How To Protest (Extinction Rebellion Style!)

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Newsletter | 36 comments

So you’ve decided to get off your butt and save the planet. About time!

So, what was it that put you over the edge? Was it the impassioned plea to “Act Now” because “Our House is Flooding!” Or was it the finger-wagging “How dare you?” of everyone’s favorite Klimajugend? Or maybe it was the shocking revelation that “The sky has AIDS!”

Oh, sorry. That last one was a catch phrase from the previous invented enviroscare. But we’re super cereal about it this time. I mean, haven’t you heard? We have only 12 years left to save the planet! (Or maybe that should be only one year. Or is it negative three years? Or perhaps the jig was up nineteen years ago. Whatever. Don’t bother me with facts. The point is, we’re all doomed!)

Alright, whatever. You’re here. That’s good enough. But what now? I mean, there’s the lawsuit that will stop species from going extinct, but you know how slowly the gears of justice grind. And there’s the excellent new idea to impose a military draft to confront climate change, but it seems there isn’t a lot of popular support for that suggestion for some reason. Isn’t there anything we can actually do to stop the weather gods from killing us all?

Well, fret not, dear concerned ecowarrior. We here at Extinction Rebellion have the perfect plan for you! Here’s the easy-peasy five-step plan to starting an international protest movement that’s guaranteed to keep the global average temperature from changing!

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