Interview 1091 – Finance and Liberty: The Bankster-Created Collapse and the NWO

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Interviews | 2 comments

James joins Elijah Johnson of Finance and Liberty once again to discuss matters economic and political. This time they talk about the Fed non-rate hike, the dead cat bounce and pending collapse of the QE asset bubble, the BIS, the IMF and order from chaos.

This Is What Yellen Said About Negative Rates Coming To The US

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

All of That Dollar Borrowing in Emerging Markets Looks Like It’s Been One Giant Carry Trade

Reverse Yankees ride to rescue of EU credit

Financial Cleansing: The Cyprus Bail-in Template

How the Banksters Play “Good Cop, Bad Cop”

Meet The SDR: The Global Reserve Currency?


  1. Is Finance and Liberty a commercial youtube channel?

  2. Nothing too specific here. But take a step back in order to give each and every specific idea about the impending NWO more depth and relevance. So let’s go back to the beginning.

    In the beginning, the chosen peoples of the Book believe they have nobody to answer to except God; and God conveniently answers to nobody as we all know. For much of pre-Christian history these tribal minorities in the deserts are the underdog, but become twice the underdog after God and myth have been hijacked to imperial Rome, whose power rests securely, for some time, on the twin pillars of glorified militarism and a barbarous penal code; whose moral imagination therefore and its modus operandi – as the imperial concept moves northward to what later became the Christian nations of Europe & America – are critically circumscribed with double efficacy of rigidity and belligerency.
    Exclusivity, Exception and Supremacy, all self-affirming qualities, inevitably create isolation and loneliness and thus fear and hostility in their wake. Conflicts instill unease in their owners, and so demand to be compensated for, periodically, by suppression of the subverting tendencies that are inherent in the self-regarding subjects.
    But because supremacy etc. are fundamentally delusory, the efficacy of overcoming anything deemed to be subversive would depend entirely on the degree of artificial manufacture of the compensating act itself, i.e. on drama and pretense which, as David Cameron has demonstrated as an undergraduate at Oxford, has taken the ridiculous form (to ‘outsiders’) of inserting his penis inflated or not into the mouth of a dead prostrated pig!
    Imperial agendas apart, but are empires entirely devoid of humanity? Not at all! They too are capable of espousing, if not arousing, justice and humanity, though proponents of Exceptionalism will sincerely tell you theirs is worth a lot more than yours – costs in blood and lives to others notwithstanding!
    Who are we to argue with God?

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