Episode 404 – A Brief History of Hopium

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With all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even as the lies and broken promises become ever more ridiculous. . . .

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Deus ex machina (or, “god from the machine”) refers to a plot device whereby the hero of a story is saved from some terrible fate by the sudden intervention of a god. The term comes from ancient Greek drama, where the god would literally be brought onto the stage using a machine like a crane or a riser.

The convention of a god appearing on stage to save the main character was popularized by Euripides over 2500 years ago and it has continued to pop up throughout the centuries, even in Shakespeare, who has Hymen, the Greek god of marriage ceremonies, appear at the end of As You Like It to marry the play’s heroes and “make conclusion / Of these most strange events.”

The plot device is still used to this day. Now, instead of a god intervening to save the day, some miraculous event, object, character or ability appears from nowhere to save the day. Think of the deadly, unstoppable Martians in Wells’ War of the Worlds, for example, felled not by the combined artillery of the world’s militaries, but by ordinary bacteria. Or think of the T-Rex at the end of Jurassic Park, appearing out of nowhere to save the heroes from the Velociraptors.

These are not just stories we tell ourselves. These are reflections of our thoughts about the world. They reveal our desires and beliefs, and they set up expectations for how the world really works. In the end, something will appear out of nowhere to help the good guys win and vanquish the bad guys once and for all. That’s how it always works. Right?

Two- and-a-half thousand years ago, that something was a god. But in the modern world, we’re too sophisticated to believe that a god will swoop in and save the day. No, today the deus ex machina isn’t a god. More often than not, it’s a politician.

ANNOUNCER: Blackrod, on her way to summon the MPs. The monarch’s representative. And in the tradition, will have to knock on the door of the House of Commons.

VOICE: Close the door.

BLACKROD: Mr. Speaker, the Queen commands this honourable House to attend Her Majesty immediately in the House of Kings.

SOURCE: State Opening Of Parliament ’21, Queen reads Klaus Schwab’s speech (11May21)

Since the age of kings and queens gave way to the age of presidents and prime ministers, an increasingly secular public has stopped looking for divine intervention to save the nation from calamity and instead has begun praying for salvation from the demigods of the modern age: politicians.

Every election cycle, the public hears how this politician will deliver the nation from its economic woes or that politician will restore a country to its former greatness. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson was re-elected as president of the United States on the back of his popular campaign slogan, “He Kept Us Out of War.” But like all of the presumptive political saviours of the democratic age—in which popularity contests determine who seizes power and the public is swayed by the nicest sounding promises—Wilson, too, promptly broke his word. Just five months after his re-election, he oversaw US entry into the First World War and gave his now-famous speech assuring the public that getting the US into war was necessary to make the world “safe for democracy.”

Similarly, Lyndon B. Johnson won election in 1964 promising to limit America’s involvement in Vietnam.

LYNDON B. JOHNSON: Some others are eager to enlarge the conflict. They call upon us to supply American boys to do the job that Asian boys should do.

SOURCE: LBJ campaign, Vietnam 1964

But this, too, was just another swiftly broken promise by yet another political “saviour.”

JOHNSON: Air action is now in execution against gunboats and certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam.

SOURCE: President Johnson’s Vietnam Address, 8/4/64. MP498.

Laughably, even George W. Bush “won” the election in 2000 promising a humble American foreign policy and a vow to only fight short, winnable wars with well-defined objectives.

GEORGE W. BUSH: But I’m gonna be judicious as to how to use the military. It needs to be in our vital interest, the mission needs to be clear and the exit strategy obvious.

SOURCE: Bush vs. Gore: The second 2000 presidential debate

BUSH: On my orders, coalition forces have begin [sic] striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein’s ability to wage war.

SOURCE: President Bush Announces Start of Iraq War

But this pattern is not just about war and it is not specific to any particular country. Throughout the world, politicians have won elections promising to deliver the inherently undeliverable.

What Australian could forget Bob Hawke’s promise to eliminate child poverty in three years?

BOB HAWKE: By 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty.

SOURCE: By 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty

And what Greek could forget when Alexis Tsipras was swept to power with a strong populist mandate to stand up to the European Union in the midst of the sovereign debt crisis.

ALEXIS TSIPRAS (VIA INTERPRETER VOICE OVER): I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great victory. I feel vindicated because the Greek people gave us a clear mandate to continue the struggle to raise up our people’s dignity.

SOURCE: Greece election: Alexis Tsipras hails ‘victory of the people’ – BBC News

Instead, Tsipras immediately sold the nation further into debt by accepting the terms of a punishing €85bn “bailout” package that even Syriza’s own members called a betrayal of the party’s promises.

REPORTER: One day ahead of an essential parliamentary vote to secure his country’s bailout deal from eurozone creditors, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is here trying to quell a rebellion inside his ruling coalition. Mr. Tsipras is meeting with MPs from his own Syriza party, some of whom are very disappointed and upset about a deal which includes far more austerity than the package rejected by voters at a referendum just more than a week ago

SOURCE: Tsipras Moves to Stop Rebellion in Ruling Coalition

In fact, with all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even as the lies and broken promises become ever more ridiculous.

In 2008, this endlessly escalating wave of political insanity seemed to reach a crescendo as it dashed upon the shores of the presidential campaign of Barack Obama.

BARACK OBAMA: There’s something happening when people vote not just for party that they belong to but the votes . . .  the hopes that they hold in common. [. . .] We are ready to take this country in a fundamentally new direction. That’s what’s happening in America right now. Change is what’s happening in America!

SOURCE: Barack Obama: Yes We Can

It may seem ridiculous in 2021 that the mere words “Yes We Can” and “Hope and Change” could have sold not just the American voters but the people of the world on Barack Hussein Obama, a junior US senator whose greatest legislative accomplishment up to that point was sponsoring a bill to rename a post office in Illinois.

But, in hindsight, that was exactly what was so effective about the entire “hope and change” campaign. After eight years of neocon carnage—amid the tumult of the ongoing fiasco in Iraq, in the shadow of the rising police state at home, and in the face of the revelations of corporate accounting fraud and banking malfeasance that culminated in a global financial crisis—the public was desperately hoping for change.

OBAMA: We will remember that there is something happening in America. That we are not as divided as our politics suggest. That we are one people. We are one nation. And together we will begin the next great chapter in the American story with three words that will ring from coast to coast from sea to shining sea: “Yes We Can!” Thank you, New Hampshire. Thank you!

SOURCE: Barack Obama: Yes We Can

It didn’t matter that Obama, like every other con man to swindle the majority of the population in the great popularity contest we call democracy, lied about every one of his major campaign promises.

It didn’t matter that he lied about closing Guantanamo.

OBAMA: I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo and I will follow through on that.

SOURCE: 60 Minutes: Obama Reiterates Promise To Close Guantanamo Bay, End Torture

OBAMA: It is true that I have not been able to close the darn thing because of the Congressional restrictions that have been placed on us.

SOURCE: President Obama Holds a Press Conference

It didn’t matter that he lied about ending the war of terror.

OBAMA: And that is why as president I will make the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban the top priority that it should be.

SOURE: Barack Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan

ANNOUNCER: The Obama administration knowingly gave US taxpayer dollars to an al Qaeda affiliate in Sudan, a joint i24 News – Middle East Forum investigation reveals.

SOURCE: EXCLUSIVE: Obama Administration Gave US Aid Money to Al Qaeda Affiliate in Sudan

It didn’t matter that he lied about ending the illegal wiretapping of Americans.

OBAMA: This administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide. I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorists without undermining our Constitution and our freedom. That means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens.

SOURCE: 10 Questions: Warrantless Wiretaps

OBAMA: I came in with a healthy skepticism about these programs. My team evaluated them. We scrubbed them thoroughly. We actually expanded some of the oversight, increased some of the safeguards. But my assessment and my team’s assessment was that they help us prevent terrorist attacks.

SOURCE: President Obama Defends N.S.A. Surveillance Programs | The New York Times

None of his broken promises matter, because it was never about any actual, concrete action. If the mass hysteria that swept over the public in 2008 was about achieving tangible results, the Nobel Committee would not have awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize less than one year into his first term in office, while he was still waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and expanding Bush’s drone war into Pakistan.

THORBJORN JAGLUND: The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

SOURCE: Obama Winning The Nobel Peace Prize Too Premature

No, it was never about action. It was about providing the audience of the political spectacle the scene that they were waiting for. The next political messiah is wheeled onto the stage, he waves his hand and makes everything better, and everyone goes back to their daily struggles for the next four years. The ritual is complete.

Indeed, after thousands of years in which heads of state were worshipped as literal gods on earth or, more recently, as divine appointees, it should come as no surprise that popular presidents and prime ministers are almost always portrayed with recourse to religious iconography. The common trope of photographing presidents with the “halo” of the presidential seal around them is nothing new.

But even taking that history into account, the religious frenzy that Obama’s appearance on the national political stage caused was, in retrospect, undeniably strange.

OBAMA: Who is Barack Obama? Contrary to the rumors that you’ve heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the planet Earth.

SOURCE: Obama at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner 10/16/08

In the hysteria of the 2008 campaign, Obama wasn’t received by the public as a political candidate with a series of policy prescriptions for improving the country. He was the god from the machine, the deus ex machina who could appear on stage and bless everyone with his absolution.

Obama was not just Superman but the God of All Things, a Heaven-Sent shining New Hope bathed in angelic light who was the literal Second Coming.

JAMIE FOXX: First of all, give an honour to God and our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama!

SOURCE: Jamie Foxx Give Honor To God And Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama

And by the time the public finally snapped from their reverie and realized that, after all, Obama was just another politician . . .

PIERS MORGAN: Why is Obama facing so much opposition now? Why is he struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?

BARBARA WALTERS: Well, we’ve touched on it to a degree. He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be—I shouldn’t say this at Christmas time, but the next Messiah.

SOURCE: Barbara Walters: We thought Obama was going to be the next Messiah

CONTESSA BREWER: The former director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute says he regrets awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama in 2009.

SOURCE: Former Nobel secretary says Obama prize was a mistake

CENK YOGURT: He lied! It’s not subtle, He said “There will be no spying on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.” He lied. There is spying on all of us and we’re not suspected of a crime. Barack Obama is a liar! Can I make it clearer?

SOURCE: The Young Turks – Obama Is BIG BROTHER And He’s A LIAR !

. . . it was too late. Obama had already served his role as the next political saviour and, having served that function, he could be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper.

For those who believed that the 2008 campaign was the apotheosis of the Hope and Change routine, this was the end of the line for this political charade. Looking at the process from a rational perspective, one could be forgiven for thinking that the public had learned its lesson and that no politician would be able to bamboozle the public like that again as long as the Obama legacy was in living memory.

But this is not a rational process, and those who believed that could not have been more wrong.

Lest there be any confusion that the public was being prepared for another deus ex machina ritual, this time the god descended onto the political stage via a literal machine, a golden escalator. And, from his dais, this god, too, brought good tidings to the cheering crowd: the country is saved once again!

DONALD TRUMP: Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again! [“Rockin’ in the Free World” plays while Trump awkwardly bobs his head. Trump signals for the music to be faded down.] It could happen.

SOURCE: Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement Full Speech (C-SPAN)

The next day, it was revealed that the scene was a literal stage play. The adoring crowd were not grassroots supporters of Donald Trump who all spontaneously decided to wear the same Trump t-shirts and awkwardly pose with their “homemade” signs for the cameras, but, as an FEC investigation later confirmed, literal actors paid $50 each by the Extra Mile Casting agency on behalf of their client, Gotham Government Relations & Communications.

But it didn’t matter. Like all the iterations of the President Messiah script that came before, Trump’s Make America Great Again psychodrama was already having its intended effect on the population.

In some ways, MAGA was a mere repeat of the Obama Hope and Change template. Here, too, candidate Trump promised the moon that President Trump steadfastly failed to deliver.

He did not drain the swamp.

DONALD TRUMP: And we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington, D.C.

