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by | Jun 8, 2021 | Solutions Watch | 64 comments

Today James talks to Christian Westbrook (aka the Ice Age Farmer) about the problems facing the global food supply—from the coming global solar minimum to the globalist plan to “reset the table” and transform global food systems. More importantly, we discuss what can be done about these problems.

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Ice Age Farmer

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  1. Top notch interview. Can’t recommend this one enough for folks out there with their shoulders shrugged and arms in the air. Decentralize everthing. You don’t know how to do food? No worries, do something else. Think about a decentralized solution to everything you use in your home. Electricity, water, building materials, light, heat, blankets, clothes, electronics, tools, furniture, toothbrushes, you name it. Think about logistics entirely, and dectralize components therein. Computer scientists, we need you building markets online for the NormieNet and beyond. We need you doing anything really. Just one thing, and you are making a difference. Then share it with your neighbor.

    Great interview guys, inspiring stuff. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for doing that, James! Between taking in as much of your and Christian’s content as I could over the the last year and a half, it has truly lit a fire under my ass, and that fire has pushed me in some truly positive directions! It’s easy to get lost in the darkness the globalists agenda is trying to cast on our future so I’m going to list REAL and productive critical changes I’ve made and where I can see them going.

    First I’d like to highlight your point on intention. Though I only became really familiar with the Corbett report and Ice Age Farmer since the start of the scamdemic, I’ve known about agenda 21 since my “awakening” in late 2012. Since then my goal has been to move out of the city and become as self sufficient as I possibly could. I worked and tried to save up for years to buy a plot of land and start from there, but that kept getting squashed. Then I started to spend time in 2017 with the woman who’d become my wife. I don’t want to sound too “woo woo”, but I’ve seen and lived through the universe (for lack of a better term) lay down a path for us to do positive things in this increasingly dark future emerging. In August of 2019 we moved out of our house in the city and into a small resort lakeside village. We hadn’t originally planned on that, but one night we were at her parents cabin just down the road and decided to go for a walk and just happened to stumble across a home that was for sale that we hadn’t noticed when driving by and that started us on the path to eventually buying it. My wife owned a business in the city which she was able to sell to one of her employees in April of 2020 and that got us out of a ton of stress. We were both still working in the city until we got an offer to take over a business in a neighbouring small town. My wife has been working out of there for the last month and I will be starting my business next door in July. We live amongst productive people like, farmers and trades people in our small village and surrounding communities. This has facilitated a way to get to know our new neighbours and we’re now buying our eggs and meat from local producers. We also live in a concentration of greenhouses. Between our local community and growing as much food in our gardens and fruit trees as we can, the list of things we need to get from grocery stores is slowly shrinking down. There aren’t many people around who understand this agenda as well as I do. I try to sneak in tidbits when appropriate, but ultimately, I know that when the hammer starts to drop, I will be ready to step into a leader/organizational role and I’m sure by then people will be extremely open to what ideas I have for solutions and I believe that is why I spend hours everyday learning from James and Christian.

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  3. I know this guy from way back when. He was a troll. I now believe he is some sort of CIA sock puppet that has be given a ‘transformation’ as a harbinger to control public reaction. The internet is full of these types. Mint Press is another. Operated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood as another funded asset….which brings into question Witney Webb with her father’s deep connections with the pyramid cap via the military. Is her Cyber Polygon article a warning or a planting of a thought to be expanded upon so public reaction is diminished as the attack is brought forward? The amount of reaction always must be a controlled feature to instigated events.

    • Sources? Links? How do we know you’re not a CIA sock puppet?

      • Because your comment concerns Whitney Webb. It seems that she is being targeted and I thought your comment would be relevant to this sub-thread.

        I’m not up on all the skuttlebutt, and actually prefer to spend my time doing other things.
        I admire Whitney Webb.

    • bladtheimpaler

      You should probably just assume that everyone is either a spook or is fooled and fed info from spooks…. but even spooks have to feed you good stuff to get you hooked.

