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As you’ll know from my latest video, I’ll be off on vacation for the next couple of weeks. While I’m away, Corbett Report members are encouraged to use the comment section here to discuss breaking news, world events, or whatever’s on your mind.

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  1. Several Publications
    April 22, 23, 2019
    Apple Face-Recognition Blamed by N.Y. Teen for False Arrest – Teen’s $1B Lawsuit

    A New York student sued Apple Inc. for $1 billion, claiming the company’s facial-recognition software falsely linked him to a series of thefts from Apple stores.

    Ousmane Bah, 18, said he was arrested at his home in New York in November and charged with stealing from an Apple store. The arrest warrant included a photo that didn’t resemble Bah, he said in a lawsuit filed Monday. One of the thefts he was charged with, in Boston, took place on the day in June he was attending his senior prom in Manhattan, he said.

  2. From Robert F. Kennedy’s website…

    April 23, 2019
    Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children

    With a population of 127 million, Japan has the healthiest children and the very highest “healthy life expectancy” in the world—and the least vaccinated children of any developed country. The U.S., in contrast, has the developed world’s most aggressive vaccination schedule in number and timing, starting at pregnancy, at birth and in the first two years of life. Does this make U.S. children healthier? The clear answer is no. The U.S. has the very highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries, with more American children dying at birth and in their first year than in any other comparable nation—and more than half of those who survive develop at least one chronic illness.

    In 1994, Japan transitioned away from mandated vaccination in public health centers to voluntary vaccination in doctors’ offices, guided by “the concept that it is better that vaccinations are performed by children’s family doctors who are familiar with their health conditions.” The country created two categories of non-compulsory vaccines: “routine” vaccines that the government covers and “strongly recommends” but does not mandate, and additional “voluntary” vaccines, generally paid for out-of-pocket. Unlike in the U.S., Japan has no vaccine requirements for children entering preschool or elementary school.

    Japan also banned the MMR vaccine in the same time frame, due to thousands of serious injuries over a four-year period—producing an injury rate of one in 900 children that was “over 2,000 times higher than the expected rate.”….

    • Hi HomeRemedySupply, (And James and everyone else…)

      I personally feel a very effective way to approach the vaccine issue would be through showing the various supportive evidence that Andrew Wakefield was not a fraud. As I think this is very tangible if exposed in a thorough way. And it does not necessitate deep diving into scientific debates. So maybe it is a very effective approach to waking others up.

      But obviously the link to what Kennedy wrote is informative and interesting. Just feeling a video about Wakefield could more easily be viral and useful in waking others up. It also might make more people who doubt the official vaccine arguments open up to the alternative media.

      As you may know, there was a high court verdict in the UK that John Walker Smith was cleared of the allegations against him. They both worked on the same research paper that is labelled as fraudulent by the mainstream media and medical community. Wakefield did not have the money to appeal, but his case is almost identical to John Walker Smith. And then togther with further evidence uncovered by Del Bigtree, testimonies from parents involved in the case study and more…The case that Wakefield was not a fraud becomes very convincing.

      Here is a link regarding the court verdict….

      • Wrote this presuming this thread is also about advice for new investigations, but maybe I misunderstood and it is only about sharing information…

        • Sunny , I think Homey would agree this is open to any advice or discussion of what you feel important and you are highly encouraged to have at it!

        • Sunny,
          That is a very good idea. Very good.
          You are right… The media and Pro-vaccine goons often use the Wakefield scenario as a method of denigrating questions about MMR safety.
          A video like that would be an excellent tool for truth.

          I met Wakefield in Dallas. He has his feet firmly on the ground. Nice guy.
          ha!…I was busy in the mall grabbing shoppers to come see the event for free. I noticed Wakefield in the distance. I walked up to him and said with a straight face: “Would you like to see a free event about vaccines?” He was startled by the question. Then I finally laughed, patted him on the shoulder and escorted him to the event.

          • ”I met Wakefield in Dallas. He has his feet firmly on the ground. Nice guy.
            ha!…I was busy in the mall grabbing shoppers to come see the event for free. I noticed Wakefield in the distance. I walked up to him and said with a straight face:“Would you like to see a free event about vaccines?” He was startled by the question. Then I finally laughed, patted him on the shoulder and escorted him to the event.”

            Nice story, thanks for sharing!

    • やったね! (Yatta is Japanese for Hooray)
      That’s great news, I’m glad to hear that, I always hate it when people claim that vaccines cause autism, which is not even true. Although vaccines dont cause autism, but vaccines are still not safe for may other reason.
      Even people with autism like me are not safe from vaccines, I need to point out that autism does not come vaccines, it simply just comes from conception in the same way that life begins at conception. Even without vaccines, parents can still end up having autistic children. Autism has actually been around way long before Leo Kanner and Hans Asperger studied the Autism Spectrum Disorders.
      I happen to come from a family that’s always been skeptical about vaccinations.
      Regarding my autism, my autism level has always moderate, as in the middle between high-functioning and severe.
      One last thing, where do I post questions for Corbett for the next Questions For Corbett video? I’m just curious, that’s all.

      • Robert
        I have no doubt that Autism DID exist before those two guys reported it…however if two dr’s were able to pass it off as a “NEW” condition then it must have been very rare. If it was anything like as common as today every local Dr would have known the symptoms even if not how to mitigate it.
        That Autism rates are exploding is clear from anyone who has worked Special Ed for decades. I know from such a person that the rate of kids on the spectrum ESPECIALLY THE LOW END has gone up way way way faster then local population.
        When I was a kid people could watch Rain Man and learn something about an odd disease and behaviors that they had probably NEVER SEEN IN REAL LIFE … now days you can see young adults and kids with ASD almost every day in any decent sized town or city.
        You dont see too many AU oldies because the rates have GONE UP in later generations… like a fish swimming in water most people have not seen the gradual change.
        The numbers of AU kids are getting so high that if they dont start putting them to sleep to save money within the next 15 years I will be very surprised… on the other hand anyone wanting to invest should put money into Adult Daycares specializing in Autistic behaviours

        • you do have good points regarding generational grounds when it comes to my condition.
          It’s pretty hard & controversial to figure out what causes autism, which is what I since birth, but it sure isn’t vaccines, it could be something else. I think it’s obviously conception.
          I haven’t seen Rainman yet, but it’s very obvious that Hollywood movies are not accurate.
          In Medieval Europe, I would have been considered a changeling a.k.a. fairy child, which can be both a blessing & a curse, depending on who you ask. now, here’s a Wikipedia article on the topic of changelings:

          I think it’s extremely obvious that the world we currently is an absolute nightmare for autistic people like me.
          In a tyrannical regime like Nazi Germany, the Nazis would have me immediately aborted during or after my mother’s pregnancy. I’m very grateful that i was never even aborted.
          The Nazis would view me as a product of dysgenics.
          Isn’t it deeply disturbing that Nazis are making a huge comeback, especially the Alt-right scum like Richard Spencer. Oh believe me, the alt-right is very pro-abortion. not only do I have autism, I’m leftwing, I’m pro-life, & I’m not even religious. There’s secular reasons why babies deserve to live both in and out of the womb.
          Do you know of any solutions in the Corbett Report spirit that will help autistic people like me? I’m quite curious, that’s all. Cheers!

          • Hi Robert Smith,

            I have not read through all your comment, but as with regard to the claim vaccines do not cause autism…

            I do not feel I know with confidence the whole story about the condition, but I feel it is likely that vaccines can and do cause autism. As is suggested by many parental testimonies and even compensations for vaccine induced injury followed by autism by high courts.

            So in my mind the question is: Do vaccines only cause autism very, very rarely, or is it a more frequent occurrence?

            • Interesting question.
              Even without vaccines, parents can still end up having autistic kids. As I said that Autism cones from conception the same way that life begins at conception. Even people with autism like me are not safe from vaccines.
              I also avoid flu shots like the plague, & those shots are a big fat fraud.
              on that question regarding autism & vaccines, it’s a topic that I deeply cringe over, I dunno for sure, but the real problems about vaccines have nothing to do with autism. it’s toxic chemicals & cancer are the real reasons why vaccine manufacturers are so deeply corrupt.
              We should aim at the pharmaceutical menace.

              • The way I see it is that vaccines increase the chances of having Autism and is not the cause. A bit like jumping out of aircraft increases the chances of having a broken neck.

                Of course people jump out of aircraft all the time and don’t end up with a broken neck and some people end up with a broken neck even without jumping out of aircraft. Even so, that does not give us the right to force people to jump out of aircraft.

          • Robert
            “….t’s pretty hard & controversial to figure out what causes autism, which is what I since birth, but it sure isn’t vaccines, it could be something else. I think it’s obviously conception…”
            it is obviously NOT JUST conception because unless we have had some huge epigentic change in the last 15-20 years there would be no explanation re the increased number of AU kids.
            You are prob corret that it is complicated, and possibly there are several interlocking causes
            RE rainman.. the point of mentioning that movie was that atthat time Autism was unknown to most people… where as not they are able to sell tickets to a full house of (if i recall correctly) “the curious incident of the dog that barked” done in a sensory freindly manner.Also Hoffman took a great deal of time studying for that role if memory serves.
            “….Isn’t it deeply disturbing that Nazis are making a huge comeback, especially the Alt-right….” You are playing the ;eft/right dielectic… nazi’s and commies are both mostly puppets of the true powers. The left/right model is a trap to keep you thinking about the facade of politics and reality rather then whats actually happening…. in that sense you should consider that even if YOU do not believe in a God or gods the powerful people who are doing things in the world quite often DO believe- right upto and including such things as magic rituals and witch craft.
            If you can imagine what it is like to be such a person the world makes a great deal more sense. The currant political situation makes zero sense unless its looked at as being a manifestation of spiritual principles in the political and economiuc world…again, if THEY believe then they will act in a certain way regardless of the objective truth or not of their beliefs
            The hard thing for an autist to do is place themselves inside the mind of another, but that limitation often extends to normies too in that they believe people to be inherantly like them and the actual depravity of some humans is beyond their capacities.

        • I absolutely agree that we need more adult daycares (& more support got them too like both socially and economically) for autistic people like me plus cooperatives as well, and what are your thoughts on autistic families? they exist, believe it or not, & folks with autism like me should have every right to procreate just like others. Besides, did you know that women with Down Syndrome can give birth to normal babies just fine.
          I think it’s obviously sad that those with special needs like me are far more easily scapegoats than ‘white men’s or ‘Jews.’ it’s also much worse as well.

          • “…..what are your thoughts on autistic families? they exist, believe it or not, & folks with autism like me should have every right to procreate just like others. Besides, did you know that women with Down Syndrome can give birth to normal babies just fine….”
            What I believe matters little… what will happen is that when the cost becomes too great the people in charge will pull the plug on those they no longer wish to exist. Down syndrome is already on its way to being a thng of the past without any government action just because its easy to check for and abortion is easy to obtain.
            I do not know of anyone who blames the disabled, autistic or mentally ill people for the problems of the world

          • Most Vaccines have aluminum and mercury (yes many still have some form of mercury). Both can cause autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s and autism. They dont in all cases, tho.

    • Hi HomeRemedySupply, James and others.
      Thank you for a wonderful share.
      One of the best layman’s videos on the Vaccine issue is here.
      Would be awesome if James could interview Del Bigtree, Dr Suzanne Humphries, Dr Andrew Wakefield or Dr Russel Blaylock.

