Interview 1083 – Berwick and Corbett Debate the Shemitah

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Today James is joined by Jeff Berwick of to discuss his viral video “Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015” and his forthcoming book on the subject. They share their views of what the Shemitah is and isn’t and discuss the value of promoting this prophecy as a warning for the coming financial chaos.


Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned for September 2015

Wary of natural disaster, NY Fed bulks up in Chicago

Opening of the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly

September rate hike just the surprise move the Fed hoped to avoid

EMP Threats Force NORAD Back Into Cheyenne Mountain

Putin says dump dollar

Corbett editorial on Shemitah (Corbett Report members)

Corbett editorial on Shemitah (non-Corbett Report members)


  1. Why are these things moving west? Fed?, military?.

    What does a serie of dollar bills (USD) look like now since they changed them after 911. Looks like a flood to me. What I think is going on is that they’re gonna do what Joe Vialls analyzed happened on december 26th 2004, throw a nuke in between plate tectonics in the Atlantic ocean and create an artificial like explained here :

    It’s gonna be awful for all these old Mach I nuclear power plants that are past due or near past due dismantling because repairs would cost too much, a bunch of fukushimas on the east coast of the US. I live deep enough in northern qc, but that doesn’t mean all hell will break loose on the US side, and I shudder thinking about what will happen on the 15th, not the damn Equinoxes, Camping, 2012 people, Nancy Lieder and Planet X, all were placing their doomsday on changes of seasons. You can discredit these at all times just because of these “pagan” celebrations.

    I hope I’m wrong, but it makes a lot of sense.

    • *artificial tsunami

      *doesn’t mean hell won’t break loose in the US, sorry, making myself dinner, hopefully not the 12th to last supper without any worry in the world. The only Canadian Province I think would be flooded would be Nova Scotia. But if all the nuke centrals in new england inexplicably fail just before the tsunami hits…I’ll probably be going in the woods with all the morphine pills I accumulated from a couple surgeries and the shotgun my dad gave me, go away the Kurt Cobain way, but on purpose, I will not live in a world that’s even worse, when it hits home, I guess. And it won’t really, but the US coughs, Canada sneezes. We got zero nuclear power plants in Quebec, we have way too much secured massive dam complexes up north, including one that isn’t over that will be the largest in the world again when it’s over, at La Romaine, 5 dam system….the Chinese came to inspect our largest industry and expertise in the 90’s and then made larger dams, and I think made one that flooded Burma on one side or another southeast asian country and China were like “meh” not our problem.

      Doing this would make the world be hypnotized by American demands, again, and disaster capitalism would salivate. The 911 truth movement has succeeded in many ways, just reading Another 19 by Kevin Ryan, I know all of whom are accountable, and the most disgusting persons might well be the most obvious culprits, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Of course there’s many others, people in this book. The problem is that they won’t get prosecuted, nature is trying to kill Cheney since a long time, Rumsfeld seems like he’s gonna live to 100+ years old like the one I can’t wait to die, Bush Sr.

      We failed because these people roam free still and they do this this year because mass consciousness has reached a point where too many people know most of the truth. They’ll make Americans slaves without knowing, those who survive the east coast flood, probably like Sandy x 30. Sandy was a drill imo. Explains all the utility companies refusing to put back landlines and power lines to this day in NJ and NY.

  2. What is good with these predictions is deadlines, people often need deadlines to take some actions, to manage a project, etc. Many people who are thinking about saving their assets but never do it will probably use this opportunity to do it, if nothing happens, good, and now more people have some precious metal under their mattress, they’ll have it when the inevitable crash happens. Deadlines are there to be postponed, it’s just a target, a milestone for synchronization and motivation, if we pass it we just postpone it (except Germans, they finish on time no matter what :-p), everyone involved in a collaborative project knows that.

  3. I laughed out loud when you zoomed in on your article in the forecaster, while he was rambling on about possibly putting on hold, this Septembers end times!

  4. gonna be honest here, this was hardly a debate. Berwick hardly stood up for his own position, which essentially boiled down to TWO data points…smh. At least he found everything to be very “interesting.”

    Here’s the tl;dr version
    1. Have on guest who is trending on twitter
    2. Guest plugs his book and website over and over

    James, your I.F. article totally skewered this silly thing. These trends/events that come along every so often are like the filler on the 24/7 news networks.

    Also, YT comments on this one are worth a chuckle.

    • 🙂

      Prophecy speculation is always fun.

      And this is why I have a problem with numerology.

      For example:

      1:57 – “Now I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven”

      OK, ‘7’, got it.

      2:09 – “Most of you will know that seven is quite a number, in all sorts of themes … religions”


      2:22 – “2014, you drop the zero, fourteen, two times, seven”

      But we’re in 2015. Now what?
      And why drop the 0, why not drop one of the other numbers?
      And divide the 14 by 2? Why not multiply it?
      Let’s see, 14×2= 28. That’s fours sevens! Two more than what you had. 🙂

      Or why not add them 2+1+4…OMG 7!
      Ok how about this 2-1+4=5 phew, thought I was in trouble there.