      I just try to think about what they say and decide if it makes sense or is useful

  4. What Giving Up Your Medical Freedom Is Like AwakenWithJP

    Is it a solution to inquire into the health problems
    of people who are inquiring in yours?

    I also had a different idea:
    Because I already had it, I tell everyone that
    I am immune. Because scientifically I am immune,
    and much more immune than any vax can give me.

    The idea is to make people aware that they
    are not educated of the science, even though
    they know it.

    • The role of JP as a comedian and content creator is definitely a role in the movement toward a more free society.

  5. Hell yeah. I was hoping James would eventually talk with Christian. Two bright minds discussing solutions.

    • Yes, this is excellent work. I see a lot of us “conspiracy theorists” taking steps towards self sufficiency lately.

  6. This 32 minute Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch was excellent. In an easy-to-digest half an hour, both guys covered so many spots on the map that it opens up all kinds of horizons and perspectives.

    I understand what these guys were saying about “expressing ourselves authentically” in order to help change the cultural narrative.

    On that note, I ran across this video today. I enjoyed watching it.
    “You’re Emotionally And Mentally Abusing Children”: Mom Goes Nuclear On School Board Over CRT, BLM ‘Indoctrination’
    VIDEO (11 minutes or less)

    Article EXCERPTS
    A New York parent brought the heat to members of the Carmel Central School District board for ’emotionally abusing’ children by ‘indoctrinating them with communist values.’

    In comments at a school board business meeting in Putnam County, NY on Thursday, parent Tatiyana Ibrahim – whose child is a student, slammed the educators for promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT), Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ and anti-police ideologies both on and off campus.

    “Stop indoctrinating our children. Stop teaching our children to hate the police. Stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community that they’re homophobic. You have no idea each child’s life,”
    she said, adding
    “You don’t know what their family lifestyle consists of, you don’t know the makeup of their life.”

  7. Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook) gives a good overview of the Grand Solar Minimum in this 30 minute video entitled:

    “SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum”
    (At the 10 minute mark, Christian list the SYMPTOMS of a Grand Solar Minimum)

    Grand Solar Minimum SYMPTOMS
    The way I look at this decade of “The Grand Solar Minimum” (referring to “SYMPTOMS”) is that we will see more volatility in weather patterns.

    “Grand Solar Minimum” Paper at (National Institute of Health)
    Published online 2020 Aug 4th by Valentina Zharkova
    “Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling”

  8. michael.bc says:
    “For those who wish to understand even the basics of this I suggest you read arguably the world’s finest expert on the science, Prof. Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University, who declared the Ice Age officially open for business last summer i.e 2020! She is world class – and therefore hounded and shunned. Always a sadly good sign.”

    Cool Michael!
    After I posted my comment below, I read yours.

  9. Financial analyst take on the grand solar minimum.

    “A Major 60-Year Climate Sea Surface(PDO/AMO) Pattern Shift is Near at Hand

    We can not begin to tell you how significant this shift in the 60 year sea surface temperature cycle of the PDO/AMO to the Negative Cold Phase is to increasing weather volatility and extremes going forward.

    This would be,on its own bad enough, but when synchronized with the amplification tendencies of the Grande Solar cycle Minimum Cycle we are already in and it sets up a perfect storm for supply shortfalls for food on global basis.”

    20 min podcast here

    More videos here

    • Thanks Ukdavec!
      Excellent video with Graphics. This Spring in North Texas has been one of the milder (cooler temps) and wetter Springs that I have seen in a long, long time.
      Last winter across the world was a real shift from the routine.

      Also, I think that Natural Gas and LNG will do really well in the coming years. Tellurian Inc. in the U.S. is gearing up for the LNG market.

