How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? – Questions For Corbett #065

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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how someone can wake up their friend, family member or coworker. It is, of course, and unanswerable question, but I gained a new insight into the question of waking up recently that might help us understand and approach the question in a different way . . .

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  1. My best experience was moving with a hardcore liberal to a “diverse” neighbourhood. It took a few months, too many hellish events happening around that person and then it happened. The shock in that person’s eyes was something I’ll never forget.

  2. As a blogger/vlogger and keyboard warrior I hammer home the evidence with some vigour. I see it as “putting the information out there” and realise the people who read watch or listen to anything I publish are already searching for such evidence and information. So hopefully they will glean some value from it. Make an argument, cite the evidence and leave it there.

    However I do recognise that approach fails in real human interaction. I have learned that overloading people with information absolutely does not work. Their eyes glaze over as they file you under “nutter.”

    So I choose the points at which I will “disagree” but won’t necessarily expand upon the reason why unless asked. Because then I am not forcing information on people rather they are discovering it themselves.

    For example I recently “disagreed” with someone about wearing face masks. They said it was my responsibility to wear one and I said I disagreed. I didn’t say why.

    they then asked me why and I said there was no scientific basis for wearing one and that this was simply an authoritarian order to accustom people to obeying medical martial law. I added that I understood the fear and concerns of mask wearers but I did not share those concerns nor feel that fear and it would be disingenuous of me to wear a mask in order to pretend that I did.

    The reaction (on this occasion) was intrigue and not anger. Particularly about the lack of scientific justification. So hopefully my recommendation to do some independent research and suggestion of some resources (the Corbett Report of course being one) may have laid that seed.

    This tactic has also been met with anger and hostility amid the “you are selfish” and “it is people like you” accusations. I have to accept this. But I simply maintain the same approach.

    I understand and appreciate their position but they cannot force me to feel an emotion “fear” I don’t experience or make me believe in something without giving me any evidence to explain why I should believe it.

    This doesn’t always end well but as James said it isn’t my responsibility to “teach” anyone anything. Nor is it within my power to do so. I accept this but will not comply, especially at an emotional level, with a demand to believe something without reason.

    • Sample – MASK approach

      …I won’t necessarily expand upon the reason why unless asked…

      …For EXAMPLE
      I recently “disagreed” with someone about wearing face masks.
      They said it was my responsibility to wear one and I said I disagreed.
      I didn’t say why.

      They then asked me why
      and I said there was no scientific basis for wearing one and that this was simply an authoritarian order to accustom people to obeying medical martial law.

      I added that I understood the fear and concerns of mask wearers, but I did not share those concerns nor feel that fear;
      and it would be disingenuous of me to wear a mask in order to pretend that I did.

      • I said there was no scientific basis for wearing one and that this was simply an authoritarian order to accustom people to obeying medical martial law.

        That was a good one, got to remember that.

      • Very nice.
        One of the intended purposes of the face coverings could definitely be making people accustom to medical martial law, and whether intended or not it will certainly have that effect.
        With that said, it does still appear that the primary reason for the face coverings is the reinforcement of the illusion of an ongoing pandemic.

    • Ian,

      I share your sentiment: It is virtually impossible to engage in a meaningful and constructive way to every Joe Bloggs who disagrees on the topic of facemasks.

      It is not without reasons that someone said that face masks has become a sort of a cult, and like every cult, it’s got its own paraphernalia. A facemask is one of them.

      This is my approach: I carry half A4-sized papers with me (like a leaflet) with a very succint summary of what the media/politicians say about masks and what science says. I refrain from engaging in any discussions knowing already the probable outcome, I hand out the paper, I say “this contains some interesting info on facemasks, when you have a minute take a look and make your own mind on the issue”

      And I walk away.

      As James said, that seed may or may not work, It is not up to be to force the seed to grow into a plant.

    • 1. because cocrap is much, much, MUCH worse than the flu; it’s Alien Resurrection juiced up Sigourney compared to the squeamish original Alien girly Sigourney, walking around in her panties. Not in the same same league, not even the same sport.

      2. I’d say, these days, it’s easy to get people fighting over anything. Masks in this regard are quite bad because the adoption rate seems insane. Best divisive issues are those that split the population in half.

      3, 4. assuming all the masks in the scenario are sterile, probably.

      • With death counts spiraling down, they needed something to be in our face at all times, to reminds us of our place, to make us realize how pointless it is to resist.

    • People who lock themselves up in their homes, because they are afraid of the invisible actors, are heroes. They are staying away from everyone else and everyone else should do the same. Everyone other than doctors; farmers; people working in stores; people working for delivery companies; tradesmen of all kinds; all people doing maintenance on any aspect of infrastructure; but all the others should be heroes and stay safely locked up as to remain virtuous.

      Their fear is their virtue and more scared they become, more virtuous they become. As their virtue grows, so does their selfrighteousness. They become medical and science experts, they know everyone’s private history, they understand their situation and they know what’s best for everyone.

      Those with most fear and least health get to be the most elevated, the most demanding, they become those who will tell those who are healthy how to live their lives; they plan to jerk around those very same people who’s well meaning advice they heeded themselves, back then when their health was worth saving.

      This is a war of attrition, hypocrisy, shameless lies and evanescent morals. People ought to start looking themselves in the mirror.

    • Honestly if people who are sick with the flu wear a mask its a good thing- I am almost glad that is not gonna get me weird looks if I do it in the future….. what worries me is how many people think they are a magic talisman that stops THEM from getting sick

      • Its when their nose sticks out the top that I wonder why they bother… lol

    • MagicBullet,

      right to the point (and you survived 🙂 )!!!

      Makes no sense to argue about things like masks, ‘rona bug,…unless we clearly specify circumstances. Discussing and focusing on things will prevent us from seeing the substance, ideas behind.

      And that is: human being to be perceived as virus vector.

      This days I’m asking normies: will you wear a mask until the end of your life? You won’t handshake any more? You won’t hug anymore? You won’t kiss a person who wants to be kissed?

  3. ,,Underwhelmed by the meager content of your reply james. its not your usual, considering the poignancy (as you admit). The push-back factor of those believing denial is better (those who “pretend to sleep”), is no small matter, its the f’ing front line; and for the fact that your excellent journalism shoots a blazing arrow through the foggy butt-crack of those slothen (hang-on sloths deserve better),, for the fact that your work does , “put us into a box” good-looking box but hang-on, you designed and built the box (shared the knowledge or was it just information?) and its completely surrounded by a brainwashed zombiesque yet stubborn as boot resistance. Perhaps you might give at least your own experience and learning, more than just a single phrase you found, of how you evolved in your own capacity to negotiate cognitive dissonant push-back?

    (our timing is good though: I took today off of building stuff to try to mend family fracture from exactly this phenomenon, and now am closing the workshop listening to you, but you dont begin to cover what must be exposed)

    Its tied in to a big aspect of the hows and whys of our demise since the days of yor, so I’ll afford a little consideration time, and chip-in what I’ve got when it ripens a bit more.

    ps cant wait to get a copy of the discourse on voluntary servitude. top drawer topic chief; I believe this question you keep getting deserves equal if not more attention & respect.

