How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – #PropagandaWatch

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Do you know the story of how the French public were tricked into desiring the potato? No? Well then, grab your forks and dig in! This week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch is served, so get it while it’s piping hot.

The Man Who Made Potatoes Popular

Episode 191 – How to Spin Gold from Straw


  1. The guard story reminded me of another use for them. Misdirection of another sort. A friend of mine once confessed he was upset while stationed in Bosnia during their troubles. He said they had security set up with huge gaps that encouraged people to use them. He just thought the Army was stupid. While I didn’t correct him (we had 3 of the who would build the roads conversations in which he stated the same basic questions each time. Even denying the fact that government doesn’t build the roads, so why bother.) It allowed the US to say it had security, while smuggling its own elements around them. However, at least we agreed on one thing. The Army is stupid.

  2. In closing, James says:
    “Food for thought.
    How do you like them apples?”

    Oh! I loved the anecdote about Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, his hosted elite dinners, and especially the potato guards.
    Clever marketing.

    Corbett tells a good story…
    Look at how the train of thought flows in “How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – #PropagandaWatch”, and where it eventually lands.

  3. This is an awesome redirect ~ from the riots in the USA where (some) people are (finally) starting to realize that the CORONAted Emperor has no clothes!

  4. Questions for Corbett…. what did you cook with the potato? LOL, just kidding.

    Its a cool story … my mom told me this one BUT that the Prussian king pulled the trick- she was kinda Kraut-centric in her thinking.
    The thing about using monkey brain controls over people is that they must be reduced to monkey levels of self control- no one imagined that people who didnt have self control could actually run a republic or be free hence the general propaganda as to the low levels of self control in black slaves and poor people to justify ruling over them.

    The thing is people without self control really DO need to be kept in line, by scarcity or by force, which is interesting in that levels are likely lower now then at any time in human history- dopamine slavery thru Sugar, internet, and porn have really produced people who are like the brave new world mantra which went something like “adult at work Infant at play”
    The ‘new man’ is a slave to those who control his internet feed and vices. People eventually get bored with being afraid but they never get bored of pleasure.

    Every gambling addict I ever met always won their first bet and got hooked on the brain rush (Dopamine I guess..) wired is rather against the conclusion though

  5. I love kale…its great as a bread replacement for roll ups (some alfafa sprouts, cheese and some mayo…) but NEVER eat it while in danger of vomiting from a stomach bug. 🙁

    My understanding is that its a mild enzyme toxin like rhubarb and while its healthy too much mike not be so good for you.

  6. 9tH
    I saw a movie from the 70’s that talked about the artificial created scarcity of diamonds years before- if I recall right the vault was mainly to store diamonds in to keep them out of the market and hold the price up.
    If i recall right the movie started with some non cartel smugglers getting blown up…. funny how fiction covers issues that most media is not interested in. Pretty rubbish movie though

    • ‘.. never heard of ‘half-made crude oil’ tbh…’

      Well, I do know that that coal can be formed really rapidly (in a matter of weeks) in a lab from wood under certain conditions but the only people doing that kind of work are generally young earth creationists who’s agenda tends to exclude them from main stream science . I have zero idea if its possible with oil.

  7. My grandparents were the only ones in my family who got their yearly flu shots. Also, the only ones who ever got the flu. Right after their shots. Also, no matter what we all said, they continued. Never saw the connection. Belief in authority over you is a hard habit to break.

    • Exactly! The perfect sheeple mindset. Which leads to where we are today. Troops coming to your city soon! And why I view sheeple as an insult. Their inability, and outright refusal, to see clearly is why we have this blasphemous covid dictatorship now. I don’t exclude the riots from that. Part of the same package.

  8. perhaps in the 18th century potatoes were a contributing factor for some folks getting sick. a number of years ago i eliminated ’em & all nightshades from my diet b/c of food sensitivity, not uncommon for ppl with autoimmune condition.

