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A listener has requested that I highlight some of the hidden gems from The Corbett Report archives for the 10th anniversary of the site on June 1st. Since this is an impossible task for me to do myself, I’m calling on you to help me out. What’s your favourite overlooked podcast/interview/video/article from The Corbett Report? Leave your suggestion in the comments below and one lucky Corbett Report member will win a very special prize.


  1. My hidden gem – Ptech Software and 9/11 – I believe the most important/least talked about story of 9/11.

    I came to Corbett Report the way many people did – 9/11 Conspiracy Video. I was bored at work one day, watched Loose Change for kicks and couldn’t dismiss everything there. So I watched Popular Mechanics to find out the truth – and realized what they did was total BS.So then I found AE911Truth and things started making sense and your video was on the side panel of YouTube so I clicked on it and it made me laugh and realize I was heading in the right direction.

    Two years ago, I with episode one and listened to all of your podcast. The early ones that really made me look at things differently were Meet the Rockefellers, The Bushs are Nazis, and Webster Tarpley and the 9/11 drills. You have also led me to Richard Anthony Grove, Sibel Edmonds, and James Evan Pilato. I now check your website and theirs every day to find out what is REALLY going on in the world.

    I think the most important lesson I have learned from you is not just to ask what is going on in a news report, but also ask why are they telling this to us now? Sometimes, it leads me nowhere. But when Trump’s approval rating dropped this week, and then the US attacked a Syrian backed convoy, I knew it was a despicable act by our ruling class to try and distract from something else. Also, as my blue friends miss Obama, and my red friends love Trump, I can see clearly how it doesn’t matter who is in the WH, the overall agenda of the deep state keeps marching on.

    Thanks for all you do. I happily support your work and the work of those you have pointed me towards.

    • Agreed. Work on Ptech (and PROMIS) were key pieces of the historical puzzle of 9/11 and some of the most valuable work presented here.

    • I salute your choice but respectfully disagree.

      The Sept 2001 ANTHRAX ATTACKS were the most important most overlooked detail about the SIX EVENTS of 9/11 (3 towers, a pentagon, a ditch, and a flurry of anthrax) which silenced questioning politicians and media. This silence envelopes the systemic failures, money trails, endless wars, historical geopolitical contextual analysis, and other profound ramifications of 9/11.

      If people don’t know about it they can’t talk about it.

      Point out the self-censoring gag of fear!

      • All so true.

        You don’t even need to source it. All of this “mystery” is clearly self-evident when looking at a post-event aerial photo with so much weird localized damage.

        = Quora (Unrelated-ish) =
        Today I discovered that some time this week I’ve been banned and my account deleted from Quora for “spamming” which by their definitions are promotions to external sites for profit. I often put the “Truther” perspective on 9/11 in a storm of ignorance and infiltrators, frequently citing my assertions by linking to Wikipedia or YouTube, neither of which profit me. I was also the lead authority on the “New World Order” because I had 4 high ranking answers while others had answers in the teens or more but less rankings. Illuminati stuff aside, I also answered questions about computer animation (my career), film making, atheism, bipolar, orbital mechanics (within my ability), etc. – All gone, all censored, no explanation, other than the label “spam” without reference to which answer may have offended a secret authority. I was banned from Wikipedia (for a year, maybe more) in the fall, but at least their rigged process was very very transparent.

        The free and open internet just closed one more degree.

      • Jason,

        When you mention “a ditch”, are you referring to the “crash” in Shanksville, Pennsylvania (i.e. shoot-down) of Flight 93 and the alleged crash site with scarred ground (there prior to 9/11)?

    • Agreed, Ptech and the 9/11 software is an excellent episode!

  2. Hi James,
    I really appreciate all the work you do.
    My vote for a “hidden gem” is interview #285 with Maher Osseiran discussing the “fat Bin Laden” video, and what appears to have been a sting operation to get Bin Laden’s confession on video rather than capturing him back in 2001.
    Also just wanted to thank you for keeping a lot of focus on solutions and positive things in life, seems a rare thing in the alt media.
    Cheers from Oregon,

  3. Happy anniversary James

    your unbiased reporting is really striking out.

