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If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal. But why doesn’t it change anything? After all, it’s the elected politicians who steer the ship of state, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Join James for today’s edition of #PropagandaWatch where he explores the hidden history of WWI and exposes the lie that your vote counts.

“If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!” (Lowell Sun)

The WWI Conspiracy

Lord Milner’s Second War: The Rhodes-Milner secret society; the origin of World War I; and the start of the New World Order

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War

Prolonging The Agony: How International Bankers and their Political Partners Deliberately Extended WW1


  1. 1st comment first time ever.
    Mr Corbett is 100 percent right that democracy is NOT the way that the nation is steered. HOWEVER…the tiny push of our hands on the tiller must be of some iportance otherwise THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR THE CHARADE.
    Voting wont change things, but it can jog the arm of the person who is aiming the rifle of state…THAT matters
    .if there had been no democratic method of slowing them down WW1 would have started far sooner and likewise we would have ALREADY been at war in syria.
    Most people really are NPC’s in that they dont effect the way that ‘the game’ (horrible way to put it) is played AT ALL. If you are doing great work like Mr Corbett then you ARE having an effect of some kind, if you just watch them and dont do even the little bit of work sharing them, talking aout these things, building your own systems (as he often suggests) and IMO even voting then you are not and i suspect that some big event is going to happen soon

    • A ruling class would crumble much more quickly WITHOUT voting. That’s why the rulers use it, not because it “keeps them in check” or whatever. The voting system is an evolved system of control. Voting is a tactic/method to give the population an illusion of control. The rulers constantly propagandize that “voting makes your voice heard”, therefore if the system isn’t helping the common man, it’s the common man’s fault, not the politicians fault. This keeps the population pacified enough not to revolt and overthrow the government. Dictatorships get overthrown for this reason.

      • Yep exactly. Another part of the problem I believe, is that most people (Statists) believe that some form of government is necessary in the first place. That essential belief sets the conditions for everything that follows. Then when given all the options of government types, Democracy seems like the best option. People are thinking inside of the pre-determined box, and don’t dare think outside of it.

        • I like your humor.

  2. “If voting could change anything it would be made illegal!”
    Dr. Robert S Borden

    If I am not mistaken, I believe he died at the age of 85 on October 26, 2018.
    …Bob loved animals, Boston sports and fitness. He will be remembered for his strong Libertarian opinions, love of flying and friendly smile….

    He must have cherished clean water. Instead of flowers, the family asked that donations be sent to…

  3. Dear James, So glade you clarified the historical play by play of Lord Milner and all that was described and inferred by Carrol Quigley in his 1375 page tome “Tragedy and Hope” and ” Anglo American Establishment”.Not to forget Joe Plumber’s “101”as well. Quigley said it took him only twenty years to realize and discover the significance of the group involved at “All Souls College”. No wonder he was censored by those that didn’t want this history coming to light.
    Towel off from all the work of sifting through tons of propaganda over-burden to expose the pure nuggets of golden reality. It may be too much for some to take this kind of medicine, they have been ill for so long. Especially patriots. Very fine work. You should deserve some recognition. Just what that could be, will be down the line. Anyone have any suggestions?
    My library will expand by one more book and I thank you for that reconmendation.
    Very good documentory work James Corbett!

  4. “There was nothing more to the scene than this, but for me it held the enchantment of a world I was yet to glimpse. Even before I had sailed for Crete I had been thinking of Persia and Arabia and of more distant lands still. Crete is a jumping off place. Once a still, vital, fecund center, a navel of the world, it now resembles a dead crater. The aeroplane comes along, lifts you up by the seat of the pants, and spits you down in Bagdad, Samarkand, Beluchistan, Fez, Timbuctoo, as far as your money will take you. All these once marvelous places whose very names cast a spell over you are now floating islets in the stormy sea of civilization. They mean homely commodities like rubber, tin, pepper, coffee, carborundum and so forth. The natives are derelicts exploited by the octopus whose tentacles stretch from London, Paris, Berlin, Tokio, New York, Chicago to the icy tips of Iceland and the wild reaches of Patagonia. The evidence of this so-called civilization are strewn and dumped higgledy-piggledy wherever the long, slimy tentacles reach out. Nobody is being civilized, nothing is being altered in any real sense. Some are using knives and forks who formerly ate with their fingers; some have electric lights in their hovels instead of the kerosene lamp or the wax taper; some have Sears-Roebuck catalogues and a Holy Bible on the shelf where once a rifle or a musket lay; some have gleaming automatic revolvers instead of clubs; some are using money instead of shells and cowries; some have straw hats which they don’t need; some have Jesus Christ and don’t know what to do with Him. But all of them, from the top to the bottom, are restless, dissatisfied, envious, and sick at heart. All of them suffer from cancer and leprosy, in their souls. The most ignorant and degenerate of them will be asked to shoulder a gun and fight for a civilization which has brought them nothing but misery and degradation. In a language which they cannot understand the loud-speaker blares out the disastrous news of victory and defeat. It’s a mad world and when you become slightly detached it seems even more mad than usual. The aeroplane brings death; the radio brings death; the machine gun brings death; the tinned goods bring death; the tractor brings death; the priest brings death; the schools bring death; the laws bring death; the electricity brings death; the plumbing brings death; the phonograph brings death; the knives and forks bring death; the books bring death; our very breath brings death, our very language, our very thought, our money, our love, our charity, our sanitation, our joy. No matter whether we call ourselves Jap, Turk, Russian, French, English, German or American, wherever we go, wherever we cast our shadow, wherever we breathe, we poison and destroy. Hooray! shouted the Greek. I too yell Hooray! Hooray for civilization! Hooray! We will kill you all, everybody, everywhere. Hooray for Death! Hooray! Hooray!”