    • If this ridiculous covid scare hasn’t”awakened” them,how is anything you say going to do so? Most people don’t want to know the truth. It’s too hard, and it’s not even possible to know all of it. But it’s so easy to just accept the lies and continue to let others think for them.
      My journey began with Waco. I couldn’t watch it. I turned on the TV and there were APCs and a AC-130 on US soil. Against US citizens. I had to shut it off. I was already suffering from a bad case of PTSD, and that was too much. But it took the towers to truly start the process. And, even then,it was much later.
      Two of the biggest flaws people suffer from are laziness and fear. Thinking is the hardest work you can do. Which is why people are so willing to allow others to do it for them. But it is also the most important thing to do for yourself.
      Fear is the result. If a person is not thinking for themselves, they will live in ignorance. And since they won’t think for themselves, this ignorance will breed fear. Especially of the truth.
      These people may be smart in many ways, but they have allowed others to program them. And usually there’s nothing you can do about it. The choice to see is an individual choice. Many (I say all) are called, but few answer.

      • I Shot Santa (nice handle, I wish you’d shot the idea of him dead in the head; anyway), I am pitifully ill in my body, physically; disabled & in pain most of the time. I think, write and teach though. I know I can survive within the context of a certain level of this pain, to which I’ve become accustomed. I know I cannot survive in a(n) (un)certain level of fear. I’ll never become acculturated to that. I will not surrender to lies nor submit due to (clear to me, irrational) fear. If anything, Weapons of Mass Deception lend me fortitude to do what little I can, in whatever little way I am able, to fight back.
        Your comments esp “Thinking is the hardest work you can do,” just made me feel strong, and NOT disappointing in myself from my physical weakness, for once in a long while. Thanks for that.

        • Thank you. But I can’t take credit for the saying. It’s a paraphrase from Henry Ford. A strange character, and very flawed,yet someone vilified by the masses during the depression. This despite the fact that he kept his factory open long after the market had collapsed. While the workers complained about the hard work,his wages of five dollars a day were paid in a time when farmers were paying one dollar a day. Haven’t read much about him, but I think I will now as a result of this conversation.

          Oh, and your mental strength can more than offset any physical limitations. So don’t let that discourage you. I’ve been through many physically trying times, and I’m still standing.

      • David does have a beautiful way with words, doesn’t he?

  4. My family was always skeptical of my “conspiracy theory”, but COVID did the job for me, MSM lost their influence on them, and they saw the fraud by themselves…

    • Khalil,
      Good point. The “easily observed” outrageousness occurring in this era readjusts a person’s perspectives.

    • covid caused awakenings? last week went to my backyard to hang a few items out to dry & one of my neighbors who i’d had little previous contact with was doing yard work, we said hi & he asked how i was doing in a concerned way… well, as soon as i heard him say “corona” i blurted out, i call bullshit!! he looked at me, seemed surprised then a big big smile, nodded in agreement & we had a freakin’ awesome conversation. the day prior, somewhat similar thing happened with the cool dude that delivered my used refrigerator, who woulda thunk!!

      • My business partner told me about a couple of his friends that were not sick but wanted to be tested. They are a husband and wife in their fifties. Pinellas County has been offering free testing so they stopped at one of the locations last Friday afternoon. It was very busy. They had to register upon arrival but after a long wait they simply gave up and left without ever being tested.
        Guess who got a call a few hours later notifying them that they were positive for covi$ 19.
        Yep. Never even seen by the person who was doing the testing but still recorded as a positive.
        I don’t know the couple. But I know Andrew. I have worked with him for over 15 years and he has never lied to me about anything as far as I know. He is a happy statist in spite of my best efforts for years to get him to recognize how corrupt his “rulers” are.

        He doesn’t buy the virus bull crap anymore. Thanks government!

        • BUMP – Anecdote on CASE COUNT

          From my understanding, the CDC set guidelines for counting Covid Cases. Many states adopted all or part of these guidelines.

          Potentially, (depending upon the state), most anyone can be counted as a Covid Case. Once they have your name, “that’s all she wrote”. A person who is associated with a Covid Case can automatically be considered a Covid Case.

          A quote on the CDC website…
          CSTE (Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists) realizes that field investigations will involve evaluations of persons with no symptoms and these individuals will need to be counted as cases.

          • Its pretty clear that Covid is nowhere as deadly as was suggested…. if it was we would have already seen hundreds of thousands dead in India and S.Africa and hospitals there overflowing with bodies.

        • In my experience, IQ doesn’t play any role in any of this. These things are not difficult to understand because of their intricacy (in which case, high IQ would offer some benefits) but because of how the mind is structured. It is all about nature and nurture. Upbringing plays probably the most significant role but also mental deficiencies are quite critical. For example, while most people are prepared to lie about little things, vast majority isn’t ready to do the same about things that really matter and therefore they assume others wouldn’t do it either.

  5. Yes, James, you are not a messiah, but it is interesting that using the seed analogy you talked around what the Messiah said and explained in Matthew 13.

    Perhaps the most appreciable idea from that is “He who has ears, let him hear.” He is not speaking of physical ears, which would be obvious to a person of understanding. Perhaps the idea of a person pretending to be asleep is those without ears. However, we never know when someone’s ears will be opened. So we never give up on them!

    • Remember in the same section as the parable of the seeds, the disciples asked Jesus why he spoke in parables. His reply? Heaven isn’t for fools. The mark of the beast falls into the similar field.
      It’s not a physical mark, but rather a symbolic one. Your thoughts and your deeds. If you serve truth, your deeds will reflect that truth.
      To serve truth, you must be willing to look within. And to come to your own conclusions. Or, to think for yourself. And to act accordingly. Those who don’t have accepted the mark.

  6. Personally, I enjoyed Corbett relaying the following adage:
    “You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.”
    I can relate. After kicking that dead horse for a while, I finally might realize I better find another way to move the cart, or just plain: “Let it be” (Paul McCartney).

    Sowing seeds…
    disseminate – DEFINITION –
    #1 – to spread abroad as though sowing seed
    #2 – to disperse throughout

    SYNONYMS broadcast, circulate, propagate, spread

    DERIVATION – While the object of the verb disseminate may be something tangible, such as an infectious agent, nowadays the thing most often disseminated, or “spread abroad as though sowing seed,” is information.
    Where does this metaphorical verb come from?
    In Latin, the dis– prefix signifies separation or dispersal,
    while the –sem– element springs from semen “seed.”
    The same Latin noun is found in a number of other English words with figurative meanings:
    seminary (which now is a training facility for priests, but initially was a place where seeds were raised to plants), seminal (meaning “containing the seeds of later development”), and yes, the word semen.

    Marketing includes dissemination.

