Interview 1094 – James Corbett on Truther Talk Radio

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Interviews | 3 comments

corbettsquareJames Corbett joins April and Virstyne on Truther Talk Radio to discuss the founding of The Corbett Report, the latest at Fukushima, the nature of money, the Federal Reserve conspiracy, the solution to the “sovereign” debt crises, the global warming fraud and much more.

Fukushima Unit-1 Muon Scan Results: No Fuel In Reactor Vessel

Russia to Construct Fukushima Water Decontamination Plant in 2016

Fukushima finds 16 new cases of thyroid cancer in young people

Dulles Urges Breaking Taboo Against Nuclear Weapons

Iran/US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement 1957 (Atoms for Peace)

Japan’s nuclear history in perspective: Eisenhower and atoms for war and peace

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

Iceland wins legal battle to avoid paying back UK for Icesave collapse compensation

Iceland Experiments With A Jubilee Of Debt Forgiveness

Financial Survival: Greece Drops “Odious Debt” Bombshell

Real Solutions Arise Out of the Greek Crisis

97 Articles Refuting The “97% Consensus”

Timothy Wirth admits turning off air conditioning in Hansen hearing

Corbett Report Radio 237 – Weather Warfare Explained


  1. James, what’s your take on the Chines presidents visit to the US, ending with the UN on Monday and John Boehner’s announced resignation? But the way, when your “under the weather” take one tsp. nano silver (10ppm)3 x per day. It will knock out anything. I also have an ozone generator/filter in my bedroom and tiny one in the car. Very energizing.

    • 35% food grade H2O2 appropriately diluted with distilled water, is very effective taken orally or in a nebulizer mask.
      My speculation is that the pope fired Boehner!
      I hope you feel better soon, James and I am extremely grateful to you always for your great work.

  2. Here is a very thoroughly researched perspective on sustainability and the climate change crisis and how the ptsb have co-opted our love for our planet and turned that genuine concern into a weapon against us. We have been so selfish and need to give up our greedy individual rights and freedoms so that the planet that you and I have nearly destroyed, can heal…

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