Interview 1111 – Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocrats’ Climate Eugenics Agenda

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Interviews | 6 comments

Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood. Today Wood joins us once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats’ plan to control the world’s resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity.


Interview 1046 – Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda

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  1. The Rockefellers and their ilk want to monopolize all energy production (read as resource exploitation and conversion) in the world, as they have for the past 100+ years. They see that they will lose that edge down the road as oil becomes more difficult (and expensive) to get. If they allow competition in the alternative energy market, they will lose that monopoly to whoever comes up with the best technology. The entire climate change agenda is shaped toward that end goal, where the people who have the monopoly now will continue on into the near and distant future. Of course, along the way the policy is being molded so as to give them maximal control over the greatest resource: the human mind.

    Don’t become a coppertop! (Or should I say “stop being a coppertop”?)

  2. This podcast could not have been more timely. I see God’s hand upon your work James; In that you recorded this the day before the Paris attacks which have brought the nation of France into a state of martial law. How great an “opportunity” to prevent large protests, eh?

    • Thank you for posting that as I was going to ask “any chance the Paris thing is a false flag related to the climate summit?”

  3. Very good interview. I will follow

    Random question – what happened to the weekly Alfred Adask interview? I loved those

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