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Propagandists have many techniques for burying a story. Today, let’s examine how a nothing burger distraction story can keep people who would otherwise dig in to something more substantial fixated on a nothing burger.

9/11 Trillions


Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger in first photos since his death

Another example of really lazy (and inexplicable) Photoshop in the Maxwell-pictures

Strange metadata on In-N-Out Ghislaine Maxwell photo

Maxwell photo metadata

Archived story with “a regular”

Photographer of Maxwell-Picture claimed to be identified

SeeAndSlow comment

Rasmussen – 41% believe it was murder


  1. 911 demolition

    Distraction: Planes flying into buildings.

    Actual action: Demolition of 3 towers, 1 pentagon-administration.
    Killing of some people that knew too much.

    Alternative theories.
    After it was clear that microthermite had caused the destruction of
    the 3(+) WTC towers, we suddenly got different alternatives.
    And these started competing with the story that we actually
    have good evidence for.

    1. Direct Energy Weapons.
    Based on hole-shape of WTC-4, which looks as if a laser was shot
    from space. This was mixed with the enormous destruction of parts
    of the towers to powder, in which we can find remains of thermite.
    The power needed for such a destruction is immense, so it combined
    with secret UFO technology, and attracted a lot of fans.

    2. Nuclear 911
    Based on the Tritium that was found. Which is commonly used in
    self-illuminating exit signs, require for safety.
    The enormous power caused of the planted military grade explosives
    also contributed to the idea that only nuclear bombs could do it.
    Of course you can not get a demolition like collapse with one explosion,
    you need a well timed gradual destruction procedure.
    Source seemed Russia, to make it more believable.

    3. NO planes.
    Based on the idea that all planes were photoshopped, because
    they did not look like the official airliners in the videos.

    4. UFO attack
    Based on a video where the plane becomes ellipse shaped due
    to a bad focus. Often mixed with no planes.


    Alternative: The bodyguard shot him.
    Distraction: Magic bullet / Disappearance of Brain. It just shows
    how corrupt the CIA/FBI is.


    The CIA and FBI, etc, are very corrupt.
    So what if we believe that there is a hidden team within
    the CIA that is helping us.

    Russia!!!!! Putin!!!!

    Distraction from the crimes committed by the DNC and
    Hillary, as shown in the wikileaks.

    Interviewing of Actors after shootings

    To create spectacular and politically biased reports
    on shootings, the media uses actors.
    These actors come with spectacular, but impossible stories,
    like in the Vegas shooting.
    Or they start promoting gun-laws.

    This is likely independent of the actual event that had taken place,
    and is just very bad journalism.

    This gives the idea that every shooting is fake.

    This likely distracts from how the FBI and CIA/NSA allowed the
    shooting to take place.

    Imprisonment of Assange

    All the attention goes to Assange, even when he was at the embassy.
    But instead of protesting against the war-crimes and corruption,
    we have to fight for the freedom of one person.

    Climate change

    Don’t look at the sun’s cycle, keep focusing on CO2.

    • UFO reports
      While interesting from a paranormal viewpoint,
      the discussion and reports go into all thinkable directions.

      “Anti science”
      If you don’t trust the corporate controlled researchers,
      you are “anti-science”.

      “flat earth”
      A small group in the US believes weird stuff.
      Other people believe that earth is 6000 years old.,
      or that dinosaurs lived recently.
      But videos about this subject get high in the search results.
      Lots of trolls, mix with these people to push a absurd theory
      to divert from a normal discussion.

      In discussions about astronomy I also come across
      earth-centered theories.
      But it is normal for scientists to claim that
      the universe exists of many parallel universes.
      Without any evidence for it,
      So it is no wonder that people come up with weird stuff
      of their own.

      This is all a diversion from the reality that
      astronomy already fails with the first star, our sun.
      Astronomers mix up electromagnetism, and
      other basic and proven physics.
      But because we can not get near to it, they keep on
      using the old and failing theories endlessly.

    • Sorry zyxzevn but I beg to differ.

      The planes were far from a distraction.
      They weren’t the main goal of 9/11 but they were
      a very important part of the plot.

      Take away the planes and you can’t demolish the towers!

      “After it was clear that microthermite had caused the destruction of
      the 3(+) WTC towers, we suddenly got different alternatives.
      And these started competing with the story that we actually
      have good evidence for.”

      I was seduced by Dr. Harrit, just as you were.
      In my case it took a few years before I saw the light; that although thermite DID play its role in the towers’ destruction, it did not have the explosive power that was needed to demolish the buildings.

