Interview 1879 – Michel Chossudovsky on the Hiroshima Nagasaki Dress Rehearsal

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Today Michel Chossudovsky of joins us to discuss his recent article: “The Hiroshima Nagasaki ‘Dress Rehearsal’: Oppenheimer and the U.S. War Department’s Secret September 15, 1945 ‘Doomsday Blueprint’ to ‘Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map.'” We talk about the original, genocidal plan of the US War Department for a genocidal nuclear slaughter of the Soviets, how that plan has continued to the present day, the existential threat of nuclear holocaust and the prospects for an anti-war movement that can actually stand up to the military-industrial complex.

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Michel Chossudovsky on The Corbett Report

The Hiroshima Nagasaki ‘Dress Rehearsal’: Oppenheimer and the U.S. War Department’s Secret September 15, 1945 ‘Doomsday Blueprint’ to ‘Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map’

Criminalize War Clubs (GRTV interview with Mahathir Mohamad)



  1. Fascinating, thank you Mr. Corbett. I’m looking forward to listening to this in full.

    At the time of August when these destructions were enacted, the Sun is yearly traversing “through” the Asterism of “The Clinging Star”. symbolized by the poisonous Naga/Snake.

    And so, they went for Nagasaki. You see? They know. I am curious ….what does the word “Nagasaki” mean? Is it near a river or such of snake like shape? Something to investigate.

    This Asterism is known for inflicting death through poison. Also, suffocation from grasping, clinging energies. It is named “Ashlesha”, it’s desire is to overcome enemies; it’s basis above is “approach of the serpent”; the basis below is “trembling and agitation;” it’s “shakit/power” is “to inflict poison and destroy the victim”.

    This naga, along with the basilisk, also pollutes the air with its poisonous breath.

    (It is located at the end of the constellation of Cancer, which is about food and nourishment for one thing; and this asterism aptly describes what occurs in the stomach from which breath emanates, and the clinining of the intestines…should one have ingested poisonous “foods”.

    Sidereal fixed star astronomy/astrology. It is the calendar by which they make all of their plans. And execute all of their actions.

    The Hawaiians still navigate to Tahiti and back yearly by the stars. Or they did up until ..dang, time flies. Fifteen years ago.

    Ah, so etymology online links Nagasaki to “naga” meaning long, and “saki” meaning “headland, promontory”.
    Does the word naga also commonly refer to serpents for the Japanese?

  2. low-yield nukes, euphemised as “mini-nukes” … of course the “yield” (amount of fission/products) can be minimized, but at least a critical mass (o.o.m. 5 kg Pu-239, 20 kg U-235, iirc) will (in anything deserving the name “nuclear ex-plosion”) be quite thoroughly blown apart (unless laws of physics changed since last i checked)

  3. I’m just starting to listen to this, but the idea that the US had enough fissile material to make 66 atomic bombs at that early date is silly.

    It would take years before they had that much fissile material and the Plan to drop that many is probably as viable as the US planning between WW1 and WW2 to fight a war with Great Britain.

    Honestly the idea that the US and USSR would have a war at some point makes perfect sense in that the USSR was an aggressive expansionary power that had already murdered more peoples BEFORE the war then the Nazi did in their entire existence. Had it not been for the soviet agents and sympathizers in the FDR government the USA and USSR would have never been allies. Hitler , knowing this, was always expecting/hoping for a separate peace with one or the other side.

    also, the atom bomb at that time was just a more efficient way to deliver destruction- the US killed way more Japanese civilians with incendiaries. An Atomic war, before the H bomb, would have looked very much like WW2- horrible, but not civilization ending and dependent more on conventional forces.

    Suvorov wrote Icebreaker about the Soviet aims of taking over Europe, which they were reasonably successful at doing after WW2 so its silly to imagine that conflict with them was only driven by jingoism or the Arms industry. They did not live peaceably by choice with their neighbors.