    Eyeopener for me were 2 episodes from 2012: #247 Requiem for the suicided: Vice Foster along with “Meet the Clintons”. I could not imagine such a dark background.

    Thus the “Suicided” series overall is thus my favorite.

    The oldest Episode I have on my iTunes is Corbett Report Radio 009, since then I am a regular listener. Found you back then when I was looking for information about 911.

    Keep on going!

    Greetings from Germany!

    • Has anyone any ideas about why famous director Tony Scott committed suicide? Was he on bad medication? Did he regret his propaganda? Personal problems? Fatal diagnosis? Guilt? While I’d love to see a Corbett Report on it, I’d also be happy to look at other recommended material.

      • You can blame it on the rain.
        Or blame it on the boogie.
        I’ll blame it on the bossa nova.

  4. There is no way I could select one episode above all the others since I’ve been following TCR since 2009ish. However, one in particular popped immediately into my mind when I watched the above video.

    Episode 333 (of course!)

    Gotta love Freeman.

  5. Corbett report 9/11 in 5 minutes–hands down the best; followed up by others like it, making simple the complex occurrences of our day.

  6. A possible scenario…
    Someone asks me: ” Say, you old codger, tell me about James Corbett and The Corbett Report, but please don’t make it long spiel.”

    So if I was limited to ONLY one relatively short 34 minute video, I would choose Can You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ1WC3ugo3Y

    This 2013 video covers a lot of ground. As usual, Corbett’s graceful, well-mannered communication permeates the video. Some of the topics in this video are banking, credit unions, Fluoride in Japan and around the world, free will, radiation maps around the world, Corbett Report links and tags, “NoScript” on a browser, Bin Laden and the 2011 Bin Laden raid, Al-Qaeda, the word “hoax” and its connotation, Sibel Edmonds, Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man and the inheritor of the Al Qaeda operation), you the audience are free independent thinkers, leaders, other journalists and media sources including those which might have a limited view of some topics, valuable specific information, “oppt-in”, legal actions, freedom, recommended non-mainstream independent news outlets and columnists, Corbett’s ability to speak Japanese, aspects about James’ wife and family, children, Big Brother, the future and society, “we are history’s actors”, understanding our humanity, etc.

    • …and Oh! This is important!…
      In Corbett’s Can You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005 at the 1:12 minute mark, James refers to the widely popular 5 minute video 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuC_4mGTs98

      This is significant in the fact that many Corbett Report followers found out about James through his 9/11 Truth videos.

      So, in conclusion, I think that “Questions For Corbett #005” tells a lot about James Corbett, as a person, a family man, a researcher, a philosopher, a writer, and his works.

      Can You Speak Japanese? – Questions For Corbett #005 is featured on the Dallas Anti-Fluoridation Website. http://www.dogsagainstfluoridation.com/

      Sidenote: Like others have stated, I really am not interested in obtaining a “Hidden Gem Prize”, nor do I ever want to come off as fawning or obsequious.
      It is just that I get pumped, I get exhilarated by some of Corbett’s works and his demeanor. I also get excited about other things too…such as organic gardening, business ventures, or beautiful women. Sometimes that last one leads to too much trouble.

  7. Happy Anniversary James!

    My favourite item has to be the article ‘Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse’ simply for the excellent job it does in describing the inherent problems of our current economic system to laymen AND those who are already at some stage of awakening.

    I originally discovered you, in the same way as many others I suspect, from your ‘9/11: A Conspiracy Theory’ video, which I sill use frequently to educate others.

  8. Dear James,

    Congratualations on your 10th anniversary.

    Its extremely difficult to pick from the mountain of work you have done. There is a couple I would pick, that to me, were very important.

    1. Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve…. I can’t help thinking that if we didn’t have a Federal Reserve, the world would be a different place.


    2. How big oil conquered the world

    I thank you for taking the time in explaining somethings that looks so complicated and making it easy to understand.

  9. Congrats on 10 years James.

    I exempt myself from any prize for the reason of being Canadian – don’t want to tempt an anarchist into showing any national favoritism 🙂

    I can’t find where you talk to the Aussie about the sangar – I would love to see the whole conversation.