      • And, adrian.m, may I respectfully add to your good list of possible Corbett interviewees ex-Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, whose website is filled with vaccine facts and news, including sad reports of deaths of children.

        Brandy has given some hard-hitting presentations, such as this one at the February 2019 Anarchapulco:

      • Thanks Adrian!
        That is a wonderful presentation!

  3. Well deserved, James. Decompress and enjoy the time off with your family. See you in May. (Of course, the world will end while you’re on vacation. Nothing BIG happens until we stop looking!)

  4. Notre Dame anyone?



    . Famous Muslim church burning at same time.

    . Sri Lanka Easter fires, related?

    . Some trademark preparation for planned disasters seem present.

    . Mid-restoration
    . Work in progress on fire detection systems
    . Statues just removed recently

    . Known problem that restoration is needed and not enough funds, funding scam with array of bonus side effects?

    Quite a lot of back story, people are just piecing much of it together.

    This guy has some compelling info, too early to say, but he brings up some interesting back story events.

    Signed, Curious what others think…


    • Good input, I am no expert on this stuff.

      Looking forward to a sanity check from our generous host.

      To be clear, I don’t really believe many interpretations of the facts right now, I have my suspicions. My motive is to get some back story facts out in the open and take interpretations with a grain of salt for now until the dust has settled some.

      That said I do lean a bit towards “who gains the most from heating up tensions between these two religions”. Or maybe the age old science vs religion scheme rearing its ugly head again.

      Any more back story facts out there, post um, lets see what James says after his well deserved vacation.

    • Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams is such an amazing movie, & I remember watching it in my Japanese Class in High School in the same year that James Corbett first started the Corbett Report, & He’s also a big Kurosawa fan.

    • Interesting article in french about Notre Dame

      To summarize : the government wants to turn l’île de la cité into a private commercial disneyland for the olympics game of 2024 (of course owned by the generous donators that gave millions of euro after the fire). There was no chance for it to become real until the mysterious fire of the cathedral. Now the government is launching contest to redesign Notre Dame spire and forcing a new law to avoid respecting international rules for the restauration and do whatever he wants

      • Interesting. Thanks Nathalie.

  5. What does it mean to be in a pickle, the esoteric pickled? We all have our pickles in life. No its not a pickle in the hand of a pregnant woman having a food craving. Though for esoteric reasons you might make a case if the woman’s pregnancy was unwanted and unplanned. Another case for the pickle could be our treatment of animals and that we know they know when they are in a slaughterhouse chute. They know they are in a pickle just as the 37 men whose heads were removed from their bodies in Saudi Arabia yesterday. They were in a pickle.
    The historical pickle for the U.S.A.can be any number of things and viewed from many perspectives. Since the editor in chief has left the building lets just get down too it. Have a round table of our pickles, where they come from and what to do about it and the constraints that plague humanity from making course corrections.
    Lets talk populism and pickles.

    • I would think Im preaching to the choir here. We have come across and produced on this site a lot of propaganda, at lest that is what the opposition would say about it. Propaganda is either of and for harm, or, of and for good. When you seek the truth, say of our history, it helps to possess facts rather than propaganda.
      Recently I have been reminded of a historical figure. Someone who in the American lexicon could have been as important as Nicola Tesla, and who pissed J.D Rockefeller off so badly he sent an army of assassins led by Flexner to do to her what Rockefeller did to Tesla. She may have been the original recipient of ” conspiracy theorist ” from her work in medicine. The Mass.State Legislature granted her a certificate to operate a medical college licensed to teach her form of medicine to practitioners. This was in direct contradiction to the Rockefeller and Flexner agenda. She was a pioneer in combating the forces of evil and had she not used the power of the constitution to exert her rights as an American we would have never known she ever existed and the discoveries she made in medicine would have passed us by. One of the first persons that went up against the Rockefeller men. Mary Baker Eddy.
      Much in the constitution is under attack. The discovery of MMS in health care by Mr. Humbel, I believe , also used the constitution to circumvent the FDA s heavyhanded attempts to squash his discovery. So Humbel turned a medicine into a church sacrament. Viola! Freedom from oppression and coercion to freedom of religion. Sometimes the constitutional protections work. Its worth protecting and saving from the assault its under today.

      • Hey, Alex, thanks for introducing us to that talk by Chet. Based on your recommendation, I listened to it and liked it a lot. I agree with you (and Sonia!) that this Open Thread — or any other Corbett comment section, for that matter — isn’t the place to discuss it further.

        Now that GBW and I have been corresponding by email about this subject and other fascinating finds we’ve made over the years, I welcome you to do the same. Simply click on and you’ll see on the home page how to reach me (CQ is the acronym of my website’s name). In a return email, I can attempt to explain what I think GBW meant when he wrote that she confronted Rockefeller and Flexner. Plus I’d be happy to hear your comments about the “wee presentation.” (There’s a Portuguese translation of the book she wrote, Science and Health; I can tell you how to find it online, if you’re interested.)

        Over ‘n’ out . . .

      • Alex.CQ and all readers, I m not going into the religious weeds here, sickly secular material and physical. The price to be paid can be exuberant if one little slip occurs. Some one I admired as an activist has a story and it is a doozy. Be prepared to get blowback when you poke the demon with a sharp stick. As Phil Snider and Bill Copper and Ted Gunderson did as while as the more thoroughly documented cases outlined in Corbetts recqueium for the suicided series. Early on Patrick Roddie did a lot of good for exposing bio and SRM experiments. Now its a different story. What do you think?

        And this may make no since at all to those outside America.
        How ever I have a feeling and really have left the reservation on this one . Tell me what you think.
        King Goerge III, and the lodge of administrators around him, bungled the potential gross wealth of a colony, unlike Spain, and lost the riches of the new world to snot nosed opportunist of a lower lodge. Galling as that was, the failure of the enforcers sent to repair order failed miserably and a new approach was planned.
        Now collectively before the bar on capitol offenses the American lodges were now forced to cooperation, all for one one for. And viola, a Constitution drawn up for mutual survival. These were ex-aristocrats and and farming gentry and expelled religious fanatics. All faced the gallows for their crimes against the Crown. Compromise without giving all the keys to the lock down mob, the rabble.

        • gbw, I well remember watching Roddie’s excellent geoengineering docs. Since then, unlike you, I haven’t followed his work, though I probably should have. Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable commenting on his current sad plight (except to say I hope he finds Samantha!). Parts of it remind me of TIs, but it’s hard to know.


          As for the second link you provided, gbw, yeah, I watched that video a couple nights ago. Very spooky.

          What’s especially concerning is that probably most (if not all?) of the other visitors who pass through the Independence Hall check points year after year after year have no clue that they are being propagandized into accepting their own enslavement. They have no reason to question what they’re being told by the “guides” and the films and plaques and slides and brochures, etc., because they’ve been “trained” by the authority figures in their lives to NOT QUESTION the “facts” presented to them by “experts.”

          I wish Melissa and Aaron had been able to surreptitiously hand out Truthstream Media business cards to their fellow visitors. I wonder how many of the recipients of the cards would’ve later checked out the TSM YouTube channel and peered into the rabbit hole — much less entered it, head first?

          A couple of years ago I listened to a podcast about these UNESCO World Heritage sites by an attorney who has spent a decade or more intensively studying the U.S. Constitution and the correspondence of its framers. I understood only vaguely her explanation of how chilling this effort to unite the world under one government actually is. Now, seeing one of these UNESCO sites “in action,” through the Dykes’ lens, I fully understand the awful implications. I’m thankful TSM has such a large (and constantly expanding) subscriber base, similar to The Corbett Report in size and impact.


          Thanks for steering us to these two videos, gbw.

          • CQ, thank you for your kind assessment and I couldn’t agree more on how the Dykes have maintained course. However you should know my proclivities toward Bacon English. I would prefer sharing over steering. In Oklahoma a steer is part of the herd that is forced by the Cow Poke, to lead the herd into a certain direction. By virtue of their leadership qualities the Cow Poke puts a couple of these steers into the steering position for possible control of the herd.
            Since it is again Saturday night on the prairie I must remind you, like our Texas compatriot has irritated in an earlier post on leadership. ‘” I don’t like being boss”‘ of any landed adventure. However I could consider being coxwained, if we were at sea, but Captained, out of the question unless dire circumstances should deem so. I so humbly request disassociating myself of steers or any steering on land.


            • Wow, it’s good something told me to use the word “steering” so I could learn from whence it cometh and what it really meaneth, gbw. From now on, “sharing” it shall be!

              What does that “Wanted” sign have to do with the price of bread, Mr. Bacon English? And who is that “Tim” guy? I plead ignorance.

            • I read your replies to me, & I’m impressed by your wisdom. You’re entirely correct that Jeffersonian & Lincolnism are polar opposites. Thomas Jefferson is the best of the founders while Alexander Hamilton is the absolute worst.
              I always HATE legalism, I strongly advocate & admire Confucianism & Anarchism, especially Mutualism and Individualist Anarchism. PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW! I feel very enlightened by you, GCW. Cheers!

            • GeneralBottleWasher says:
              … I would prefer sharing over steering. In Oklahoma a steer is part of the herd that is forced by the Cow Poke, to lead the herd into a certain direction. By virtue of their leadership qualities the Cow Poke puts a couple of these steers into the steering position for possible control of the herd.

              Since it is again Saturday night on the prairie I must remind you, like our Texas compatriot has irritated in an earlier post on leadership. ‘” I don’t like being boss”‘ of any landed adventure. However I could consider being coxswained, if we were at sea, but Captained, out of the question unless dire circumstances should deem so. I so humbly request disassociating myself of steers or any steering on land.

              “coxswain” defined – “the steersman of a ship’s boat”
              GBW, That is kind of poetic!

          • I’m curious, what’s UNESCO? and does the U.S. Constitution pave way for a one world government? I’m just curious and confused.
            I’m so glad I’m not a constitutionalist at all, it’s a dumb worldview. I already know that America is not the land of freedom at all, & it needs to break up into smaller countries. I’m hoping for Cascadia secession.

            • Robert I certainly don’t know squat from
              cum-sic-um. The constitution can be confusing, as confusing as the English language. But a theroy hinted at by Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, that American identity is dual in nature,gives us even more confusion. Can you serve two masters?
              From the thought I gave above indicates the motivations for return of stolen property lead to the most unethical practices found in the methods used to accomplish those motivations. Quigley pondering this, said his only grievance with the Anglo-American Establishment was the methods they used to achieve their agenda.
              Now to continue from above. When Britania ruled the waves and all colonies were exploited to the enrichment of the Crown, the Crown and the administrative lodges that ran the raquceteering enterprise, where in complete panic upon their enforcers inability to return order by force.
              When force failed, I can imagine the Royal cabal set upon a different course, economic in nature, that would take to task the smaller regional rivals, The Netherlands and France. After 1876 trade between the West Indies, no longer went through Britania to America. Now what to do?
              Outlaw slavery, the economic driving force for 7 out of 13 states. Divide and conquer.


              Of course you have to disguise it as something other.

