How Do You Police A Free Society? – Questions For Corbett #071

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Today we delve into the Questions For Corbett archives for an answer to Big-_-Brother, who writes in to ask about policing in a free society. How does policing function in a free society, and what would that look like? Join James for a very timely exploration of this increasingly important question.

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Big-_-Brother’s question

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Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society

Defense and Law Enforcement in an Anarchist Society

Bob Murphy: The Case for Private Defense

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  1. “Pirates and Emperors” (School House Rock meets Corbett Report…)

    The tradition of delivering open source law ENFORCEMENT is old, and generally very good for petty crimes- however, not sure how it would deal with serial criminals.
    Generally it is best to DELIVER justice in an offical court of some kind, since while lynching ‘is’ generally speaking an expression of the “popular justice” (especially in cases such as Leo Frank, who was using political connections to avoid state justice) its also a terrible way to run things since it easily moves Away from simple justice dispensation and into political violence and demagoguery.

  2. The reason that some people want to defund the police is because the regular people are currently defenseless without them…which means that after the take over the New Centralized police will be to local cops what the KGB was to the Okhrana…even more brutal, even less restrained, with less oversight.
    Right now there is at least some local control of law enforcement…the long play is to centralize them

    • That’s what the Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkens (an awesome Left-Anarchist dude) has also been proposing as well. I was originally gonna vote for him, but the dumbass Neoliberal Centrist Democraps have been desperately trying to suppress the Green Party, so I already voted for Libertarian Party Candidate Jo Jorgenson instead as a Plan B in this stupid election.

  3. Ya gotta love some of the expressions which roll off the tongue of James Corbett:
    “Entire forests have been felled with the answers to this question.” (around 17:45)

    Again, I want to say that I love this new “one topic” format of QFC “Questions For Corbett”.
    This helps to catalogue THE LIBRARY.

    9/19/2020 – The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

    9/23/2020 – How to Save the Library – QFC #069

    • THE LIBRARY and
      America’s Frontline Doctors – Saturday October 17th, 2020 – Press Conference in D.C.

      Just prior to the 8 minute mark, a Doctor talks about how Forbes deleted a 10 year old article after it got attention, because the article did not fit the current propaganda line.

      • WEBSITE
        America’s Frontline Doctors

        Welcome to America’s Frontline Doctors

        We exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic. We are diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed physicians with extensive front line experience treating COVID-19 and the risky health effects due to the lockdowns. There are many early treatment options! Most people do just fine!

        There is no reason to live in fear!

        If you would like to know the facts from doctors who are passionate about giving you those facts, watch our videos, found under Summit. If you need access to early treatment go to Referral.
        If you simply want to understand what “early treatment” is, watch our “Early Treatment” video or look under HCQ Protocols.

        Unlike the government, CDC, FDA, NIH or any other organization with other motives,
        we doctors have a fiduciary, moral, ethical, legal and spiritual obligation to help people … and that means you.
        We are not the media.
        Please share widely.

        (A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients’ interest ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust.)

        • = Unrelated =

          I wanted to know what you think of this:

          Can you recommend it and/or do you sell it?

          I’m not one for supplements, but I might consider this if it does what they say.

          You’re the first person I’d consult on something like this even though my Dad is a GP and my brother a chiropractor. They fear the COVID and have no healthy skepticism.

          • Zeolite.
            One time in the distant past, I put it (non-food grade) on parts of the yard to help soak up / bind past contaminants.

            I have some bottles of supplemental food grade Zeolite, but I rarely ever use it. Personally, I am not a big fan of it as a “silver bullet type detox method”.
            Perhaps, it could help when a person is also applying the many other detox protocols. I can see how it might help draw out arsenic or something else. But there is a host of other detox methods which might be more beneficial.

            Zeolite is an “aluminosilicate mineral”, but almost all clays are.
            Where I live, the soils are “Vertisol Soils”.

            That black gumbo clay (“aluminosilicate mineral”) will grab anything, including caking 2 inches deep under the soles of your shoes when muddy.
            If the trash bin has a stink which is hard to get rid of, I shovel in some of that soil. Then dampen it with a hose, scrub it around with a broom, then rinse out. It works. Stink gone. The “aluminosilicate clay” grabbed the stinky stuff, just like it grabs my shoes.

            I end up eating it when I harvest. Especially things like onions or turnips.
            Which reminds me…I need an onion…gonna go pull up one now before dark.

            Jason, With Zeolite, it really comes down to a personal choice on what a person wants to do.

    • HRS, Its the first thing I too wanted to comment on,, James, that line about felling forests was a punch in the guts; surely amped up by the fact that I’m currently reading “The Overstory” (R.Powers) in which the poignancy and importance of trees and forests is gleaned by a few but missed by most to humanities demise,, “how dare we” fell any forest.

