How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett #062

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A Corbett Report viewer writes in to ask about the mechanics of World War III . . . but James’ answer may surprise you. Find out the real nature of the weaponry that is already being used in the unfolding Third World War, and the most important real estate in the world over which this war is being fought.

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  1. I actually think the war began with the California wildfires, which burned houses and cars, while leaving trees untouched. Just as the directed energy weapons, that were trumpeted by the Navy just before they began, behave. The school shootings, rise of antifa and other SJW groups, and Q, being a part of it. The first covid death being the start of open warfare.
    We were already off balance and divided before covid. Orange man bad and trust the plan forming the lines of division.
    Also, the talks about bringing our troops home have a sinister undertone. For we may actually pull out of the hundreds of foreign bases. And for what purpose? To point those guns at us. Some may remember the noise created by a website, the name escapes me, which predicted a massive decrease in our (US) population. Along with the proposition that the troops would be used to quell unrest in the cities. This was also part of the Pentagon’s vision of the future. And, let us not forget the DHS drills determining the US would suffer 90% casualties if the grid were to go down for 6 months. Yes, we are definitely at war. And it will get much worse. Which is why I still encourage people to garden and stock up on supplies. Food is not going to remain abundant for long.

    • I believe the website you refer to is They predict a population in the US to be reduced by 220million leaving only 100million by 2025 and here in the UK apparently they are going to get rid of 51million of us leaving just 15million. Enough to keep the ‘wheels oiled’. They will all be of a indoctrinatable age. Then the rich can indulge in their ritualistic, perverted (by ‘normal’ standards), manner of life without fear of reprisal. Incidentally, North Korea has recently been removed completely from the list of countries on Deagel’s website, at least i cannot find it anymore. Anyone please correct me if i’m wrong.

      • You’re right! I knew it started with a D, but that was all I could remember. Since I’ll be 65 in 2025, I guess they plan on me just rolling on over and dying. I might not make it, but I sure don’t plan on making it easy for them! Thanks, I didn’t know they had configured the entire world. The pot of nefarious stew just gets nastier the longer it simmers.

      • Just went there. I didn’t find North Korea either. I did like their explanation though. However, I think they were far too optimistic. For example; how many people will actually be able to migrate? Consider economic and political. Does it really reflect the toughness of the people? For our young aren’t that tough. And we are an aging society as well; so how many of those over 50 do you think could handle a true collapse? With the infrastructure demolished, food and other essential goods and services will be thrown to the four corners. How many could compensate? Crime would go through the roof, making entire countries look like Somalia while the U.S. was supporting it. And the list goes on. I am speaking from a US perspective, but it applies to any developed country. Look around. Do you really think those that are falling for the covid scamdemic have what it will take to survive? All of those morbidly obese people? All the ones believing a pill is the best way to stay healthy? I don’t.

        • roberta,
          As far as I know, “I Shot Santa” aka “JimBob” aka “wingsuitfreak” is no longer around the comment boards.

    • I don’t think they’ll use the nukes. But on the rest…..

      • 1)Buy Ham radio
        2)Learn how t use Ham radio
        3)Get License TO use Ham radio (NO morse code needed anymore and you can download the question pool)
        4)Play field day

        Most important- have someone who cares if you talk to them.

        Cheaper you can buy Software defined Radio dongles that turn your laptop into a super radio receiver… heres ONline versions to play with SDR set up around the world
        I like the watefall thing so you can see the signal and click on it (you may need to change mode in order to hear voice)

        failing that you can try Internet By Pigeon (best part is you can eat them when its time to upgrade)

      • I agree no nukes. Why would the “elite “ nuke the planet if they want to live in it and produce offspring. Wouldn’t it be better for them to depopulate the planet using other means like a “vaccine “ that is a ticking time bomb that will make people more susceptible to die off? That’s what I think the “vaccine “ is about.

        Also isn’t there a certain number of humans that need to survive to prevent extinction?

        • I think people need an off the grid house with livestock and a garden to grow food. Plus a ham radio set up and guns with ammo. Shotguns so you can make your bullets by hand. If you have a good solar set up you won’t be so dependent on “the grid” so much. You need water, via a well and can have your own reverse osmosis set up. Have things to trade, like eggs and ammo. Medicines can be bought online using a tor browser.

          I’m getting all my ducks in a row just in case…hopefully this doesn’t go down before I’m ready.

        • Alchemist,

          I think the virulence is overstated indeed and the numbers are substantially padded. I have observed this at work since I am in direct contact with “Covid “ patients.

          The race war that they are pushing is scary but I think people will see through it if they new about the manipulation from Soros and other scum bags.

          It’s good to prepare for worse case scenario. Nukes would be impossible to survive though but I don’t think that will happen.

    • no need for nukes if they black out the power for an extended period- 80-90 % of the population will be dead in a year in a sustained nationwide power outage. Maybe 20 – 30 % from lacking meds and poor health in the first month.

      There WAS a possible attempt to take out the part of thepower grid I think thats it but I read that it almost knocked out a huge chunk via some kind of cascade like the 2003 power outage

    • Whatever they control and we don’t is bad news for us. For example: the grid and the food supply.

      • Part one

        William S. Lind is not a household name to most people in the world. But Lind is well known in military circles and within ultra right wing think tanks.

        Lind is a fascist, but he would call himself a ‘paleo-conservative.
        I am in total disagreement with his policies, his positions on culture and society, but I find he is way ahead of the curve when it comes to conceiving of ‘war’ in this century.

        Lind posits that we are in an epoch whereby Fourth Generation War, as opposed to first, second and third generation war will be the tune of the day. And in his essay I offer readers, you can see how the paleo-conservative, or fascist mind, conceives of war.

        As you read this, in two parts. Please go to the site to see Lind’s work.

        This essay was written 31 years ago in 1989.

        It is my belief, or opinion (not judgment) that we are already in Fourth Generation War and have been and will be for some time.

        William S. Lind, Colonel Keith Nightengale (USA),
        Captain John F. Schmitt (USMC), Colonel Joseph W. Sutton (USA),
        and Lieutenant Colonel Gary I. Wilson (USMCR)
        Marine Corps Gazette
        October 1989, Pages 22-26

        “The Central Question

        If we look at the development of warfare in the modern era, we see three distinct generations. In the United States, the Army and the Marine Corps are now coming to grips with the change to the third generation. This transition is entirely for the good. However, third generation warfare was conceptually developed by the German offensive in the spring of 1918. It is now more than 70 years old. This suggests some interesting questions: Is it not about time for a fourth generation to appear? If so, what might it look like? These questions are of central importance. Whoever is first to recognize, understand, and implement a generational change can gain a decisive advantage. Conversely, a nation that is slow to adapt to generational change opens itself to catastrophic defeat.