    • Dear Duck,
      It would be great for you to revisit the history with diverse sources. This will help to build a better picture… At the moment your arguments do not reflect the reality of events. Personally, I dove deeply into this subject ( including interviewing eyewitnesses and reading historians from different countries concerning the topic ).
      It is very unfortunate that now new generations learn different versions of history and that school curriculum purposely omits very important historical facts …

      • Dgain
        “….It would be great for you to revisit the history with diverse sources. This will help to build a better picture… At the moment your arguments do not reflect the reality of events. …”

        Happy to do so, 🙂 but you need to explain WHAT parts I have wrong- actual points to contend with rather then a blanket assertion of error.

        Just list three of four things you think I’m wrong on (your own reasons for why you disagree would help) and I’ll be happy to argue- “Iron sharpens Iron” 🙂

    • Totally agree, I would take it even further, we know the Communists had already infiltrated the US government, Pearl Harbor was obviously a rouse to draw America into destroy German/Japan AND BUILD UP THE USSR. Fighting the Nazis was justification for the so CALLED “Lend Lease Program”, which was all about building up Russia to be a bulwark against German expansion, but in reality it was just a pretext to make Russia a world power to be the advisory to the US. Bolshevik Russia was far worse than the Nazis, yet America supplied them with everything. It is quite illuminating that England was required to pay back the US for its help, not so for the CCCP. Then, after the deed was done and WW2 ended, CCCP was there to be the next great justification for endless war spending and debt. They always need to keep the masses in a constant state of fear, conflict. Duck and cover, while the real threat has already taken over your government.

      I believe General Patton said, we were fighting the wrong enemy, CCCP was the real threat, as Mr. Duck said, Commies had a far higher body count (murdered) than the Nazis ever did. The Germans were REACTING to Weimar, exactly like we have today, all these civic and social ills propagated by the same communist (see: Bolshevik. Communism was not an organic movement of the Russian people, it was of alien origin) globalist ilk.

      There is no chance in hell America would ever nuke Russia, at least back then. World governments are not at odds with each other, but with the masses. If nukes are used now, it is not to destroy governments, but to destroy world populations.

      It disgusts me how in school, we were told dropping TWO nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians was justified to hasten Japan’s UNCONDITIONAL surrender (even back then that rational did not sit well with me) We did not need Japan’s total surrender, but the Globalists did, they were ready with their own “Constitution”, to turn Japan into a vassal state, just like they did to Germany. And right after the war ended, the Globalists were in Japan and Germany (West Germany that is), rebuilding it to start the process of dismantling America.

      On a final note. but important one, to a particular group, burning people alive is considered a sacrifice to THEIR God, and oh boy did they get to do a lot of sacrificing during WW2. Immolation (Dresden, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Agent Orange, Paradise, Maui…) and starvation, are their CHOSEN form to sacrifice us.

  4. The idea that Ukrainians ‘supported the holocaust’ is , even if you accept the holocaust story at full face value, makes perfect sense if you consider that the Ukrainians had just suffered massive death by starvation by a Jewish run Soviet Government.

    The holodomor , the mass deliberate starvation of Ukrainians was overseen by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

    There is no mystery why the Germans got welcomed by many Ukrainians when they invaded during the war- the enemy of the person that oppresses you looks like a friend (even if they are not)

    Oh, and Oppenheimer was not “of German Descent” he was a jewish guy who , from what I have read, loved the idea of nuking Berlin and Europe in General. He was also a dangerous nutter prone to trying to randomly murder people.

  5. Operation Barbarossa was a per-emtive attack- the Soviets were just about to launch an attack with the aim of taking over Europe, certainly Eastern Europe and possibly Western.

    The reason the Russians suffered such massive initial losses was because they were in attack jump off positions rather then defensive ones.Had Barbarossa not been successful the Soviets would have been in Berlin before 1945- people have no idea how cruddy the german army was at the start of WW2. They were building on the fly and ammo production only reached WW1 production levels a couple of months before the war ended (acc to Albert Speer IIRC, been a long time since I read that book)

    • You are right: no one can understand WW2 without reading Victor Suvorov, his documentation, analysis and logic are illuminating.

