Interview 1020 – Simon Krimms Authors an anti-NWO Children’s Book

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Interviews | 1 comment

Today we’re joined on the program by Simon Krimms, an English teacher in Japan who has authored “Rollerdog,” a book “designed for little people growing up in the brave new world (order) of the 21st century.” Through his inventive tale and multi-layered illustrations, Krimms hopes to deprogram children from the NWO matrix without fear while providing a warning for parents about the world around us.


Ebook (pdf) – free download

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  1. I just ordered a copy as I have 2 bookwormy kids, I’m interested to see what they make of it, usually their eyes glaze over a bit when i go off on one of my rants, I’ll post again once they’ve read it and tell you all what they make of it. They’re 6 and 10 by the way. I was reminded of the book as it was talked about on the mind renewed podcast as well.

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