    Hidden Gem = tough choice. MH-17 comes to mind but have to vote for 911 suspects – the whole series/all suspects! I discovered the Corbett report shortly after finding out that Richard Gage and others were still talking about 911, maybe 4-5 years ago or so. Started paying more attention to you after seeing 911 14th aniv. Corbett report.

    Peace to you, Jake

  10. Hi James. Love your show. I first became aware of your site when you were guest on the X22 report. I followed Dave and still do. Loved your performance there and have followed you since watching every video, also listening “backwards” from the join date in order to get as much Corbett as possible. As this is truely a genuine source of truth and one of the few non-fake-news media sites around.
    You, together with James Perloff, Dave (X22), Sean (SGT) and Clif High have became the most influential characters with regards to my view on the world.

    So… if I have to choose a Corbett Report Gem, it is so much to choose from, but I am going to mention the short report on global warming titled Pseudo Science. That is absolutely brilliant.

  11. I really like who funded Hitler? It was surprising to learn american bankers funded him. It was very profitable for them since they funded both sides, expanded further under the Marshall plan, and got their UN afterwards. Sad the millions who died due to bankers greed.
    Another video I like Rockerfeller Medicine. This explains why big pharma are not always to help you, but keep you as a continous patient. This explains why they push chemo which only has 3 percent success rate 5 years later and vax with all it dangerous toxins they put in it.
    You did excellent videos on 911.

  12. There are so many of the Corbett Report videos that I really like. Having said that, the Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve I believe is the most important video that everyone in America needs to watch. On the other hand, my favorite video Is the Sirhan Sirhan video. This is because it illustrates how drastically our entire world can be changed by diabolical people that have taken the science of controlling people through hypnotism, and trauma based mind control that was taken from the Project Paperclip and the Nazi doctors and expanded on to this very day. I think this is what all Americans desperately need to alleviate in their lives due to the unprecedented mind bombing that goes on from sea to shining sea.

  13. I think my favorite is the Timothy McVeigh/Oklahoma City Bombing show. That one was put together extremely well and argued with crystal clear logic.

    The 9/11 Trillions is a close second.

    Thanks for doing what you do!!!

  14. Hi James,
    10 years…so many wonderful interviews.
    I have to echo other’s comments that it is very hard to narrow it down to 1 only.
    So I’m going to hedge my bet, by writing that for me a recurring thread on TCR is that of food, and one episode that truly resonates with me is Episode 299, as without solutions there is little point to having knowledge, and little hope for the future. Food being one way we can all use to exit the system of control that seeks to overrun freedom. For if we take back control of our food we take back a HUGE slab of our destiny as free individuals
    One of the documentations cited for the above Episode was a TED video on guerilla gardein in South Central LA; an absolute gem of a talk.
    As good as an issue and interview can be, and invariably are on TCR, I have found that the people behind the interviews that you have connected us with are the true treasures. People such as Richard Grove, and Sibel Edmonds. Both of these outstanding individuals have enriched my life and inspired me to stick at what I know is right and true. Being put in touch with them has opened so many doors and rabbit holes for me to venture down. I feel I’ve only just started to scratch the surface, even though I’ve been listening to TCR for 5 1/2 years.
    All the best for the next 10 years and beyond!

  15. What a wonderful 10 year record and thank you for the great work

    you do .

    I thought the interview with G.Edward Griffen was excellent,


  16. I second that. I love the analysis of film, media, literature, our culture, our minds, our hypno-enslavement, etc. I love all of your work showing us their Machiavellian details and evil plots, but my favourite is when you show us how they manipulate us and teach us how to see through their manipulations and propaganda.

    There’s a reason there aren’t more anti-establishment movies. Fight Club was a huge success, yet no one imitates it. They’ll remake Ninja Turtles again before they remake Grapes Of Wrath or All Quiet Along The –stern Front or even Cool Hand Luke.

    • Cool Hand Luke was somewhat of an anarchist. That opening scene with cutting down the parking meters sets the stage.
      (90 seconds)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxWKSglO0fo&feature=youtu.be&t=5s
      The film really reminded me of growing up during that era and southern part of the country.
      One night as a kid on a hot summer night in East Texas with all the windows open and fans running, a burglar crawls through the window of the room where my brother and I are sleeping. I awoke when the front screen door slammed shut as he ran off while my Mother screamed. Weeks later he was caught and went to jail. He escaped. They went after him with blood hounds and shot him in the leg as he was crossing a marsh.