      • George Perju
        Yes!The book is up on Annas archive too

        I found this old vid of the guy lecturing , think its the one that turned me onto the idea in the first place.
        Its a shame that his English may put some people off listening to what he is saying, because its brilliant analysis that changed my understanding of the war…..

        Funny thing is, when I was a teenager I wrote a pretty ‘meh’ story about the inner part of the Nazi party being commies trying to help the Soviets take over Europe.

        funny enough the book that actually made me think about WHY ww2 was inevitable was fiction- ‘Time and Time Again’ by Ben Elton. I

        ts funny how novelists can make us think of bigger things.

  6. Docherty and Macgregor’ s book ” Prolonging the Agony” laid this framework of Portfolio managers run the wars and puppeteering of the politicians to achieve a ROI for those managers.
    Bless Professor and Statesman Chossudovsky in his old age. Our last great Statesman in the USA, IMO was Andrew Jackson. I would hope M. Chossudovsky in the years ahead could say in his final hours” I had helped, in my small way, humanity by participating in killing the central bank.”
    Our times will be defined by our great forgetting. When he is gone our remembering will be in the books he, Docherty and McGreggor left to RE-Mind us James……. hint hint.

    • Wait a minute before you go off.
      I’m not comparing Michel Chossudovsky…with Andrew Jackson. No. Jackson was a racist, possibly a early version of a Nazi but he understood where the impediments to progress, peace and prosperity were, like our imperfect founders who knew where the road to Central Banking would leed, perdition. Hamilton ! What a slime ball.I find it ironic, that slavery was accepted but Central Banking was vilified. Are there forms of slavery worse than others? Well that explains the poets proclamation ” count no man happy till he’s dead”. Life is so strange. MBP splain it to me,please, I’m listening.

      • “….Jackson was a racist, possibly a early version of a Nazi …..”

        Literally EVERYONE was racist back then.

        Abraham Lincoln wanted to deport Free blacks to Africa and wrote how black and white could not share the same country…….but you have been drinking too much Frankfort School Kool Aide if you think he was a ‘nazi’, since that is an actual political ideology based on ideas that did not exist at that time for Andrew Jackson to know them.

        You might as well call Julius Caesar a Whig or a neo-con 😉

        • Duck
          Ironic isn’t it?
          Yes that is what I did. The native Americans thought he was a Hitler. Appeasement was their only protection from genocide. So, you see I did it again. I broke the sequence of time, time honored dogma.
          The point is the Central Banks know all these labels and isms, almost kabbalisticly, and how to use them. The eye on top of the pyramid is the Central Bank. The pyramid below are just levels of managers of evil. Even a cripple drooling President knew to be truly free, to do what you want, you had to do away with a Central Bank.
          That’s ironic don’t you think.
          To outsmart the Central Bank critters new ways of thinking half to be implemented. Justice and laws are no longer available as an option, so the crazy Kool Aide may be valid, heck Duct even volunteerism may be a valid Kool Aide and a truer representation of reality. Something different is needed to break the spell. KJV says this realm is managed by Devil but you can choose to go along , ain’t that ironic.

          • “…he native Americans thought he was a Hitler. Appeasement was their only protection from genocide….”

            While not wanting to speak in favor of hitler, or for that matter Jackson, the trail Of tears was not Genocide. The Indians removed were allies of the British and their presence was a threat to the USA.

            AS to the morality of Indian Removal, true, its not a moral act but the Indians had no issue driving each other out of homelands or exterminating each other….. are they too ‘hitlers’?????

            Words need to have actual meanings and definitions otherwise its impossible to understand anything…….and while on the subject, why “hitlers’ and not “Stalins”? or ” Gengis Khans’??? or “Romans”???

            You can not make ‘new ways of thinking’ without words, because words are your tools to think.