    • Examining hidden meanings (both current and historical) behind our everyday lexicon is a great way to “grow”. This mini-lesson is great. I love “stem words”!

  7. I think there is a lot that can be said about talking to others in trying to raise their awareness.

    Over the years, I personally have talked face-to-face with tens of thousands of people about 9/11 (and other topics, like vaccines or GMO’s, etc.). No exaggeration.

    I did learn a few things about dissemination.

    Not everyone is going to “suddenly reach for becoming more aware”.
    Accept that.
    Retain your own humanity, and respect theirs.

    Often using entry points with which another person “can easily ‘reach for’ or agree with” is an appropriate way to approach a subject.
    Be friendly.

    Be patient.
    Be tolerant.
    “Change” is tougher for some folks than others. Use a gradient approach. Little steps…whatever is appropriate for your target audience.

    Receptiveness of individuals does change over time.
    And you can repeat the message.

    I am sure others could add many successful approaches to “raising awareness”.

    • As we’re in the end stages of our system, tolerance is not the answer anymore. Preparation is. You can’t help anyone once this gets ugly if you’re not prepared. And if they buy this crap pandemic,then how can logic work on them? The mask is the mark. They’ve already given their minds over to the beast system. Even God reaches a point where he knows you not.

  8. Listening to the language of the person you are trying to engage with, is also extremely crucial, IMO.

    If the other person is purely regurgitating propaganda slogans (e.g. you are killing grandma!, flatten the curve! etc etc), I simply choose not to engage. I understand the road is too long and winding that it is not even worth trying.

    If the person, within the boundaries of what he believes, gives signs that he can still ask some “why” questions (e.g. “Why else would the government want to shut down the entire national economy if not for saving lives?”), then there is a chance to turn the conversation into something useful.

  9. I remember talking to my first boyfriend/ex (way back in 2011 ha!) about the fact that we did not need someome to enforce law upon us. He disagreed and we argued, a drunken debate. I knew nothing of anarchy then. I did not chenge his mind, nor did I mean to. I only meant to explain what I believe. He took defence on what he thought he believed. Fast forward a couple of years, my themtube account showed me something his had liked and it was, drum roll please, the Corbett Report.
    There are few I speak my true mind to. I tried to explain, to a few of my close friends, my “beliefs”. I gave up. We love each other anyway, why bother them with such absurdity? Most have come back to me since this (scam democracy-ooooh auto-correct, my old friend) scamdemic and have felt the need to be the messiah. I laughed at the idea of someone, who refused to believe something against there beliefs, could now think they could change others’ minds, on Facebook.
    Hope is out there.
    It is not about trying to wake someone up. It is about being awake and realising we are not someones alarm clock.

  10. Not earlier, but nowadays I *can* inform people.

    What has changed are two things 1/ those who have been hit in the pocket are not so well disposed to support the Corona bogeyman anymore and are looking for ways to push back. 2/ Those who were really terrified of the Corona bogeyman are looking to set their fears at rest.

    To both types I point out that the figures were distorted from the outset with bumped-up death rates and non-included infection rates so that the appearance of a significant death rate is not to be trusted. That the test is very unreliable and makes false positives and false negatives. That the long-term health impairment also happens to some people who got flu.

    The thing to beware of is vaccinations as they are *not* safe and *not* reliable. I quote the Salk and MMR controversies, cite that the vaccine producers have successfully lobbied for immunity from prosecution. I also cite that a bunch of vaccinations at my age 6 resulted in the next few months in my going down with Chicken Pox, Measles and Otitis Media, and my hearing was permanently damaged.

    The media is notorious for hyping up scare stories – they looove to scare people because that sells papers… I also argue that the only thing you can trust of a newspaper is the date – quoting my late father who had been a journo.

    As for the Covid vaccination – they also intend to ID-mark every person via using a sort of vaccination patch with tiny needles in it. ID marking is NOT any health measure…

    People now listen, and they heed what I am saying.

  11. The Line of Reason: ‘Reasonable discussion’ (win/win) versus ‘Dominate and submit discussion’ (win/lose)

    A short while ago, fellow-user Jed posted a link to a video “Crash Course on the Fundamentals of Self-Defence against Manipulation” which I found to be useful:

    I watched the video and have commented on it:

    I’ll copy-paste a piece of my comment below:

    The video Jed recommended is about “The Line of Reason” as the speaker calls it, which is the line that separates a ‘dominate and submit’ (or win/lose) interaction from a ‘reasonable’ (or win/win) interaction.

    I can appreciate and relate to the fact that you have (or think you have) vastly superior knowledge compared to the person you with whom you are discussing a subject. I myself have been ‘awake’ since 2010 and have been reading up ferociously in the alternative media ever since.

    However, you CANNOT pose beforehand that one’s knowledge is superior (certainly not in an irritated/frustrated manner). If you do so, you will enter a dominate and submit (win/lose) type of interaction and you will be perceived as a bully or manipulator.
    It is much better to enter a discussion on equal footing, using the rules of logic, entering a reasonable (win/win) discussion.

    Logically discussing (without negative emotions) the information that your friend/colleague presents to you and not outright or subtly dismissing it, goes a long way I think. Apart – of course – from presenting your own information to him (without negative emotions) in a logical manner.

    I will even go so far as to say this:
    If you feel a certain way, people WILL perceive this. This goes for positive as well as negative emotions.
    People WILL perceive what your conscious or subconscious feelings or intentions are.
    So: You are both equal in a discussion, and you have to feel this. If you feel otherwise, your discussion partner will sense this. You will leave a ‘reasonable’ (win/win) interaction and you will enter ‘dominate and submit’ (win/lose) interaction. People will sense this and you will not get anywhere when discussing a subject.

  12. Hard words, but that’s pretty much my take as well. A couple months ago I commented that the mood is just right for when family members, believing they are doing God and man a favor, begin handing over the non-compliant. And now that masks are mandatory, it’s getting even more tense. The vibes I’m getting from one of my loved ones, who even knows this is all BS, are heavy with annoyance that I’m refusing to just wear the damn thing and “live” life. What will happen when operation warp speed begins?

  13. Mark 6:4
    King James Version
    But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

  14. Yes, excellent covid articles! I’ve got his site bookmarked.

  15. With a thinking person it’s probably the only way. But for the non-thinker? They will forget it as soon as it’s spoken. Unfortunately, they are the vast majority.
    Personally, I don’t try anymore. Not that I’m even near people most of the time now. I prepare myself. Those that choose to sleep,or pretend to sleep,are those who will drain all your time and resources in order to make any progress. Your actions of preparing can say far more than any words. Just mentioning the inevitable economic implications of this farce,may make them think of their own precious situation.

  16. You CAN wake someone up who is pretending to sleep

    The analogy “You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep” James Corbett puts forth sounds profound, but I think it is much too simple to leave it at that. James states that it is not necessarily a conscious lie but that probably doublethink plays a big part in this, as in: “Yeah, I have this unquestioned assumption over here, I don’t look to deeply over there because I don’t want to know what I really think about that so I’ll just leave it vague and mushy.”

