Interview 1072 – Jem Bendell on Money and Society

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Interviews | 11 comments

What is the nature of money? Did it really evolve out of barter, and, if not, why is that myth so prevalent? What theories of money have been proposed in the past and how do they hold up? What monetary alternatives are on the table and how can they be improved? These are the types of questions that will be explored in a new Massive Open Online Course on “Money and Society” being offered by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. Today James talks to course co-creator Dr. Jem Bendell about the course, what topics it will cover, and how people can register to take the course (starting August 23, 2015) for free.

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Money and Society MOOC – information and registration

Money and Society MOOC trailer


  1. So what do you think, gang? Are there any Corbett Reporteers who are interested in taking this MOOC? Should we make it a collaborative activity of sorts?

    • I’m interested, so yeah i’m in James.

    • Yup, I’m in.
      I’m looking forward to this.
      I’m going to do this for my community.

  2. I’m in. Just enrolled at the IFLAS site.

  3. Great idea! Just signed up for it.

  4. HI James, I’ll give it a go, too! Finished an online course two months ago and really enjoyed it, so this’ll be a good follow-on…

  5. Glad to see some interest here from fellow Corbett Reporteers. I’ve registered for the course myself and am looking forward to engaging in it. Let’s use this comment space for any additional communication on the course as needed.

  6. I’m sure you guys are all aware, but just in case you aren’t the first lesson is now available for download/viewing at the course website.

  7. Thanks for the contributions to this discussion, cee2002. I’ll chime in just so you’re not talking to yourself, but I don’t have much to contribute. I’m afraid that preparation for my 9/11/2015 podcastumentary (which I am taking a break from to type this!) is keeping me from the course. I managed to listen to the 2nd lesson but haven’t completed the assignment, seen the forum or attended the webinar. I’d be very interested to hear feedback from anyone else who has done any of those things, though.

  8. Alright, guys, I’ve been kicked out of the course for missing my assignments (as I was a tad preoccupied with producing 9/11 Trillions). Can anyone fill me in on what’s happening?

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