            • Duck,
              no, you’re no MBP.
              Words are your governor. Can you think in Hungarian? Bacon understood that but where is the record of this?
              Alain below quotes Tolstoy , spells are derived from words. Is the mathematician governed by words?
              Can I speak without words as the mathematician speaks of a number line. Is there a negative side to word line? Can words be numbers.
              This is no way to start the day. Images are dancing around that have no words to describe them. I’ll let you go on with this and hope I learn more from you. As I’ve said before you are a deep diving Duck .

  7. “History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”
    ― Leo Tolstoy

  8. Brilliant talk James what an informed guy Chofudosky is! Yes I agree that the kids seems to have gone to sleep when it comes to protesting against the nucliear possibility like we did on Greenham Common in the UK back in the day. Now it’s just a matter of hope – which means we do want to change things – mini boms a way into full scale. Bit like the Covid when you take the spike you loose your ability to think due to the death of the brain – is this why they can escalate everything now?

  9. I trace this all back to 1913 when the Rothschild Zionist Bankers collaborated with JP Morgan, Rockefeller and a few other Oligarchs to take control of the United State’s monetary system. At that time twenty U.S. Dollars were equivalent to an once of gold. Today gold is over 100 times more valuable than a twenty dollar Federal Reserve Note (which replaced the United States Dollar). Did the Private Bankers print paper money that could not be backed? Hell yes! It should have been evident by 1933 when FDR (an elitist himself) made a Deal with these Banskers “The New Deal” whereby the Central Government made a Deal with the Private Banksters, that own the Federal Reserve, to use the powers (unconstitutional powers) of the Government to confiscate Gold from the people, that these Private Bankers could not be trusted with managing the money supply. Yet, FDR’s “New Deal” created “Citizen of the United States” (subjects to be taxed and controlled) as opposed to Citizens of sovereign independent States who were free. Yep, that was a big deal because in the depths of a depression people that are struggling to feed their families will give away their God given Rights for a government job with Social Security Benefits. After the “Banking Holidays” imposed by FDR (for the Banks of coarse) only Federal Reserve Bank members were allowed to reopen, and in 1934 (only six months after the peoples gold was confiscated), Gold was re valued at $35 per once and “American Citizens” were no longer allowed to own it. “American Citizens” now deceptively defined as Corporate entities with their Birth Certificate names printed in all capital letters could now be “Legally” controlled by Corporate Law as apposed to Common Law.
    That was 90 years ago, and the Zionists led Banksters have continued to infiltrate the United States Central Government to a point where the people are controlled by a government that was created to protect their God given Rights.
    AIPAC is the most powerful lobbyist group in D. C.. It is a Zionist group that bribes, threatens, and kills those that speak out against it. JFK and his bother, RFK were in the process of requiring AIPAC to registrar as a foreign agency (which they are) when JFK was assassinated. His bother RFK had just won the
    CA Democratic Primary in 1968 and was the likely Democratic Candidate. For those who wanted him dead that was their last chance to take him out before he got Secret Service protection. Was it the Zionists, LBJ, or the builders of all these atomic bombs that hired the assassin hotel security guard? One thing for sure, it was not Sirhan Sirhan. He was just there by way of MK ultra (a CIA Mind control program). So why would the CIA want to killed JFK and RFK? Well, my theory is that they have been under the control of the Zionists since they were created.
    Also, we should consider the Zionists plan for the end of the world.

  10. Haven’t listened yet but will beginning in a moment. Just wanted to put on the table that the whole story of heroshima/Nagasaki/manhattan project doesn’t pass the sniff test. There were no nukes then and I suspect there are none now.

    • ccuthbert2001 says:
      “There were no nukes then and I suspect there are none now.”

      Well…that could be a conversation starter… …or a credibility-ender.

      I know folks who work at a Texas nuclear power station and/or live in the community.
      The next time I discuss the value of organic foods with them, I’ll add that comment of yours. I’m sure it will strengthen my reputation.