    Ok, fair enough. But this is then something we CAN deal with. It seems to me (if you know what you are looking for, which is easier if the person in question is dear to you) that you then can help respectfully question his/her unquestioned assumption and also can gently help your friend look a little deeper over there and help him/her making what he/she thinks a little less vague and mushy.
    So the conclusion can be: “You CAN wake someone up who is pretending to sleep.”


    From high impact. Ankle monitors for non-compliant covid positive people in Kentucky. Today marks four months of my moving to the river. A completely different world. And one I reject completely.

    • Haven’t heard about that. How would we have reacted to that just a few months ago? That people have changed so much in just a few months is incredible!
      The 2nd amendment was the big deal then. Rallies in Virginia. Seems like ancient history now. The speed of this covid operation is amazing.
      I hear people talking of how this or that will be the next phase. And they speak in terms of years, but this must continue at this pace. To slow down is inconceivable. You never allow yourself to lose momentum if you can help it. And the people are helping in keeping the pace! I’ve still a couple of weeks before I go back to town. And I dread it. There’s not a single creature out here that I don’t respect more than any of the people. They’ve lost their freaking minds.

  18. How does the establishment which is behind the plandemic “wake people up”. They always create a “crisis”, and “urgency” and “fear” or “mass fear” are the main ingredients. What we who are awake and in believing ourselves to be honest, object to is that the planner not only “create” the mass crises (e.g., man-made CO2 global warming, 9/11, WMD’S, economic doom, etc.) to get us to do what they want, but that on analysis, even the financial crises, as real as they are in effect are also completely engineered frauds.

    To “wake us up” they create peril or fake peril, and our concern now is the fake peril of Covid 19 and the loss of our basic rights and freedoms, and likely most of them in the proposed Great Reset(s). We are trying to fight a real fear (although falsely implanted) through a nebulous peril of losing our freedoms where with the controlled opposition of the MSM (like with FOX, the sheeple people think they have freedom of speech and all is well. We are also trying to fight the government restrictions by highlighting the fear, of the economic consequences of the lock downs, when the people are placated with billions made out of nothing to pay, defer or cancel their debts.

    Although many can see through the Covid charade put on by our authorities where governments like Japan turn the restrictions on and off like a light switch, and not for any real health reasons, this tells us very clearly that many of the sheeple are only pretending to be asleep. The fact is that these sleep walkers are not MOTIVATED to put up any real opposition, because the fears we generate over abstract things like truth, liberty and justice, which do motivate us very strongly, do register very high on their Richter scales. As for the peril of the economic doom to result from the shutdowns, most people in the financial world, for instance, think we are economically doomed anyway from the alleged insurmountable debt bubble, which people like me maintain to skeptical friends and associates was also deliberately created from 1992 onward to facilitate the NWO being rolled out right now right under our eyes. To this our friends and relatives always tend to say or think “nut case”, or “conspiracy theorist”, right?

    (to be continued if more space is given)

  19. So what do we do? Do we “create” or manufacture our own crisis to scare the the sheeple to go our way, perhaps by taking a little poetic licence and exaggerating things? Yet, if we are truthers and believe we cannot have a world with less central control unless we can trust one another, then liberties with the truth is simply well out of bounds, despite what the lying establishment says or does. In the present case, however, perhaps we are not really aware of the peril not only to our own lives, but that which comes actually connecting all of the truths from what what experts like Wodgard, and broadcasters like Corbett have so far discovered and revealed. The truth in this situation does allow us to fight falsely-based fear with falsely-based fear, but only with the real fear of what a very evil establishment has “planned” for us, and particularly, an announced “second wave”, to bring us completely into submission.

    My rather isolated view is based on the facts indicating we are in great peril of a very real and much more lethal virus. When we hear the term of a “second wave” from the lips of the plandemic facilitators, we tend to want to suppress that threat as just an excuse or pretext of the authorities to carry on with the restrictions, for some weeks or months longer. And why shouldn’t they when they have go this far with so little flack? Well, with their ruthlessness in suppressing all Opposition, they must now be aware of the total inadequacy of the cover Covid-19 is giving to their entire operation and all of the planned Resets.

    One view is that we certainly do not want to add fuel to their fires to keep up the scare, by highlighting the second wave threat, and so in the meantime we will just keep reacting to what comes our way. The problem with this view is that the widespread independent media exposures of the exaggerated death numbers and together with the footage empty hospital wards around the world in which governments and media have falsely portrayed as war zones of Covid carnage, has been so effective, the pandemic planners are having real difficulty in many places maintaining the restrictions. To me at least this is a very strong indication that the planners were actually expecting ER’s and wards to be overflowing and many more, up to 2.5 million in the US, for instance, to die. Using the suspect Diamond Princess modelling for the US alone it could be up to 6 million. However, the effectiveness of the C-19 could not have been accurately predicted as prior to October 2019 there is no evidence of it having been released into the general population of any nation. Likely all of the predictions and modelling was based on testing under very tightly controlled conditions.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  20. I discovered “willful ignorance” some time ago–saved me a lot of wasted time and energy.

  21. This is the salient point imo. I live in a town in Mexico full of boomer woke liberals who have been screaming for compliance, not the Mexicans who dont really GaS. We have had mandatory masks outside the house under threat of 36 hrs jail and 8000 pesos fine for almost three months. They know better than us ignorant selfish covidiots. They make everything a partisan issue before you even open your mouth. I’m done with talking to people – it just causes more stress.
    Diana was my wake up call. (I’d said to my partner ‘they won’t let her get away with this much longer’ two weeks before it happened) After that I started reading Icke and unfortunately his ‘aliens’ rhetoric turns many people off to this day. I say to them ‘Why is it any more preposterous than some bearded ass sitting on a cloud?’
    Personally I came to Corby to find validation and some level of ‘company’ in what seems like the end game. No more waking the woke sociopaths for me.

  22. “You cannot wake someone up, if they are pretending to be asleep.”
    Hear hear, but how about, as Upton Sinclair put it, “it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”? My brother is a medical doctor. I am in my sixties, fond of my brother, and always have been. I live in another country. I have a ticket to visit him and my father, who is on his way out. My brother is so afraid of the “virus” that he is afraid of me being an “asymptomatic carrier”, a theory for which there is no evidence.
    When I ask my brother, the MD, a series of simple scientific questions, such as “what is the proof that the ‘virus’ causes the ‘disease’?”, “are the symptoms unique, and if not, is there one disease, or are there a lot of sick people for individual reasons?”, “what about the pcr and antibody tests? are they reliable for diagnosis? what about the false positives?”, “what about the mortality counts and the confounding co-morbidities of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, and so on?”, his only answer is, “you and I have different points of view.”
    At first, I was frustrated, to put it mildly, that a medical doctor, my own brother, refuses to have a rational discussion about the totalitarian tiptoe in process. He is now a true believer, because his salary depends on his being a true believer. I am not jealous of his doctor’s salary. I don’t want to be angry. All I can do is accept that his mind has been closed and try to have compassion, because perhaps I have my own blind spots. I keep searching for the truth, freedom, and health, but I guess I wake up to the fact that my happiness does not depend on whether anybody else sees what I can see or not. I just look for new friends who can see. As far as I can tell, there is a possible hierarchy at work now, the psychopaths on top, whom we don’t see nor hear but who are writing the script, the politicians and actors such as Bill Gates who are acting out the script, the true believers who don’t question the script and just obey, and the true followers who question the script slightly, privately, but who choose to obey for the advantages they receive.
    Hope this is not too long.