        Our purpose here is less to answer these questions than to pose them. Nonetheless, we will offer some tentative answers. To begin to see what these might be, we need to put the questions into historical context.

        • Part Two

          Potential Technology-Driven Fourth Generation

          If we combine the above general characteristics of fourth generation warfare with new technology, we see one possible outline of the new generation. For example, directed energy may permit small elements to destroy targets they could not attack with conventional energy weapons. Directed energy may permit the achievement of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) effects without a nuclear blast. Research in superconductivity suggests the possibility of storing and using large quantities of energy in very small packages. Technologically, it is possible that a very few soldiers could have the same battlefield effect as a current brigade.

          The growth of robotics, remotely piloted vehicles, low probability of intercept communications, and artificial intelligence may offer a potential for radically altered tactics. In turn, growing dependence on such technology may open the door to new vulnerabilities, such as the vulnerability to computer viruses.

          Small, highly mobile elements composed of very intelligent soldiers armed with high technology weapons may range over wide areas seeking critical targets. Targets may be more in the civilian than the military sector. Front-rear terms will be replaced with targeted-untargeted. This may in turn radically alter the way in which military Services are organized and structured.

          Units will combine reconnaissance and strike functions. Remote, “smart” assets with preprogrammed artificial intelligence may play a key role. Concurrently, the greatest defensive strengths may be the ability to hide from and spoof these assets.

          • A non-national or transnational base, such as an ideology or religion. Our national security capabilities are designed to operate within a nation-state framework. Outside that framework, they have great difficulties. The drug war provides an example. Because the drug traffic has no nation-state base, it is very difficult to attack. The nation-state shields the drug lords but cannot control them. We cannot attack them without violating the sovereignty of a friendly nation. A fourth-generation attacker could well operate in a similar manner, as some Middle Eastern terrorists already do.
          • A direct attack on the enemy’s culture. Such an attack works from within as well as from without. It can bypass not only the enemy’s military but the state itself. The United States is already suffering heavily from such a cultural attack in the form of the drug traffic. Drugs directly attack our culture. They have the support of a powerful “fifth column,” the drug buyers. They bypass the entire state apparatus despite our best efforts. Some ideological elements in South America see drugs as a weapon; they call them the “poor man’s intercontinental ballistic missile.” They prize the drug traffic not only for the money it brings in through which we finance the war against ourselves — but also for the damage it does to the hated North Americans.
          • Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through manipulation of the media, particularly television news. Some terrorists already know how to play this game. More broadly, hostile forces could easily take advantage of a significant product of television reporting — the fact that on television the enemy’s casualties can be almost as devastating on the home front as are friendly casualties.

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    • Alchem
      “Sure hope I’m wrong!”

      V why not dream of a better outcome?

      I respect and am grateful for the detailed deconstruction of the fraudulant domination, which includes trying to avoid surprise attacks by predicting black’s next move.

      but painting with other than the color black may forward the cause
      howsabout paint with plaid?

    • I’m with you. We are at war and have been for quite some time. Gathering people who are willing to function outside of the lines in groceries and heat in building transportation and all the essentials is mandatory now

  2. I don’t think there will be a WW3 because WW2 has’nt finished yet! There has been a concerted effort to lower populations all around the world for the past 100 years at least. We are constantly at war with our own governments but 95% of the people don’t realise it. I am far more concerned about our own governments intentions rather than any foriegn government. Apparently our British gov. is now under the control of Lt. Col. Rupert Burroughs, commander of 77th brigade, in conjunction with J-HUB who are working with Glaxo SmithKline (Barnaby Castle) to fast track vaccine implementation. It seems Burroughs rose to the rank of Lt Col. in the space of two years and eight months after graduating from the notorious London School of Economics and working in the city for a time. He seems to hold a lot of influence for a man of little experience. Very worrying! I strongly suspect that our world “leaders” are smoothing their way into plum positions in a New World gov.

  3. Coincidentally, or not, Dominic Cummings (Chief adviser to the British gov.) was witnessed by a number of people breaking the gov’s own lockdown rules in Barnaby Castle ( a town in Co. Durham) around the same time as Glaxo SmithKline and J-HUB were meeting in the same town.

    • Barnard castle.. i went there one time and it sucked

  4. For anyone who wants to find out what’s really happening in UK politics, i strongly recommend UKColumn News which broadcasts live every day at 1pm UK time on youtube.

    • I like to tune in on them, I recall they were unhappy with Mr Corbett over his opinion on the Hollie Greig case a couple of years back but they do dig up some good stuff

      I think they REALLY did a good job digging up “Common Purpose” and how they have been swinging things in the UK and world wide. Most of those vids are scrubbed of youtube now I think, or at least not easy to find

  5. James Corbett says:
    “I tell ya!”

    Corbett does an excellent job touching on the many different aspects surrounding this web of deception which targets global control of the masses.

    Around the 6:30 mark, he delves into China being the new, deliberately fabricated bogeyman.
    I am so glad that James highlighted the fact that China set a precedent with its tyrannical quarantine lockdown in January/February for all the World to see (and mimic).
    Certainly, China’s buddies at W.H.O. were well pleased.
    As I type this, China is again in the news with new major lockdowns.

    I swear…I thought I heard John Wayne when Corbett says: “I tell ya!”
    I mean, many have said the phrase. e.g. John Steinbeck
    Anyway, I chuckled as James did a nice job of expressing a redneck style of
    “It was them there Chinese Chi-Coms that did this virus on the world. And they gotta pay for it, I tell ya!

    • @HomeRemedySupply: As someone who comes from a long line of rednecks and hillbillies, most of whom were/are far smarter than the average college-educated bear, I completely agree. That we are all being brainwashed to hate the Chinese is sad indeed. I find it ironic that WWII brainwashed people to hate the Japanese, and yet, they are now freer than many of us in the U.S.

  6. World war 3 is just a battle in the war stated a long time ago… it started before the guns fell silent in 1945 but the first normie obvious signs of it was the drug culture and hippie movement being engineered. It had been moving thru churches and politic’s for a while before but no one saw it.

    The most recent offensive started with Pizzagate which (true or false..but the best propaganda IS the truth) was allowed to leak out in order to black pill people on the rule of law and split ‘left’ and ‘right’ then when Trump did not clean up the mess his people split into “Q” and true believer types vs blackpilled people who were steered into despair or the fake white nationalist camps.

    Now they just need to get black on white hate going and wait for the anti-black backlash and we’ll really be in the crisis and ready for ‘normalization’

    I think they will drop pushing trans right into peoples faces because there was not enough backlash to make it worth while.