      • I know many peops who work at a nuke plant. nuclear energy is NOT the same as the fake bombs at Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

    • ccuthbert

      “…There were no nukes then and I suspect there are none now…..”

      while its easy to see that most of the early film footage of nuke tests was faked for the camera I actually find it kinda hard to believe that its in enough states interests to go along with a deception for so long on that matter.

      What possible benefit did Russia of China and the 2nd and 3rd rate nuke powers, get from pretending the wunderwaffen was real if its not?

      Its not that such a thing would be ‘impossible’ but it would require that every gov be under a single control, which
      a) Would have put us all in the pods already

      b) would require some OUTSIDE power base not dependent on normal military or financial power- a power base so massive that it controls all the criminal elites in every country and forces them to act against their own self interest at times. I know of no way that is possible

      c) would make any independent power that an get a decent conventional force going a serious threat to the control grid.

      • Same as the covid psyop. Gave every govt a way to scare their own people into submission.

        • ccuthert

          But the Covid psyop was useful to ALL the players doing it….there was no incentive to backstab each other and get an advantage. I do not see that you could keep so MANY countries playing along for THIS long on nukes.

          I already said that IMO most of the footage of nuke tests was fake model stuff for show, and there is no doubt that they HYPED the japanese nuke bombings destructive effect (incendiaries killed more people, and it did nothing you couldnt do with more planes /time and conventional bombing). I am sure that they hyped the megatonnage of even the thermonuclear bombs, but saying the whole thing is fake requires some serious evidence to my mind.

          What evidence do you base your idea on?

          • No real test esp of the Nagasaki bomb. Piling TNT into a tower and lighting the fuse is not a test of a nuke.

            The Japanese were back in the cities starting clean up within a day. The photos of h/n look no different than the fire bombed cities. Yes, all the pix of the tests are fake.

            The explanation of how it would work makes no sense to me, a lot of double talk. Also I don’t see where the mushroom cloud would be generated.

            The final nail in the coffin for me is that the level of evil of these people–if u can call them that, monsters, really–has been shown again and again. If the bomb does indeed exist now, they undoubtedly would have used it.

            • “…..No real test esp of the Nagasaki bomb…. Piling TNT into a tower ….”

              You base that on what information?

              Not saying that you are wrong, just saying that you have no evidence for it being true. The onus is on you to provide some since you are making a big claim.

              “….The Japanese were back in the cities starting clean up within a day…..”

              The bomb was detonated in mid air, reducing the amount of Fallout considerably since Fall out is dust from the ground explosion. Radiation is not magic, it can kill but its not usually insta-death, more like breathing in a ton of asbestos or industrial toxins

              “… The photos of h/n look no different than the fire bombed cities……”

              Well…. assuming that a true A Bomb detonated in the air it basically DID fire bomb the city, didnt it? They just claim that the energy came from atoms rather then molecules

              “….The explanation of how it would work makes no sense to me, a lot of double talk…….”

              It makes perfect sense to me, assuming atomic physics is not just made up and actually everything is made up of earth air fire and water.

              . Do not mistake not understanding with unreality- most people have zero idea how computers work either, but I doubt that they are actually prisons for smurfs trained in maths.

              “…..don’t see where the mushroom cloud would be generated…..”

              WAS there a mushroom cloud at Hiroshima? I have no idea, but FAE weapons will produce one too so it proves nothing either way

              “….. If the bomb does indeed exist now, they undoubtedly would have used it…..”

              One could say the same for Nerve gases, Plague Bombs and Radiological warfare (the allies feared NAzis would spread a layer of radioactive ‘death dust’ to halt the advances during WW2)

              WHAT reason would they have to use it when FAE’s are available and there has been no WW2 style mass bombing needed in 70 years? One reason the Nazis never went big on building a bomb was that it would not have been decisively useful to their strategic situation in ww2

              BUT the main point countra yours is WHY WOULD ALL NATIONS PLAY ALONG FOR SO LONG???????