      As for the initial question about policing, or whats the best way to give humans the space to thrive, while still managing or thwarting criminality?

      Over the past 25yrs Ive had a chance to ponder that and similar. I’ve also lived for years here and there in a few radically different cultures. the good answers seem to often come from way back, from indigenous roots, luckily a few remnants have been chanced upon.

      where I’ve lived for the past 16yrs, the local lore, before colonial marauders foisted genocide with brutality backed up by guns (fckn’ cowards), was to have the rule of law dealt with by the rare man or woman who had endured extreme initiations; could be years of solitude in the bush. and other that is less shared on comment threads, but safe to say actual extensive natural law training rather than fresh out of the academy with almost no life experience surrounded by a bent legacy, zero temperament. These remenants ive met are a culture that was continuous for, many claim 40-60,000 years.

      where we live there were 3 laws: No killing (unless for food), No lying, and no stealing. punishment was in the flavor of a spear through the leg, and or banishment.

      I dont have a premise or theory to add, just the historical fact. I do think we have the mess of lying and stealing and killing now because the majority do not have a real answer to the question posed. If we knew the answer, your reporting might have taken a wholely other vector; such as?

  4. Burning Man has their own Black Rock Rangers (named after the Black Rock Desert, long before there were any Black Rock NGOs). They try to deal with issue before the police meddle with things.

    A fair article, likely monitored by many Burners (in Silicon Valley and beyond):

    As always, TCR is shared on, an uncensored news aggregation forum based off the old open-source Reddit code.

    I really recommend James interview magnora7 sometime on his many areas of expertise: Rothschilds, Reddit, censorship, forum site admin hurdles, decentralization via federations, crypto, and is very well informed on most of what James talks about and more. Perhaps for the upcoming ?

    • I looked around on Cool. I’m glad you are doing stuff over there. Thanks. Seems like a friendly bunch.

  5. Complete anarchy seems like a great goal, but unrealistic in reality as tribalism would inevitably be free to form. The mafias would form armies and governments, and you’d be right back where you started.

    I’d like to hear more about MINARCHISM – about minimizing the rulers and their rules.

    I know it’s just semantics, but I’d wager many who wouldn’t go for “anarchism” or “voluntarism” might go for “minarchism” to minimize or decrease the government – an option that is rarely discussed, if ever. Were that to catch on, perhaps the momentum might even lead to complete anarchy.

  6. My issue with “Defund the Police” is that I believe it’s the Deep State’s way to get the federal military to take full control and begin Martial Law, so I’m highly against the idea.

    With that said, if we could abolish the police, along with all other forms of policing, federal, county, city, etc., then I would be in favor of James’ view of getting rid of government in general.

    • gauntlet33
      True.. better a local police force you have some control over and (hopefully) have some kind of link to the community….but even local police often get training that is totally inappropriate for policing civilians in the homeland rather then enemy populations.

      2nd photo down… look familiar?

      “..After seeing the video of Officer Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said: “I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.”4 Israeli training of US police is widespread: “Since 2002 the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”5 In the aftermath of Floyd’s killing, Palestinians were quick to draw parallels between the final images of the man suffering under the knee of the officer, and similar choke holds used by Israel occupation forces. “Crazy how the same thing happens in Palestine but the world chooses to ignore it,” …”

  7. Libertydan
    ‘..A better approach would be refusing to pay for it, but then, with all the funny money being created it is hard to know who is paying for what…”

    The funny money being printed is stealing the value of the money you own already, via Inflation…. so sadly YOU are the one paying, even IF you successfully avoid taxation without ending up in jail.

  8. I appreciate the thoughts and sentiments of SINCERE anarchists/”anarcho-libertarians.” However, most anarchistic theory is fantasy, a hope for utopia. Unless the human heart changes, that will not be achieved. As for law without a government, that’s an impossibility, since even the nuclear family is a form of government. And peacekeepers/”law enforcement” in such a society? Any organized force will simply be a new form of government. “Private” security forces? Policing by the rich. As flawed as what we have now is, I’ll stick with that!

    Ultimately, all of this is moot, since our masters will never permit any of this to come to reality; they’d slaughter billions before relinquishing their power.

    • “As flawed as what we have now is, I’ll stick with that!”

      Sorry, that’s not one of the options!!

      The government we have now is merely an intermediate stage along the path to full AI rule where humans have no say whatsoever in policy.

      It was never a debate between Anarchy vs 1950’s style government.

      1950s style government would be bearable as long as you aren’t black, gay or female and you kept your head down.
      1950s style government was for the 1950s and we are never going back.
      You don’t get to choose how government develops, it just keeps growing like a cancer.

      BTW you wont have a place under a future government as you will be too inefficient and will be exterminated.