    Opinions anyone?

  7. Thank you James for your clear articulation of what I hope has been evident to your audience, thanks to your persistent multi-directional approach to presenting the big picture coherently.

  8. Bravo, James! This single QFC is the most powerfully succinct synopsis you’ve ever produced. This is it. This is a gem. This is what we want to tell everybody and anybody we can. I really appreciate your spot-on citation of Giorgio Agamben. Truly powerful words!

  9. I see most previous wars in the past century or so also as wars against the people, primarily for the benefit of the global banking/oil cartel. As the cycles of debt/credit mature war and its associated terrors, misery and destruction have provided the financial conditions for a “reset”, i.e; for a new long term credit/debt expansion cycle. The victims were always the citizens everywhere. The Covid-19 war is being used in precisely the same fashion to achieve the same objective together with other elements that will obviate nationhood-based animosities in the future!

  10. As usual, I find your comments very important and meaningful, James (also appreciate the Agamben quote as I respect him a lot!!). Just one thing – I think you downplay just a bit the role of the Soviet Union in establishing the US vs. Soviet Union (democracy vs. communism) paradigm. As a citizen of a former Eastern Block country, I have to say the Soviet Union and the whole Eastern Block had a massive propaganda machine to install estrangement (or pity for the comrades under the yoke) in people with regard to the “imperialistic West”. This isn’t news, of course, I just think both political elites have a share in their mutual demonization. Russia’s official anti-liberal narrative today isn’t very different.

    By the way, this is coming from Bulgaria where there has been an East-West (Russia vs. EU/NATO/pro-US) debate for the last 30 years since the downfall of the Eastern Block. As a satellite country for any world power that would take any interest in it, Bulgaria’s political reality is bound to be steered mostly from people abroad from both sides… but, of course, Russia is the one painted gruesomely from the MSM, which suggests where the true allegiances of our elites lie.

    At any rate, it is remarkable to see how previous critisizers and dissidents from the times of the Socialist regime who say they have become immune to any sort of propaganda (as they have gained experience from the times totalitarian rule) are now completely delved into the liberal Western narrative regarding most international problems. They do not seem to realize that the Western propaganda machine is much more advanced than that bleak and self-evident socialist garbage.


  11. there are two main layers of total social corruption these days. there is the top layer of eugenicists and right below that, there is the medical/pharmaceutical maffia.

    the short term objective of the eugenicists is genocide, be it general on a limited scale, or selective. their tools are biological research, in particular genetic research, and the medical/pharmaceutical maffia as their well paid henchmen.

    their long term objective is creating classes of human machines, particularly adapted for specific kinds of slavery. they intend to use genetics to create slaves that comply with optimum property vectors, physical as well as mental, as perceived through their materialistic world view.

    as for the medical/pharmaceutical maffia, they are prepared to do anything for profit. they are more than willing to comply with the eugenicists’ demand to supply genocidal tools on a technical level as well as using them.

    there is clearly an intimate harmony of interest between the two, that could last for eternity.

    these two layers of corrupt power do not just float around, they are part of a pyramid that goes all the way down to the ‘black woman at the bottom’, whereby each and every layer has its own harmony of interest with the pyramid.

    there is a third layer that serves the upper two with usefull though secretive information, called “science”.

    in an earlier comment i tried to sketch the process of how a psychopath at the top may corrupt a whole pyramid of more or less decent people to effectively become a super psychopath, in particular by using their moral fears that originate from a combination of high moral sense and little self esteem.

    these moral senses are at the same time the achilles heel of the pyramid. if the murderous corruption of the upper layers can be clearly shown, the pyramid will collaps.
    therefore, they created a fourth layer in the pyramid, specifically there to prevent this from happening. it is called “the media”, sometimes presented as “mainstream” and “alternative” parts, but basically they serve the same purpose for different groups of people.

    i thought this would be an easy job, as the corruption of the third layer called “science”, in relation to vitamin-c, can be found all over the internet.
    as for myself, i live with an upcoming dementia, but in spite of this condition, i believe to see a picture that anyone could find for themselves, if they only wanted to and started searching and were living on my side of the media barrier, of course.

    so i have done my best to spread information about the gulo mutation. i explained how all diseases are virtual, that the only true disease is of a genetic nature. that all diseases are in fact symptoms of vitamin-c depletion caused by this mutation. that it switched off our ability to generate our own vitamin-c in varying quantities, that always follow our changing needs, from milligrams to hundreds of grams a day.


    • if you want to see what vitamin-c can do, check it says the whole of asia is talking vitamin-c and governments are recommending it as a cure against corona.

      why don’t they know this in the asian country of japan, where the corbett report lives.

      so then there remains a very ugly question, namely why vitamin-c stays below the radar of the corbett report. certainly james is a brilliant researcher and reporter, an extremely intelligent man, with a large virtual staff in his own head. but how can such a person neglect something as essential and evident as the gulo mutation. it seems he just plays the eugenicist game of controlled opposition, always staying on their playing field, mentioning all their horrors to keep us busy, but not a word about their main asset: vitamin-c depletion.

      ending this silence, their brutal horde of henchmen would quickly die out and their whole bioweapon effort would simply become ridiculous, with or without synthetic gulo. after 80 years of vitamin-c cover-up, life without disease would finally be there.

      they would be left with only the atomic bomb, which has a very unspecific genocidal effect and terribly destructive side effects. except for the samson option, this is not what they would want. biology will continue to be the preferred path of eugenics.

      so they will simmer on, creating new poison channels and eventually, their genetic research will produce genocidal parasites and other artificial forms of living creatures, perhaps even humanised to a certain extent. ultimately, they may even fake evolution itself over many centuries by using gene drives to create their preferred slave classes. but considering the extremely clumsy effort we are living through now, even after decades of cancer research, this level of technology will take many years to accomplish.

      i hereby dare james to tell me why my analysis is wrong. if he can, i will eat my hat for him.


      • ad, Just so you know…many, many Corbett Report Members have mentioned Vitamin C (before and during the COVID era).

        Here is one THREAD which leads to many others.

        When you do a general search utilizing a variety of search engines and keywords, you will find many references to Vitamin C or Vit C.

        If there is any advocate of alternative health approaches at Corbett Report, I certainly would be on the list. Ask any fella around here who has wilted ears.

        I can say this:
        James Corbett follows his own path.
        He writes his journal, not someone else’s.