            • Robert, the constitution can be a vehicle to One World Government, and the constitution was written by the people whose necks had a noose around them.
              It is far from a dumb world view. We have been under assault since 1812. The true followers of the Republic, as outlined in this lecture by David Livingston , were the Jeffersontonians. The lose of the purer virtues of the Constitution has occurred, as you say, they are comprised of the Crass Lincolnians.


              It is an old idea and battle for the minds of me. I have heard it characterized as Confucianism vs Legalism. Anarchism vs Statism.
              I see comparisons in the past, the treacherous works of the Monarchy to destroy the concept of individual freedom and sovereignty. The works of free and sovereign men to destroy the birth of a nation and the traitorous return to a colony. The agents of monarchy using trickery and out and out lies to use a free people to destroy rival monarchs and return the the enlightened to the dark ages. The birth of Barbaric robber barons perverted use of constitutiotal law to usurp a free and vibrant culture into a dysfunctional kaputz golog.
              From independence to civil war to Manifest Destiny to WW1 to WW2 to the present UNESCO perversions of a one time document to pardon the mob from tyrannical Monarchical abuse. Time will come again when mankind finds themselves on the gallows staircase and decide enough is enough.

            • Also Robert, to add to the confusion a rather smart Canadian living abroad gave an answer to a rather interesting question about the abuse of the right to vote. He says ” if you vote the right way its democracy and if you vote the wrong way its populism. That’s how UNESCO feels about your right to vote. They only recognize your vote if it is right, by them. You can find the vidio by typing QFC #043 in the search box at the top of the page above. Click the search box, Once there, you can also leave any question for Corbett for next time.

    • In response to your first comment, gbw: Maybe it’s time to update the popular tongue twister: “Peter Piper picked a peck of populist pickled peppers.”

      • CQ , Alex that is so funny I laughed so hard. Just for a minute I forgot what I just wrote, its been awaiting moderation since 1:00 am Tokyo time. I may have gone a bridge to far for populism.

      • Urgh. The Populism thing. I’ve always been a bit vague on whether it’s for me. Parts of it sound a bit appealing, yet here’s an article from back in March from Big Brother Corp themselves, wringing their hands trying to define it (while hinting it’s probably bad, don’t you just know)

        So it’s kinda like democracy… but different. Hmm. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. Hold on, though..

        The Guardian have cleared it all up. Today those ambassadors of everything truthful put up this enlightening research on their website.

        My quest to define which sort of representation represents me has at long last come to an end. Conspiracy Theorists? Populism? Count me out! I don’t want to be associated with no conspiracy-touting crazies!

        Thanks, BBC. Thanks The Guardian. You really make me proud to be British. Imagine anyone thinking 9/11 was a military intelligence operation. Bloody populists….

  6. – Environmentalism and Climate Change and “?” –
    (Some script below is plagiarized.)

    In Dallas, EarthX2019 will happen April 26, 27, 28.
    EarthX, the World’s Largest Environmental Experience

    Much of the mercury found in fish and water is the result of burning coal. There are still some coal burning Electric Power Plants in Texas.
    Around 2006, there was a strong push by the Texas coal industry to build more Power Plants.
    I remember passing out flyers and putting up posters warning about the environmental and health hazards of coal power.
    Trammel S. Crow
    The Texas based “Trammell Crow Company” (Real Estate Development Empire) was founded by Fred Trammel Crow.
    Fred Trammel’s son, Trammell S. Crow is the President of the Crow Family Foundation. (Sponsors an incredible Asian Art Collection)

    In 2006, Crow co-founded “Texas Business for Clean Air”, which organized to oppose plans to build 11 new coal-burning power plants in East Texas. They took the fight to the state Capitol and won.

    Defeating the coal plants left Crow with a new perspective on the planet’s surmounting environmental challenges. Polluted air, water, streams, and oceans, etc. Crow says, “That battle was eventually won, but it was won by business, not by protesting.”

    In 2011 he organized an outdoor event spanning five blocks in Dallas’ Arts District called “Earth Day Texas”, which has now morphed into EarthX.
    Crow’s original vision at the time:
    “…He would open Earth Day to whoever wanted to exhibit, regardless of political ideologies or corporate affiliations, just as long as they brought something to the event that demonstrated how they were contributing to the sustainability of the planet. That made for an odd mash-up of groups. At the first event, an organization combating deforestation had a booth next to a corporation that cut down a lot of trees to make its product. But rather than complain, Crow says, the group came up to him after the event and raved about how they finally had an opportunity to speak directly with the company and build a rapport….”

    EarthX is a nonprofit organization focused on environmental issues.
    The EarthX umbrella includes the exposition, film, education, and conferences.
    EXPO-Earthx2019 is touted as the world’s largest environmental experience.

    I encourage Corbett Members to explore some of the conferences, speakers and films being showcased, along with other aspects. …if ya know what I mean, and I think you do.

    In a comment below, I am going to add a list of some links.
    They help balance the picture somewhat.
    With Corbett on a brief hiatus, I am not sure if the comment will post.

    • LINKS
      Here is a list of links surrounding the EarthX event…

      EarthX Speakers – (live stream)
      EarthX “About” –

      Crow doesn’t look like your typical millionaire…
      2 ½ minute YouTube video EarthX – Trammel S. Crow talks

      D-Magazine article –
      About the “Trammel Crow Company” founder (Fred) –
      About Fred’s son, Trammel S. Crow –

      This nice lady (who is anti-fluoride and is for clean water) told me in October 2018 about the upcoming 2019 EarthX. She works with EarthX on gathering business participation.

      There is quite a large management team which puts this event together. gives a person some insight. When you insert the name mentioned in the link below into a web search plus “linkedin”, you will see other co-workers.

      I don’t travel in the same social circles as some of these folks do.

      • From the story in the above comment…
        Around 2006, Trammel Crow helped to stop the building of some coal power plants in Texas.

        Trammel S. Crow said “That battle was eventually won, but it was won by business, not by protesting.”

        I think that his statement doesn’t tell the full story.

        Sure, he and other rich and influential folks choked some influential politicians, and helped to bring about less toxic methods of power generation. And who knows who benefited by the change in course of power generation.

        But here is my point…
        Who brought about attention to dirty coal power in Texas?
        How did Crow find out about it?

        My contention is that people made their voices heard.
        Data and research were disseminated.

        This article gives a good example “The Landmark Monsanto Verdict May Not Have Been Possible Without Activism and Alternative Media”
        (also at “TheFreeThoughtProject”)

        So, okay… I will give Trammel credit…Influential ‘authoritarian’ people, especially with money and power, can influence things.
        But I contend that regular folk, (non-authoritarian), can also influence things. And in a big way.

    • Well, the list of links did not post. They are in the moderation queue.

      Back in October 2018, when the nice young lady working with EarthX and I spoke, my mind toyed with the possibility of setting up some type of Activism Booth for the 2019 April EarthX event.

      Many Corbett Members know that I am an activist with a ‘real, in-the-hole nonprofit’,
      “Dallas For Safer Water”, also known as is an effort to stop the forced water fluoridation by the City of Dallas. The City of Dallas provides fluoridated drinking water to many of the surrounding suburbs.

      Just didn’t have the time, nor money to put an EarthX gig together. Most of us activists are busy working just to stay afloat. Life gets busy. To do one thing, something else often gets neglected.

      I’m off work this coming Sunday. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of doing some “guerilla marketing” at EarthX.
      I like doing “guerrilla activism”.
      Doing it solo, or with others. It is invigorating.
      I have no problem with passing out flyers one-to-one, nor with posting signs or carrying signs.
      I enjoy it. It is fun.

      You know…a simple statement on a flyer such as: “Ask your Dallas City Council Members why they deliberately add an EPA classified, corrosive, hazardous, toxic industrial waste to your drinking water (which includes Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, radioactive particulates, Cadmium, P2O5, etc.) ….”

      Saturday at 10am, some of the candidates for Dallas Mayor will speak “about local environmental issues”. It would be so cool if someone put them on the hot seat.

      Unfortunately, as my situation looks now, I doubt I will make it down Sunday for a fun day of activism. I got too many things on my plate that need to be addressed yesterday.

      • Fun to watch! – Santa James Corbett one-on-one Activism

        On the recent “What’s Your Take on Assange? – Questions For Corbett #044”, John asks about face to face activism around the 13:37 mark.

        If you haven’t seen this, it is fun to watch Corbett in action…
        Santa Claus Brings 9/11 Truth to Japan
        (7 minutes)

        • Homey, I hope you can get done there on Sunday. I too lost a good size comment while being moderated. Eh! Being and activist does come without risks. When you keep poking the demon with a sharp stick you need considerably more than $300k to bouy the ship of statement. Here’s a person i admired in the beginning, Patrick Roadie. Now he is in a pickle.

          And Homey thanks for showing James in action. Innocent as it may seem Japan is not the place to cause social unrest, of any kind. A new found respect. Merry Christmas!

          • Thanks GBW,
            I feel for Patrick Roddie. It can be tough to start over. I know.

            I appreciate all the hard work he has done in the past.
            Activism is not without its attrition.

            I am glad that we have this comment board with The Corbett Report. There is something unifying about it. Like minded folks.

      • May 7, 2019 – ZeroHedge
        Activists utilize Drone Flyer Drop to warn about MainStreamMedia

        ZEROHEDGE “Stop The TV Whore Takeover”: Drone Drops Nazi Flyers On Sacramento State Bridge Dinner

        While I feel like the flyer message and design could use a good marketing editor, I like this type of out-of-the-box guerilla activism.

      • ACTIVISM – Online – May 2019 – Anecdote
        (Skip to the bottom paragraph to avoid my verbose writing.)

        I realize that it might be bad form to laugh at my own jokes, but…

        I am closing one of the Meetup Group Venues which I use. is a social media platform where folks can participate in local events or interests. More and more during the past few years, new Meetup Groups have formed to push a product or consultant services.
        So, there are marketing buttons of interest categories which I have noticed, such as IT & Computer Tech, Networking & ‘How to make Money’, etc.

        When one Meetup Group posts an upcoming event, often members of other Meetup Groups are shown the event, depending upon algorithms.

        I’ve already scheduled some “Events” like the OKC bombing and MLK Assassination with some creative “Headline Titles” for the event name.

        I’ve scheduled a variety of events promoting “How Big Oil Conquered the World”. Using that title works for the event name.

        However, I scheduled other events using a different event title for the same Corbett Film, “How Big Oil Conquered the World”.
        Here are a few…
        FREE Smart Stuff – Technology and Technocracy – Inside information
        Networking with the Rich – Big Oil, Big Pharma, Educational Elite, Foundations

        • Homey-Bob: Now that is thinking out of the box! Brilliant, needs to be replicated 1000× over. Great idea.

          All kinds of alternative views.

          ” Come rub elbows with the Elites of industry, find out their secrets of success!”

  7. – NEWS –

    A New Middle East Mega-War Is Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes
    By Yossef Bodansky – Apr 24, 2019, 5:00 PM CDT

    This is a long read. As one goes along, it picks up speed. There may be some opinion perspectives mixed in. Normally, I like to include “excerpts” of the article, but that won’t work here.

    – Syria, Iraq, and Iran –
    Some interesting lines…
    “…A new bottom-up, decentralized reality is emerging on its own…”
    “…There is a rush to implement the resolutions of the March 18, 2019, summit in Damascus of the military leaders of Iran, Iraq, and Syria to better coordinate region-wide military undertakings… …The most important element of the agreement was the effective integration of the air defense systems of both countries in order “to fend off the challenges facing their respective air spaces”.”