      Paul Newman honors Sibel Edmonds

  17. Hiya, the episode that influenced me the most:
    Episode 002 – WWIII Starts in Iran

    But the funniest ones are:
    9/11: a conspriracy theory and
    The Syria Strikes: a conspiracy theory.

  18. I’d pick the whole series Requiem for the Suicided. Always moving in addition to the usual fine research. Slaps you in the face with the brutality of the powers that shouldnt be, underscores that MSM collusion is fundamentally vicious and accessory to murder

  19. Sometime in late 2013 I stumbled upon “A Brief History of False Flag Terror”… I think this may have been my first introduction to your work James.

    Since finally looked into 9/11 sometime in 2011 and taking the proverbial “red pill”… your work has become a critical part of me learning a much larger and more researched perspective on geo-politics up unto this point. I’ve become an avid fan of your work ever since that day of stumbling upon that video.

    I will nominate that video (A Brief History of False Flag Terror) as my hidden gem because it’s helped me and many others to come to terms with the fact that 9/11 is not an isolated event but part of a larger history of operations that are typical of power manipulating conflict for their own regional and global agendas. The documentary A Noble Lie comes to mind as an example of that history.

    Thank you again for all that you do James!


  20. Hi James- on top of all of your eye opening podcast episodes, we got a lot of value out of your Truth Music series- we managed to get most of the songs and artists featured on your shows, downloaded them, and included on our playlists at parties and social events in order to instigate more interesting topics of conversation. It worked. Thank you so much for your extraordinary work. From Marie Darragh and Chris McMillon.

  21. Congratulations, James, on a brilliant 10 years of speaking truth to power. I have been impressed by your work ethic coupled with your impressive intellect in the pieces you have produced over the years. Thank you for the opportunity to remind you & your viewers/readers of one of your greater works. It is your piece on the mysterious death of Michael Hastings (URL below). I believed his car was hacked at the time of the announcement of his “accident” after reading & tweeting an article on the existing ability to hack into the computers of cars to control the brakes, accelerator, steering, et cetera. Your presentation was extremely informative & definitive concerning the likelihood he was murdered for his past work & the piece he was working on at the time of his death. Keep up the good work. There are very few news websites I care to support financially, but yours is very high on my list, along with Newsbud & Media Monarchy.


  22. Wow! Your giving away 1000 Bitcoin????

    Oh, right. Shhhhh.


    • ^^^— I’m kidding btw 😀

    • A thousand Bitcoins…
      Today (May 23, 2017) it would be worth perhaps $2,250,000.

      Some people are smiling.

  23. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated the insight of the ‘Meet The Kakistocracy’ interview with Tjeerd Andringa (episode 1024), or the segueable Political Pedophilia shows. I was also particularly impressed with Sibel’s monologue in interview 1193, regarding the C.I.A.’s dry-run at a coup in Turkey (it was a little dated when I listened, but her rants were a very good regional refresher, or introduction). Film and Lit in the NWO segement on Soylent Green with Media Monarchy’s James was good, too. Lots of great shows (and some more high profile) to choose from, however. Probably lots more shows in the vault I haven’t even heard, yet…
    I know I referred the Meet Tim McVeigh show to someone, so I must have liked that. Have to mention 9/11 in 5 minutes, too, I suppose, since it’s such a classic.
    I listened to the Rockefeller “RIP” show and the Goldman Sachs, Vampire Squid episode while waiting in line at the DMV! That oughtta’ count for something…

  24. Oh boy James, this is a difficult choice. The Gladio interviews, the suicided(all of them), anything on the Rockefeller’s, simply too many to narrow down. All your stuff is thought provoking, eye opening, and worth watching\listening to. Very difficult indeed to choose.