SOURCE: Drain the swamp? Trump ís het moeras – #TrumpUpdate 119

TRUMP: We’re here to celebrate the swearing in of America’s new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

SOURCE: Trump appoints Pompeo

TRUMP: We are going to DRAIN . . . THE . . . SWAMP!

SOURCE: Trump begins to ‘drain the swamp’

WOLF BLITZER: President-Elect Trump has named the former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to lend his expertise on cybersecurity.

SOURCE: Trump appoints Giuliani

TRUMP: It is time to drain . . . the swamp.

SOURCE: Trump: Ethics reform package will ‘drain the swamp…

TRUMP: Gina is tough, she is strong, and when it comes to defending America, Gina will never, ever back down. I know her.

SOURCE: Trump appoints Haspel

He did not end the wars.

TRUMP: And look at the mess we have. We’ve destabilized the Middle East and it’s a mess.

SOURCE: Trump: ‘we’ve destabilized the Middle East and …

TRUMP: A short time ago I ordered the United States Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

SOURCE: Trump announces strikes on Syria

TRUMP: Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake. Alright?

SOURCE: “The War in Iraq was a Big, Fat Mistake”: Trump & Bush Spar over War & 9/11

TRUMP: The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable.

SOURCE: Trump’s speech on Afghanistan

He did not stand up to medical-industrial complex.

TRUMP: Just the other day: Two years old, two and a half years old, a child—beautiful child—went to have the vaccine and came back and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.

SOURCE: Candidate Trump talks about vaccine/autism link

TRUMP: Well, I hope we’re going to have a vaccine and we’re going to fast track it like you’ve never seen before.

SOURCE: President Trump launches Operation Warp Speed

Just like Obama, Bush, Clinton and every other political “saviour” of the modern era, Trump broke his promises at will, knowing—as a reality TV star who had long shown himself to be a consummate performer—that governing was not his real role in this stage play. He had come to entertain the audience and “save” the country, not deliver on promises.

And, like the Obamessiah, Trump, too, took on the role of divine redeemer of the nation, second only to Christ himself.

TRUMP: Somebody said to me the other day, ‘You’re the most famous person in the world by far.’ I said, “No I’m not.” They said, “Yes, you are.” I said, “No.” They said, “Who’s more famous?” I said, “Jesus Christ.”

SOURCE: Trump says Jesus Christ is more famous than him

Trump, Trump assured us, was loved by the Jewish people in Israel like the “second coming of God.” And once again the president was being portrayed as “heaven-sent,” a man chosen by God Himself to lead America back to the promised land.

RICK PERRY: And I shared it with him. I said, Mr. President, I know there are people that say you said you were the chosen one and I said, “You were.” I said, “If you’re a believing Christian, you understand God’s plan for the people who rule and judge over us on this planet in our government.”

ED HENRY: And lest people on the left attack Rick Perry, he pointed out to me he believes Barack Obama was sent by God as well. He said for that moment and that time. He said he thinks for this moment and this time, Donald Trump was sent by God to do great things.

SOURCE: Rick Perry Calls Donald Trump The Chosen One Sent By God To Rule Over Us

Or, as the internet users who helped build the momentum for the Trump train during the 2016 campaign put it in their popular meme, Trump was the God Emperor, a GEOTUS who would smite the wicked and own the libs.

Yes, the Trump script seemed to be a mere rehash of the Obama script. But it was not.

You see, this was not the same plot as Hope and Change. Make America Great Again had a more exciting storyline. In the MAGA stage play, the god from the machine was himself in trouble and needed saving from the powerful, evil forces that were ganging up against him. And this time, the god himself would be saved by his own god from a machine. This script involved an incredible double deus ex machina!

The god that would save God Emperor Trump, however, was not a political figure at all, but a shadowy, anonymous entity. And the machine that delivered him was not a golden escalator, but an online message board.

The “Q Anon” phenomenon began on October 28, 2017, when “Q”—a user of the “politically incorrect” board of 4chan, the anonymous imageboard website—made a post claiming that a massive military operation was underway to arrest Hillary Clinton and bring down the cabal of evil politicians that was filling the swamp of Washington:

HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities

Within days, the anonymous poster was assuring his 4chan followers of the imminent indictment of Clinton campaign insiders John Podesta and Huma Abedin. And on November 2nd, less than a week after the initial post, the poster was calling himself “Q Clearance Patriot” and claiming that “over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country.”

On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out.

In every way, these early “Q Drops” exemplify the QAnon phenomenon that it spawned. They pick up on the language and code words of classified government operations, like “Mockingbird” and “Q clearance.” They pretend to impart insider information about high-level political events, even predicting specific events on specific dates, like the arrest announcement of Podesta and the beginning of a military coup. And they pose a series of vague rhetorical questions (“Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals? What is military intelligence? Why go around the 3 letter agencies?”) that feel important without providing any specific knowledge or insight.

It did not matter that none of this poster’s specific predictions or declarations came to pass. Eventually, an entire movement would arise dedicated to reading, parsing and spreading the Gospel of this new god from the machine that they called “Q.”

As Q’s notoriety grew, so, too, did the grandiosity of his predictions, promises and pronouncements. Followers were told to expect “False flag(s)” and that there would be “fireworks” but that the president would be “100% insulated.” They were exhorted to “TRUST [Attorney General Jeff] SESSIONS” and assured that Feb. 1, 2018, would be the “[D]ay [Of] [D]ays.” They were promised a “parade that will never be forgotten” on November 11th of 2018. They were assured that Mark Zuckerberg was stepping down as chairman of Facebook. July 2018 would be the month “the world discovered the TRUTH,” with Q asserting that there would be “conspiracy no more.”

Of course, every one of these pronouncements was categorically wrong. But, as Q taught his followers to believe, “Disinformation is real” and “Disinformation is necessary,” so these false predictions were in fact signs that Q was telling the truth.

It didn’t make sense. It didn’t have to. All it had to do was fill the viewers of the unfolding political spectacle with hopium, the belief that this new god from the machine was going to swoop in with his Q Clearance compatriots and save the day at the last moment.

Remarkably, that belief persisted even after the last moment.

DAVE HAYES: Q is having them focus on something over there while something over there is actually going on. That’s the necessary part of the disinformation.

SOURCE: Q Anon Posts Debate & Discussion With Praying Medic [Rare Interview & Question]

MICHAEL FLYNN: Donald Trump will continue to be the president of the United States for the next four years. There’s no doubt in my mind. When I’m asked on a scale of one to ten, “What’s the scale that you put that Trump will be the next president?” I say: “Ten.” Without a doubt, that is the truth.


STEVE PIECZENIK: What happened was we watermarked every ballot with what’s called the QFC blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it. So this is not a stolen election. On the contrary. We reversed the entire game of war along the lines of Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

SOURCE: ACTUAL INTERVEIW [sic] Dr Steve Pieczenik DHS watermarked every ballot with QFS Blockchain Encryption

SGT REPORT: I just want to acknowledge, because I’ve gotten a lot of emails today from people who are feeling absolute desperation. They think this thing is over, and that President Trump is not going to be able to do anything to stop it. I want to remind you of Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Make your opponent think you’re weak. Look weak. Be strong. We’ve got 72 hours to save the republic. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.


X22 REPORT: Wait until you see the election audit results. Remember: multiple states now are visiting Arizona. You think this is just gonna stop with Arizona? No, this is where it begins.


It is not hard to see why Q became so popular. Like every good deus ex machina, Q promised to deliver the audience of the current political drama exactly what they wanted: an entertaining, exciting and satisfying resolution to the play, delivering the hero (Trump) from evil (the Democrats) just in the nick of time. It is not coincidence that “Enjoy the show” and “Get the popcorn” became favourite phrases of Q and the QAnon followers. This was, after all, just that: a show. A scripted drama designed to play on the psyche of the audience.

But if this were a script, what was the point? It’s easy to understand the presidential version of the deus ex machina script: it keeps people voting and participating in a system that will continue on with an agenda regardless of who is occupying the Oval Office. But what was the point of the Q Anon script? Who was the intended audience of this psychodrama and what effect did it have on them?

The clue comes in Q’s constant exhortations for his follower to trust. Trust Sessions. Trust Grassley. Trust POTUS. Trust the plan.

The terminology—as well as the methodology—of the Q operation evokes Operation Trust, a Soviet counterintelligence program in the 1920s that took over a pro-monarchist organization, the “Monarchist Union of Central Russia.” The Soviets used operatives within the organization to persuade members that they should not engage in militant activity against the government because a plan was underway for internal anti-Bolshevik forces to topple the regime. Trust the plan. In this case, “trusting the plan” got members of the opposition either put on trial and sent to the gulags or blackmailed into working for Soviet intelligence.

Q certainly did pacify many with his constant entreaty to “trust the plan.” Q also rallied people time and time again to support the policies, operations and personnel of the very deep state that they were supposedly fighting against. Suddenly Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, John Bolton and other long-time members of the political establishment were the good guys in this elaborate drama. 99% of the agents at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA were “patriots” who “serve[d] with distinction” and thus needed to be supported. The decades-long neocon dream of invading Iran became, in the eyes of Q followers, a good and noble cause.

But even beyond the pacification of those who would otherwise be resisting the government, the “Q Army” of self-styled “Digital soldiers” provided the very foil that the deep state needed to move to the next step of their counter-insurgency program: The crackdown on “domestic terrorism.”

JACKSON PROSKOW: While QAnon has become tied to the president, it has also caught the attention of the FBI, along with a growing number of other fringe theories. In an internal memo, the Bureau warns some of those conspiracy theories will likely motivate some domestic extremists to commit criminal—sometimes violent—activity.

SOURCE: FBI Warns Of Potential For More Violence From QAnon Followers

PETE WILLIAMS: The FBI says January’s riot at the Capitol was a turning point for the conspiracy movement, QAnon, with some followers dropping out, disappointed that the promises of the person behind it—known as “Q”—haven’t come to pass. But others, the FBI says, may become so frustrated they turn more to violence, such as “harming perceived members of the cabal such as Democrats and other political opposition.”

SOURCE: FBI warns conspiracy theories fuel domestic terrorism

JEREMY BASH: But I think the reality is that what you’re seeing—all this activity by the FBI, by law enforcement to go after and arrest people—that’s all great, but that’s all right of the boom. And in intelligence you really want to be left of the boom; you want to be way out ahead of the events. And I think we’re going to have to reset our entire intelligence approach to these white supremacist militias, these dangerous ultra-nationalist organizations. I think we’re going to have to look at a greater surveillance of them. The FBI is going to have to run confidential sources. We’re going to have to penetrate these plots long before they present a violent threat to our democracy if we want to have any hope of stopping these in the future.

SOURCE: Former CIA official Jeremy Bash, now of NBC News 

TRUMP: The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction: you do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law: you will pay.

SOURCE: A Message from President Donald J. Trump

And now, after years of being told to “get the popcorn” and “enjoy the show,” the Q Anon movement is slowly beginning to realize that they were had. Worse, the very intelligence agencies and military that they had so fervently hoped would swoop in and save the day are the very agencies that are now swooping in to round them up.

But QAnon was by no means the first time that hopium has been injected into the veins of the conspiracy research community.

In the 1990s, a power industry teaching consultant named Harvey Francis Barnard developed a proposed set of reforms for America’s monetary and tax system that he called the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, or NESARA. He self-published a book outlining his proposal, sent copies to members of Congress, started an institute to promote the idea and, in 2000, published his proposal on the internet. At that point, NESARA became the centerpiece of an elaborate hoax promulgated by an online charlatan calling herself “The Dove of Oneness.”

In this story, the NESARA bill is a miracle: it abolishes income taxes, forgives mortgages, zeroes out credit cards and declares peace. Even more miraculous: in a stunning move only known to The Dove of Oneness, the bill had been secretly passed by Congress and was due to take effect on September 11, 2001, which is why the World Trade Center was destroyed. But, like every good drama, this story, too, had a deus ex machina to keep Dove’s internet audience hanging on and enjoying the show: the White Knights, “an underground group of good guys [. . .] who were in high positions within all these institutions, who were fed up with the status quo and were planning a coup d’état that was going to happen ‘very soon.'”