      • If your last line is true, then we are doomed. And I concede that is where we are headed, but no anarchist fantasy can stop it.

        Fortunately, the cavalry from Calvary is headed our way.

        Not sure where you get the idea I want a return to “1950s” style government. The American form of limited government, that worked reasonably well, ended in 1861.

  9. The comment that was made in the video about paying for security force in one’s area reminds me of my experience driving through many countries in Latin America. It is common to pull up to a vacant parking spot, curbside, and have a local come up to your window and request payment for watching your car. Whether you want his service or not, you’d better pay him because, if not, you run the risk of him vandalizing or breaking in to your car (a Mexican friend advised me this right away, when I had first begun my travels, and I stuck to it). How to avoid racketeering?

  10. The Tom Woods Show – Ep. 597 Can the Private Sector Protect Against Crime? This Case Study Will Blow Your Mind
    Your local police department is said to provide a service that we could never expect to arise in the private sector. But the Detroit Threat Management Center, a private and voluntary organization, has cut down on violent crime and made a point of defusing dangerous situations without violence. You’ll love this one.

  11. A really simple answer to a really simple question, but such is the power of long term indoctrination that people have to even think about it.

    How about a really tricky one however….

    Who would make your bed in a free society if the government wasn’t there to do it for you?

  12. Just Dial 911? The Myth of Police Protection
    Foundation For Economic Education

    …Yet does dialing 911 actually protect crime victims? Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect.3 The 911 bottom line: “cases in which 911 technology makes a substantial difference in the outcome of criminal events are extraordinarily rare.”4

    …It’s not just that the police cannot protect you. They don’t even have to come when you call. In most states the government and police owe no legal duty to protect individual citizens from criminal attack. The District of Columbia’s highest court spelled out plainly the “fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.”5

    • Quoting
      District of Columbia’s highest court spelled out…

      The Washington D.C. Police Department stole from me twice.

      In the very early 80’s, I was in Washington D.C. selling ‘designer’ jeans on the street corner for $10 a pair. It was actually a big set-up with sometimes a dozen 8 foot banquet tables packed high with jeans.
      I sold in the ghetto areas.

      I was having all kinds of problems with brazen theft. Often, two or three times a week, people would blatantly steal from me. One time, I wrestled a thief for 5 or 10 minutes as we both gripped my cash…the guy wouldn’t run as I “yelled for help”. In D.C. you can’t have a gun, so my usual unloaded shotgun stayed at home.

      Anyway, twice thieves were caught. The police, both times, took the jeans as “evidence”. But, when I went to get my “evidence” back, it was not to be found.
      One of the thieves caught already had 5 or 6 theft convictions, and even got off on my theft charges.

      One time, I had more than a dozen ghetto guys beat the crap out of me.

      I finally handled the “no gun” situation by carrying a sledge hammer on my belt. The sledge had a short handle. I still have the scar from where it rubbed the skin off. But it worked to keep the theft down.

      Interesting times.
      Read about my friend and roommate during the Washington D.C. era…

      • Interesting stories. I had a friend get jumped by several white trash type of people in the downtown area of where I grew up. The next day he came downtown carrying a titanium baseball bat as a walking stick. I think anyone considering jumping him again got the message.

        • Oh cool!
          That reminds me of when in 1973, “Walking Tall” came out.

  13. Sweet, it’s so awesome that James Corbett actually makes links to Keith Preston’s Attack The System.

  14. It would be nice to imagine communities that are so civilised that they don’t require police.
    After observing the horrors of policing in the USA I have to admit that I have had good experiences in London and Italy with humane policemen.
    I was in a pub also frequented by gays, a big not very likebale man next to me offered me a beer. I said no, but he offered it anyway. Then he wanted me to go to his hotel. I said no. He then became indignant about the beer he had paid for. I opened my wallet to give him the money and his hand slipped into it and took £20. If he had been an urchin I would have let this pass but as he was well-dressed I decided to go to a police station. I waited till two policemen came to hear my story. To them I said, “I don’t know if I have come to the right place. I heard some policemn joking about gays in the corridor,” They said, no,no, no, they were on my side and would think of a better pub for me to go to. To cut the story short, when I saw the thief again in the same pub, I phoned the police and they camne immediately and the matter was resolved in court.
    Here in Verona I was having a meal at an eatiung place for the poor. For some reason two policemen were investigating something. I sat at the other end of a long table but for some reason they directed their sociable questions at me. Later I saw them again and pointed at the slightly plump but attractive one and said, “I would like to be arrested by him.” Later I was passing another café and they ran out and said, “Felix, come and have a drink with us.” Unfortunately I was on my may somewhere and couldn’t stop.

