I Am A Conspiracy Theorist

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If you are afraid of being called a conspiracy theorist, then those words are having their intended effect. I will not censor myself to appeal to the Normie McNormiesons of the world. Yes, sometimes I theorize about conspiracies. And guess what? So do you! Now let’s discuss some evidence, shall we?

CIA Dispatch 1035-960

The “C” word

Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!

Shut Up, Burglary Theorist!

Interview 1581 – James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset


  1. Having been identified, with a sneer, by friends and family as a conspiracy theorist many times, I accepted the intended insult with this response – since you embrace the maim stream explanation then you are BRAINWASHED.

  2. By all means, let’s embrace the designation “conspiracy theorist!”

    Early in the lockdown, while searching online for the truth of what was happening, I began to run across articles about topics I’d vaguely heard about but never given much attention to. I’d simply dismissed them as ‘conspiracy theories’ without further thought. Exactly as James said in this video, just the hint that an idea might be a “conspiracy theory” was enough to turn me away. I liked thinking of myself as an intelligent, stable individual who didn’t entertain ‘crazy’ ideas.

    But in that ‘covid moment’ — on lockdown, alone with the internet, and anxious to learn the truth, I kept digging and reading. I was surprised to discover that much of what I’d dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’ was indeed ‘conspiracy FACT’ — facts that had been painstakingly discovered, in some cases over decades of research, by persistent seekers who presented their findings for others to consider. Discovering the Corbett Report — and particularly James’ Show Notes section– was a giant breakthrough. I was blown away to discover actual documents, video footage, scholarly articles and more, often dating back decades, that backed up what might, on the surface, have seemed a ‘crazy’ idea. Wow. What a gift!

    My worldview is changing radically as I absorb this “new” information. At one point I worried that I was becoming a ‘conspiracy theorist’ myself. Now, six months in, I’m in awe of the sheer amount of genuine information available and deeply grateful to all those who have done the work of collecting and preserving it.

    • Excellent comment. You’ve come a long way in just six months, adgb! You must be spinning!

  3. Excellent stuff James and heartening to see. I couldn’t agree more. We have to “own it.”

    I have been trying to articulate this for a while. We cannot avoid having the label applied so the only question is how we deal with it. Perhaps if we deal with it effectively we can flip the pejorative interpretation on its head.

    Nice one.


    • That’s a direct hit. Yes, time to reverse the propaganda, by propagating the truth.

  4. I like the video. It’s tough to go against subconscious reactions and humans are social and the natural inclination towards being in communities and being accepted seemingly is put at risk. That’s the implied meaning of the label that a person is “crazy or dangerous or bad” and they will be shunned and alone. Another term is “denier” in reference to people who question the man-made climate change agenda or who question other things like the Covid pandemic and this also has a huge effect on the psyche. It may discourage people from looking closer, the desired effect.

    This also refers to people who question germ theory, or viruses, or whatever. I think it’s wrong to shut down speech and investigation. I think it’s always good to look into the evidence and come to one’s own conclusions and not shun people.

    Kids experience shunning in the form of bullying at least I have and it’s not a nice feeling. Even though this was years ago, I still remember the pain.

    How do you not care about the words? That’s tough. I guess it’s about having to respect yourself more than you care about the acceptance by others and that’s hard for some individuals.

    Also, there will be others that agree or accept you regardless, and taking the risk is better than staying quiet or remaining ignorant.

  5. I have recently had exactly this kind of interaction, and when someone said half-heartedly “I understand some of the conspiracy theories…” I said that “conspiracy theory” is a perfectly valid term as most crimes would count as conspiracies, as generally there is more than one person involved. It was used by the CIA to stop investigation into the Kennedy Assassination, and has been useful to them ever since. I add that the 9/11 report, of which the heads said they were set up to fail, amounts to an outlandish conspiracy theory that studiously avoids facts. So it’s very useful to get people to stop talking to one another about serious problems, like the current COVID.