Just as with Q, the cult that grew around the NESARA myth with its White Knight gods from the machine promised specific events on specific dates. Every time a prediction failed to happen, followers were reassured that the long-promised coup had been delayed so that the White Knights could better prepare the public for the pandemonium that would ensue when they swoop in to save the day. In the meantime, followers could get the popcorn and enjoy the show, knowing that all their debt would soon be forgiven and that peace on earth was just around the corner.

And the name of that book in which Barnard first laid out his NESARA proposal? Draining The Swamp.

Yes, the deus ex machina story is trotted out every few years under different guises. A secret order of ninjas is preparing to assassinate the evil Illuminati and bring peace to the world. A secret stash of trillions of dollars is about to be shared out with the people of the world, ending all poverty. A cosmic realignment is going to take place on December 21st, 2012, raising humanity to a higher level of consciousness and ending all strife and suffering. An anonymous 4chan poster is leaking classified information about a good military coup that’s going to restore order and drain the swamp.

The message is always the same: Get the popcorn and enjoy the show. The god is coming from the machine to save you. Just wait.

It is no great shame to be fooled by hopium at least once. Everyone has trouble distinguishing genuine hope from synthetic hopium when they first encounter it.

JAKE TAPPER: Moving on, one of your former close aides recently said, you “engaged in conspiracy theories, including perhaps the 9/11 attacks, were coordinated with the CIA and that the Bush administration might have known about the attacks ahead of time.” Have you ever expressed—

RON PAUL: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t go any further than that. That’s complete nonsense.

TAPPER: Not true?

PAUL: Yeah. I never bought into that stuff. Never talked about that.


PAUL: Conspiracy? Of Bush knowing about this? No. Come on. Come on. Let’s be reasonable. That’s just off the wall.

SOURCE: This Week ABC January 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

Over and over we see the same story play out. The crowd begins to lose interest in the political stage play. They begin to suspect that it’s fake. That reality is taking place somewhere off stage and out of sight. They begin to realize that they are not spectators at all, but active participants with the ability to shape the world around them. And then along comes a god from a machine peddling hopium and the audience goes back to enjoying the show.

None of this is to denigrate the religious instinct that compels humans to look for a saviour from the heavens. On the contrary. Those with religious faith should be the most offended by this god from the machine script that sees their most cherished, divine beliefs cynically played on by would-be political rulers masquerading as gods.

Of course the hopium peddled by these fake gods is enticing. It’s designed to be. It plays on one of our greatest capacities as human beings: our capacity for hope. Our belief that we can make the world a better place and that we are not condemned to forever wait for the god from the machine to deliver us from our problems.

But hopium is not hope. Like opium, which binds to opioid receptors in the brain to provide temporary pain relief, hopium is a synthetic, man-made construct which provides us with the simulacrum of hope. And, like opium, hopium can disrupt our lives, pacify us into inactivity, and make us suffer withdrawals in its absence.

No, we must not abandon hope itself. As part of the triumvirate of faith, hope and charity, hope is a virtue to be cherished. Genuine hope is the rocket fuel that humans use to propel themselves towards their goals. Without hope, there would be no motivation to do anything to improve our situation.

But that is the difference. Hope compels us to go out there and try to improve our situation. Hopium, on the other hand, convinces us that someone else has taken care of the problem. That we can just sit back, get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Like the dope peddler on the street corner, the politicians and hucksters are always ready to satisfy their mark with a dose of hopium. And the public, more often than not, is only too happy to take it.

But hopium is a deadly drug, and the god from the machine is nothing but a cheap stage trick. Nothing will change until we stop enjoying the show and realize that we are not spectators watching history unfold from the sidelines. We are history’s actors, and, propelled by genuine hope, we can and will change the world.

CLOSING SONG: “Gimme Some Truth” by John Lennon performed by Kodomosan and Vinnie Caggiano


  1. Great work James and Broc.
    Really loving Broc’s editing. Also music by Kodomosan, everything is independently made.

    In regards to the Ron Paul segment, is James referring that he himself mistook Ron Paul’s hopium as hope?

    • Yeah, you’re probably right about that. James is probably just highlighting that “yes, even Ron Paul is hopium.” There is no saviour, we are our own saviours.

      I haven’t watched much of James’s older work (pre-2010) so I’m not sure but my friend who has, told me that James used to a hold a more libertarian viewpoint until he became disenfranchised and delved into voluntaryism and anarchist viewpoints.

    • In defense of Dr Paul, there were many of us who could not imagine that the government could have been complicit in the false flag attack of September 11. I can imagine that most people would have had the same reaction to a question like that. Sadly many still would today.
      I don’t believe that Ron Paul believes that any man could be a savior. I have heard him state plainly his belief that the NAP is the crucial missing ingredient in governance. He doesn’t believe in hopium and I don’t believe that he ever represented himself as a symbol of such.
      But just like many of us who have been struggling to overcome our conditioning and a lifetime of propaganda. He has changed his mind about rulers.

      • I was disappointed that Ron Paul said that, but I think that perhaps he changed his mind.

        I would like to also defend Ron Paul, a little bit. Because I think at that time he was probably suffering from some cognitive dissonance. He is after all former military and fought in a foreign war. This reminds me of my grandpa, a former ranking officer in the air force who suffered from cognitive dissonance. I think it was part of the military training and fighting in a foreign war that caused this need to defend the government or nation state.

        My grandpa spoke of small government but then voted for Bush. He probably would have a hard time admitting to himself that the government is corrupt.

        It’s like suffering from a mental disorder, like a psychosis almost. Ron Paul has spoken out a lot about Covid lately. I think on some level he knows, but it’s hard for him to admit how utterly corrupt and evil the government is. Nevertheless he’s a good stepping stone into getting away from government entirely.

        • I noticed the exaggerated response in that clip. It could be a lie, certainly his body language indicated that he might be lying. Maybe he was afraid or out of self preservation like you say. The state can steam roll over someone pretty easily if they want to.

          It does appear that politics do necessitate a willingness to sacrifice ones honor in one way or another.

          I do not think Ron Paul is completely corrupt, in the same way the Clintons and Obama are. But he was either lying to the public or to himself.

        • “ He remains a politician”

          I completely disagree. I am convinced that since his retirement and the beginning of his youtube/podcasting career his anarchist tendencies have developed.
          I believe that he realizes that he is in a position to communicate his ideas to many people still caught up in the system. So he consistently points out government hypocrisy, corruption and wrongdoing of all sorts while always including the simple truths of personal freedom as being the ultimate solutions to the problems they create.
          He certainly isn’t infallible and shouldn’t be idolized but he damn sure has earned the benefit of the doubt in my opinion.

          • Ron Paul converted many people to libertarianism, being a truther would turn a lot of people off and his campaign would hardly profit from it. If you want to do anything in the political arena you must choose your battles, if you try to fight in every front you will not achieve anything. There is nothing wrong with lying in this context, it is not like we are talking about a campaign promise.
            I find that the Ron Paul movement had a positive impact and Ron Paul’s message was never one of Hopium and that all you need is voting right or for him. What I do not find productive is this anarchist purism coming primarily from agorists, according to which if you deal in any way with the state you are stained or corrupt. I do not think that we will get something out of politics as well, the real fight is in the cultural arena and state-power is effectively wielded by the infrastructure (what is now called the deep state), but if some liberty-minded person runs for office, I have no problem supporting him.

            • I am reminded of how the only chance of being selected for jury duty is to lie about ones awareness of the idea of nullification.

            • Good points made. I agree to an extent, particularly local government elections, may actually help a local community. For example your local sharif might make a huge difference.

              I think Ron Paul has done a lot of good, which is why he would never be allowed to win the presidential election.

              I’m a pragmatic person, which is probably why I voted for Trump in 2020, saying to myself what can it hurt? But I do think Trump was probably playing along with the deep state or bowed to them in the end. He capitulated at the very end and threw his supporters under the bus and supported the mRNA injection.

              On a national level, I think elections are probably heavily influenced by fraud and pre selection.

              I have known people who work for the government in a non political capacity, and they are just regular people who wanted a pension.

              I don’t think JC was telling people not to participate in government, or trying to have influence on society in that way, but that voting might not have the desired effect. Many people just go and check a box and that’s it, they don’t follow up and make sure the person is doing their job and that’s necessary. If a politician doesn’t do what they said they would do, that’s a red flag.

              I happen to think the governor of South Dakota and Florida are not that bad.

        • cu.h.j
          “..I was disappointed that Ron Paul said that, but I think that perhaps he changed his mind…”

          I saw, many years ago, a rather crazy but very smart woman , Anne Barnhardt, doing a talk on why the economic system is unfixable.

          She made a good point that Ron Paul makes a living talking about things that he must know he cant fix… in a lot of ways libertarian ideas (which I kinda agree with…) are used to weaken the ability of people to band together and hold anyone with power accountable

          • “She made a good point that Ron Paul makes a living talking about things that he must know he cant fix“

            I listen to The Liberty Report. Ron Paul talks about the same sort of things that pretty much everyone who recognizes the evils of authoritarian government talks about and I don’t remember ever hearing him express the notion that he could fix anything himself. He spreads the ideas of liberty and encourages people to work to change things themselves. Especially their misguided conclusions about government.

            I am starting to get the idea that not too many people who are criticizing Dr Paul listen to his show very often.

            Oh yeah! James Corbett; take a few days off. You’ve certainly earned it.

            • “..He spreads the ideas of liberty and encourages people to work to change things themselves. Especially their misguided conclusions about government…”

              The Anne Barnhardt point I was paraphrasing was that the monetary system is not salvageable is true… she was mainly talking about the whole sound money idea that most people know Ron Paul for when referring to him, and its a while back too.

              There is no path back to sound banking or sound money or small government that does not involve the system breaking horribly and terrible human suffering… Ron Paul is not someone to blame for the problem, but he also, AFAIK does not offer any good workable solution either (because there is not one)

              • Sorry, I didn’t catch that.
                I guess I just think that Ron Paul is doing pretty much what James here and so many other “truth tellers” are doing. That is pointing out the myriad examples of corruption, hypocrisy and violence in TPTSB. And then simply pointing out that non aggression and respect for private property is the solution to everything wrong with society.
                And I am not sure that he is married to the system at all. He hasn’t used the word anarchist to describe himself as far as I know but I have heard him say as much on more than one occasion.

            • @Steve

              Who do you think is more comparable to Ron Paul, Jordan Peterson or Pierre Poilievre?

              • I really don’t know Pierre Poilievre. Just read an “about” page and he seems like he would be sympathetic to true libertarianism. Limited government and government as the servant etc.
                But both Peterson and him still seem to believe in the myth of legitimate government authority so I don’t think either are able to fill Ron’s shoes.
                But truly, I don’t know what either of them really believe.

              • @Steve

                I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

                I do not really know what their deal is either. I have no interest in hoping other human beings are gonna ‘lead’ me (nor anyone else) towards a better future so I do not really research those individuals that deeply.

                Pierre Poilievre has said some things publicly that seem like the Canadian equivalent of “Let’s Audit The Federal Reserve”. He calls out some oligarchs here and there, he talks about what you said, government serving the people and seems like a nice guy. Not sure if he is just a really good actor or genuine in his stated goals, but either way I am not interested in the services he (or any other human that is part of a system of involuntary governance) are offering.

                Whether or not he becomes labelled as “prime minister” is not gonna change the effectiveness of my solutions strategies, so for the most part, I ignore him (and that other guy too).

    • – The Ron Paul Era and 9/11 Truth –

      There is a lot of history and context there. Unless you were following both the Ron Paul campaigns and 9/11 Truth campaigns at the time, it would be difficult to grasp the full context.

      Corbett picked a very good clip.
      During that era, the 9/11 Truth community was pressing extremely hard to get Ron Paul involved with 9/11 Truth. It caused distortions.

      That said, in 2008, I was on the phone for about 40 minutes with one of Ron Paul’s son-in-laws. Nice guy! He was an engineer who had recently signed up with Ae911Truth.org At the time, I was recruiting engineers and architects in The Texas/Oklahoma region to sign on to Ae911truth.

