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We are being told to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing. We are being told to quarantine shame those who break the new societal taboos. So how exactly do you introduce entirely new cultural norms across much of the world in the space of just a few weeks? Watch and learn.

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  1. From the netherlands:
    A friend of mine had his birthday last saturday. On sunday evening (when my GF had her birthday, and her parents came over) when I texted him to ask what he did on his birthday, I got a message back: I spend the day at home with the kids, JUST LIKE WE ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO DO.
    He ofcourse had heard how we had ‘celebrated’ the birthday of my gf.
    This is for me at least as creepy as what governments are rolling out.. how it is working in social connections. In my family I sense a huge misunderstanding of each other, irritation, not wanting to listen to each other.

    • Netherlands

    • The deep-state has just JUMPED THE SHARK!

      On YouTube I’ve been highlighting the curious fact that India, with a population of 1.34 BILLION, somehow only has 519 cases, and 10 deaths, and now the BBC is reporting that “India [is] to enter ‘total lockdown’ after spike in cases”?!

      This DOES NOT COMPUTE, because if the virus really is super-contagious, it would likely be spreading like wild fire in India, given the huge population, and 3rd world conditions in some areas. Just imagine how many deaths occur in the country on a daily basis, such as from road accidents on their sub-par roads, and they’ve only had TEN deaths from Covid-19, which makes this LOCKDOWN bazaar, crippling their economy FOR NOTHING, just like we may well be doing in the U.S., which to date only has 684 deaths, which compared to the average annual 36,000 deaths from influenza (that’s an average of 99 per day), is minimal!

      I see that Rand Paul supposedly tested positive, but is asymptomatic (has no symptoms); could it be, as has been reported by some, that the Covid-19 test is wildly (or intentionally?) inaccurate, and the number of infections a country reports is directly proportional to the number of available tests, and the deep-state screwed up by not dumping a load in India?

      • You might like to check out my new video which does a deep-dive on the Flu vs Covid stats (also be sure to check out my highly pertinent pinned comment):

        Deep-state JUMPS THE SHARK, locking down almost Covid-free India; my analysis of Flu vs Covid deaths

    • Libertydan – Michigan
      Michigan USA

  2. I am in Malaga, Spain. I am dual national, US/EU. I have been in Spain since Christmas, and just rented an apt. until May.

    The shutdown here was swift and harsh. We cannot not be outside at all, under threat of arrest and fines. I have been to the market three times in ten days. There are reports of people being stopped and harassed by the police especially non nationals/non Spanish speakers, of which I am one.

    They recently extended the lockdown until April 12th, and there are rumours now that they will increase the limitations to a complete lockdown.

    The Spanish seem to be very docile and well behaved. Nobody is questioning the narrative and they all are suitably afraid of the virus.

    It’s all ratcheted up so quickly, and I seem to have missed my opportunity to leave for the US or for Ireland. I am more concerned about being caught en route and staying put seems safer.

    I find it interesting that all of the countries are telling their citizens to come home and non-nationals to go home. Despite the alleged threat of contagion.

    The State Dept tells me to come home, but not to rely on them for help. The UK just this morning, reissued a request for everybody to come home (from Spain which is supposed to be highly infectious!).

    I’m holding tight for now. All input gratefully appreciated,



    • I am not AT ALL concerned about the virus.

      I am afraid of the government and the police and the military.

      and of my neighbors ratting me out.

      • Mary,
        What part of the globe are you in?

        • I am in Malaga Spain,

          I changed my name MCinNola is me.

    • That is really interesting mcinnola. I had no idea that the UK government were asking UK nationals abroad to “come home”. Last night a relative who is a doctor was explaining why social distancing is necessary for a short period, and it made some sense (as long as it’s just for a short period).

      But asking people to return from a country where the infection is running rampant knocks that explanation right on its head!

      Less than 2 weeks ago I was at my local climbing centre, chatting to a couple of Spanish guys, and we were jokingly saying that if we were told to isolate, we’d like to do it on a Spanish beach. That was on March 13th. No joking now – the reality sounds horrendous.

    • Hello MC,

      I am Spanish so I know what you are talking about. You write about how quickly it was carried out, so I am going to explain it a little bit more for others to understand how it was done.

      A document was filtered on March 14th (Saturday) to a Spanish radio stating that the President Pedro Sánchez was going to announce the lockdown of the country the same day, and that the measures would start on Monday at 8:00 am. In the afternoon, while the President was speaking, I started to prepare my stuff to go to a house that my family owns in a very little village in the south of Spain, which is surrounded by nature and I could walk without many problems.

      The thing is that he locked down the country just after his speech, the same Saturday! I had to stayed home because there are hundreds of km between this village and my house. This is how fast it was.

      The funny thing is that I could have invented an excuse if the police stopped me while I was driving by saying that now I lived in the south although I hadn’t changed my ID card yet (in the case that the looked at my address). Do you know why I decided to stay home? Social pressure. Can you image what would have happened if I appear in this town (where EVERYBODY I know is happy with the lockdown) and people start getting sick? I am absolutely, 100% sure, that I would be blamed.

      You say that Spanish seem to be very docile and this is something that has surprised me a lot. People in Spain laugh at the policemen faces (at least in big citties). They just don’t care about them and if police come, young people just keep doing what they want after they leave.

      Now I am seeing exactly the opposite. As you have said, almost anybody is saying nothing about this situation, they follow all the orders, and they are pointing with their fingers those who don’t follow the rules.

      Just one last thing that I saw this morning through my window: two people were about to cross each other, but with a separation of 2 meters between them, and without even look at each other, they separated even more. The worst part is that it seemed to me that it was all unconscious.

      That’s all I wanted to say for now. I hope that you see that not all Spanish are happy with the situation 🙂

      • Insightful Anecdote!

      • Hi Haros,

        Thanks for the response. I changed my screen name, this is MC.

        I’m glad of your update.. I thought I might have missed something but I guess I didn’t.

        Someone from Ireland texted me Saturday night at 9 saying they were shutting everything down at midnight and I had no idea what he was talking about.

        I have roommates and they think I am mad when I tell them I don’t believe in viruses, and don’t trust the state. It was really peer pressure at first that kept me inside, now it is fear. Anybody paying attention knows that world governments are all in cahoots. Isn’t that what the EU is, one government over all of Europe? Not to mention things like Bilderberg.

        I fluctuate from quite angry to quite sad. I wish people would see what is going on, and I wonder when I will be able to go home. My lease here is up at the end of next month and I am supposed to return to work.

        I am 500ft from. beach to and can’t go to it.

        When I wake up in the morning it takes a minute to remember that I am under house arrest,

        I still can’t believe this is happening.


        • I’m with you, MC- lots of disbelief that things are playing out in this way. Sadness that what could be a decent, peaceful way of life is being taken away completely.

          Your description of being so near the beach, yet unable to even put your foot there, caused me to realize that we have all been arrested and jailed without a need for any more prisons.

          I wonder if the realization that these statistics do not warrant the dismantling of freedoms worldwide, will dawn on the populace soon?

          What facts could be disseminated that might raise questions in their minds?

        • “Under house arrest” – that’s a very good way to put it.

          Actually although we are all officially under house arrest now in the UK, I had to drive about 20 miles today (a 40-mile round trip).

          I was in the process of moving house when this happened, living temporarily at my mum’s house, and most of my possessions are in storage. I had to drive 20 miles to my flat to get the mail.

          I was really worried about it, for the same reasons that Haros mentioned. However I needn’t have worried, as there were lots of people about and quite a lot of cars on the road (though not quite as many as usual). The only thing I didn’t see was police.

          So I have a small amount of hope for the UK, even though a few people I know are going absolutely bonkers with panic.

        • I know this feeling. Just a few weeks ago, if you had told me that you don’t believe about viruses, I wouldn’t have believed a single word (unless you had showed me evidence) for the simple reason that I myself have worked with them in the laboratory. But then, reading Jon Rapopport I saw a comment recommending a book which I am reading at this moment (Fear of the invisible) and now red flags are warning me at least to take a much closer look at the topic.

          Anyway, even if viruses exist, people should read this book if they have time because it is very well researched and shows how amazingly corrupt is the medical field (nothing new).

          I also understand how you feel. I think that many of us who are commenting have these changes in mood. But it must be really hard for you to be in another country facing all this. I truly wish you the best and I hope you can come back home soon. The sentence about the beach is heartbreaking.

          I feel exactly in the same way every morning when I get up. I find this moment extremely interesting: it is like the moment when you get access to your “persona”. The moment when the memories come back to tell you who you are and what happens in the outside world.

      • Thanks for sharing, haros. I’m sick you weren’t able to get to your family home. It would’ve been such a peaceful, safe place.

        “Now I am seeing exactly the opposite. As you have said, almost anybody is saying nothing about this situation, they follow all the orders, and they are pointing with their fingers those who don’t follow the rules.”

        See? Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

        My heart goes out to you, Mary. As Alexandre said on another thread, we’re “alone in this together”. Hang in there.

        • You are welcome, Peal, and thank you very much for your nice words. Actually it is a vacation house for the family, so nobody lives in there (I haven’t expressed myself right, sorry). I just wanted to spend this time in a quiet place, reading, surrounded by nature and disconnected of all this hysteria.

          I haven’t watched this movie but I have to tell you that I didn’t expect this scream and I have startled because I had the volume hight! Now this thought have come to my mind… If I would have had a heart attack watching your video and Spanish doctors had identified coronavirus in me, would have they reported me as a new case of death by coronavirus…? Something to think about.

          By the way, the sentence by Alexandre is simply wonderful. I love it.

          • “I haven’t watched this movie but I have to tell you that I didn’t expect this scream and I have startled because I had the volume high!”

            Oh wow! I’m so sorry!! My heart can’t take being freaked out very well either. I’ve cautioned my kids that they should limit their pranks to those which won’t cause me to drop dead. But forgive me, dear Haros, I have to admit I burst out laughing just imagining your reaction to that scene for the very first time! It’s seriously creepy!

            “If I would have had a heart attack watching your video and Spanish doctors had identified coronavirus in me, would have they reported me as a new case of death by coronavirus…?”

            No doubt in my mind.

            • Oh don’t worry Pearl. At least you laughed, which is surely healthier than any substance coming out from a Pharmaceutical/Chemical company. Heart has to be trained too, so a good fright is good sometimes. But you did well cautioning your kids because their pranks can be a little bit excessive sometimes! About this scene, it is creepy, but at least now I feel like watching the movie.

              Spain is at this moment the second country in the world with more new cases of coronavirus (, so I don’t doubt either that they would report me as a positive. Not only that. I can imagine the headlines of newspapers: “3X years old man with no previous diseases dies of coronavirus. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE”.

        • Thank you Pearl.

          Your kind words, and the general understanding of the seriousness of this situation in this group, makes me feel much better.

    • I think exactly like mary.c. The point of leaving the place where you are is not to escape from the virus, but from the Government, their measures/laws, their dogs and people.

      Just seeing the events, many people are considering to change their lives, locations and so on, because the future measures seem to direct to a worse dystopia than anything written before. Maybe not this year or the next one, but it will come… It is just an opinion and I HOPE with all my heart to be wrong.

    • I expect that to happen about 2 thousand years after never.

      Following some recent examples of mass propaganda/psyop attempts that were thwarted (or at least appeared as such) in the public mind, I kind of started thinking that people were starting to get smarter. And boy, look at us now. The entirety of the western world subjugated by an unknown, invisible entity, in best case scenario, less than 1 micrometer in diameter.

      Considering the strong possibility viruses as such don’t even exist, only adds insult to injury. Which makes me believe most won’t even entertain the though they have been duped on so many levels because that will make them look stupid. And they are, stupid I mean, but looks matter the most.

      • I think we are being subjugated by a very well known and visible entity, its called the state and it’s best pal the media.

        If everyone would throw their televisions out the window, as I have been suggesting for years, the spread of the alleged virus would stop on a dime.

    • Conclusions:
      In the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, nearly half or even more of the ‘asymptomatic infected individuals’ reported in the active nucleic acid test screening might be false positives.

  3. This is so interesting Dawn. I am no medical expert, but I’ve had a personal theory about viruses for some time. I suspect that they are contagious, and they live in your system (who knows – maybe connected to the gut) and when you are physically run down, or get an emotional shock, that’s when they come out and do their worst.

    When Spanish flu hit, people had been going through unprecendented trauma, losing friends, relatives, being wounded or gassed in battle, having horrendous experiences and emotional shocks on the battlefield, etc.

    Common flu tends to hit in the winter months, when many people are in offices without sunlight day after day.

    If you have the right kind of gut bacteria, they can destroy the virus.
    This is just my personal theory. I could be wrong.

    • I’m no fan of modern medicine and successfully using homeopathy to stay in shape and combat health issues.
      A lot is involved in being sick or healthy, bacteria and viruses also, in both cases.

    • Dawn, I appreciate your posting these comments and introducing us to the book you wrote with David Parker.

      I watched with great interest the interview Andrew Kaufman conducted with you and David. Wanting to thank you but not recalling in which of Corbett’s many articles and episodes and interviews on this subject I’d seen your name, I inquired on another thread; thankfully, mkey came to the rescue and steered me here.

