Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online

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You’ll no doubt remember the quotes from that 1998 60 Minutes piece on Soros from Episode 113 of The Corbett Report podcast. Well guess what? That clip actually emerged online this week. Let me walk you through a few of the highlights.

Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

Proof That Soros Money is Funding the Anti-Trump Leftist Protest-Riots

Episode 113 – Meet George Soros

The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried to Bury

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  1. You can also download directly from this site, too. If your intention was to leverage evil corporation bandwidth kudos to you, sir.

    • I think he was referring to the actual Soros video on YouTube, not my video.

  2. Just have to put this here:

    Official red cross number of Europeans (jewish and non-jewish) who died in German “death camps” totaled just over 271,000. Most of them died of typhus. Unable to explain the lack of a dramatic reduction of the jewish population after WWII, the “official” number accepted in Germany today has been changed to 1.5 million, which is still completely false. That doesn’t stop the 6 million number from being thrown in our faces every chance Zionist-owned media/hollywood gets a chance.

    Meanwhile, Pols, Germans and Italians were routinely raped and exterminated, imprisoned in camps and left to starve and defecate amongst each other by “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s henchmen. Photos of Soviet atrocities went on to be used as “evidence” against Germany at Nuremberg. Another fun fact here is that FDR was complicit in preventing Red Cross from inspecting the Soviet camps that ethnic Germans were held in after Germany’s surrender.

    The Holocaust is a complete and utter hoax written and propagated by people like George Soros who hide behind the myth like a shield as they ruthlessly conquer the world as puppet masters of war and finance.

    A bit off topic I know, but I just can’t stand to hear/read the words “death camps” after knowing how much an utter fabrication the narrative of WWII is. Its something people have to have their eyes opened about and truly understand before they can possibly reason about the events that have unfolded throughout the world since WWII.

    • Do you have any good sources to share on this? I have been interested in exploring this topic more, but have had trouble finding good sources for this information, largely in part to its “forbidden” reputation.

      • Here’s a good, surprisingly succinct, book:

        The author also has a great book about how Putin has become the next NWO target, very similar to Hitler’s story and historically crosses over a bit with ‘The Bad War’:

        And here is a 6+ hour documentary unrelated to but covers much of the same facts presented in ‘The Bad War’ with quite a bit more visual aid:

        I recommend checking out the documentary first, its a bit easier to digest, and then the book is good reference for the sequence of events and cementing of facts.

        I have been talking to people about this more and more and they are absolutely shocked at how lied to we are about WWII. I have heard the phrase “you’re never going to convince me that the Nazis were on the right side of WWII” plenty of times. That’s the power of the rockefeller/rothschild education system, where lies completely replace history. But truth always makes more sense than the lie you’ll find. It usually only takes a few facts to get people thinking and then they go off on their own and resurface days or weeks later with wide eyes and a WTF expression on their face. O_O Holy shit, Hitler was on the right side of WWII.

        If you read some of Hitler’s speeches, he decries the banking monopolies, usury, manipulation of markets and provocation of pop up revolutions similar to the one’s people like Soros now fund. Tactics used against Hitler are being rinsed and reused against Putin. I think Putin is a bit more sly and cunning.

        Anyway, I could go on and on, but was glad someone asked for sources, because the above are very good. The Bad War is very well referenced, despite having a somewhat biased and rhetorical tone. Enjoy having your mind blown.

        • Well i’ve spent the evening watching the whole video ; mind duly, and truly, blown. Thanks for the resource fella. But i’m still reeling. Holy shit

        • Don’t give Hitler too much credit, James did several videos on him. I find that he has been overly demonized (due to a number of reasons) but at best he was a collaborator of the cabal whom in the end was hung out to dry.

          On the right side of WW2 there are just dozens of millions of corpses.

          • but it’s not just a body count ; and i’m well aware that Hilter committed numerous very personal murders not even addressed here, like the gunning down of von Schleicher AND his wife. The video is also super weak on the notorious halt order, which was nothing less than a stab in the back to the German people and an absurd friendship gesture to the British oligrachy (absurd in an active war context). However, besides so completely exposing the holohoax and the allied mass murders, the key point about this video is the German economic miracle from the mainspring of govt credits replacing garbage bank-debt-notes ; so that Hilter’s Germany had a definite financial plan which worked, and could work still for the whole world. This represents the harnessing of industry and technology for the benefit of all, rather than today’s horrific vice versa, which is the British model since 1694

        • Yes, any comment with more than one source will be auto-queued for moderation. You just have to wait for me to wake up to see it!

        • Not surprising, it’s illegal to deny the Holocaust in some countries… Truth shouldn’t need laws to protect it from scrutiny, it should be self evident… Hmmmmmm…

          You could use VPN to view it, or search Hitler the greatest story never told. I recall finding it on liveleak and several other places when I searched that.