  6. I no longer use Facebook, but here is a post of mine from October 5, 2018:

    Ah, yes, how to strip the public of critical thinking skills while simultaneously implanting defense-avoidance programming.
    A “Faraday cage*” is akin to a tin-foil-hat and effectively shields the interior from invasive external electromagnetic radiation. “law-enforcement” and other gov’t agencies have been using them all along.
    Invented in 1836. Yes, 182 YEARS ago.
    A recent documentary “The Minds Of Men**” extensively reveals the development of invasive remote access devices for manipulation of mental processes.
    Which brings us to “conspiracy-theory” which is a term that, in spite of the ubiquitous evidence of persons “conspiring” in practically every human endeavor, has been co-opted to DIS-credit any belief or awareness of ‘two or more people working together to bring about a particular outcome,’ which is the definition of “conspiracy***”.
    To speculate on and investigate “two or more people working together” IS the task of any and all who desire to understand the what, how, where and why of anything that was, is or will be happening.
    The point of DIScrediting these essential methods of protection and investigation is to keep us VULNERABLE to manipulation and IGNORANT of dangers.
    When told, ” Don’t wear that (tin-foil) hat and don’t think two or more people can work together (against you) because that makes you a “Tin-foil-hat-conspiracy-theorist”.” know that THAT person is NOT your friend.
    The EVIDENCE says we ARE vulnerable, that a tin-foil-hat (Faraday bag or cage) IS effective protection, that two or more people ARE conspiring against us and WE must conspire with others to investigate and understand the what, how, where and why of anything that was, is or will be happening that may have a detrimental impact on our lives.
    * Faraday cage: http&//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage
    ** The Minds Of Men: https&//www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQucESRF3Sg
    *** conspiracy: https&//en.wiktionary.org/wiki/conspiracy#Noun

    I have replaced the [:] that follows [http] with [&] to avoid the lag in post>display. Also, the ‘sources’ Wikipedia and Wiktionary have now been revealed to be questionable/flexible in their credibility and, although the unaltered “The Minds of Men” video is excellent, YouTube is not, and regularly alters and/or removes content.
    Yes, these are observable manipulations by Wikis & u2b, i.e.: conspiracy facts.
    btw, this ‘post’ got one “like” in these 2 years.

    • I could have almost heard crickets reading your “post”.

  7. We were having somewhat of the same conversation on the comment board of Offgaurdian last week.

    I feel the same as James was talking about in the video.

    I suddenly thought one day recently, that instead of getting defensive about the term “Conspiracy Theorist”, I would embrace it. Why not?

    So now should people hike up the eyebrow and ask “Are you a conspiracy theorist?”

    “You bet your life”
    “Yes, and it’s natural, not out of a bottle”
    “On my mother’s side. My father’s side is Irish”
    “Yes. I converted”
    “Yes, by marriage”
    “Yes. I came out in my late fifties”

    OK,enough. I’m sure you all have your own retorts.

    I say embrace.

  8. “I want to be that trout.”

    Me too.

    I always look forward to your comments – you’ve got a wonderful way with words.

  9. Had to transcribe this excellent nugget from the video beginning at 10:20. I simply can’t relate to the person who refuses to see it:

    Oops, I guess it was all a big mistake; we didn’t need to lockdown. Sorry for shutting down the world economy, taking things over, monopolizing, consolidating, control in the hands of fewer people, digitalizing the economy, moving forward with the great reset and the green new deal, and everything that we have been openly talking about for years. Sorry for that. We’re not going to stop it, but Oops! It was based on a mistake and thank you for showing us the charts and figures and data and calmly explaining in a reasonable way why we were wrong (we’re never going to acknowledge that, we’re never going to change course), but anyway, at least you didn’t get into “conspiracy theorizing” and didn’t accuse anyone of actually doing anything.

    Yes, by all means, disregard the screamers.

    • Yes it does.
      I suggested a few months ago that James do a new 5-minute ‘9/11 conspiracy theory’ type video, this time applied to the plandemic.

      Even now, 7 months into the scam it’s almost guaranteed to be a viral hit! 🙂

  10. My conspiracy theory is this:. Bill Gates talks about reducing population, including by seizing people out of their homes and disappearing them. It is not about control as such, it is about reducing population.