            • This new comment section is annoying with the margins. I’ll post below. ty

              • “……This new comment section is annoying with the margins. ….”

                I thpught that was just me- I agree, whatever system is used for comments is rather janky what with messing up the margins and compressing the text.

  11. “peacemaking bomb”?

    it was so good it blew our doors off, claimed to be a bomb shell report

    (no joke, I’ve a mentee, brilliant mechanical mathematical fella, but i lost him to a mortgage paying job he took with raytheon who convinced him he’d be designing and building “defensive only missiles”)

    if we gave the fake bosses, and everybody else, one last chance to get the bomb right, what would you choose?

    None of the obliteration moves, over the past 10 centuries, achieved anything but more of the same. If you had one last chance to make a gesture or device that would suddenly shift the warring nature of the few psychopaths who just continue to destroy, along with the rest of us who have been entranced into the war monger ways (by degree we’re all complicit),,, one chance: create the peace maker bomb or be disolved back into the pool of creation (caldron of raw ingrediants).

    Meditation bomb:
    I imagine the entire (at least above the age of puberty) species waking up before sunrise, and meditating, with an emphasis on allowing contemplating on apology, forgiveness and care, in a sunrise wave as the earth spins on. surely the good morning spirits would be pleasantly surprised.

    I’m shaking my head as to the task of coordinating let alone inspire everyone to do it. There is precedent for the idea:

    after the 1hr of sitting, the next obvious step for as many as could practically do it, would be to tend a small personal garden…

    even if the misleaders would do those two things, we might all be living more comfortably, in better physical shape, and inspired by karma rather than burdened by it.

  12. RE: Interview 1879 – Michel Chossudovsky on the Hiroshima Nagasaki Dress Rehearsal

    This interview held my attention throughout.
    I appreciate the visuals.

    “Irish Canadian Michel Hard-to-pronounce-Slavic-name” should have been my History Professor. I could listen to the guy all day. I learned some things that I did not know with his smooth segues. I’m glad that James let Michel run with the ball for awhile.
    Michel C. has some very important things to say to the World.

  13. Can you find this video?

    Years ago I seem to recall watching a James Corbett video where he visited Hiroshima.
    I found it moving.

    When it works, I’ll finish listening to these 2007 audios which I started yesterday…

    Interview 011 – Yuki Tanaka – Dr. Yuki Tanaka of the Hiroshima Peace Institute joins us to talk about the Institute, the Hiroshima Citizens’ Peace Declaration and peace issues in Japan.

    Interview 012 – Isao Aratani – A-bomb survivor Isao Aratani tells us about his life and the horrific events he witnessed on August 6, 1945, when Hiroshima was subject to an atomic bombing.

    • Duh?!
      Sand must have gotten into my brain.
      I found the videos!

      All I needed to do was to search “The Corbett Report Official LBRY Channel”.
      I entered the keyword “Hiroshima” …and Bingo!

  14. at timestamp 20 minutes, the third stage (1 trillion dollar program). That was amazingly interesting. Definitely going to look into and read up on Michel Chossudovsky: Fascinating. Only on is this kind of content available; thanks James!

  15. I covered an event for KPFA Radio, Berkeley for two weeks in July of 1980 in South Dakota. It was a joint effort put on by Indians, farmers, and uranium miners, a united front against the proliferation of the multi- national corporations’ ongoing nuclear mining and manufacturing effort in the Midwest.

    Following that I traveled to Minnyapples to cover the first “Women Take Back the Night” march down Henipen Ave. Then on a Wednesday night, August 6th, 1980, in an old church I went to a 35 year remembrance of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki murder.

    One of the speakers 44 years ago was a woman whose husband was a Navy vet who had been part of the post bombing clean up team. They had gone into Nagasaki with no radiation protection, and not told of the potential danger. A simple mid West woman, Annalee, stood there crying about watching her husband, a once tall, strong man wither down to less then 100 lbs.