      In the Kaufman interview, when you paraphrased remarks from medical professionals in the 19th century (I think that was the era you were speaking of) who recognized and spoke out about the system’s false hypotheses, it reminded me of some quotes from doctors of that day. Among them is this classic one from Dr. James Johnson, a medical writer and surgeon who was King William IV’s physician: “I declare my conscientious opinion, founded on long observation and reflection, that if there were not a single physician, surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, chemist, druggist, or drug on the face of the earth, there would be less sickness and less mortality.”

      From my own experience, I’ve found that fear is the underlying cause of contagious disease. Along these lines, I call your attention to an article titled “Contagion” by late 19th century-early 20th century metaphysician Mary Baker Eddy, who wrote, in part: “Whatever man sees, feels, or in any way takes cognizance of, must be caught through mind; inasmuch as perception, sensation, and consciousness belong to mind and not to matter. Floating with the popular current of mortal thought without questioning the reliability of its conclusions, we do what others do, believe what others believe, and say what others say. Common consent is contagious, and it makes disease catching. People believe in infectious and contagious diseases, and that any one is liable to have them under certain predisposing or exciting causes. This mental state prepares one to have any disease whenever there appear the circumstances which he believes produce it. If he believed as sincerely that health is catching when exposed to contact with healthy people, he would catch their state of feeling quite as surely and with better effect than he does the sick man’s.”

  4. I can’t bear the word “lockdown”. I had never used it before this crisis, and I feel that it’s being “normalised” now.

    I think this situation will continue intermittently until the vaccine is released, and then anyone who refuses to be vaccinated will effectively become a social leper, banned from the workplace, leisure centres, maybe from shops and restaurants.

    Maybe that’s when agorism will come into its own, as people who refuse to take the vaccine will have to set up their own communities and services.

    Can microchips be injected? Pets are injected with them, so I suppose they can. Sometimes I think I’m being paranoid, but then we’ve come so far towards a police state in such a short time. Anything could happen. Imagine being an unvaccinated social outcast in a world full of microchipped zombies.

    When I woke up this morning, I was momentarily hoping this was all a nightmare.

  5. “The lockdown has become more stringent exactly when the previous measures have proven to be effective (weekly increase rate of COVID19 went down from 267% to 120% in 2 weeks)…”

    This is so interesting. Why are people not questioning it? (apart from yourself). I think in the UK people will start to get bolshy if the isolation goes on for too long, even after the number of cases have fallen. I really hope so anyway!

  6. My back door, near my desk, was open for fresh air as I was watching Corbett’s “How to Practice Proper Social Distancing – #PropagandaWatch”, but then…

    …then, the 2:30 minute mark hit!
    I started screaming “OOOhhh! OOOhhh!”, laughing, getting up from my desk walking around the room banging things, eyes full of tears, …

    My neighbors must think the corona-parasites have wormed into my brain.

    What a timed, skillful punch!
    My funnybone is fractured.

    • That was quite well done, perfect delivery. Tip of the hat to Brock.

      Somewhere on the level of Family guy cut ins, early seasons.

    • Yes for me, those ‘funny moments’ when James goes into ‘acting mode’
      make the videos so special. 🙂
      Love ’em.

  7. Fabrizio in

  8. Qno says:
    “Of course this is Newspeak. It should be called Antisocial Distancing.”

  9. Dawn from
    United Kingdom

  10. Australian beaches
    Australian beaches

    • Excess energy has to go somewhere, you know.

    • HRS is doing us all a great service here at The Corbett Report!

      Lord knows this comment section is quite user-unfriendly overall as a means to carry out dialogue between members and a repository where one can quickly and easily find valuable information.

      At least in this comment section, HRS is making it easier for members to quickly jump from one comment to the next to find out what’s going on in different parts of the world with respect to martial law.

      Simply search for a country (France, Australia, Spain etc.) and HRS has pinpointed the spot to read about personal anecdotes.

      Kudos to HRS for his efforts!

      • Fawlty Towers,
        I’ll mail the 5 dollars tomorrow.

  11. The technocratic agenda goes wild with the covid19!

    Anyway, interesting numbers:

    So Far, The Number Of Americans That Have Died From COVID-19 Is Greater Than The Number That Have Recovered

    I estimate that about 2% of the infected were hospitalized.
    Most people with health conditions, few people with none.

    Of the hospitalized people:
    South Korea: 3% death rate.
    Italy: 45% death rate.
    USA: 72% death rate (only 600 case)

    This is weird.

    First: we have no idea of how accurate these number are.

    Some of the difference is probably due to the fact that the healthcare
    is so different. In the US people don’t go to hospital that easily,
    due to the huge costs. Even testing costs a lot of money.

    There might also be different medicine usage, like blood-pressure
    medicine, or drinking/smoking (wine in Italy).
    This makes it easier for the virus to get a severe infection.

    It could also be related to different virus strains.

    There are also different stories about how long the virus can survive
    on surfaces. From 3 hours to 3 days.
    According to Chinese research, 1/3 of all infected people will never show symptoms and still spread the virus.

    There are reports of normal medicine that work against the severe
    infections, like the anti-malaria drug. Also some anti-aids drugs
    seem to have effect.

    • There are drugs that are quite toxic. Vitamin C IV is probably what worked best for Chinese.

      Regarding lies, damned lies and statistics, there are many more factors out there.

      Like the air quality, a factor that influences pulmonary disease greatly.

      What’s also important is how the deceased statistics are being chalked up. Dying from covid-19 is not the same as dying with covid-19.

      Covid-19 tests are also very questionable, that is the way the testing results are handled is questionable. Have you seen (one of the covid-19 test’s) manufacturer specification?

      Says This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic use.

      Can it be more blatant? I’m not sure it can. False positives abound, but the media doesn’t care and people will not stop cheering.

      • Medicine:

        The medicine are toxic, but at least something is working
        for the people that are scared by the mainstream.

        I don’t think they will see Vit-C as a solution.
        Are there reports instead of rumors?
        It is an acid too and maybe that is how it works.
        Anti-malaria medicine works by making the cells so acid,
        that the virus can’t replicate.

        Did you know that Vit-C is a poison for most life?
        But humans need it to survive. Crazy nature.

        I wonder how ozone therapy is working on it.
        Did the Chinese have any success with that?

        I would love to replace the corrupt medicine industry,
        but we also need something that really works.
        Otherwise it will be shot down in an instant.


        The tests are hard, and there are different tests that
        are around. The US does not use the South Korea tests,
        due to not-invented-here. And we have no clue how accurate
        they are.

        The severe infections seem to cause breathing problems
        that seem different from other diseases.
        While it is used for scares, it seems that it
        worries doctors enough.
        I have not yet heard of doctors from the areas, claiming
        that Covid19 is just like the flue.


        Italy really seems to have problems.
        I have no clue how severe the US strain really is.
        And why do we not know exactly?

        And this is where I suspect the western medicine and
        western food might be a cause for the health problems.

        • I haven’t found any sources for medication, just claims and mentions. The strongest assertion for chloroquine comes from prof. Raoult who seems like the right guy to make such claims. The connection was made thanks to, supposedly, the drug being proficient against other strains from the corona family.

          But if statistics are to be trusted, the Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans got rid of this, whatever it is.

          I wasn’t aware that vitamin C is poisonous, as far as I understand most mammals are able to synthesize it themselves.

          I’d wager that all PCR tests are the same when it comes to determining the actual state of the infection. That’s not what the test was designed for.

          Italy has a problem mostly in regards to how they count deaths. Many reports show that the actual Covid-19 related death rate is max 12% of all the corona related deaths. They simply put these figures all on the same pile and lebeled it CORONA. Panic ensued, nobody expended effort to correct the statistics after inquiries have been done.

          Even the Italian president of the civile defense states how the deceased died with covid-19, not because of it. At least until inquiries are made.

          Now many of these crazed memebers of the public seem to be hooked on the fear porn and don’t want to give up on the jacked up statistics.

          • There were some reports from Italy:
            – a 4 fold increase in the number of deaths.
            – some hospitals had a 3/4 of their beds for Corona patients.

            But as you state, a lot of these might be to cause
            fear instead of honest reporting.

            Do you have a source for the 12% number?
            It would be nice to have these numbers side by side.

            There is a lot of uncertainty and craziness.
            There also seems to be evidence for a serious disease.
            Italians thought it would be over quickly too.
            They don’t like to be inside at all.

            Besides all that there is a clear technocratic agenda,
            which tries to push the society towards a world,
            controlled by elites.

            • “zyxzevn” pronounced “67”

              (I say it in a deep voice, but put a ‘z’ to the ‘s’ sound…it sounds like from a Sci-Fi movie.)

          • Jason Bernas refers to the VitC option
            in the first minutes

            It is still being tested.

            Vit-C is a natural preservative.
            Ascorbic acid is used primarily as an antioxidant, which can provide multiple benefits to food products. Slowing the oxidation preserves color and freshness. The low pH of ascorbic acid can help prevent microbial growth, thereby preventing spoilage and preserving freshness

            I think that the acidity may also disable some viruses.
            But we will see what the research shows.

            I also see a future in oxigen/ozon therapies, but we
            will need to have some good tests.

            • Regarding Jason Bermas’ video of March 25th which “zyxzevn” links to
              Event 201 TAKEOVER??? Let’s Watch! Part 2

              If anyone has the contact information for Jason Bermas, please tell Jason Bermas that he can easily find a Doctor in New York which offers Vitamin C IV (Intravenous) Blood Therapy.
              It is simple:
              Search these keywords:
              Integrative Medicine – Wholistic Medicine or Holistic
              – Anti-Aging Medicine – Alternative Medicine

              Manhattan in New York City has at least 3 places.

              One place which offers the Vitamin C IV Therapy in New York City is…
              West 57th Street near 7th Ave
              Dr. Harold Robbins – Ozone Blood Therapy & tips for the CORONAVIRUS

              Published March 16th Monday
              VIDEO – Therapy in action
              Michael Johnson receives Ozone blood therapy (by direct method, not bagged blood method) from Dr. Harold Robbins in New York City.
              Contact information for Dr. Robbins is given at the end of the video.
              Dr. Robbins and Michael discuss measures to help ensure good health in light of the coronavirus / COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2.

              Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Harold Robbins often corroborate and also collaborate regarding Ozone and health topics.

              (The verb collaborate means to cooperate or work jointly with others. The verb corroborate means to strengthen, support, or confirm with evidence.)

              This Johnson/Robbins video was promoted by YouTube User “The Healthy Plumber” in his video “Coronavirus and ozone therapy”.
              “The Healthy Plumber” reversed his Multiple Sclerosis and has a book describing how he did it.

              • I can’t contact Jason Bermas directly, because I don’t have his email.

                And I will NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to contact him, which seems to be his primary form of contact.

      • They affirm that this test should be used as indication only, to be confirmed by symptoms, history, response to treatments and other tests.

        History – most notable is contact with others who are “infected”. How was their status confirmed, with one of these tests? Were they asymptomatic?

        Response to treatments – as far as I know, there aren’t any.

        Other tests – which ones? PCR tests seem to be very inapt at determining the amount of proteins (these tests don’t detect the “virus”, they detect and blow up proteins) which would indicate how active the “infection” is.

        Symptoms – cough, fever, shortness of breath. Kow many diseases cause these? I’d say the first two are useless on their own in this regard. If further tests (scans) reveal a precarious pulmonary state that was absent up to until recently, then that could serve as a good indication combined with a “positive” test result. In case of chronic pulmonary disease, the test is pointless.

        Considering these points, can this test be used for confirmation on someone who doesn’t even have any symptoms or has “mild” symptoms? I would definitively say no to that question. Of course, I’m not an expert, but I’m also not a juiced up psychopath who stands to make a killing on this venture. Pardon the pun.

        Considering that most of “infected” have absolutely no issues at all, besides being locked up for no good goddamn reason and publicly shamed, we have to start interpreting these statistics.

        • TESTING & STATS
          Good Brief mkey!

  12. I’ve tried to point out the dangers of precedents that are being set.

    I’ve pointed out that we are now or very soon will be in a totalitarian state for “our own good”.

    But even people who I would consider intelegent and rational are angry at people exercising their freedom.

    I try to explain the cure is killing the patient but no one is listening.

    A beautiful error.

  13. Thanks for all your work, James & community!! <3

    I have finally visualized and shared one angle which I think is a significant logic bomb regarding the mainstream overreaction. Using only the mainstream facts, it seems there should have already been 100,000 to 1,000,000 global fatalities by now…


    On Dec. 31, Chinese Health officials inform the WHO about a cluster of 41 patients with a mysterious pneumonia. These would not have been the first cases of infection. Most people do not show extreme symptoms, and it can take a couple of weeks for the worst cases to need medical assistance. So I think November 23 is a reasonable guess for the latest possible date for patient zero, infection #1.

    Most of the earliest cases would be very unlikely to be identified or controlled, let alone ‘hermetically sealed’ between country lines. Only a few subsets would have been significantly controlled. It is precisely because of exponential growth that I personally assume this virus covered the world months ago, and is not nearly as dangerous as infinitely repeated estimates.

    For the sake of my thought experiment, this hypothetical uses a guess based on expert estimates of infections doubling maybe every 5 days.
    ( e.g. )

    Graph & Spreadsheet:

    The rest of my comments were aimed at a much broader audience than Corbett Report minds who were /Ahead Of The Curve/ 😉

    There are always large logic omissions at the start of wars, and this perspective has weighed heavily on me in resisting the popular narrative. I hope this experience adds massive hospital capacity expansion to the preexisting needs for fundamental healthcare reform. And every avoidable death is tragic indeed, so especially when dealing with massive scales of impact, it is vital to weigh both the pros and cons of actions and inactions.