    In the UK there is now a traffic lights app for your smartphone which declares areas to be green, orange and red.

    Take it a few months down the road, a fraught, suffering population fed up of lockdowns and martial law and with near or actual famine. People are divided into factions, some believing this, some that. Unemployed people have been conscripted to be Blackshirts and paramilitaries.

    Squads get sent into ‘red areas’ to seize people out of their homes and transported elsewhere .

    The scene is thus set to kill off the ‘useless mouths’, meaning the pensioners , the disabled and the indigent …

    ‘Useless mouths’ is a term that is used by the elites.

  11. Here is a conversation between James and Scott a few years ago. What James said in this video about being viewed as a conspiracy theorist reminded me of this.

    Interview 1296 – Scott Horton on The Fool’s Errand in Afghanistan

    Start at 16:37


    I used to listen to Scott Horton’s interviews compulsively a few years ago. He truly does a great service by spreading the anti-war message and being able to deconstruct exactly why war is a racket. He is a wealth of knowledge.

    However, not to pick on Scott too much, but while I was in the period of listening to him on a daily basis, I noticed that he would often stand on the idea that he was speaking from the real-life, hard facts, truth-based, non-conspiratorial point of view. When he would make a point about an issue that was borderline mainstream/conspiratorial, he would justify it by emphatically saying, with a condescending tone, that he absolutely WAS NOT a conspiracy theorist.

    It seemed like Scott was saying this to convince himself and anyone else listening that he was in the sanity-based world and what he had to say was legitimate. So, to make a long story short, it was obvious that the term “conspiracy theorist” and the negative associations that go along with it, had an impact on him and was always in the back of his mind. Scott is one example, but there are, like James said, others who approach truth through this lens of mainstream acceptance.

  12. Groups of people secretly conspiring to screw you over is not “Conspiracy”. It’s called “Government”.

  13. Corbett’s “I am Spartacus” moment. Or perhaps even his “I’m Brian” moment.
    So for what it’s worth, I will join in the clarion call, “I’m a conspiracy theorist and so’s my wife!”

  14. If it actually happens, discussion with non-conspiracy theorists is most of the time “verbal masturbation”, almost never “verbal sex”.

    Probably important role in this is ingrained belief that everybody has a right to his opinion (holy individuality!) and that must be defended. Rights uber alles. Doesn’t matter how baseless the opinion is nor how accordant is to reality. About searching for truth, c’mon, what a waste of time, there is no such a thing as truth(society; maggie revisited).

    Interesting, I spoke with normies about influence from bilderbergers, foundations, etc. Not convincing for them, but few moments later, they would like to move money from politics, you know, corruption. No way to realize we are actually speaking about more or less the same thing.

  15. Not all conspiracy theorists are smart…

    However the only way you can guarantee stupidity is to remain a non-conspiracy theorist.

  16. Thanks for putting this out there James! I hold the notion that people can call me whatever they like. It’s just a meaningless label… I’ve made the commitment to be real with everyone I meet- I’m me. I talk about things I find important and try to have meaningful conversation with everybody. I’m sorry if that makes people feel so uncomfortable that they need to resort to insults. “Being taught to avoid talking about politics and religion has led to a lack of understand of politics and religion. What we should have been taught was how to have a civil conversation about a difficult topic.” This is what I think and unless you have something of substance to say, my opinion will not change. Strength threw compassion and unconditional love. It’s not their fault they’re so brainwashed- the deck is stacked against them :/

