and danger, it entails no choice in the matter, whereas the ultimate endgame of Humanism is to build a world where everyone gets to play a game of their choosing, on a difficulty setting of their choosing, and somehow never get bored with it. Drugs-plus-full-dive-VR is the only possible conclusion of Humanism.

    • I agree on the whole.
      “If we continue on the course we’ve been going […]”

      Thats a BIG if.

      That specific sentence more or less amounts to state that
      “If time will not stop, something new will happen.”
      What a whole lot of migthy surprising truth…

      Hmm.. Real struggle, real danger.. are these worthy ideals? I am not convinced.

      • I wasn’t talking about any ideals, I was talking about the actual implications of a system of values that prioritizes true freedom over everything else, rather than “freedom” as conceived by terminally complacent cattle to be compatible with the ideals of Humanism. You start off talking about “bigs ifs” but end up doubling down on the current deal.

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