    • Yes, I agree with your synopsis at the end. Perfect.

      I think there is a vast world beyond politicians and frontmen (Gates, et al) that we know nothing about.

      In fact I think the real deal going on is beyond our imagination, and mostly all the riots, shootings, false flags, pandemics etc are just lots of smoke and mirrors.

      I laugh when I think that I (or others) might actually have it figured out. Not a chance.

      Which is a bit of a relief. Brings me back to my own responsibility. Keep it in the moment. Do the next right thing.

      I was thinking today when I was having one of those arguments in my head with family members who joke about me being a “conspiracy theorist”. I was saying to them in my imaginary argument “If I had told you at Christmas that by this summer the whole world would be in a continued lockdown that started in the early Spring, wearing masks all the time, schools, libraries, parks, playgrounds, bars, restaurants and businesses and Broadway all closed, no one working, or working from home, no summer concerts, July 4th celebrations, and no first day of school in September… what would you have called me?”

      Hmmmm, guess I’m not so crazy after all.

  23. The Shaming of the Rude.
    Was the founder of the Weather Channel “rude” to the elites when he came out against the entire notion of human-based global warming? I think they want to make him appear “rude” so now the weather channel is a massive propaganda info-channel for global warming.

    Right now, where I am in southeastern North Carolina (come to the coast! I’ll put you up!) it is 95 degrees F. The humidity is 54 percent. It’s muggy outside and hot. That’s what would historically, and I feel, most accurately have been stated.

    Now we have “feels like” as a primary measure:
    Weather Today in New Bern, NC
    111°Feels Like
    6:08 am
    8:19 pm
    High / Low
    7 mph
    Dew Point
    29.99 in
    UV Index
    8 of 10
    10 mi
    Moon Phase
    New Moon
    ***Did you see an actual temperature in that display? It’s at the top of the page, now it’s 96 degrees.

    First, it is hot outside, but it does not feel like 111. It does not feel like 100. It feels like 96 degrees and muggy.

    The science tells us how we feel and it helps us with how we feel, if we are to judge by the virtually nonstop pharmaceutical advertisements. Dupixent is on repeat this hour.

    The propaganda is subtle and in every single aspect of popularized media. Nothing else to watch, so I turn on TWC to see if it’s going to rain.

    Last week we had a 100pct chance of rain, reduced to 70pct. Reduced to 40pct. We did not get rain and the chances diminished as the radar indicated. It was only a high-tech version of looking out of the window to see what’s happening now.

    It’s as if everything is being drained of its real meaning. 100 percent chance of rain is a guarantee and may not be rescinded. But it happens all the time.

    It is clear who controls the information on this station, which side of the pharma/AGW crowd. So is it not possible that this measure of control is to undermine the channel’s founder?

    I don’t think so. The more valid the critic, the more likely to see this sort of thing. Sharyl Attkisson, for instance. Gary Webb, an example. YOU are an example, but they can’t even afford to mention you. They just seek to obscure your internet-existence and lump you in with sweeping statements about conspiracy theories, etc…

    How effective is media propaganda?

    My 80 year old mother called to ask if it is hot here. She said “it’s going to feel like 107 today”. 96 is hot, but it’s not unusual for this region at this time of the year.

    Other examples:
    My mother referred to a child’s mother as a “baby momma” and the father as the “baby daddy”. She says things like “boom” and thinks it’s cute.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Just an update. Now it’s 95 degrees but I am assured it feels like 113. I can tell you, I could sit in the sun for 5 or 10 minutes at 95 degrees, I was just out there. I could not sit in the sun for 5 minutes if it were over 100. It’s just that way. It does not “feel” like they say, it’s fake, like all of their science.

  24. What do we mean when we say wake people up? Are you trying to help them or convince them that we are right and they need to hear us i.e. we are trying to control (which I’m sure most of us here have an issue with insofar as we don’t want our governments to control us) and thus we are not even really listening nor engaging the people we love and are trying to help. Here is the question I feel is relevant for us right now… Do you want to learn more about what is going on? See James COrbett (or another name of person trying to expose the madness) docu series on Bill Gates… i.e. we leave them with the decision to be made as then they own the path of awakening to what is going on if they wish too and we are not trying to convince them of anything we have heard. Let people blossom in their own time, it is inevitable but if we rush that process we kill the bodhi process or the caterpillar awakening to itself as butterfly process. Thanks all, Justin

    • To wake up means you are thinking correctly. This being a very concise definition. Of course, most don’t think. They feel.

  25. That is true. My housekeepers all believe it is bullshit. The men who mow my lawn think it’s BS. For these people, it opens up conversations about 9/11, global warming and I’m struck how the poor around me seem tuned in, but when I mentioned central banks in a negative light, I got a snide comment from my wealthy neighbor. She also doesn’t want to hear about 9/11 and is okay with the Kennedy Assassination.

  26. I think you meant to say “my pointing out the obvious conspiracies”… but I get it.

    • Excellent!
      BUMP for “no mask” Winn-Dixie.

    • I followed your link and got this instead:

      Deep South supermarket Winn-Dixie will require face masks after all

      With stores in five states that went for Trump in the last election, Winn-Dixie clung to its ‘no face-coverings required’ policy. The grocery store changed its position hours after Trump declared masks ‘patriotic.’

      Another one rides the bus! (In that previous age, I’d follow with Weird Al’s song, but I’m not laughing anymore.)

      • Those pusillanimous, pandering, pieces of shit. Just when I was thinking that there might be some reason to hope.

      • Another store I won’t ship in. Publix has the same policy. The two biggest ones in my town. We do have an Albis. At least I know the two stores I go to for my important items won’t. The health food store and my Dropbox. Guess I won’t be buying any kerrygold butter for ghee. If they make masks mandatory I’ll start poaching my food. For now, I can use the net.

        • Just looked them up. They require masks as well. I will not comply with the corporate dictatorship.

      • Dollar general stores still don’t require masks. Not a great store, but it’s where I’ll be shopping in lieu of the grocery stores and Wally world policies. I won’t be surprised if this will be my last peaceful visit to town.