    • Victoria
      Thats an interesting idea but I would have thought those who were ‘naturally’ sensitive would have died off rapidly, the way gin went thru the working classes like a crack epidemic.
      I suspect that other factors are behind the increased sensitivity and rash of auto immune sicknesses hitting people right now

      • hear ya Duck, ive no doubt there’s many factors, a ton of ’em… that said, i believe genetics play a role, & that death isnt necessarily an obvious outcome of sensitivity. so i found this interesting…

        During a famine in 1782, Scottish highlanders complained of dropsy (an old term for edema or swelling, often associated with congestive heart failure) when they ate abundantly of potatoes. Russian prisoners of World War II returned with advanced cases of dropsy, which was blamed on heavy potato consumption. An old saying in New Hampshire in 1719 was that the white potato shortened men’s lives.
        Nightshades: Problems from these Popular Foods Exposed to the Light of Day

  9. Hi Corbett Community:

    I know this is off-topic, my apologies. But what do you think of all the looting and stuff being portrayed in the media? How about all the anti-Trump MSM stories and the narrative of racism being the motivator for looting, sort of justifying it? I think there are likely agitators trying to stir the pot and cause a race war, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that there are some dangerous people, regular “citizens” who are violent and just want to steal and loot and who may pose a significant threat to my safety. I’m not saying the state does not also pose a threat, but it’s more complex than that, I think.

    I hate the police state and I also hate the willingness of people to take advantage of a situation to commit violence against innocent people. How could a voluntarist community exist without violence, I wonder. I guess people would have to be armed and protect themselves, with deadly force if necessary.

    In the absence of state and that paradigm/ way of existing, would more innocent people be harmed especially considering that there are gangs that are heavily armed, perhaps more so than people who are in voluntarist communities?

    It seems there would have to be a shift in minds and hearts of forgiveness and cooperation. It just seems like “regular” Americans, I mean the everyday people who just follow along (the “normies”) would be an enemy. I guess I am very disappointed in people for not questioning this COVID
    scam and also disappointed in the tendency to take out aggression small business owners and people who have nothing to do with systemic racism.

    I know there is a certain percentage of psychopaths in society and they are not limited to Bill Gates and George Soros types. How do we create a better world if we are working against their agenda and also have to contend with all the other violent psychopaths and followers?

    • If we just eliminated all laws and everyone was armed, we’d have a short uptick in violence at first, but that would settle down pretty quickly. Afterwards, we’d have a very polite society. Law has always been a tool to maintain the status quo. Not saying we’d be violence free, but it would seem that way compared to today. How do I know this? Because I grew up in rural south Georgia where the law wasn’t welcome. Not saying it was perfect, but it was a lot better in many ways. The KKK was still prevalent, but no society is perfect. Not saying the law didn’t affect our actions either. It usually just reinforced our smaller selves.

      • Yes. Our government was never more transparent than when they renamed the justice Department the Criminal Justice Department in the 90s. Brian, over on high impact flix/vlog just uploaded a video showing Boston cops unloading bricks for the rioters. Justice comes when people learn what that 2nd amendment really means. I personally don’t believe that we shouldn’t use force against the state. It’s what the state is, and all it understands. I like to make sure I’m understood. Just don’t be stupid about it. I can say that cops are idiots for thinking they won’t suffer repercussions for their actions. They can’t even understand that people film them and spread the real message. That cops are scum. Won’t be long before they become targets for those with the cajones to fight for liberty. I know, we’re all supposed to just put out loving vibes into the ether and it’ll all be better, but I gots no love to give Nazis.

    • ‘… Maybe where a politician or banker lives. ..’

      Cant rob the boss’s house… the organizers are without doubt getting bankrolled to hit certain areas. It costs money to have this kind of thing blow up in multiple places at once

    • 9tH,

      I agree with you about the cops. I think they may target people of color and the poor more often, pretty sure of it actually and that’s wrong and should have stopped years ago. I also agree with you about going over to the governor’s mansion or his house and destroying that rather than looting and attacking mom and pop stores.

      I don’t know if you watched videos of the 1992 Rodney King riots where the “roof Koreans” defended their businesses. I kinda liked that actually.

      Having said that, I wouldn’t loot or destroy anyone’s house because I think it’s pointless. I would on the other hand defend myself and my property and loved ones with deadly force if necessary.

    • Spain & Clint Eastwood
      You mentioned Spain and it triggered my fingers.
      Shooting Sergio Leone’s 1964 “Fistful of Dollars” in Spain as opposed to Italy was 25% of the cost! It cost just over $200,000 to make that film.