        I personally think that even the famous Dr. Mercola recognizes and understands that James independently goes down the roads he wants… …I reference the end of the Mercola/Dr. Robert Rowen interview (which has been pulled from YouTube, likely by Mercola himself – but it is still on his website).
        Dr. Mercola has repeatedly featured some of James Corbett’s work at his website: e.g. “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and “Who is Bill Gates”.

        I’ve never seen any episode where Corbett explores, in-depth, alternative health therapies.
        However, one time around the end of 2019, he did have a brief conversation about being sick. It was eye-opening for me…I gained insight.

        Fortunately Corbett has given us this forum, this comment board.
        He once told us: “It’s what you make it.”

        You and I and everyone else can have a voice on things here at
        However, we can’t force or intimidate another Corbett Report member to discuss a specific topic.
        Why should any of us pressure Corbett to discuss a topic?
        – Voluntarism – I like that perspective.

        ad, There are other platforms where you can promote Vitamin C.

        • hello hrs, thanks for the extensive reaction, but have you read my comment at all?

          you make it seem as if i am talking about some alternative remedy, called ‘vitamin-c’.
          in fact, it is about the gulo mutation, that has been widely suppressed for decades.
          as a consequence, vitamin-c is indeed widely considered to be an alternative therapy, but this is just the top of the iceberg.

          perhaps some explanation of the structure of my earlier comment.

          the first part describes my modelling of society, with the intention to give the corbett report a place within this model.
          there is always this 3000 letter limit, so it’s only sketchy. if you like me to elaborate, i’m always there.

          the second part tries to give credit to james for his beautiful work and his personal capacities and intentions, which always have to be considered within their context.
          at the same time it tries to provoke a reaction.

          i consider your comment to be this reaction and reading in particular between the lines, i take this to be final.
          by the way, james or you or any of the other gatekeepers could have told me this in a personal email rightaway and the result would have been te same.

          but look here for a few example quotes:

          “so i have done my best to spread information about the gulo mutation. i explained how all diseases are virtual, that the only true disease is of a genetic nature. that all diseases are in fact symptoms of vitamin-c depletion caused by this mutation.”

          “it seems he just plays the eugenicist game of controlled opposition, always staying on their playing field, mentioning all their horrors to keep us busy, but not a word about their main asset: vitamin-c depletion.”

          “ending this silence, their brutal horde of henchmen would quickly die out and their whole bioweapon effort would simply become ridiculous, with or without synthetic gulo.

          furthermore, on march 2 or 3 i sent a comment about the 50 tons of c the chinese had ordered from dsm to fight corona. from which i quote:

          “chinese leaders may have their own genocidal backthoughts, but outsourcing population control to usa bioweapons may not be among them.”

          “in short, i believe the application of vitamin-c to corona indicates the chinese government does indeed perceive corona as a bioweapon. and they hit back very hard if you imagine the global economic consequences.”

          this all is apparently not about alternative therapies, and in all my further comments i have tried to elaborate on the gulo mutation.

          of course, people asked me questions which i answered as well as i could, ALSO about health effect of vit-c, and even about a c-factory in scotland. i always wondered whether these questions were honest, or rather a distraction, to bury the mutation.


          • you know, i like to say provocative things, hoping for reactions, but that hardly ever happens. i find that one of the frustrating things of the corbett report, on the one hand very sofisticated and informative articles and other media, but the comment section rather looks like just another social medium. with lots of exeptions of course, at least if you keep on ploughing.

            you quote the master himself: “He once told us: “It’s what you make it.””

            i believe i’ve tried to put in good theories precisely in the spirit of the corbett report, but the result is a flood of links to ever more cases of vitamin-c as a cure. BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS AND THERE IS NO NEED TO ELABORATE ON VITAMIN-C CURES!

            i reported on the lack of availability of c, on the rising prices, how come all that?

            and so, who wants to “promote Vitamin C”, as you advise me to go do somewhere else.
            i have no interest promoting vitamin-c, i think it is IRRELEVANT.

            evidently, these are attempts to distract attention from the main asset of the eugenicists, the gulo mutation. it’s a technique every magician knows about.

            ok, perhaps you cannot see, that because of this silence, at least a billion people died horrible deaths over the past eighty years. if so, you are perhaps “too stupid” to quote the master in a recent video. but if you do see, why would you possibly want to shut up about it. why would you try to shut me up. why would james produce a whole series of perfect documentaries, that unfortunately misses the heart that it shouts for.

            let me give you my thoughts, whatever they are worth.

            in my admittedly very modest model, i put the corbett report at a layer, where information control is realised.
            at higher levels, gulo is well known and applied, at least on a ‘need to know’ basis.

            of course, the pyramid is in fact a ‘pyramid of pyramids’, but no need to make things more complex then needed here.

            at lower levels, there is a need for information, like mine. but there is also a need to hide some information, to keep gulo away from the general public, the mutation as well as the substance, like yours.

            i am not saying that you or james are eugenicists, far from that. my point is that good people with low self esteem are wilfully integrated in a bad pyramid. the evil here is not in these people, but in the psychopatic top.

            but if you try publicly to wake up these people, to show what destruction their gullability is causing, you inevitably will get caught in the pyramid’s nets yourself.
            the guards of the layer you want to live in will not permit you to unveil secrets, that might destroy a good genocide of tens of millions a year.


            • their methods are the same as for any public figure: terror, bribe and blackmail. in this respect james is in the same category as politicians. the main difference is that politicians are interested in power and money, while james his interest is in spreading truth and caring for his family.

              so there you are, book of genesis. hrs and james, adam and eve, in the garden of eden, the corbett report. there comes the devil, ad. he uses the snake, the comment section, to seduce james into taking the apple, the gulo mutation. adam hrs tries to chase the devil away. he does not want to hurt the snake, the comment section, which he sees as essential for the diversity of life in the garden. devil ad understands, he will not give the gods a reason to destroy a few of their most integer subjects. the garden is as important as the fact that apples should be eaten. after all, it’s in this garden he found the truth about apples on his quest for food.

              sorry for the blasphemy if you are religious.

              i wish you and james all the best and keep up the good work. i am done with this apple here.


              • I appreciate your words.
                You may want to publish an online booklet about your perspective and the “gulo mutation”, or perhaps do a website.

      • ‘..I don’t take vitamin C because I regard it as a pharmaceutical though I’m interested in any views on the matter…”

        My view… if its easy to get in your food with a decent diet why trust ‘some guy’ to extract it and process it?

        If it was hard to get that would be different, best to have vitimin pills incase of food shortage, but generally speaking the more something is messed with the more that can go wrong with it

  12. Vety profound. Thank you. The mind is the last battlefield. Good news is that this bioterrorism false flag has been challenged immediately and persistently by people like yourself. Bad news is that the other side controls the grid that controls the internet that makes it possible for you to challenge their story. Good news is that their mind control campaigns can’t take place without the grid either. Humans aren’t robots. I taught in the public schools for approximately 30 years. Trust me, humans are not as controllable as some would like them to be. And that’s a good thing.