    “…On April 14, 2019, Syria, Iran, and Iraq held the first high-level trilateral meeting “on the connection of their railway systems into one”… …this unified system of transportation would constitute “a single large security and economic whole” which would guarantee “the existence and development of the Axis of Resistance” in the Middle East.”

    “…Thus, unless Russia and the PRC succeed in restraining and containing the new bloc, especially Iran, an eruption of violence is all but inevitable. This might happen by design, by misunderstanding, or by accident. Any such conflagration with regional ramifications will escalate to a war with Israel, for Israel will surely resist by determined force a collapse of the regional order to its detriment.”

  8. Julian Assange: Death Penalty? Cassandra Fairbanks and Stefan Molyneux
    Guardian leaked mostly unredacted papers of Manning, not Wikileaks.
    The Pentagon made a fuzz about data that was not released at all.

    Interesting how these trials are completely bogus,
    if you did not know yet.

    Jimmy Dore: “The Whole F’n Country Is A Conspiracy Theorist”

  9. J-C-B, this is the message I got when I clicked on the link you supplied: “We are experiencing technical difficulties that are preventing us from playing the video at this time. Please check back again soon.”


    I don’t suppose you downloaded it?

    Has anyone ever heard of PBS videos being temporarily unavailable?

    I clicked on a few other videos featured on the home page; they all worked fine.

  10. Hi James and fellow Corbett Report followers.
    Hoping that you are having a wonderful and well earned break James.
    On the last questions for Corbett before you left, you mentioned that Julian Assange had implied that folks who didnt believe the Official 9/11 Narrative were looneys or conspiracy nuts. Which would place Julian in the Chomsky Gatekeeper realm. I have been searching for anywhere that shows Julian writing or saying that. But I have had no luck. Has anyone got any evidence of Julian ridiculing 9/11 truth seekers? Love to see it and thank you all in advance.

    • Julian Assange – 9/11 – Summer of 2010
      Adrian, Good follow-up.

      As you mentioned… What’s Your Take on Assange? – Questions For Corbett #044 at the 16:10 mark, Corbett Member Mary asks about Julian Assange.

      Around July 2010, there was quite a stir about Julian Assange.

      July 29, 2010
      Corbett Report – 40th episode of New World Next Week – Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ?
      (10 minutes – Well worth watching to gain an overview understanding of Assange)
      Note: In the video, you will see 9/11 article type images.

    • 911blogger – Julian Assange and 9/11 – July 2010

      On July 19, 2010, when discussing “conspiracy theories” Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell asks Julian Assange: “What about 9/11?”.

      Assange replies:
      “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

      Some context of the era can be gained by reading the comments.

    • We have arrived at another Saturday night. The steers are through steering and the Cow Poke rests quietly on his saddle under a solitary Osage Orange tree. Somewhere above in the canopy a whiperwill sings a lonesome tune out over the heads of the bedded down steers. The Cow Pokes mind wonders to distant places times past and smiles at a memory. Like the milky way stretching across the heavens the Cow Pokes sparkle with delight at the memory of Deluxe and My Game. It takes them back to a time long ago. When being seventeen the electricity ran as wild as lightening from the dynamos of Niagra. The sky was the limit and Hollywood was where dreams came true! Come on! it is Saturday night and we are alive. Remember!!!

      • I like Leon Russell.
        Tulsa has often brought in a lot of old school bands.

        On a wild hair one summer, back around the mid-1990’s, I grabbed my wife and said, “Let’s do a road trip from Texas to Tulsa in my Cube Van. We’ll sell sunglasses at the outdoor ‘Three Dog Night’ concert.”

        Under a big shade tree, I set up about 10 banquet tables, lined with different styles of sunglasses. We sat in our lawn chairs and that evening listened to the concert.
        Didn’t make but about $100 profit or less. I could had stayed in Texas and made 3 or 4 times as much at some of my routine street corners. But, I well remember that pleasant summer evening as the music filled the air.

        In 1986, while my wife and I were dating, she met me at Tulsa’s historic Camelot Parkside Hotel, where I was doing a big women’s fashion sale in one of their ballrooms.
        Fond memories of Tulsa.

  11. April 22, 2019
    EU Database on everyone in Europe
    The Common Identity Repository (CIR) and is set to unify records on over 350 million people.

    Per its design, CIR will aggregate both identity records (names, dates of birth, passport numbers, and other identification details) and biometrics (fingerprints and facial scans), and make its data available to all border and law enforcement authorities…

    Thanks to Corbett Member “Camille” for posting this…

  12. Thank you for sharing this, herrqlys. Selected articles from Engdahl’s website appear on, but I hadn’t seen this one yet, if it’s there.

  13. A further thought:

    Based on the fact that Engdahl is writing about “Washington Not Happy About New China Focus on Central America,” it occurred to me to copy (here) a post I just wrote in James’ Patrick Wood interview (#1433) comment section, where it awaits moderation, probably because of the three hyperlinks.


    What a study in contrasts. Both of these appeared yesterday in my inbox — the first (with two links) from Technocracy News, the second from Global Research:

    Podcast by Patrick Wood:

    . . . and accompanying article by Tyler Durden:


    Article by Andre Vltchek:

    • CQ. Could the China displeasure be like Homey says below about Chilpotes being shorted? Let me explain this . The American people are being shorted into a conflict with a power large enough force to compete. Wall Street has their chips on China and have found a convenient way to rid themselves of the Republic for which only the mass of the population supports. WS profits all along the way. First shorting the economy today, Second by revving up a War economy and the MIComplex. Third the transfer of resources once peace has been established and a new supply chain is put into place bankrupting all the previously established owners. Diabolical Corporate deep state “Big Short” for the NWO.
      Thanks to Homey for pointing out no good deed goes unpunished in a rigged system. Also how difficult it is to know who the enemy really is.

      • Also thanks to Zyxzevn for those informative talks. Purloff pours it on. War or no war ? No war we give up all freedom for promise of no War. War, we fight for fake freedom and give up freedom doing so. Who is the enemy here?

      • Your analogy between the two Chi’s — Chipotle and China — works for me, GBW. It would probably make sense to Antony Sutton and Patrick Wood as well.

        Both the “diabolical” (to use your word) Chipotle Big Short that Homey described and the equally diabolical global banksters and Western corporations’ Big Short, in which Wall Street has put its chips on China for purposes of sinking the U.S. economy, bring to mind short-seller extraordinaire Nathan Rothschild pretending that Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo. This he did to con his fellow British investors into dumping their government bonds so that he could snap them up at bargain basement prices.

        No matter who’s doing the deceiving, fooling, fleecing, shearing, pulling the wool over, it’s all the same Big Sham to me: the black wolf dresses in white to gut the innocent sheep.

  14. herrqlys
    Pretty much anyone who amounted to anything back then came from a tiny bunch of families who ran things…. kinda like a village of the ruling class where they all have the same culture even if the disagree on some point of politics.
    I remember how much of a bubble burster it was to find out that FDR was a creep and Churchill was a narcissistic drunk who almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with his desire to flood germany with gas for no particulate reason….. then you find out Washington was kinda an adulterous ass who bought slaves teeth and then you find out Ben franklin was a full on Hellfire club party goer and potential illuminist…..
    I guess everyone mortal has feet of clay…. the secret is to take the good and leave the bad behind, just like yuo should with family you find are kinda not nice people but who DID do some nice things for you or teach you something cool

  15. Fear is good… we SHOULD feel fear about doing dumb stuff with the gene pool, and disgust at the revolting perverts (in the ACTUAL sense of being twisted) who think they can do a better job then God or a billion years of evolution, depending on your POV

  16. Yeah, I find that extremely horrifying, since I’m autistic.
    Have you thought of telling Jamea Corbett about Bolsonaro & that he should do a #propagandawatch video on that Bolsonaro video game on Steam. although I love video games, but a Pro-Bolsonaro video game is something that I’d rather BOYCOTT like the plague.

  17. That’s great info regarding that despicable Donald Trump, the Orange Hitler Lizard King who’s very anti-life, as in actually supporting both abortion and the death penalty + even promotes nazi-style eugenics in his speeches. here’s video proof

  18. Satan is not mentioned on this site even nearly as often as it should be.

    Hail Satan? A New Documentary Depicts Devil Worshipers as Unlikely Defenders of the First Amendment

    I was unaware of this religious movement in US, it’s certainly interesting to see these links between libertarianism and satanism. Am I a Satanist? I don’t think so, but a good point nonetheless.

    Recently I may have made some comments on various boards about Satanism in general, where I may have thought Satanists are inherently bad by definition. Which is stupid, of course. So I’ll revise my world view to include those who believe in “God” and “Satan” (both being somewhere in the middle) but also those who are ardent admirers of these entities. Zealots, if you will, and I’ll direct my future scorn in their general direction.

    • Mkey
      “….I was unaware of this religious movement in US, it’s certainly interesting to see these links between libertarianism and satanism. Am I a Satanist? I don’t think so, but a good point nonetheless….”
      Satanism in the USA is mostly a creation of the intelligence services…. the Rockerfellers pushed ecumenicism and the Lucis (lucifer) Trust sits on the UN council of Churches AND is alledged to have had a hand in funding the “Occupy” movement.
      interestingly the “wickedest man in the world” Alistair Crowley was ALSO an agent of government and used his links to secret socities to for cross national barriers and gather info and the OTO he was head of was is STILL AROUND and actively recruiting the rich and famous. (easy to search for “Ordo templis orinatalis” Spelling..?)
      “…I may have thought Satanists are inherently bad by definition….”
      They absolutely ARE… a satanist is either a)a person who worships the evil of the christian devil or b) a person who thinks that their religion is “for the 1% who are strong enough to take power
      I have no doubt that the people running things do a push pull with such things as “the Family” on the ‘christian’ side and will one day do the same with the satanist side.

  19. Long-time subscriber and first-time poster (from memory)

    I’ll keep this brief.

    Over the Easter week there has been a big climate protest going on in London. They’re calling for a climate emergency to be declared because they believe that there is a finite amount of time that we have to save the planet (12 years??).

    Unsurprising from the brainwashed hardcore enviro-mentalists.

    Now Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party is jumping on the band wagon, as he usually does. The Labour Party is going to try and force the UK parliament to vote on declaring a ‘national environmental and climate change emergency’.

    Now this may only be to put the Gov. under pressure to account for and release funds. However, it still got my attention.

    Calling a state of emergency is a classic approach a Gov. or dictator takes to get more power to remove people’s rights and impose restrictions. Another step towards the tyrannical technocracy of the future.

  20. US v Kristian Comella the Constitutional conundrum of the body posed by new technologies in Stem cell harvesting and DNA research ! Do you own your body or is it the property of the State ? Further complicating issue and dividing Stem Cell Utilization supporters is Right to life question ! If abortion is a cellular procedure and we get right to harvest our own cells at what point is it murder to harvest them ? Amazing where a spouce with cancer can take you and the questions that we face !

  21. Ditto-thanks for all your efforts! I have a red phone hotline to the Illuminati, and I will ask them to hold off on WWIII until you and the fam are back from the vacay.