  5. Aaaah, I’d like my spanking now, please.

  6. Not sure where should I post this, maybe in the most recent open thread, maybe here… maybe I’m a bit lazy right about now, so I’ll just post it here.

    It’s a Conspiracy!

    In an effort to improve my logical thinking skills I causally consult this site since it lists logical fallacies with examples and whatnot. I don’t invest nearly enough time into this matter as I’d want to because life and distractions and whatnot. Buuuut, today I dove in into some of these articles, one of them, the one I linked above, immediately piqued my interest.

    I have really no idea who this Bo fellow is, assuming he wrote those logical fallacies sections this article would certainly rain in the thick shadow of the cloud of suspicion questioning whether or not Bo knows how to apply these lectures in logic.

    A rather interesting, to me, debate was had in the comment section, especially in the area of climate change/global warming where a certain Jordan Pine wiped the floor with Mr. Bo, at least in my view. All in all, an interesting read.

    • Could it be more obvious?

      Appeal to Common Belief

      Logical Form:

      A lot of people believe X.

      Therefore, X must be true.

      97%? Anyone? Is this thing on? Of course, there’s more to this number than this, but still it’s quite an illogical argument to make, because this is exactly their intent and purpose: to arrive at some number that looks like the real deal, 100% would arouse incredulity, that should be beyond reproach. No matter the process which lead to the number in question.

      • Mkey; I got a lot from those great articals ! Ask anybody, I my be wrong but for all the right reasons.

    • Very interesting, mkey. I’ve been on the lookout for a good logic course. One high school level curriculum that I found for my kids had mixed results: my son loved it, but my daughter was quite bored by it. Knowing my third and last kid’s temperament, I’m pretty sure it won’t appeal to him either. So I was naturally intrigued by your comment and link.

      What a shame. He writes,

      “Billy-Bob, with a high-school education was convinced by information on ‘ClimateChangeIsAConspiracy.ru’ that climate change is a hoax, yet for some odd reason, the thousands of climatologists around the world are not convinced.”

      My goodness, the man sure goes heavy on the snark, prejudice and appeal to authority. Debate hadn’t even started and he wasted no time to fight mean, confident he’s got nothing to learn/unlearn.

      • Jon Rappoport has a logic course for sale fit for parents to teach their children and themselves. I don’t have hands on exeprience with that material, but considering his body of work, I’d say it’s valuable.

        • I’ve read his blog many times and considered his course as well. If only I could examine it before buying it. Thing is, given that I’m the only “conspiracy theorist” in the family, I’m sensitive to introducing something that carries with it it’s own predetermined outcome (ie Exiting the Matrix – that title alone will be a major turn off).

          Just reading the one post by the snarky guy, it struck me that the goal there is to merely win an argument. I’d be happy if my kids simply approached every argument honestly, which dictates that they first challenge their own mental processes before they set about disproving someone else’s. The whole point is to wisely navigate this world of corruption and deceit, yet retain their integrity.

          I’m really glad you brought this up. You reminded me to reignite my search which yielded this page offering plenty of free links to explore. If only I’d had it when I first started out 🙁 :


          • Pearl, that’s an illuminating link! Thank you for sharing this. I live with a Prussian system teacher. Can you imagine? Paradox or par daily.

  7. Continued gratitude, James!

  8. Incredible research and synthesis by Corbett, but he provides no reason to entirely refrain from voting. In the U S we vote on all kinds of local issues and candidates, and often WYSIWYG. Case in point, even here in Madiganistan, sitting judges have to get 60% of vote to retain their office. Take a look at the career of former prosecutor and Cook County Circuit Judge Matthew Coghlan, and be glad he’s off the bench because 48% of people who bothered to vote wanted him off. I always vote, not only because of judges and referenda but out of respect for the honest candidates who sometimes appear for local office and minority parties.