    • ” Bad news is that the other side controls the grid that controls the internet that makes it possible for you to challenge their story.”

      Yes, bad news indeed. However, this is the product of a class society. Under capitalism, the ruling class owns the means of production (technology, factories, institutions, etc.). Not us. And as long as they own it, maintain it, update it to eventually destroy us, class war will continue.

      What James is iterating is the class struggle and for sure, every epoch sees this struggle through a different lens. No matter.

      As long as a tiny class of elites and owners have control over the means of production they have control over the relations of production/reproduction as well.

      Nothing new. Sinister? Sure. But historically it is as Marx noted:

      The history of humanity is the history of class struggle.

      For a better look at what fascist technocrats like Peter Thiel are up to, here is a link that will blow your mind. Palentir is not one company; it is hundreds if not thousands of companies and growing.

      And they know everything about you — right now.

      Thiel is now in a bunker in New Zealand. His companies and start ups are now found in Israel.

  13. Right on the ball, James. The real “structure of the world” as I call it is now revealing itself: “us” versus “them” …… not the fake structure that we have been taught to believe in – left, right; black, white; gay, straight; men, women; old, young etc. The fake structure has been used to play us like a fiddle rendering what is really one community: “us”, cut and diced like a carrot into tiny micro-groups and cultures which are then pitted against each other in some sicko’s divide and rule game….. People, please pay attention! Society has been deliberatey fragmented. The truth is revealing itself now… We AIN’T GOT A LOT OF TIME LEFT…. Cheers Mal

  14. Think of the tec they have to do an Orson Wells ‘War Of The Worlds’ panic these days..

    THIS is a redo of a pre WW2 tec for projecting stuff onto the sky

    As I recall (i’d hav to go dig my old Fortean times out to be sure) in the 30’s an Angel was projected onto the sky over London from a projector van on Plumstead Common as some kind of advert. It caused large numbers of people to think the end of the world had began.

  15. James, just to let you know that the book you refer to
    Tempêtes microbiennes by Patrick Zylberman are available on Amazon.
    Also the essay written by Georgio Agamben is here
    yes of course it is written in eloquent Italian, if you cannot read Italian, then may I suggest ” Google Translate”.
    Congrats yet another fiery video..wake up folks , as Georgio Agamben says : if wearing masks and social distancing are NOT the society you want then its time to put a big question mark on all of this narrative, now!
    May I also suggest you follow this incredible intellect, he is peppered in many places on Youtube and many ” interviews on Italian social media, youtube, Quodlibet etc

    • Google translate lets you translate 5000 words at a time, Yandex translate lets you translate 10000 at a time. if any one is concerned.

  16. According to N.Dodd, century+ years ago wiseguys at a philanthropic institution concluded:

    War is the best way to change a society.

    Lots of things changed substantially in the meantime.
    What would wiseguys say today?

    WW3 idea can bring forth interesting narratives. Why not extend the meaning of word War, it’s ok.
    Well, I’m not completely satisfied.

    WW3 is foremost a narrative. Who is target audience? If normies are included then a name might present a problem. WW without piles of corpses in lakes of blood and rubble all around? Mona Lisa with banana in her mouth?

    What about Last War (for humans, after transhumans might come)?

    However. What comes next: WW1,WW2,??? —->>>>WWW

    Giorgio is great, I had to swallow three of his pieces immediately.

    Giorgio Agamben: Social Distancing

    • Boiled down into street language… a society whose character is social distancing is a essentially a herd of passive obedient fear bound sheep..right out of one of the dystopian scenes of the movie Cloud Atlas

  17. “These projects take time …”

    The documentaries & vids are worth every bit of marathon time you guys put into them!
    Truly inspiring many of us !!

    And a note, betting (& hoping) Giorgio Agamben is acquiring a lot more readers & fans –
    Brilliant writings.

  18. Thanks to the CR for the video.

    ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’Albert Einstein

    Einstein was wrong again. New Military Urbanism by Graham should give us a clue.,%20Stephen%20-%20Cities%20Under%20Siege.%20The%20New%20Military%20Urbanism_0.pdf

    (Disruptive selection occurs in times of change, such as habitat change or change in resources availability. i.e.spade foot frog tadpoles eating each other, the more they cannibalize their brothers and sisters the larger and more aggressive they become.)
    “Disruptive Selection” is cannibalism.
    Is premeditated Disruptive Selection in humans Cannan-Ba’al-ism too? Maybe this is what the original sin was or is?
    The movie “Angles and Insects” also addresses differences between the classes.
    Sorry for the un-doubble-plus-good thoughts.

  19. James,

    Obviously, you’re quite passionate on the subject of which you speak, but on the same token, you seem to be forming a penchant for self editing, in order to frame an almost precognitive, or preordained, preferential, illuminative narrative of your choosing….

    Case in point: The pre-narrative, or rather, your former narrative – which, by the way, came with your stark vision of total jack boot police state domination – “…country after country is declaring gatherings of more than ten people to be illegal.” is now followed with a lightly brush-stroked chuckle of “…Well, obviously we’ve moved on from that paradigm, but, you get…you get where we were…”

    What I fear is that the monumental backlash now occurring of hundreds of thousands of young, frustrated, jobless, denizens, black and white, from Western countries uniting in sustained, spontaneous protest against the powers that be, against the jack boots in particular, the same jack boots you, yourself, rail against… well, I fear doesn’t quite fit your narrative, which narrative tends to lend an awfully oppressive air of hopelessness to the “reality” at hand.

    My question to you, James, being that this is June 17th, and there’s already been days and days of truly massive protests, why barely a word? Perhaps just a little guffaw, on your part?


    • Candlelight
      Cant answer for him but the massive protests tearing up the west right now are more reminiscent of the French revolution which was a controlled operation rather like when the CIA decides its time to knock over nations by getting a crowd together.

      Dont be fooled, its not a spontaneous union of black and white, its controlled chaos, Ukraine, Iran, or Libya brought home to the western world for a new audience

      soon we will see troops or a new politicized police force

    • I would also like to hear something about protests.

      “….black and white, from Western countries uniting in sustained, spontaneous protest against the powers that be…”


      I think that’s impossible. It was possible once, century ago, half a century ago.
      Now ideologies are dead (ok), religion is on life support(…), society of socially-distant individuals, everything is possible but nothing is real.