  22. If you can find the time. Alan Watt, of
    Had a great deal to say Sunday 28th of April. You probably heard it all elsewhere but he puts it all in a nice package here. Its long but worth the listen. It will consolidate and confirm what you know already with historical referance.

  23. Aw, heck, Qno, give me info on where you are, your social security number, one credit card number and your driver’s license and I will find a wonderful place for you to go. Oh, just kidding about the SSN, credit card, etc. But if you give me your state, I can find something, and I’d love to do it. It might help if I knew if you liked mountains vs. beaches, and extra cheap or moderate cost, if you don’t want to fly, how far from home do you want to be, (how do you feel about hostels?) and that would help a lot. Otherwise I’ll just speculate, like if you live NE I’d assume a beach location might be really nice with the winter just ending. If you don’t want to give me all that info, I understand because I’m sort of a privacy freak. My kids don’t get it at all…Take my offer or leave it, it won’t hurt my feelers.

  24. If you have read James Corbett’s 3/31/2019 article Japan’s Emperor is Abdicating. Here’s What It Means, then you are aware that some Japanese calendar events are taking place and also that most of the nation is on holidays.

    April 29, 2019 NEWS – The Telegraph
    Man arrested after knives found at school desk of only male heir to Japanese imperial throne
    GRAPHIC at article

    Japanese police on Monday arrested a 56-year-old man in connection with two paring knives found at the school desk of Prince Hisahito, grandson of Emperor Akihito, local media reported.

    The incident comes as authorities were beefing up security ahead of the popular emperor’s abdication on Tuesday after a 30-year reign, the first monarch to relinquish the throne of the world’s oldest imperial family for two centuries.

    Akihito’s eldest son, 59-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito, will take the throne on Wednesday in a series of ceremonies.

    Hisahito is the son of Naruhito’s younger brother and the last eligible male heir….

  25. I don’t know how many here have actually seen and studied the Christchurch mosque shootings video carefully?

    If you do, and know what to look for, it will quickly become clear that this was no lone gunman attack.

    Tarrant had accomplices that day.
    In all likelihood it was a black-op.

    Also his gallivanting around the world in the years leading up to the attacks, to places such as North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Turkey and Israel is worthy of study.

    In particular, his two visits to Turkey in 2016, both of which triggered terror alerts from the German Embassy in Istanbul.

    On one visit, the day after he arrived there was a terrorist attack (bomb) a couple of blocks away from the German Embassy and his hotel, killing five and injuring 36 people.

    • I agree it there are threads of coincidence etc.

      The question is what was the larger plan, who benefits the most from the Christchurch mosque shootings?

      Was it a catalyst for placing more restrictions on the internet?

      I know of at least one site who has removed their comments section on the day/day after of the attack.

      It also gives gov. sponsored ‘Social media’ platforms a reason for silencing critics, counter cultures and wrong think. We have seen with Facebook this week.

      And all around the time candidates are coming forward as candidates for America’s presidential selection.

      • Matt my area of expertise is in forensic analysis of evidence and not hypotheses for motives.

        The motive you have suggested seems quite valid to me though.
        Internet restriction.

        We might also add anti-gun legislation.
        It’s quite remarkable how quickly that legislation was written and passed in New Zealand (one day).

        And of course, perpetuating the war on terror.

        I agree it there are threads of coincidence etc.

        The threads of coincidence might pertain to Tarrant’s travels in the years leading up to the attacks, although when you start to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it becomes more and more difficult to believe they were simply coincidences.

        Red flags should have been ‘a blazing’ when Tarrant tried to (and did) enter Israel just days after the Istanbul terrorist attack (that killed Israelis) and then New Zealand, and his movement should have been followed closely by N.Z. authorities given his travel history.

        As far as what is revealed in the video that was streamed by Tarrant is concerned, there are no coincidences there.
        Just hard evidence of a conspiracy.
        At least three accomplices/handlers can be seen in the video.

        That may be at least one of the reasons the video was immediately banned in N.Z.

        • *Correction…

          *Red flags should have been ‘a blazing’ when Tarrant tried to (and did) enter Israel just days after the Istanbul terrorist attack (that killed Israelis)…

          Tarrant visited Turkey twice in 2016.
          It was after his second visit (that lasted for 43 days)
          that he went directly to Israel (Oct 25, 2016).
          A terrorist alert had been given the second time he visited Turkey too.

          This would have given Israeli authorities more than six months
          to figure out what Tarrant had been up to.

          Other countries Tarrant visited in late 2016 included
          Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia
          and then later in 2018, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

          • Matt and Fawlty , these are the topics that should be part of the election cycle coming up because it will matter here. Voting harder should matter here but the Mancherian Candidates all but have to hear the trigger word . its a “coincidence”. Z-man has posted a nice talk, a little down the page, by James Perloff and makes fun of the trigger word that is to turn people away from inquiry, turn them off and I suppose put whoever has an inquiring mind, back to sleep. You two have brought an event that has been unheard of around here to our attention, unless you count the 15 seconds it got on primetime news the day after it occurred. Thanks

  26. Hey James. At a presentation supporting Catastrophic Global Warming/Climate Change, I told a large group of non-deniers that I was skeptical of the claims the Physics Professor was making. In support of my position I offered “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” as a reference. I could see that the prof and most of the class copied down the reference. I believe they were all on their way home to watch the documentary to try to prove me wrong. Imagine their surprise when they see your excellent work. They’ll be scratching their heads. Maybe even a few light bulbs will go on. It was genius to put “Big Oil” in the title of these films.

    Enjoy your vacation James.

    • Way to go raddysh!

      Just the other day on an email to a health minded group, I pulled up a “sideways view link” of “How Big Oil Conquered the World” by relating it to the medical and educational influence.
      I used this link…

      …In his usual style, Corbett manages to squeeze in an incredible amount of information in as compact a timeframe as is humanly possible, and I highly recommend taking the time to watch the video in full. What I’ve included here is but a summary overview of the many details he brings forth in this fascinating report….

  27. I want to mention this guy, Jason Burack of “WallStForMainSt”.

    He’s real.

    You will know what I mean by “real” when you listen to him.
    His aplomb follows his competence and research capabilities.

    I realize not everyone is interested in “investing”.
    I am not hardcore on investing, but I have an interest in businesses and what is going on with Wall Street and the markets. After all, this is a big part of the geo-political landscape and our everyday lives.

    Today, while working, my ear picked up this tidbit about Chipotle from Jason Burack on his interactive Q&A YouTube podcast “WallStforMainSt”.
    QUEUED (1 or 2 minutes)

    Chipotle tries to use non-GMO ingredients. This non-GMO thing was even mentioned on a Corbett Report New World Next Week – Climate Catholics, Martial Law PSA, 3D Breakthroughs.
    I eat there at Chipotle sometimes.

    More than two years ago, I remember suddenly seeing all these news articles (repeatedly) about different Chipotle establishments in different cities having food poisoning issues. It was weird. It was like the media was attacking Chipotle. I watched their stock price go down dramatically.
    I thought to myself… “Man! This has got to be corporate espionage. And those who are shorting the stock are gonna make some big money.”

    • Under war and deception:
      MSM Ignores The Israeli Attack That Truly Kicked Off This Recent Escalation In Gaza
      Right after the re-election the bombing starts again.

      From another occasion (can’t find source). Witness living in area stated that unknown people with rockets just appear in the street, shoot them towards Israel, and then leave again. Soon after the area is bombed.
      These people are supposed to be Hamas, but could also be Isreal’s agents. Or has Hamas become a play-tool like Isis.

    • The Wars Of Today And Tomorrow

      (oil, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia)
      Are These The Final Days Of Peace?

      (“we want their oil”)
      Leaked Docs Reveal The US Has Planned A Violent Coup In Venezuela Since At Least 2018

      (cold war+ cyber war)
      Chinese Hackers Copy NSA Hacking Software, Use It To Attack US Allies

      (cold war)

      (active, Israel, water)
      The Disproportionate Attacks Of Israel On Gaza Often Stem From Israeli Attacks To Begin With

      (active, US,Israel,Isis, oil)
      Active Bombing by Israel
      US seems less active.
      Isis moved to other locations by US.

      Censorship war against democracy
      In: UK / France / EU / US / Israel / Saudi Arabia
      Independent journalism, anti-war groups, Assange / Wikileaks,
      Yellow Vest Protests, criticism against Isreal & Saudi Arabia

    • This Climate Change video is a sweet find!
      The way Dr. Michaels explained the computer models was superb.

      He was very graceful with his choice of words.
      Instead of using the words “lie” or “cheat” or “deliberately deceive”, he uses “parameterizing” and “fudging”.

      I used this video today on another venue.
      Thanks, mkey.

      • Thank youtube suggestions. At first I thought it was a gag video. Go figure.

    • Mkey, I can’t hardly wait to see what her anti-floridation activism is . Things are coming into focus for folk like never before. I say never before but 49 years is forever and never for some. Thanks for introducing this lovely being and ray of light.

      • For a conspiracy theory nutter, she is indeed very lovely.

    • I agree. Melissa Gallico is very attractive.
      (Being an old codger, I prefer the Grandma type.)

      Evidently, (and I am guessing), she might be working on a project which shows how corporate interests affect the science and policy on fluoridation.

      Melissa is trying to pull together some sort of Production Studio.
      I think she plans to put out a video. She recently mentioned some declassified documents for the Premier Episode.

      I got too many irons in the fire to involve myself with all the powwow. Plus, I am too “old school” and not in tune with that generation and the group’s social circles. I’ve learned (finally) that if the shoes don’t fit, then don’t wear them.

  28. Problem is, it is not true…

    Just another no-planer putting out another video.

    Seen it all before, umpteen times.

    You want “serious implications for the whole foundation…”?

    Check out the demolition of the three towers.
    The best physical evidence that exists that blows the official story (and foundation) apart. Pardon the pun.

  29. To me it just shows the negative implications of lossy data compression. It can be out friend. Without it the Corbett Report would probably never existed. However it has a negative side. Especially when people don’t understand it.

    • Are you referring to the disappearing wing or inexistent plane?

      • Oh the plane exists alright (not Flt. 175), it’s just that the video maker has chosen to cherry pick a few poor quality videos where you can’t make it out.

        There exists dozens of videos where the plane can be seen approaching WTC2.

        Ace Baker made the same mistake when he went on Hardfire to debate the non-plane theory with Steve Wright.

        He showed a second or third generation Chopper 5 video where the plane can’t be seen, and declared “There’s no plane in the wide shot!”
        whereas the first generation video clearly shows the plane approaching.

        • I even saw a video claiming that the towers were attacked by a UFO!

          Also weird theory: Direct energy weapons.
          And: mini-nukes in basement.

          The funny thing is that the evidence for all these things contradict with each other.

          The termite theory can fully be supported by science and evidence:

          Termite has 2 times as much energy as TNT per volume.
          And there has been enough time for the agents to plant the stuff during the half year.

          The planes were likely remote controlled, and switched during the radar black out. But the 3 planes were powerful enough to bring down the 4 targets: 3 towers, and the Pentagon money department. The fires in the towers were also under control just before demolition (smoke changes). So they had to add some extra stuff which was planted in the steel core of the building beforehand. And they needed to destroy all administration and evidence (and witnesses).

          • The termite theory can fully be supported by science and evidence:

            Termite has 2 times as much energy as TNT per volume.
            And there has been enough time for the agents to plant the stuff during the half year.