      Eastwood got paid $15,000, but Sergio originally wanted actors from “The Magnificent Seven” such as Charles Bronson or James Coburn who scoffed at the idea.
      Clint Eastwood was still playing Rowdy Yates on Rawhide and could not be in any American made film. Europe was okay. Clint wanted to visit Spain and Italy, so took the job. He brought his own Cowboy hat, boots from Rawhide and western clothes which were used in the movie. The poncho they gave him at the set. Eastwood would always take home his wardrobe at night, because there were no spares.

      In the movie, the lines of the actors were mostly spoken in their native tongue. German, Italian, English, Spanish. Later, they would come back and dub the lines. They would also dub in sound devices like wind or horses.
      Eastwood said it was something to get used to during shooting, because off to the side people were chatting and playing frisbee while an actor was saying the lines. Not the “quiet on the set” in America.
      Of note: Sergio shot many facial close-ups. Eastwood intentionally cut out a lot of his own script dialogue. The closeups and muted dialogue created the Clint Eastwood bad-ass image. It ain’t Rowdy Yates in these films.

      A short “Special Features” segment showed the film locations in 2003 or 2005 contrasted to the exact film shot. Completely different. In the 2005 shots some areas were plush green with plenty of water or a park or paved road. None of that dry baron look.

      During the filming, a Catholic Holiday was coming in Spain. Everyone was going to close down. Sergio lied saying his film company was Jewish. He got an exemption to shoot footage on the Holiday which gave him access to another film company’s lift, because that company could not film.

      Sergio wanted a “hanging tree” with a noose for the town as Eastwood rides into the village on the opening shot. Sergio Leone’s crew just goes up to the lawn of a house and cuts down the owner’s tree. The owner comes out and says, “Hey! What are you doing with my tree!?”. The crew tells him that they are with the local Authorities and that his tree posed a hazard as it might fall on someone. The owner shrugged and that was that.

      In the evenings during dinner, I am watching a DVD set of the Sergio Leone Trilogy which has a “Special Features” disc. It takes 2 to 4 nights for me to complete one film. “For a Few Dollars More” is next.

    • I think that a lot of Americans have resentment towards the police.
      Many, many people have been jailed.
      The marijuana and drug court cases are beyond count.

      Just about every one of my past co-workers has a record.
      The costs, time and hassles they have had to deal with for minor offenses is a nightmare. I heard their stories.
      While the race card is being played with these protests, I agree that it goes beyond that.

      Four or five decades ago, I was a threat to local authorities.
      I was arrested twice and thrown in jail both times, once next to a fella charged with murder.
      Yes sir. I was soliciting door to door without a permit.
      Ya gotta have that permit in order to approach someone and ask them to buy something from you.
      I’m so proud to be a criminal.

  10. Right you are Debra,
    Corbett does have a good sense of humor.
    “A wit of words” as Elmer Fudd might say.

    This was a nice respite.

  11. Speaking of Kermit the Frog again, I had wondered if all those years of Microsoft requiring people to enter serial numbers and software registration codes was just a ploy to make people think they were stealing something of value. The end result was to turn your computer into a potato.

  12. I’ve been watching the governors’ daily live feeds.
    I highly recommend it if you’re a seasoned researcher who has gotten good at detecting B.S., recognizing patterns & reading between the lines.
    The governors inadvertently reveal a lot about the short term and long term agendas outlined in the daily memos they receive and the tele-meetings they attend with Fauci & others.

    Anyway… until the NWO cult turned off the plandemic switch and turned on the riot switch, they were constantly trying to give the impression that big problem — the only real problem — with “testing” is availability.
    The celebrities and essential workers have access to these wonderful “tests” but the general public who ‘desperately wants to get tested’ cannot do so because of the shortage of tests and inadequate number of testing sites.

    Blatant effort to engineer a desire/demand for something that no one anywhere wanted.

  13. James Corbett is a Media Master. Only wish he had a venue with the reach and power his talent deserves.

  14. Thought I’d share some good news. Apparently there is a milk shortage (state created of course). But the radio just blurted out that the dairy farmers Association (or something like that) would be donating some 635k gallons of milk to families. Better than dumping it, though it still costs the farmers. Also, I’ve mentioned this before, but high impact flix just put out a video showing Boston cops putting out bricks to help the rioters. It’s his What’s this all about video. App won’t let me link it. Trump claimed we are a country founded on law and order, but he’s wrong. We were founded in blood. And it looks like our likely end. Unfortunately, as America goes, so goes the rest of the world. Our tentacles are that encompassing. Just like the first Rome.