    • About that media clip with Ron Paul:
      The so called “News” Reporter was setting Ron Paul up so that he would taken down as a conspiracy nut. Indeed, he has never said any of those things about Bush being tied to the events of 9/11/01 that the media hit-man claimed that he had said.
      Although I would agree that Ron Paul has avoided seeing the evidence of Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Towers, I would not put him in the same category as most other Politicians who are mostly Lawyers(agents of the BAR).
      It is not hard to see that the System is broken (perhaps beyond repair), however we do need a System that works, and I believe that it starts with a Common Law Jury. We need to prosecute these mass murders who have planned and instigated the COVID19 Scamdemic before they pull off the End Game!

      • I don’t think Ron Paul is a fraud. He’s an an old man in his 80s trying to do some good. He has spoken up a lot about the Covid scam, the dangerous “vaccine” the lockdowns, etc. He is different from most politicians. I was disappointed that he wasn’t honest with us or with himself, but he is human after all.

      • Truthseaker
        “.. We need to prosecute these mass murders who have planned and instigated the COVID19 Scamdemic before they pull off the End Game!..”

        Thats a nice idea… but its not going to happen.
        The people who did 9/11 are walking around free
        The people who told firefighters they could breath the air at ground zero safely are still free
        The people who masterminded the opiate crisis and those at Bayer that sold AIDS blood to children are still free

        Bill Gates is not going to jail either…most people would rather see conspiracy theorists in jail, and to mis-quote “Blackpilled” the rule of Law is over

    • I don’t think that was a mistake by James, I think he put that in as a test to see if people really comprehended the point he was making. Otherwise a rant about politicians not keeping their promises would just be captain obvious.

      • I agree with you. We don’t know what might happen to Ron Paul if he admitted he thought 9/11 was an inside job. My guess is that he thinks the official narrative is is a bunch of crap. If you actually look at the evidence the logical conclusion is that the government lied and what they say happened didn’t happen.

        What if Ron Paul was worried about his safety or his family’s safety or that he thought he could do more good by maintaining his platform? Is that wrong? Is lying always wrong? My opinion is that sometimes lying is justified depending on the circumstances. I have lied to protect someone’s feelings. I would lie or omit beliefs to shield my family and safety. There are some good reasons to lie. I have never met someone who has never lied.

        • If that were the case, he could have simply answered “no” and be done with it. They way he reacted speaks volumes. But I guess his reaction could be interpreted as panic. He’s been around for a while so probably has a solid idea what these agencies can do to a guy.

          Regardless, while I do appreciate much of Ron Paul’s work, he’s an establishment player, balls to bones.

          • His reaction suggested he’s a bad liar. He was probably afraid of the consequences of what a regular “no” might have implied to the psychopathic monsters in powerful places. He may have believed his family’s safety was worth more than his honor. Some people love their children and family members more than anything in the world. I can’t fault people for making that sacrifice.

            I think Ron Paul believes the US constitutional republic can be salvaged and that small government is better than no government. I also appreciate much of his work.

            I was disappointed when I saw that clip that he was not honest, but considering that he may have had mitigating circumstances that he believed necessitated a lie, I can forgive this transgression.

        • I followed Ron Paul and the 9/11 Truther movement closely at the time. Daily.
          The context is so much different than today. You had to have been there to grasp it. (See my comment above.)

          For example, repeatedly, over and over and over again, on video, different people in the movement tried to get Ron Paul to say something about 9/11 or Building 7 with the “conspiracy” tint. Ron would not do it. The 9/11 community would often twist his statements.

          Ron Paul was not lying. He did not think that Bush had foreknowledge of 9/11, but he did think that the Patriot Act was nuts along with the lies about Iraq…or at least that was his publicly stated perspective.

          Aug 2020 MyQUOTE “…Background:
          In 2008, probably around 50% of the Ron Paul followers were aware of the 9/11 Cover-up. The other 50% were opposed to any such foolish 9/11 conspiracy theory. During that era, I saw many Ron Paul followers get extremely irate and angry over any discussion which questioned the 9/11 official story….”

          [Don’t miss the Alex Jones “End The Fed” video at the LINK.]
          At that “End The Fed” event, Joe and I and other 9/11 Group Members had to be “discreet” in our dissemination of 9/11 Truth DVDs because so many Ron Paul people despised the 9/11 Truther narrative…and that is why my 9/11 Truth signs in the video were covered with the placard “TV Lies”. Underneath “TV Lies” were 9/11 Truth signs.

          The contention was viscious sometimes. I had to ban a friend of mine who kept getting into major fire-fight arguments. He would bash the Ron Paul fans who were in our 9/11 Truth Meetup Group. He was pissed because Ron Paul never said anything of major consequence concerning 9/11 Truth.

          There were some very large Ron Paul Meetup groups in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. They would not let 9/11 Truth be a topic for discussion. I know. I was muted.

          Ron Paul was not lying in the video, because he never publicly said that 9/11 was an inside job. Corbett made a good pick.

          Unless a person was a 9/11 Truth activist during that era, they would not grasp how contentious the topic was.

          It is like Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated now.
          Try to have a rational calm discussion with a very pro-vaccine person.

          • That’s some information worth pondering over, Homie.

    • Alchemist,

      Yeah, that’s the first thing I thought of, the Anarchapulco interview. Ouch is right. Kinda threw Paul under the bus to make an overarching point. Corbett probably felt he needed to keep the podcast fair and balanced. Especially since he was tearing Trump and Q followers new assholes, it would have to be open season on any politician of every stripe, including Paul.

      Was it a mistake? Yes and no. In a certain sense, yes. In my opinion, given Paul’s career (and the Archapulco interview), it was heavy handed. But, strictly within the context of his message, no, it was on point. It’s just that the Paul sequence could easily have been skipped, and agreed, a better way could have been found to illustrate the point. Which was what, though? That Paul is illustrative of a gatekeeper?

      In his own way, Corbett can be extremely hard core and uncompromising. Sometimes he reminds me of Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down”.

      But, like you say, no one should be glorified, which reminds me of yet another song – Lennon’s “God”: In the end, Corbett believes in Corbett, which is, of course, his strength….

      You can stand me up at the gates of hell
      But I won’t back down


    • Parallels – 9/11 Truth Era & the Covid Era
      Lessons forgotten

      Perhaps Mr. Corbett might someday expound on this, because he was there, actively involved, during the 9/11 Truth era.

      With the speculation about the Ron Paul video clip in “Hopium”, the contrast of these two eras starts to come into view.

      In this Covid era, a surrounding theme seems to be how difficult it is to convey an alternate story against the official narrative.
      I well remember what a strain it was during the 9/11 Truth era…a person could be shunned and even their career derailed if they publicly spoke out.

      If a person was not actively involved in the 9/11 Truth movement during that era, then of course, they would not grasp the fact that we now are currently experiencing a similar situation. …It’s just that the Stories are different.

      • There are striking similarities for sure. But Covid has demonstrated to be in reality not much worse than a bad flu season. That should be plainly obvious to most people. 9/11 was not as concrete as Covid in my opinion. No bodies are piling up in the streets hence no emergency.

        • cuhj “9/11 was not as concrete as Covid in my opinion. No bodies are piling up in the streets”

          false, disrespectful, disgusting comment/opinion.

          I concede its impossible to precisely know the rates of exceptional death in both stories, because of the countless devices that would distort or obscure, but the clear fact is that enormous unnecessary death was caused by the 9/11 gestures as with the scamdemic gestures. difference is, now the bodies are more spread out.

          quick search: “15 years after the Iraq War began, the death toll …https://www.washingtonpost.com › politics › 2018/03/20
          20 Mar 2018 — We bolded the key phrase: About 400,000 deaths were probably attributable to the conflict from 2003 to 2011, about 240,000 of them a result of …”

          and as for the quibbling and speculation about Ron Paul above: it reads like discussion that tries to understand/justify Q…

          R.paul’s answer to the question catches him with his pants in a nano-thermite flash down round his ankles. pure pretending, or perhaps he’s being manipulated by mob goons or aliens, painted as a “simulacrum of hopium”, or maybe he’s kinda dumb. No matter how one slices, it still smells like shit.

          • What I meant is that the scam was harder for me to discern with 9/11 initially. I figured out Covid in 2 weeks because obvious physical reality was different from what was being portrayed on MSM. I never thought war was justified after 9/11 even though it took a while for me to really believe the government did it.

            The fact that they said they found an ID or passport in the rubble was sketchy. But I was in my 20s at that time and not really paying attention.

            With the scamdemic, at least healthy people can obviously experience the lack of a dangerous life threatening disease that affects them. Plus, seeing patients with Covid has confirmed that indeed, generally speaking, not much different from past flu seasons.

            I was not trying to minimize 9/11, although I suspect this will result in much more death and harm across the world.

            • chuj “What I meant is that the scam was harder for me to discern with 9/11 initially. I figured out Covid in 2 weeks because obvious physical reality was different from what was being portrayed on MSM”

              V do you mean to say the MSM coverage of 9/11 was “obvious physical reality”? I suggest more scrutiny of your syntax.

              MSM lies about 9/11 were only a bit less polished than today’s about covid; and many have been schooled to be more careful about who gets our faith.

              I wonder if you, being on the front lines of death and physical suffering, ever get to a point of indifference (“detached concern”)? the Dr’s we used to ferry around to remote communities used to say, “all they could do is minimize suffering and prolong death” so we’re all gonna die, and what difference does it make when?

              I think it does make a difference, though less when, and more how, where, and in what state of mind one dies; whether one has an intact or activated “soul” or not. thats my personal hope. I’m in no rush for the big reveal, but everyday is a another chance to prep for a better death by living large.

              • “V do you mean to say the MSM coverage of 9/11 was “obvious physical reality”? I suggest more scrutiny of your syntax.”

                No, but I had no way to confirm 9/11 was true or false in the first two weeks, without expert analysis of how the buildings fell and if it was likely that the hijackers in question had the skill to pull it off.

                With the scamdemic, if it was similar to small pox or another real life threatening disease, we would know right away. Healthy people would have been overwhelming the hospital system. This did not happen, not in my area anyway, and probably not in any area. And based on what I experienced working in a hospital, the MSM was clearly overstating the risk

                With respect to treating sick people, detached concern is a good description. If I were no detached to an extent, my thinking would be impaired and care may suffer in the ER. When performing technical tasks and trying to think, it’s best to have a degree of detachment or calmness under pressure and this develops over time. Detachment is different from not caring or not doing the best job I can for every patient.

      • stralia chucks a yeah-nah.
        aiming for higher principles or to disempowering corruption does not include strategic lying. consider the archer that hit the bullseye; it wont be R.Paul
        Yes it can but it is the very rare human who can wield the double-edged sword (truth and lies being two sides of same coin), without making a mess.

        we’d all like to be allowed to get away with a bit of hypocracy, but,, the less lies the better.

  2. I like the way this pulls things together. The link made with Christianity is interesting but I wonder if this also has a lot to do with growing up in consumerist culture. Some company or product constantly appears to solve whatever problem/s I have. I don’t need to know anything about how the product works, I don’t even need to know how to use it properly. All I have to do is present some money – I don’t have to have earned that money through work. I can be doing no work that contributes to anything whatsoever – including even to myself – and miraculous, cutting-edge solutions will continue to be offered to me… I know no other way.

    • great point to ponder thanks

  3. Could you please site the source for your particular brand of linguistic pedantry?

    I have no doubt the scholarly pedants over at Britannica would love to argue with you, no?


    In the original sense, I think the machinery derived from the stage hands, and NOT God, who fortuitously dropped a “god” (one of many) down on the scene at just the right moment to save the day for the characters in whatever contrived drama unfolding. There’s a bit of humor in it, is there not, unless one is taking it seriously.

    Hence, I believe Corbett’s correct in his definition and usage of the phrase in question.

    • Trust me, I don’t….


      • MagicBullet says:
        This great Hopium video which should be added to the BEST OF CORBETT.