    I am simply shocked at how little data can convince modern “free” citizens to beg for [voluntary] martial law. If our society truly held science high, it should actually have more skepticism on most expert claims, not less. I think it is still human hubris to risk too many lives on our best models for most nested, chaotic non-linear systems, with more unknown variables than known. Sorry friends, I think we’re another 50 years before I might trust Technocracy over what representation is left in this “democratic republic”.

    So when we get into the slippery slopes to martial law — either 1984 style or Brave New World style — then we’re talking about basic human freedoms of movement, gathering, and increasingly in the future… a choice of experimental vaccinations. Please stay calm, think thoroughly and skeptically about all the information projected at you, and remember how much informed consent matters to the world we want to live in. ❤


    Things were fairly chill in the sparsely populated hills and forests of western Maryland. There's a mix of trust in the panic here, largely Red/Trump county. Only in the past few days did I start seeing signs in stores demanding people follow the social distancing orders, and start feeling like everybody looks at everybody like their could be a terrorist again.

    James was so right… so many are just begging for all of it. :`( <3

  14. Its all a show, theres no new disease, viruses dont even work the way you are told. They are dead proteins that OUR bodies produce to fight poisons and other toxic environments. They wanna scare you to give up every human right you have.
    Go watch this video –
    Crow777 and Jeranism also had several doctors saying the same thing, I suggest go inform yourself with truth and stop watching lies on the TV.

    • You were excellent! I first heard you on The Higherside Chats.

      Thanks for the good input!

  15. My friend, you may already have them on your list of words, but I mentioned some that should be on there in my new video.

    The End Of The World As We Know It

    Antisocial distancing… I’ll be using that while I’m out and about talking to strangers!

    • Excellent video yet again, Camille. I especially like the point about pandemic. In many ways it is like yelling “fire” in a theater, even if I don’t know of any theater that can fit billions of people.

      • Thanks, mkey! I kind of swiped that from Michael Crichton’s State of Fear… He was talking about cancer.

        And just before that part, the book says:
        “I’m telling you, this is the way modern society works – by the constant creation of fear. And there is no countervailing force. There is no system of checks and balances, no restraint on the perpetual promotion of fear after fear after fear….”

        It’s a good read.

    • Camille

      • Hope you’re doing well, HomeRemedySupply!

    • Thank you, manbearpig!

      Isn’t it just great how they have all of these plans, like the UBI, there to “save” us? What would we do without them?!?
      I could think of some things…

      I must go to bed. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  16. This event is the line in the sand, separating authoritarians from libertarians, and it frightens me how numerous the inner-nazis are.

    Of the many things I’ve read in the past, Dr. Tjeerd Andringa’s excellent study called “Geopolitics and Cognition” keeps coming to my mind. I’m going to read through it again. Here’s an excerpt from part 3, but I strongly recommend starting at the beginning:

    3.2 Normative threats

    Social norms — and not a deep understanding of society — form the eternal and unquestionable basis of authoritarian behavior; consequently authoritarians cannot respond flexibly to changing social norms. In fact they respond highly fearful to what Stenner calls normative threats (2005, p17):

    I refer to these critical catalysts as “normative threats” or “threat to the normative order”. By the “normative order” I simply mean some system of oneness and sameness that makes “us” an “us”: some demarcation of people, authorities, institutions, values, and norms that for some folks at some point defines who “we” are, and what “we” believe in. “Normative threads” are then threats to this oneness and sameness. In diverse and complex modern societies, the things that make us one and the same are common authority and shared values. The conditions most threatening to oneness and sameness, then, are questioned or questionable authorities and values: that is, disrespect for leaders or leaders unworthy of respect, and lack of conformity to or consensus in group values, norms, and beliefs. [Original emphasis]

    Stenner defines normative threads as changes to oneness — adherence to norms — and sameness — how divers the group is in coping behavior. For authoritarians these are the central indicators of the adequacy of their coping behaviors and to determine who is good and who is bad. Together they form the well from which all purposeful behavior they are capable of stems from. And when this well cannot generate rich enough behavior to control their environment, they feel trapped in it. So a normative challenge is, for an authoritarian, a direct attack to their ability to cope and therefore their ability to feel in control.

    The Authoritarian Dynamic –

    Stenner calls this the authoritarian dynamic which she describes as:

    “intolerance = authoritarianism × threat”

    The stronger the authoritarian tendencies and the stronger the threat level, the stronger the intolerance to differences. This entails that the authoritarian will show quite predictable behavior in times of fear: (s)he will be intolerant to (perceived) influences that make the world more difficult to cope with and will do everything to reduce the world’s complexity to manageable levels or simply to prevent it from increasing. This of course leads naturally to the assignment of other people into ingroups (who do not raise or threaten to raise complexity levels beyond coping capacity) and outgroups (who do).

    What happens if another switch is flipped, shutting down sites like this, cutting us all off from another? As quickly as things are degenerating, maybe it’s time to seriously discuss and explore other methods/platforms of communication. Honestly, I don’t think I can go through this “alone”.

  17. Note the 16:27 mark of this March 24th Corbett Report video “How to Practice Proper Social Distancing – #PropagandaWatch”.

    Monica Perez and Brad Binkley are featured on the screen.
    Brad is speaking.

    On March 13, 2020 James Corbett was interviewed by them.
    ( “Interview 1525 – James Corbett on The Propaganda Report” )

    This is SERIOUS ! …
    This must see video interview has been censored by YouTube.
    Watch it before it comes down.

    Be sure to watch Brad Binkley’s face during the interview.

    Brad Binkley interviews the past DIRECTOR of the FBI, JAMES COMEY

  18. Seriously, we could all have a vast, rotating wardrobe, or just cram it all onto one extra large t-shirt:

    “Make ‘The Twilight Zone/Black Mirror/Invasion of the Body Snatchers/Night of the Living Dead/The Mist/The Handmaiden’s Tale/Brave New World/1984’ fiction again.”

    • I hear ya. There’s so much to lose, but then again, this new world doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      “Give me liberty or give me death!”

  19. Hi James, I’m in Michigan in a small town that’s hardly noticed by anyone. It’s exactly as you called it. “Papers please” it’s only the first day of the “Stay home, Stay safe order” my employer is on the exemption list and we received our paperwork to show to law enforcement if necessary. They say it’s not a lock down, it’s not martial law and that the state police are given discretion, however it states it is true that it can be punishable as a misdemeanor at this point, according to an article by wwjnewsradio. In my opinion, It feels very much like preparation to soften residents of Michigan for what’s to come.

  20. MUCH GRATITUDE to you, J.C. I don’t accept nor do I give SHAME. And I am doing my utmost to de-propangandize myself and those whom are closest to me.

  21. I just had to chime in here and say THAT THESES PEOPLE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS that are falling for this.

    I am working on a new song that I hope to have up sooner than later, I will see how the recording process goes…

    Some of the lyrics are:
    I can see you’ve been blinded
    by just the corona
    of the old sunshine gang

    and all the magic that they weaved
    into getting you to believe
    that you were all diseased
    when it was them all along that were sick

    In this superstitious eclipse…

  22. Just listening to national radio in the Netherlands. There was a discussion between the radio host, a 66 year old doctor and a younger docter. The 66 year old doctor would, in case of a corona infection, give up his treatment at intesive care to a younger person. Het said that would be a logical thing to do because of the changes of surviving. He said that everybody needs to make and have their own choice but it that it should become a discussion so people can start thinking about it.

    • It was on radio NPO 1 (national radio) just before 19:00 hours.

      • Netherlands

  23. iatrogenic

    adjective: iatrogenic

    relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment.
    “drugs may cause side effects which can lead to iatrogenic disease”

    I’m less than surprised that I have never heard of this word before.

  24. Seeing these posters remind me of the psyop post 9/11 where thousands of posters were plastered all over NY, whereby thousands of people supposedly looked for even more thousands of missing people.

    And it was always interesting how many stories involved people who were there at the time or people who knew people who blah blah. I guess this is how they force people to become involved, full spectrum dominance. Kind of reminds me of in vitro fertilization. Just go overboard and hope something will stick.

  25. Applying the same logic

    Antisocial media
    Antisocial networks

  26. I began reading Propaganda, by Edward Bernays, before the coronavirus freakout began, but it is becoming more and more relevant to me as this event unfolds and as the propagandists are working their craft. Here are some passages from the book that struck me.

    “Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.”

    “This practice of creating circumstances and of creating pictures in the minds of millions of persons is very common. Virtually no important undertaking is now carried on without it…”

    “Sometimes the effect on the public is created by a professional propagandist, sometimes by an amateur deputed for the job. The important thing is that it is universal and continuous; and in its sum total it is regimenting the public mind every bit as much as an army regiments the bodies of its soldiers.”

    “They [the U.S. government during WWI] not only appealed to the individual by means of every approach—visual, graphic, and auditory—to support the national endeavor, but they also secured the cooperation of the key men in every group—persons whose mere word carried authority to hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers [modern day: Tom Hanks (movies), Kevin Durant (professional sports), Sophie Trudeau (politics)]. They thus automatically gained the support of fraternal, religious, commercial, patriotic, social and local groups whose members took their opinions from their accustomed leaders and spokesmen, or from the periodical publications which they were accustomed to read and believe.”

    Chapter II – The New Propaganda
    By Edward Bernays

    • Thanks for posting this link. This is a book I’ve never quite got round to reading yet, though I loved “The Century of the Self” series.

  27. I live in the Napa Valley Wine Country, California, with a total population of over 140,000.

    They just announced 1 case of the Coronavirus. This likely originated when the Princess Cruise passengers who lived in Northern California were “evacuated” to Travis Air Force Base, and from there, one Napa Valley resident was transferred to Queen of the Valley in Napa. That single person tested positive.

    Now all cities in Napa Valley are swallowing the pandemic hysteria pill.

    All wineries are shut down. Ditto for restaurants, unless the provide pick up to go service.

    The tiny town that I live in (Calistoga, CA with a population of about 5,000) has only one supermarket, the CalMart.

    The City of Calistoga just sent out emails and text messages that effective immediately, CalMart is limiting shoppers inside its store to just 20 persons. Lines outside the store, spaced at six feet apart, waiting for the privilege of entering CalMart, is the new reality.

    Things are absolutely crazy.

    • Napa Valley Wine Country, California

  28. Another propaganda I’ve been seeing popup lately is “The deliberate slowing of the internet due to increased usage”. The funny thing is, there’s plenty of bandwidth for all, and taxpayers subsidize billions to telecoms every year. It’s all another artificially created problem.

    This slowing people’s internet in the name of safety is a soft test for completely limiting the internet. Not sure if James has discussed this recently, but I’m sure he has covered a version of this concept before. TPTB are using the crisis to let you know that even your internet can be cut for the ‘greater social good’.

  29. It’s not funny that the coronavirus propaganda works so well, but the guy shouting from his apartment window and clapping his hands at the person not self isolating reminded me of this:

    I had to laugh at how dumb the coronavirus self-isolater sounded.

  30. I turned off my TV for the last time in 2012. I have friends in Queensland, and they are great friends, but I’m shocked at how ridiculously panicked they have become. They are desperate for a vaccine, despite being in robust health, and they seem to be begging for a police state.

  31. Well, here in So CA, I am a lost soul/body. Although I appreciate solitude and often prefer the company of non human life forms, I find it ridiculous that those otherwise needing close contact to people, just swallow this edgy pill; and that w/o being interested in information that doesn’t reflect the official narrative (believe me I tried to share this site or ), there is this unwillingness to listen or even check out sources for other than MSM news; even otherwise smart people are stuck in the official story and keep 6ft away from even their friends!).

    I am even being encouraged by someone close to me to maintain a safe social distance to others, and I’m having a hard time with it all. Usually, I let those who seem to want to follow this distancing order, get out of my way (although I’m tempted to start pretend-coughing as they do so, and cry pestilence! randomly at socially distancing people). Mostly, I just step to the side of the 3ft sidewalk and let the person pass (they can walk in the grass or street if they want to achieve another 3ft).

    Even dogs are feeling the lack of proximity to other dogs’ butts which they need to sniff (I know, I am academically qualified to attest to this, seriously). I saw a mom with a stroller yesterday, both the toddler and his/her mom were glad to see another human being smile at them, the mom said, ‘she (the toddler) is so happy now because she hasn’t seen people for a long time’ – How pathetic is that? Somehow, the mom still walked out into the street to keep her distance. And I’m not sneezing, coughing, or gasping for air, neither do I look scared, sickish or frail while all this happened.

    The video from NY reminds me how easy it is to cause social tensions and even infuse hate among members of a society. Soon, our former friends or even family members may rat us out to the police if we keep breaking the distancing rule. Didn’t we learn and read about times when family members reported non-order followers to the rulers?

    Yesterday, the city closed the pacific beaches since young people ignored the social distancing rule. Which is sad as walking our dogs there was also healthy and refreshing exercise for us. But people understand this too. Bad young people. What will be closed next time when a group disregards this rule? House arrest for all, yea?