        • I have fishing poles and a crossbow. Plus, I order food from the net. Also, the health food store and dollar general and the local convenience stores don’t require them. I only go to town once a month. I’m a ghost in the woods. I just go to town to get stuff that makes life easier. Like weed and chocolate milk. And to see how much society has devolved. When shit goes south,I’ll be living like a king compared to most. Though at that time,I’ll be doing more than just surviving. Amazing how drastic the changes are when you have some time between visits. Who would’ve thought we’d fall so easily? And by we, I mean all of the world’s civilization.

          • I saw this coming, which is why I’m here. But the speed surprised me. I’ve definitely paid my dues in learning though. The hard part isn’t living out here though. It’s the blood to come. If you’re not prepared now, you’re cutting it very close.

        • Dollar general is my Wally world substitute. Food is at the health food store. Fuck waking up sheep, prepare yourself.

          • hear ya on offsetting & hv had my share of violent fantasy… incl last week in response to a shop that insisted i wear a mask, in person, i gave the nazis hell in that i made fun of ’em whilst they engaged in gestapo behaviour. afterwards, still quite angry i imagined physically kicking butt… esp the american flag mask wearing sales clerk, total jerk.

            this morning went to sprouts & claimed medical exempt, the greeter said he would go check with manager, so i walked on down to the meat aisle. where the manager came up to me, we had a civil discussion, told me masks were required – no medical exempt, i said so the rules hv changed then & he replied yes – corporate policy, & i replied fascist corporate policy. tho i knew i was talking to a brainwashed slave, for the heck of it, went on to state mandate is not the law, he replied the corporation has talked to its lawyers… & i said good ol nazis, then left the store.

          • well, i realize ppl will get fired from their jobs if they dont wear masks, & your right the manager may hv agreed with me, idk. also know many hate wearing masks, tho others take comfort in. and some who wear masks are aware of nefarious nwo machinations… incl cashier i very much like at sprouts. while i can intellectually understand, to see or hear ppl i care about complying can be emotionally difficult… both in general, & specifically — others put on masks, i wasnt the only one during the yrs of extreme abuse. as a child, learnt i had to make concessions in order to survive, deep down vowing someday i would break free, which i did — left everybody behind. to comply with wearing a face mask feels like i would be going back ~ becoming a slave again, & can feel like anybody else complying is a slave even tho i logically get their reasons why.
            when i got home from sprouts, i was pleased to see one of my neighbors was outside, we’ve been friends for about ten yrs, hv talked conspiracy stuff before & i vented about what had happened & we talked about how screwed up the world is. later on, he knocked on my door & offered to buy groceries for me, i thanked him, kissed him on the cheek & said i would try curbside pick-up for the time being.

          • I have done something similar in my neck of the woods, figuring out that there is no description of what/how a mask should be in the regulations the government has established. You should see what I call a mask.
            Not a single problem.

  27. It is very interesting how different people react to this type of information in different ways. I have a friend who was very into so-called conspiracy theories for a long time (actually introduced me to them) who eventually and gradually decided to “opt-out” so-to-speak. He now turns a blind eye to this stuff. I asked him why he doesn’t care anymore and he said “conspiracy theories don’t do anything for me”.

    My own father would repeatedly reject conspiracy theories as nonsense until one day I could tell I was actually making sense to him. It didn’t last long before he told me that even though he knew I was right, he couldn’t talk about it because he didn’t like the way it made him feel.

    “You can’t wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep” – has been true in my experience.

    Which got me thinking about how society puts so much emphasis on the importance of “having fun” as if life is all about enjoying yourself and avoiding struggles unless they directly benefit you. But there’s nothing fun or glamourous about wearing the glasses (They Live analogy). I think most people will consciously choose the lie once they feel the weight of the truth.

    • Feeling trumps thinking for many.

  28. I, as well as many, confront this problem. My wife of thirty years who is educated in the extreme, several degrees including a doctorate, often takes media news at face value. She is by no means unaware of corruption, half truths, sensationalism and political manipulation to suit an intended purpose. However, she is likely to accept the relentless media consensus on a given subject and socially conform. With the upheaval of the last four months raising questions on how we should proceed with finances and other matters of preparing for “The new norm” I suggested we make a serious effort to learn everything possible as to make better decisions. I insisted that rather than retiring to the TV at the end of a long day we instead listen to James Corbett, and others like Matt Kibbe, for an hour or so two or three times a week, and discuss what we agree or disagree with about their perspectives on a specific subject. This has proved exceptionally valuable and enlightening. We spend more time having intelligent discussions and a better relationship overall because of it. She may resent her “wokeness” ever so slightly but has changed her entire thought process when confronted with today’s events while her actions towards dealing with them have dramatically changed and improved. Maybe most importantly, she offers perspectives from an educated and extremely well read perspective that I couldn’t see coming. She asks often, “Anything new from Corbett or someone I need to hear?” I try to have something queued up at all times. Thanks James for… well you know. Vibes

    • Very cool anecdote!

    • That’s so heartening. Thanks for sharing with us.

  29. Some people will never be customers.
    Ignore them.

    I’m only looking for potential customers.

  30. A small biotech company figured that out, but big pharma bought them out and shelved it.

    • Brilliant on several levels, “I’ll stop there” was the first.

  31. I hope someone will agree ” if there ever was a day to re-infect a population that doesn’t ‘get it’ , today would be the day to ” show ” the crowded masses a thing or two.

    July 20, 2020….. Caesar has spoken. 6-20-2020

    SarsCo 2.0. Redux

  32. Hi All. Great video. As usual, seriously thought provoking. Here’s my two penn’orth. First of all I am no psychologist. I am an OAP that once worked in IT a million years ago.

    Despite our best intentions, I think we should carefully consider what we mean by waking people up. To me the term itself evokes images of missionaries and marketing zealots; in a way behaving like those that we are fighting against! Unsurprisingly, we are left wondering wondering why those who we try to help just cast our revelations aside.

    An alternative approach might be to try to mentally liberate those we care about. To help them to open their mind to possibilities so they can arrive at their own truth in their own time – and perhaps be more receptive to our ideas. The most important thing is to remove the chains that are imprisoning the mind – easier said than done…

    Here’s an experience I once had which may be helpful: many years ago I realised that most of my thoughts and opinions had been put in my mind by someone else. How could I position myself to see the world differently with a mind so cluttered? So I took it upon myself to do an uncluttering: a mental detox.

    My method was to close myself off from all mental toxicity; all mainstream information sources – especially “the news”, but also cinema, tv, contemporary music, newspapers etc. Anything contemporary as it is all subject to propaganda contamination. I think my living conditions helped my mental detox – I was also living in a Colonel Gadaffi-style tent at the time – comfortable but minus modern-day conveniences.

    To fill the void created by my self-imposed mind vacuum I went back as far as I could in time in order to avoid contemporary influences and started reading the Socratic Dialogues. With the same sentiment in mind I became interested in “fine music” – classical etc., but avoided anything more recent than 1900 for fear of propaganda contamination.