    • taxpayer
      I suspect idealism is the cause of his rejection of voting… idealism is great but often is less the ‘ideal’ n the ‘real world’. Its kinda like pacifism is admirable but not sustainable without a core of non subscribers
      The prob is that honest candidates are either bambooozled by nlp trickery (by such groups as “common purpose”) or corrupted by other means.
      I think of voting/politics like violence- horrible and something to be rejected but something that other people will use to f you up and something that its better to know how to do (at least a little) then be surprised when someone decides to use force on you.

    • I don’t think James set out to persuade people into non voting entirely. I too will vote on local elections, due to several concerns. However, I wil not vote on parliamentary nor presidential ejaculation ever again, probably. Even though, admittedly, nobody is hyping up voting here, the turnout is between 50 and 60% usually. There are, however, many concerns about election fraud since the election day is typically the night of the living dead and a field party day for our very substantial diaspora. You see, both the living emigrants, who may have never even lived in the homeleand, but have the tendancy to vote pedictably, and the dead have their right to vote on these selections. Alongside with some 50% of bought out population who is clinging on gubment and its financial support completely disinterested in change. These people don’t care about color, they just need the status quo mantained.

      • Above I was refering to party colors, of course.

        We have a few hundred political parties here and while until recently for all intents and purposes it was a two party system (left and right, red and blue) now that image is more and more breaking up and we have a political brothel in which nobody is straight and all options are on the table, regarding political trading.

        Much of that was brought on by so called preferencial voting where the vote is cast for people instead of parties, so people have a tendancy to pack the camp and move left or right, it doesn’t matter to them.

        I’m not saying parties should have the ultimate and final word on who stays and who goes, but this system with such terrible, characterless individuals, psychopats if you will, can’t work. It can’t work the way people would like it to work, that is.

        Another recent issue, we still have a law which prevents people holding gov positions to move to private enterprises inside 12 months of holding the position. Now a law change is in preparation which will enable the revolving door policy to a more profound extent, leaving enough room for the finance minister to, having flown his mission, to return to the public sector. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

        Can’t get more obvious that that, but by all means people, keep voting hard.

    • The entire conventional system is a rough bully, and one has to make decisions on how to best deal with situations.

      It becomes a personal choice, a judgement call, on what would be the best way to address a situation within a warped culture.

      I don’t want to trap myself with self-made “commandments of ‘never do this'”.
      I don’t vote.
      There are a variety of reasons I don’t vote, even on local neighborhood levels. (e.g. The supposed ‘right’ of the many to dictate policy over everyone.)

      But, if there was a referendum up for the vote which stated that the government has no authority to put any medicinal (e.g. Fluoride, Lithium, Vit C) into the water supply, I would damn sure vote.

      I would vote. And…
      In fact, if I could rig the election in my favor, I would.
      I would conspire to hack the voting machines, bribe people, or whatever.

      It’s a warped culture.
      I don’t want to trap myself with self-made “commandments of ‘never do this'”.
      I’ll try to do what I think is best for the situation.

      Each person makes their own judgement calls on how best to address an insane society.

      • If we should learn anything from…
        Episode 347 – The WWI Conspiracy

        …we should learn this:
        THEY CHEAT!.

        No matter what the supposed rules are or aren’t,
        no matter what comes out of the mouths of politicians and government…
        …they lie, they cheat, they steal, they kill.

        The conventional societal system is deceptively insidious.
        It’s a mind warp.
        I mean…look at the ‘proud, patriotic group sing-along anthem & veteran homage’ of a football game. How come they don’t flash pictures on the stadium screen of dead children’s body parts during the song?
        It is deceptively insidious.
        THEY CHEAT.

        • BuyTaxman, Mkey,and Homey, can you see James intent in much broader terms. Simple ideal as ” what if they create a war and no one shows up?” What if next time election day comes around and no one shows up. I can’t imagine what TPTSB would do. Probably do just as they had planned sans election anyway. Do we have to produce a quorum for TPTSB to enact any of their plans?

          • Yes, exactly, you took the words out of my mouth, imagine if nobofdy would show up for the vote. Even better, people showing up on the voting stations but standing idly by instead of having a vote.

  9. It’s been awhile, but I have seen it.
    Joe would burn some DVDs and our Dallas 9/11 Group would give them away to the appropriate audience. (e.g. At the JFK Lancer Event in Dallas.)

  10. That’s an OK documentary, covers a lot of points, but much of the conclusions could be pure fiction.

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