Interview 1055 – James Corbett on Jay’s Analysis

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James Corbett joined me to discuss 9/11 and its lesser-known connections to tech and economic scams and scandals, as well as the suspicious aspects of big insurance companies, global banking, and the rise of the technological control grid. The conversation closes on issues of China and BRICS and his own book recommendations.

Ptech and the 9/11 Software

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Who Is Really Behind ISIS?

The Bankster Suicides

DNA Shaming: Welcome to Orwell’s Nightmare

Study reveals flaws in gene testing; results often conflict

Who Will Control Your Thermostat?

Russia Gets Very Serious on De-dollarizing

UK To Be First Non-China State To Issue Renminbi Bond

Building Better Global Economic BRICs

The Lone Gladio

The Shadows of Power

Seeds of Destruction: Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Myths, Lies and Oil Wars

Hidden History, The Secret Origins of the First World War

Triple Cross

The 9/11 Commission Report


  1. Sorry for the brain farts today, guys.

    @6:30 – Should be Treasury Department, not IRS

    @8:13 – Ptech was raided in 2002, not 2013

    @11:50 – Should be Venetian Empire, not Viennese (Bilderberg on my mind, I guess)

  2. Dear James, I’ve followed your insights into 9/11 but one element of the ‘conspiracy’ you don’t seem to cover is whether the TV footage of that day can be trusted and whether indeed planes (as opposed to missiles) crashed into the buildings. Let me refer you to YouTube videos September 11 Clues, September Clues Addendum both by Simon Schack as well as others. I’d be curious to know whether or not you are aware of this side of the argument (particularly the televisual coverage on that day and various ‘hoax’ documentaries released for the public after the day – such as that by those fraudulent French brothers). In any case worth checking out and the aforementioned videos.

    All best

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