Interview 1086 – James Corbett on the Battle for Your Mind

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Today James joins Dan Schultz of New Culture Radio on KFUG 101.1 FM to discuss market manipulations, government lies, false flag predictions, and other aspects of the battle for consciousness that defines our modern era. We also discuss how the exposure of these lies and manipulations is vital to the revolution in consciousness that presents the true solution to these problems.

In Day’s Second Big Glitch, NYSE Halts Trading

DOJ Sacrifices Flash Crash Scapegoat

Banker Admits Libor Conspiracy

Neo’s passport expired on 9/11/01

Simpsons image “predicts” false flag nuclear attack in November 2010

The same Simpsons image “predicts” another false flag in June 2012

The Pentagon’s strengthening grip on Hollywood

Entertainment Industry Liaison –

Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’

Rick Ross: CIA Behind Hip-Hop’s Drug Fetish

Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928)

Australia, the US, and the Asia-Pacific Pivot


  1. The 9/11 signs in The Simpsons or The Matrix are nothing compared to Back to the Future 1 & 2, it’s all over the place, it also appears that the very story of both movies is a “message to the future” about 9/11. I have very little doubt that it is there by chance.

    There are several possible reasons for these signs. In this video the voice over suggests that it is a warning of an insider, who’s using the movie media to alert people. Don’t believe this is the case because the way the events are depicted matches with the official story (Arab terrorist attack), if the author wanted to expose the plot it would have portrayed it as a false-flag like event. However it can be the case in other movies, such as some Kubrick movies where he could have passed some messages to alert the public. Another possibility about there Simpsons, Matrix, Back to the Future signs is predictive programming, in order to make the official narrative easily accepted later on. Also I’ve read about religious believes, such as Karma-like forces which are supposed to make the plot successful if the perpetrators could have put a warning of the plot right in the face of their victims in advance (which might be a superstitious version of predictive programming, e.g. ancient observations that plots work better that way).

    Finally, there is also the possibility of “TPTB to TPTB communication” via coded public messages. I doubt this it the case there. But talking about economic collapse date as James mentioned, I suggest you guys take a look at the cover of The Economist 2015 where we can see on the bottom left a token (with Chinese flag’s star) falling down from the word “Federal Reserve” (next to the word “China”) with the word “Panic” upon. And on the bottom left we can see two arrows going down, with number “11.5” and “11.3” that could be a date…

    • “Sorry but I just cannot take such speculations seriously.” Which speculations? The Economist cover? I’m not speculating, James talked about the possibility that TPTB could broadcast some coded message about a date, I knew about this cover, I share the info of other people speculating, that’s all. I don’t really care to be honest.

      “If there are hidden messages it doesn’t matter anyway. They are not for you.” So? I shouldn’t take a look? Most of the information we have in the alternative media are not for us, FOIA requests, think tanks’ whitepapers, sousveillance, whistleblowing, and so on is information that is not for us… That’s precisely why we should look at it!

      • The signs with the Federal Reserve, China, “Panic”, the falling token, the down arrows with numbers are not esoteric, it’s unhidden and pretty straightforward. Do they mean anything more? No idea. But it’s worth mentionning it regarding James idea of the possibility to broadcast a date in plain sight.

  2. The “Simpsons” episode, where a clock lands near Homer after a nuclear explosion, is most likely (I believe) a reference to 9/11.

    (Pardon my following English…)

    If one considers that the “bottom-up” direction is from the base of the clock pointers(?) to the end of such pointers (where the pointers become arrows), the clock can be considered to be pointing to “9” and “11”.

    And, the fact that the clock stops at such a time, after a nuclear explosion, can be a reference to the fact (that still today, many “truthers” don’t know about) that 9/11 was a *nuclear* false-flag event – as Daniel Estulin’s friend and former Russian intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, has explained:

    Also, there was a known episode on 9/11 of someone hearing a “countdown”:

    And, as a side note, if one does the same thing that the author of such video relating that “Simpsons” episode scene to a false-flag attack does, at around 7 and-a-half minutes, but looking “upside down”, the result is “9/11/01”.

    (And, for these reasons, I most definitely put this “Simpsons” episode reference in the same category as the expiration date of Neo’s passport, in “The Matrix” movie – which I personally believe to be a reference to the “no-fly” lists for the “rebels”.)

    These kind of references have been confirmed by the former Russian intelligence officer, Daniel Estulin, not to be “coincidences”. And, you can read about them here:

    Estulin has even made an episode about this, in his documentary series on the Spanish version of RT:

    And, speaking of a “nuclear” 9/11 (and the coming anniversary of the attacks)…

    Please, James Corbett, take a serious look at what Dimitri Khalezov has to say about it. Since that, among other things, he’s been having a really hard time suffering the consequences of trying to denounce this particular component of the 9/11 attacks – and is constantly under life threat because of it.

    As I said, he’s a friend of (the most well-respected investigator) Daniel Estulin ( And, the 4-hour video on the Internet, explaining how the WTC towers were demolished, was co-produced by Estulin himself.

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