            Sure thermite did play a role in the demolition of the towers.
            No question about that.
            It just wasn’t the primary agent of destruction.

            For one thing, thermite can’t form the pyroclastic dust clouds that we saw on 9/11.

            Just another for now… it can’t hurl multi-ton steel assemblies at 70 m.p.h. laterally and have them fly over 500 feet away.

        • Do you have an example of this first generation video?

          Does that include the video in which the background building is in front of the plane?

          • Do you have an example of this first generation video?

            Google the following video by Fox 5 News…
            NY Good Day : FOX5NEWS : September 11, 2001

            It has the original Chopper 5 video feed.
            Locate 15:08 on the video and watch carefully until

            Keep your eye just to the right of the white cloud
            and you will see the plane just before it enters the cloud, and then continues in the cloud. You see it moving for around 5 seconds before the first zoom in takes place.

            When I said “the first generation video clearly shows the plane approaching”, I meant that you could clearly make out a plane approaching, not that you could see the plane clearly.
            But it’s there for all to see.

            There’s another good video on the net that shows the plane from the same angle a little further away in New Jersey. It is in an hour plus amateur video and shows the plane approaching from even further away and staying in view for more than ten seconds.

            Does that include the video in which the background building is in front of the plane?

            That’s another video. It first shows the nose of the plane ‘disappearing’ in the smoke, then part of the rear tail section ‘disappearing’ in the smoke, then the left wing ‘disappearing’ in the smaller building and then in the north tower, before the plane finally hits the tower.

            • There’s another good video on the net that shows the plane from the same angle a little further away in New Jersey…

              Search for ‘Tuesday Morning in September’ in Youtube and it should come up as the first hit.

              The full name is 9-11 ‘Tuesday Morning in September’ *Adults Only* The Most Complete, Real-time, WTC Attack Chronicle. It was shot by James Kosior in his New Jersey apartment.

              The view is very similar to the Chopper 5 view.

              Watch carefully at 13:08.

              At the far right edge of the video the plane emerges from the bottom portion of the cloud (darker, v-shaped) and then re-enters the cloud.

              At 13:09 it re-emerges from the cloud (approx. center of cloud formation, below it).
              From that point it’s visible until impact.

          • whereas the first two dustified while falling – highly unusual and unexplained thus far without a radical DEW type explanation (?).

            Yes, in this case the DEW weapons were directed nuclear weapons located in the sub-basement.

            The planes involvement are of little consequence, but the plane element of the story provides convenient misdirection…

            Actually the planes played a huge role on 9/11. They allowed the supposed ‘terrorists’ to use them as bombs. It was crucial that they scored direct hits into WTC1 and WTC2. Anything less than direct hits would have exposed the plane substitutions that were made.

            The planes strikes into the towers allowed the perps to sell the conspiracy story that jet fuel and the plane damage brought down the towers.

            None of the MSM and few first responders bothered to ask the obvious question “Where did all the bodies and contents of the towers go if they simply fell to the ground?”

            And as you said, it provided the basis for the paranoid airport and overall security/police state measures that are still being implemented to this day around the world.

            (Of course, I’ve never thought there were planes involved with the Penta and the Pennsylvania ‘crash’).

            Almost all 9/11 truthers agree on this. So almost all are semi-no-planers. 🙂

            I also question how one confirms which ‘generation’ video they are being shown…

            Well almost all the Youtube Chopper 5 videos are second or third generation copies or more.
            Even if they are first generation copies, the Youtube compression
            makes it impossible to see the plane approaching from the right.

            I have given the link to the original just below.

          • SubArcticHoarder says: “I also question how one confirms which ‘generation’ video they are being shown…”

            Here is one archive, but I’ll bet there are others.

            Back around 2008 or so, I remember seeing one website which had a great collection of the original footage.

            Some of the early documentaries (2005-2008) probably had original footage.

            A lot was going on in those early years around the summer of 2006. The “Google Searches” for “9/11” reached a high peak that summer.

            The website 911blogger has an abundance of entries which gives a timeline insight of what was occurring.

            James Corbett kept in tune with 911blogger during that era. His NIST video (summer of 2008) was a hit. Funny…skyscrapers falling due to office fires.
            NIST had a live video presentation about their findings regarding Building 7 that summer of 2008. Their presentation was a sad joke. Corbett made a video following that presentation, which mocked their “findings”.

          • By the way, on that morning of September 11th, I had just got my coffee and turned on the TV.

            The TV was showing the North Tower smoking and I watched the 2nd plane crash into the South Tower.

    • Classy stuff. Oh, will you think of the children… no, don’t think of the 500.000 Iraqy children we murdered with sanctions. Think of this middle class kid who’s up for a week of bed&comics therapy.

    • I just watched the video, it really can’t get any more obvious than this. I’ll be sure to add this to the arsenal. It probably won’t help me make any points, but it will sure help rub it in.

  30. An interesting global trend which should shake things up…

    May 5, 2019 –
    Middle East Oil Giants Are About To Upend Oil Trading (…and other countries/commodities are likely to follow this trend.)

    NOC – A national oil company (NOC) is an oil and gas company fully or in the majority owned by a national government. According to the World Bank, NOCs accounted for 75% global oil production and controlled 90% of proven oil reserves in 2010.

    “IOC” Definition: “IOC” is the acronym of International Oil Company and nominates the Oil & Gas companies which are privately owned and operate globally. Comment: The most well-known “IOCs” are ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, , BP, Shell, Total, ConocoPhillips.

    MENA is an English-language acronym referring to the Middle East and North Africa region. … According to the Oil and Gas Journal (January 1, 2009), the MENA region has 60% of the world’s oil reserves (810.98 billion barrels (128.936 km3)) …

  31. I couldn’t help but grin when I read this…

    Bloomberg – May 5, 2019
    Who to Sue When a Robot Loses Your Fortune

    (A Hong Kong Tycoon)is going after the salesman who persuaded him to entrust a chunk of his fortune to the supercomputer whose trades cost him more than $20 million…

    …It’s the first-known instance of humans going to court over investment losses triggered by autonomous machines and throws the spotlight on the “black box” problem: If people don’t know how the computer is making decisions, who’s responsible when things go wrong?…

    …Costa (“Captain Magic”) described a robot hedge fund his company London-based Tyndaris Investments would soon offer to manage money entirely using AI, or artificial intelligence

    Developed by Austria-based AI company, the supercomputer named K1 would comb through online sources like real-time news and social media to gauge investor sentiment and make predictions on U.S. stock futures. It would then send instructions to a broker to execute trades, adjusting its strategy over time based on what it had learned.

    The legal battle is a sign of what’s to come as AI is incorporated into all facets of life….

    • Homey, a big ? !

      You know on page 470 of disclosures that it say plainly. Seller has no liability and buyer assumes all responsibility.

    • This is small potatos compared to ensuing fallout of driverless cars crashing driverlessly. Premiums will soar more probable than not.

  32. Thanks Richard!

  33. Breaking with (your) reality..

    Extraordinary: The Seeding. Interview with the Creators. [Richard Dolan]
    The latest documentary on the ET abduction phenomenon, Extraordinary: The Seeding features experiencers and researchers in an exploration of missing embryos, hybridization, trauma, and more. Richard Dolan interviews the creators of the film, Jon Sumple and Jack Roth.

    One step further:
    Linda Moulton Howe – strange harvest
    Emmy Award-winning hour documentary about the worldwide animal mutilation mystery that has haunted ranchers and law enforcement since the 1950’s. TV producer Linda Moulton Howe follows the eyewitness testimonies and the facts where they lead, linking the unusual animal deaths to a non-human intelligence and technology.

    There is likely one other level of conspiracy,
    that we can not even grasp.

    • Are we being softened up for something?

      The Space Army

      To defend our planet from meteors with missiles or something similar.
      Are you ready to pay 10 trillion for our space weapons?
      Then we need more fear.

      The alien stuff has been around since the dawn of time.
      I think a lot is related to spirits /astral travel.

      Aliens do not get funding of any real value, so far we know.
      I think it is currently used to lower the resistance
      for the need for space weapons.

      All news is targeted at certain groups of the audience. They can
      identify these groups on facebook. These stories are to create a
      support from all the big groups.

  34. Propaganda results: ‘Democracy’ (sarcasm) in action…

    REUTERS May 7, 2019 (4 minute read)
    77% of Americans say kids should get measles shot even if parents object: Reuters Poll

    …But the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed U.S. adults by a wide majority share the scientific consensus that the highly contagious and sometimes deadly disease is dangerous, while vaccines are safe.

    Eighty-five percent of the 2,008 adults polled April 30 through May 2 said that all children should be required to get vaccinated unless there was a medical reason not to, such as an allergy or compromised immune system. Some 77 percent said children should be immunized even if their parents object to the vaccinations…

    …Lawmakers in a half-dozen states are mulling new measures that would prohibit parents from citing religious or personal beliefs to avoid vaccinating their children….

    • REUTERS May 7, 2019 (5 minute read)

      Autism in the workplace: A spectrum of hiring choices


      …With an estimated global population of 70 million on the autism spectrum – 80 percent of whom are unemployed or severely underemployed – the neurodiverse community is a huge pool to tap…

      …In aggregate, programs for autistic workers are helping about 200 people a year, while thousands more graduate high school and head “straight to their couches,” said Tara Cunningham, chief executive of Specialisterne USA, a nonprofit organization that helped launch the Autism @ Work network with Microsoft, EY, JPMorgan Chase and SAP. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands more graduate and never enter the workforce…

      …Once candidates are hired, there is help at the office, too. For example, a federal program pays for a job coach for three months to help individuals adjust to the workplace, West-Evans said.

      Workplace accommodations can be tricky to identify. Specialisterne does walk-throughs in offices to assess for smells and fluorescent lighting.

      “They destroy autistic people,” Cunningham said. “You get LEDs, you ask someone to stop wearing perfume, and you make everyone better.”….

  35. I know nothing of the channel, but this video is interesting. At 4:09 we learn where Big Data comes in.

    China’s billion-dollar shopping obsession

    • That’s interesting marketing. Live Stream shopping.
      Face to face.
      Without using the “spying tech/data collection”, I can see that as a clever marketing tool, or potential business start-up idea for an individual.

      Richard Grove has had some recent videos about business, marketing, and making money while maintaining integrity.

      Camille, Just so you know…You are mentioned above.

      Fake Food
      On the “Fake Food” link, I posted some recent Wall Street articles. The Fake Food industry is getting a lot of hype in the media, along with investor monies. Almost daily now, I see some kind of headline.

      • HomeRemedySupply, thank you for continuing to get the word out and for the articles you linked to! I am in the middle of putting together a new presentation on this food takeover that I’ll be giving locally next month. It is happening so fast, this Frankenfood spread. I’m often at my local co-op causing trouble, talking about these products they’re selling, and I got business cards made with my youtube logo and channel name so I could direct people to the information a little easier. It still makes me shake my head to think how our whole foods based co-op (once upon a time anyway) sells the same fake garbage you can buy at Taco Bell…

        The China side of things is huge. I’m looking at articles from months ago talking about these products launching in the Chinese market, how fast the market there shifts to new trends, and of the 400 million Chinese millennials that are said to be primed for these new “foods”.