    • Boston cops unloading bricks down alleyway
      (Appears police vehicle is filled with whole & broken bricks and the cops are sorting out the whole bricks onto the edge of the vehicle bed then carrying them down the alleyway a few at a time)

      Pallet of bricks dropped outside Dallas courthouse

    • This is the Twitter guy ( Minto @chill_lesh ) who originally shot the video of cops in an alley.
      Evidently, he took down the video because it might be a “rumor-monger”.

      His thread eludes to the idea that this is the alley leading to the police department, and that the officers were unloading bricks which they likely first found and picked up from around an area where the protest marches could be. The concept is that the cops picked up bricks and brought them back to the PD.

      • Here is an article which contains a copy of the Minto video.
        Alexander Parker says he copied it, but now the original poster’s account does not have the video.
        Minto comes on the thread and explains the story in short Twitter script. (“Short Twitter script” is a problem for deriving factual information as James Corbett once pointed out.)

        Note in the article how it shows a “copy” of the Dallas Twitter paver brick video which I talked about the other day.

        • While I have no affinity for NBC, this link has some interesting information.

          EXCERPTS (about June 2nd)
          Viral rumors about bricks meant to encourage protest shown to be false

          Social media posts of piles of bricks have gone viral in recent days, with unfounded claims that they are being placed around cities in an effort to foment violence during protests.

          But analysis by NBC News’ Verification Unit found no evidence for such claims.

          Images of piles of bricks across the country have been posted: from a suburb of Minneapolis, to Tacoma, Washington, and San Francisco.

          Video of police in Boston unloading bricks from a vehicle has been viewed millions of times. The person who first posted it has since taken it down, saying she can’t be sure whether it does indeed show officers leaving the bricks at a protest site as she first suggested. That hasn’t stopped others repeating the claim. NBC News’ has now verified the footage shows the police unloading the bricks at the police station.

          PHOTO of Dallas location – script
          NBC News’ Verification Unit geolocated the photos and tracked down the bricks to a Dallas parking lot. They have been there for months, close to a construction site, and can be seen in an image on Google Maps Street View from February…

          …Another post in Frisco, TX asked “Anyone know why these random piles of bricks keep showing up near protest sites??? Someone is funding the rioting.” The local police later put out a tweet saying they’d investigated, the bricks were for a planned construction project, and they’ve been removed.

          Unsubstantiated claims about bricks come as conspiracy theories about efforts to foment protests have spread on social media.

          Bricks have been thrown during some protests, including video that appears to show a police officer being hit by a brick. There is also video that shows a woman who gives back a brick that was handed out by someone from a passing car. She doesn’t know the people in the car and she shouts angrily at them to stop putting people’s lives in danger.

          But there is no evidence that piles of bricks have been strategically placed in U.S. cities to encourage protest violence.

          • Well okay then. However, how is it difficult to believe, especially noting the cops appear violent towards the peaceful protesters, while doing nothing about looters and rioters? There is certainly enough convincing evidence to convince me, especially as they’ve done so many times. As well as the cops posing as “anarchists” to create a riot in order to crack skulls. Not saying anarchists can’t be violent, but that’s hardly the norm. Whatever norm means anymore. However, war is a confusing activity. Though I don’t see the brick story as a psyop by the state. They are probably freaked out by it and are doing some damage control. Simply too much evidence of brutal cop behavior for them to use the bricks to undermine the narrative of police brutality is a myth. Sorry, this is more like me sorting it out in my head. Thanks.

          • UPDATE
            UPDATE June 25, 2022 on the BRICK CANARD

            6/25/2022 – The Daily Beast
            Lauren Boebert Baffled by ‘Bricks’ Belonging to a Construction Site
            The congresswoman appeared to assume the bricks had a sinister purpose…but turns out they’re for a construction site.

            Right-wing media has long been convinced any pallets of bricks are solely the property of anti-fascist activists.

            And on Friday night, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was tripped up over the conspiracy theory.
            “@CapitolPolice why are there 20 pallets of bricks one block from the House Office Buildings?” Boebert tweeted, apparently alluding to the standard bricks the right believes are owned by potential antifa activists.

            Yet as it turned out, the bricks are part of an ongoing construction project on First Street in Washington D.C., according to signs right next to the pallets. [PHOTO]

            “Permit’s name: CAPITOL PAVING OF D.C., INC,” read one sign noting that parking near the construction site would be prohibited till the end of the month.
            The District Department of Transportation’s website also states the back ally in question on the 410 block of First Street remains “under construction.” [IMAGES]

            Boebert didn’t return The Daily Beast’s text message request for comment on Friday night.