  17. I was very lucky, growing up in the late 60s early 70s Britain, my mother was a proud conspiracy theorist, and read every work of fact and fiction pertaining to espionage, and bought every Sunday newspaper “to read between the lies.” That’s why I immediately recognized the bona fides of James Corbett (who I found through Gary Null in 2013.) He was telling me stuff I already knew, but wasn’t being talked about anymore – because I can remember when all of this stuff was actually covered by mainstream news. I was about 7 or 8 when I had a sleepless night after watching a BBC documentary outlining the conspiracy to kill Kennedy – not a “debunker” in sight. In the broadsheets I could read about the Pentagon Papers, MK Ultra, CoIntelPro, etc. I watched A Very British Coup on ITV, and everyone knew about the plot to depose Wilson thanks to Peter Wright’s “Spycatcher” being banned by Thatcher. Gore Vidal was regularly on radio & television being interviewed about what is now called The Deep State, and many other analysts were able to talk openly without fear of mocking. You might be called cynical or at worst a bit paranoid, but most people accepted the basic premise that their governments could be involved in underhanded, illegal schemes. From Yes Minister though to House of Cards (1990) the Old Boys at the BBC worked hard to mitigate the damage, with as usual, humour; these shows didn’t deny the Deep State, they embraced it, much like James Bond movies did after the Cambridge Five debacle. It was only when the dubious “JFK” came out in 1991 that I saw “Conspiracy Theorist” come into everyday usage – with a whopping vengeance, (no doubt in preparation for the World Wide Web.) Prior to that the term really didn’t have much traction – at least in Britain, and from what I’ve heard in the US too. Interestingly it was also in 1991 that David Icke gave his infamous press conference. Not too long after he started the whole lizard people routine; that certainly was a godsend for GCHQ. Great actor. By the time I moved Stateside in the late 90s, the widespread use of the term was full-on in the population at large. The Rune Soup podcast recently had an excellent episode (Sept 24 “Breathe together, on Youtube) with a 1993 lecture by Michael Parenti, who gave a witty and wonderful speech deftly dismissing the term “Conspiracy Theorist”. Worth a listen.

  18. Well said, James.

    Your presentation reminded me of a few instances in life where this plays out. Kind of like a sport where the accuser gains some perverse satisfaction at the expense of the accused. Where his aim is not TRUTH – his aim is SPORT and if the victim gets hurt and humiliatedm so be it.

    By reacting in an unmeasured way you are providing sport and entertainment for your adversary:

    >like a fish struggling on the end of a line
    >like a person, screaming, arms flailing, being physically attacked
    >like someone trying to defend their position on a subject in response to being deliberately provoked

    The more you react, reason and justify, the more sport and entertainment you provide. The weaker you become as your opponent gains strength. The answer: instead of providing reactive “sport-on-demand”, keep your composure and choose YOUR TIME to respond.

    > if only the fish could stop struggling – it would deprive the fisherman of his sport – it would be like the fisherman caught a piece of wet cardboard. He probably wouldn’t see the point of going fishing any more – wouldn’t do much good to the fish in question but the fish population in general might increase!

    > a lesson I had a long time ago taught me that if a punch gets through one must “embrace” it. If you retain your composure it puts your opponent at a psychological disadvantage and provides a split second window to counter-punch. There’s a complex psychological process that takes place in a split second

    > I once had a “friend” who used to regularly fire me up by taking a provocative opposing view on just about anything I might share regarding world events until one day (better late than never) I realised what he was doing. I was providing him with sport and entertainment by my reaction. He was not interested in finding truth – he was interested in sport – having fun at my expense and to my distress. So my solution was this: rather than try to reason with him I just countered provocative comments with a simple question…. “Really? Do you think so? …Oh.” And that’s it – no more sport! Unsurprisingly I did not see him much after that

    > someone once used to say “turn the other cheek”. I think this might have got a bit lost in translation as it implies a namby-pamby approach to life’s challenges. By all accounts, the guy that said it was definitely no namby-pamby. I suspect he was talking about something along the lines of absorbing adversity, while retaining one’s composure. It psychologically disarms your opponent and prepares you for your counter-attack! Yay!

    Cheers …..Mal

  19. The itch that I think James is trying to scratch here, while annoying on the surface, if one claws in a bit deeper, one finds persona-scapes overgrown with confusion and lotsa pain, cloaked with every shade of fear in the book. “the book”, being life’s lessons integrated into an “adult mind”, has been parodied often (Alan Watts did a decent version he titled, “the book”), yet the original forms that stood as old growth mega-flora are now mostly reduced to stumps.