  10. I’ve seen this guy before but today his enthusiasm really came across. Next i’ll be having rabbits on my balcony…
    Decentralization requires it but i did miss mentioning the difference between having livestock at your farm/house and the out of control industrial farming (that creates huge problems concerning land, water, antibiotics etc. Not to mention the enormous animal cruelty.) and the importance of ending this way of ‘producing’ animals and changing the amount of meat we eat.
    Great interview! Thanks James

    • “..Next i’ll be having rabbits on my balcony…”

      I’d do bunnies, but some people I know say they cant think well of a bunny slayer ;(
      I considered gunnie pigs (they breed super large, tasty ones in Peru ) but they look even more like rats.

  11. Are bugs not meat? I generally think psychopaths are not the brightest tools, and I witnessed yet another sign of their idiotic hypocrisy when I looked at BBC Online this morning and saw that halogen light bulbs are to be banned, apparently because of climate change.

    Yet all around me, concrete housing estates are mushrooming, built with concrete and other CO2-inducing materials (concrete production is heavy in CO2). These estates are usually built via “speed building” and after a couple of decades they go into rapid decline.

    The whole thing is such obvious nonsense. Ban certain types of lightbulbs, but keep producing the concrete.

    • minnie says: “Ban certain types of lightbulbs…”

      That’s a button which really manerks me. I hate these new LED lightbulbs for exclusive indoor lighting. I don’t like the quality of light…it seems unnatural.

      Years ago when I first heard that there might be a potential ban on incadescent light bulbs, I spent about $150 – $200 purchasing incadescent bulbs at the store. I had boxes of bulbs.
      After my purchase, it was years before I actually saw the phasing out of incadescent bulbs at the stores. It seems to have accelerated in the last year or two. Now, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find the old original type incadescent 100 watt or 150 watt or 200 watt bulbs at the retail stores.

      I have some bulbs which are over 15 years old, but my stash is dwindling, especially the higher watt bulbs.

      manerk DEFINITION

      • Homie, there is something that can be said about the CRI index and really trashy rectifiers. I personally don’t like commercial light bulbs because they are garbage. The standard product packs a rectifier that is the first kin of a bag of trash while the quality of the actual LED varies a lot. I couldn’t pull anything more than a year out of the most LED bulbs (some, maybe 1200 hours, ish) while the fixtures I have built myself are doing great even after some 5 years. This one particular fixture is doing well past 15000 hours now (a rough estimate) and shows no signs of letting up.

        The light quality is pretty decent, but CRI index will take you as far as your wallet is willing to carry. The crucial point is to stay well below the rated maximum power (like 25% to 33% setting you back for an additional 2 or 3 fixtures that will last probably decades) connected to a decent industrial quality 12V or, even better, 24V rectifier.

    • Lightbulbs can change your health and mood… cold (blue-ish) LED light is not great for your health or sleep cycle.
      Also LED bulbs can strobe on you, again messing with your brain (for mind control… who knows??) the same way TV does as well as signaling IOT devices.
      They can be set up to listen to you …

      Or form a kind of MESH net for IOT
      “….But why would we want to do this? The answer to that question is simple. LED bulbs are affordable and energy efficient, offering a low-cost and non-intrusive way to interconnect devices. There is no need for special or invasive wiring and bulbs can be installed virtually anywhere. Gross adds, “These programmable light bulbs can both send and receive; they can communicate with objects in a room as well as with other light bulbs nearby.”

      • Spying lightbulbs? James should do an episode on this. And include a reference to The Lightbulb Conspiracy, a brilliant old film that repeatedly gets banned.

    • “..Are bugs not meat?…”

      Bugs are nutritious , but I believe they have higher levels of hormones and chemicals then the flesh of animals and fish. I dont know if they have a ‘soy’ effect or what but I dont think a diet super high in bugs is probably as healthy as a diet high in good quality meats

  12. Best Solutions Watch yet!! Reassuring to see someone like IAF who seems to understand the problem and is busy pushing forward to the solution. Thank you!