            Back in the summer of 2020, as Black Lives Matter demonstrations swept the country, frequently conspiracy theories spawned surrounding “mysterious” bricks. Furthermore, anytime conservative journalists or activists saw a pallet of bricks in a metropolitan city, they would quickly conclude the bricks were owned by antifa members and intended for destruction.

            “There is no evidence of an organized effort to intentionally place bricks near Black Lives Matter protest sites,” the Anti-Defamation League noted at the time.

  15. I thought about this tactic brought forth in this episode for the past few days. To put something under guard to encourage people to desire and steal it.

    I felt in someway that it applied in regards to what is happening with the police state op unfolding in America and other places…

    I have been watching all kinds of videos at this bitchute channel were a lot of the street footage is being cataloged:

    So then it dawned on me – the manipulators have weaponized protest and have become masters at it seeing they have been doing this in other countries across the globe for years.

    I always felt that “protest” is a waste of time myself because of the mob mentality that goes along with it among other things…
    The best thing people can do is just go home because all “they” are doing is using the provocateur to insight the rioting and violence to ramp up the situation so that the police state can be rolled out.

    Yield to overcome…

    The real protest lies in refusing to wear a mask, get tested, take the vaccine and so forth and to just go out and open up the economy with or without the governments approval.

    I have seen videos of police lighting there own van on fire, breaking store front windows and if they are doing that HomeRemedySupply, I don’t put it past them to be dropping loads of bricks on corners. I suspect that the brick thing being “rumor mill trash” as you call it, is the mainstream managing the narrative so the fact of these riots being managed and provoked is kept hidden from all of those hooked on the mainstream fear-crack-news.

    People reporting on the streets on bricks:

    Check this out:

    Those girls spray painting on the store front could be israeli intel, listen to her voice closely – she sounds israeli. I could be wrong but I don’t doubt it isn’t happening either – think dancing israelis from 911.

    This is a dirty game they are playing…

    • … And would add that all protest and protesters are, are matter (clay/putty) in the hands of the social alchemist.

      Maybe this gives some insight into the hidden meaning behind the name “black lives matter” and also “all lives matter.”

      • Bricks Bricks Bricks
        The Great BRICK CANARD and how Conspiracy Realm Folks are duped by the Rumor-Mill

        Canard – Definition – a false or unfounded report, rumor, belief or story. A fabricated report.

        There is nothing “mysterious” about the bricks and pavers.
        Did some protesters find bricks and throw them? Yes.

        This brick rumor-mill is an embarrassment to the alternative media, just like the “God Gene”.

        I have FACT CHECKED documented down to the detail a series of these Brick Rumors on a BRICK FACT CHECK THREAD

        Call out these folks who hype and spread speculative rumors. They are not doing us any favors. They are destructive forces to those of us who want facts.

        • HRS,

          Sorry man, I completely disagree with you on this.

          I don’t get any dishonesty from the two kids in the video here:

          The other video in the above sited video could very well be just a coincidence, but the guy in the video shows that there is no construction going on around and maybe those bricks were there to “fix” the brick sidewalk that is there, maybe… but then again there are multiple reports of this across the country.

          You reference the “god gene” video that James reported on. If I remember correctly James did say that it doesn’t mean that they are not working on something like this but that the particular video he covered was fishy and could be used to discredit the fact that something like that is being worked on. At least that is what I got from it… The other important point was that it was not bill gates in the video as certain people were assuming it was.

          FACT CHECKING? Come on man – that is just part of the mental psy-op to keep up the superstition of authority. Here is a fact checking site for you:

          Utter bullshit there – and if people took the time to look into the post he references from Corbett’s site they would see that there damn fact checking site isn’t so factual after all.

          After looking over the twitter post you referenced:

          So we are supposed to blindly believe the Frisco police? Really?

          From reading the thread you will come away with what ever bent you want.
          If you trust the police, then it is false, but if you take the time to read through it all you realize you have to look further into it. Have you? Where are the sources that really pin down your so called fact that it is just “rumor mill news?”

          I understand what you mean by this “Call out these folks who hype and spread speculative rumors. They are not doing us any favors. They are destructive forces to those of us who want facts.”