  36. alex b, Thanks.
    The climate change folks…they been living in a ‘virtual computer world’ too long. Their “solutions” are so insane, I gotta laugh.

    …except the compost idea. That is something beneficial anyone can do anywhere. Not for climate change, but as a good steward of the plot of land near them. They can start with my yard and garden.

    • Calibrator: they are insane I must agree. Many also say that too , with a straight face. Im convinced its a direct byproduct of the over saturation in the narrative of this false reality that is built on so many lies. All the topics we explore here are made of the most toxic of lies.
      You can trace it in most cases to a root lie. You now what has been said of lies and living, the bigger the more sellible.

      • Calibator, I just love the predictive text, I must learn to edit at the right time. It seems to find a way to fuddle the message just enough to take the bit out.

        What I wanted to add is the impact on moral of the military in dealing with death with honor. That is something they must counter. They do counter it so long as only ones and twos get sacraficed. Easy to sell that lie and ferment hate so long as it is manageable. Im a recruiters worst nightmare and do it with only the TRUTH.

  37. On the censorship front:

    The Poynter Institute, which calls itself a global leader in journalism, posted a list of 515 “unreliable” news websites on April 30. After receiving complaints, they retracted the list and issued a statement:

    This Institute is funded by the Google News Initiative, Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Omidyar Network among others.

    Poynter confirmed that its author, Barrett Golding, is a freelancer rather than an employee, but they did not answer questions about the process of greenlighting this project. Golding’s LinkedIn account lists him as a freelance podcast producer for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). One article that reports about this is:

    The list is deleted but can still be found on the Internet Archive (513 news websites are listed here):

    The Corbett Report is on the list of course (nr. 112 in alphabetical order), which can be seen as a badge of honor in my opinion. Maybe the list could be used as a source of inspiration?
    Luckily I found the Corbett Report already, otherwise I probably would be searching the list for a site just like it 🙂

    • No. 112 is irrelevant. Like I said, it’s in alphabetical order. Therefore, if I were to search the list for valuable alternative news-sites I wouldn’t just start at the top.

      I only mentioned the number to make it easier for those who are interested to verify that CR is indeed on the list. Which I view as a positive because I bet there are a lot of valuable sites (hence a badge of honor) on the list.

    • Speaking about lists and the Corbett Report…

      A few days ago, by chance, I discovered a site that ranks the Corbett Report exceptionally high.

      If you search for ‘Top Documentary Films’
      you will find a website of that name.

      If you then click on the category: 9/11 ***
      you will see quite a comprehensive list of excellent 9/11 documentaries.

      By default the list is sorted by ‘Most recent’.
      The Corbett Report occupies the first and third top spot:

      1. 9/11 War Games
      3. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

      If you sort by ‘Rating’ you find The Corbett Report occupies the second spot from the top:

      2. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

      If you sort by ‘Votes’ you find The Corbett Report occupies the fourth spot from the top:

      4. 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

      He does well too under the category ‘Conspiracy’ ***
      For the ‘Rating’ category he is:
      2. How Big Oil Conquered the World

      For ‘Most recent’ (the default category) he is:
      7. Why Big Oil Conquered the World
      12. How Big Oil Conquered the World

      He also does well under the category ‘History’ ***
      For the ‘Rating’ category he is:
      5. Truth at Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

      Well done James!

    April 2019 – Guns and Butter Audio

    David Meiswinkle, Mick Harrison, Barbara Honegger, Richard Gage | FBI Sued for Failure to Provide 9/11 Evidence to Congress
    The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, along with 9/11 victim family members have filed a joint federal lawsuit against the US Department of Justice and the FBI for their failure to perform a congressionally mandated assessment of any evidence known to the FBI that was not considered by the 9/11 Commission related to any factors that contributed in any manner to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

    David Meiswinkle, Mick Harrison, Barbara Honegger and Richard Gage provide a broad overview of both the lawsuit and the filing of a grand jury petition; the seven counts of relevant evidence included in the complaint which also cites the destruction by the FBI of evidence related to the “High Fivers”; the Executive Director and Commissioners of the 9/11 Review Commission along with its twelve staff members; next steps in the legal process and what a successful outcome would look like.

    The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry
    To develop and implement a detailed legal strategy to achieve transparency and accountability under the law, regarding the unprosecuted crimes of 9/11

    (Almost an hour)
    Guns & Butter | FBI Sued for Failure to Provide 9/11 Evidence to Congress

    (Thanks to Hank for passing this along.)

  39. I’m trying to remember the name of the guy who did the big trust investigations in teh US and did an interview in teh 70s, I think about it. Can anyone help?

    • David, do you mean Norman Dodd, who headed the investigation on the tax-exempt foundations for the Reece Commission and was interviewed by G. Edward Griffin?

      • Norman Dodd, thats’ the guy. Thank you!

    • Homey: Oklahoma has been known to can bad actors, as well as Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. There was a famous case here in Tulsa District Court. A Catoosa man, the very unsatisfied customer of a swimmingpool contractor, put the contractor in a can and sailed him down the McKellin-Kerr navigational channel to the gulf of Mexico. Is that a Hoffa kind of “love canning” you speak of.
      Couldn’t happen to a better actor.

      • Fracking Justice Oklahoma Style

        That is wild. Oklahoma justice.
        I never could figure that the “navigational channels” in Oklahoma might be viably profitable, but I guess they have a use.

        Oklahoma – “Crashes of Convenience”
        I still believe that Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Oil was “suicided” Michael Hastings style.

        By the way, the fracking of oil hype is out of the bag. It has been a “loan us money” Ponzi scheme. Finally, investment companies have wised up.

        In the past, I would punch in the numbers of some of the fracked Oklahoma Oil Wells…and the dollars invested wouldn’t make sense. Sure, sometimes a fracked well would produce a high volume of oil for a few weeks…and then sputter with a much lower production of barrels.
        The costs are tremendous to get things lined up and frack a well.

        This YouTube interview gets into the topic Steve St. Angelo: The US Shale Oil Bust Is Just Getting Started? with Jason Burack of WallStforMainSt.

        Journalist Bethany McLean reveals the SCOOP/STACK oil plays story of fracking. (Scoop and stack are Oklahoma oil rich regions. So, it is a play on words here.)
        She has a book out.
        Part of the book can be read online…

        • FRACKING OIL

          QUOTE from Bethany Mclean
          “…Because so few fracking companies actually make money, the most vital ingredient in fracking isn’t chemicals, but capital, with companies relying on Wall Street’s willingness to fund them.
          If it weren’t for historically low interest rates, it’s not clear there would even have been a fracking boom at all….”

        • More FRACKING – YouTube

          (However long you want to listen – Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed oil and precious metals mining analyst Steve St. Angelo of the SRS Rocco Report )
          Steve St. Angelo: The US Shale Oil Bust Is Just Getting Started?

          I enjoy Jason’s style.

        • Feb 25, 2019
          by Nick Cunningham
          Wall Street Loses Faith In Shale

          To Wall Street, the shale industry has lost a lot of its allure. A decade’s worth of promises have failed to materialize, and Big Finance is cutting some of its ties with smaller shale drillers who have not delivered…

          …The steep decline in new debt and equity issuance is a sign that major investors are no longer rushing to finance unprofitable shale drilling. It’s worth noting that this is a new development. For years Wall Street financed unprofitable drilling, holding out on the promise that rapid production growth would eventually pay off.

          Shale wells suffer from precipitous decline rates, with as much as three quarters of a well’s total lifetime production coming out in the first year or two. After an initial burst of output, shale wells enter a steep decline.

          Of course, this has been known since the beginning and Wall Street has long been fully aware. But major investors hoped that shale companies would scale up, achieve efficiencies and lower breakeven prices to the point that they could turn a profit.

          However, that has not been the case. While there are some drillers that are profitable, taken as a whole the industry has been cash flow negative essentially since its beginning in the mid-2000s. For instance, the IEA estimates that the shale industry posted cumulative negative free cash flow of over $200 billion between 2010 and 2014….

  40. May 9th, 2019 – MainStreamMedia –

    Trump picks ex Boeing Executive for Secretary of Defense…in hopes the military can’t fly. MAGA

  41. First time caller and I’m dyslexic!

    I personally blame Mr Corbett & Mr Pilato for the past weeks … clearly the lords of the NWO watched James prance around with a smug face with his selfie stick in that incredible land he lives in, stating he was off to … to enjoy him self for THREE whole weeks …. they must have laughed and pressed the big red button on their alien over lords desk.

    Joke aside (James holidaying not aliens!); shootings, pewiepewie (what ever), Wikileaks, Season 8 of GoT and AntiVax movement, Royal babies. Hands up if your lost and riddled with despair.

    Anyway, I got an email from informedparent (James interview?) pleading the group to write to a local MEP on their Vaccine stance and freedom of choice in this upcoming election.

    I wrote a draft, I’m an anarchist and not voted in a decade but I initially thought what the hell but then I came to the same old conclusion – ‘they’ have already planned this out. All ‘this’ that is enfolding has been on a road map and is the reaction to people starting to not fall in line. An English MEP WITH A BACKBONE? Point me to one, seriously please!

    So Winter has come and it is as anti climatic as we feared. The White walkers are here and they wear mediocre cut suits. They are at castles gates, worse still I’m convinced the writers are as bad as GoT. They carry with them the undead hordes of the masses and the soulless AI.

    While I’m trying to keep my first post here upbeat – I have to be utterly honest I’m struggling I have a kid and they haven’t been vaxed. They are currently healthy and haven’t brought on the Apocalypse yet. Oh how I have hated myself for not buckling to the pressure just so I can get an easy nights sleep to calm the “what if I am wrong?”, “should my kid suffer for my beliefs?”.

    My point is coming on up.

    So how do we fight this next onslaught – cause it is messy and it hasn’t even begun yet. I feel all we do is share videos. This has done a lot, enough for the overlords to get pissed. Should be be all actually plan out strategies now?

    For example, could we pull in resources on localized laws to defend ourselves. Example Oz is taking down their 5G towers due to harassment. Does this law exist in UK/US/planet earth?
    How do the French survive the hells they are going through. How do we cleverly survive this minatory vax. Is there an legal article (1000.002.22.22ab.4566 3rd paragraph in) stating under religious/ethical reasons one cant inject themselves with aborted babies, cut up animals?
    Global warming right 😉

    Anyone found a way to clean up the immune system post vax? When the legal hammers comes down should we all trip to Japan (country X) as their vaxes cocktails are less harsh … maybe having a few ticks against a vax box will allow us bypass the officials here in Country Fascism. I read that they have 190 plus vax in line, please be fake news.

    Anyway promise I’m only neuritic about Vax’s! Never spoken out here but your all great. James keep swinging!

    Peace out.

  42. God that was a long winded message …. sorry all!

    • summons,
      I’m glad you are here buddy!

      I liked your comment.
      I hate the vaccine cartel too. Bad voodoo.
      I have been an activist against them (and an activist on other issues).

      Just so you are aware, James Corbett prefers that comments stay under 500 words. If it looks like you are going over, split it up by replying to your own comment.

      • Hey HomeRemedySupply,

        Thanks for the response. concerned it read a loon rant!

        In regards to the 500 words, didn’t know. Wont happen again 😉
        If you mean to splice it up into smaller chunks under my Tolkien length rant?

