I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Videos | 34 comments

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To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Corbett Report’s main ThemTube channel has been struck for “medical misinformation” so I’m unable to upload there for the next week. You will be surprised to learn which videos were struck, though. Learn more about that and my many upcoming speaking engagements in today’s Thought For The Day.

COVID Criminals Accused of Crimes Against Humanity – #NewWorldNextWeek

Corbett Report Radio 226 – Pandemic!

How Barbra Streisand Inspired the “Streisand Effect”

The Year Ahead – Part 1: Currency

The Year Ahead – Part 2: Biosecurity

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  1. Update: “The Future of Vaccines” has just been removed from ThemTube.

    • You finally did it James, Congratulations!! I was wondering when the hatchet would fall your information is ground breaking. So yeah, join us. I remember you telling us years ago about alternative platforms, primarily bitchute.com and I went right over there. Now there are so many others to chose from. Thanks for all your hard work and a special shout out to your lovely wife who supports your work for we all know that it takes so much time away from family to be the town crier that keeps it really real. Give her and the rest of a family a big smooch from me.
      PS, I would say that you are a modern day prophet, so much that you have shared has come to pass!
      Peace and Blessings, Nana Baakan

    • Meh – You always knew they were coming mate. Surprised it taken them so long. Genuinely. They aren’t the eye of Sauron – they just think they are!

      Anyways I’m off to watch episode 10 of The Expanse – that will cheer me up. 🙂

  2. You finally did it! Wear it as a badge of honor James!!

    • I totally agree with this idea…

      A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (called Manchester in the UK, amongst other poor inner city places)There was a culture (mostly created by the lame stream media)of teenagers being unruly and wearing ‘drum roll’ HOODIES!!! (by the way, this put the fear of god into the old folks in these communities)

      Not long after, these mostly ‘now made’ teenagers, started to get an ASBO which is Anti Social Behaviour Order from the police/Social Services/Courts (£££££)

      Then what followed was these teenagers started wearing this as a badge of rank and honour, it was reported a lot through the system and on the television that this was the case…

      The authorities hated this! ASBO’s are hardly heard about now days but they just about still exist. It was a pointless exercise from one way of looking at it to be honest.

      I say… BADGE OF HONOUR FOR ALL THOSE BANNED, Wear it on the website and get the t-shirt! Maybe a Gold, Silver and Bronze, Gold is a lifetime ban no doubt lol

      For those interested slightly, Allow me to digress……..Fast forward a few years and now there are indoctrinated, leading beyond authority, Police Officers patrolling and criminalising (also bullying) the pupils in the schools.

      I learned this fact when my then 15 year old boy was pulled in a empty classroom alone with one of these officers and interviewed (as a potential witness) without an appropriate adult.

      I won my complaint and was offered a choice of 1, the officer in question writes to me explaining her side of this 2, I request she go for re-training aka re-framing. I forgot the third choice because I was laughing as the letter was thrown in the bin.

  3. Time to reinforce that web server to handle all the extra web traffic you will be receiving. MORE CORES, MORE RAM, LESS YOUTUBE!!!

    • As a Corbett Report subscriber I can forget Youtube and just follow the link to this site. No problem. It was a question of time. First time the blog you for week and by the third time delete your Youtube account.

    • Whatever it is, it sounds like its theirs, not yours…Not worth trying IMO

  4. Oh boy, this is Good. Capital G. Thanks to Carey Wedler for bringing this forward.

    Evaluating the scale, growth, and origins of right-wing echo chambers on YouTube

    While Corbett Report Extras channel is positioned front and Center, the website itself is Far right lol.

    • … Aaaaand there is Rothschild among the authors! 😀

      • Oh you crazy conspiracy theorists. What’s with all the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Weinbergs, Duisbers, Sorosss etc. etc. that has you so incensed? One can’t be a psycopatic mass murderer eugenicist without being heckled all the time.

  5. I wonder how long it will take them to realise that they’re actually handing out badges of honour.

  6. Congratulations! You deserve a Purple Heart for guiding/rescuing so many seekers from the mass of the willfully ignorant to their required ah-ha moment that put them on the path to ‘seeing’.

    I think I’ll request one be sent to you.

  7. May I also congratulate you on your latest achievement James. They are SOOO predictable.

    May I also announce that due to this draconian ever creeping system a few of us here in the UK have decided to create our own website which is only going to be featuring (Dare I say) Real News, news that matters.

    There will be many onboard who have the skills to research and write up on subjects that they have been researching for years. Imagine all that power of someone with all that deeply researched material being unleashed on a platform with no censorship … WOW!

    We feel there is lots of room for this because of the Social Media containing important topics, right down to the so called Truth groups/outfits and Organisations out there who are pretending to do what you (The Corbet Report) and others do so well.

    Also there is the point that even though we are all gifted with genuine people out there who diligently bring to the masses the kick back of truth for us to decide upon, you still cant do everything plus I believe we should all be empowering ourselves in any way possible today. The thought of flooding the internet with well meaning people feels quite nice

    We know there are shills out there and I know of some connected to the dark state of things too. There are so many charlatans these days when we stand still and look. I even Personally spent a few years working/researching etc with one group who are far from what they pretend to be. They hoover you up and waste your efforts away in such a pervasive manner.