    “How many Nagasaki Nuclear Bombs equal the Radiation loosed in the 2003 Iraq war?
    Answer: About 250,000 Nuclear Bombs.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We don’t learn from war; we repeat it. We don’t prevent war; we perfect it.”
    – Heather Mallick

    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

  16. while were on the subject of radiation, David Bradbury, the brave, top end doco maker has this to say:

    This link is to a 3min trailer for his film “Blowin in the wind” (all about use of depleted uranium war heads to bullets in the invasion of iraq. I didnt see a link to the whole piece.

    warning: its disturbing info to learn about.

  17. August 9, 2007 –
    A-bomb survivor Isao Aratani shares the harrowing story of the events that unfolded in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, including a description of the blast itself and the terrible scenes afterwards.
    A-bomb survivor testimony
    9:42 minutes

    August 14, 2007
    On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb to be dropped in warfare fell on Hiroshima in western Japan. Each year, the city of Hiroshima honours this solemn occasion with a ceremony and a day of commemoration centered around the city’s peace park. Here are some of the sights and sounds from the Hiroshima Peace Ceremony on August 6, 2007.
    Sights and sounds from the Hiroshima Peace Ceremony Aug/07
    6:53 minutes

    August 11, 2007
    A-bomb survivor Isao Aratani takes us on a tour of Hiroshima Peace Park, describing the various monuments found there and discussing the events of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
    A tour of Hiroshima Peace Park with an A-bomb survivor
    7:26 minutes

    August 12, 2007
    The Corbett Report presents an interview with Mr. Isao Aratani, survivor of the atomic bomb blast in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. In this interview recorded August 9, 2007, Mr. Aratani recounts his childhood growing up in Hiroshima, the horrific day of the bombing itself, and his message for the young generation of today.
    Interview with Hiroshima A-bomb survivor pt. 1
    8:37 minutes
    August 12, 2007
    Interview with Hiroshima A-bomb survivor pt. 2
    8:13 minutes

    November 13, 2009
    On the occasion of President Obama’s visit to Japan, The Corbett Report talks to the President of the Hiroshima Peace Institute, Motofumi Asai, about Obama’s unwillingness to visit Hiroshima, his war policies, and his reception of the Nobel Peace Prize. For more information about the Hiroshima Peace Institute, please visit their website: (dead link)
    Is Obama a man of peace?
    8:55 minutes

    April 19, 2014 – VIDEO –
    Cold War 2.0 and the Threat of Nuclear Warfare – GRTV Backgrounder
    13:36 minutes

    August 9, 2007
    Interview 012 – Isao Aratani
    Interview 011 – Yuki Tanaka
    Dr. Yuki Tanaka of the Hiroshima Peace Institute joins us to talk about the Institute, …and…

  18. Nuclear war: “the impacts would be devastating”… 🤔

  19. Duck,

    From the unimpeachable wikipedia, an interesting picture.

    If that isn’t laughable, I don’t know what is. Here’s another:

    And yet another gem: “There were also several gamma ray and neutron detectors; few survived the blast, with all the gauges within 200 feet (61 m) of ground zero being destroyed,[123] but sufficient data were recovered to measure the gamma ray component of the ionizing radiation released.”

    I said that the scam wasn’t directed at other countries. It was meant to scare ‘Mericans into feeding the MIC, and keep us in line with fear. The other countries didn’t squeal since that’s what they were doing, too, scaring their citizens, JUST LIKE THE COVID SCAM.

    The line that the h/n bombs didn’t hit the ground was dreamed up to convince peops that, of course there’d be no fall out. Have you read any books about h/n? I did. They said that people returned right away to go back to their homes and clean up. ?!? Yeah, right, no radiation…

    And I was referring to mushroom clouds in general…

    If you want more, read this about dubious nuclear weapons:

    Why you bring up nerve gas, I don’t know. But, according to an historian at a Mises Institute lecture series (can’t find the link now, will try to find his name…) nerve gas was not effective on the battle field for the most part because of wind dispersal and rain. The same would go for “pathogens” like bacteria. The only bio attacks I know of that provably hurt people were the Japanese subway attack and the mailed anthrax after the 911 op. Both of those were not dispersed outside. Nerve gas hasn’t been used since because it just isn’t effective, not because the big boys are nice guys. They directed their efforts at more reliable strategies, ie, turning the medical system over to millions of Joseph Mengeles who will kill anyone and everyone with toxic “therapies” and injected poisons.