  15. Qno
    “..Arguably, one could say that the deep state inevitably arose out of such a government..”

    You are right- it is the natural state of affairs.
    The ‘deep state’ is just the people who have jobs for a long time and thus gather power, combined with people who have some other kind of power. There is a ‘deep state’ in the every small town, every big company and almost every government department- the local big wigs and the officials who have been there for years and ensure things are done the way they like.

  16. Northern Bean
    I recall hearing during that time of mass ammo purchases that the POSTAL SERVICE has its own SWAT team. Give someone the budget and they Will find something to spend it on.

  17. This brought to mind a comment by a former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police when asked about the endemic corruption within his force. He said that a successful police force is one that arrests more criminals than it employs.

  18. I don’t think zero policing is being discussed, but rather decentralized policing if there were no centralized government.

    I think you’re right about the likely cause of death in the George Floyd death based on his tox screen and the fact that he said he couldn’t breathe prior to being put in the chokehold. In my opinion, the best thing would have been to get medical attention for him when he seemed to need it. In fact, working as an ER nurse I have police officers bring people who during the course of arrest required medical attention. They have better training where I live, which is why I support better training not less, and not “defunding” whatever that really means.

    What I see as a US citizen is an attack on the cultural fabric from academia, the rise of post-modernism, and neo-Marxist organizations like BLM undermine the nuclear family as part of their platform.

    The mental gymnastics required to understand some of the garbage coming from the neoliberal academia is very alarming. I personally don’t like tribalism and identity politics because they are divisive. I happen to be “white” but white nationalists would probably hate me because I’m a jew. And, I have never even practiced Judaism, but my family is from Austria and my grandparents almost got shipped off to Auschwitz. I happen to get along with people of many different races and grew up in a mostly Black neighborhood as a kid.

    My family came here as refugees through Elis Island and they loved this country and my grandma worked as a civil rights activist. But none of that matters now, some of the militant BLM and Antifa followers would tell me I have “white privilege” and I should give up my property to atone for having white skin. But, here in the US, I am not counting on the police to protect me because I can protect myself. I might go to jail for doing so but I would do it anyway.

    In short, I hear some of what you are saying and agree that not all police officers are bad. I have worked with some very good ones. I also think postmodernism and neo marxism have not been discussed much here, but those can be divisive discussions and I think JC wants to focus his research on the movers and shakers who use these concepts to keep the population divided and fighting among themselves so they can continue to rob us blind.

    Having said that, we still have to protect ourselves against violent people. I think if more people had guns and knew how to use them safely and responsibly there would be a lot less mob violence. Just my opinion though.

  19. BadCop Inc – a definition of a police state

    In a free society, that is in a stateless society, a free market would exist, for every kind of service, which businesses could address in whatsoever way they considered a competitive manner. Some organisations may offer policing services on a subscription basis, some may work through insurance providers and perhaps, more likely, an unimaginable solution would yet be found to whatever need for policing services existed. That model would then constantly evolve and improve; driven by demand and consumer choice.

    A policing organisation that started to behave as we see cops funded via stolen money (taxation) behave, would most likley find their customers rapidly departed to a better provider – I mean, for starters: who wants to pay for a gang of bullies conducting themselves in such a inefficient and costly manner. Such poor public relations would backfire unless, that is, they come to your door and Taser you if you do not pay for their protection racket.

    If they did Taser you for not paying it would be clear you needed the services of a better operation who would start their contract with you by getting the ugly Taser and theft cops, BadCop Inc, off your back. A business that intended to force you to place your business with them would need to have a far more subtle method of capturing and retaining your business.

    One good way of making you stay with ‘BadCop Inc’ would be to provide their nasty violence based monopolistic service free of charge. That would have the effect of making it very difficult for widespread competition to get started as they would need to fund their service in some way. Conversely BadCop Inc. could fund their service through a charge made on everything everyone sells including everyone’s time they sell at ‘work’. BadCop could simultaneously take a slice on the earnings of everything everybody buys too.

    But nonetheless people would not be happy. They would quickly realise that BadCop Inc. was just running the mother of all protection rackets. BadCop would have to take more money and provide, monopolistically, more supposed ‘benefits’ or their ‘customers’ would realise they were just being enslaved. So BadCop could open schools, to indoctrinate their public from the get-go, allow their ‘customers’ to vote for who, from a list, the next BadCop boss will be, BadCop could build roads so they can get about and collect their tithe. BadCop could see their friend’s business’ made money from the enterprise too and could tell these corporate cooperators what to do, such as making sure the papers, radio and TV never tell the enslaved public any sort of truth.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  20. birds can murmur, why cant people?
    as far as I know the murmuration happens without leadership or police.

    so wrote the BBC “predators were rarely successful within the “mesmerising flock”.”

    some flora or fauna will be an example of a model that can give us guidance with this question.

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