    • dmay I agree with you completely. I definitely recommend checking out the video reports that IAF shares on his site.

  13. These oligarch’s have things planned decades in advanced.

    • Jesse
      Thats why they are the pigeon and we are the statue… now that attention span is limited to the space between breaks and people are trained to have zero self control its getting to be like Brave New World

  14. Great interview. Thanks James for talking with Christian about solutions to the up and coming food scarcity pandemic. Fortunately I started watching Ice Age Farmer right before the rona plandemic started and have stayed tune to it since then. His reports did inspire my wife and I to transform our semirural acreage into farmland.

    The woman I married last year already had goats she had been raising(including a lama). Found that it was being done for companionship and it got me to discover that she had built up both plant and animal agriculture. The remaining goats were remnants of that endeavor. Now that we see the food scarcity and inflation written on the wall, we ordered seeds and have planted in 3 raised beds(including a giant pot for onions and potatoes) along with getting guinea fowl and ducks.

    • One aspect we talked about last night to be involved in the community while not raising the risk of violating any state statutes was that we could sell chickens and other birds whole and then, for a nominal fee, teach people how to properly take apart the birds to extract meat. This will most likely subvert the requirement for inspection by agencies because we are not selling meat to people. We are providing education for people to learn how to get the meat for themselves.

      • Another good part about this is that I will learn it myself, which is going to make teaching it to other newbies good. Not only will I have the recent experience of not knowing how to safely get meat from birds and package it up, we will be building up our place to utilize that opportunity. We’re talking devices that are quick at taking the feathers off of birds to a structure safe for cutting and cleaning a small quantity of birds.

        • Funny thing is that people used to just take the bird home and do the job themselves… how many skills we have lost.
          Youtube used to have pretty useful videos on processing just about any animal…. BEST thing I ever learned was to dunk the headless chicken corpse in boiling water and then the feathers just rub off…. ughh… pulling them out before I knew that was such a total waste of time.

  15. “..Sadly, there are already incredibly stiff penalties…”

    Guess we should all just eat the bugs then… oh well 🙂 Luke Smith, “pessimism is for looser’

    I hear that some criminals just got busted for using a super secret online messaging system to plan crimes with… a system run by the government…hahahaha…. the message is that if you are doing anything that the government does not like at a given time (even if thats growing carrots to sell) is to just do it quietly with people you actually see and talk to.

  16. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I understand where you are coming from from an ethical standpoint.

    I have found that for me personally, it was hard to maintain my nutritional needs without any animal products. Perhaps I was relying too much on soy.

    A person has to be able to get their nutritional needs met in order to live. Other animals kill other animals to eat. I don’t think killing an animal to eat is necessarily wrong. Torture is another issue. I don’t believe in torturing animals for food. It’s wrong.

    • I honestly think, that tuly, in the final analysis, AnimalsArentFood is 100% correct. People would probably do quite fine on fruits and vegetables, and nuts and berries and the like. End of story, really.

      With that said, I do eat meat, fish and seafood of just about every variety and availability.

      I don’t know if that makes me a hypocrite. But, I certainly don’t think that kind of consumption is necessary in modern society. And, I think that each and every point AnimalsArentFood made is 100% valid.

      When it comes to animals, AnimalsArentFood is on a higher level of consciousness than we.

      One dish I happen to love is grilled octopus, especially when it’s well prepared. Hum! On Netflix, I noticed the other night a documentary called “My Octopus Teacher”. After watching the preview, I was literally at odds about continuing watching the whole presentation. I didn’t. The preview was bad enough, and even though I feel compelled, I feared that if I were to watch the whole thing, I’d never really enjoy eating octopus ever again!

      In a similar way, I believe the same principal applies here.

  17. 1) finding out 15 years ago that the owners actually hate the human race and refer to the masses as ‘useless eaters’….
    me – THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!

    2) watching the majority of the human race behave like frightened livestock whilst being herded into the abattoir….