  25. Hello James,

    Congratulations. Words cannot express the influence that your work has had on my philosophical, spiritual and mental awakening. For starts, you introduced me to geo-politics, the three-layer chessboard, the banker-wars, the federal reserve, the oligarchy with their institutions and corporations and their control over religion, education and the media. You also connected me to many wonderful people through your interviews and show-notes, some of them being G. Edward Griffin, John Taylor Gatton, Richard Grove, Michel Chossudovsky, William Engdahl, Larken Rose, Sibel Edmonds, among many others. Initially, I could hardly understand the subject-matter and spent around six months introducing myself to your work and I am now able to expound on these issues, thanks to you. I also began experiencing a deeper understanding of human nature at the local level through your work on geo-social, geo-economics and geo-politics and I defined this change as the understanding of the microcosm (the part) through the macrocosm (the whole) and vice versa, though I did not understand the philosophy underlying these two words.

    I do not want this to be about me but it is difficult to discuss these positive changes in me without giving some background of the ‘swamp-dwellers’ that I had been associating with and the way I finally escaped Plato’s Cave. It all began when a well-wisher told me that I was ‘closed to new ideas’. I was surprised as I had thought of myself as open and accepting and concluded that that person did not understand spirituality. Today, I can describe that hypnotic state as globalized institutional brain-washing, systematically carried out from cradle to grave with assurances of earthly and heavenly protection. As with battered individuals, I could not find the courage to question the self-abasement, guilt and anxiety that I had been programmed into. My greatest fear was that I would lose my cherished values and, in turn, lose myself. I was seeking nourishment from outside sources and not from within. I was also neglecting the wealth of human experiences at my disposal, passed down through fables, myths, legends and other art-forms.

    Another turning-point in my life was 2011, when I finally ‘took the red pill’ by ‘cutting the umbilical cord’ to my church and this set-off a domino effect towards other institutions. My trust had been eroded by their deception, duplicity and dishonesty. Though breaking away was painful, it turned-out to be a blessing in disguise.

    The main turning-point for my ‘awakening’ was finding the Corbett Report and your work of April 19, 2013 on ‘false-flag terrorism’, written shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013. Your information was research-based, a rarity in these days. You provided access to source-documents and this has encouraged me to question everything, to be a more curious and critical thinker and to become my own investigator, of sorts. You presented as an strong personality who was knowledgeable, wise, insightful, analytical, diligent, honest, down-to-earth, modest and much, much more. Your mastery of the English language and the catch-phrases and memes that you seamlessly put together, at the spur of the moment, simply amaze me. Your knowledge on a variety of disciplines makes me question our compartmentalized, restrictive educational system that validates specialization through memorization rather than allowing critical thinking. At an early stage, through psychometric assessments, we are screened for the Sciences or Arts Curriculum and this hierarchical, pyramid structure can continue throughout life. I have observed the hierarchical and controlled medical system and the way an excellent family-doctor is required to rely on specialists lest he be accused of over-stepping his ‘educational-limitations.’ I have observed that same phenomenon at the Pharmacy, where Pharmacists are instructed to refer clients to the Diabetes Educator, since he has the needed Letters to his name. And this phenomenon is repeated in other disciplines and professions as well. Gone are the days when a professional can be motivated and curious enough to do his own research, as shown in the movie Concussion. On the other hand, you have demonstrated that someone with an education in one field (your Masters’ in English) can demonstrate expertise in a variety of areas. And last but not least, I appreciate the modest, neutral and non-emotional way in which you encourage us to decide for ourselves and not look to heroes for answers. Happy Birthday Corbett Report. May you have many, many more.


    • Ann, I enjoyed reading this.

      • Thank you. That’s my life-story in a nutshell.

  26. Hello James,

    It was very difficult to choose from among the many gems in the Corbett Report and my favourites are as follows:

    02/05/2011 – Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” – Film, Literature and the New World Order
    02/15/2011 – Video – The Last Word on Overpopulation
    09/11/2011 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
    12/24/2011 The Globalization of War – GRTV Backgrounder
    06/28/2012 Psychopaths in Society – Michael Cross on Corbett Report Radio (Video)
    08/07/2012 Meet the Corporatocracy (Video)
    10/02/2012 The GMO Agenda (and how to combat it) with Anthony Gucciardi
    01/11/2013 Banks, Gold and Guns (video)
    11/14/2012 PSYOPS 101: The technology of psych warfare
    12/06/2012 DARPA Exposed (video)
    03/21/2013 Fluoride Fight: The forced drugging of society
    04/02/2013 Whistleblowers: The silenced heroes
    05/06/2013 Defense Against the Psychopath – Stefan Verstappen on GRTV
    09/30/2013 Global Warming Minute – Why is the IPCC “95% Certain” that Climate Change is Manmade?
    09/12/2013 A Brief History of False Flag Terror
    11/04/2013 Rockefeller Medicine (video)
    12/10/2013 10 Climate Myths Debunked (in 60 seconds!)
    04/30/2014 Bitcoin, Anarchy and Freedom with Roger Ver
    07/11/2014 Century of Enslavement (video)
    01/07/2015 New Year’s Resolution
    03/30/2015 Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy (video)
    06/22/2015 Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants (video)
    10/20/2015 Solutions: Agorism (video)
    11/01/2015 Are We Ready for Anarchism? (video) QFC
    11/15/2015 The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics
    01/09/2016 How Big Oil Conquered the World (video)

    All the best,


    • Dang! Great list!

  27. Dear James

    Congratulations on ten years! Sadly I have only been following you half that time, but you have produced some fantastic and well-researched pieces over the years.
    Century of Enslavement
    How Big Oil Conquered the World
    Rockefeller Medicine
    and many more.

    Looking for hidden gems in your work is hard, as there is so much worth viewing on many different topics. Being aware of all the problems in the world is important, as it’s the first step in finding solutions, but overall I feel the solutions are more important. It’s the reason James Pilato separated Good News Next Week into its own show – to show the success we are having.
    For this reason I would have to vote for the Solutions videos, my favourite being:
    Open Source Solutions: An Open Source Investigation
    with this being a close second:
    Solutions: Make Your Own Media

    As a teacher who is currently teaching students about the problems of plastic pollution, it’s been on my mind.

  28. Hi James,
    Probably the one i found most fascinating and that i most recommend to people is The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh. For the reason that i find its such a great precursor to the 911 story. Not that it began there with patsies and false flag terrorism but i feel if people were just aware of the truth behind this story, then the 911 ‘conspiracy’, rather than being this earth shattering event that is hard to swallow for those not awake, becomes in fact pretty much just par for the course for how these entities and agencies work.
    Other hidden gems are series like requiem for the suicided and crashes of convenience. People i had never even heard of way down here in New Zealand who have a blatantly criminal case to be investigated surrounding their death. I balk at suggestions from the MSM of late that “Putin kills anyone that is a threat” – not that thats necessarily untrue but in the US it can happen simply for a journalist speaking truth (Michael Hastings) and whats more there is silence from the media afterward.
    One question James on the subject of hidden gems, i see as the years have passed you seem to do far less on things like the occult, earlier interviews with Paul and Phillip Collins were fascinating. Is there a reason for this?
    Thanks for everything

  29. Congratulations James!!!
    Keep on your brilliant and inspiring work. You helped me to shape my thought a lot and more.

    Since I’m seeing a lot of voting for “The best” I will cast two votes:
    The best&hidden gem and Hidden gem.

    The best&hidden gem

    I can’t decide between two of them:
    “How to herd your tax cattle”
    “20 questions for Sibel Edmonds” (now I’m sure you can make things packed with emotions)

    Hidden gem

    Well, this one is so hidden I can’t find it any more.
    But I’m 100% sure I watched your video where you were presenting various ideas including one of my favorites: Goedel’s incompleteness theorem. I was delighted. (If you could find time, interest,…. to expand, that would be great)

    For those interested in this idea with more then profound implications I recommend the best explanation in documentary:

    Dangerous Knowledge (part 2, about Kurt Goedel and Alan Turing)

    if you want more

    The Limits of Understanding (panel discussion)

    Why I’m so delighted with Goedel’s theorem?

    It can serve as a Proof that third pillar of State, jurisdiction, is mission impossible.
    It fits so well with Anarchy.
    And much more.