      • What a lovely little humbling of “The Pretentious Nobleman Curator of Truth – Arbiter of Justice or Oppression – Stalwart Defender of “Fact & Word Rights” to identify with any meaning, spelling, definition,grammatical form or interpretation and those words are NOT what their definitions and relation to objective reality as understood but completely subjective to the whims of bad faith lunatics and subversive actors. Look at the 2021 Olympics where finally women who suffer from having penis and testicles can be free of the stigma and hate that now SHE IS NO LONGER MALE AND HER TESTICLES ARE COSMETIC and just like every other Female. Fact-checking is a PR term.

  4. I was fooled by Trump, similar to how I was fooled by Obama in 2008. With Trump, I thought that because the MSM was so against him, or at least they were non stop with the anti-Trump propaganda, that he must not be corrupt.

    Also, it’s hard to know what to do or if you have any agency, so it’s easiest to mark a ballot. What a scam. I’ve been fooled before too, so I’m not above being a sucker.

    • cu.h.j says:
      “I’ve been fooled before too, so I’m not above being a sucker.”

      We all have been a sucker on many and multiple occasions.
      “Being A Sucker” – That is probably part of the mandatory learning experience for the human species.

      • “…“Being A Sucker” – That is probably part of the mandatory learning experience for the human species..”

        TRUE… but most people have a very fragile ego these days so Mark Twains saying is more applicable

        “..It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  5. The current most important Hopium: mRNA
    It could be about the experimental mRNA injections as well.
    We had 1.5 years of promises that everything would go “better”
    if we all got our (sacrificial) injections, “the final solution”.

    Some friends of mine jumped on the Qanon Train.
    They were excited by the discovery of so much evidence
    for pedophiles in powerful positions.

    The UFO disclosure is also a Hopium.
    We had one in 2001.

    One good thing is that the technocrats have their own Hopium:
    1. The AI singularity
    2. A mars colony
    3. Global domination / full mind control
    4. Eternal life / Uploading their consciousness

    Is there a strategy how we can setup different elite groups against
    each other?
    Or trick them into spending everything into their hopium?
    (Like: let them all go to mars or chip their consciousness)

    The Israeli will probably not like the idea that their population
    has been mRNA-marked. Based on the animal trials, we can expect
    that most their people to get severe adverse reactions within
    a few years.

    • We need a “special ops” team to go over these things. I hope there are people working on these ideas right now. They are good ones.

    • FEAR
      On the opposite of “Hopium” we have “Fear Porn”, which is even more popular.

      The fear-porn can depend on the political group that is targeted.

      1. Death counts every day (covid gun victims)
      2. Prediction of disasters (global warming / ice-age)
      3. Nano-tech in vaccines (and forgetting about mRNA itself)
      4. UFO-invasion / demonic technology

      Fear is a strong vector in the mind-control,
      and there can be a long list of them.

    • The current most important Hopium: mRNA

      It blows my mind that people are still getting these Experimental Injections. It appears to me that the Biden people are more likely to have gotten one of the Injections because they have bought into his lies.
      Perhaps having to admit to have fallen for Trump’s lies or the Q thing has gotten some people to second guess the government.
      Note that Ron Paul called COVID19 a Hoax early on and took a good deal of heat for doing so. Why he chooses not to see the truth about the events of 9/11/01 is beyond me, but people mostly see what they want to see,and the failures of everything on 9/11/01 could turn a person into a pessimist. (even if they had not served 23 years in Congress)

      • I have a friend that was a long time “liberal” democrat question the lockdowns and she said to me “the only ones against it are the red-neck Trump supporters”. And for the most part she was right. People who were conservatives did question it more, perhaps because they wanted to go to church, many conservatives are also Christian. Who knows, but there is a political affiliation thing going on. The neo-libaral/progressives (for the most part) will accept what “science” says and obey whatever rules set by the “woke” government.

        It’s disgusting. I used to believe that liberals were the good guys, free speech and liberty, bodily autonomy and all that. It’s like I woke up in the Twilight Zone and everything is reversed. A part of me hopes that when flu season comes around in winter we will have a reckoning of sickness caused by the mRNA injections. I know that is wrong for me to even consider that a positive outcome, but to be honest I think it would be a good thing. People would get a real life consequence for obeying and going against their better judgment. People sign a consent form prior to getting the injection that it is unapproved by FDA and that clinical trials are ongoing. If they don’t read the fine print, part of the responsibility is on them.

        • Cu.h.j
          “..It’s disgusting. I used to believe that liberals were the good guys, free speech and liberty, bodily autonomy and all that. It’s like I woke up in the Twilight Zone and everything is reversed. ..”

          I dont thinknits a left right thing… its people who have no actual “base” principles and so just follow the crowd vs those who do have principles.
          To the 1st group Free speech is good when it serves them and bad when it hurts them….the 2nd group ends up giving ground because it stupidly expects to get the same treatment.

          If the right wing ever looks like it is powerful all the disgusting NPC people will come back and start trying to oppress the ‘other side’.

        • Responsibility definitely lies with them patients themselves.
          That said.
          Legally speaking (if legal would matter more than power) all those consent-forms are null and void.
          There is no consent when the statements are lies. There is no escaping culpability for the doctors making those “educational statements” before administering the vaccine too.
          Technically, legally, nearly all of those who inject the shots are going to be held accountable and some of those who killed people with an intubation too.
          Ah, if legal will count at some time in the near future (let’s say 5 years). May very likely be a pipe dream.

          • The consent form does contain lies, that falsely claim there are no other treatments. HCQ and Ivermectin are good treatments and that is not listed on the form. The information sheet does say that the injection is NOT approved by FDA and that there may be unforeseen side effects.

            The people giving the injections believe the same crap the receiving people believe, so harm caused is not intentional, ie. with knowledge that it can cause harm. Same with intubations. The doctors believed, went along with faulty treatment protocols instead of using common sense.

            I hope people do sue for damages and the government is held accountable. The drug companies can’t be sued unfortunately. That’s another fact left out of the consent form, that the drug companies can’t be sued.

            But people are going against their better judgment to conform and do what they are told and that’s a mistake on their part and they shoulder some of the responsibility for that decision. It’s unwise to go against ones intuition and many people are making that mistake.

            People are also getting their children injected with this crap who have had an increase of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart). The parents of those children are also partly at fault.

            • “ It’s unwise to go against ones intuition and many people are making that mistake.”

              That is a very good point. I really believe that people are born with an innate mistrust of intrusive medicine. Nobody ever had to teach a child to fear doctors and needles. On the contrary it seems that massive amounts of propaganda and conditioning have been employed to overcome our instincts and embrace what the white coats tell us.
              We’ve lost faith in our creator and in the amazing creation that we are in favor of specialists who treat symptoms of diseases that they are partly responsible for.

  6. Something about this style is unsettling. Q Q Q I hate the stupid Q crap, never for one minute did I fall for Q. Trump got me with the hopium before I did some homework. I dug in a bit it was easy to decide he was just another puppet from the puppet masters. I have only voted in one local American Selection. It is a first class puppet show run by the ADL and AIPAC and any anti american organization the zionist own and operate.

    Have you watched white rabbit radio’s Anti-Racist Hitler? https://youtu.be/mzNdMr1Rm9Q

  7. I just couldn’t stop nodding my head and got confirmation that my BS filter is working perfectly! Just a random thought, there is a German word starting with Q called Quatsch, it means nonsense………..it sort of sums it up nicely!

  8. At least now that the sheeple have taken to directly inject Hopium into their arms, they will have to suffer the consequences of their own stupidity.

    In the past, their addiction to hopium has caused innocent people in places like Iraq and Syria to suffer.

    • Ouch. It does hurt more when the hit is closer to home. Even though there is a modicum of poetical justice to what you describe, I do not expect the majority to tale notice of the mechanism of cause and effect due to how abysmally oblivious they are.

  9. Great work James. You really articulate the political mind games well.

  10. That was pretty good, James. The mention of Operation Trust was definitely warranted. Why no mention of Jew Ezra Cohen-Watnick, though, or the other ‘likelys’ of the Q Team, such as General Flynn, or White House Deputy Chief of Communications and Social Media goy Dan Scavino? Also, I feel this Q-themed report is a bit Johnny-come-lately, and that you pretty much avoided the Q phenomenon (intentionally, and I guess it’s kind of hard to fault you for that, in hindsight). However, there were many Q ‘proofs’ (https://qanon.pub/data/proofs/index.html) that were a large part of the reason for thinking Q was legitimate by a lot of probably well-meaning, patriotic boomers, Xoomers and others of the post Tea Party conservative bent.
    Fellow Jew Josh Gerstein runs cover for Cohen-Watnick in a Politico article (‘Are you QAnon?’: One Trump official’s brush with an internet cult gone horribly wrong’; https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/19/qanon-trump-ezra-cohen-watnick-460520). Welp, I guess the case is closed on that one: nothing to see here, folks (move along…).

    Q seems to be a largely Jewish, Zionist ‘gay op’, and the false flag narrative of the January 6th event @ the Capitol is increasingly being promoted by not only alternative media platforms and personalities like Alex Jones, but mainstream conservative cable news, a la Tucker Carlson & FOX News. It is and was a kosher-sandwich, Right-Left dialectical distraction, and I’m not sure we’ve heard the end of it, either, judging by the election auditing and rhetoric going on in Arizona, and possibly Colorado, etc. Maybe the White Boy Summer will be the return of Donald J. Trump & Team Q, after all.

    I’m think you were somewhat lazy, or at least erroneous, when you state that nothing ‘Q’ ever said or did came true or could be interpreted to be legitimate or prescient. Yes, I think it can be plainly conceded that there was certainly plain information or claims (event date-setting) presented that did not come true at the plainly stated predicted date (HRC arrest, et al). But that’s not the whole story, which is somewhat disingenuous reporting, imo.

    Don’t worry too much, though. I’m a lifetime Corbett subscriber and I promote your content all the time, and will continue to do so. You gotta’ start dialoguing with the alt-right, though. This Q narrative could be a good place to start, but many of those alt. media personalities are equally or even more biased and uninformed against what the details on the Q phenomenon or movement were (I’ve had the dubious luxury of being a conspiratard Q dupe from its inception, but I’ve come to a more nuanced interpretation of what Q is for my liking-largely due in part to the eschewing of normie/boomer conspiracy culture for the alt-right worldview [and their Q skepticism from the outset]).


    • stephen:

      You make a good point about reaching out to the Q people and the “alt-right”/conservatives. I honestly think that people in those groups are more free thinking these days. I think the new liberal movements are much much more authoritarian and closed minded. Progressives have swallowed this Covid-1984 technocratic nightmare without questions from what I can tell based on what I observe living in a progressive city.

      I think the conservatives are the ones who would be more likely to listen to this type of material. My grandma, a long time republican knew instinctively that this was a bunch of crap and refused the “vaccine”. She has dementia also, so I was impressed that even still she was able to see bullshit when it was presented.

  11. I found it ironic that this well done piece is episode ‘404’. I sure hope the hopium crowd can find it…

    • it’s more than ‘ironic’, it’s ‘legendary’!

      Error 404

  12. ya politicians are evil liars. it’s all good. stop worrying. jesus is coming to save the world. any day now. to kill the good folk. and scoop ’em up like supe did. and fly to heaven.


    gootube sorry


  13. Great Job James…. very interesting

  14. “Heads Are Exploding!”

    There is probably a large spectrum of people across the world whose heads are exploding after viewing “A Brief History of Hopium”.

    • I dont think so! They have ordered more cement. All we can hope for is that a seed, has been planted.

  15. I am a fool !
    I was hoping for the clintons after bush, I really belived in obama, I was walking around taking about maga. The only one, that has not got to me is biden. And I dont want the vaccine. And I am from Norway !! So I see how easy I can be brain washed. At least I can admit that I am a fool !
    So now I am wondering about what the next trick I am going to fall for – or has felled for. In an other way, to make a lot of mistakes, is a way to learn.

    • So now I am wondering about what the next trick I am going to fall for

      A good start, we all need to check up on that from time to time, eh?
      The next obvious question is: How do I not fall for any tricks anymore or at least much less, if it happens less severe (I can snap out of it faster)?