      People are incapable to form an Idea to unify them. I doubt they believe such thing even exist. They know they have itches, they don’t know where and how to scratch. Only particularity has pass, rights of this and that minority group…there have to be thousands of this mini fields so that people can be busy, preoccupied and not thinking about Unity.

      I think it’s utterly impossible today for protesters to come out with:

      Be realistic, demand impossible.

      I don’t believe in protests. Pigs have tonnes of ways to clamp down on protests: chemical weapons, EM weapons, big data, drones, thermal imaging…. compared to sixties they are armed to the teeth. They will use their gadgets to the max extent need be.

      Lets say, BLM have my endorsement.
      But name: Black Lives Matter
      Who came out with this moronic name? Moron or infiltrator?

      What a loser position to start with.
      Putting yourself in a position where emphasizing that Life matters.
      And from this position demands supposedly should be made????

      They will get their “life”, UBI, legalised weed and liqueur store at the corner.
      This protest are just about frustration and scream therapy.

      I would be glad I’m wrong.

      • In the United States, a lot of the policies and contentions and fighting which we see surrounding BLM and other things (including COVID rule making) are a result of the 2 party political scene. Democrats vs Republicans.

        However, in my personal interactions, I don’t experience much of this BLM drama. My neighbors are from many ethnic groups. At the height of the protests, my black neighbor made it a point to stop and friendly chat with me before he went to work. We were talking about the Mockingbirds who keep grabbing my blackberries and his tomatoes.

        During the peak of the protests, I interacted with folks like I always do.
        One example: I am chatting with the cashier at checkout, like I always do. A gorgeous young black girl. I talked to her, like I talk to all the cashiers.

        While the topic was about health and COVID, I could sense the “aura – her mental worry” before I even started chatting.
        She was relieved that I was just natural, but I could sense that she had concern that most folks would notice her, because she was black.
        She had this concern that “Oh damn! Now I am in the spotlight because of my skin color. Shit.”

        mik, Here is what I say:
        CLM – Croatian Lives Matter. 😉

        • “A gorgeous young black girl.”
          Who wouldn’t found his best words… 😉

          Cool that you don’t have to live in mayhem and curfew.

          ALM, all lives matter (still stupid slogan). When I said that to my friends during discussion about US events, I received such an emotional outburst, holy shit. Only unquestionable support is acceptable. Doesn’t matter I demand lets say the same plus much more. Yeah, craziness of our time is taking toll.

          We have more parties, it’s the same shit different package. Middle finger for them.

          All the best with gardening. I’ve abandoned my, no time.

    • Agreed, The silence is deafening. And it is not a backlash, it is class struggle that has been with us throughout history, perhaps save hunter and gather societies.

      “The general response by the U.S. government to protests over the killing of George Floyd has been to launch ‘counter-insurgency warfare’. What we are witnessing is the roll-out of a Phoenix Program in America which, non-coincidently was used in Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Latin America and Afghanistan as a counter-insurgency method to quell popular uprisings against imperial repression and exploitation at home.

      This seems to me a very good description of the role of para-military, police departments in America today.

      The police only exist as a political apparatus to “serve and protect” the ruling class, the small ownership class. Increasingly, the police, funded nationally with $100 billion every year, have been integrated into their own military, armed with the most advanced weaponry of war.

      Let’s be clear: the police, the men and women themselves, are not a cross section of American life. Like the military, they are recruited from the most reactionary sections of the lower-middle class and politically backward workers and trained to hate and despise the poor and oppressed while maintaining subservience to authority and ‘capital’.

      The police are a hostile occupying force in every working-class neighborhood in the country. Many police recruits have served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they became indoctrinated into and/or inured to violence and death of the “other”. They return home, psychologically battered, where many find new roles in local police departments littered with white supremacists.

      So, the response to the legitimate protests has resulted in what can be logically expected: a rampage by the police and perhaps the most violent and vicious attacks on democratic rights in the history of the United States. States of emergency have been declared and curfews implemented in cities and counties across the country (most of which are controlled by corporate Democrats), and the police militarized.

      The White House itself is now the political nerve center for a fascist movement to establish a military dictatorship, overthrow the Constitution, abolish democratic rights, inject the system with austerity and violently suppress the multitude of protests against police brutality and savagery that have swept across the United States.

      More disturbing, Trump and his DOJ Attorney General William Barr have also responded by decreeing that federal prosecution of demonstrators be placed under the Joint Terrorist Task Force, a multi-department military-intelligence agency in charge of prosecuting combatants captured in the wars in the Middle East and Central Asia.

      With the new decree, FBI agents working through the JTTF now can go to people’s homes, work sites and communities and question people about their political views, in gross violation of the Constitution, while seeking to criminalize their participation in peaceful protests.”

      They already have made numerous visits to people’s homes.

      Counter-insurgency is now being used in the US. Perhaps James you might wish to offer an interview to Douglas Valentine about The Phoenix Program.

      • weilunion,

        Very informative link.

        The interview with Danny Weil is very spot on, as his examination of the situation explains why there have been a surprising amount of white protesters coming out in numbers to protest in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. And I have no doubt that some of these same young white people, besides being outraged by the egregiously blatant murder of George Floyd, are waking up to the facts on the ground; that they are basically in the same boat, economically, as their black brothers and sisters. White millennials from middle class backgrounds are also probably finding out that the only handy thing their college degrees might be good for at the moment is temporarily helping with the scarcity of toilet paper:

        “….The eruption of mass demonstrations of workers and youth of all races and colors, triggered by the brutal murder of George Floyd, has given expression to a tremendous social solidarity; a solidarity which belies the mere racial narrative and seats the struggle against racism within the context of capitalist exploitation.” ~ Danny Weil

        Here is a video of Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on a dead Floyd George, who kept it there just to make sure, right up until the EMTs arrived to roll his dead body on to a stretcher. Like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, this nonchalant act of murder was the match stick:

        Here is an interesting video of Seattle’s CHAZ – Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, with interviews of various young people sharing their thoughts. Does it constitute a Volunteerism based community?

        There is an appeasement process now taking place, and there will be certain police reforms enacted, and symbols of a racist/slave past will be removed from public view. These will be crumbs. Not an upheaval. Think of the Occupy movement of 2011, only with some reforms, as opposed to none. But, there won’t be a revolution, as momentum will fade with said appeasement. But, perhaps some significant consciousness raising and a bit of positive evolution is in the offing.

    • candlelight,

      At least here in the west coast in the US, the protests don’t seem very organic or based on unity to be honest. BLM (the organization) is a corporate-sponsored divisive controlled opposition movement than many people with a thinking brain don’t support. It’s bogus like they give some shallow mantra with the weird atonement rituals going on where people take a knee. It’s just not very inspiring, to me.