      2:49 – “It will mark the 70th anniversary, 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven, of the Bretton Woods Conference that actually gave birth to the IMF” (7 + 0 = 7)

      But again, why arbitrarily drop the 0? Why not drop the 7?

      3:03 – “And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall, 25th..” (2 + 5 = 7)

      2/5= 0.4

      You are simply creating the answer you want.

      3:11 – “It will also mark the 7th anniversary of the financial market jitters”

      6:18 – “Now I don’t know if the G7 will have anything to do with it” (G is also the 7th letter of the alphabet)

      It’s the 7th letter of the ENGLISH alphabet, how does it line up with the ancient languages that spawned some of these ideas?

      The seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called “Zayin” (pronounced “ZAH-yeen”) and has the sound of “z” as in “zebra.”

      The seventh letter of the ancient Greek alphabet was lower-case zeta.

      I’m not trying to make fun of the whole enterprise either, it just doesn’t make sense to me, seems VERY arbitrary in the way the numbers are dealt with and doesn’t really tell me anything anyway.

      While we’re at it, let’s not forget the 4th blood moon due on the 28th of September. 28/4=7!!! And it’s ‘close enough’ to shemitah to make no odds. My only advice ‘short the market before they close it!!!’ 🙂

      • Well said, it’s easy to find patterns when you reduce all the complex moves on the 3D chess board to 10 digits (0-9).

        Reminds me of all those genius economists out there that use these elaborate equations to explain and predict the economy, and even they have trouble.

        But here we are using basic arithmetic to divine the end of the world or the next major market crash… 🙂

  5. A bit OT but I’m curious to know what people think of the current MSM hysteria around the ‘refugee crisis’. Yes, there are tragedies, and yes there are no doubt masses of people fleeing the strife torn regions. But our tame media never hypes anything this much these days unless it can be dovetailed into a current 1% agenda. So – what angle is being played here? Why are we suddenly being told to care about these poor people, whose lives and welfare apparently didn’t matter to anyone a few months ago?

  6. James, you are entirely too gracious not to call out Jeff on his crass self-promotion on your show. He had no interest in academic discussion or analysis. This isn’t even about numerology. The “Shemitah” nonsense is just a marketing tactic, a convenient way to unite various dog-whistle buzzwords like “Jade Helm”, etc. into a commercial product that appeals to a variety of people.

    I’d rather have a discussion with a thoughtful opponent than with a promoter who agrees with me superficially. His approach can really undermine the process of truth discovery that is at the heart of your open source investigation.

    • James has too much class to call somebody a FRAUD! Ha, HA!

  7. James,
    I did not know that you were such a “MEANY”! Or is it that you didn’t know this guy would be talking such smack? Ha, HA!
    Jeff, tells us that the world is going to end this month, “buy my book”! *Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.
    Or we are going to have a “CATOSTROPHIC EVENT”, in which case, I will have “family obligations” too! Ha, HA!
    Why didn’t you just tell Jeff that you were going to the “Anarcho-Scamo Festival” in Mexico? What difference is it going to make? Is it B.Y.O.K.??? (Bring Your Own Kool-Aid)
    JAMES I SAW you laughing, plain as day. Ha, HA, HA! You are a very bad boy. I about pissed myself over this one. Holy shi$(Shemitah)!

  8. James you are a careful and logical person. I appreciate that.

    However, whether you or I believe that this Shemitah/Jubilee year is the year a financial and/or political upheaval will occur is of no consequence at all. It’s what the crazy people who are in control of power, influence, banking, the war machine and politics believe. I’ve read enough official documents from government sources and their ancillary organizations to know that whomever is constructing them is completely insane by ordinary standards. THEY believe, and apparently are, controlling humanity’s mass consciousness with what they would term as “magic”. I know; it sounds nuts. Apparently, the power brokers are constantly pushing the envelope toward global governance and they will use any means to complete the goal. These are not beliefs or concepts to them, they are facts. It’s practice.

    When the IMF Director addressed the IMF about the “number 7” and stated she is “told what to do”–that’s pretty scary boys and girls. WHO IS TELLING HER WHAT TO DO? Has anyone asked that question? I think we can rest assured that when an IMF Director gets up and makes such a blatant woo-woo statement then takes several minutes to belabor the subject of numerology it’s not the good guys who are telling her what to do. And apparently, she FEARS whoever it is, IMHO.

  9. Looks like Jade Helm 15 is over, or does it happen later during the day or at midnight? Stocks look meh but not anything crazy going on. You’re all kooky-kooks I tell ya! :p

    FYI If there’s some kind of explosion/implosion somewhere outside the usual suspects at 9am, you can all curse me to hell.

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