    Another piece on point, thanks James.

    Its rare that these exchanges, you speak to, evolve either party. I’m a slow learning clumsy novice, but here’s how I try to work with it:

    Word-spellings are cast, upon others as well as upon self, the “between the lines” part of all exchanges. When accused of being a “ConTheo”, many styles of between-line spellings can be foisted, active and passive aggression’s. So what then could our best protection/responses be? In my experience, when getting attacked in that way, its either a net on me or ramparts around them. The only thing thats worked to disperse the smoke and smash the mirrors, is gestures that cultivate a ground of receptivity. I think its worth taking the sudden moment of being given that label as an opportunity, rubber hitting road, knock-knock “oh honey, um, there’s a Mr. death at the door”,, in that boxing ring, the rules can be counter intuitive; advantage of perspective, not to mention stability of mind/body, is gained by empathy for the confused attacker. it helps to imagine what they are thinking (bit like playing your opponents chess or poker hand, but with more care than interest).

    One can use friendly questioning to mirror an assault (as in aikido).
    Most questions are a form of competition, so to be the “questioned” is to be on the back foot. building the reflex to flip-it, by immediately tossing a question back has saved me heaps of grief.

    One can only extend a friendly hand. If the other wont meet it, then do the math. It aint gonna add up,, this time. I try not to let the jokers (energy thieves) walk without offering a spelled version of their rudeness, a gift for them to carry away, “you’re gonna carry that load a long time,,”, their lost chance not yours.

    Being able to negotiate today’s hoodwinkery may be a trial towards becoming an adult at all (or perhaps becoming one of the “144 thousand chosen survivors”?). so then however, in these techno-times, we’ve got kids raising kids, kids dressing up pretending to be varsity center half-backs who ought to be playing JV; they’re stacked with trick-smart social manipulation moves, but short on intelligent steps that blossom them and those they touch beyond any spelling. these naughty teens have no parental guidance, the buffoonery is a runaway train.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • post contd,,,

      Here in the chorus line of the fantasma-humanica opera, we sing of the horrible heresies; the harmonies resonate more & more, but sadly, swaths of the audience is also falling into deeper sleep. There must be a joke-zombie transmute switch/hook that’ll get everyone singing? Ive posted this before, but it seems on topic, so I offer it again:

      Monty Python “what we need is some clarity”



  20. For more than a decade, all of my family and many of my friends consider me a conspiracy theorist.
    I’m fine with that.
    I joke about it with them.

    It is actually a smooth method to bring up a “conspiracy fact” or to broach a topic.

  21. My brother is extremely well-read and knowledgeable about all-things normie.
    When he tried the ol’ “you’re just a crazy conspiracy theorist” trick with me, lumping JFK, the moon landings and 9/11 all together at the same time I decided to throw it right back at him then and there.

    I told him I had studied 9/11 for many years in great detail.
    I asked him if he had also done research on it.
    He told me that in fact he had.

    I waited around 10 minutes until the time was right and casually asked him how many towers came down on 9/11.
    When he said “two” I knew he had lied straight to my face.

    Great video James!
    No honest ‘conspiracy theorist’ should ever be intimidated going forward.
    Throw it right back at them immediately.
    Own the term, as James suggests.
    “Yes I am a conspiracy theorist, is there something wrong with being one?”

    “What do you know about conspiracy theorists and where did you learn this?”
    “Please tell me about conspiracy theories that have been proven to be false?”

    etc. etc.
    Remember to be polite. 🙂

    • Fawlty Towers says:
      “Remember to be polite.” ?

  22. The word theory has different uses. In science, a theory usually has facts to back it up or evidence to suggest the hypothesis is accurate. Sometimes is used to mean speculation, but not aways.

    Here is Webster’s definition:https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/theory

  23. I think what we do know is summarized nicely in this video. That is enough to conclude that these lockdowns and any vaccines need to stop. There should also be a criminal investigation of all the participants in this scam that has cost people’s lives and livelihoods.