    Well I can testify here and now that within A COUPLE OF WEEKS my mind expanded beyond recognition. During a very intellectually challenging time at work, my mind became sharp as a razor and little “pearls of wisdom” started to pop into my head from nowhere – thoughts like “a manager ensures, but leader inspires!” or like “we spend much of our time looking forward and looking down, but hardly any time looking up!” (…. no smartie-pants comments about lamp-posts please).

    I’m not suggesting that everyone runs out and buys the Socratics or listens to Beethoven or indeed do a Gadaffi and live in a tent for ten months like I did. I’m just suggesting that revelations cannot enter the mind without opening the door to the mind first.

    If we are successful in helping our friends in this way we may well find that the process happens in reverse – our liberated friends may instead enlighten us to things we had not previously considered!

    Easier said than done – I’m searching around for information/courses that may be helpful. Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Mal

  33. Was just watching a press for truth video about the litmus test. The comments are disturbing. For the feds doing snatch and grabs. Also, bitchute is moderating comments now. Not disqus. Bitchute.

    • I’m not the least bit surprised about Bitchute. Last winter, I posted an interview of a Canadian father’s battle to save his daughter from a state-enforced sex change. A court ruled that the interview be removed from media platforms. The American ministry covering the story deliberately ignored the gag orders they received and uploaded the interview to their server and published it. But not Bitchute – they caved.

      • I admit I was surprised. They made such a big deal about it. While I obviously use technology,I think the Unabomber was right. Not that I’m endorsing him. He’s still a whackjob.

  34. Sun on the left
    Black hole on the right
    I’m sorry.

  35. Posting leaflets and flyers may help provide information. Actually trying to convince family members and friends may be ineffective if they have already chosen to stay “asleep “ and put their head in the sand.

    With the pandemic panic propaganda in the media and everywhere it’s hard to shut it out. It’s like the telescreen from 1984 always on in the back ground with the slogans and hate sessions. People become traumatized psychologically like the experiments on dogs that proved the response of learned helplessness. People just give up and roll over like a dying rat in a cage. It’s disgusting.

    I think a minority of people are immune to this and want to seek facts and know the truth. Maybe it’s genetic or psychological but it transcends intellect because I have spoken to some everyday people including my 90+ old grandma who thinks this is bs. She’s just wired that way she can sense lies even though she has slight dementia.

    So I think the best people can do is stay true to oneself and don’t be afraid to say 2+2 is 4. The only control people have is of themselves.


  36. And “the right” is right there with them. Their resistance is token.

  37. I thought I’ll be the first…

    CONFORMITY – the first instance of the word here and the only one until now.
    Maybe someone wrote on this line without encapsulating into single word.
    Can’t really understand human beings without understanding conformity. It is a curse and blessing at the same time.

    By expanding on the notion of conformity I would say true awakening is impossible for majority and also not necessary from society perspective.
    It’s close to impossible to know who can be awakened. We, the awakened, are planting the seeds and when the time comes they will germinate.

  38. oh, yeah… have experienced the same verbally and non-verbally many times.

    It takes the right kind to dive into abyss, nothing to do with courage or intelligence, but maybe with potential for wisdom.

  39. In defense of the First Amendment of the US Constitution
    Use the space provided on the mandatory to wear surgical mask, to broadcast your message

    Type or print short statements such as:

    It’s a virus stupid
    Wake up Dorothy this is not a dream.
    Resist Big Brother
    Nature works best! Not vaccines
    Nature knows best! Not Bill Gates
    TV lies
    Hang Fauci
    Fauci – Clown – Cuomo
    COVID: The Imaginary bogeyman
    Question everything

  40. ‘pretending to be asleep’ IS ‘willful ignorance’

    Don’t know who originally coined the phrase but Aaron and Melissa Dykes at site have been using the phrase for many years now.

    WILLFUL IGNORANCE really describes the position some take in their lives about a lot of things. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. If you tell me I will refuse the information because I want to be ignorant. Basically, people who do not want to be personally responsible for the path they’ve chosen–whatever it is.

  41. This is a useful “perspective check”, but with respect, James, it’s not that much help. Not that I expect you to have a silver bullet, or that I have one. It’s not reasonable to expect that. However, beyond the title, you go on to suggest that we might refer to this video if we’re asked the question in future, which suggests it offers some advice how to answer it.

  42. Thanx so much for that video, James.
    Turns out it was exactly what I needed to be reminded of; as I bet many of us feel “just on the verge of opening our mouths, and really letting it loose on the KoolAid drenched friends & family” who shouldn’t be simply ignoring what’s happening right in front of us.
    No silver bullet remedy for waking folks up, nor for tapping into some fountain of limitless patience.

  43. Just a note pleading with you all, once again.

    YT is supporting an illegitimate government via the covid narrative tool. They have demonetization all ‘thought’ that does not comply with that narrative. Please EVERYONE. If you are going to post a video link do not make it a YT link. YT, via its ‘community standards’ BS has been pushing to eradicate free thought for years. DO NOT promote them.

    Here are Professors Heneghan and Jefferson on covid from another site.

    Thank you.

  44. “ So is there ANYWHERE that is free from this mindless satanic loop bullshit?”

    Is there a country where the majority of people don’t believe in The Most Dangerous Superstition?
    Not that I have heard of.
    But fortunately, it is not about countries or borders. Its about individuals. Its about the remnants. As Etienne De La Boetie wrote:
    “ There are always a few, better endowed than others, who feel the weight of the yoke and cannot restrain themselves from attempting to shake it off: these are the men who never become tamed under subjection and who always, like Ulysses on land and sea constantly seeking the smoke of his chimney, cannot prevent themselves from peering about for their natural privileges and from remembering their ancestors and their former ways. These are in fact the men who, possessed of clear minds and far-sighted spirit, are not satisfied, like the brutish mass, to see only what is at their feet, but rather look about them, behind and before, and even recall the things of the past in order to judge those of the future, and compare both with their present condition. These are the ones who, having good minds of their own, have further trained them by study and learning. Even if liberty had entirely perished from the earth, such men would invent it”

  45. No, there is not.

    This fact is the point. The world is under a lockdown from an illegitimate group posing as THE worldwide authority through compliant fearful politicians, scientists, appointees, et al. This is a conspiracy FACT. NO single person, government or group has the ability to track, hold and arrest humans worldwide EXCEPT those who can use wealth, power and influence to threaten/buy elected/appointed governments. Everyone must get this one fact before any serious defensive push-back can result. Your local governments, wherever you live on the planet, are supporting them out of fear. Take a look out of your window. Why are the banks closed? Why? There is no reason for it. We have a huge skyscraper bank building across the street from our place, at least 40 floors. It’s locked up tighter than a coffin and has been since March 2020 without further notice of opening in a state that has few cases of covid. No reason except the covid lie. Why are local governments, including but not limited to NM, CA, WA, NY, OR all bowing and tugging their locks in fear and worship? They are terrified of this group just like Wilson stated. You may know his quote: US President Wilson (1913-1921) “There is a power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” He knew.