    • I understand that attitude since people are rather stupid but I do hate to see people being reduced to less then they have to be…especially by goblinesque pervert freaks who really are just a richer version of the folks who shop in their pajama pants

  18. You have to kill animals to live, either for their meat or to protect the plants you are growing, it is not clear even if vegan diets do not end up killing more animals (from crop protection, pesticides, etc.) than carnivore. Furthermore, vegan/vegetarian diets are nutrient deficient, humans need meat, especially children for brain development. Those kinds of ethical propositions do not even stand up to any scrutiny, we only have to imagine what would happen to the ecosystems if we enforced it on every animal species.

    • I’ll just point out the obvious lack of logic and nasic understanding – many plants give fruit. Key word – gives.

      • You wrote “kill something”.

        The plant does not have to destroyed for the fruit to be harvested. To an extent, if a seed is consumed, that could be considered as destruction, but we are then besically talking about an eventuality that could have been and wasn’t.

    • Hidetora, why are wolves not a delicacy? Or lions? Their meet should be prime chow.

      • They are endangered because of factory farming and trophy hunting and human encroachment into their natural habitat. It would probably be more ethical to eat them if humans are going to kill them, rather than for trophies.

        I think wolves and lions should be protected. They are beautiful and unique animals. Wolves and coyotes help keep the deer population down. When prey animals over run forests, they can be destructive. There is a balance of life on the planet.

        Humans can eat some animals, like deer, chicken and fish. I don’t eat cows or pigs because I have a fondness for them.

      • The point I was making is that meat coming from carnivores is even less dense in nutrients. If eating meat was somehow resulting in condensation of nutrients, carnivores would be considered a delicacy.

        But they are not. And for a good reason. Most nutrients contained in meat are coming from plants that were consumed at some point.

        • Your point being? Plants also get their nutrition from the soil, it does not follow. Ruminants take nutrients by breaking cellulose which no other animal can, by eating the ruminant you get the nutrients you need in a form that is more rapidly digested and more nutrient dense, some of them you could not get any other way due to limitations on our digestive systems. Carnivores spend less time eating and less energy digesting than ruminants, and they could try to eat grass but all they would achieve would be a destroyed gut, nutritional deficiencies and subsequent death from malnourishment. Dude, this is basic biology.

          • What was the last time you looked up? Did you spot that bright yellow thing in the sky? Talk about the basics some more, please.

            I’m not suggesting wolves should eat grass. I am not suggesting people should eat grass. I’m saying your nutrient concentration bunk is bunk. When you eat a carcass you eat the fear of the slaughtered, caged, tortured animal. Sure, we could have killed the animal “humanely” (for example, a free roaming cow with a hammer to the head) but the end line is – when we eat their remains we are taking something that does not belong to us. This is not what we have to do nor is it in our nature.

            The perfect way to make the people aware of these issues would be to make them aware of their action by making people kill for their meat. Go watch the movie Earthlings and then come back talking about the basics. Then come tell us all about how you own these animals and can have your way with them as you wish.

            Plants convert the energy of the sun into a readily available nourishment fit for human consumption in form of fruits, leafs, roots and seed. They also purify water, making it more fiitting for human consumption. They contain protein, there’s plenty of fructose to be had, rich high quality oils. Much of what we need can be also synthesized by the body.

            I’m personally still eating meat and I’m cutting it down. I’m moving toward consuming higher quality, locally grown produce, olive oil, non industrial chicken eggs etc. Each time I cut into a piece of meat a dash of disgust comes to mind, a good way to keep one moving in the desired direction.

          • > fit for human consumption in form of fruits, leafs, roots and seed.
            > They contain protein, there’s plenty of fructose to be had, rich high quality oils.
            > Much of what we need can be also synthesized by the body.
            B6, B12, Thiamine, Zinc, Heme Iron, L-carnitine, DHA, etc. where are these in there? Protein of plant sources do not have all the necessary aminoacids. Most of the oils are not good for consumption, canola oil, soy oil, etc are all highly inflamatory, there are a few exceptions such as coconut oil and olive oil.