          The book has very similar information if it is legal to buy LOL.

        • Well I find there are no “right” sides in these affairs in history. Most of the big actors have committed crimes of some kind or another, so its best not label anyone a hero. For example, JFk often gets held in high approval by Alt News cause of his martyr status and such. And while he did do admirable things, and paid for it, its not to say he was wholly blameless or a “hero” either. The more we can understand history without such labels the better we can understand today as well.

    • “Since there’s basically nothing left there, it’s tougher to attack that story.”

      It’s also tougher (if not downright impossible) to uphold the original claim.

      I.e. ze Germans pulled out building foundations and replanted trees, shrubs and grass. They also knew when allied spy planes will be flying over head so that they could completely stop their operation for clean shots of uncontested nature in the death camp area.

      Didn’t know about the gas van theory, it seems even more ridiculous than the electrified retractable killing floor mechanism. I guess mass shootings claim simply isn’t enough, gas has to somehow be made a central part of the narrative.

    • So let me try to wrap my mind around this….most of you don’t believe NAZI’s had “death camps”, yet accuse Soros (a Jew) of being a NAZI sympathizer/collaborator, and of helping round up Jews, in order to deliver them to “death camps”.

      Which is it? Evil Soros that helped deliver his fellow Jews to “death camps” or “death camps” never existed?

      • First, let me correct you, there were no “camps in Germany”, most were in Poland and Ukraine.

        Secondly, lets say these camps were “death camps”. I highly doubt Soros at the time knew what was happening. For all we know, he thought he was helping Jews immigrate to Palestine.

        May seem like a far fetched theory, however it was well known that the Nazi’s and the Zionists collaborated to transfer German Jews to Palestine prior to 1939, therefore for all we know, after WW2 broke out, Soros was helping Polish and Ukrainian Jews immigrate to Palestine (a continuation of the transfer agreement).

        My point is this, you can’t have it both ways. Either Soros knowingly helped send 10’s of thousand of Jews to their death, or there weren’t any “death camps”!

        It seems most here have a hate fetish for Soros, but if “death camps” never existed, then why make such a big deal about what he said in this 60 minute interview.

        • First, let me correct you, there were no “death camps in Germany”, most were in Poland and Ukraine.

        • “Soros is a bit trapped in that narrative, but again the issue is how he has dealt with it in interviews, and not the actual reality.”

          –I’ll come to Soros defense somewhat, because he’s totally trapped in the Holocaust narrative. He can’t deny it happened, yet he has to admit he helped round Jews up, not for extermination, more than likely for them to immigrate (to Palestine).

          What I try to point out here, is how some people, mostly Nazi sympathizers say “death camps” didn’t exist, and in the same breath will seek to demonize Jews like Soros for sending Jews to “death camps”.

          Ultimately, peace between Israel and Palestine is the issue at hand, and instead of extending an olive branch to people like Soros than find themselves in an impossible situation, they proceed instead to twist the facts in order to blame who? The Jews of course!

          I just wish people would think things through a little more. It’s not always Black and White. Checkers is fun, but people need to learn how to play chess.

          Like you said: “If that story was actually real, why isn’t he in a madhouse, or dead at the hands of his brother Jews? It simply doesn’t pass the basic stress test for reality.”

          • “I’ve never heard Jews of Hungary thinking they were being sent there (right at the height of the most intense war Europe has ever seen). That simply doesn’t play.”

            Of course they weren’t aware, this would have had to be kept secret.

            Of course I can’t prove it, however if we look at the timing of it all, it makes sense.

            1- Zionism was a movement created by Theodor Herzl in 1897 to re-establishment a Jewish nation in Palestine.

            2- At the time, only about 10% of the Palestinian population was Jewish, and was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, immigration was limited, and tightly controlled.

            3- The first step to achieving their goal of creating Israel was to wrestle control of Palestine away from the Ottoman Empire.

            4- Enter World War One, a war that pitted Ottoman Empire and Germany vs the Allied Powers.

            5- At wars end, step 1 had been achieved and solidified with the Balfour Declaration and the British Palestinian mandate.
            Europe can now begin mass Jewish immigration to Palestine.

            6- However this proved to be a slow and tedious process, given that most European Jews had been emancipated decades earlier by Napoleon, therefore they were well rooted, owning land and businesses, not wanting uproot their families, in order to become laborers and farmers in a foreign land. Jewish population in Palestine only grew to about 15% by 1930.

            7- Zionists, frustrated at the progress being made, entered an agreement with Hitler in 1933 called the “Haavara Agreement” better known as the Transfer agreement. Thus began increasing antisemitic attacks in the hopes they’d be able to scare the German Jewish population into immigrating to Palestine.