  30. Hi James,
    Congratulations and I wish the next ten years to be even more productive and educating for you. Since you asked us to mention old broadcasts I would like to point out to people the early and I mean early work you did on eugenics more specific:

    Episode – 17 – The Myth of Overpopulation
    Episode – 27 – Eugenics Never really Went Away
    Episode – 34 – The Scientific Dictatorship
    Episode – 35 – The Panopticon
    Episode – 57 – Transhumanism and You

    A good suggestion for the Extras Channel maybe?
    Also I had to mention:
    Episode – 206 – The Gutenberg Revolutions
    Very insightful podcast as well.

    Great work throughout this ten years that makes it really hard to pick only one.

  31. I had no idea how I was going to find the hidden gem in Corbett’s gargantuan quarry of gems.

    Last weekend I found it. Or, rather, it found me.

    I was walking my neighbor’s rescued poodle, George, when who should appear on my iPod but another George—George Bailey of “It’s a Wonderful Life” fame.

    So with Boy George—I mean dog George—not heeling at my side, I listened raptly to the podcast, “The Coming Anastrophe” (Episode #170, published January 23, 2011).

    Why is it my choice as the best hidden gem?

    Here are seven reasons:

    First, it taught me a new (previously hidden) word: “anastrophe.”

    Second, it reminded me to be grateful that I’d closed my Mr. Potter-like Big Bank checking account (and cancelled my Big Bank Visa card) a few years ago.

    Third, it renewed my appreciation for the George Bailey-like kindness and goodness that’s in us all, if we would but allow our gem qualities to shine forth.

    Fourth, it offers (courtesy of freedom-loving James and Freeman Fly) upbeat sentiments and sound solutions to the world problems created by a Mr. Potter-like mentality and system.

    Fifth, it made me smilingly recall that Jimmy Stewart, the actor who played George, and my dad once walked the same sprawling college campus—seven years apart.

    Sixth, it gave me an opportunity to share gratitude for life with a good friend who confided to me that, earlier in the week, she’d been feeling so worthless, so unneeded, that she allowed herself to think about exiting earth in the belief that no one would be the worse for her departure. Those lies had left her, thank goodness. Perhaps because an angel akin to Clarence had stepped in and rescued her.

    So, James, thank you for making this multi-faceted, sparkling gem, because . . .

    Seventh, it has prompted me to let loved ones know how truly needed they are and how truly wonderful life is.

    p.s. I appreciate everyone’s hidden gem finds!

  32. 9/11 Truth – An entry door to waking up.
    Again, from the comments on this thread and on the thread “Sneaking Up On The Big One” https://www.corbettreport.com/sneaking-up-on-the-big-one-oh/#comment-38737 , 9/11 strikes me as a solutional pathway for waking up others.

    As many “Corbett-eers” have mentioned, the REAL THREAT lies NOT in “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”. Comment Example – https://www.corbettreport.com/sneaking-up-on-the-big-one-oh/#comment-38711

  33. Congrats James on the Big-Day,

    I’ve finally narrowed my list down to the hidden gem being your video of 2013 ‘A Brief History Of False Flag Terror’. It was an eye-opener, a turning-point for my ‘awakening’. You are a great example that ONE PERSON can make a positive difference to the lives of others. Thank you so much.

  34. James Corbett , your work has been brilliant up to a point. I’m sure there is some old Asian saying about how the actor on the shoguns stage can perform just the right amount of satire,comedy or chastisements before loosing his head. Thereof or I’m recommending episode 057 Transhumanism and Eugenics discussions with researcher and web-host Alen Watt. He articuled the players in this divine comedy We All are apart of. Maybe people should realize the picarious position you are in.
    QUESTION FOR CORBETT: Having been a music promoter in a previous life, I was astonished by the Greatful Deads total disregard for every aspect of social law and order, the crowd behavior, the general mayhem that I observed. I gathered they had some license to do what seemed implausible behavior. Did the powers that shouldn’t be weaponize rock-n-roll?Were the Grateful Dead sanctioned to be a tool for America’s demise? How could a counter-culture band tour all the Nato and Asian culturally sensitive countries if its not so?

  35. The hidden gem / favorite overlooked Corbett production prompt is difficult to respond to without bending the guidelines. I’m glad that James and this community of subscribers tend to be flexible and understanding when it comes to guidelines and formalities, because while I wouldn’t consider most of the above mentions “overlooked” or “hidden” (Ptech, Allen Dulles, RAND, 9/11-related, Rockefeller Medicine, Big Oil, CoE…) I find GREAT value in these highlights and guides to the distinguished threads woven through your body of work. And what’s overlooked by me might not be overlooked by others, especially newcomers.