          • The two brick paver videos you mention.

            The black kid in the video is in downtown Dallas, my neck of the woods.
            I already addressed him on my thread.

            The first brick paver video is a similar scenario.

            Anyone who has any construction experience knows that pavers or bricks are delivered well before a job.
            This is routine.
            Extremely routine.
            So routine, it is mundane.
            The two people talking in the video clips don’t know what they are talking about…they are trying to get Twitter notice on the Twitter rumor-mill.
            It is not a covert conspiratorial plan by money-laden Antifa groups to have bricks delivered to a protest site.

            No one is gonna tear up a sidewalk, street or edifice, until they are prepared to patch it.

            That said…sure, some protestors may grab those pavers to throw.

            Police Departments and companies soon got wise and started having the pavers and bricks picked up which were orginally there for construction jobs.

            Nothing nefarious about the Brick pallets / stacks.

            Rumor-mill trash-talk which gets perpetuated.
            Read the Twitter feeds which I mentioned…even when confronted with the FACTS, some conspiracy nuts strain hard to believe a conspiracy brick drop-off effort exists, when it is nothing out of the ordinary.

          • Do you know the Frisco area?
            I do.

            Do you know how much construction is going on this north Texas area?
            I do.

            YOU NEED TO DOCUMENT PROOF positive that those bricks in Frisco (there are two separate accounts – one is NTTA) were deliberately staged in advance for protesters to throw.

            If you can not provide documented proof that those Frisco bricks were deliberately staged in advance by “conspirators”,
            then it is speculation and rumor that you are promoting.

            Frisco is not an area where one would find much, if any, violence during a protest.

            Most people in the Frisco area, especially those familiar with an HOA or construction LAUGH AT THIS ABSURD Brick Conspiracy.
            It is a Brick Canard.

            • Thanks for the reply HRS.

              No, I don’t know the Frisco area at all.

              Maybe you are right and I am wrong here on the brick thing, but it is still open for me because the sources you referenced doesn’t convince me. It may be the case for the Frisco bricks that they were there for some construction in that neighborhood – it may not be the case for all of them.

              Either way it is a small detail to a much larger picture, nothing to get hung up on. In the end people are going to see from the perspective that governs their thinking. If they operate from a 2 dimensional mindset, what I call the binary brain, then they will never see the true nature of what is happening because for them to have a conspiracy means to have everyone involved in that conspiracy to be privy to it, and that is almost never the case.

              • Bottom Line…
                Corbett Report Member scpat made a good summary statement on the Brick Canard.

                “It is something to note.
                We don’t have to jump to conclusions, but we should note these occurrences.”

                Scpat explains “just pointing out a story” is fine.

                However, if we have conjecture, speculation, a theory, suspicions, gut feelings or hypothesis, we should at least label them for what they are. Ideally, we should provide sources for supporting our theory.

                Climate Change Advocates do this canard twist all the time.
                Example: A tornado touches down in Texas. “Oh no!…manmade climate change caused it.”

                Example: The JFK Silver Certificates Rumor-mill Canard.
                May 2017 Corbett Report Interview 1276 – G. Edward Griffin Debunks the JFK/Fed Myth

        • (Continued on from post that needs to be approved, give it some time)

          Sometimes people are just mistaken, so be it. We all make mistakes and everyone should allow themselves and others to do so and learn from the error, especially when it comes to this kind of research where we are trying to unpack a highly organized multi-layered deception. On the other hand there are agents out there who profess to tell the truth but use it to deceive by mixing in lies, alex jones is one example among many that does this. They are the people we need to look out for. But if you think that you are going to get all the facts and have the whole thing polished for who those are ignorant of this agenda and wake them up with it, you being delusional because people wake up when they are ready to. You can have everything in order, all the facts as they are and still many will choose to ignore it.

          In the end all we can do is our best to sus out what is going on here and if you ask me, you haven’t looked deeply enough into this issue (not that it matters all that much because it is just one small piece of a larger puzzle, take it or leave it) and have been taken by those who want the public to believe that what is going on out there is organic and not being managed, supplied and funded from those in government when it comes to this brick issue.

    • The real protest lies in refusing to wear a mask, get tested, take the vaccine and so forth and to just go out and open up the economy with or without the governments approval.