            > When you eat a carcass you eat the fear of the slaughtered, caged, tortured animal.
            No, I only eat the meat and the organs, not feelings. I have no problem killing an animal for food, as I have done a few times.

            > when we eat their remains we are taking something that does not belong to us.
            Animals have no rights, do not own anything and therefore they are subject to appropriation. Natural law is species-bound and you are trying to apply natural law that only applies to humans (self-ownership). As a wolf is not taking what does not belong to it, even if it eats a human being, a human is not taking what does not belong to him, unless we are talking about a human.

            Sorry, but I am not watching another vegan movie.

          • Though I am a meat eater I disagree with this:

            >>”Animals have no rights, do not own anything and therefore they are subject to appropriation. Natural law is species-bound and you are trying to apply natural law that only applies to humans (self-ownership). As a wolf is not taking what does not belong to it, even if it eats a human being, a human is not taking what does not belong to him, unless we are talking about a human.<<

            Animals do have "rights" in that they have the right to exist and live on the earth in the balance set forth by nature. Humans are also animals, apex predators, and have a right to eat and live so long as we maintain the natural balance. Nature lets us know when we that balance isn't maintained. Natural law also includes ethical behavior like not unnecessarily torturing other animals for food, like what is done in large scale factory farming.

            I wonder if the composition of meat was analyzed comparing free range small scale farms to that of meat from large scale farms where the animals were treated poorly. I mean if food is just chemicals then the technocrats are right and we are just biological machines. This is how industrial farms treat animals, like they are just a source for consumption devoid of any rights or value beyond being a thing to consume. Ethics need to apply to everything not just human animals, in my opinion.

          • B6, B12, Thiamine, Zinc, Heme Iron, L-carnitine, DHA

            Are you claiming that there aren’t any plant sources of vitamins B1, B6 and B12? Zinc? L-Carnitine is not synthesized in the body? Heme iron is they only source of iron, is it? At this time I can not comment on DHA, but you other attempts to present an argument are nothing short of spectacularly ignorant.

            Most of the oils are not good for consumption

            Bait and switch, is it? No go.

            No, I only eat the meat and the organs, not feelings. I have no problem killing an animal for food, as I have done a few times.

            You think the state of the animal when it was killed has no effect on the body parts you are later consuming? How are emotions felt if not by means of the chemicals that are released by the brain? Must be nice to be this ignorant. Not.

            Animals have no rights, do not own anything and therefore they are subject to appropriation. Natural law is species-bound and you are trying to apply natural law that only applies to humans (self-ownership). As a wolf is not taking what does not belong to it, even if it eats a human being, a human is not taking what does not belong to him, unless we are talking about a human.

            You absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. What is NOT your right to do under Natural law is CAUSE SUFFERING. Wolf’s rights or lack thereof are completely immaterial. You do NOT have the right to CAUSE SUFFERING, no such right ever existed. it does not exist currently and will not exist until the end of time. Get that through your thick skull.

            Sorry, but I am not watching another vegan movie.

            You, one who goes by the web moniker hidetora, are a COWARD. You are an ignorant, bratty child who does not understand and will run from truth as fast as his legs will carry. If I cared, I’d feel sorry for you. But I do not. Stay on your ignorant path and enjoy what’s coming your way. When the time comes to find a guilty party LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

    • hidetora,

      “You have to kill animals to live…”??

      What ever are you talking about?

      Deer were eating the plants I was growing. I fixed the hole in my fence.

      Problem solved. I didn’t have to kill them.

      I don’t have to kill anything.

      And, guess what?

      Neither do you.

      • > What are voles, moles, birds, insects and boards?