    All the frustration never goes to waste. The Time is now and The ‘Solution Watch’ Series just put the cherry of inspiration in our hearts and minds also 🙂

    It will not be that long away when I am emailing you James for an interview to share the good spirit of resistance lol

    Watch This Space

  8. You’ll be back to post in a week to rescue more “normies” from mind control. It’s important that your material is accessible on as many platforms as possible.

  9. I’m confused. I just watched this report on Youtube. 🙂

    • Yes, as of 6:37 pm Eastern Jan 20, 2021, this video is accessible at YouTube.
      Perhaps it was blocked and then unblocked?
      It also states that 1,746 of his videos are still accessible.

      For all those above congratulating James on his Youtube dismissal,
      you will have to wait a little longer for all the accolades.
      This is simply a block for a week.

      Wait until he is completely banned from the platform.
      Then we can uncork the champagne bottles! 🙂

    • Corbett has two YouTube Channels.
      This particular video is on his “Extras” channel.
      This channel is where Corbett’s short advertisements are 😉 …which were in his latest “The 4th Annual Fake News Awards!”

  10. Wow. I always thought that this report was somewhere near the cutting edge on information as to how this world actually operates. It appears I was wrong. I have made several attempts to bring attention to to the incredibly deep and valuable research of Allison McDowell. She has plumbed the depths of the WEF et al desired “you will own nothing and be happy” blood from a stone technocratic economy that is unfolding as most go on about CV 19 and its big pharma gene therapy solution. Without this knowledge most will not realize that many of the speakers at the mentioned conferences will go unnoticed as the ‘experts’ in WEF clothing that they are. Enough said as beating a dead horse never got it to return to life.
    Here’s one Elmer Gantry exposed by Allison: https://wrenchinthegears.com/2021/01/06/an-open-letter-to-zach-buch-about-impact-agriculture/

  11. YouTube & Dissemination & The Corbett Report

    I have a penchant for dissemination. After all, valuable knowledge is worth sharing.
    YouTube videos embed on many forums and websites easily, because the format is designed to take YouTube.
    I use Corbett’s YouTube Channel often for dissemination.

    When Corbett’s GooTube Channel goes dark, so goes his videos on many forums, threads and websites.
    I’ve kind of have been dreading his GooTube Channel going down for this reason.

    ~~~ If one goes to 911BLOGGER.COM, a person will find many of Corbett’s videos.
    ~~~ At DallasForSaferWater.com there are some of Corbett’s videos (even “How Big Oil Conquered the World”).
    “The Case Against Fluoride” , “No Fluoridation in Japan and Why” from a QFC , and even news videos from NWNW and more.

    There are other places and forums. A lot of new folks get exposed this way.

    While the eventual loss has some sadness to it, I can foresee a future where many “Freedom Forums” and Websites will offer embed features for alternative video platforms.
    As that day nears, YouTube will only have trash watchers. They will become the CNN of online video.

    Well, that’s all I got to say. I need to go and update my profile on MySpace.

    • I had an idea for a specialised search engine that given a YouTube link, or a website with embedded YouTube links. Would offer links to alternative sources for those videos.

  12. I know you weren’t asking me personally, but I’ll give you my opinion anyway. I think the ideas of creating economies and societies outside of the system are the best bet as of this moment. Once those economies and societies flourish and grow the parasite class may try to take us by force. We haven’t crossed that bridge yet here in the US. We are still working with a government that requires cooperation to function and people are unfortunately still cooperating (myself included, unfortunately). I haven’t figured out a way to eat, house, and clothe myself and my family without working a normal job.

  13. Fortunately even though the average sheeple does not respond to common sense or conspiracy fact, they will react when you play the racism card.

    So if you tell them that Chinese troops are coming here to eat their dogs, they will take notice!

  14. Hi James,

    A suggestion here:

    In order to raise awareness of IPFS, why don’t you sport a nice visible link to the equivalent IPFS page for every new entry in corbettreport.com?

    It may probably be too time-consuming to do it retrospectively for every page, but for the future it would be useful. It would also help indexing IPFS pages faster (by less controlled search engines).

    One extra small usability thing: is it possible to have a link from the homepage to another page in corbettreport to open in the same tab and not in a new tab? Web usability standards recommend opening of new tabs only when the link takes you to a different website.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Check the bottom of the side bar on the right-hand side.

  15. Before you can bring about change you need to survive what is about to happen first. The survivors will be the ones making the changes.

    The dumbing down process that has been going on for many decades isn’t going to end well for most of the people.

    • When the time comes, at least we won’t have to endure the overpopulation bull anymore.

  16. Great work James, you’ve rattled someone’s cage.

  17. Governments are being selective about what they listen to from the WHO. The WHO has just finally said that the PCR test is unreliable and they should retest anyone who has tested positive but has no symptoms. Of course we are all deeply shocked about that on here because we had no idea, who’d have thought it. Anyway governments are just ignoring it and the mainstream media aren’t covering it.

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