    This Covid scam, like 911 is criminal and people should be thrown in jail for perpetrating this on us. I know that for a fact.

  24. Be all you can be, be a conspiracy theorist. Wear it, breathe it, live it, love it. If not a conspiracy theorist than what? Ignorance practitioner? No thanks.

    • 🙂 best comment today!
      an “Ignorance Practitioner”

  25. I find as more and more people, friends that on the whole good -naturedly would say: “Ah, that’s just a conspiracy theory” are now questioning the propaganda and the official “speke” and asking me: “What do you think?” and I’d reply “Do you want me to put on my conspiracy theorizing hat?”

    • Fupi
      ‘Conspiracy’ is just how organizations work… offices, companies churches and intelligence agencies all function with small numbers of people deciding whats gonna happen-mostly without telling outsiders their plan.
      We should all be more like ‘Miss Marple’ and see the big scale in our own small scale experiences, lol.

  26. We should not assume that everyone is prone to being woken up. In fact, I’d guess that many would rather die than realize the truth. Or even realize the lie without knowing the truth.

  27. The title of this video reminded me of the alcoholics 12 step program to stopping being an alcoholic (or just learning to control the urge). Well, this reminds of what what I think I know about it from watching movies. The new guy gets up and admits to the gang that he’s an alcoholic. Gang says hello back.

    Instead of having 12 steps leading you to stop being something, we could offer 12 steps to start being something, namely a conspiracy theorist.

    Step 1: Honesty – admit there’s a problem you’re staring at every waking minute of every day

    Step 2: Faith – believe that change is attainable. Be ready to strain your brain trying to imagine the change you would like to see in the world

    Step 3: Surrender your ego

    Step 4: Soul Searching – do research, read, learn to iterate, revise and discern information, come to your own conclusions

    Step 5: Integrity – understand the immorality of blind belief in authority

    Step 6: Acceptance – accept how hard it is to change yourself and see this hardship in others

    Step 7: Humility – be ready to bring the same information forward a thousand times

    Step 8: Willingness – turn the other cheek, be ready for ignorance, insults and emotional outbursts

    Step 9: Forgiveness – don’t expect it but be ready to dish it out by the truck load

    Step 10: Maintenance – come to terms with being wrong, learn to think and feel at the same time

    Step 11: Making Contact – knowing is not enough, you need to spread the truth as you know it

    Step 12: Service

  28. Conspiracy theorist: dismissive and derisive gaslighting label used against individuals to avoid the uncertainty of a debate.

  29. conspiracy theorist doesnt hit the nail on the head for me… tho i theorize at times, hasnt been the primary avenue in my healing journey. recovering memories has been central, so my resonance is with conspiracy realist as i feel it honours my path, & speaks to the reality of my extreme abuse history ~ filled to the brim with criminal conspirators, quite a few elitest globalists… evil machinations.

  30. Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve never really been too bothered by being called a conspiracy theorist. It has a long way to go to get to the level of “racist” or “white supremecist.” Trying to come up with different names still does nothing to awaken the masses and keep them focused on the material.

  31. In defense of conspiracy theories
    by a (gaming?) channel?
    25 min video after 12 min mark

    title: You Have Been Convicted of WrongThink
    released 12 january 2021

    just wanted to bring to attention what some “normies” are pushing out there

    edit: I would love when people start talking more about false negatives and false negatives. very applicable during this video too

    • I backed this little gem up. Youtube should recommend With this video Corbett’s videos about crazy conspiracy theories that turned up to be true.

  32. I know that math isn’t that popular but let’s try this.

    A ‘graph’ is a mathematical object and there is the ‘graph theory’ about it; wikipedia has a category for the famous graph researchers:
    “Graph theorists” (~193 pages):

    And obviously we have conspiracies (even in the smallest company), so a conspiracy theorist is a researcher of conspiracies as the graph theorist is a researcher of graphs.

    So, you are a conspiracy theorist, a very good one.

    BTW we have also a category for “Music theorists”.

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