      I utterly agree with you, Noah. I feel that the only real protest is a general refusal of following their rules. This is what I am trying to do, although I also feel that unless many people do the same, we will be crushed sooner or later. For example, in my country justice doesn’t work at all. The higher tribunal of Spain doesn’t consider lockdowns, curfew, and things like that as unconstitutional when they CLEARLY go against it.

      Very interesting comment about the hidden meaning behind those slogans! I hadn’t thought about that.

      • You’re right, we do need the numbers to make the appropriate changes.

        Governments pretty much are following the plans out of the UN despite what any of their local policies are and are doing what ever they want as long as it falls under the umbrella of the global plan.

        Yeah, when you step back from all of this and learn about the old world secret societies, templars, masons, black nobility (a real important one to know of) and so forth and see how they see and use alchemy it becomes clear. They have always kept themselves beyond the purview of the common consciousness while shaping men’s lives beyond their understanding of what they are really caught up in.

        Wayne McRoy has done some interesting research into all of this.
        The Alchemical Tech Revolution:

        • Yes, that’s true about local governments and they are clearly following a guideline. The problem are the measures that these are approving without people noticing it. Yesterday I watched a video by a Spanish lawyer who warned us that it was about to be approved a new law for the protection of children and teenagers, which basically will take much more power from parents by the State. The funny thing is that these laws would really seem to be good at first sight, until we realize how disturbing they can be if applied wrong (which will be).

          Oh, I hadn’t seen your comment below and I have listened almost the whole show! It was very interesting stuff and I got nice information to do further research, so thanks for that. Michael Tsarion have written very good articles about secret societies and black nobility. In fact, he was the one who introduced me to deeper layers of most of these topics. Talking about him, I don’t know if you have seen his last Unslaved Youtube video (I have yet to finish it) but I found it really interesting:

          • You are more than welcome.

            Thanks for the Tsarion link. I will give it a listen.

            Tsarion used to be one of my favorite researchers until he got hooked by the trump psy-op and was promoting people like ann coulter. He took sides and got mentally caught in the dialectic, started to promote hatred of islam in general. If I remember correctly, there was this one show I was listening to where he even promoted the nation of israel in a rant against islam. After hearing that I stopped listening to him.

            It really was a great disappointment to see. The same kind of shit went on with Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations after Lana came around where they started promoting racist bullshit on their shows.
            They got caught in the psy-op when they were flooding Europe with all of the refugees from the middle east and so forth. A real shame to see happen.

            • Noah, first of all I apologize for my delay. Too busy with work in these days!

              You are welcome. I could manage to listen the whole Unslaved audio and I found it very interesting. There is one topic that he and David touched just superficially and I want to know if you (or anybody reading this) know a good researcher who have written or talked about this: modern life rituals. For example, in the video they talk about the ritualistic aspect of masking, cleaning hands, isolation, and all of what we are experiencing today.

              About getting hooked by psy-ops, I agree with you. Although I have to say that sometimes I feel like there are “two Tsarions”. For example, most of the articles I have read by him don’t attack Islam in a different way that he attacks Christianism or other religions. But then, when you enter to the Unslaved website and see what books or external blogs they recommend, some of these are clearly biased against certain countries or religions.

              About Red Ice, I can’t say much because I only listened to a couple of videos by them, precisely interviewing Tsarion, but I don’t know their career. What I have realized, though, is how many people is getting caught on psy-ops or collective movements in the last times. The rabbit hole has become an entire subterranean labyrinthine megalopolis.

              • Amenetusien,

                No, I am not aware of anything on modern life rituals. They may have been talking about the ritualistic nature of all of what they have tricked people into doing. It is as if they are training people to become obsessive/compulsive based on a phobia of viruses.

                I listened to the interview as well, but I feel asleep towards the end, so maybe I missed that part.

                One book that comes to mind if you haven’t read it as of yet is a book by Michael Hoffman called Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare(2001 Ed.):

                He talks about 2001 being the beginning of a process that will alchemically/psychologically change man into the new transhuman man through occult public ritual and twilight language.

                It is a must read book!

            • I might have missunderstood something, because the Irish accent of Michael when he talks fast is almost impossible for me to understand.

              Thank you very much for this book! He has another couple of books that look very promising, so I will take a look at them.

              • You are more than welcome!


                I figured I post this new video from Theology Ed,
                2020: Year of Chaos

                In it he covers I, Pet Goat II symbolism depicting the destruction of US, the next 9/11 type event, and the coming anti-christ.