    I’ll expand the guidelines myself and recommend 3 overlooked podcasts – somewhat overlooked because, for the first two, their titles don’t jump out as uniquely significant, and the third might be prejudged or clicked on for reasons counter to its content:

    1) Podcast 103: Smart Grid Cometh
    2) Podcast 145: You are Being Gamed
    3) Podcast 228: How to Become a Billionaire

    I think these three are especially worth revisiting now because of the accelerated developments of the Smart Grid and New Technocratic World Order, which are supported largely by the New Billionaire Class of tech-giant and e-commerce-giant founders following Gates’ lead through the technocrat mill. Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet / Google, Apple, etc., in conjunction with the smart-tech trend, carbon markets and climate-change-response agendas, smart-bio-tech and transhumanism, and legislative proliferation, are formally and comprehensively integrating their efforts in establishing the new world structure.

    The implementation of games and social network programs in almost every aspect of work, play, and consumption is profound. You are Being Gamed episode helped me connect the influences of behavioral and social psychology and operant-conditioning, game theory, and mediated reality in shaping those programs. Without a conscious understanding of the mechanisms and agendas underlying them, it’s so easy for people’s time and fundamental drives to fall prey to a false sense of security / relationship and gratification without real attainment by attaching to these frameworks as an atomized participant.

    Not to throw the baby out with the bath water, because overlapping phenomena like Steemit and some applications of cryptocurrency platforms, as well as online communities like this website use smart tools for work and play to help people actually enrich their understanding, enable cooperation, and better themselves and the world. I see the battleground between open-source, non-duped contributions to smart and interconnected systems and control-oriented contributions to such highlighted in the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Block-chain and smart-contract tech is decentralizing markets now, but if alternate versions are developed by the juggernaut coprs and governments they could be applied to the war on cash, big-data modeling and predictive analyses, and eventually a global free-trade superstructure with uniform currency, uniform legal code, and monetization (point-system) of everything. Without websites like this, and I would even guess without this website in particular, we the people would be far less equipped to advance the responsible and wholesome use of all this new technology and inter-cultural perspective.

    Final note: I’d like to see an episode entitled something to the effect of “Meet Alphabet Inc: the Nebulous Super-Entity” (referencing the Nebulous Entity exhibit at ~1999 burning man as researched by Steve Outtrim, Jan Irvin, and Hans Utter, who would each or all make for good collaboration on that and other topics).

  36. If only submissions that strictly adhere to the guidelines are eligible for the prize drawing, I recommend:
    Podcast 145: You are Being Gamed.
    Fascinating immersion into the phenomenon of turning nearly any aspect of life into a game, or mediating our engagements through game-platforms. This episode inspired profound introspection and reflection, which connected experiences in my life playing video games and getting obsessed with baseball cards / speculative-value collector item trade cults to the thoughts and feelings produced by reading Brave New World and other distopian predictive programming portraying artificialized value systems that supplant those derived from natural systems. Also connects to the huge scope of powerful plays transforming the world that I expound upon in the above comment.

  37. Perhaps this is cheating a bit, given the recent turn of events, but for me one hidden gem would have to be “Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist (video).” 😉

  38. If you’d like a T-shirt, perhaps with JC’s permission, I could design something for a site like but better than Cafe Press.

    We can also talk about what to do with the money.

    Speaking of Cafe Press, Lionel is now on Cafe Press. The first couple interviews with Lionel were among my favourite episodes. The last one just rehashed the same stuff.

    In Lionel’s YouTube channel comments people were going nuts about Lionel and Corbett together as a dream team. I suggested you add Richard Wolff, Sane Progressive, Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, etc to the mix. Maybe Corbett could start a new roundtable thing like NewsBud. Even if it’s just talking about a movie. I’m about to explode just thinking about it.

  39. Pieter!
    I got a lot out of reading your comment.
    It helps describe James Corbett as a person and his evolution wearing the Hat he now wears.

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