    What might be the reason for the entire ‘drill’? In my view, it’s not just a win for control-hungry governments and the profit-hungry modern medical system, but also a major win for the telecom industry and the further rollout of IoT- After all, now more than ever, everybody needs more bandwidth now! IBM is committed to develop a new Smart Health Care ‘ecology’ (what a word to use in this context) I read earlier today. Schools and universities are forced to tele-teach. Employees forced to work from home. Even the US veterinary Association now has a tele triage center to allow for healthy measures during these challenging times of the pandemic… The people who are losing their jobs as this new reality is going on, are probably considered worthwhile sacrificing for the greater good (of a few greedy companies).

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Southern California
      Sunshine and Communism

  32. While it is amazing to see the intensity of this propaganda induced fear, I do believe that physical social distancing for most people is a “vaccine” for this coronavirus. It is said that the virus can last up to hours in the air. This suggests that most people will breath in virus particles. I believe that inhaling only a few virus particles degraded by physical distancing should activate your immune system and your immune system should defeat these degraded virus particles. I think you should then become more resistant and even immune to larger doses of the virus and most will not be infected by the virus or spread the virus. In my opinion, China is getting few new cases of the disease because the majority of survivors are now immune to the virus. I believe it likely that after few weeks of physical distancing, most people will have immunity to the virus and we can continue close physical contacts with few getting or spreading the disease.

    I suggest that most people phase out physical distancing after they have practiced it for a few weeks. But I think that immune system compromised people should practice physical distancing longer.

  33. The applause..all to well i remember when a few years ago influenza was a thing, spreading havely across the country and the government slogan was “our medical staff is killing the elderly! they need to be vaccinated” and in some parts of the country medical staff needed to wear a badge (no worries it was round not star-shaped) saying “not vaccinated”..
    Wonderful to hear once again the indoctrinations now being expressed by applauding fanatically at a normal jobday (which rather experiences now its challenges due to the propaganda and grotesque interventions)

  34. Hello Dawn, nice to meet you.

    I am extremely interested in what you are saying. I come from a medical background and during my unfinished PhD (I got extremely disappointed with science) I used viruses for different purposes. This is why is difficult for me to believe in the non-existence of viruses. Nonetheless, in the last weeks I read about this idea and, as I have said in another post, I stumbled upon the book “Fear of the invisible” by Janine Roberts. I find this very interesting for me and this is why I would like to ask you if you know any good and well researched books or documents about this topic to recommend. I would appreciate!

    • Hello Dawn,

      Thank you very much for the book. It seems like a very interesting and complete work to read. In another comment, a user has written me the Amazon link to it, so I will take a look to it when I finish my current readings.

      Have a nice day!

  35. (feel free to skip if you are currently kept in homearrest)
    since the federal council declared „state of emergency“ march 16th and only (due to effective call „stay at home, show solidarity“..not) most probably missing the curfew rule by a still to flat curve to justify such interventions..yet(but the frog is just beeing boiled a bit slower here, so one more „test“ was added to the „test test test“ statement) I still keep up my dayly walks in a Park in my hometown Baal. Now it seems that the walk in the park, which hasn`t a very-broad circle pathway, feels like the exercise a hamster experiences in its cagewheel. It has become for (me at least) a nonverbal exercises how close one can go passed each other which gives conclusion about their state of mind. There are people who already start panicing 50 m infront of you trying to find a 2m radius distance from every person (and on a sunny, blue-sky day without any of those strange broad „clouds“ there are a lot of people in this still-accepted but closely watched outdoor jailwalk). Then there are people who try and act normal and in the last second make a unnatrual big curve arround you. And then there are others who seem relieved when people walk passed them with out frantically pulling there scarve over their face, who smile when eye contact is successful. Also i notice something as simple as greeting is occuring way more often as usual with these people (greeting strangers is not very common here, maybe we have an antisocial gene). The walk, has become a strange challenge between interacting just by passing the next pedestrian, being aware of the bodylanguage and me trying to adapt a certain amount while trying to act normal… and now when writing about this detail of daily life it even sounds very artificial and abnormal. Little nudge of hope i felt that actually by this hole social distancing-madness certain people actualy connect more.. would be a nice nonmedical paradox-reaction for a time.
    even if not a english speaking country, we follow the “english is cool” doctrine- what else could possibly be the reason for not following the new rules? So “social distancing” is called “social distancing”(and i ask my self how many actually needed to look it up, and after not talking to each other, unplugging the internet and not answering the phone, are the cause that it has to be renamed to „physically distancing“ ) and #staythefuckathome is also a thing here
    our goverment even shot a short video for youngsters how to wash their hands and called it (translated) #soap-boss in 30seconds… explaination: yellow hands because it is the color of emoticons youngster use, and „hang loose“ (never heard of it before, never seen any one doing this sign here) handsign is cool and doesn`t require physical interaction for greeting eachother.
    If their ever will be a Top ten of “shamful measures the goverment took during the 2020 crisis” this would be in it.

    • The shutting off of the faucet in the end could be more efficient.

      • Croatia

    • Chapati – Germany

      …and watch the 30 second video above to learn how to wash your hands like a surgeon.

      • Hey HomeRemedySupply

        Thanks for this highlighting. The country i write of is still weaving its big fat Plus in its flag while hosting G20`s and last years BiBegroupe.

        Back then when microphones didn`t wear plastic condoms and Mr. Maurer was next to speak in Montreux „…and zen we will tell zem zat it is a video for ze children showing how zey should wash zer hands and kill off not only all ze precious handflora and creating Eczema but we will also play ze video in a high frequency rate in public transport (longafter schools have closed) showing openly zat we infantilise ze profane..“

        …not the official but highly probable version of its creation

        • they may take our hand flora, they may take farnce`s dignity&sanitiy by making the people clap from their balconies what? every single evening at 8pm (mon dieux!) and they might even take bolsonaro`s, rather slash&burnt than the work of the climategods, rainforrest

          but they will not get our humour!

    • the ability to „nut-shell“ was not laid in my cradle. Also this is a métier of my non- expertise.
      My noncompliant attitued seems to be going full time neurotic, so instead of a nut- shell version i can offer a (fully but cude) translated transcript of this interview.. gave it my best shot. Happy to offer it to anyones disposal.

      CAUTION contains some words which can trigger a hard yawn

      P.S. i do not share all of his conclusions in detail, like the decisions taken by politicians would be purly based on incompetence. But i believe he does give a „good“ global overview (or should i rather say a „sobering“ analysation from the globaleconomical perspective and the effects of this trigger called „hoax“ on its strongly destabilaized and imbalanced structure) focusing mainly on the EU zone, in particular on germany. When listening with a sharp ear or reading with an close eye there are, what i think to be, very interesting facts he points out with which he unknowingly/ unconciously rather hints towards a hidden agenda sounding very similar to a technocratic mindset rather than his direct statement of „incompetence“.

      This being the nut-shell version of my opinion

  36. This article summarises very much what James said, but seen from a different angle:
    Our existing parenting and education models are designed to produce submissively obedient children, students, workers, soldiers and citizens. After all, we want children, students, employees, military personnel and even citizens who obey orders, not think for themselves. But this outcome can only be achieved by terrorizing children throughout childhood until they suppress their awareness of their own self-will so completely that they submit to the will of adults virtually without protest. Now devoid of their own unique and powerful self-will, they become sheep herded from one supermarket to the next by their own fear. No need for a shepherd.

    Then, when the global elite plans and implements its next move, using COVID-19 as ‘cover’ on this occasion, to consolidate its ever-tightening grip on the human population (more militarized policing, new and improved police/military weapons systems, privacy-abusing law, surveillance technology, facial recognition system, vaccination regime, genetically-mutilated organism, monetary or banking convenience….), it simply instructs its agents in the UN, government, education systems, the corporate and social media, and elsewhere to carefully explain why this particular response is so beneficial to everyone with genuine critiques confined to those few outlets with modest audiences, such as this one, that tell the truth.

    Terrorized into accepting adult dogma as a child, the typical adult now participates in many delusions, such as the one that the choice offered at elections constitutes having a say in how a country is governed. Devoid of the capacity to critique society beyond the most superficial level, elite propaganda is devoured as ‘knowledge’. And once their deeply-suppressed terror is triggered, these ‘adults’ will be readily panicked into doing as the elite directs. People in a terrified state are in no condition to defend themselves and their rights and so they readily give these up on the promise of not having to feel afraid.

    • Insightful comment! So true!!

      To add to yours, here’s something from the site I mentioned up-thread:

      Children should:
      • obey parents
      • have good manners
      • have respect for elders
      • follow the rules
      • be neat and clean

      Children should:
      • be responsible for own actions
      • have good sense and sound judgment
      • think for themselves
      • follow their own conscience
      • be interested in how and why things work

  37. I think the correct response to anyone trying to shame you into “social distancing” or such is to scream back at them (Preferably with a bullhorn if one is at hand) …


    • That would be an awesome reply, Octium!

  38. The last century was really the century whereby marketing replaced news.
    From Edward Bernay’s successful marketing of commodities, to a corporate transnational media, owned by a few hundred people, or families, the last century created the ‘consumer’ and commodity identification with self.

    This is not surprising. Nor is the new terminology relied on to sell the colonization of subjectivity particularly surprising. After all, this is the Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord wrote about. Everything is mediated by corporate medi and imagery.

    Language is a logical servant for the elites..

    Words long ago became commodities in and of themselves. What is interesting about language is that when one thinks about it, language is really a distinguishing tool. Most language use is distinguishing or, hiding distinctions.

    We use language to distinguish one concept, one thing, one ideology, etc. from another.

    But what happens when language is hijacked?

    Language has now lost the ability to sharply differentiate. The commodification of language by capitalist consumer society has robbed most people of any critical awareness of the language they use, and the language of others.

    Many people rely on ‘idiot wind’ or phraseology from corporate culture.
    All the terms, from ‘new nor The loss of language abilities, the loss of reasoning abilities and the rejection of the Enlightenment has now left people without basic communication skills: language.
    mal’ to ‘social distancing’ are wisely picked by their users. Sophists, from Ancient Greece until this moment, have understood that rhetoric, language use, is a key element of power. That is why they were hired and highly paid by the ruling elites of Greece.

    I am reminded of the quote from a another human, Voltaire, who said: “He who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities.”
    Welcome to the old normal.

    • weilunion – an attorney – Don’t mess with him or you’ll get sued.

  39. Yes of course it should be called ‘Antisocial Distancing’.

    ‘Social Distancing’ is nothing more than an ill-conceived oxymoron!

    • Oh No!!
      You mean that the Pandemic is a STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease! Clap! Clap!

      Gonorrhea, a bacterial infection transmitted by sexual contact. Gonorrhea is one of the oldest known sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  40. Hi James. I have been a long time follower for many years and recently became a subscriber.

    I live in Long Island, NY and they have shut down non essential businesses but supermarkets are still open. According to the NY “lock down”, we are asked to stay inside unless we are going grocery shopping, have to work, or exercise.

    I personally go outside every day and exercise multiple times out of the week at the park (and there are a good amount of people who are doing the same and/or playing with their children) I refuse to stay inside. But while I’m driving, I see signs urging the public to stay in.

    I work from home and I had a teleconference this morning. Some of my coworkers were saying “these are scary times and the best thing we should do is stay inside”. I told them this virus is not scary to me and I go outside every day. I then said what is scary to me is how this “lockdown” is becoming normalized. After my meeting, I got messages from others asking why I am going against the orders of the govt and that it is possible for me to get sick. I told them that I will not live my life in fear and have the govt dictate my every move. Maybe they view that as cynicism.

    I believe that this “social distancing” crap is just a way to get the public comfortable for a world controlled by the technocrats. A world where we communicate via teleconferencing and everything is at your finger tips without having to leave your home while 24/7 surveillance is being conducted and we are just mindless sheep.

    • J-Smoove – Long Island, NY

      J-Smoove says:
      I believe that this “social distancing” crap is just a way to get the public comfortable for a world controlled by the technocrats. A world where we communicate via teleconferencing and everything is at your finger tips without having to leave your home while 24/7 surveillance is being conducted and we are just mindless sheep.

  41. [Snip- Please keep Amens within 500 comments or less . Longer comments can be split into multible Amens, GBW]

    • Well at least we know yer alive!

      • You all are the best ! Been putting in gardens. Pearl the silence can be liberating you wont miss a thing.
        You! The giant Armadillo ,you are not afraid of anything , now get to work.

        This is like chess, its our move. Make it count. In the silence you will be told what to do. ” my words but a whisper, your deafness a shout.” To much can make you thick as a brick.

        When I do get back i want to hear what’s been going on.

        PS all the riketty beds where taken out of Oklahoma due to the earthquake clustering. Next time you hear a BUMP BUMP in Texas don’t worry its just one of those rikketty old beds from Oklahoma making ” the sound of social distancing ” by a lonely Texas ca’boy .?

        • Oklahoma
          Where God sat when he made Texas

          • Absolutely right HRS!..Oklahoma was the seat and WE were/are the CROWN!! Remember the Alamo and draw your line in the sand, right now folks!

  42. You asked for it:

    “They separated all the departments”. Apparently before the coup the university departments all talked to each other, exchanged ideas etc, and as soon as the coup started, they separated them. They … “socially distanced” them? So I thought “of course”. What happens when people get together and talk? They create ideas. That’s the virus the PTSB are trying to contain by any means. The ideas that spread around, that infect the minds, ideas of freedom and resistance. THAT is the virus.”