    The fact that many people don’t understand how their computer works, nerve gas is no longer used, and why would other countries go along are issues that are irrelevant and have nothing to do with what I’m saying. I view these statement as distractions from the ample evidence you can gather if you look at their crazy explanations with a jaundiced eye. You might begin with who the heck was Oppenheimer and how did he get in charge? It’s the same old, same old. Find someone in the dominant tribe to use as a front man, call him a genius and bob’s your uncle. His successors are Jobs, Gates, Musk, Brin, Bozo among others. I can go on and on.

    Aside, I note you didn’t mention depleted uranium bombs the USA did use in Iraq, which i consider the only real nuclear weapons that work.

    • Ccuthbert

      The depleted uranium shells were not bombs, the toxic dust is a by product of their utility.

      Nerve gas works just fine, better then chlorine ever did and rapid dispersal is an advantage in that, unlike mustard ‘gas’ , its harder for your own troops to get contaminated when they move forward into cleared territory. It also forces troops to fight in full noddy suits and civilians , even with masks, have near zero protection.

      The sarin on the subway was home brew, and not particularly well made from what i gather.

      The reason the gemans did not use chemical weapons probably had more to do with Hitlers personal distaste for gas, and a fear of allied reprisals (Churchill is alleged to have periodically demanded mass gassing of German cities while drunk, demands that his staff wisely ignored) Trust me, had the V1 and V2’s been loaded with nerve gas there would have been horrible, if unpredictable, results on civilian targets.

      “….I said that the scam wasn’t directed at other countries. It was meant to scare ‘Mericans into feeding the MIC, and keep us in line with fear. The other countries didn’t squeal since that’s what they were doing, too, scaring their citiz……”

      The Soviet Union had zero need to ‘scare its citizens’ with atomic war…..the NKVD was quite capable of doing that all on its own. The Soviet Union would have dearly LOVED to occupy the rest of Europe. Why did they not proceed with the conquest, even assuming a consolidation period? Soviet conventional forces could have smashed NATO conventional forces at several periods of the cold war and DID NOT…..If not for fear of atomic MAD, why?

      Again….. HOW FAR does this ‘secret knowledge’ that nukes were not real go??? Did every guy in the Politburu know? Every guy designing warheads? Every guy faking the tests????

      Sorry…. I have entertained this idea of fake nukes before, but it is basically unsound though I am sure they hyped and lied a lot about the actual effects.

      • Hi Duck,

        I know about the depleted uranium. I guess I should have used quotation marks when I said only “nukes” that work.

        I don’t agree with your other statements, but as a friend used to say, “That’s why there’s vanilla and chocolate.” I believe there is a heavy degree of co-ordination internationally, but not total. The local potentates do have their way often enough. We might not think that they need “extra” ways of keeping people down, but that doesn’t mean they think so. After all, the wall did come down.

        And about who knows and who doesn’t about the nuke op, think epicycles, which is exactly how the covid op could be so instantly successful among doctors and biologists.

        I would like to thank you for your thoughts and your kindness in this conversation. 😉 I got pretty sick of Corbett Report types essentially calling me crazy because of my covid assessments. Ugh.


        • CCuthbert

          Best wishes 🙂

          I come here to listen to ideas different from my own, thanks for the chat.

          “….types essentially calling me crazy because of my covid assessments……”

          Meh….Not much chance of that from me. I looked plenty silly when the coof happened.

          I was 100% sure the covid was going to be the black death, started wearing a mask before it was cool and everyone IRL thought I was paranoid.

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