Interview 034 – Paul Collins and Phil Collins

by | Jun 15, 2008 | Interviews | 7 comments

Researchers and authors Paul and Phillip D. Collins join us to talk about Hegel’s dialectic, deep politics and how Michael Corbin guided them in their research before his tragic passing earlier this year.


  1. They have a New Book… “Invoking The Beyond”
    Interview with Jay Dyer.
    They are well worth listening too but I actually had to sit and listen intently rather then being able to let it play as background. Starts at about 11 1/2 min

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    • All these old links were added in the http days. Now browsers will throw up warnings if you download an http file from an https site. I’ve just updated the post to add the magical “s” to the http in the file link. I bet your browser doesn’t warn you about it now.

    • Thanks, Duck, for your link to this old 2008 podcast – I probably missed it along the way. But, it reminds me, as well as confirms, Corbett’s penchant for seeking historical antecedents to current events, and asking critical questions. I appreciated listening to Paul and Phil Collins’ analytical perspectives, and even though I don’t agree with all of their conclusions regarding the motivations and or influences underlining Darwinian theory, or how Hegelian Dialectics are being utilized by the world’s oligarchic global elites, per se, I did find a measure of satisfaction, bordering on solace, believe it or not, of their unabashed position regarding UFOs, which, not so ironically, has since mushroomed into a phenomenological juggernaut in the intervening years.

      Well, if we listen carefully to the podcast, the answer as to why all things UFO has gone mainstream – from “military leaks” to MSM revelatory articles, to wide spread social media commentary, even down to little conspiracy boards, 🙂 – is reasonably explained: It’s a deep, psychological Military/CIA operation. A term the Collinses describe as one of its objectives, certainly strikes a chord: “religious engineering”. Amazing…. In addition, I haven’t much doubt the operation induces a degree of collective hysteria in susceptible individuals adding to the narrative’s acceptance and adoption.

      Thank you Collins brothers, and thank you James Corbett. Amen to that.

      When looking for UFO & religious engineering, I found this website, which ties quite a bit together, corroborating with, as well as updating the Collinses’ analyzation of the UFO phenom:

      • Hey Candlelight. How’ve you been? Your link looks very interesting; I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to settling in to read it.

        If you liked this interview you might also enjoy their book which is available on Kindle for only $3 (while the hardcopy is going for $50). I started it way back when Duck first brought it to our attention here; never heard of the Collins before that. Anyway, there’s a ton of stuff in it which intrigued me, particularly how they go into Kant’s philosophy and the beliefs of early scientists like Bacon. Unfortunately, some of it soared above my head or otherwise bored me (these guys do tend to bloviate and wax eloquent with lingo I couldn’t even find the definitions to! That’s not me being snarky but brutally sincere). Still, you’ve got a sharp and better educated mind and are sure to get more out of it than my lazy self did:

        • Hello Pearl,

          I guess I’m okay, thanks. How about you? I hope all’s well.
          On occasion, from time to time, I see a post or two of yours, generally more often than not, engaged in some repartee with your bud, manbearnosoap. 🙂 But, I haven’t been spending all that much time here, let alone posting; only if some subject catches my eye, I suppose, as did this long winded discussion on UFOs in the Open October thread.

          So, regarding the new status quo on UFOs, now that the military – for reasons completely unknown and or undeclared, as far as I know – has decided to release former highly “classified” information for the general public’s consumption, there’s no longer any room for speculation. UFOs are out there, right? No questions asked. lol

          Here’s a short 13 minute video of a former Pentagon official, Chris Mellon, discussing the military’s release of fighter squadron sightings of purported UFOs off the East Coast of the United States, coming as he does to describe it as a threat somewhere between Pearl Harbor and 911 (can’t make this up), together with a convoluted rational for the need to disseminate such information to the general public. None of this interview makes any rational sense, whatsoever; if, indeed, this was a real phenomenon, that there were in actuality aircraft observed that were apparently light years ahead in sophistication, that they hadn’t a clue about, nor had any means to counter such a potentially overwhelming threat? Yeah, right. Not gonna happen…. However, quite to the contrary, if this interview is seen in the context of it being part of a full blown military and political psyop, then every word, every phrase and every sentence that this man spews out will make perfect sense to the listener. In my estimation, this entire affair of the military suddenly “exposing” the “reality” of UFOs and opening their so called UFO files for public dissemination is total bullshit of the highest order.

          Anyway, Pearl, thanks for your link to the book – I, too, have bookmarked it, and if I pursue it I’ll endeavor to the best of my ability to live up to your very kind words. PS: I highly doubt you have a lazy self. At the least, you couldn’t be any lazier than me. No way! 🙂

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