      • The problem seems to be the difference between hope and hopium. I have always hoped for something better / good to happen in the future, for me and for everybody. I dont want to go the road of hope-less-ness, so in many cases, it is easier to get fooled by hopium, when we actually are, in a positive state, to start with. Like now, I am getting very unpopular, because I am going around, and trying to inform people about the dangers of the vaccine, and hope that what I say, is going to make an impact on the people I talk to. Most people ask me if I am a professor, or a doctor, and think I am a fool, again. And maybe they are right here too. But I do what I do, regardless, because I have hope.

  16. The Visuals and Sound were dynamic! Broc West really has skills! and he dances with Corbett’s STORY.

    • couldn’t agree more HRS. I often had to think of Broc this time and marvel in the compilation and the synchronization of those two

  17. “I Like Ike”

    Around 2010, I sold a large collection of political buttons at a garage sale I was having.
    The buttons went back decades, some with names most people would not recognize today. I had a lot of “I Like Ike” buttons.

    It seems like the best, most reusable political button would be “Vote Harder”.
    It could be passed down to the generations, and utilized in every country and state and town.

    • You have a good point, but The danger of NOT voting or paying ANY attention to politics is that those with power are still going to use the mech of the state…. they are not gonna be ‘totally’ upset if people latch onto the idea of dropping out of politics- only when people start dropping out of their economic system do they worry.

  18. James, been with you since the start and you, my friend, have been the main “hopium” for me in this nasty digital deception of Internet “gurus” and such.

    Along with James Fetzer, The American Thinker, and others you folks have served us well with facts and gifted insights. Thanks.

    One of my more recent songs:
    WHO WANTS US TO DIE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8CKubpwla5Lr/


  19. I would say 3. herd immunity, 3. and 4. Fake stats and PCR tests. Also that the Japanese are probably healthier than Americans in general, have less obesity and eat a better diet, so maybe 2. is also correct, Japanese have stronger immunity.

    Many Americans are overweight and even a little bit of extra weight, I suspect, has a profound effect on inflammation.

    I treated a relatively healthy 29 year old male police officer for Covid who had moderate illness but came into the hospital because his oxygen saturation dropped with walking. He had asthma which was the only known medical problem. He was muscular in general but had a little extra fat and was probably slightly overweight.

    I have also had patients hospitalized with the flu as well, young people in 20s and 30s, most of them I recall being overweight as well. I suspect there are genetic predispositions to excessive inflammation that makes both flu and Covid infections worse. And I also suspect that excess body fat can also make respiratory infections worse.

    I did observe Covid the disease state was different than flu the disease state. I do think Covid is caused by a viral infection but that the actual number of people who had it was grossly exaggerated by false positive PCR tests. Just my hypothesis based on my clinical observations.

  20. Even though he was wrong, just leaving that berserk reference made it worth it.

  21. James and Brock… you guys have officially hit another level of documentary production! Not only the content(on point as always) but the melding of editing, pop culture, music, etc. I don’t really have the words; this is, in my opinion, the best produced documentary you guys have ever made. And that is saying something! There have been so many great ones over the years. Inspiring!!

    What can I say about the documentary itself? I think every kid around the world should watch this the moment they hit voting age, it would make them think twice about politicians and their empty promises. It would make them second guess the corrupt system they contribute to. It’s all theatre. It’s all an illusion. Fakery.

    Like I’ve said in a previous comment, I too was hoodwinked by Obama and his rhetoric(though I was relatively young and immature, eighteen at the time). His meteoric rise from obscurity to “lead” this country through the worst recession in my lifetime(yet) was staggering. The people, in dire straights were looking for a messiah to end their financial woes; the powers that should not be gave him to them. No doubt about it, the young senator was groomed for this role. But by the time his second term rolled around, the jig was up, everybody knew he was a fraud at that point. I never voted for him in ’08. Though I likely would have had I been registered. Regardless, I’m proud of that fact.

    Trump on the other hand was the same illusion, with a different twist. This time they chose to pick someone who wasn’t a career politician. A carnival barking businessman/actor who would play up to the wants and needs of a large subsect of the US population who’ve become increasingly anti establishment and harbored beliefs of mistrust in the federal government. These people could be anyone on the spectrum, from a far right skinhead redneck all the way to a moderate voter straddling the political aisle. It didn’t really matter! He won many people over with his feigned contempt for the establishment, brash one liners, and utter disdain for politically correct culture. The MSM’s fake hatred for the guy just added imaginary fuel to the imaginary fire. Honestly, his theatrics struck a cord here in a way Obama’s could never hold a candle to. Obama played up to the sheep, the people who truly trust the system. Trump’s act played up to those who don’t, which has slowly become the majority of the population. It was brilliant move pandering to the conspiracy crowd the way they did. And I don’t think this play is truly over, I predict the second act will come in 2024 when this con comes “roaring” back with a vengeance. I’ll admit, I voted for Trump in ’16. I was hoodwinked to a degree, I can’t stand PC culture. Never again.

    In closing, I’d like to reiterate, James and Brock continue killing it fellas! You two are on fire right now, hitting all cylinders! I don’t think anyone in the alternative media realm is putting out material quite this good right now!!!

  22. I know you’d like to believe he is really a good man trying to help people. But I have to agree with bleak on this one. There is such a calculated cult of personality built up around the guy in conservative circles, much like Reagan or Lincoln; at this point he can do no wrong in their eyes. He must have had some of the best marketing firms in the world working to rehabilitate his image. I remember growing up how people viewed him as this sleazy, scumbag businessman that would trade his grandma away for a nickel; anything to make a buck. Just look at his background, born and raised in Queens, NY hobnobbing among the cosmopolitan elite, born with a golden spoon up his a**. Take a look into the mentors in his life like his father Fred Trump and Roy Cohn. Look into his immediate circle, those closest to him. Hell, the Clintons attended his wedding! We’re supposed to take all of this info and accept this idea that the guy just one day found Jesus and decided to save the country from all those dastardly satanists running the show!? Nope, not buying it. So what does all of this tell you? Trump is just an actor, like Ronald Reagan. But a much better one then than people give him credit for.

  23. Western civilization tends to treat all technological developments with starry gazes of absolute incredulity. But as many know, much of what we see today in terms of technology occupied previous epochs, if only primitively.

    Social critic, H. L. Mencken, stated in the early part of the last century:

    “The American people love machines that think and hate people who try.”

    How true this is and how little we really know about the history of technology and for that matter, critical thinking.

    Corbett often reminds us of the Library at Alexandria. Do people really understand what was lost when it burned and when Rome stopped supporting its goals?

    Just a note on the fetishization of technology and history, superheroes and the glorification of the means of production.

    “Heron Alexandrinus, or Hero of Alexandria as he was often known, was a Greek born in 10AD in Alexandria, now part of Egypt, and the second largest city after Cairo. Little is known about the life of Heron, however, we are aware that he was born to Greek parents that migrated to Alexandria after the conquest of Alexander the Great. Heron was a mathematician and an engineer considered to be one of the greatest inventors of ancient times.

    During the era in which Heron lived, the great Library of Alexandria was in its glory and Heron is believed to have taught at the Museum of Alexandria, a place for scientists and scholars to meet and discuss.

    What very few people know, thanks to the omission of important facts from our history books, is that Heron was the first inventor of the steam engine , a steam powered device that was called aeolipile or the ‘Heron engine’. The name comes from the greek word ‘Aiolos’ who was the Greek God of the winds.
    Another invention of Heron was the ‘wind wheel’, a wind-driven wheel that was used to power a machine that was connected to a pipe organ. He also invented the first vending machine, automatic opening doors, ‘ miraculous’ movements and sounds in temples, a fire engine, a standalone fountain, and many of the mechanisms of the Greek theatre.

    One of his theatrical mechanical inventions included a completely mechanical robotic theatrical play by using a binary system of knots and ropes and simple machines, even creating artificial sounds of thunder, pumps and concentration of light to specific parts of the performance. His works include descriptions of machines working on air, steam or water pressure, architectural devices for lifting heavy objects, methods of calculating surfaces and volumes – including a method of calculating the square root, war machines, and manipulation of light using reflection and mirrors.”

    Much of this,like now, was used to induce fear in the masses, for others it signified hope through magical technology.

    We live in a seedy, little cut-rate carny—a run down Las Vegas lounge act.


    • I read about that steam engine… I cant recall if the author built a working device or was just going off calculations but the rotating steam engine was a pretty toy but not feasible for doing industrial work in a world of Charcoal being the main fuel….they would have burnt up all the forests way too fast before coal mining became a real thing.

      The Romans inability (even though they COULD make such things small scale) to RELIABLY make things like high pressure water pipes (hence the need for aqueducts) put steam engines out of their reach… just like without cheep paper the printing press is just a cool idea rather then world changing…. I bet Romans could have made Edison style phonographs and pretty easily though

  24. Brilliant as always, sharing on all platforms.

  25. #1: bull
    #2: maybe. The American diet sucks for the most part.
    #3: sure. Sounds reasonable.
    #4: no duh
    #5: ??
    #6: answered back on number four.
    #7: “

  26. 5. The news is all fake.

    The US has 95% to 100% false positives on covid deaths.
    The media just wanted it to be high for political reasons.

    Japan is also much healthier in diet and do not suffer so much
    from overweight and lack of vit-D.
    Good to create herd-immunity as well.
    The media does not need that political push and may have some sense of honor.
    But also they do not have to convince the people to follow certain rules.

    4. This is more global, and all stats are manipulated to
    sell us a certain narrative.

    X. Maybe they use HCQ and Ivermectin.
    In India Ivermectin seems to be a major factor to prevent deaths,
    but their numbers are also 100x lower to begin with.
    In India we also see that the vaccines have a reverse effect:
    they increase the number of hospitalized cases.
    In the US about 70% of the cases are of fully vaccinated people, so
    it has a inverse effect. Some hospitals have 100%.
    Experts have predicted this on the basis of the animal studies.

  27. The hopium is still going. The Trump cult is getting all jazzed up about the election audit in AZ. fools. They wanted everyone to see the voter fraud this time, So they can rush in with the preplanned solution. Block Chain voting. Also universal ID. Trumpists want it for voting, Leftists want it for guns & vaccines. And all are too dumb to see its the same universal ID on the block chain tracking you everywhere. And both sides will beg for it? Most people are lost.

    • Great point. We shall see.

  28. JC and Broc West, I just want to say thank you for what you both are doing. You are true idealist who haven’t become jaded and cynical. I really respect that and think you both should be very proud of your contribution to humanity. There will be suffering for those who didn’t know what was coming and you try to inform them and are show empathy. That is why humanity deserves to survive, un-modified. Compassion and bravery like that is worthy of survival and to thrive.

  29. 70 years how about 3000 years? They have been on the warpath on orders from their gods. Read about it here From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land…Clash of Civilizations read it free here https://archive.org/details/from-yahweh-to-zion-jealous-god-chosen-people-promised-land…clash-of-civilizations-laurent-guyenot It answers all the questions. And Beware the world to come. There is so much to know. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4jrxCADsRjjE/

  30. Nice new format with new elements in it. Like it!

  31. You keep making better and better videos, good job!

  32. “..I don’t think Trump is the same as the previous Presidents…”
    In a sense… he does appear to have been a rouge, a guy who thought he could grab some power for himself from the regular bunch of criminals.

    “… He is a good man and I have no doubt about it. ..”
    There is no way a person can be as rich and move in the circles trump moved in and be a good person… I was hoping that he would at least be a strong person, but he turned out to be just a pacifier for the public and an an excuse for the crackdown thats happening right now.

  33. “…In Christianity, the figure of Christ personifies soteria…”

    In regular Christianity Christ is the old testament God personified… not a Greek philosophical principle

    • Never been much of a one for reincarnation or transmigration… my reading scared me off the idea ways back, you ever read “The Call of the Hungry Ghost”?

  34. “…Did Trump actually represent a faction of American business and military power against the NWO plans to abandon the USA for the East?…”

    I kinda am comming to think Trump was a fight between factions of the jewish lobby…. you have right wing and left wing jews who both agree on the goal of making Israel great, just some of them are more left wing and others are more right wing… there are other groups but thats the whale in politics

  35. I have the tendency to being pretty judgmental. So I could easily name what to me is the worst episode on the corbettreport (those early ones from the start excluded, by and large I have not and don’t wanna watch them) but would have a hard time naming the best.
    And I am not so fast with cheering ‘a masterpiece’!

