Interview 1143 – James Corbett on the Land of the Setting Yen

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Interviews | 2 comments

James Corbett joins Jim Goddard for his regular bi-monthly appearance on This week they discuss how the Japanese are preparing for the new normal of negative interest, the ongoing oil glut, Zika hype and the state of the global markets.

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  1. Corbett suggests that, damaging as negative interest rates can be, there’s nothing else could be done to revive the economy. Not so. Direct government payments, whether rebates to taxpayers (as the US did in 2008) or expenditures on needed public services and infrastructure, can be effective.

    There’s no need to fund these payments with debt. The U S Government has power to issue money directly. In fact, it already does to some extent, as coins.

    I’m not sure if I can place links here, but see the Wikipedia article on “Economic Stimulus Act of 2008” and discussions of monetary reform at for details.

    Certainly these actions could possibly cause inflation, but it seems nowadays that is considered a good thing. More likely they would simply put idle resources to work, increasing production proportional to the increase in money.

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