      So even though I think the cause of police brutality is absolutely justified, the outrage is contrived. People are probably very angry about being jobless, without hope of a return to economic independence and the “old normal”. But, many people failed to make a bigger connection to just what the “new normal” means. It’s like a hate session, gaslighting and division.

      This is how it has played out in California. I can’t speak for other places in the US and other countries.

      I will say though that the fact that people could unite around an issue gives me hope because if humanity unites we can remove the “powers that shouldn’t be”. But I was glad to see protests, the peaceful ones because people weren’t “social distancing” and even if it’s contrived, the fact that people actually came together for something is hopeful.

      So, I think there is hope and where there is hope there is the inspiration to try to find additional points of unity so we can stop the agenda. I like having a society, going out to dinner and movies and bars and traveling and things like that. I want to be able to do social things even though I’m still an introvert, I like the option. And I don’t want to take some weird experimental “vaccine” to do it that is a way to track and trace and who knows what else.

      That is important to me and I think it should be important to other people too. We could have a truly free society without racism and injustice if there was no state. We don’t need the government, it is the problem. Defunding the police won’t solve the problem.

      • cu.h.j,

        I agree on a lot of your points.

        I have had in the past mixed feelings about BLM, more negative than positive, to be honest, not because of funding, which I know nothing about, or its level of contrivance, which, again, I know nothing about, but, hitherto now, it was more the militaristic attitude of its adherents, and the exclusionary symbolism of the name, itself, Black Lives Matter, that I couldn’t accept.

        But, I think that was a failure on my part to adequately empathize, to really understand, or even fully conceptualize, what life as a person of color, in America, truly is, other than in a superficial way. But, if I’m honest with myself, and am able to open my heart and place my two feet in their shoes, and imagine maybe that was my own father or my son under that cop’s knee, I begin to understand why Black Lives Matter is called Black Lives Matter, and I begin to understand the anger, and the militarism. I see justification. I do not see it as a contrivance, at least on an emotional level. Can movements be manipulated or hijacked, I’m sure they can. But, I think many in the BLM movement are for real, and feel that if there’s going to be change, they’re going to have to be demonstrative about it. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that.

        As for “social distancing”, I do not agree that it’s going to be part of some kind of new or future body politic. When the scare of this virus fades away, and the tape comes off the floor, people are people, and they’re going to simply forget about it and be happy to put this nightmare behind them, as long as we’re not confronted with another “salvo”.

        But, who knows? One scenario is that if bio-warfare is in our near future, or if we’re actually already in the throes of it, then we’ve got hell to pay…. Like “Bat Woman”, Shi Zhengli, of Wuhan basically implies, we can expect more of the same….

        • Candlelight,

          I think empathizing is good yet the narrative that all people of color feel and think is disempowering. There are people of color that feel that they are not victims of oppression and they have differing views that are silenced. To view someone that way is wrong I think. I grew up in a primarily black/brown and poor neighborhood, “the hood” if you will. And that was an oppressive environment for everyone there.

          But I have met many people of color in my adult life many successful professionals who are doing very well and have told me that they have never felt victimized. I try to treat everyone the same-equals to me. I think it’s important as a “white “ person to do that. I think guilt and treating people as poor victims all the time is offensive and I won’t do that. I have empathy and have come out to support causes as equals. But the BLM movement appears to be controlled opposition to hurt the people it claims to support in an underhanded way and I won’t support it.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts

          • I feel the same, cu.h.j.

            In fact I think this new iteration of BLM is just smoke and mirrors. I had the thought that all the protests were manufactured to cover-up the elder gentrification in nursing homes these past few months. Among other cover-ups.

            My next bumper sticker is going to read “Racism? Ask a Native American”

          • cu.h.j,

            What is it about the Black Lives Matter movement that makes it appear to you to be controlled opposition? Especially now? Because, at this stage, I don’t see how it could possibly fit into that definition. Or, to put it another way, if the movement was somehow originally designed and developed to be some kind of “controlled opposition”, which I highly doubt, it is now certainly no longer “controlled”.

            Black Lives Matter, as a catalyst for change, is now a primary mover, and is accomplishing its primary goals of wide public awareness of police brutality against people of color, and the effectuating of actual legal reforms. As just one example, besides the banning of chokeholds around the country, Colorado, in particular, is planning to enact legislation which will effectively drop legal barriers protecting law enforcement from civil suits. This will probably become a trend around the country. Perhaps, ultimately, there will be more than mere “crumbs” for appeasement, but the start of a societal shift, with police reform and prison reform leading the way.

            Watch the Netflix film “13th” linked here. It showcases what prison for profit is all about:


            If Black Lives Matter hadn’t been very popular before, or worse, was secretly some kind of vehicle of black suppression and polarization, which the label of “controlled opposition” connotes, that was before the undeniably cold-blooded murder of Floyd George, which was essentially a “horizontal” lynching by a small band of racist cops. As a consequence, the voices of Black Lives Matter are now being heard and listened to with nearly a blanket, universal response by government, corporations and media. The murder of Floyd George has become, in a national sense, “the last straw”, and a rallying cry, and, quite frankly, an absolute vindication of the movement’s heretofore, polarizing militarism.

            I believe there is no smoke and mirrors here. I see the movement as having its genesis at the shooting of the unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO six years ago. Members of Black Lives Matter I am sure have their reasons for their activism, not least of all surprising would be personal experience, and/or knowing others who have been dealt raw, racist injustice at the hands of the police – be they friends, family members, acquaintances, you name it. Such a negative, familial association with the worst of law enforcement is almost a given, let alone something surprising.


            • These BLM activists who have been getting in people’s faces, and speaking their truth to power, have now been joined by many thousands of people, of all colors, who now fully understand that truth, and want to do something about it.

              This is not some globalist funded success story of “controlled opposition”, and the beginning take-down of American society. This is simply the resultant visceral shock to an egregious murder, and at the very least, a national examination of society’s moral fabric.

              It shouldn’t be about guilt and pity, two terms I never used; but rather empathy, reconciliation and healing.

              On “controlled opposition”, here’s an interesting article by Caitlin Johnstone, discussing the topic. Seems the term is thrown around quite loosely in her circles, and yet she does make a reference to Black Lives Matter. Though, the link she provides really only talks about FBI surveillance and possible infiltration of the group, ostensibly to keep track of the movement and perhaps sow internal discord (I’m guessing), meaning an attempt at controlling and weakening the movement. That’s a far cry from “controlled opposition”, the meaning of which, as Johnstone says “…meaning someone who pretends to oppose the establishment while covertly serving it.” I beg to differ with anyone who thinks that’s where it’s at with BLM activists. Current events simply rule that out.