      Dr. Harrit himself repeats time and time and time again that thermite is an incendiary. He does not repeat time and time and time again that thermite is an explosive, though he dearly would like to.

      “2. Nuclear 911
      Based on the Tritium that was found. Which is commonly used in
      self-illuminating exit signs, require for safety.”

      The tritium that was discovered was only one of more than a DOZEN rock solid pieces of evidence proving that nuclear devices were used to bring the towers down.

      “The enormous power caused of the planted military grade explosives
      also contributed to the idea that only nuclear bombs could do it.”

      Not a nuclear bomb, but a nuclear device. I revealed the smoking gun, in-your-face evidence of nuclear devices that were used on 9/11 in a post earlier this year on this site.

      “Of course you can not get a demolition like collapse with one explosion, you need a well timed gradual destruction procedure.”

      Sorry zyxzevn, thermite does not have the explosive power required to turn towers into dust and hurl multi-ton steel assemblies laterally 500+ feet.
      Nor will it cause the signature nuclear pyroclastic dust clouds we saw occur three times on 9/11.

      Please check out all the videos and documents on 9/11 produced by nuclear physicist Heinz Pommer.

  2. Hi James, since you brought up in passing the Rasmussen Poll on the Epstein “event,” I would like to point out that for me the most glaring aspect of the poll was that one was allowed to “vote” for suicide, suicided, or don’t know. What was not an option was – extracted and replaced with a convenient stiff. That was Holmes’ dog that didn’t bark, and I am now leaning more strongly than ever toward:

    Official story = suicide
    Unofficial official story = murdered
    The real story = extracted

    If they could not be sure that they had neutralized all of his dead man switches, this would be the most likely approach for the Cabal.

    • I bet they could have ‘convinced’ him to give them the goods and be happy for the pain to stop….he might not even have been able to gather such a bombshell if he was just being handled by a bigger power.
      Personally I think its more interesting that ‘they’ (whomever that is) DONT CARE THAT WE KNOW something is fishy.
      Either they just had no choice but to deal with it or this whole story is itself a distraction.

      • They care. This one just got out of control a little bit. They are flushing it as we write. Extracting him would have been a piece of cake for a Mossad operation. Bribing and threatening only a few people is nothing compared to other operations like 911. Look at the nonsense people still believe about JFK.

        • A distraction from what? This thing is a huge red pill. Even my snowflake wife has been severely affected. She is starting to check out magazines for tin foil hat sewing patterns. If somehow it went from underage girls to satanic ritual child sacrifice, that would be a disaster. The evidence is underground on Pedo Island and the FBI will put it alongs side Carlos Danger’s laptop in a secure place. As to why the Mossad and not the CIA? Because Israel runs the USA with AIPAC and control files even more than the the CIA does, though they work for the same Cabal. Because the Maxwell’s, father and daughter, were known Zionists and agents for the Mossad.

  3. In the 20 or 30s the soviets leaked fake documents about how they were funded… the easily debunked fake documents told the truth which vaccinates people against the truth.
    I was talking about a real criminal case I read about with a guy who saw the TV movie about it and was totally convinced it was just a tv show….vaccinated again.
    When ‘Pizzagate’ was almost breaking into normie land (those podesta art collections were toooo creepy) there was a minor UK thing about soccer footballers called pizzagate too…. a search quite often got that
    And… most insidious of all… whenever I tell anyone to look at the Corbett Report they say ‘colbert report’ which is some fake news show as far as I can gather

    • Good points.

      I didn’t know about soviet leaks.

      Brain damage caused by Vaccines are diverted to discussions about autism, which can also have many other causes.

      The pizzagate idea is so far fetched that the discussions go about
      some weird code-words, instead of the problem of pedophilia in government.

      • ‘…..he pizzagate idea is so far fetched that the discussions go about
        some weird code-words, instead of the problem of pedophilia in government…….’
        The code words is just what most people fixate on… there was plenty of other creepy stuff showing up.
        The Pizzagate idea is absolutely in line with at least the last 100 yrs of leaks and rumors and facts about the occult nature of the ruling class and their disgusting activities. Dennis Wheatly books are probably not nearly as far fetched as normal people thought before the Profumo affair, back when the gangster Kray twins could mix with high class conspirators like Boothby and Tom Driberg and keep them supplied with boys. Crowley was on the payroll of British intelligence, even as late as WW2.
        They have been doing pizzagate style things for at least a hundred years, maybe more. Even Ben Franklin used to hang out with hell fire clubs (the dead bodies found in the basement of his London house were probably NOT human sacrifices though…Lol)
        The occult ‘magic’ stuff like you would people going to an exclusive church to meet like minded folks, some people take it seriously and other just go to network or because they like the…. ugh… ‘music’
        You are dead right about vaccines- no way would people use the crazy fast schedule unless forced to.