    Exactly my fear, which I expressed earlier this morning but my comment ended up in moderation so is now buried, but here’s part of it:

    “What happens if another switch is flipped, shutting down sites like this, cutting us all off from another? As quickly as things are degenerating, maybe it’s time to seriously discuss and explore other methods/platforms of communication. Honestly, I don’t think I can go through this ‘alone’.”

    • alexander – Brazil
      and/or a jazz club

  43. For most part the schools are still open here though. According to Australian Experts it’s safe to attend school.

    In other words it would be safe to be on a beach as long as an exam is given, it could be a simple multiple choice one like this :-

    Question 1: What kind of things are you likely to see when you visit a beach?

    [A] Water.
    [B] Sand.
    [C] Crabs.
    [D] Police State Thugs.
    [E] All of the above.

    • Octium – Australia, land of the Thunderboxes

    • Sadly I don’t. I am in much the same boat with not being on unsocial media.

      Most of the alt news sources in Australia seem to be controlled opposition, often with good content but often poisoning the well with distractions.

      A few exceptions I can think of would be :-

      Tott News (In Brisbane)

      EMF Facts (Tasmania)
      Dangers of RF, 5G etc.

      Know Your Rights Group (Victoria)

      A lot of their stuff is behind pay walls and they focus too much on the legal side (Strawman etc) for my liking but they basically seem legitimate.

      And of course Broc West (But didn’t he manage to escape from Australia?)

      Other that that, I often meet with a small group of friends locally and listen on CB bands and a scanner.

  44. “It’s not ‘losing personal freedoms’. It’s having ‘rats in vaginas’ and ‘electric shocks in urethras’, that’s the spirit governing the world now, and that’s what I mean by madness, insanity etc – and that’s what 1984 actually means, since we use that so much. […] I hope I’m only fear mongering out of pure fear.”

    You don’t strike me as the sensational type. Unpleasant, disturbing, sobering, terrifying, and relatively recent history. It had to be said. Everything must be considered.

  45. Or..perhaps “fuck off you toxic bastard!” distancing?

  46. Anarchapulco 2020 & Doug Casey & ‘Today’

    Around mid-February, James Corbett was at Anarchapulco along with other like-minded folks.
    Doug Casey was there. Josh Friedman interviewed him.

    In this Kitco News interview, probably of Monday March 23rd,
    Doug Casey –
    In a Depression, the economy, Government over-reach and the Coronavirus hysteria.

    (20 minutes)

  47. Surrounded by lots of water on a part of the Globe that is upside down.
    Mintaka is somewhere in the South Pacific – New Zealand

  48. Belgium

  49. Robert T near the coast – New South Wales is a southeastern Australian state

  50. Brooklyn, New York
    Brooklyn, New York

    (My 21 year old granddaughter lives in Brooklyn)

  51. Baltimore, Maryland USA

  52. I was about to enter a grocery store today in central Texas when I noticed orange stickers on the sidewalk leading to the entrance, with the words..’Stand here to keep your distance’…I began laughing and fairly loudly complaining..”Are we CHILDREN?..Do we need a sign to tell us this?!”…No one laughed. Other people looked to see if I would stand on the ‘holy grail’ of a sign…I did not!..I did stand near it,,but refused to stand on it. While expressing my disfavor and expressing the idea that “We are NOT children.”..Interesting, while in the store people did not have to have a ‘sign’ instructing them where to walk…Maybe that will be next…smh.

    • klhop777 – Central Texas

    • Good for you!! I’m in Central Texas too!

      • Yea pearl! It’s Alamo time isn’t it?!

        • [Gulp] 😯 I’m not very brave (though I am a good shot). For now, I’ll stand with and affirm those who speak openly, such as yourself.

  53. Long Island New York, USA
    Long Island New York, USA

    • Jed – “The Hamptons”
      “The Hamptons”

      March 12, 2020
      New York Post
      New York’s elite run for the Hamptons to avoid coronavirus

      …Well-off New Yorkers who don’t already own residences in the pricey vacation hamlet are quickly trying to secure one — at any price.

      “I’ve gotten so many requests to rent right now, as soon as possible,” Compass broker Victoria Shtainer says of the extremely high offers she’s gotten for her Southampton home, which is currently for sale. “Crazy amounts offered,” she says of what people are willing to pay.

      Accommodations in a Cold War bunker and private jets are also now in high demand thanks to the novel and even faster-traveling virus.

      And even though there’s not yet a cure for COVID-19, the wealthy are still desperately trying to get their hands on one.

      Aspen, Colorado-based doctor Tim Kruse tells Bloomberg, “The wealthy aren’t going to necessarily have access to things that the common person is not going to have access to,” but he has still had a number of the patients he makes house calls to ask him if they can get coronavirus vaccines….

  54. In my neck of the woods, small town Ontario, Canada
    things are getting progressively worse.

    We now have ‘retail martial law’.
    All non-essential businesses (all excluding groceries, pharmacies and banks) have been ordered to close for two weeks.
    I even got a notice from my dentist saying they are required to close their services unless there is a dental emergency.

    Stores now are requiring customers to form a cue outside the store, count the number of customers in the store and limit entry into the store, one in, one out etc.

    Stores have installed hard clear plastic barriers at all cashiers,
    as well as markers on the floor every two meters, to guide customers where they should stand.

    Stores are also forcing customers to form one long cue inside the store at checkout, and then guiding the front of line customer to the next open cashier.

    Still no toilet paper or paper towels for more than a week…
    Food supplies (fresh meat) starting to dwindle and be rationed (limits).

    MSM in my country that used to have 30+ different stories on their home pages, now have wall-to-wall 30+ COVID-19 stories. You cannot find a single non-COVID-19 story on the home pages. I wonder who gives the MSM these marching orders? Surely there are non-COVID-19 things happening each day that are newsworthy, like they were a few weeks ago?

    • Ontario, Canada
      Ontario, Canada
      Ontario, Canada

  55. Mintaka of New Zealand says:
    Pharmacies are included in those “essential businesses”,
    but not Natural Health Shops!
    They have to close.

    I used some choice language when our local natural health shop told us this a couple of days ago.
    All he can do to get around it is for customers to call him and then to deliver to their home.

  56. Hi James and all- I belong to a nurse’s group online and two nurses that I am aware of, have been harassed publicly. One was pumping gas in her scrubs and someone yelled at her and then called the police. Another nurse in her scrubs was in Walmart and a stranger said “I’m not gonna catch anything from you am I?” By the way, nurses are being expected to care for (supposedly) infectious patients with a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment). Anyway, this guy ZDogg (I am NOT a fan) does talk about the harassment of nurses.

    He, also is doing the shaming, oh the irony…

    • macburns says:
      I belong to a nurse’s group online and two nurses that I am aware of, have been harassed publicly.
      Geez! Nurse Shaming!

  57. Sebastian De Clarke
    Nottingham, UK
    Nottingham, UK
    Nottingham, UK

  58. Here in NYC, the general public has been inundated with all the propaganda terms since the beginning of the rollout of COVID19 discourse in the US. The phrase “new normal” has been so unsettling to see so plainly used. It was being uttered ever since quarantining was becoming a thing in US cities and states. Right off the bat, “they” were already desensitizing the public to idea of martial law to the point where people are championing being prisoners in their own homes.

    This whole situation has been so surreal. I’m still in disbelief that this is happening and that the propaganda is so obvious yet not many seem to notice. That clip of the dude shouting “flatten the curve” just shows how effective the brainwashing is, especially with the subsequent push of the clip to the public eye.

    I personally keep forgetting the current reality every time I get lost in something else like cooking. While cooking, I’ll make a mental note to myself about what ingredients that I should buy as if it would be as simple as going to the grocery store like usual. But nope, the absurd reality sets in that I’m going to have to wait in line to get into some stores and then be limited to the quantity of items that I’m purchasing. It’s insane that within a span of a week in a half that something as mundane as grocery shopping is now this big ordeal.

    Never mind the fact that there is now a curfew in effect in NY where people are told to be in their homes from 8pm-5am. To me this screams something else besides the fear pandemic. Unless it was the weekend, most people, besides say some in Manhattan or those working night shifts, would be indoors already. This leads me to pondering as to why a curfew would be in effect. I can’t for the life of me wonder why they would enforce such a curfew if there wasn’t something else happening in the cover of night.

    • ” I can’t for the life of me wonder why they would enforce such a curfew if there wasn’t something else happening in the cover of night”

      Might be, but not necessary.

      I think it’s most probably to drill obedience.

      Also, questions why they do this and that can be well answered by following adage:

      Why a dog lick his balls?
      Because he can, he’s able to!!

    • “I personally keep forgetting the current reality every time I get lost in something else like cooking. While cooking, I’ll make a mental note to myself about what ingredients that I should buy as if it would be as simple as going to the grocery store like usual. But nope, the absurd reality sets in that I’m going to have to wait in line to get into some stores and then be limited to the quantity of items that I’m purchasing.”


      I spend a lot of time reading on my front porch. Springtime and nature are in full swing, oblivious to the zombie apocalypse.

      • pearl says:
        I spend a lot of time reading on my front porch.
        Springtime and nature are in full swing,
        oblivious to the zombie apocalypse.

        Soon, I will take the cue from GeneralBottleWasher and Pearl, and go outside to play in my small garden.
        Great weather, north of you Pearl, here in Texas.

        • Yes! Same here! Feed those hummingbirds!

    • zed – NYC
      New York City

  59. I am in the UK…Two instances of police being called out (obviously tipped off by one of your friendly neighbourhood public joe or jane who are all bellowing go home and bayed for the lock down and are even baying for martial law now, unshockingly) in Exeter, Devon and in the district I work in. One was a gym owner hiring out his equipment to members so they could still keep on keeping fit and strong, the other is a supermarket just up the road from me, cops on bikes (a local security guard posted this on facebook wouldn’t you know) fining old grandmas for heading to the shop to buy cigarettes only….yes, it is here…it is nuts and I am trying really hard not to be more annoyed than I was when this thing first began. These instances were a week apart. This has all moved quickly and everyone around me seems to be propagandised to the teeth! How do I stay sane?

    • nexangelus – United Kingdom

      …fining old grandmas for heading to the shop to buy cigarettes only.

  60. I thank you very much for your insights about this topic and for taking the time to answer me so thouroughly.

    As far as I have understood what you are saying, and it is also mentioned in the preface of the Janine Roberts’ book (I haven’t read the whole book yet), virus are exosomes: just vesicles excreted by the cell to the extracellular space to send signals to other parts of the body. An analogous to neurotransmitters, hormones and other substances. Viruses wouldn’t be the infectious (causal) agent of the disease but the response (or effect) of the body to deleterious stimuli.

    I was going to say that in this hypothesis something didn’t convince me very much, and is the fact that there are bacteriophages: virus which affects bacteria. But actually, there could be explanations for the existence of these entities, like for instance (and this is just a baseless thought, product of imagination) that these phagues are created by some species of bacteria to destroy other species, to get access to nutrients (that is, to destroy competition).

    Anyway, as I said, I thank you for your explanation and I am going to dive deeper into this story because is very interesting to me. I had already seen in a comment of another website a link to “”, so I will explore it.

  61. More on Spain.

    Apparently 500 people died of Convid19 yesterday here in Spain. I have been told for the umpteenth time.

    I looked at stats from 2018

    Apparently 427,000 people died that year in Spain, (Interestingly, Spain has an aging population with more deaths than births, 39,772 that March.

    That works out at roughly 1300 people a day.

    So did 500 more people die than normal? 2000 deaths yesterday?

    I would argue that it’s less, because people are not drowning, and overdosing and being killed in car accidents and being hit by cars..

    What is are the stats in your country???

    • Hello again Mary,

      I am going to send you, in the case that you are interested, an official website about statistics of Spain, the Instituto Nacional de Estadística. I don’t know if you speak or understand Spanish, but it has the option to change the language to English (I don’t know if it displays all the information in this language).

      Deaths according to cause of death:

      More general death statistics:

      Very high numbers of deaths attributed to coronavirus indeed. I can’t be sure, but what it might be happening is this:

      – Pedrito is tested (maybe he was already in the hospital) and the result is positive.
      – Hospital reports that they have IDENTIFIED coronavirus in Pedrito to organizations.
      – Organizations say: +1 case in Spain.
      – Pedrito suddenly dies of a heart attack due to his previous heart condition.
      – Hospital reports that the case with coronavirus has died.
      – Organizations say: +1 more dead by coronavirus.

      RIP Pedrito, but the cause of death wouldn’t have been coronavirus.

      Again, it doesn’t mean that it is happening what I am saying but seeing how they are doing diagnostics (RT-PCR, which only identifies genetic fragments) and reportings, it can be a possibility.

  62. Roxanne –
    NSW, Australia
    NSW, Australia
    NSW, Australia

    Roxanne is on FreedomCells and The Conscious Resistance

  63. “To help British Columbians who may have questions about COVID-19 symptoms, yesterday we launched a self-assessment app. In the last 24 hours, 18,800 users have downloaded it. The online self assessment tool on the BC Centre for Disease Control website has also been used almost 2.5 million times since its launch last week.”