    This definitely was a tremendous piece. The entry with the Ike shouts. In general the visual arrangements (truly important to at least watch it one time) and the audio was overall great too. All the other little snippets I never heard of. The early 4chan q post with Podesta arrest, the god emperor statue/wagon. Bush speaking “exit strategy”!
    And I did not recognize the voice of Ron Paul the first time. So high and out of tune, rattled, maybe panicked he sounded there. Glad I entertained the piece a second time right this morning.
    Let them (Paul or Kennedy or Corbett or whoever else) not become false idols, Gurus.

    Recently I wasn’t pondering Hopium so much but rather how much I have been made aware that complaining about politics is a ritual too. Of course by the party oppositions and the media but much more by people of the general public (I did that a lot too in my young years). ‘They should have done that instead of that. ‘They are so stupid, why …’
    And I thought it also is some kind of mechanism to attempt to outsource one’s responsibility, to stifle action.

    • Ah and one thing.
      Whenever one is asking a slew of vapid, mostly rhetorical questions, I always remember Judy Wood how she was asking questions.
      Asking them, as if there is clearly no (initial normal) answer,
      instead of asking them looking out for answers and then at least presenting some rough ideas (and most of her “questions” really have straight-forward easy answers).

      So I remembered that again when those q questions were mentioned in the video.

    • And my sensibilities were tickled with Gandalf on the eagles. Arguing against it being a simplistic ex machina tool. Much more having been expounded upon in the Silmarillion. If I remember correctly sometimes being asked to do a task by literal gods (Valar) and sometimes being companions (even in the movies rescuing Gandalf when he asks for help, showing up at Erebor), most of the time staying out of everything.
      Anyway still a great choice, everybody understands.

  36. Sincere and eternal thanks for your dilligent, thourough research and documentaries over the years James. I have and will continue to support you. This one however, is the best example I’ve seen of how someone can be both right and wrong at the same time. There presently exists certain unfiltered and undeniable realities such as citizen jounalists reporting and filming on the ground in D.C. with the Whitehouse being emptied and fenced off with drains smoking and flooding, the F.B.I. building being completely boarded up etc..and the fact that the the propaganda machine of Holywood and all its players have been almost completely silenced throughout this crucial transitional period. All of which point to the likeleyhood of a very different scenario playing out behind the scenes. Previously taboo topics such as Adrenachrome, Satanic Ritual Abuse etc. are now becoming common knowledge, which suggests an effort to soften the blow before the extent of the horror we have been living under becomes apparent to all. Its clear a major paradigm shift is underway, however we must ask ourselves what sort of faith do we have, at a personal level, in humanity? Do we really have to do 100% of the legwork ourselves becoming financially independent, completely sovereign sustainable organic homesteading gardeners etc.. whilst suffering the pressure cooker of a fake pandemic and subsequent depopulation jab? – I would just like to point out to your audience that perhaps there DOES exist an organised body of well intended persons with the ability to do something about the current tyranny. Its an information war, and a distinction must be made between Q and Qanon. My personal take is that if I’m wrong then I believe all us dissenters would have been rounded up and dealt with long ago. Perhaps the reason we haven’t been yet is down to the spiritual element that appears to be criticised here James. Yes, Saviour programming is a real thing, as is politial tactics, electioneering etc. but these are only tools. It’s the intent behind those that use them to there advantage that counts, and we should judge a man by his fruits. Trumps first crop was good for his fellow counrymen, his main crop may yet ripen. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it will take more than a day to take it down.

    • joris
      “..We are in an apocalyptic time it seems…”

      Then we should expect things to be ‘solved’ and get better… it would be weird for the antichrist to show up looking scary when appearing to solve the things that scare us is way more effective at luring us in

    • “…Trumps first crop was good for his fellow counrymen, his main crop may yet ripen…”

      Maybe his (((Fellow))) countrymen…. pretty much nothing trump did that was good stood a week after Biden took office….. however he does give wonderful cover for demonizing dissent against corporate globo homo policy and all his bad policies still stand.

      He was either the dumbest least effective president ever or more likely a populist pacifier to the US while the clock runs down on the US

    • Yes we are. Here’s a spiritual angle for your consideration. Its actually written what it is we are collectively experiencing. Not many are ready to admit it yet, but when the full brunt of the depopulation reality becomes undeniable, even the brightest journalists/researchers, most ardent materialists and scientific rationalists will have to confront the fact that all we have been taught as gospel is infact the complete opposite of said gospels. Its a false reality and inverted world indeed, and you can’t eat humble pie or hear ‘told you so’ when your dead. Prepare yourself mentally, but more importantly, make peace with those you love. Time to pick a side, were all on trial. Its going to be rough, but SPOILER ALERT – God wins. Have faith, and good luck.

  37. Thank you so much to everyone for their overwhelmingly positive response to this. As always, it’s humbling beyond words.

    Thank you for supporting The Corbett Report.

    If you’re here reading this then you understand how important this information is. Please share it with everyone you can.

    Much love to you all but if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna enjoy a short break, recharge the batteries & come back with even more motivation than ever.

    However, I want all Corbett Reporteers to do me one small favor. I want this comment section FLOODED with posts telling James to at least take a small break. Let’s go!

    Love to you all

  38. No mention of “lock her up”? That’s too bad, as it was one of the most obvious lies that unravaled in some 5 minutes. From changing of “lock her up” to “she’s a good girl” in less time than the majority of people can recover from a sneeze.

    But that Ron Paul clip, that one is a keeper lol I have never seen that, and probably with good reason.

  39. We REALLY could do with at least ONE WIN against the deep-state, and they inadvertently provided us with IRREFUTABLE PROOF that they STAGED the “Babbitt” shooting on January 6th (see my short (6:51) take of the evidence https://www.bitchute.com/video/vyckuxcynO4c/ ), which was the MANUFACTURED excuse ALL the politicians needed to NOT consider the MOUNTAIN of evidence on THE STEAL, and here’s the recent comment I left on Wooz News’s excellent light hearted exposé, which was posted on February 8th (https://www.bitchute.com/video/DYlb92zMkj41/ the BOMBSHELL new evidence was posted by Pastor Brian from THE FIGHT PODCAST on April 10th):

    Oh man, I’m so DONE with this obvious FALSE FLAG (if anyone wants a laugh, check out the LAME (in comparison) video a deep-state TROLL DriftingintheNorth (user id: 0h94GUc0rc9p) attempted to muddy the waters with (https://www.bitchute.com/video/ixhtf6shbVrn/): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nvqvvsqJ_s ), where I’ve been doing my DAMNDEST to get the story to go mainstream, using the BOMBSHELL and IRREFUTABLE “bullet path” evidence from THE FIGHT PODCAST, but of course also mentioning Wooz News’s excellent video (and mine from January 10th), INCLUDING writing to my Virginia Senators Warner and Kaine on May 21st (https://www.bitchute.com/video/1BwhMDwOjDdm/ ), but they’ve used the establishment “trump card” of simply ignoring me, along with numerous others, including: Senator John Kennedy (R) (indirectly via a Louisiana resident), Tucker Carlson, Project Veritas, Restricted Republic (Lisa Haven; she at least acknowledged receipt, and has seen my subsequent related comments on their website), Alex Jones (Infowars), Viva Frei, Lionel Nation, etc, etc!

    I even tried sending the following Tweet to President Putin, on June 12th, but he ended up spouting some crap about “Babbitt” be assasinated…: https://twitter.com/DanielB_/status/1403859104309841920

    @KremlinRussia_E If find Biden nodding off in 16th meeting (embarrassingly, seen snoring in video conference with your favorite gal, Hillary), could throw cold water on him by bringing up INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence on Jan 6th STAGED shooting: search BItChute (dot com): farce close

    Not that I’m giving up (deep-state TROLLS), as I’ve invested far too much time, and with such strong evidence, I’m with this to hell or high water!

    • ,,,bullet from the 6th floor of texas school book depository,,, would of sent his head fwd and down, yet the “actual” footage shows “back and to the left”. Looks like Babbit got a “magic bullet”. even if you have evidence chizzled in stone, when the top players are threatened with exposure, even a “wiped hard-drive” can be laughed off as having been done with a “damp cloth”.

      not too sure what the justice system is made of, but for sure it aint all about morals & ethics.

      • what the..??!
        who the f are u?
        this is Vadoum reporting that someone is posting using my name??? FFS Now I know what identity theft is. who ever you are, you are an evil coward.

        • oh I get it, the thread has reverted to posts from 1/2 a year ago. I still dont recall aking that post but.

          • Perhaps this is the 404 moment?

            I do not recall last june or 5mins ago writing or posting the above comment:

            vadoum says:
            06/22/2021 at 1:48 pm
            ,,,bullet from the 6th floor of texas school book depository,,, would of sent his head fwd and down, yet the “actual” footage shows “back and to the left”. Looks like Babbit got a “magic bullet”. even if you have evidence chizzled in stone, when the top players are threatened with exposure, even a “wiped hard-drive” can be laughed off as having been done with a “damp cloth”.

            not too sure what the justice system is made of, but for sure it aint all about morals & ethics.

            something is haywire with the software or someone is hacking this thread or a 1 flipped for a zero or?

  40. Once the fraud of the political game has been revealed, one can see that believing in it is no different than believing in Santa Claus.

  41. James has somewhat recently played with the idea of a “crazy man coming out of the woods” (or something like that) that would catalyze the change necessary to pull us out of the dire situation we find ourselves in right now. I believe he discussed this with Ernest Hancock and maybe on another podcast. I wonder how he would compare and contrast this archetype with that of the savior/god that was reviewed in this podcast.

    • To finalize this thought…

      I wonder how James would reconcile the difference between these two ideas, given that the crazy man coming out of the woods and the politician are both seen as saviors. Isn’t the idea of the crazy man coming out of the woods to save us a form of hopium?

  42. Yep, life is hopium. It tricks us into getting involved and invested in its game. Then we die and the cycle continues with new life forms. But that’s okay. That’s our experience.

    • I like the way you phrase that.

  43. It’s not too late to hope. Where there is life there is hope. When we’re born, we don’t bring with us some divine assurance that our lives will be without suffering. A life that contains pain and suffering is still life after all.There is a simple solution for any pitiful soul that values oblivion over existence. And I pray that there is eternal punishment for those who cause the innocent to suffer enough to be forced to make the choice. And even more for those who cause that desperation in those helpless to escape it. But when we can grasp the truth that our reactions are usually what cause our angst, and realize that our mind can’t be conquered by circumstances, unless we surrender it, we will as someone once said; Be content in whatever state we are in.
    Therein lies hope.

  44. That was amazing. Canada is now going full commie. Yeah we have a summer of quasi freedom coming up. But fall/winter close behind. Censorship is beyond belief. Just wish I could find a way to get past the hopium and help realize they are just that as individuals. I’ve thankfully connected with those on the same page this past year. But we are few in the scheme of things. Supposedly 70% vaxxed first dose 12 and up Saskatchewan. Not sure if it’s true like everything else they tell us. But it is soooo sad because most I used to associate with are double shot by now. It is very sad. So grateful for those I’ve connected with over this past year.

  45. Broc, thank you for bringing Corbett’s work so deftly to all of our little screens. Beautiful work. Corbett, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you very much James. Thank you.

    Dear James, Broc, and all the readers. Please take a break. Take a long one. Rest. Love. Recharge. There’s a lot of work to do. Spend soem time with yourself. Take care of that thing. Then let’s get back to it. The world spins with or without us. You cannot spin without you. You are in control of you. Please take care of you. Please, pretty please, take a break. Make it a long one. As long as you can afford it. Even if it’s only one day. Break the hell out of that day. Take care folks. And Jaems, thank you.

  46. Great work as usual. Exposing pseudo-opposition and strange folks like Fulford and many others is urgently needed to allow people to see the actual problems and unite for a better future for all human beings. Keep it up!