            8- This tactic probably would have worked in the long run, however time was running out. Palestinians had become increasingly agitated, and started to revolt.

            9- The White Paper issued on 23 May 1939 by the British government in response to the 1936–39 Arab Revolt, relegated the Jews in Palestine to minority status in a future majority-Arab state.

            10- Obviously, Zionists weren’t about to let that happen, their goal was to create a Jewish State after all, and in order to accomplish that, they needed to become the majority. Therefore Hitler got the go ahead to start World War Two in Sept 1939.

            11- During the war years, the Jewish population in Palestine had increased to more than 50%. In 1948, Palestine was partitioned and Israel was created.

            It’s all chronicled, in history books.

  3. the release of this vid on utube looks like infighting among the various financier vermin factions ; an example of Steve Pieczenik & co. still on the march against Hitlery & co. ?

  4. lots of good points here Mark, but Israelis too get no relief from the money-is-debt grind, and if David Cole isn’t a man of highest integrity then who is ? The anti-Semitic label is easily dealt with — Judaeans were Semites, modern Jews barely so at all, since Khazaris are Turkic-Mongolian in the main. Bombing and flaying Palestinians on the other hand, is real anti-Semitism. It’s the powerful elite that commit the crimes, and probably despise their own general population no less than every other, or view them as equally expendable. But the powerful elite are not just Jews either ; they are French and German too and above all Anglo-Saxon Venetians. Zionists might be the best label, but Jews and Jewish is wide of the mark, way too much. This is a narrow self absorbed clique of finance vermin, not a nation or people.

    • Self-hating as a generic label for sincere Jewish sceptics sounds a bit far fetched. Any evidence that this applies specifically to Cole himself?

      I thought the genetics research was from Israel and says just the opposite, but dont have any hard source to hand so maybe from Koestler. I’ll check. My thinking is that Jewishness is a culture and a religion with two bloods, and the Khazaris numerically predominant over the Judaeans. The habitual revolutionaries thesis would have to rest heavily on the Russian 19th-20th centuries experience, but whatever the size of the Judaean diaspora northwards over the centuries its unlikely to outnumber the Khazars in their own homelands, which were the lower Don and Volga basins ; ultimately gobbled up by the Romanov Tsars and probably harbouring an even older grudge since it was the Kievan Rus chief Sviatoslav who permanently unhinged the traditional power of the Khazar kaghanate in his 960s campaigns.

      I also take the view that Zionism stems from Pharisaism which has quite a long history and seems more predatory on its own people than protective or supportive. Chosen people is a two-edged sword in class terms, especially where the inheritors of privilege are a priestly oligarchy.

      In any case a plain fact of history is that Zionism gets nowhere without British imperial collusion, and the English educational and scholarship systems. Fractional reserve banking (private counterfeiting converted into a state financial system) was an innovation with a fundamentally European (English/Dutch/Venetian) pedigree, so I think you and your sources might be letting these Euro commercial imperialist cultures off the hook to an unwarranted degree.
      However I don’t know the works of Kevin MacDonald or E. M. Jones, so thanks for the pointer.

  5. hello james,

    interesting clip. however, i think your comment on his being a psychopath may be a bit short through the curve.
    funny thing is soros almost litterally quotes henry ford about the jewish character, as in his 05 june 1920 article “Jewish History in the United States ” in THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT. see

    ford says:

    Business to the Jewish mind is money; what the successful Jew may do with the money after he gets it is another matter, but in the getting of it he never permits “idealistic slush” to interfere with the dollar. His dollar of profit is never “clipped” by any of the voluntary reforms by which a few men are trying to ameliorate the condition of the workers.

    This is not by any means due to the hardness of the Jewish heart, but to the hardness of the Jewish view of business. Business is to it a matter of goods and money, not of people. If you are in distress and suffering, the Jewish heart would have sympathy for you; but if your house were involved in the matter, you and your house would be two separate entities; the Jew would naturally find it difficult, in his theory of business, to humanize the house; he would deal with it after a manner which other people would call “hard,” but he would not feel the charge to be just; he would say that it was only “business.”

    if soros is a psychopath, as you concluded based on his remarks about the isolation of business from the social sphere and if there is any truth in ford’s saying, then all jews must be psychopaths, well..
    maybe there exist alternative points of view that not necessarily lead to a psychiatric diagnosis.

    i like ford’s articles, never expected so much nuance from a business tycoon. times were different, of course.

  6. Is there any android firefox add on that doesn’t contain viruses and ads that allows you to download vids? I was uaing one auch addbon, but its appearance changed amd it stopped working.

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