    I am living in a small village off in the country and was fairly certain until a few years ago that I was in good company amongst level headed people who live in close connection with the land. Then bit by bit I noticed a shift in people : hyper-social and self righteous grouping, lauding novel speeches and causes that in some weird way were frighteningly devoid of depth, their feet had come of the ground and they literally did become floating heads. Can’t find the right words for it, but I have gotten progressively weary of it. As others have reported, the immediate, irrational and rather cult-like mass buy-in to the rather crazy storyline we are being force-fed as we are thrown in panic fast-track has been nothing short of surreal. The complete and willful lack of questioning of the people, but more importantly, the sharp contempt and immediate public shaming and shut-down of any who dares to question, even when responding with the very statements of WHO, CDC and you name it authorities, all that over such a large geographic scale, is more than strange. How is it that millions of people across all these countries suddenly behave so uniformly doped in the same shallow trance, and have lost all ability or will to weigh one thing against another? Even as the dictators announced that group meetings above 50 persons were henceforth restricted, people immediately and forcefully implemented self isolation and strict enforcement through neighbourhood shaming. I haven’t been out of the house in 7 days, and barely speak to anyone on social media, but when I do I make a point of stating that I do not fear getting this virus and actually welcome it to get this madness over with while I gladly self-quarantaine. Especially since the WHO, CDC and Society of world Virologists assure me that I am in the 80+ % that may expect a 2 week mild to moderate inconvenience or no symptoms at all. The unbridled hatred I receive is breathtaking.
    From the start I guessed that this was yet another pandemic exercise, a progressively stronger indoctrination towards the end game. I still think this was the agenda, but the crowd desire for domination far exceeded their expectations and so we are lurching towards the goal in rapid stride as the opportunity for maximum headway is claimed. Like some of you, I have to remind myself all day long that THIS is real, it feels so impossible, and desperation strikes.
    But this is nothing like the isolation I will feel when they cleanse and socially distance the last internet strongholds to break the last connectivity and resistance in people.

    • Sebastian De Clarke says:
      I personally trying move away from them and be more involved in this kind of community.

      I am glad you are here Sebastian. I enjoy reading your comments.
      Sometimes, I don’t understand the United Kingdom accent, but I sure catch the drift.

      • Oh!…it was the Polish accent that threw me.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mungjam.

      “But this is nothing like the isolation I will feel when they cleanse and socially distance the last internet strongholds to break the last connectivity and resistance in people.”

      Same here. It can’t be far off.

    • Hello Mungjam,

      I’m very sorry because reading your words I can sense the strong feelings you have inside, which many of us also share in various degrees.

      Since I am going to quote some of what you are saying, I will use italics to make this message clearer.

      Then bit by bit I noticed a shift in people

      When did you start noticing these changes? I mean, are you talking about a period of months? Years?

      How is it that millions of people across all these countries suddenly behave so uniformly doped in the same shallow trance, and have lost all ability or will to weigh one thing against another?

      This is a great question. How come that people with different religions, social statuses, nationalities, education, and so on, are behaving in the same way? Could it be because the education has been uniform in all the world for years? Or maybe because of the uniformity on TV programs/movies/series/news? After that internet surely have had a big impact too. Probably a bit of all. Although it has happened the same at least a few times in history. I am seeing tons of parallelisms between the behaviour of people nowadays with the behaviour described in the first chapters of “Archipielago Gulag” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (in Soviet Union).

      … and barely speak to anyone on social media, but when I do I make a point of stating that I do not fear getting this virus and actually welcome it to get this madness over with while I gladly self-quarantaine… [And more that the posted after this]

      Same. A few days ago a woman I know spoke to me on a social network and, after she was talking about coronavirus, I said that this lockdown was an attack against our liberty. Damn, I opened the Pandora’s box. She started writing about how bad was everything, how dangerous was the virus (she obviously knew more than anyone about what was happening), without even letting me to answer, like if she was having a rage attack. I had to tell her to stop with alarmisms and that I had to go.

      But this is nothing like the isolation I will feel when they cleanse and socially distance the last internet strongholds to break the last connectivity and resistance in people.

      I felt so sad reading this part of your comment… It was beautifully melancholic. Since it is important to fight against dispair, let me recommend you the book “Walden” by HD Thoreau. It has some of the best quotes I have ever read.

  64. I personally do not use Facebook, but my wife does. She posted the OffGuardian link from the show notes (Coronavirus Crackdown – Beware “the new normal”) and someone shared a link from a “factchecking” website saying that the OffGuardian website is a Russian Propaganda site. LOL!!

    So, of course they did not read the article nor check any sources. That would be blasphemous. It isn’t coming from MSM outlets like Fox, CNN, NBC, etc., whom they solemly trust.

    I cannot confirm this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook removes her link because it is considered “fake news” by the “fact checkers”.

    • I’m pretty sure my Facebook posts have been hidden and not shown in the Facebook feed. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had a screening process to determine which posts are displayed vs not. Mine would certainly be considered Russian propaganda haha

  65. I’m intrigued, Dawn. And I have a question:
    In response to the spread of HIV, the anti-germ-theory idea has sprung up a number of times in the gay community. And (spoiler alert) the mainstream gay community shouts them down: “you risk lives by pushing ideas that excuse risky behaviors when this virus is real!”
    Well, I’m a member of that community since 1992. and I’ve witnessed outcomes of those fortunate enough to test negative, of those who tested positive, and those who chose not to get tested at all while engaging in high risk activities. My uncle tested HIV+ in 1985. He survived but nearly every gay man he knew is dead. We’ve discussed the anti-germ-theory. And it simply doesn’t hold up to all we have seen, although I do hate groupthink and despise dogma.
    So i wonder if there’s something I missed? Was there anything in the book to explain how all these people got sick and died without the pathogen?
    And by the way their SHOCKING revelation that a virus isn’t a living thing ain’t. Unless you never paid any attention during elementary school science class.

  66. “I’m suggesting this, but I myself could read only 44 pages of the book.”

    If you want to delve into abyss of dehumanization and you prefer documentary, then

    The Act of Killing (2012) director’s cut, 159 min

    “The film focuses on the perpetrators of the Indonesian killings of 1965–66 in the present day. The genocide led to the killing of almost a million people….”(wikipedia)

    I doubt I passed hundred minutes. There is no blood, no piles of corpses….director said it’s “a documentary of the imagination”.

    • What’s your opinion on this study? I was skimming through but will need to take a better look with my glasses of the study translated to English

  67. You are right, but you missed the substance, gist.

  68. J Armstrong says:
    Therefore the use of shame to influence others cannot be objected to by anarchists when it is exerted in a direction that they do not agree with (however much they might foresee that such non-violent action will lead to the strengthening of authoritarian collectivism.

    However, “Shame” can be a propagandist tool of the State.
    Corbett’s World War 1 documentary highlighted this tool.

  69. Two questions have been posed to Croatian health minister.

    Q: What is a price for covid test?
    A: Can’t tell you, it’s irrelevant, only thing important there is enough of them. (grrrrr, arrogant mf)

    Q: Not many people have been healed, when is a person deemed to be healthy?
    After testing negative two times!!

    Of course, no information how much in between two tests (why would plebs need thorough information)

  70. I’ve been wondering about our local health store…that’s very disturbing.

  71. My opinion on Slavoj Žižek is mixed.
    I’ve heard bs from him and also really deep interesting observations and thoughts.
    I don’t know his books, for me he is Philosopher-Entertainer.

    This time he was total embarrassment.

    Slavoj Zizek | Coronavirus situation is way too serious to be in panic

  72. Trimera, you are on to sum’tin.
    The Lee daily propaganda flat rag toilet Paper has three front page articles. Just what you said.

    1. Governer Stitt orders tighter restrictions. He stops short of issuing a statewide shelter-in-place order requested by several medical organizations.

    2.(Mayor) Bynum clarifies state, city directives. Orders ban gatherings of 10 or more people in the city and statewide.

    3. Trump looks to scale back on social distancing.

    Schizophrenic messages from three elected officials. Keystone Cops…

    Ps, taking a break to report to you, been rototilling soil for those who want a food producing garden and noticed the planes spraying heavy today . Started around 7:00am. Blue sky turned to a milky white sky . RPMO ! Sometimes an Armadillo is just an Armadillo. A plane is just a plane, a tanker is just a spraying.
    With trusted news sources as the Lee Enterprises News one must wonder about the truth we grant our lying eyes. Don’t report what your lying eyes are telling you. Heaven forbid…

    • One last rant. Gas price at pump lagging Wholesale. The America I know is alive and well.
      You say gouging I say free enterprise and its none of your f**king beeswax!
      Mike Thornberry, spokesperson for QuikTrip ( the largest retailer in gasoline) says “its inappropriate to discuss margins on any products we sell!” [ sounds like a banker]
      Today’s wholesale cost $.44 cents a gal. State tax $.20 cents and Federal tax is $.18 cents
      Equals. $.82 cents. Price at pump $ 1.61.

      Gouging a great American past time! Isn’t there a judicial action for price gouging over20% in
      ” Declared State of Emergancies “?
      All animals are equal, some more so than others.
      I suppose in war the law is a casualty.

      • I am guessing that when the previous higher priced gasoline stocks become depleted, we will see much lower “at the pump” prices.
        I bet the Refiners are probably bumfuddled by the low oil prices.

        Fortunately, The Tulsa World has a calculator on how much toilet paper you should have at home.
        I am so relieved.
        They really know their shit, because they talk shit.

        Tulsa World editorial:
        Gov. Stitt’s 19-county COVID-19 order is an improvement, but isn’t strong enough–county-covid-/article_4bda18d0-b3d8-5f79-8cd0-f95ebf5a77bb.html
        Gov. Kevin Stitt should be more aggressive in the face of the spreading COVID-19 virus.

        On Tuesday, Stitt ordered the closing of all nonessential businesses in 19 Oklahoma counties where at least one person has tested positive for COVID-19. The order, which includes Tulsa County, starts at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday and lasts 21 days.

        Statewide, Stitt ordered an end to gatherings of more than 10 people. He also ordered all vulnerable Oklahomans — older people, those with suppressed immune systems and others — to stay at home except for essential business, such as picking up food and medicine.
        …we believe it’s time to go further…
        …A comprehensive, statewide strategy with more specifics and less room for evasion is needed…
        …we must start watching GeneralBottleWasher with drones and Smart Devices, even when he goes to the toilet…

        (last line is mine)

      • GBW,
        I will soon take your cue.
        To the garden I will go and to just “give it a rest” from the comment boards.

  73. On March 13th, 2020 – Friday
    Tom Lowe puts out a Video of a 70 year old, proven, effective medical method of attenuating viruses, which can include the Coronavirus COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2.
    Completely safe – Takes 20 minutes – No drugs are used

    Fight Coronavirus with UV Light – Harvard Medical Expert Comments
    (3 minute video)

    On Monday, March 16th, I received this treatment.

    • I wouldn’t know who to go to! Is there a Texan referral network to consult?

      • There are a variety of ways to search…

        Use such Search Key Words:
        Integrative MedicineWholistic Medicine
        Anti-Aging MedicineAlternative Medicine.

        You can also look for “Biological Dentists” or Dentists who belong to the IAOMT (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

        For example, IAOMT Dentist Dr. Griffin Cole, (a long time anti-Fluoride activist) is up the road from you. You could call him and asks which Doctors offer this.
        Local alternative Doctors and Dentists often are aware of each other.

        Very often, Ozone Blood Therapy is used in conjunction with UV Light Blood Therapy because the two work well together.
        That said, I know of one local Doctor who offers Ozone and other IV Therapies, but not the UV Light Therapy.
        I think it is a “labor thing”. His place is always packed with folks sitting in their chairs getting IV’s of Vitamins or Ozone or Peroxide. It consumes man-hours to do the UV Light and to tie up the UV machine. His place is busy-busy.

        This website might help…
        VAST LIST of Ozone places Internationally

    • Tom Lowe gives an excellent presentation covering Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy.

      UBI Overview
      (25 minutes)

      This video is also available with subtitles in…

      • Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology
        (recent paper)

        March 11,2020
        Robert Rowen MD
        A Real Remedy for the Coronavirus Panic
        (2 1/2 minutes)

        – Ozone Blood Therapy –

    • SEARCHING Corbett Report Comments

      Try this test:

      ~Using DuckDuckGo,
      enter the Keyword…
      Corbett Report or

      …then enter other keywords and/or CorbettReport Member Usernames…

      In this test, enter any of the following words or phrases or combinations…
      Ozone Blood Therapy
      Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy
      Biophotonic Blood Therapy UBI

      When a Corbett Report webpage comes up, click to the page.

      On your keyboard, hit “Ctrl” and “F”.
      You will see a small search box appear. It will be at the top or bottom of your screen.

      Enter the keywords to locate which Corbett Report Comments contain those keywords.

  74. Wow. Talk about a full on propaganda assault being waged from multiple fronts.

    • scpat,
      I long have read and enjoy your comments at Corbett Report, but dang!…I don’t remember what part of the globe you are in.

      Where are you at?

      • California


  75. Classic. They also show you an article of the most followed news website of your country with 0 sources, false data (yesterday I read one about the PCR that made me feel so angry…), and they claim that you are completely wrong, you are crazy, you know nothing, and so on.

    By the way, I am so triggered when I hear every day the 20-30 minutes of music and applause from people in their balconies… are they celebrating our jailing?

    • You say “that’s nothing” because you don’t know what it is listening to neighbours play reggeaton and other latin music at high volume. It is more deadly than any toxin!

      By the way, this music sounds very nice! I will pay more attention to what the lyrics say because it sounded quite funny (I have been working while listening to it).