    More evidence? At the beginning of the covid narrative in early April 2020 this story was in the news. A plane of about 60 uber-rich were trying to avoid the covid lockdown by leaving their homes, chartering a plane and flying to a remote location. They were picked-up when they landed and arrested for breaking the worldwide rules. Ask yourself WHO can do that? If you didn’t see the story it was THE turning point in the covid lie. This action told everything anyone should need to know about what is happening.

    Bottom line: If you want to make a new thing you must first destroy the old thing. WE ARE THE OLD THING, people. Our world is being taken apart by a sick, dangerous group of self-appointed elitists (not elites, they are elitists).

    AND, that stupid mask you are being made to wear by your local authorities is a symbol to “shut-up”, have no opinions. The 6-foot rule is another symbol to distance yourself from friends, neighbors, associates, workers, even family so the elitists can limit push-back potential in Western countries which would occur if people were to assemble. FEAR. that’s all they have–FEAR.

    Those who took the ‘blue pill’ are without any understanding of these facts, whether willfully ignorant or truly sleeping through this part of history.

  46. I really liked your anecdote.

    Excellent approach perspectives.

  47. Many countries have started to experience ‘premature’ second waves.

    Japan is one of these countries with this inauspicious distinction.

    The wave has seen three times the numbers of daily cases compared to the first wave, if we are to believe the stats, for whatever it is they are testing for.

    Granted the number of Covid deaths are still minuscule, but it’s the case numbers that are still the sexiest of all.

    James as a fellow countryman, do you have any insights into why this is taking place now?

  48. Replace “deep state” with “permanent state” and you should immediately acquire new understanding. To vote in a decent human being into office would be equivalent of putting a donkey into a den of vipers.

    Most if not all of these ministries and agencies are choke full of unelected bureaucrats, some of whom have extensive network connections to business people, peddlers, criminals, ex influential politicians and other scum.

    To relieve oneself of the central bank would certainly mean becoming a pariah, labeled an isolationist and a populist, being placed under all sorts of economical sanctions with elected officials put under cross hairs. Without general understanding among the populace, one would probably be ousted easily.

    • Mkey. You are so practical ! Give ’em a sardonic break. Yes your completely correct but Laura.r is making some progress here. Hand Lauri.r a beer and be comforting cause it only gets worse the more we know. You know as much as anyone how bad it is and how bad it can get. Welcome to the water Lauri.r. Get a beer for you too Mkey. Put it on my tab, I owe you one.
      The snowflakes here are running with open arms to the Marxist agendas here in my little berg. They do not know what they are loosing.

      • Had a few, GBW, they helped get the heat off of my back for a short while.

    • “ Replace “deep state” with “permanent state” and you should immediately acquire new understanding.”

      Indeed. I was thinking about that kind of stuff after listening to No Treason when Lysander Spooner made a reference to The Rothschilds and their ilk financing the murderous governments in subjugating their own people.

      I wonder if the improbability of the idea that centuries old families and semi secret but very private groups have directed and controlled the direction of civilization behind the scenes for so long, is what causes it to be able to continue seemingly without even trying very hard to be subtle about it.
      Utilizing the stigma of the conspiracy theorist centuries before it became a meme.

      • I still maintain that this state of affairs is caused by people’s unwillingness to take ownership of their own lives. They’d rather believe instead of coming to terms with the reality. They’d rather hope than start working on restoring balance.

        • Very important point.

    • “To vote in a decent human being into office would be equivalent of putting a donkey into a den of vipers.

      Most if not all of these ministries and agencies are choke full of unelected bureaucrats, some of whom have extensive network connections to business people, peddlers, criminals, ex influential politicians and other scum.”

      After reading this one yesterday:

      “A Nashville, TN councilwoman has proposed charging anyone not wearing a mask with either murder or attempted murder.”

      I thought, of course!
      TPTB have got an unlimited source of funds for this plandemic.
      Surely they must be paying off millions around the world to divide and conquer the masses.

      A Karen here a Karen there, here and there and everywhere …

      • Murder Charge For Not Wearing A Mask?

        A Nashville, TN councilwoman has proposed charging anyone not wearing a mask with either murder or attempted murder. Is it any wonder violence, anger, and fear is spreading even as coronavirus deaths continue to decline? Why are they doing this? Also today, dentists report a surge in cavities and gum disease among people wearing masks. Kansas health official busted faking charts to falsely inflate effectiveness of mask-wearing. Big motorcycle rally in South Dakota – no masks!

        A good show, several very interesting tidbits, well worth the 20 minutes on 150% speed.

        • “…dentists report a surge in cavities and gum disease among people wearing masks…”
          I thought the Dentist article was very, very interesting.
          It makes sense.
          Most folks underestimate how bacteria in the mouth can cause all kinds of major body health conditions.

          Here is Sturgis 2020 – Day 3 | BABES, BIKES, & BEER

          Not my type of fun time, but I love the disregard for authority.

          • While this type of events is not my cup of tea either, I would very much like to attend, have a couple of beers too many and probably risk having some fun while possibly catching (and spreading) some laughter.

            • I still remember that video you once posted with the crowd jumping and chanting “On Fire!”

              What great esprit.

            • BUMP
              This is normal!

              …Will Grigg’s on fire, Will Will Grigg’s on fire, Will Grigg’s on fire
              Your defence is terrified
              Will Grigg’s on fire, Will Will Grigg’s on fire, Will Grigg’s on fire

              Will Grigg is always scoring
              The Northern Irish beast…
              …We’re gonna sing and dance….

        • August 12, 2020
          From the “Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity”

          Twitter Spreads Paid US Gov’t Propaganda While Falsely Claiming it Bans State Media Ads

          …That means that a US state-affiliated media outlet published more than 60 individual ads on Twitter in a mere seven days – the same week when Twitter reaffirmed its ban on ads from state-affiliated media outlets…

          …Voice of America (VOA) is a US government propaganda outlet. This is indisputable. Even the History Channel, in an article on the launching of Voice of America in 1947, acknowledged that the “VOA effort was an important part of America’s propaganda campaign against the Soviet Union during the Cold War.”…

          …Twitter, however, apparently sees no problem with allowing this Washington propaganda organ to spit out constant disinformation – and the company profits handsomely from its anti-Iran ads.

          US Agency for Global Media and CIA’s global propaganda network

          Western government-backed information warriors reacted to Twitter’s double standard on the labeling of state-affiliated media outlets with glee, insisting that Voice of America was somehow “independent” of the US government which oversees and bankrolls it.

          In reality, Voice of America falls under the jurisdiction of the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM). This is a rebranding of the US government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)….

  49. Hi James QFC et al,

    what is your view about banks in the current climate? Do you foresee that banks will close their doors for a period? What do you think is the likely timeframe for this? Is it likely before the end of this year-2020?
    Do you think that if they do close in over the next period during covid/reset restrictions that it will be pretext for elimination of fiat currency as we know it?

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