                It was up on youtube for 2 hours before they took it down.

            • Thanks for the video! It was awesome. I think I have never watched a more disturbing animation than this “I Pet Goat II”. I watched it before going to sleep and what a bad feeling I had!

              Somehow it reminds me the video that The Last American Vagabond used to put at the end of his videos (, differences aside.

              • You are more welcome!

                Yeah – pet goat is a highly disturbing occult presentation.
                You have to wonder who the guy really is that made it. It is an assumption of course, but I wonder if the people who make things like this are of the actual inner circle of power. Few people have the knowledge of the esoteric occult to make an animation specifically tailored as pet goat is, and the coded message is not just found in that animation, Theology Ed is finding the same coded dates in plenty of other places. It is the same thing with 911 – so many popular culture entrainment pieces made references to 911 prior to the event.

                Yeah, In-Shadow is a good one being a clear representation of the modern psyche in symbolic form, Jungian style!

            • First of all, I am reading the book that you recommended me and it is great! Something I like a lot about it is that the author quotes and name authors who are equally interesting. For example, Hoffman quotes this book which is about a topic I have thought many times, my opinion of which is the same than Hoffman’s: “The uses of the artificial constructs of time, calendars and clocks has not been sufficiently studied. Time as now measured is as contrived and scripted as any other feature of the establishment’s system”. The measurement of time is one essential aspect to understand many things about out modern society.

              Exactly, I also wondered the same about the author. We won’t ever know who he is, but he surely knows about occultism. I don’t have the knowledge to judge TheologyEd’s interpretations of the video but lots of them seem undeniable. Yesterday at night I started to watch the full list of videos of “I, Pet Goat II” and it is very interesting.

              By the way, I have just seen your last comment about China’s second wave. Days ago, I thought: “how are they going to make people believe again about this very-likely-fake virus, when epidemiological studies have shown that this “virus” is not more dangerous than a flu?”. Well, I got the answer yesterday: the virus has mutated and is more dangerous than ever. Oh God… bad times. I think I am going to move to Ukraine, because there it seems that people don’t believe in this and streets are full of people and without masks.

              • I am glad you like it, Hoffman’s book is a key book when it comes to understanding the nature of the minds and methods of the hidden hand, it is such an important work.

                Time for sure has had a profound effect on the mechanization of man’s life and the effect on the psyche could have been to set the momentum to pushing the human mind into the left side and the disconnect from the right side and whole mind, creating a disconnect from the earth and natural cycles and so forth… Thanks for the link to the book on time!

                TheoEd keeps finding more references, there is this new movie that has a reference to the eclipse/sirius theme in the trailer. There is the message of GET OUT and this new one is YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT:

                There was that MIT article called “We are not going back to normal,” in that article is a graph and I think that the graph is the schedule they have planned out, maybe they will tweak it as needed:

                This is a full blown psychological operation on the people of the whole planet. They have been running the demoralization of the people for some time now – it really kicked in, in america in the 90’s now they are bringing it into the dehumanization stage. Population culling and the indoctrination into the technocracy. To be transhumanized you first must be dehumanized.

                This Truth Stream video called The Purpose of Disruption covers it from the tech socialization side:

  16. Oh spuds! We’re doomed. The view count is scary.

  17. July, 2020 UPDATE –
    Covid shutdown impact of the potato industry

    July 5, 2020 via Zero Hedge
    a “Business Insider” article / video
    COVID Impact – 1.5 Billion Pound Potato Mountain Trapped In Supply Chain

    Nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns led to the collapse of the restaurant industry has disrupted critical food supply chains, such as potatoes, which had nowhere to go. The closings of restaurants, hotels, and catering firms had a chain effect that rippled down the production line to processors and growers, “trapping 1.5 billion pounds in the supply chain,” said Business Insider. Some farmers gave away millions of potatoes to food banks, while others were forced to destroy millions more.

    (Fascinating video which explains the American potato industry from farm to distribution.)
    Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business via “Business Insider”
    (8 minutes)

  18. I have to wonder if the stories we’ve been reading in the MSM of late are propaganda to get people to want the vaccine. For example that story below about how “‘whiter’ elderly should wait for vaccine”. That changes the discussion from “is it safe to take?” to “who is being prioritized to take it?” It also stokes the usual fires of groups of people being pitted against other groups of people.

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