      I think that the song that fits perfectly to be played in the balcony is this one:

  76. wow guys, over 300 comments already!
    It did not see any black fat Germany by HRS though so far
    Here I come.
    I don’t want to comment much on the situation (lockdown partially, full lockdown coming yes, laws in the making yes, handy data gonna be used yes) but wanna drop a link:

    Somebody at the off-guardian did translate some of the people (scientists, doctors etc.) the German indy-media discussed in the last days. So check them out! Of course not everything is golden, has perfect sense etc. what they say but they give good reasons that there is too much of a scare.
    The mainstream is hardly giving them any platform (some could appear though shortly in tv or did in mainstream-newspapers, one on radio and a big clarification added lol like wiki under youtube (or the health ministry site now).

    All in all we see a severe pushback from indy media and creators and some average normal people in Germany – which I am quite happy about -, obviously only made possible by doctors, virologist etc. who speak out, including translated statements from other countries, e.g. Italy.
    I also read somewhere that in the heavy hit region in Italy end of last year (autumn/winter) most of the elderly where vaccinated against influenza, flu or something. Sorry for not providing a link. Also Italy has terrible bacterial resistance rate (that the antibiotika doesn’t function I mean) which might be a reason for their numbers. (Also it was said private practice doctors were closed, so there is that, then there is a 2018 article (see t. me below) were clinics were already overloaded due to flu and I do not support the hypothesis that pollution or 5G has much to do with it).

    For German readers:
    sciencefiles is the major German indy platform who argues the virus is serious, so has a different stance but as usual criticises the government heavily too.
    (As I do not wish to exclude another important side of the debate)

    edit: to clarify, we mostly discussed person 1 and 2, Bhakdi and Wodarg and then several others (Köhnlein, Wendtner, Bassetti etc., see many of them here:
    and I do Not support Montgomery (bureaucrat, too much of a politician) (named in the off-guardian peace) in any way. his statement was probably included by the swiss propaganda research center because of addition of credibility, clout

    cheers everyone!

    • Germany

      …and I’m checking to be sure I have more Paulaner in the frig.

      • haha have a nice beer with the Weißbier Paulaner

        also: I did first browse the comments, then wrote the comment and am now watching the video xD. so there was already an off-guardian article, albeit a different one
        addition: around 11:00 compliance
        demanding compliance has become a common tool/term/mindset among doctors. many of them are already pretty authoritarian and this compliance thought has just amplified it. many doctors will be totally in line (some not of course for various reasons, e.g. experience with the last crisis and shitty vaccine)

  77. fer67 – Canada

  78. kempus – Australia

  79. – Top Online Search Trends amid Coronavirus Crisis

    1 – The Corbett Report*
    2 – Toilet Paper and Masks
    3 – Small Business Loans
    4 – Odds of Dying
    5 – How to start investing in the stock market
    6 – Streaming

    Yahoo Finance VIDEO – March 25, 2020 Wednesday Co-CEO reveals top search trends amid coronavirus outbreak
    Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Alexis Christoforous speak with Co-CEO Fred Schebesta on what people are searching for online now as fears surrounding the coronavirus continue to rise.
    (under 6 minutes)

    * – HRS Editor correction added to the original article

  80. **Flu**
    One point I wanna make:
    Remember how Trump said something like, it’s just the flu?

    And many people insist now: No, it is nothing like the flu!
    But remember: Swine-flu, bird flu

    and the graphic here:
    picture says Nicholson et al., study of 291 older patients
    so I would guess from that, that this is just one study and not the general distribution that is estimated
    (graphic: causes of flu-like diseases, Influenza 7%, RSV 4%, 14% Corona, 29% Rhino, 46% unknown)
    regardless if influenza is usually the most common or rhino is (funny though that we all know it as influenza)
    with the current Sars-Cov2 or whatever it is called, we are
    **talking about a flu-related virus.**

    It is not ebola, it is a “flu virus” that the world is going mad about with this new virus or virus category (remember, fast mutations and such).
    If there hadn’t been the Spanish Flu I would drum this into every ear:
    **We are talking about a flu virus!**

  81. I don’t know if it has to do with 5G, because I am pretty sure that most of the people (at least in my country) don’t care about how many 5G antennas/transmitters they install.

    I think (as well as others for what I’ve read) that it has more to do with the psy-op they are carrying out: if people would continue their lives normally, they would see that there is nothing to worry about, so the lie would fell easily. But now everybody is at home, watching the non-stop stream of fear on TV and they feel that the world is set on fire.

    It is very disturbing, indeed, to see the street from the balcony and feel that you can cut the silence. Apart of that, the little amount of people who go to buy or to walk the dog, most wear masks.

    • manbearpig and alexandre,

      Confirmed. In Spain some drivers wears masks too. Wow, don’t your think it is creepy how all people is behaving so strange? What do they think a virus is??

      Talking about creepiness, watch this part of the last video by Truthstream media: (from 2:45 to 3:45 approximately)

      • Before answering, just a little story: this morning two technicians came to the area where I live, they touched something of the telecoms system and now around 400 people (at least) are without internet. I don’t want to thing bad, but… At least I can use the smartphone as a router.

        I only watched this movie once but I remember that I loved it. I will watch it in the next days for sure. It is funny how these actors so “commited” with “social actions” like Brad Pitt (or DiCaprio), can act so good. But well, our politicians are also very good actors, so it shouldn’t surprise me.

        No, I didn’t read about this bird story but I will search for it because it is very interesting. From every comment I read in this website, I get homework to do! Books, links… Amazing.

        If I have understood you correctly, you missed a video by TSM where they explain exactly what you said to them about the ER logo! I think they didn’t upload to Youtube, but to Bitchute. It is a long video actually… a sinister one. Here is the link:

        • Do you know why do I have to answer my comment instead of yours? I don’t see the reply link in your reply!

          Thanks for this link. I read somewhere that something similar happened with the discovery of fire, that it happened in many places at the “same” time. But, of course, if we can’t trust what is happening right now, imagine how much we can say for sure about a distant past. You can’t even trust what I am saying!

          Thank you for the Wikipedia article too. It is very clear that humans have behaviours of this kind. The best example is when it explains how an individual dog eats less when he is alone than when he belongs to a group. It happens exactly the same in humans.

      • Actually I think that people is more different than we think. For example, there are people who live outside of the system but we almost never hear about them. But it is clear that the masses are extremely homogeneous, no matter if they are from Thailand, Spain, UK, Russia or China (at least in the behaviour regarding the Government)

        I understand you… Organizing people can be a very exhausting task. I hated to do works in group at university.

        The “elites” are genious of evil. We can hate or dislike them, but we have to recognize it. Just reading how some of them got rich demonstrate how intelligent (and wicked) they are.

      • Thanks for the link! I will watch it taking that on mind.

        In another comment I recommended the book Walden by Thoreau, and it is funny that he wrote, in the 1800’s, about how superficial life had became. I wonder what would he think (and others alike) if he would suddenly resurrect and see the world we are living, with all the stupid stuff that we don’t need and we use… and most of the times we don’t even know that we don’t need them, and this applies to almost anything material.

        I don’t have Whatsapp (not a personal one, because I have one for working). Can you imagine how many times I have been told: “how can you live without Whatsapp?”. Well, like people have lived for thousands of years. It is not a mistery. Actually I could expand a lot on this Whatsapp story and the real social distancing.

        If you like Rembrandt and Velázquez, I recommend you to take a look at the paintings at State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow (in the internet, since we can’t travel or do anything right now :D). I have never enjoyed a museum so much.

      • Hello again Alexandre,

        For some reason I didn’t receive an email notifying your answer and I have just seen it by chance.

        The book you are reading sounds great and Mozart’s music is beautiful. Sometimes I just play his music in the background while I work or do something else. Nowadays we have very good music too, although it is buried by tons of manure.

        Thoreau would die instantaneously when he would have seen the massive power that the Governments have nowadays. Maybe until recently he would have seen that we were not different, but people’s mind have changed a lot in the last years. And the worst is yet to come. It is unbelievable how social networks have reshaped our mentality so much. A simple device like an smartphone will literally change a person’s fate in society.

        Reading this kissing rich people’s ass to get the job, business lunch has reminded me the time I was on Linkedin. What an awful website. Like everything, I guess that we could use if for something better, but it is just another created “necessity”. If you want to see people kiss their asses, just signup (if you are not there). When I was there was the time that I definitely decided to step back from the working market.

      • I answer you here because you wouldn’t get a notification if I do it in the other comment.

        If you have Linkedin then you can explore what I was talking about. Oh, I bet that there are thousands of posts saying #stayhome (in Spanish TV there is a logo with the words “Quédate en casa” in every channel), and then more thousands of recommendations. I felt that people there behaved somehow like being in a sect (of course, not everyone).

        In Linkedin I did something similar and I got zero messages too. The only messages I got there were automated. Well, one girl answered me when I asked her about a Master I was thinking to do (back then when I thought that they worth it a little bit). I guess that is something. Oh oh, I almost forgot about something of the market world, and Linkedin in particular, that I profoundly hated it, and is that companies don’t search for “workers” anymore, no; now companies look for “talent”. What a beautiful euphemism for “slave”.

        An anecdote: in Spanish the word for work is “trabajar” (very similar to Portuguese “trabalhar” -because you are Brazilian, right?-), and it comes from the latin word “tripaliare”, which means “torture”. It just can’t be a coincidence that we use this word. NO WAY.

        Talking about music, in the moment when the Spanish lockdown was anounced I was listening to a Japanese song by the band X Japan ( The song is sad, but associated to the quarantine is even worse!

    • So you got a fever? Tell me who is going to win the Florida Derby Saturday and you might get a prize.
      Funny HaHa. Or funny funny? Please don’t make fun of turning over money changers tables. It happens to be a healthy endeavor and with practice you will have a lot to write about. Talk about echo chamber. Thank of the news I will be posting when I get up tomorrow. You are six hours ahead. This will be an experiment. I find something cause I know it will present itself to me around noon your time. Want to see?
      Think of a specific thing , topic or theme and wait till I post it. Let us see. Com’mon you can do it. There that settles it. Lets see what you got finger lakes.

      • PS a couple days ago it was avocados of all the crazy things growing in the garden. That one was a duzzy
        I had some South Florida natives for clients here in Okla. Every time they came back from Florida they would bring the largest avocados. I truly believe they weighed 4-5 lbs. each. Big as your head. The seed big as a baseball.
        That got me wondering about Alex in his country town and globalism, food distribution ect. I was going to ask him what kind a avocados he had. He then posts about giving away avocados from his tree. … Guess you had to be here,…. there. everywhere.

      • Alex, now you are talking recipes! Avocados and cilantro, onion, Aji Panca paste, home style chipotle sauce. Bacon bits.
        What kind a chips you got down there?
        Believe me , you stuff that mix in a fresh arapai right out of a Betty-G deep fryer and you are in for a treat. Gabriella will come over if you cook that up. You wont be able to get rid a her.

      • Ok Trimeara, lady fingers of the finger lakes. David Foster Wallace.
        The fiction story the “” Suffering Channel””
        This is what we are experiencing now. How is your perception freedom? Are you free to perceive the world now ,or are you living the ideas and perceptions of others? Are you locked in to maintaining others perceptions like your kind( ‘don’t forget your papers’) neighbor, who are contractually obligated to a false narrative?
        We (oui?) are not going to break free of this perception anymore than a fish is going to break free of the water. Fish break free of water all the time but shortly after they perceive water for what it is they die or go back into the water.
        You know the preceivers of water are not going to let the fish back in.
        There in is the beauty of ” The Suffering Channel”

        The virus is the finely sculptured feces , the protagonist is the fish struggling to perceive how it was made. The perception is being created to suspend belief.
        Wish James would have a look at ” The Suffering Channel” in propaganda watch.
        MBP can you imagine. A Prieto or David, even the Winged Victory coming out of Macrons ass.
        Perfectly formed down to the smallest detail.
        And as in the story by Wallace , a TV camera will be positioned at the point of release so that we will know OUR perceptions are REAL.

      • MBP ? Are you taking part in the experiment I proposed earlier?

      • MBP. No! F-IW…is your pefrogitive. I was hoping it would give you a distraction from the assembly of automatons at the balcony. .. … However, science will suffer.

        Macron and the Suffering Chanel.
        ” it offers what is perhaps the most extreme liberalization of the way influence operates since his (Macrons) work is the literal product of what he ingests.”

        What He digests blends then molds and delivers your perception-du-jour. The experiment was to liberate you from that automaton acceptance of fixed reality. There is more and it is free.
        Turn over some tables.

      • Ok precog frog. Yes.
        UBI; universal basic intuition.
        You record your dreams, it may be there. You concentrate away from the daily grind
        [hampsterwheel] like a day dream. A notion , a fleeting thought you will get to later but it will be one you hold on to.
        I will look for it in this realm. Time , place any thing that presents itself without being forced. You cannot force these things. Subtle nudging. They show up on their own. Then compare similarities .Filter, repeat. About the 3rd time a harmony will occur. Like plucking strings . A resonance will build and a clear tone will form from the atonal plucking. Practice can catch up with natural ability. You may find it a waste of time but at least affordable , voluntary and a complete disassociation from mental and physical imprisonment. You will be helping to create a door to perception. Savy MBP?

  82. Hey James,
    Here in Germany it is exactly the same as you described in your video – though I haven’t heard of people shouting out of their windows here like that except when they try to shut up the beginner musicians playing on their balconies.

    Two or three states are under lockdown, the other 13 or so are on the verge. Angie made it clear in her speech the other day that we should behave and keep our distance, wash our hands, stay indoors – or else.