              I’m coming to believe that more likely examples of “controlled opposition” can be found within the 911 Truth Movement, or alt-media darlings such as Alex Jones, the prince of “predictive programing”.

              The fictitious character, Emmanuel Goldstein, in the novel 1984, is a great example of a quintessential figurehead of “controlled opposition”.

              Re-familiarizing oneself with the character is a real eyeopener. It’s interesting to think how many others might well potentially fit the bill….

              • Candlelight,

                controlled opposition because of the funding, the steering toward polarization and violence. This will lead to chaos rather than collaboration. It has a lot of “Marxist” overtones that many people in the US don’t like, the postmodernist discourse in it is off-putting to many who would join. The tendency toward identity politics/victimhood and non-agency is also offputting. That’s why as a woman, I no longer identify as a feminist. That’s the vibe I get anyway and I won’t support it.

                Plus, I don’t own anyone an apology for being white. I’ve actually had black friends growing up and have colleagues that are physicians who are blacks who don’t like BLM. They seem embarrassed by it. It gives me pause anyway, to consider their views, as people who don’t feel oppressed or the need to protest and riot for George Floyd.

                I watched the video, it was disgusting what they did. There were 2 autopsies done with conflicting information. My suspicion as a nurse (I work in an emergency department) is that he had a heart attack and they failed to get help. They put pressure on his carotid artery and he had heart problems, plus reportedly some meth and fentanyl. Meth can cause heart attacks, especially in people with heart disease. He said he couldn’t breathe, but was talking so was breathing and they didn’t recognize he needed emergency treatment. I don’t think he died from asphyxiation but from failure to get him medical assistance for a heart attack. But we’ll see more later with the trial and such.

                I still think it’s disgusting and cruel and none of his partners (some of them non-white) did nothing. They stood around with their thumb up their assess because they dehumanized him perhaps because of his race, class, or a combination of both.

                I remember the cops doing nothing when my dad was beating the shit out of my mom, they didn’t use to do anything for domestic violence. They wouldn’t even come to my neighborhood. I know cops can be nasty foul people. As an adult, however, working as a nurse I have met many cops, some of them jerks but some of them just trying to do a job and earn a living.

                It’s really important to see each other as human beings like we would our own family regardless of what job we happen to have or what skin color we happen to have.

              • I think it’s very important to talk to people of color of various backgrounds and get their opinions. I sometimes try to find opinions of people of color on youtube about BLM and have aked a few of the physicians I work with what they thought of the protests and BLM.

                I know there are many people of color who support BLM, but I’ve heard some very insightful opinions of folks who don’t. Some don’t trust the influence of all the “white” people in the movement. You know what Malcolm X said about “white liberals”.

                There is a lot of animosity and distrust that I noticed when I was growing up in a primarily black neighborhood. But I had a lot of close black friends who were the kindest people I have ever known and I have siblings who have black fathers, so my siblings are people of color. I think it’s really important to treat people the same as you would treat others. Don’t make assumptions about people. It’s good to offer to support and ask what you can do, but once the movement is steered it’s taken away from the people.

                I think it would be very beneficial to go out there and try to form alliances with the protestors, especially the black and brown people to warn people about this experimental vaccine that’s coming to market very quickly. I think Bill Gates should be in jail for the damage his vaccines have done in Africa, no one is saying anything about that on the streets. Now that man, he’s the real racist, he thinks he’s better than all of us and he thinks he can do whatever he wants in other countries like Africa. People like that are the enemy of the people, not some random white person.

                I think the movement needs to target people who are the movers and shakers, not abstract symbols and statues. So, I will look over your comment more carefully when I am done with my stretch of shifts at work. I will look at the video you sent more carefully. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, candlelight.

  20. This is yet another great video from James. What I’m going to say is not intended as a criticism – I’ve been avidly watching all content from JC since 2013 (I wish it had been earlier!), but the subject matter, particularly in this video, is so depressing and frankly terrifying, that towards the end of it I was inwardly screaming “Just shut up! SHUT UP!!” Having said that, I did replay several sections of the video, because the information is so important.

    But I think this is why many people refuse to see these things. They can’t bear to, and they close their minds to it. The more you try to drill it through their skulls, the more they retreat in terror to their cosy world of believing the mainstream media, and believing that the government will eventually save the day, just like in a Hollywood movie. It makes me despair.

    I think the best way to reach people in this state is through art and memes, even humour if it’s not banned. Or just to be there for them when they finally reach their personal tipping point and reach out, so having said all this, it’s wonderful that James is still making this content, and I am also putting out my own content for the same reason.

    • Good for you Minnie.
      Thanks for expressing this dilemma and also for your efforts in varied approaches to helping humanity.

      I have to constantly remind myself that there are different audiences out there.
      Thanks for what you do Minnie.

  21. Repeat the Message

    I want to highlight something…
    Look what James Corbett did by putting out this video “How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett #062”.

    James repeated the message.

    I can not emphasize how vastly important this rule of marketing, rule of learning, rule of communication is…
    Repeat the message. Repeat the message.

    Most of us know that when we first deliver a somewhat uncomfortable message to someone, there can be a potential of different emotional reactions.
    Anger, upset, fear, frustration, avoidance, “turning off the ears”, etc.

    The more times we repeat the message, the better the message will be received.
    This is part of a winning strategy.
    It always has been.
    “Repeat the message”.

  22. I’d like to bring peoples attention to the work/publications of Sylvere Lotringer, particularly his interviews with Paul Virilio in the book “Pure War”. After reading this book I read a lot more of Paul Virilio and I can tell you that he pretty much nailed exactly what is happening right now including the fact that it would involve what he called Endo-colonization which is war waged by the “powers that shouldn’t be” against all peoples of the world. Another excellent book by Sylvere Lotringer is “Mad Like Artaud”.

  23. Have to give credit to Jones on this one though I turned him off years ago he was correct. “There is a war on for your mind”.


    James, it seems that much of what we knew is in the process of being rewritten. The pace at which this is happening is, frankly, paralyzing. Do you see any value in attempting archive the world we once believed in? …like an Arctic seed vault of reality. Art, stories, songs – throughout history these may have been a way to do this, perhaps. Thoughts?

  25. I know it seems absurd,
    but in WORD war three,
    shepherds attack their herds

    Wake now my friend,
    we are in the House of Lies,
    where only the Wise will survive

    You must relearn to discern the light,
    for words are weapons now,
    a deceiver’s duplicitous delight

    The House of Lies (continued)

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