        Thanks for the link and resources. UK doesn’t have like this!

        Many regards

  43. Out here in the Great White North (Canada eh?), southern Ontario specifically, we have been enduring unseasonably cold temps for the past few weeks.

    In fact it’s been the coldest spring that I can remember for the past 20 years I have been living here.

    Yet not a peep from the MSM about it. Hmmmm….

    The good news is that it is keeping my weeds at bay. 🙂

    • Fawlty Towers,
      I wanna thank you for sending down to Texas some air conditioning.
      Man! The weather was great Friday. Nice and cool. High 40’s and 50’s F. Just right. And it is May! We all were talking about how nice it was.

      I owe ya.
      In July, I’ll export some of the heat up to you.

  44. Hank passed along this audio of a Texas Public Radio News interview…

    From May 9th, 2019 A New Breed of Conspiracy Theory

    Like Hank pointed out, he wanted to see what “the enemy” had to say.
    As is typical with public radio, the interview is with a stuffy-nosed lady who has a new book out and doesn’t know what she is talking about.

    The interview goes on and on “blah blah blah”.
    At the 38 minute mark, the author reveals her intent: To reinforce government & authoritative credibility (such as the elections are never rigged). The author is a “manmade climate change” believer and still believes in the Russiagate scenario.

    And uh…oh…Corbett will probably slap my keyboard hand.
    I emailed the Producers of the Public Radio “Think” show and told them that they should interview James Corbett to get a more balanced perspective about “Conspiracy Theories”.

    • Did they get back to you? 😉

      • Hi summon!

        No. They didn’t. But who knows? Sometimes these things have a ripple effect. Sometimes it is a numbers game…lots of promotion, then it hits with someone.

        About a month or so ago, I sent an email with the link to the 2 1/2 minute video Cancer Schmancer’s “Be The Change!” Sizzle to the Dallas Mayor’s office. I happened to mention that Jamie Foxx was in the video. Typically, the Mayor’s office never responds to my emails. But, by golly, the Mayor’s secretary called me. She was worried that Jamie Foxx was coming and wanted to know if they needed to do anything to get ready for him.

        By the way, that 2 1/2 minute video is cut from a much longer, 26 minute VIMEO educational video (“BE THE CHANGE”). The 26 minute video covers a lot of ground, including Fluoride.
        The links are towards the top of this webpage.

  45. Non-Corbett Members…
    I want to mention to the non-Corbett Members that you are missing some cool nuggets embedded below James Corbett’s weekly newsletter.
    Some are real treats.
    He occasionally has a Member Exclusive Video, but also includes some profound links to other stories and news. It is his “Recommended” list of articles, videos, audio and humor.

    After reading and watching one of his links under a recent article…
    …I am realizing that as an American, I don’t know squat about what is going on in China.

    I found this video today which I found very educational.
    (12 minutes)
    Why China is Building the World’s Biggest City

  46. Group meeting on Sunday May 12, 2019
    San Diegans for 9/11 Truth

    John Friend
    …”gave a talk to the “San Diegans for 9/11 Truth” group, easily the most organized, professional, and respectable 9/11 Truth group in the entire country! I am here doing what I am doing today on this website as a direct result of this 9/11 Truth group. The fine folks involved with this group are some of the most courageous and passionate people I have encountered in my entire life. God bless them! And thanks for giving me the opportunity to address the group!”

    “Due to the controversial nature of the information and political perspectives presented on his website and expressed publicly, John was forced out of his job working for a local city government in San Diego County in September 2015. He has also had his PayPal and Stripe accounts permanently terminated.”

    (Thanks to Joe in Dallas for passing this along.)

  47. For the Historical Record…

    Water Cooler Talk – Game of Thrones
    May 2019 is the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.
    Season 8, which premiered on April 14, 2019, and is scheduled to conclude on May 19, 2019.

    It has been all the talk with my co-workers. Sometimes when I run into someone, they will bring it up. I often see my co-workers re-watch an episode on their phone. I can overhear the screams as the fighting and dragon fire takes place.
    YouTube often pops up “recommended” Season 8 Game of Thrones videos.
    I like the series and have watched previous seasons at a friend’s house.

    For Season 8, I am sitting this one out for now.
    Maybe I will watch it months from now or years from now.

    I guess I must be getting older.
    One way or the other, “I’m glad I’ve been wrong enough to keep in practice.” – Larry McMurtry quote.

    Back in the late 1970’s, the TV series “Dallas” was all the rage. Dallas is in my neck of the woods, but I heard that episodes played internationally. Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) once asked me to mail a bunch of bills and letters for him.

    In 1980, the water cooler talk centered around a TV miniseries called Shogun. People took off work early so they wouldn’t miss an episode. I learned my first Japanese words from reading the book.
    James Clavell’s Shogun: Part 1 – 1980 Original Television Mini Series ( HD ) (Over 2 hours)

    All of Texas took off work early for the 1989 TV miniseries Lonesome Dove. It had an impact. Folks, especially in Texas, are still buying plaques with quotes from the TV series or book. You can also now watch this free online.

    Woodrow Call: [riding in San Antonio] Things sure have changed since the last time I was here. It’s all growed up.
    Gus McCrae: Of course it’s growed up, Woodrow. We killed all the Indians and bandits so the bankers could move in.
    Woodrow Call: Only a fool would want the Indians back.
    Gus McCrae: Has it ever occurred to you, Woodrow; that all the work we done was for the bankers? Hell, we killed off everybody made this country interestin’!

    Well, I talked enuf.

    • Regarding teevee shows, getting older will do that to a man, I can confirm that. I am “only” 37 but more often than not I’m running into those “I’m too old for this shit” situations. People get enthralled by that stuff, while I’m losing the ability to get immersed.

      • Yeah, mkey, that’s the age I started losing interest in “teevee” shows. Hard to believe I wasted so much time when I was hooked on Dallas and Knot’s Landing and other serials that HRS mentioned somewhere in this thread. My “boob tube” has been gathering dust in a closet for nearly a decade. Feels so satisfying to follow productive pursuits these days — including keeping up with the real news via TCR.

    • RFK Jr. is a brave man, a class act, and an incredibly valuable asset to humanity.

      Devastating new information about vaccines is made public almost daily, so I’m perplexed as to why his three family members are immune to the truth about the toxins contained in these “biologics.”

      Surely this educated, privileged trio has the intelligence to understand the agenda behind Big Pharma’s push to foist vaccines upon, ultimately, every person on the planet. Or is their cognitive dissonance so entrenched that they really believe the industry’s kingpins (and their minions) desire mankind’s good health and safety from harm?

      If anyone wants to get up to speed on the issues swirling around the vaccine debate in the U.S., I highly recommend watching all the videos on “The High Wire with Del Bigtree” YouTube channel — for starters. Other Corbett Report members have cited, too, the excellent research done by such courageous, compassionate physicians as Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Toni Bark, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, to name but three heroes in the “vaccine education” movement.

      By the way, it’s high time for the clergy of the world to educate themselves on this issue and stand up to the vaccine scourge.

    • – Bump –
      Again, Robert Kennedy lays it on!

    • vaccines, Robert DeNiro, VAXXED, film festival, $100,000 Reward for Science Study, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

      Here is a brief timeline as I know it…

      Around March/April 2016, the Tribeca Film Festival was happening in New York City. The film “VAXXED” was on the lineup, likely due to DeNiro’s influence. 120 seats for the showing. At the last minute, it got pulled. This became big news.

      (In my opinion, the controversy, censorship, and news stories created such an outrage, that a grassroots movement went into high gear to show the movie VAXXED around the country.)

      One year later (mid-February 2017), The National Press Club presentation with Robert Kennedy Jr., Robert De Niro and others…
      A $100,000 Reward is offered to anyone who can show an existing scientific study which shows that it is safe to inject babies with mercury.

      You can see old clips and links here

    • Jane Rosenthal was the chairwoman and co-founder of the festival. DeNiro had first asked that the film be placed on the line-up. Jane Rosenthal later did what she could to have it pulled.
      (see the link I placed above for more details)
      DeNiro did not want to “be the disrupter” of the festival, and so reluctantly went along with the chairwoman/founder of the festival.

      The Corbett Report talked about the Golden Globes Propaganda
      New World Next Week – Jan 10 or 11, 2019
      Vaxx Propaganda in Overdrive as Vaccine/Autism Link Confirmed

      In that episode, “a CDC expert confirms the vaccine/autism link”.
      A MUST SEE !! part…rewind to the 3:30 mark of the video.

  48. I realize James is back from holiday, so I’m not sure why I’m posting this link on a new-to-this-thread subject, but it’s such an abomination, I have to share it:

    I hide my face under jackets and scarves and turtlenecks ALL THE TIME on chilly days. How dare the police ascribe to this poor man a sinister motive for doing something so innocent!

    And even if he covered his face in defense of his right to privacy, how in heaven’s name can that be considered a crime worthy of a fine?


    • Good find, CQ.

      This week…
      San Francisco becomes 1st major US city to outlaw police use of facial recognition technology


      San Francisco is to become the first U.S. city to outlaw a rapidly developing technology that has alarmed privacy and civil-liberties advocates, as the liberal city’s supervisors voted Tuesday to ban the use of facial recognition software by police and other city departments.

      Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who championed the legislation, said he was worried that Big Brother technology would lead to a greater police state in San Francisco, a city teeming with tech innovation and the home of Twitter, Airbnb and Uber…

      …The ban is part of broader legislation requiring city departments to establish use policies and obtain board approval for surveillance technology they want to purchase or have been using. Several other local governments have required departments to disclose and seek approval for surveillance technology.

      The ban applies to San Francisco police and other municipal departments. It neither affects use of the technology by the federal government at airports and ports nor limits personal or business use…

      …The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a nonprofit think tank based in Washington, D.C., issued a statement chiding San Francisco for considering the facial recognition ban. It said advanced technology has made it cheaper and faster for police to find suspects and identify missing people.

  49. Ticketmaster pushing the Technocratic agenda with digital-only tickets (requiring you to use your slave tracking device to enter a concert)

    Fortunately there is an easy solution to this one – pirated music really does sound better!

    Watching a concert on your home theater system also avoids catching all those nasty diseases off the normies.

  50. Thanks MBP,


    I like staying informed about the films and shows which people are watching, especially since I don’t do Netflix or Amazon or HBO or paid streaming.

    As I mentioned in my comment above (“Water Cooler Talk – Game of Thrones”), I ended up hearing the descriptions of the final season from my coworkers. I would ask questions about certain characters or events. In a way, I very much enjoyed it…much like listening to people telling a story at the campfire.
    Everyone was bummed about the Final Episode, talking about it for weeks and then speculating on ‘why’ it ended that way as a lead-in for a potential future series.

  51. Thanks, mbp, for sharing the WUWT article with us, for reminding us of the SBC speech at the ADL, for finding Loi Gayssot for us, and for warning us that its climate change equivalent appears to be headed our way, threatening to run down whoever knows the truth and speaks his mind.

    Yours is a valuable post, which I wouldn’t have wanted to miss, so I’m grateful to be on this thread from last summer.

    Would you also consider posting this in the next-to-last open thread comment section, where it will be seen by all the folks who commented there and signed up to receive notification of new comments?

    mbp . . . merci beaucoup & peace,

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