    The conditioning is very apparent on the streets, at the supermarkets, at work – whoever still goes to work. (I never thought it would ever be possible that almost everyone could work from home. Looks like it will stay this way now.) It’s a strange vibe – a mixture of anxiety, fear and anger on one hand and worried fake smiles on the other.

    The msm ridicules and bashes any expert with a differing opinion, as they do with Dr Wodarg and Dr Bhakdi, with the sorts of German type of Snopes and other ‘Fact-Checkers’.

    The script seems to be almost the same for every country. A bit of insecurity, a bit of fear, a pinch of threat, a tad of intimidation…

    On an other note:
    The msm state-owned radio station I work at (as an engineer) rejected my request to them today to finally report on the sellout of all gold reserves at the banks here in Germany. Even though the banks closed gold sales several days ago, It has not been yet reported in the msm here! They said they were aware of it, but they had “more important topics” and “no reporters available”- in a media network with approximately 600 reporters…. doing home office.
    This media network is paid by the public.

    • Hey, I’m from Brooklyn… and would never yell out my window for someone to get off the street. Ferchrisakes!!! Anyone in Germany who yells at musicians… whether beginners or not… to be quiet … have a karmic death… er, debt to pay!

  83. Another label for current situation:

    Medical Fascism

    Check out by yourself if the label correctly represent situation.

    Label is not good just because normies have been programed that fascism is the ultimate evil, singularity in history. There have been some attempts to revive it and label some today phenomena, unsuccessfully.

    Internet shutdown

    Previously I’ve said this won’t happen, people need entertainment now more then ever.
    Internet is under extreme strain now and in such circumstances things have tendency to broke down. This is purely technical.
    I wouldn’t be surprised some evil mind didn’t envision opportunity for an experiment: lets see what happens if we shut down internet when they really really need it, for a day or two…yea, nice, interesting.
    Otherwise, they will do everything to keep internet running. NSA utah is working five shifts. Now they can get more data since almost all interaction is online, better quality data since they control so much environment parameters, they can see difference when pressure is increased and many more options, no doubt.

    Now, they can see in vivo how people behave when they are treated like a cattle, Literaly. Worldwide farm. Sentinel.

    Can this also be The Dress Rehearsal for Technocracy?

  84. They are getting ready for permanent home-officing. And policing.
    It seems everything is working hand in glove: 5G, Covid, lockdowns, submission, patriotism,… The biggest scam since 9/11 and global warming combined.

    I guess we are the ‘Things’ in IOT.

  85. Ben Swann – Atlanta, Georgia USA
    Ben Swann – Atlanta, Georgia USA
    Ben Swann – Atlanta, Georgia USA

    March 25, 2020 – Wednesday
    “Truth in Media” – Ben Swann YouTube Channel

    Ben Swann discusses how the U.S. government is further leaning towards a greater violation of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment Constitutional rights of Americans.
    Quarantining the Constitution?
    (13 minutes)

    (By the way, his sponsors under the YouTube description are worth noting.)

    Hat tip to Corbett Member and Dallasite, Hank, for passing along this video.

    • Ben Swann gives the introduction to a new platform concept…

      Isegoria [i-sē-gor-í-a] noun;
      from the ancient Greek meaning “Equality of all in freedom of speech”

      Videos Embedded

  86. I was born and bred in Brooklyn. Bensonhurst to be exact. For those who do not know… a genuine Italian neighborhood (at least it used to be when I grew up there.) I have lived in Manhattan for almost 30 years now. The Very First thing that stuck in my craw regarding covid 19 was this “social distancing” thing. For frigsake… could it be any more obvious??? Those dumbbells yelling out their windows were not born in the borough. They are lucky someone doesn’t shoot a zip gun at their faces…. for those that don’t know… a zip gun has nothing to do with bullets… and if one of them told me not to hug or kiss my grandma… they’d deserve more than a zip gun to the face! (James: Brand new subscriber here… first time commenter!!! Please keep it up…)

    • Lobstar – Brooklyn – Italian Style
      new subscriber here… first time commenter

      … Those dumbbells yelling out their windows were not born in the borough. …and if one of them told me not to hug or kiss my grandma… they’d deserve more than a zip gun to the face!

  87. Münster/Germany (one Corona hotspot):
    We can go outside, but should keep a distance of 1,5 m
    All non-essential business is shut down. Social life has broken down to getting food.
    What is remarkable is the war on cash is picking up here.
    Germans love cash and did not give up on it so far, but now due to CORONA you are shamed when you use cash.
    Pay digitally even the tiniest amount is the order of the day advertised everywhere.
    I will of course not to it and lead by example still using cash.

    Now the Bundestag basically passed the foundation of Medical Martial Law.
    Thus I call CORONA = Reichstagsbrand 2.0 and therefore we now gotten the Ermächtigungsgesetz 2.0

    The scariest thing is that nobody seems to have an exit-strategyand everybody is accepting that tyranny.

    Positive is the neighbors are getting more together and talk more (even from a distance)
    Maybe we are seeing a start of the Gandhi way of resistance.

    • rueckl1b – Germany

      What is remarkable is the war on cash is picking up here.
      Germans love cash and did not give up on it so far, but now due to CORONA you are shamed when you use cash.

  88. Excellent point about the lung butter, which quite frankly sounds gross, but, whenever I’ve worn a mask to keep from breathing dust particles, sooner or later, it gets pretty grungy from sweat and moisture from my breath, and I want nothing more than to take it off. The idea, of course, with covid-19 is to help prevent larger air-borne droplets that are potentially carrying the virus from entering through the nose and mouth. Yet, I can’t see wearing it just to walk down the street. But, I guess everyone has their own comfort level.

    But, what I found quite funny was your “They’d be lucky to get their ass kicked…” comment.

    I don’t live too far as the crow flies from Brooklyn, and even though I don’t remember, they say that I was born there. If that sonuva bitch yelled at me to go home like that, trust me, the videographers, or the propagandists who distributed it, would have had to edit it directly after the second “go home”. Because I would have cussed that idiot out so loud, they’d have heard it for literally blocks in all directions!

  89. Thanks for this input manbearpig.

    You just made me remember something;

    Back in the days we analised this movie in a psychology class. It`s been a while but i believe to remember the conclusion being how a person, desplaying symptomes of (the allrounder diagnosis) „borderline“, has the ability to unconcioussly manipulate the other person…This beeing in its self in the very least a questionable and a negligent perception in my opinion. But the point being; i couldn`t help wondering at that time, why they picked such a young actress for this movie and not someone older making her look younger? … little i knew back then …

  90. Give my regards to your sister, she’s very wise. Once I jested that if one would find themselves in a pressing need for a bowel movement in public, they could stick a finger up their nose to cover for the shameful act.

    Or that joke going around that now rhe people are less frightened by hearing Allahu Akbar than when someone says “buon giorno”.

    The strawman of socially acceptable beahaior is an important tool in the propagandists’ bit of kit. Just like the programmable fear triggers.

    • I almost feel infatuated. And I’m even not into blondes.

  91. Sorry to get in the middle of your conversation MBP and Alexandre.

    The fact is that we can only know the official data and, of course, it is extremely manipulated or, at least, biased. So there is no way we can’t know what is happening for sure. Even if we would like to research on that, we wouldn’t be able because we are in quarantine (how convenient!!)

    There is one thing that many people seem to forget: we always have had respiratory diseases and most of the times we haven’t gone to the doctor. At least I have never ever gone to the doctor because of a flu, cold or whatever. Like me, I am sure that most of you neither, because we just think: “what an awful flu/cold! well, it will go away alone”.

    What is happening now? People get sick and they think “holy sh*t, I am going to die or make someone to die because of my virus!”, so they go the doctor. I am sure that you can remember how many people get sick at the same time (I mean, according to your experience in school, work, house…). If this people usually didn’t go to the hospital and now they do, even it it just the 20%, obviously the system colapses.

    If you add to this equation one of the worst diseases in the world, stress, which lowers the immunological system, it gets even worst. Add the nocebo effect too and you get massive chaos.

    By the way, what are the symptoms we are talking about? Because in a panic attack we have cardiorespiratory medical signs like tachycardia, dyspnea, taquipnea and so on. If we sum this panic effects to a respiratory disease, then the person gets sicker.

    PS: what a funny sister you have 😀

    • Symptoms of covid-19 are very telling: dry cough, fever and troubled breathing. Probably problems with breeding, as well. Not many afflictions cause these symptomps. Maybe only a few hundred.

      Symptoms of going apeshit: wearing a mask (incorrectly) and gloves wherever you go. Like when driving alone in the car. Cars are moving selfinsulation devices and have been for decades now since majority drive alone.

      Another telling sign: watching TV 8 hours per day (or 16 since introduction of the quarantine) without any understanding of how statisics work and inability to entertain any independent thoughts.

      Like every other bubble, this one is going to burst and it’s probably going to be replaced by another giant bubble. You can’t mess with stupid.

      • Maybe only a few hundred… hahaha.

        Yesterday I was at my balcony chuckling after seeing so many people (“many” taking into account that most are at home) wearing masks and gloves to walk their dog. Someone posted here that it was unhealthy to wear masks because of breathing the same air all the time and I couldn’t agree more. Every single time that I had to wear a mask for sterile procedures I ended with a big headache that lasted all day. No exception.

        Oh God, TV is doing an incalculable damage to human brains. When I look at the official data of the number of cases (not because I believe them but because when they get lower will mean that the lockdown will be closer), I get nervous. Imagine watching 24/7 the fear porn: the story of celebrities “heroes” because the got the “disease”, that some random old man survived the apocalypsis, and so on. Not a single objective analysis of the data, by the way (for what I have been told)

      • I just went for a 5 km walk, more or less. There were about ten people on the way. A mother and her kid were the only ones wearing the masks. This route is usually not that much riddled with people, but for this time of the year and considering it’s a Saturday, one would expect more up and about.

        The sad conclusion is that we have already been socially distancing for a while now. I’ve been idiot distancing for decades without even knowing there’s a term for it. And that it’s officially good for your health.

    • …when I still had real life colleagues…

      Is that true? Have you really lost “friends”/colleagues because of this?

      Never let a crisis go to waste… to find out who is worth it.

  92. It’s getting more difficult to get the official “tested” figure, there appears to be an orchestrated effort to obfuscate this number. I’m keeping track as best as I can and currently there is a constant relation between tje “tested” and “infected”, the ratio is about 10-12% which is in line with expected corona family rates.

    The “complications” number is gravitating around 5% of “infected” and the official death statistics is at well less than 1% of “infected”. Those tested positive but without symptoms are not counted in statistics, apparently.

    The last few days they have changed the approach a bit, now they say something like “today we have 57 newly infected, none of whom are in critical condition”. I’d say there’s quite a wide array of states between “absolutely peachy” and “critical” but these guys like to frame the argument for effect. Soon the recovered will be referred to as survivors.

  93. Great video!
    “let not reality interfere with their narrative” i am going to borrow this one

  94. Climate warriors stuck in ice, that one cracked me up.

  95. TAIWAN – the legal side of social distancing (as lock-down hasn’t happened – yet)

    Taiwan is a country of sheep – and fearful sheep at that. They are the kind of people who will line up outside a restaurant just because others are lining up, as they assume the line means the restaurnt must be good.
    Wearing masks has been a thing with the Taiwanese at least as far back as the SARS scare in 2002. Hoarding is also the kind of thing these people do. Mass loo paper hoarding has hit this country at least twice in the last few years. At the announcement of the virus, that hoarding turned over to masks, cleaning alcohol and little spray bottles. This is so much the case that the emergency measures the government granted itself include fining and potentially imprisoning people for hoarding, as well as allowing them to confiscate almost anything.

    However, even with all this nonsense going on, the Taiwanese people began calming down. After all, there were so few cases of local transmission and people were beginning to see beyond the panic. Many people stopped wearing masks – even on public transport – to no ill effect.

    Naturally, this wouldn’t do for the companies in the country who are now making record high numbers of masks – around 15 million per day:

    There are so many masks that the government casually donated 10 million to the EU:

    So, the government decided (possibly with the help of a few back-handers) to find ways to ensure that people kept using masks.

    They forced people to use masks in public transport:

    The created and then increasing fines to people who didn’t comply:

    They made mask-wearing a requirement when visiting certain places:

    Don’t foget that children make excellent props:

    Quarantine is also being enforced, but to a worrying extent. The government has decided to allow itself the ability to not only punish quarantine breakers, but anyone who they feel has “helped” them in breaking quarantine. This includes them helping quarantined people “recklessly travelling to other cities.”

    In case people continued to wonder why masks were necessary, the government limited the public transportation during busy hours to force people into more cramped conditions, increasing their fear and making them want masks:

    Of course, they need to keep a demand in people for masks and not over-saturate them, which could lead to a loss in business, so they created artificial scarcity – 9 masks every two weeks, which ensures people will be reusing masks:

    Masks can now be purchased online, so long as you also purchase a card reader for your computer and simply provide them with all of your details:

    Once people got used to the idea, masks were made available from vending machines. Now they can compete along with high-sugar snacks and drinks, which you have already been conditioned to buy:

    Ultimately this ends with Taiwan first proposing the idea of new medical world order:

    And don’t forget the technocracy:

    • There’s sufficient material here for a full fledged “who’s who in Taiwan” podcast. Good work.

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