        Literally, you people should really try to grow something on a medium to large-scale, you really have no idea what you are talking about. Do you think that the crop protection industry and the pesticide industry are that big because farmers are stupid and cannot fix fences?

    • Exactly, just another feel-good solution for a non-existent problem. Veganism and remorseful meat-eaters only exist because we are so detached from the food production process.

      • I think remorseful meat eaters are detached from how food comes to their table, like most people who eat things that come from packages.

        The problem with large scale farming industries is that they do harm the animals they raise for food and also do harm the environment.

        I have seen the pictures of the tortured pigs and cows and it makes me want to puke. Plus all the antibiotics and other crap they feed the animals is probably unhealthy. I try to support farmers who don’t torture their livestock and try to provide a humane existence for the animals they are raising for meat.

        Additionally eating too much meat is not healthy. Many Americans in the “heartland” are obese and unhealthy probably from over indulging in meat and processed foods.

        There are better ways to farm and raise animals for food. I think people should try to source meat from farmers who take care of the animals they raise. It’s more expensive but it is more ethical. My grandma was raised on the farm and they had live stock they raised to eat and sell. They took good care of the animals and the meat that was produced was high quality and my grandma has been extremely healthy her whole life.

        I agree with you about the nutritional benefits of meat for many individuals. Years ago, I tried to go vegan and I got some pretty significant nutritional deficiencies. To be fair, I’m not a very good cook, and so my diet consisted of processed soy and gluten for protein.

    • Anothet point: how much plants are grown to feed animals meant for slaughter? What is the efficacy of the process of animal breathing?

  19. I have never regarded growing your own food as a peaceful solution.

    I am going to war every time I set foot in the garden.

  20. It isn’t absolutely essential to have cattle per se on a farm for manure. Humanure is one option for food grown on trees and vines, and vermicompost is another way to get nutrient rich farm soil. You can also rescue a race horse about to be sent to the slaughterhouse (or other animals as well), and learn how to make carbon rich biochar. I haven’t finished watching the video so I apologize if you touch on these topics, but I wanted to share this with everyone before it slipped my mind.

  21. UPDATE ***** ! …with practical LINKS – By Neenah Payne

    June 21, 2021 via Activist Post
    Hidden Roots of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
    (Lots of links, information and history here.)

    My First Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program explains that I joined my co-op’s CSA program in early June after watching Ice Age Farming – “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett in which Christian Westbrook (The Ice Age Farmer) recommends joining a Community Supported Agriculture program…

    We’re Compiling a List of CSAs in All 50 States
    SEE THIS –>

    …My CSA: Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-operative

    Since California grows over a third of our vegetables and supplies two-thirds of the fruits and nuts in the US, when the severe drought hit California in June, I knew it was time to join my co-op’s CSA. Locally-grown food is also much more nutritious and tasty than food shipped across the country. It cuts out the middlemen, allowing more profit for farmers while making food cheaper.

    On June 11, I called The Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op and signed up for a small vegetable share which I pick up Wednesday evenings in the Community Room of my building. Each member of the co-op’s CSA signs up for 2-3 one-hour shifts from April until October. On Monday and Wednesday, my CSA emailed me reminders, info about the likely contents of my share (shown below) this week, and a link to recipes.

    The Lancaster CSA began with six farms in 2006, but now has over 120 and reaches several states….

  22. Not sure if this is the right place to share this, but any new (or old) gardeners out there may be interested in checking Theresa Martz’s website:

    Theresa has been gardening organically for more than 40 years, and at almost 80 years of age she still tends to her 2,500 square foot garden only with hand tools (without watering, without any animals, or animal products, and even without making laborious hot compost piles).

    In my experience, her easy cut-through-the-hype methods really work and they have been a game changer in my garden (and in my life really).

    This recent post is a good overview of her approach:

    Hope someone finds this as useful as I did 🙂

    Happy gardening!

  23. i found out just today that Christian disappeared last November (2022)…no clue where he is or what happened.

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