        • Use “pedogate” instead of “pizzagate”, as for me and
          most people “pizza” stands for the code-word.

  4. James dumps in important story on a Friday.

    He must be up to something 😉

    • Hugo,
      You hit my chuckle bone. Great line!

      Like you, I appreciate Corbett dissecting these propaganda methods and distractions.
      “Nothing burger” approach…that’s a good term for that type of distraction.

  5. In the aftermath of the Clinton email leaks, what was really frustrating here in Australia was that our media, including the respected ABC focused 99% on who may have leaked the documents and 1% on what the documents contained. There was no discussion at all about the criminality of the Clintons, the State Department or of the DNC.

  6. One clever bit of trickery I was impress-with/dismayed-by was around the Charlie Hebdo Paris shootings. A bit of footage supposedly showing a “terrorist” shooting someone in the head was posted. Critical analysis supported the idea that the spectacle was staged for the benefit of eye whiteness’s. The footage of the staging event was, however, filmed and open to analysis.
    I am assuming this is genuine footage of a staged event.
    A few days later, posts of the same footage surfaced. This time it was wrapped in an OBVIOUSLY fake BBC News broadcast framework. This was not by the BBC, it was never broadcast and was clearly a poor forgery.
    Why?!?! It occurred to me that, at ANY TIME in the future, the raw footage’s authenticity would be tainted as fake by the fake BBC wrapping of the footage.

    Even if I am wrong about this event, the strategy is an interesting one.
    • Real (damning) footage is out.
    • Alter the real footage to make the footage plausibly fake.
    • Propagate the altered footage far and wide.
    The waters and now good and muddy. Job done.

  7. ‘..Nusuth says:
    In a different use of distraction, distraction and derailing of political movements. Take feminism, a movement of people who are trying to be recognized as more than sexual objects and baby making machines…’
    In its inception the movement had probably as much to do with womens rights as bolsheviks had to do with workers rights… almost nothing except that grievances (especially real ones) make good social wedges.
    The UK suffragettes were almost all pretty well off and somewhat terroristic to the point they were trying to burn trains full of people and were believed to be on the edge of assassination campaigns just before WW1 . They had crossovers with theosophy, marxism and the Fabians.

    ‘……useless because of course our masters want to take advantage of labor, man or woman. any time a movement is being take seriously by the people, the media will come in and change the issue….’
    So true.

  8. “To lead people into thinking that the twin towers were filled with people, working at offices there, in the days leading up to the event when in fact most of the floors, most if not all of the furniture, the office appliances and a lot of the bolts had all been removed in preparation for the event.
    The buildings were built to be demolished.

    3. The floors that they left in were pre-loaded with tons of fine dust and a lot of office papers…”

    Sounds like you have been seduced by the ‘Let’s Roll Forum’ crowd. 🙂

  9. Btw., what is going on with Dennis Hastert case?
    Will quarter of million and a year in prison be all he earned with his outstanding behavior.

    • The Hastert case jumped front and center in my mind too when I was watching this video.

      Is it just a coincidence that whenever we have potentially explosive cases that will implicate dozens and dozens of top drawer officials/royalty etc., someone finds a way to put a lid on them and quash any real tough investigation?

      Asking us to believe there were no cameras monitoring the inside Epstein’s cell is like asking us to believe there were no functioning cameras outside the Pentagon on 9/11 monitoring the grounds where Flt. 77 allegedly struck the building.

      Who the hell constructs a maximum security prison without any f__king cameras monitoring the cells? Duh!!!

  10. You should do a #propagandawatch on Character Assassination, which is another way to bury a story or discredit an idea that has truth to it.

  11. I told journalists Whitney Web on Twitter that she should do an interview with James Corbett of The Corbett Report, and Whitney tweeted me back that ” That would be great!” MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPTAIN!

    • I liked this guy’s comment…

      “We have a normal home without gadgets and the people who live in it are smart enough to operate everything manually using the smart object in their head.”

      • Yeah! I chuckled when I saw that. I was glad to see this comment and others of people who are not falling for the smart gadget dependency.

  12. How almost every crime is buried

    By “Letting it happen”.
    So the ones responsible can hide behind incompetence and
    I think this incompetence is staged as a layer of diversion.
    “Oh, we didn’t know”…
    Destruction of evidence is always claimed to be “incompetence” too.

    Many Bin Laden conspiracy believers think that incompetence
    is the cause.
    Same with Hillary’s e-mails.
    Epstein’s “suicide”.

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