Interview 1183 – James Corbett Enters The Buzzsaw With Sean Stone

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James joins Sean Stone on Enter The Buzzsaw to discuss central banking, the stock market bubble, cryptocurrencies, the China SWIFT alternative, the New World Order and more.

Enter The Buzzsaw

Princes of the Yen

Global Public Investors – the new force in markets

Central banks inflating ‘elevated’ asset prices – BIS

Never Forget: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse

China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar


  1. Hot Dogs!
    Great interaction!
    Very important topic.

    Both Sean Stone and James Corbett are not afraid to ask deep questions and share ideas.
    I often watch “Enter The Buzzsaw” and “glean out” what information I find valuable. We all possess some aspects of higher order critical thinking skills, and so these skills play an important role in sorting out viable data.
    Video List

    – Important –
    I like Sean Stone’s personal philosophy as stated in this short clip.

  2. Japan did well because of its industrialization that could sell into the rest of the world’s ponzi bubbles and create a massive balance of trade surplus. Now that this has ended Japan and the rest of the world are now all in the same “stagnation” boat. Some will now do better than others.

    As an aside that may prove of interest the 99 year charter of the Russian Central Bank, a member of the BIS system, ends this October. This opens a window of opportunity for the Russian Federation to get it right and nationalize her CB and begin creating debt free credit for her productive economy (in the correct QUANTITY). The Russian economy has been plagued with a dearth of reasonably priced money for investment into her economy, often having to rely on western financial institutions for investment funds. This could all be changed come October if the Russians have any monetary sense. This might also be a casus belli for the west should Russia discover the positive effects of creating her own debt free money.

    Also this : Keen I believe holds a PHD in both mathematics and economics, of the unorthodox variety.

  3. For the UK, the incentive to trade-in national power seems to have been more money and less transparency. That is, to put it bluntly, EU officials earn more than UK Gov ones and are subject to relatively, substantially less visibility. So, moving to a Euro-bloc job is both better paid and more secure than a Britcorp one.

  4. VoiceOfArabia,

    You make an EXTREMELY important point.
    I would like to see Corbett devote an Episode on this topic

    Here is my take (in brief form):

    We live within a multi-dimensional chessboard composed of games within games.

    FACT – Some power players are more powerful than other power players.
    FACT – Different power players have different agendas.
    FACT – There are many power players, but these power players are at a certain echelon of influence (a certain level).

    I have been making a list of power players in order to gain insight on one tiny game currently being played. The issue of the 28 pages. (Who wants them to be released and why. Who does not want them to be released and why. Who doesn’t care one way or the other, because they can win either way?)

    So, as an example: The FBI and the CIA on a public relations level do not want to see the release (however, perhaps rogue elements or factions within these organizations might want to see their release).
    But the FBI and CIA are minor players.
    Big Oil is a big player. And it has a tie to the Federal Reserve. I have watched The Federal Reserve deliberately make non-sequitur comments in order to make oil prices rise and thus try to salvage the massive oil-industry debt about to fall off a cliff.
    Of course, big oil is tied to Saudi and the 28 pages.
    And then there are minor oil players like Aubrey Mclendon or T Boone Pickens or Bush.

    So, in summation, I think we could compile a list, a very long list of “Who benefits?” and “Who doesn’t benefit?” and “Who wins either way?” in whatever specifically named game being played. And there are lots of games.

    I think if we define the specific game being watched and start listing players of influence and benefit, we will gain better insights.

    • VoiceFoArabia,
      Always nice to see you on the board.

      I think you are right. …and spot on about the Coup with MbSalman taking the reins instead of his cousin.

      Oil is one example which has long lists of who would benefit when prices stay lower for longer, and vice versa.
      There are so many players and categories of players from mega big ones like globalists to nations to central banks to lending banks to Wall Street to Investment Funds to regular Oklahoma oil companies to speculators.
      During the past 18 months, major global changes have taken place as a result of oil prices. Some nations have been almost utterly destroyed economically, while certain corporations are buying up assets cheaply. Same ole’ Rockefeller game.
      But I have noticed that oil price trends can somewhat be predicted by following those who have vested interests & agendas and then how they influence or react in the marketplace.

      • This may not interest anyone, but I thought it an interesting story about an oilman which probably won’t be covered in the alternative media because he wasn’t a reporter exposing a conspiracy nor a Doctor murdered because of research on GcMAF.

        Would a multi-millionaire murder another multi-millionaire to gain more wealth and to keep from going to prison?

        Aubrey McClendon was an internationally famous, influential and very rich oil man in Oklahoma City.
        He (but not others) was indicted by a Grand Jury for manipulating oil prices and land purchases, but less than 24 hours later he had “an accident” in his modern computerized vehicle.
        (3 minutes) –

        The accident was almost an exact copy of Michael Hastings’ accident.

        Richard Clark (former head of National Security) points out how easy it is to remotely hijack a car. It can be difficult to determine if there was a “remotely controlled hijacking” if the computer modules were destroyed in a fire.

        The Federal Security Agencies have been aware of this easily available “car hijacking” technology for years.
        See this 2013 Huffington Post interview with Richard Clark about a fiery car crash with almost the exact same circumstances. Michael Hastings “accident”.

        (There are great links in this Huffington Post article… Example: Mark Dice shows that the technology was widely known about even in early 2011. )

        DARPA – “Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency” – circa 2013
        (3 1/2 minutes)

        Aubrey McClendon – Official Police Announcement on FACEBOOK
        If you read the Facebook comments, you will notice that many of his close associates do not think this was a suicide.
        There are other videos out there that substantiate that he was not stressed enough to do a “suicide car crash”, despite his indictment.

        Would someone else want Aubrey dead? (After all, dead men can’t “make a deal with the Prosecutor’s office”, dead men can’ talk.)
        Who knows?…maybe this ex-partner, Tom Ward …

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