  47. My conclusion is… I’ll believe it when I see it !

  48. Honorable James & Mr. Brock,

    HOPIUM is a brilliant commentary on the perpetual mental condition of the Public vs the fraud of government.

    As comment often made by the late US Senator Ted Kennedy sums this persistent, perplexing mental state of the Public, as follows:

    “The Hope still lives, and the Dream shall never die.”

    Respectful, Appreciative Regards,

    Dave Franklin, a staunch Supporter of The Corbett Report

  49. Outstanding, professional-quality production of Truthium. No wonder they want to suppress Mr Corbett. However, I feel like this is a bit ‘right of boom’. Many people still need to wake up, and this is a great, um, vaccine against Hopium, but for those who are awake, we need to be working on solutions like our lives depend on it, because they do. Great to keep trying to wake people up, but if Covid didn’t do it? The ship is sinking and many people refuse to accept it. They will make no effort to save themselves until it’s too late, if then. Time to focus on solutions and saving the save-able. Unplug from their system, especially fiat currency and corporate food. Form relationships- offline- with like-minded people. Grow and make what you can and trade for the rest. Interesting times.

  50. I understand that the very center of the King James Version of The Holy Bible is Psalm 118:8-9 which states: “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” Jeremiah 17:5-8 states: “Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the LORD. For he shall be like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see when good comes, but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land which is not inhabited. Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes; but its leaf will be green, and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit.”” And Matthew 6:31-33 states: “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

    The political system has been broken for many, many years, even many decades.

    In President George Washington’s Farewell Address written September 17th, 1796, some 225 years ago, this man of God who served his country well with forty-five years of public service, completing two terms as our President, shared some incredible words of wisdom as he stepped down from office. Not only did he sternly warn us concerning the dangers of the “party spirit” of political parties, but he said this, “Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. The mere Politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. . . And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect, that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” Take note that our public education system had Washington’s Farewell Address expunged from classroom textbooks for the past five decades because of his exhortation to be ever mindful of God’s moral value system. And we exercise such audacious pride and stupidity by removing the Ten Commandments from halls of American justice and public education.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  51. Nice piece but still does not promote the solution.

    Whenever you are appointing someone to do something, even as one voter, you should expect and require a list of actions within that persons control that come with a recall guarantee to enact. In the case of most politicians that is a recall guarantee to introduce and support or oppose certain policies.

    There is no way to differentiate good actors from bad actors without that.

    As a result the good actors need not bother. why would you fight to represent those who expect you to give up the day job and compete with lies for those who are clearly unworthy of democratic responsibility delegation.

  52. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was hopeful too and believed Trump was much better than Biden. I’ve never voted for a republican before. In fact I think Trump was the winner. We’ll never know if he was completely corrupt and knew that the election would be stolen. Maybe he did though and it was all a scam. If everything was a total scam and he knew exactly what was going on, that would make him a psychopath.

    I don’t foresee a system without leadership because it’s natural. But if we did away with central banking and regulations that would be a great start. I do think a world without government would be ideal. They do nothing but oppress us and rob and cheat us.

  53. You need organization and leadership. How many people are willing to be leaders in this resistance? Leadership is hard. You also need a detailed plan. I wouldn’t discuss specifics here, but that’s what is required. Leadership is essential. It’s how people function. It’s probably a learned phenomenon, but will need to be overcome with teaching.

    • @wylie1

      I see there are other options/choices before us at this fork in the road. I outlined one of them in my article that I linked to you in another comment. James and people like Derrick Broze have elaborated on other potential choices (which cannot realistically nor accurately be boiled down to “Prep and then hope the weasel powers find you last.” since their proposed strategies are multi-layered and not only provide autonomy but also serve to undermine and starve the corporate parasites / aka “weasel powers”).

      The options you presented for choices have several inherent flaws and fallacies built into them.

      Some of the fallacies and potential flaws that are built into your options for choices appear to based on statism, others appear to be based on learned helplessness, fear and apathy/laziness. None of those belief systems or attitudes will create lasting change for our civilization.

  54. “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”

    Niccolò Machiavelli

  55. Just watched this great little doc.

    And a certain Julian Assange flashed before my mind’s eye, a mysterious character in whom more or less “sophisticated” people love to invest all of their natural and powerful tendencies of devotion, in lieu of politicians and gods.

    This poor man whose personal situation appears to be tragic (and yet who managed to father two children as he was holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy) was most probably ruined psychologically as a child and has since served the establishment well as both a honey pot and controlled opposition.

    His repeated derision of the 911 community apparently didn’t marr his credibility among worshippers, nor his self-congratulation and strange timing in the climategate affair or even his self-agrandizing role in what’s commonly (and laughingly) known as the Arab Spring, nor apparently did veteran info-warrior John Young’s reservations (expressed, among other places, on this distinguished website) dampen their enthousiasm, nor his identification with a certain Rupert Murdoch and more especially his father Sir Keith Murdoch. And the fact that the poor man was associated with a sect as a child doesn’t set off any alarm bells among acolytes either.

    So his telegenic posturing will continue to be a fabulous source of distraction and depletion of constructive energy in the form of empty hero-worship, because people are hooked on carefully crafted Hopium.

    • Oh, and completely forgot to mention that he was vying with Zuckerberg for the dubitable distinction of Time magazine’s Person of the Year award.

      and certainly a bunch of other stuff.

  56. If you think any people won WW2, or any other war for that matter, you are very much deluded.

    The only way the people can win a war is by not showing up.

    • I’m not sure I follow your line of thought.

      The point of any given war is not for a people to win or lose, but to destroy the existing order. It needs to be destroyed on all levels, not the least of which in people’s minds.

      Once that has been accomplished, the new order can march in and tell the people that they have won.

      Regarding your other comments, you seem to be under the impression that the media/big tech conglomerate have intentions other than whipping up people in a state of frenzy.

      That’s all they ever do, they want the people to react not to think. Playing the idiotic Q narrative from both sides serves those ends perfectly. On one side you get a bunch of spectators waiting to be saved, while on the other side a strong sentiment builds up against the former.

      The method is called divide and conquer/rule. It’s been used for millennia.

      Insofar Trump’s moves, I’m not smart enough to figure out 4D chess moves. However, I do remember, and vividly so, chants from his inauguration.

      The payed shills clammored “lock her up, lock her up” and Mr. God/President just said “naw, she’s a good girl, she served well and we need to thank her for her valiant sevice”.

      Just like that, he ushered in a new reality, I guess being a God/President has its perks.

      • I don’t think there has ever been such a massive media campaign against a president. This was confusing for some people, including myself and many others, that MSM appeared to hate Trump so much, that Trump must have been a threat.

        Trump did call out MSM that it was “fake news”. I don’t think anyone has done that before in US history.

        If the whole thing was a psyop, perhaps all of it was, it was a clever one. At least I think it was because I am not stupid and it confused me.

    • That’s an interesting question and that s why I thought Trump might have been a real candidate.

      We will never know if he was completely on the take.

      The media was non stop bashing. But regardless of that Trump kept Faucci and Birx. He also didn’t challenge the “vaccine “ roll out.

      I think JC has very high standards for politicians that saying one thing and doing another is never acceptable. Perhaps he is right. There aren’t many times I have said one thing publicly and do the opposite.

    • Without hope, people won’t rise to challenge their situation. People must believe they have a chance or they will capitulate. Perhaps there are some people who know they have no chance and will try anyway, but most people won’t put in the effort unless they believe they can win. That’s human nature. This is why people try to work within the system because it has become so entrenched it might take decades or centuries to undo. At least that is my impression. Perhaps I am wrong.

    • “?? ??? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ???, ?? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ??????, ??? ??? ???? ???? ???????.

      ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??????? ??.”

      Indeed. Well said.

  57. Real hope is God.
    Yuri Bezmenov.

    • I had to give a sad chuckle at that phrase:
      “when you inject politics into medicine, faith in politics does not increase. instead, faith in medicine drops to the level of faith in politicians.”

  58. Hope = Galvanizing
    Hopium = Paralysing

    Don’t throw Hope out with the bathwater. Got it! Timely message.

    …And a heightened understanding of the concept of “Narrative” and its intrinsic Deus Ex Machina.

    And for my current trend of aging-person’s reminitions, I remember, back in 2008, when I’d just “seen the light”, smelled the coffee and “woken up”, thanks to a badly broken leg, and among the PNACs, Northwood docs and Macmahon-Hussein correspondance amongst a plethora of other Truther basics, I’d read an article by a group of young journalists called “Creative Youth” who had done a piece featuring an exhaustive record of every single one of Senator Obama’s votes and more often, abstentions, highlighting the discrepancy between what he appeared to be and how he’d actually voted, which at the time, spoke volumes to me about who he really was. When, a year later, I made the trans-Atlantic trip to celebrate Thanksgiving at my childhood best-friend’s house with her lovely Zairian husband whom she’d met during her service in the Peace Corps (exactly as her own parents had met) and her entire multi-generational left-leaning family, the shock and discomfort I produced by evoking firm scepticism concerning the future double-mandated “chief of state” was painfully palpable. In fact, it’s rather sad to note that, I never saw them again after that visit.

    I know, I’m wallowing in the deceptive ego-gratification of “I told you so” but, originally what I’d wanted to point out was that the Creative Youth site had been quickly removed – I’d posted it many times on International Clearing House (before they kicked me off the site some 2 years later under utterly fraudulent, defamatory and mendacious pretexts that reveal a lot about such websites) and perhaps later, even on these boards but Creative Youth now links to a completely different group and the document in question hopelessly vanished along with the site of young journalists.

    Now, invigorated by the empowering message of this timely Corbett exposé, I need to go write my own hopeful new narrative.

    after I finish this darn translation…

    • Erratum:

      A moment’s reflection would suggest that… a narrative doesn’t necessarily contain Deus Ex Machina as suggested in my comment above.

      This reminds me once again of one of the Conman Brain’s or Conrad Brean’s lines in Wag the Dog grumbled in De Niro’s iconic NYC accent:

      “…Can’t have a war without an enemy…You could have one, but it would be a very dull war…”

      Perhaps the same could be said about Narrative and Deus Ex Machina…

      But, if we retain the device in order to conserve the excitement, we can (and sometimes do) in a Jungian/Campbellian sort of way, make it of the self-empowering genre.

  59. JC is right about Trump after all. I guess, it’s a good lesson. And now the “mid term” elections are being promoted.

  60. We all watched the same video about “deus ex machina” but yet everyone is still looking for their messiah….no action at all. The individual is the most powerful regardless of any type of identity. You are your own messiah.. Yet here we are looking to James for all the answers or Ron Paul or JimBOB Q. I’m done with these comment sections…same people…same blah blah blah.

    • “ Yet here we are looking to James for all the answers or Ron Paul or JimBOB Q. ”

      If that is why you’re here I can certainly understand why you are disappointed.

      Thats not why I’m here though so please don’t include me in your generalization.

  61. 404 heads-up: WARNING
    not sure whats happening to this thread but the dates are wrong, though the discussion seems to more or less follow along from one to the next?

    a bit further back I was listed as author of a post with a date from last june? it doesn’t relate to the previous post its indented to (Daniel B’s), nor do I remember or think that I would of made the comment?

    If this thing folds, thanks in advance for the insights and care.

    • correction: it seems this hopium doco was made last june, and the comment thread is that old conversation added to by some just now.. apologies for my inept/ignorant perception.

  62. that was friggin awesome!! thanks.
    Hey, ever learn what ‘dead ringer” means?

  63. Oh!! James Corbett!! What a delicious fact, I never noticed!! the one who marries them in “As You Like It” is named “Hymen”?
    That’s really funny.

  64. I still think this particular episode is Brocs masterpiece with regards to editing. This is absolutely one of the best and should be in the top 5.

  65. And the award for number one Hopium pusher in Canada for 2022-2023 goes to!…..

    *drum roll…..*

    ?????? ?????????! For declaring he is going to make “Canada the Freest Country On Earth” (while still perpetuating a system of involuntary governance that threatens citizens into giving the government money under threat of violence, theft and kidnapping to pay for ‘services’ they may or may not have any interest in contributing towards).


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